All New Jersey Banks

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Wells Fargo Bank259 branchesPNC Bank257 branchesTD Bank239 branchesBank of America228 branchesJPMorgan Chase Bank207 branchesValley National Bank133 branchesSantander Bank, N.A.127 branchesInvestors Bank109 branchesProvident Bank94 branchesManufacturers and Traders Trust Company77 branchesFulton Bank63 branchesOceanFirst Bank60 branchesColumbia Bank59 branchesLakeland Bank51 branchesKearny Bank49 branchesNew York Community Bank42 branchesCapital One28 branchesBCB Community Bank28 branches1st Constitution Bank26 branchesAmboy Bank24 branchesTruist Bank23 branchesSpencer Savings Bank, SLA21 branchesThe Bank of Princeton20 branchesPeapack-Gladstone Bank20 branchesConnectOne Bank18 branchesBlue Foundry Bank17 branchesRepublic Bank17 branchesManasquan Bank17 branchesNorthfield Bank17 branchesUnity Bank17 branchesFirst Bank14 branchesSturdy Savings Bank14 branchesCrown Bank14 branchesWilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB14 branchesNVE Bank12 branchesCitizens Bank11 branchesNewfield National Bank11 branchesRegal Bank11 branchesFirst Commerce Bank10 branchesHaven Savings Bank9 branchesCitibank9 branchesFranklin Bank8 branchesMagyar Bank7 branchesCrest Savings Bank7 branchesSomerset Savings Bank, SLA7 branchesPopular Bank6 branchesMariner's Bank6 branchesCornerstone Bank6 branchesBerkshire Bank6 branchesThe First National Bank of Elmer6 branchesBrunswick Bank and Trust Company6 branchesCentury Savings Bank6 branchesParke Bank6 branchesFirst Hope Bank, A National Banking Association6 branchesFreedom Bank5 branchesHSBC Bank USA5 branchesThe Pennsville National Bank5 branchesUnion County Savings Bank4 branchesNew Millennium Bank4 branchesThe First National Bank of Absecon4 branchesLusitania Savings Bank4 branchesWilliam Penn Bank4 branchesRSI BANK4 branchesWilmington Trust4 branchesWoori America Bank4 branchesGlen Rock Savings Bank4 branchesBogota Savings Bank4 branchesBank of Hope3 branchesAlma Bank3 branchesThe Bank of Delmarva3 branchesGibraltar Bank3 branchesNewBank3 branches1st Colonial Community Bank3 branches1st Bank of Sea Isle City3 branchesGSL Savings Bank2 branchesMillville Savings Bank2 branchesHaddon Savings Bank2 branchesTrustCo Bank2 branchesMonroe Savings Bank2 branchesNoah Bank2 branchesShinhan Bank America2 branchesSchuyler Savings Bank2 branchesFreehold Bank2 branchesIndustrial Bank2 branchesLincoln 1st Bank2 branchesGoldman Sachs Bank USA1 branchUnited Roosevelt Savings Bank1 branchAMG National Trust Bank1 branchMizuho Bank (USA)1 branchHabib American Bank1 branchCross River Bank1 branchBNY Mellon1 branchThe Bryn Mawr Trust Company1 branchCathay Bank1 branchBessemer Trust Company1 branchAtlantic Community Bankers Bank1 branchKEB Hana Bank USA1 branchCenlar FSB1 branchCustomers Bank1 branchIsrael Discount Bank of New York1 branchPacific City Bank1 branchArmed Forces Bank1 branchSterling National Bank1 branchThe Berkshire Bank1 branchAbacus Federal Savings Bank1 branchState Street Bank and Trust Company1 branchCTBC Bank Corp. (USA)1 branchFirst IC Bank1 branchUnivest Bank and Trust Co.1 branchSumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (U.S.A.) Limited1 branchMalvern Bank N.A.1 branchPonce Bank1 branchBank of England1 branchThe Bank of New York Mellon1 branchBeal Bank USA1 branchHanmi Bank1 branchMetro City Bank1 branchFirstrust Savings Bank1 branch