Regions Bank, Marion West Branch

Name:Regions Bank, Marion West Branch
Full Service Brick and Mortar Office
Review:202 client reviews
Location:141 Block Street
Marion, AR 72364

Crittenden County
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Branch Deposit:$47,989,000
FDIC Cert:#12368

The Bank

Name:Regions Bank
Concentration:Commercial Lending Specialization
FDIC Insurance:1934-01-01
Holden By:Regions Financial Corp
Charter Class:Commercial bank, state charter and Fed member, supervised by the Federal Reserve (FRB)
# of Branches:1389, view all, view on map
Total Assets:$146,476,000,000
Total Deposits:$124,229,000,000
Total Equity Capital:$18,354,000,000
Total Domestic Office Deposits:$124,229,000,000
Net Income:$1,185,000,000
Quarterly Net Income:$643,000,000
Return on Assets:1%
Quarterly Return on Assets:2%
Return on Equity:7%
Quarterly Return on Equity:14%

Client Review

202 client reviews of Regions Bank scored 2.5 out of 5.

Rude and Terrible customer service
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by polobear52, Jan. 01, 2014

12-31-13 Today I learned that customer service is no longer important anymore at least at the Regions bank in Marion,AR.I recently opened a business account at this branch and J.Townes helped me and he was both nice and professional.I went in today to cash a check and make a deposit,there was only two tellers Chasity upfront and Nita on drive thru.Nita came upfront and I was the unlucky customer she asked to help.I placed my check and I.D in her hand and she went back to her computer which was at the drive thru.To my surprise she laid my check down and waited on customers in the drive thru.I found this to be very rude and unprofessional as I felt my time is just as valuable as the people in drive thru.After she so nicely waited on two people at the drive thru she came back upfront and laid my I.D on the counter and said that she would have to ask Chasity a question about my check.All this time that I was waiting for Nita to cash my check the other people that was standing in line behind me had been waited on by Chasity and gone on about there merry way.Nita came back and asked for my I.D again and once again I placed it in her hand and again she went back to the drive thru and waited on yet another customer.By this time I just wanted to ask for my check back and close my business acct with Regions immediatly!J.Townes happened to come around to the counter and that made me feel a little better as we spoke to each other,I asked him if he could go back and get my check from Nita so I could leave and he said that she would take care of me and that they were short staffed. After watching Nita wait on four customers at the drive thru and Chasity wait on all the customers that were standing in line behind me I was a bit agitated to say the least.Nita finally got around to cashing my check and making my deposit,once again she so rudely laid my I.D on the counter and gave me my money and deposit slip without even a hint of a smile.I will be contacting the branch manager the day after the new year,hopefully this never happens to me or anyone one else that deals with Regions bank.         

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* this reviewer had 1 - 2 banks before.
* this review was made on Regions Bank, Marion West Branch at Marion, AR
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by Nelly 2014-01-04 13:29:46
This person is convinced of his own importance, and obviously has little sympathy for tellers who were perhaps dealing with a skeleton crew for the holidays. I have banked at my location for 25 years and it's been Regions for about 10 years. I find their service excellent in all my accounts. This customer is new, intolerant, and eager to complain. No doubt he changes banks often. Perhaps he could be more patient, and if he can understand this (his grammar is atrocious,uneducated), be more tolerant of people who are serving him.
by blakeself78 2014-01-18 07:53:22
Grow up! The world doesn't revolve around you....they were short staffed.

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