All North Dakota Banks

Active North Dakota banks order by the number of branches. View All Banks or Inactive North Dakota Banks.

Gate City Bank33 branchesU.S. Bank24 branchesFirst International Bank & Trust21 branchesWells Fargo Bank18 branchesAmerican Bank Center16 branchesBremer Bank16 branchesChoice Financial Group15 branchesStarion Bank13 branchesBNC National Bank13 branchesDakota Community Bank & Trust12 branchesCornerstone Bank11 branchesBank Forward11 branchesFirst United Bank10 branchesAlerus Financial9 branchesBell Bank9 branchesDakota Heritage Bank9 branchesDacotah Bank8 branchesBankNorth8 branchesBank of the West7 branchesKodaBank6 branchesRamsey National Bank6 branchesSargent County Bank5 branchesSecurity First Bank of North Dakota5 branchesFirst State Bank5 branchesDakota Western Bank5 branchesAmerican Federal Bank5 branchesUnited Community Bank of North Dakota4 branchesFirst Western Bank & Trust4 branchesUnion State Bank of Hazen4 branchesFirst State Bank & Trust4 branchesThe Union Bank4 branchesKirkwood Bank & Trust Co.4 branchesMerchants Bank4 branchesCitizens State Bank of Lankin4 branchesHorizon Financial Bank4 branchesState Bank & Trust of Kenmare3 branchesThe Goose River Bank3 branchesThe Farmers & Merchants Bank of North Dakota3 branchesVISIONBank3 branchesUnited Valley Bank3 branchesThe Citizens State Bank of Finley3 branchesThe Citizens State Bank at Mohall3 branchesFirst State Bank of Cando3 branchesFirst State Bank of Golva3 branchesSecurity State Bank, Wishek, North Dakota3 branchesBlackRidgeBANK3 branchesWestern State Bank3 branchesLincoln State Bank3 branchesHeartland State Bank2 branchesFirst Security Bank - West2 branchesGarrison State Bank and Trust2 branchesPeoples State Bank, Fairmount, N. D.2 branchesBank of England2 branchesHometown Community Bank2 branchesThe Bank of Tioga2 branchesPeoples State Bank of Velva2 branchesFirst State Bank of Harvey2 branchesPeoples State Bank2 branchesAspire Bank2 branchesUnion State Bank of Fargo2 branchesMcIntosh County Bank2 branchesAmerican State Bank & Trust Company of Williston2 branchesGrant County State Bank2 branchesBank of Turtle Lake1 branchKindred State Bank1 branchBank of Hamilton1 branchFrandsen Bank & Trust1 branchFirst National Bank and Trust Co. of Bottineau1 branchFarmers and Merchants State Bank1 branchFarmers Security Bank1 branchBank of Glen Ullin1 branchBank of Hazelton1 branchStock Growers Bank1 branchRolette State Bank1 branchHarwood State Bank1 branchPlains Commerce Bank1 branchUnison Bank1 branchGreat Western Bank1 branchCommercial Bank of Mott1 branchLiberty State Bank1 branchStrasburg State Bank1 branchTurtle Mountain State Bank1 branchState Bank of Bottineau1 branchState Bank of Lakota1 branch

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