Woodforest National Bank, 0245 Arbutus Maryland Walmart Branch

Name:Woodforest National Bank, 0245 Arbutus Maryland Walmart Branch
Full Service Retail Office
Review:111 client reviews
Location:3601 Washington Boulevard
Halethorpe, MD 21227

Baltimore County
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Branch Deposit:$6,181,000
FDIC Cert:#23220

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Name:Woodforest National Bank
Concentration:Commercial Lending Specialization
FDIC Insurance:1980-09-05
Holden By:Woodforest Finl Group Employee
Charter Class:Commercial bank, national (federal) charter and Fed member, supervised by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
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Total Assets:$9,459,933,000
Total Deposits:$8,720,946,000
Total Equity Capital:$694,438,000
Total Domestic Office Deposits:$8,720,946,000
Net Income:$100,411,000
Quarterly Net Income:$54,191,000
Return on Assets:2%
Quarterly Return on Assets:2%
Return on Equity:31%
Quarterly Return on Equity:33%

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by Mona9, Jul. 09, 2014

Three months ago, I deposited a third party check.  It was my brother's small handwritten $100.00 paycheck. It was endorsed properly and then deposited into the overnight deposit box.  Four days later I got a call from a bank manager who told me that they don't handle third party checks and to come pick up the check.  I had never heard of a bank not cashing a third party check.  I asked why and the rep told me that they didn't know my brother and could not verify his identity. What?  I couldn't believe it.  So I checked their website and all of the documents they gave me when I opened the account and found no policy of the sort.  So I went into the branch to pick up the check and asked for a written policy and the manager could not offer any written policy and just said, sorry ma'am, we do not cash third party checks.  So all of the bank managers follow a spoken yet unwritten policy.  Who does that?

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by Lily710 2015-09-26 23:47:48
You need to find another branch or call customer service. There is no such rule.
by ByeFelicia 2016-03-02 04:20:21
You can't deposit someone else's check into YOUR account!
Let me go get my neighbors birthday check out of the mailbox and deposit it into my account. Sounds legit!
Bye Felicia!
by cashmoney13 2018-02-01 20:44:16
They have no way to verify his signature.  Banks are never supposed to accept third party checks. The check is supposed to be presented by the person that the check is written to. ONLY the person the check is written to has the legal authority to receive the funds from that check.  The bank personnel have no way to know that your brother signed that check and even if they were willing to make an exception for you that wont stop the bank the check was drawn off of from sending it back and hitting your account with a returned check fee.

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