All Virginia Banks

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Truist Bank444 branchesWells Fargo Bank253 branchesAtlantic Union Bank145 branchesBank of America123 branchesPNC Bank96 branchesCarter Bank & Trust76 branchesUnited Bank69 branchesWoodforest National Bank54 branchesFirst-Citizens Bank & Trust Company47 branchesCapital One43 branchesSONABANK41 branchesTowne Bank31 branchesCitizens and Farmers Bank30 branchesFirst Community Bank28 branchesThe National Bank of Blacksburg25 branchesManufacturers and Traders Trust Company25 branchesBurke & Herbert Bank & Trust Company25 branchesTD Bank24 branchesThe First Bank and Trust Company24 branchesThe Old Point National Bank of Phoebus23 branchesAmerican National Bank and Trust Company22 branchesNew Peoples Bank, Inc.19 branchesBank of the James18 branchesEssex Bank18 branchesVirginia Commonwealth Bank18 branchesChesapeake Bank17 branchesThe Bank of Southside Virginia15 branchesSKYLINE NATIONAL BANK15 branchesThe Bank of Marion15 branchesBlue Ridge Bank15 branchesSandy Spring Bank15 branchesFirst Bank14 branchesFarmers & Merchants Bank14 branchesBenchmark Community Bank14 branchesFulton Bank13 branchesCity National Bank of West Virginia13 branchesSummit Community Bank, Inc12 branchesBank of Botetourt12 branchesCitizens Bank and Trust Company12 branchesBank of Clarke County12 branchesTouchstone Bank11 branchesFirst National Bank11 branchesPinnacle Bank11 branchesThe Fauquier Bank11 branchesTruPoint Bank10 branchesSouthern Bank and Trust Company10 branchesVillage Bank10 branchesHomeTrust Bank10 branchesVirginia National Bank9 branchesEagleBank9 branchesHSBC Bank USA8 branchesPioneer Bank8 branchesJPMorgan Chase Bank8 branchesFarmers Bank7 branchesFirst Sentinel Bank7 branchesGrundy National Bank7 branchesSouth State Bank7 branchesThe Bank of Fincastle7 branchesVirginia Bank and Trust Company7 branchesJohn Marshall Bank6 branchesPowell Valley National Bank6 branchesCitibank6 branchesMainStreet Bank6 branchesPresidential Bank, FSB6 branchesFVCbank6 branchesFarmers and Miners Bank6 branchesDollar Bank, Federal Savings Bank6 branchesThe Farmers Bank of Appomattox5 branchesMiners Exchange Bank5 branchesThe Bank of Charlotte County4 branchesThe Freedom Bank of Virginia4 branchesOld Dominion National Bank4 branchesLee Bank and Trust Company4 branchesCornerStone Bank4 branchesSelect Bank4 branchesMVB Bank, Inc3 branchesVirginia Partners Bank3 branchesPremier Bank, Inc.3 branchesBank of Charles Town3 branchesOak View National Bank3 branchesHighlands Community Bank3 branchesBank of Hope2 branchesVCC Bank2 branchesPendleton Community Bank, Inc.2 branchesThe Fidelity Bank2 branchesMCNB Bank and Trust Co.2 branchesFirst US Bank2 branchesWoori America Bank2 branchesMetro City Bank2 branchesCapon Valley Bank2 branchesThe Blue Grass Valley Bank2 branchesArmed Forces Bank2 branchesFrontier Community Bank2 branchesTrustar Bank2 branchesMovement Bank1 branchCommunity Bank of the Chesapeake1 branchCalvin B. Taylor Banking Company of Berlin, Maryland1 branchNew Horizon Bank1 branchHanmi Bank1 branchMartinsville First Savings Bank1 branchE*TRADE Savings Bank1 branchShore United Bank1 branchFarmers & Merchants Bank of Craig County1 branchChain Bridge Bank1 branchBank of England1 branchSelect Bank & Trust Company1 branchMembers Trust Company1 branchCitizens Bank1 branchCommunity Bankers' Bank1 branchSurrey Bank & Trust1 branchAMG National Trust Bank1 branchBeal Bank USA1 branchE*TRADE Bank1 branchCapital One Bank (USA)1 branchAndrew Johnson Bank1 branchCongressional Bank1 branchThe National Capital Bank of Washington1 branchThe First National Bank of Peterstown1 branchCapital Bank1 branchBNY Mellon1 branch