1st Summit Bank, Review

1st Summit Bank, Review

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by Trish, Sep. 21, 2012

I wanted to inform you of an employee who I had the wonderful chance to work with yesterday 9-20-12 @ the Salvation Army during the Day of Sharing and Caring.  I am sorry I do not have her full name, but her first name is Heather.  I wanted to tell you what a fine worker you have.  I would work with her any day of the week.  She was so very pleasant but a very good worker.  She kept her nose to the grind and got things done.  She must be a true asset to your company!  I asked her about her job and she had such wonderful and positive comments about 1st Summit Bank.  She gave praises to your company and you can tell it was heartfelt.  This says alot about your company.

* this review was made on 1st Summit Bank, Westmont Branch at Johnstown, PA
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by Reddragon 2014-05-06 02:24:18
This Bank is a rip off. Nothing but problems and now I am out of state they deactivated my card without informing me. I have no access to my money to get food or gas. If they say they need to send me a new card that will not work because to activate their cards u have to use their machines and I live in South Carolina now. They really are not a good bank.

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