Status:Inactive as of 1996-06-14
 Merger - Without Assistance
Successor Bank:Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota
4200 West Old Shakopee Road
Minneapolis, MN 55437
FDIC Insurance:1970-11-03
FDIC Cert:#20289
Charter Class:Commercial bank, state charter and Fed nonmember, supervised by the FDIC
# of Branches:4
Total Assets:$152,010,000
Total Deposits:$125,424,000


1970-11-03Institution established: Original name:American State Bank of Bloomington
1992-10-16Acquired Minnetonka National Bank (22219) in MINNETONKA, MN
1992-10-16Changed name to AMERIBANK
1996-06-14Merged into and subsequently operated as part of Norwest Bank Minnesota, National Association (5208) in MINNEAPOLIS, MN
1998-08-01Acquired Norwest National Bank (25716) in WESTMINSTER, CO
1998-10-17Acquired MidAmerica Bank (8195) in NEWPORT, MN
1999-09-11Acquired Eastern Heights Bank (17928) in MAPLEWOOD, MN
2000-07-08Changed name to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, National Association (5208)
2000-07-08Acquired Norwest Bank Minnesota South, National Association (5237) in ROCHESTER, MN
2000-07-08Acquired Norwest Bank Minnesota North, National Association (5125) in DULUTH, MN
2000-08-26Acquired Norwest Bank Minnesota Southwest, National Association (5195) in MARSHALL, MN
2000-08-26Acquired Norwest Bank Minnesota West, National Association (5124) in MOORHEAD, MN
2001-01-13Acquired The Buffalo National Bank (5104) in BUFFALO, MN
2002-07-13Acquired Marquette Bank, National Association (17373) in ROGERS, MN
2002-07-13Acquired Marquette Capital Bank, National Association (33810) in WAYZATA, MN
2004-02-20Acquired Wells Fargo Bank Ohio, National Association (778) in VAN WERT, OH
2004-02-20Acquired Wells Fargo Bank Wisconsin, National Association (18694) in MILWAUKEE, WI
2004-02-20Acquired Wells Fargo Bank Michigan, National Association (5067) in MARQUETTE, MI
2004-02-20Acquired Wells Fargo Bank Arizona, National Association (19501) in PHOENIX, AZ
2004-02-20Acquired Wells Fargo Bank Indiana, National Association (13849) in FORT WAYNE, IN
2004-02-20Acquired Wells Fargo Bank Illinois, National Association (3667) in GALESBURG, IL
2004-02-20Acquired Wells Fargo Bank Iowa, National Association (4448) in DES MOINES, IA
2004-02-20Acquired Wells Fargo Bank North Dakota, National Association (3922) in FARGO, ND
2004-02-20Acquired Wells Fargo Bank New Mexico, National Association (2252) in ALBUQUERQUE, NM
2004-02-20Acquired Wells Fargo Bank South Dakota, National Association (15277) in SIOUX FALLS, SD
2004-02-20Merged into and subsequently operated as part of Wells Fargo Bank, National Association (3511) in SIOUX FALLS, SD
2004-02-20Acquired Wells Fargo Bank Nevada, National Association (27930) in LAS VEGAS, NV
2004-04-24Acquired Pacific Northwest Bank (30887) in OAK HARBOR, WA
2005-09-24Acquired First Community Bank, National Association (34049) in HOUSTON, TX
2006-06-17Acquired State Bank of Rogers (9335) in ROGERS, MN
2006-09-23Acquired Centennial Bank of Pueblo (22301) in PUEBLO, CO
2006-09-23Acquired Fremont National Bank of Canon City (3000) in CANON CITY, CO
2007-09-22Acquired Placer Sierra Bank (30307) in AUBURN, CA
2008-03-15Acquired Greater Bay Bank, National Association (27068) in PALO ALTO, CA
2008-10-18Acquired Shoshone First Bank (2214) in CODY, WY
2008-10-18Acquired The Jackson State Bank (520) in JACKSON, WY
2008-10-18Acquired First State Bank of Pinedale (18747) in PINEDALE, WY
2008-10-18Acquired Sheridan State Bank (25048) in SHERIDAN, WY
2009-01-01Acquired Wells Fargo Bank Grand Junction, National Association (19109) in GRAND JUNCTION, CO
2009-01-01Acquired Wells Fargo Bank Grand Junction-Downtown, National Association (12863) in GRAND JUNCTION, CO
2009-02-02Acquired Wells Fargo Financial Bank (26983) in SIOUX FALLS, SD
2009-04-25Acquired Century Bank, National Association (3361) in TEXARKANA, TX
2009-11-01Acquired Wells Fargo Bank Southwest, National Association (27076) in NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV
2010-03-20Acquired Wachovia Bank of Delaware, National Association (33931) in WILMINGTON, DE
2010-03-20Acquired Wachovia Bank, National Association (33869) in CHARLOTTE, NC
2010-04-10Acquired Wachovia Card Services, National Association (58496) in ATLANTA, GA
2010-05-10Acquired Wells Fargo HSBC Trade Bank, National Association (34075) in SAN FRANCISCO, CA
2010-11-01Acquired Wells Fargo Alaska Trust Company, National Association (57755) in ANCHORAGE, AK
2011-03-31Acquired Wells Fargo Central Bank (26839) in CALABASAS, CA

Financial Information (1995-12-31 and Older)