All West Virginia Banks

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City National Bank of West Virginia58 branchesUnited Bank48 branchesTruist Bank48 branchesWesBanco Bank, Inc.40 branchesSummit Community Bank, Inc33 branchesPeoples Bank29 branchesThe Huntington National Bank26 branchesFirst Community Bank21 branchesJPMorgan Chase Bank17 branchesFirst United Bank & Trust10 branchesClear Mountain Bank9 branchesWoodforest National Bank9 branchesPendleton Community Bank, Inc.8 branchesThe Poca Valley Bank, Inc.8 branchesUnion Bank, Inc.8 branchesFirst Exchange Bank7 branchesThe Bank of Romney7 branchesThe Grant County Bank7 branchesCitizens Bank of West Virginia, Inc.6 branchesCommunity Trust Bank, Inc.6 branchesMVB Bank, Inc6 branchesLogan Bank & Trust Company6 branchesMCNB Bank and Trust Co.6 branchesPioneer Community Bank, Inc.6 branchesThe Ohio Valley Bank Company5 branchesFreedom Bank, Inc.5 branchesBank of Charles Town5 branchesWhitesville State Bank5 branchesFNB Bank, Inc.5 branchesBCBank, Inc.5 branchesPutnam County Bank5 branchesCNB Bank, Inc.5 branchesFifth Third Bank5 branchesJefferson Security Bank5 branchesHuntington Federal Savings Bank5 branchesWest Union Bank5 branchesFirst Neighborhood Bank5 branchesMain Street Bank Corp.4 branchesCommunity Bank4 branchesCalhoun County Bank, Inc.4 branchesFirst-Citizens Bank & Trust Company4 branchesThe Harrison County Bank4 branchesCommunity Bank of Parkersburg4 branchesMountain Valley Bank, N.A.4 branchesBank of Mingo3 branchesWilliamstown Bank, Inc.3 branchesThe Bank of Monroe3 branchesThe Fayette County National Bank of Fayetteville3 branchesFirst Mutual Bank, FSB3 branchesHancock County Savings Bank, F.S.B.3 branchesCapon Valley Bank3 branchesThe Farmers Bank and Savings Company3 branchesManufacturers and Traders Trust Company2 branchesFirst National Bank of Pennsylvania2 branchesDavis Trust Company2 branchesThe Citizens Bank of Weston2 branchesThe Pleasants County Bank2 branchesMiners & Merchants Bank2 branchesNew Peoples Bank, Inc.2 branchesClay County Bank, Inc.2 branchesThe First National Bank of Williamson2 branchesPNC Bank2 branchesFirst Sentinel Bank1 branchThe First National Bank of Peterstown1 branchUnified Bank1 branchCitizens Bank of Morgantown, Inc.1 branchFirst Federal Savings & Loan Association of Ravenswood1 branch