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SimplyBank., History

The following are major historical events for SimplyBank., including mergers and acquisitions.

1890-01-01Institution established: Original name:Hamilton Bank of Rhea County
1976-02-27Changed name to Bank of Rhea County
1976-08-04Changed name to Liberty Bank of Tennessee - Rhea County
1981-06-01Changed name to United American Bank in Rhea County
1982-06-09Changed name to City & County Bank of Rhea County
1983-12-08Changed name to First Bank of Rhea County
1999-08-01Changed name to First Bank of Tennessee
2004-12-31Acquired Peoples Bank of Polk County (21563) in BENTON, TN
2018-10-06Changed name to Simply Bank
2021-03-19Acquired Community National BankSimply Bank (19272) in DAYTON, TN.
2021-03-22Moved bank headquarters from 369 FRONT STREET, SPRING CITY, TN to 420 Third Ave, Dayton, TN.