All Tennessee Banks

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Regions Bank218 branchesFirst Horizon Bank164 branchesTruist Bank148 branchesU.S. Bank89 branchesFirstBank85 branchesBank of America58 branchesPinnacle Bank54 branchesSimmons Bank43 branchesFSNB38 branchesFifth Third Bank36 branchesReliant Bank32 branchesWilson Bank and Trust30 branchesBancorpSouth Bank29 branchesCitizens Tri-County Bank26 branchesFirst Citizens National Bank26 branchesSmartBank25 branchesCitizens Bank25 branchesFirst Farmers and Merchants Bank24 branchesBank of Tennessee24 branchesHome Federal Bank of Tennessee23 branchesRenasant Bank23 branchesCapStar Bank23 branchesF&M Bank23 branchesCitizens National Bank22 branchesCommercial Bank21 branchesFirst Volunteer Bank21 branchesOne Bank of Tennessee20 branchesWells Fargo Bank19 branchesCitizens Bank of Lafayette19 branchesSouthEast Bank19 branchesFirst Federal Bank17 branchesFranklin Synergy Bank17 branchesCB&S Bank, Inc.16 branchesApex Bank15 branchesTennessee State Bank15 branchesTrustmark National Bank14 branchesCentennial Bank13 branchesVolunteer State Bank12 branchesSynovus Bank12 branchesThe Bank of Fayette County11 branchesTower Community Bank11 branchesCommercial Bank & Trust Co.11 branchesThe Farmers Bank10 branchesPeoples Bank of East Tennessee10 branchesFirst Century Bank10 branchesIndependent Bank10 branchesBankTennessee10 branchesAndrew Johnson Bank9 branchesHomeTrust Bank9 branchesMcKenzie Banking Company9 branchesLegends Bank9 branchesThe First National Bank of Middle Tennessee9 branchesSecurity Bank and Trust Company9 branchesFirst National Bank of Pulaski9 branchesCBBC Bank8 branchesPatriot Bank8 branchesCarroll Bank and Trust8 branchesMacon Bank and Trust Company8 branchesLandmark Community Bank8 branchesUnited Community Bank8 branchesSecurity Bank7 branchesSimply Bank7 branchesTriumph Bank7 branchesFirst Community Bank7 branchesFirst Financial Bank7 branchesSevier County Bank7 branchesFirst Community Bank of East Tennessee7 branchesBank of England7 branchesBank of Bartlett7 branchesFirst National Bank of Tennessee7 branchesTNBANK6 branchesMillennium Bank6 branchesFirst Freedom Bank6 branchesINSOUTH Bank6 branchesWayne County Bank6 branchesFirst-Citizens Bank & Trust Company6 branchesFirst Community Bank of Tennessee6 branchesVolunteer Federal Savings Bank6 branchesThe Peoples Bank5 branchesMountain Valley Bank5 branchesFirst Peoples Bank of Tennessee5 branchesBank of Ripley5 branchesElizabethton Federal Savings Bank5 branchesBank35 branchesTriStar Bank5 branchesMountain Commerce Bank5 branchesBank of Crockett5 branchesBank of Cleveland5 branchesFirst Commerce Bank5 branchesCitizens Bank and Trust Company of Grainger County5 branchesThe Hardin County Bank5 branchesFirst Vision Bank of Tennessee4 branchesCitizens Community Bank4 branchesBank of Dickson4 branchesThe First Bank and Trust Company4 branchesTraditions First Bank4 branchesParagon Bank4 branchesEvolve Bank & Trust4 branchesHome Banking Company4 branchesThe Farmers & Merchants Bank4 branchesDecatur County Bank4 branchesPlanters Bank, Inc.4 branchesSouthern Bank of Tennessee4 branchesGuaranty Bank and Trust Company4 branchesHeritage Bank & Trust4 branchesFirst Community Bank of the Heartland, Inc.4 branchesThe First National Bank of Oneida4 branchesCadence Bank, N.A.4 branchesBank of Frankewing3 branchesFarmers State Bank3 branchesThe Bank of Jackson3 branchesBank of Lincoln County3 branchesPeoples Bank of the South3 branchesHeritage Community Bank3 branchesHome Federal Bank Corporation3 branchesCoffee County Bank3 branchesFourth Capital Bank3 branchesFNB Bank3 branchesPeoples Bank3 branchesGreeneville Federal Bank, FSB3 branchesFirst Farmers & Commercial Bank3 branchesCentral Bank3 branchesUnion Bank3 branchesRepublic Bank & Trust Company3 branchesNewport Federal Bank3 branchesCommunity National Bank3 branchesCedarStone Bank3 branchesCommunity Bank3 branchesPutnam 1st Mercantile Bank3 branchesAmerican Bank & Trust of the Cumberlands3 branchesCivis Bank3 branchesHomeland Community Bank3 branchesUnited Cumberland Bank3 branchesSumner Bank & Trust3 branchesCitizens Savings Bank and Trust Company3 branchesBank of Perry County3 branchesCommunity Trust Bank, Inc.3 branchesSecurity Federal Savings Bank of McMinnville3 branchesCommunity Bank of Mississippi2 branchesGreenfield Banking Company2 branchesInsBank2 branchesBrighton Bank2 branchesJPMorgan Chase Bank2 branchesBank of Gleason2 branchesFirst US Bank2 branchesBank of Halls2 branchesUnion Bank & Trust Company2 branchesHighland Federal Savings and Loan Association2 branchesThe Bank of Milan2 branchesThe Lauderdale County Bank2 branchesPEOPLES BANK OF MIDDLE TENNESSEE2 branchesSecurity Federal Bank2 branchesFirst Jackson Bank, Inc.1 branchNew Peoples Bank, Inc.1 branchThe Bank of Marion1 branchServisFirst Bank1 branchPeoples Bank & Trust Company1 branchFinancial Federal Bank1 branchCitizens Bank & Trust Company1 branchFarmers Bank1 branchGateway First Bank1 branchThrivent Trust Company1 branchLawrenceburg Federal Bank1 branchFirst Capital Bank1 branchGates Banking and Trust Company1 branchPNC Bank1 branchPeople's Bank and Trust Company of Pickett County1 branchFIRST STATE BANK OF THE SOUTHEAST, INC1 branchTri-State Bank of Memphis1 branchFirst National Bank of Eastern Arkansas1 branchTruPoint Bank1 branchPowell Valley National Bank1 branchStudio Bank1 branchCity National Bank1 branchJohnson County Bank1 branchUBank1 branchThe Citizens Bank1 branchTruxton Trust Company1 branch