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PNC Bank, History

The following are major historical events for PNC Bank, including mergers and acquisitions.

1804-01-01Institution established: Original name:The National Newark and Essex Banking Company of Newark
1966-11-10Changed name to National Newark & Essex Bank
1973-10-01Changed name to Midlantic National Bank
1974-03-31Acquired Millburn-Short Hills Bank (18162) in MILLBURN, NJ
1976-12-31Acquired Midlantic National Bank/West (19187) in MORRISTOWN, NJ
1988-04-01Acquired Midlantic National Bank/Sussex & Merchants (6391) in NEWTON, NJ
1989-07-01Acquired Midlantic National Bank/Merchants (19289) in NEPTUNE TOWNSHIP, NJ
1989-07-01Acquired Midlantic National Bank/South (6457) in MOUNT LAUREL, NJ
1991-01-11Acquired Midlantic National Bank/Delaware (27147) in WILMINGTON, DE
1991-09-27Acquired Midlantic National Bank/North (15662) in WEST PATERSON, NJ
1994-08-27Changed name to Midlantic Bank, National Association
1994-08-27Acquired Continental Bank (475) in NORRISTOWN, PA
1995-06-30Acquired Bank and Trust Company of Old York Road (17090) in WILLOW GROVE, PA
1996-09-06Changed name to PNC Bank, National Association
1996-09-06Acquired PNC Bank, National Association (7944) in PITTSBURGH, PA
1996-09-06Moved bank headquarters from NEWARK, NJ to PITTSBURGH, PA
1997-11-30Acquired PNC Mortgage Bank, National Association (31435) in PITTSBURGH, PA
1997-12-01Acquired PNC Bank New York, National Association (26921) in WARREN, PA
1997-12-31Acquired PNC Bank, Kentucky, Inc. (10513) in LOUISVILLE, KY
1997-12-31Acquired P N C Bank, Indiana, Inc. (14040) in NEW ALBANY, IN
1997-12-31Acquired PNC Bank, Ohio, National Association (742) in CINCINNATI, OH
2000-11-30Acquired PNC Converted Bank, National Association (32271) in PITTSBURGH, PA
2001-03-31Acquired PNC Advisors, National Association (24868) in BOSTON, MA
2001-09-30Acquired Hilliard Lyons Trust Company (91308) in LOUISVILLE, KY
2004-03-19Acquired United Trust Bank (6308) in BRIDGEWATER, NJ
2005-05-13Acquired Riggs National Trust Company (58102) in MCLEAN, VA
2007-09-14Acquired The National Bank of Fredericksburg (6845) in FREDERICKSBURG, VA
2007-09-14Acquired Mercantile-Safe Deposit and Trust Company (20347) in BALTIMORE, MD
2007-09-14Acquired The Citizens National Bank (4852) in LAUREL, MD
2007-09-14Acquired Mercantile Peninsula Bank (11652) in SELBYVILLE, DE
2007-09-14Acquired Mercantile Eastern Shore Bank (5877) in CHESTERTOWN, MD
2007-09-14Acquired The Annapolis Banking and Trust Company (12172) in ANNAPOLIS, MD
2007-09-14Acquired Mercantile County Bank (13779) in ELKTON, MD
2007-09-14Acquired Marshall National Bank and Trust Company (6879) in MARSHALL, VA
2007-09-14Acquired Farmers & Mechanics Bank (4842) in FREDERICK, MD
2007-09-14Acquired Westminster Union Bank (12884) in WESTMINSTER, MD
2007-09-14Acquired Mercantile Southern Maryland Bank (18933) in LEONARDTOWN, MD
2008-03-07Acquired The Yardville National Bank (6515) in YARDVILLE, NJ
2008-08-08Acquired BLC Bank N. A. (7768) in STRASBURG, PA
2008-08-09Acquired Sterling Financial Trust Company (57375) in LANCASTER, PA
2009-08-14Acquired Dwelling House Savings and Loan Association (31559) in PITTSBURGH, PA as part of a government assisted transaction.
2009-08-21Acquired PNC Bank, Delaware (679) in WILMINGTON, DE
2009-08-21Moved bank headquarters from PITTSBURGH, PA to WILMINGTON, DE
2009-11-06Acquired National City Bank (6557) in CLEVELAND, OH
2012-03-02Acquired RBC Bank (USA) (33184) in RALEIGH, NC