Morton Community Bank, History

The following are major historical events for Morton Community Bank, including mergers and acquisitions.

1961-08-26Institution established: Original name:Morton Community Bank
1989-01-02Acquired The Morton Trust & Savings Bank (23789) in MORTON, IL
1999-04-01Acquired Sunstar Bank (20824) in WASHINGTON, IL
2005-12-08Acquired Pekin Savings Bank (30775) in PEKIN, IL
2006-10-20Acquired People's State Bank (10436) in MANITO, IL
2008-03-21Changed institution class to INSURED COMMERCIAL OR SAVINGS BANKS, STATE, MEMBERS FRS
2008-03-21Changed primary regulatory agency from FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION to FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD
2008-09-05Change trust powers from TRUST POWERS NOT GRANTED to FULL TRUST POWERS GRANTED
2008-09-06Acquired Alpha Community Bank (10790) in TOLUCA, IL
2009-05-22Acquired Citizens National Bank (5757) in MACOMB, IL as part of a government assisted transaction.
2010-08-14Acquired Tremont Savings Bank (31369) in TREMONT, IL
2010-12-10Acquired Citizens State Bank of Cropsey (10430) in CROPSEY, IL
2015-08-18Changed institution class to INSURED COMMERCIAL BANKS, STATE, NOT MEMBERS OF THE FRS
2015-08-18Changed primary regulatory agency from FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD to FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION
2016-07-08Acquired Heritage Bank of Central Illinois (12554) in TRIVOLI, IL
2017-10-06Acquired State Bank of Arthur (1800) in ARTHUR, IL
2018-03-17Acquired State Bank of Speer (10825) in SPEER, IL
2019-12-06Acquired First Trust & Savings Bank of Albany, Illinois (5754) in ALBANY, IL