Name:Prosperity Bank, LEVELLAND BRANCH
Full Service Brick and Mortar Office
Review: 2.5star22 client reviews
Location:311 College Ave
Levelland, TX 79336

Hockley County
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Branch Deposit:$90,307,000
FDIC Cert:#16835

The Bank

Name:Prosperity Bank
Concentration:Commercial Lending Specialization
FDIC Insurance:09/13/1949
Charter Class:Commercial bank, state charter and Fed nonmember, supervised by the FDIC
# of Branches:324, view all, view on map
Total Assets:$39,298,977,000
Total Deposits:$27,428,729,000
Total Equity Capital:$7,014,604,000
Total Domestic Office Deposits:$27,428,729,000
Net Income:$333,798,000
Quarterly Net Income:$115,744,000
Return on Assets:1%
Quarterly Return on Assets:1%
Return on Equity:7%
Quarterly Return on Equity:7%

Client Review

22 client reviews of Prosperity Bank scored 2.5 out of 5.

I Don't Have Time for This Bank
 1star Overall Rating
 1star Interest Rate and Cost
 4star Office Environment & Staff
 1star Waiting Time
 1star Other Services
by jessi5652, May. 07, 2013

I was with American State Bank and was very pleased with ASB when Prosperity bought them out.  At first the 20-minute wait to deposit a check was annoying but chalked up to training on a new system.  However, when I deposit my checks I always get cash back but there are no deposit slips at the drive-thru; you have to wait in line, buzz the teller, wait for them to send you a deposit slip, fill it out, send it back, and then hope they read it - EVERY time.  They never sent out a new debit card with their name on it, I was supposed to order one for a fee; also had to order PLAIN checks and was charged $30; I haven't paid for checks without carbon copy - ever!  Then this March I deposited a check one day too late and bounced one, which they covered with a $35 fee - that's fine, it was my fault.  At the endof the month I'm reconciling my account and see a $15 overdraft fee.  I called theloca number b/c the 800 number is a joke and apparently you pay not only the o/d fee per transaction, but an o/d service fee for the month in which and o/d occurs.  Rediculous, but it was my fault.  Then, the next month, I see a $10 returned mail fee.  OMG, so I call again.  I moved, changed my address online for my account, had my mail forwarded, and for some reason the mail came back to them and they charged me $10 for each account.  Absurd!  The final straw was seeing that again I need to call them because my savings account has twice now been charged a "service fee" I assume b/c it's just sitting there without debits/credits.  I went to another bank and can't wait to have everything finalized so I can leave these fee-charging losers behind.  I am a single mother of three with precious little time and extra money for calling about fees and payin for rediculous things.  Lastly I will say that last month my electric company sent me a new bill, with late fees, b/c my "financial institution had no record of my account."  I checked all my info, ran the payment through again, and today it processed so I guestt Prosperity found me.  Another time, my child support was deposited to another person's account and it took a week to get the money credited back.  I understand errors appen, my issue is having to watch very closely to make sure tey don't creatively charge me a fee, call them and get the fee returned (I should mention that almost all the fees I called about were refunded, but I believe it's because I call the local branch and talk to the people who worked there for years before being bought by clowns.  The whole point for me, though, is I don't have time to call every week about a fee for no transactions on a Monday or buying gas during a full moon.)  

* this reviewer has be with this bank for 6 months - 1 year
* this reviewer had 1 - 2 banks before.
* this review was made on Prosperity Bank, Levelland Branch at Levelland, TX
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