All North Carolina Banks

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Branch Banking and Trust Company330 branchesWells Fargo Bank329 branchesFirst-Citizens Bank & Trust Company238 branchesBank of America148 branchesPNC Bank142 branchesSunTrust Bank128 branchesFirst Bank104 branchesFirst National Bank of Pennsylvania98 branchesFirst Tennessee Bank95 branchesWoodforest National Bank88 branchesFifth Third Bank56 branchesThe Fidelity Bank55 branchesSouthern Bank and Trust Company51 branchesPinnacle Bank43 branchesCresCom Bank37 branchesUnited Community Bank31 branchesCarter Bank & Trust28 branchesBank of the Ozarks26 branchesSouth State Bank25 branchesPeoples Bank21 branchesHomeTrust Bank20 branchesUnion Bank15 branchesSelect Bank & Trust Company15 branchesLumbee Guaranty Bank14 branchesTD Bank14 branchesFSNB14 branchesEntegra Bank12 branchesFarmers & Merchants Bank11 branchesKS Bank, Inc.10 branchesUwharrie Bank10 branchesPiedmont Federal Savings Bank10 branchesAmerican National Bank and Trust Company9 branchesCarolina Trust Bank9 branchesTowne Bank9 branchesMechanics & Farmers Bank8 branchesAquesta Bank7 branchesUnion Bank & Trust7 branchesFirst Federal Bank7 branchesNorth State Bank7 branchesRegions Bank6 branchesAlliance Bank & Trust Company6 branchesSurrey Bank & Trust6 branchesSound Bank6 branchesFirst Community Bank6 branchesLifeStore Bank5 branchesProvidence Bank5 branchesBlueHarbor Bank4 branchesBank of Oak Ridge4 branchesFirst Carolina Bank4 branchesFirst Federal Savings Bank of Lincolnton4 branchesBank of England3 branchesNewDominion Bank3 branchesGreat State Bank3 branchesTaylorsville Savings Bank, SSB3 branchesTouchstone Bank3 branchesNantahala Bank & Trust Company3 branchesWest Town Bank & Trust2 branchesCrescent Bank & Trust2 branchesSKYLINE NATIONAL BANK2 branchesRoanoke Rapids Savings Bank, SSB2 branchesCarolina Alliance Bank2 branchesJackson Savings Bank, SSB2 branchesCoastal Bank & Trust2 branchesNew Republic Savings Bank2 branchesHighlands Union Bank2 branchesRoxboro Savings Bank, SSB2 branchesBenchmark Community Bank2 branchesTruPoint Bank1 branchSynchrony Bank1 branchBelmont Federal Savings and Loan Association1 branchBNY Mellon1 branchTarboro Savings Bank, SSB1 branchMorganton Savings Bank, S.S.B.1 branchCapital Bank1 branchWake Forest Federal Savings and Loan Association1 branchFirst Capital Bank1 branchIberiabank1 branchRoanoke Valley Savings Bank, SSB1 branchLive Oak Banking Company1 branchBank of Tennessee1 branchSouthern First Bank1 branchBlack Mountain Savings Bank, SSB1 branchFirst Savings and Loan Association1 branchHertford Savings Bank, SSB1 branchCedar Hill National Bank1 branchPacific Western Bank1 branch