The Huntington National Bank, Canal-Garfield Branch

Name:The Huntington National Bank, Canal-Garfield Branch
Full Service Brick and Mortar Office
Review:66 client reviews
Location:41801 Garfield Road
Clinton Township, MI 48038

Macomb County
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FDIC Cert:#6560

The Bank

Name:The Huntington National Bank
Concentration:Commercial Lending Specialization
FDIC Insurance:1934-01-01
Holden By:Huntington Bancshares Inc
Charter Class:Commercial bank, national (federal) charter and Fed member, supervised by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
# of Branches:1310, view all, view on map
Total Assets:$173,438,393,000
Total Deposits:$145,891,486,000
Total Equity Capital:$19,006,603,000
Total Domestic Office Deposits:$145,891,486,000
Net Income:$1,042,771,000
Quarterly Net Income:$408,877,000
Return on Assets:1%
Quarterly Return on Assets:1%
Return on Equity:9%
Quarterly Return on Equity:9%

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66 client reviews of The Huntington National Bank scored 3 out of 5.

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by eastpointematt, Mar. 23, 2015

These half wits lost a large deposit  of cash  I made  and have inconvenienced me by waiting for this grievance to be filed for me to get my money. Once I   do  i'll be sure  to withdraw my money and never bank with them again. I had bills I needed to pay with the money  and now I obviously can't. They are a bank who can't be trusted to keep your money safe.

* this reviewer has be with this bank for 1 - 3 years
* this reviewer had 3 - 5 banks before.
* this review was made on The Huntington National Bank, Canal-Garfield Branch at Clinton Township, MI
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by CherylJean 2015-04-12 17:43:35
Let me first say that I did NOT pick Huntington for my bank in Saginaw, MI. I had no choice at all. The Huntingtons were Bank of America banks and I was very pleased with everything....I inherited quite a bit of money from my Dad, and I chose '''bank of America because I wanted to separate from the only bank we and our business had ever used: Chase on Davenport. One thing I did was open large CD account, in spite of the lousy interest rates, but it had built in security in that I couldn't touch the money for 18 months; I then let it go for another 18 months. It was during this second term that Huntington Bank came along and overnight the whole banking atmosphere changed. When the 18 months was up this time, I grabbed the whole amount and ran. I also had a Money Market savings account linked to a personal checking account, with debit card.

My husband has been ill, but that's not the issue. I wanted to see how much money I had in both accounts and nearly had a heart attack when I saw that my savings was totally drained, like $0.00! And my checking was $40.00 in the whole. And because there is only a 24-hour grace period, I'm in deep doo-doo (?) and need to take a good chunk of my IRA out to keep on top of things.

I've been a victim of ID theft, *which these people were very much aware of*; they should have promptly let me know when a GOOD customer suddenly ran her account into the ground. And I'm certain of the identity of this theif: my only sister, who has also been using my medical identity for years. I have more than enough evidence to ruin her life, but I never wanted to do that. She is....has to be...a very sick person, but she also has to be held accountable.

Right now I am panicking with my husband recovering from his third critical illness (I am wondering how he can still be alive), so naturally my FIRST priority is him....I cannot sleep at night and am angry that the hospital sent him home too soon. I'm strong, but no one is THAT strong. And now I find out using my app that my bank account, all of that money my Dad worked so hard for is GONE.

Could write a book....what say...and perhaps make some money??? (grim smile). But in the meantime, I finally have reached the limit of any patience I once had.

And Huntington Bank is a huge thing. It looks so cheerless and desolate in there now.

And someone is definitely sleeping on the job. I am done with them.

BTW...for future knowing what you're getting yourself into, with bank, sevurities company, and investment advisor, do yourself a favor: go online and do a "Broker's Check" on an individual or an institution. Because I had no 'heads up' on this changing of the guard, I did not do it until I was already and unwilling member of this new bank that I had never heard of.

Thanks for reading this, if you did. ;\ Boy, an awful lot of people are going to be surprised when meek and mild me finally sticks up for herself. Several doctors will lose their licenses, and those who stole my identity (& came way too close for comfort), or helped those who did will find themselves wondering how they could have been so *stupid* to risk everything. Don't they know that the laws have gotten considerably stricter in this age of doing everything on the Web, where nothing, including what I have just written, ever, but ever goes away, no matter how *techy* and brilliant you imagine yourself to me. Ask Kevin Mitnik.

I am so worried about how we are going to survive financially. Hey, we had a *thriving* business and made really good money. Life was good!

Until the bottom fell out and the "love of money" (other people's money) became a fatal lure. And to think that in my case, my nearest & dearest, could do this to me. And they are all in Church every Sunday.

I'll never understand. The final kick in the head was becoming aware that my trusted hubby had stopped paying property taxes years ago....and worse, while paying our employees and holdingg out the whithholding, etc., he failed to give it to the IRS! I found out very late in the game....our supposed Revenue Officer deluged ou mailbos with tons s mail, full of threats to take everything I own, filing liens (both federal and state), issuing Summons for both of us as well as our bank (Chase). After 7 years of these threats, she marched into our business and took everything she thought was worth something. We were supposed to be invited, but not. This was May 2013. Earlier they tried to take Jerry's IRA, but it was protected and unattachable, so the company involved wrote to our agent and the Officer saying, "No way, Jose."

She turned around and took every penny of MY inherited IRA, by affixing a teeny signature in an even teenier box....that was $80,000.00. Not for one minute do I believe this was legit. No. 1....I DID NOTHING WRONG!! It appears some embezzeling was going on for no reason. Also, the IRS is supposed to give an actual, penny-for-penny, accounting to say, "OK, you're paid up so we are issuing this certificate of release".

In order to do this, we would have had to owe "$00,0000" in back taxes. They then would have had to make a formal listing of of everying, financially speaking", that they had taken from us. They had an ongoing lien with Chase as well as certain of our "Big Ticket" instead of paying us, they sent it to the IRS.

1. Our Revenue Officer had three different Badge ID's. Uh-uh, no sir. They have one....and one only. And she didn't do anything right, and "right" is spelled out very carefully in, oh, Pub 590, 594.

2. When she gave us a list of the stuff she took from our business...well, she took the most worthless, old equipment, and left the valuable computer.
And the page where she listed the items confiscated, she HAD it list its worth. Had to. I mean, this is MATH, a very specific science, not something that depended on opionion, but cold, hard figures.

There is so much more and at least this writing some of it out in cathartic.
Just know that I will NOT give up.

And neither should you if something like a bank "loses" your $$$....this world today is nuts. Do some research. Go to someone who can help you.

I know I'm starting tomorrow after another sleepless night...I can't afford to lose any more brain cells.
by RUTHIELEE63 2015-05-03 12:35:04
I opened my account at the main office in Ashtabula, in 2010.  While banking on May 2, 2015, at a branch in Giant Eagle, the teller misspelled a name on a cashier's check, and the information was on a post note.  I am reporting this incident, because when I asked for a personal cashier's check, her reply was, "I do not know you, and you will have to wait until Tuesday, when the check clears!" Now, correct me if I am wrong, wouldn't my banking history in the database suffice?  Additionally, this particular teller has assisted me at least three times previously.  Granted, I unfortunately, reside in a town that is not aware that "ALL" people are equal, and truly felt that I was discriminated against.  I find it interesting that Huntington Bank would have this mentality representing their corporation.

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