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by rick, Apr. 12, 2011

Pro Maintenance Services
138 Wellesley Street
Hempstead, New York 1155o

April 11, 2011

TD Bank Corporate Headquarters
P. O. Box 1377
Lewiston, ME 04240

To whom it may concern;

        This letter of complaint is being written to express my concern for how I was treated in your Garden City bank. On March 31, 2011, my partner and I opened an account in the Garden City bank for our newly registered business, “Pro Maintenance Service.”

        I’m writing this letter because I don’t believe that I was treated fairly by one of your employees, Assistant Vice President of Sales and Service Manager, Antoinette Zaino.

        To begin, we opened our account with a check in the amount of $4,400.00 dollars. The check, issued from the First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, was written to “Pro Plumbing and Heating” (Boiler maintenance); because our company also involves the cleaning and maintenance of boilers.

        On March 31, 2011 the check was deposited in the new account, and we were informed that the check would clear within five days. On April 5th or 6th, 2011 we withdrew $500.00 dollars from the ATM, and also made other debit card purchases. On Wednesday April 6th, 2011 I went to the Garden City bank and attempted to withdraw two thousand dollars from the account to pay off a loan. The teller stated that he did not have enough one hundred dollar bills, and went to speak with Antoinette Zaino. I saw the teller speaking with Ms. Zaino, and I observed them pointing in my direction, but thought nothing of it.

        Moments later, Ms. Zaino approached me to say that she checked the account and saw that the check used to open the account was not written properly. She went on to say that she wanted verification from the church that wrote the check, to verify that the check was valid. I contacted the church Administrator where the work was performed, and he spoke with Ms. Zaino, verifying that the check was indeed valid, and issued to me. After hearing this, Ms. Zaino told the Administrator that she wanted a letter from those signatures authorized to issue church checks. Apparently the Administrator told her that he was not privileged to provide her with that information, however, he would be willing to fax a letter within thirty minutes on the church letterhead verifying that the church issued the check.  

        On Wednesday April 6, 2011 I contacted the main office of TD bank and lodged a complaint, I asked to speak with a Supervisor and was told that a Ms. Stella Cook would contact me when she returned from the field. To date I have not heard from Ms. Cook. I later that day called the 800 number and spoke with a representative of Ms. Cook who, after hearing my complaint, contacted the Garden City branch and spoke with Ms. Zaino. She returned my call and said that Ms. Zaino indicated that she put a stop on the account, but that she would release the funds on the 17th of April, 2011.

        The following day, Thursday the 7th of April, I received a call from Ms. Zaino stating that she would issue a bank check for the balance of the funds in the account. I thought this was a tactic to try and ridicule me since the church Administrator would have to alter his books to reflect this accounting change and issue a different amount for the completed work. I later contacted the church Administrator who informed me that the $4,400.00 dollars had been withdrawn from the church account, and he asked why the bank was trying to cause such an accounting headache for his church. He said that the work was completed; the vendor paid, therefore, the business concluded.

        As a businessman and a Pastor of a large church in the Queens area, I am complaining about the treatment I received at the hands of Ms. Zaino at the Garden City Branch. I don’t believe that the treatment I received was warranted, after all, the check cleared, I verified that the check was legitimately issued to my company, and I was able to use over five hundred dollars of the money in the account.

        I believe that this matter could have been handled differently, but I feel that I was targeted unfairly from the time I entered the bank and requested the withdrawal from my account needed to repay a loan.

        On Sunday April 10, 2011at the conclusion of church services, I announced to my members what transpired at TD bank, and informed all my members that they should change their bank to one where they would be treated fairly. I also issued a bulletin to the organization to which I am affiliated, serving over 6.5 million Christians nationwide, along with all one hundred and sixty two Bishops, of how I was treated. I requested that they e-mail all their members and post this notice on all church bulletin boards.

        In conclusion, I am asking for the immediate release of my legally obtained business funds in the form of cash or a certified bank check. Anything short of this, I will file a complaint with the State Banking Commission and the Better Business Bureau. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


                                                Richard Hyatt                

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