All Minnesota Banks

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Wells Fargo Bank148 branchesU.S. Bank140 branchesTCF National Bank89 branchesBremer Bank56 branchesOld National Bank35 branchesFrandsen Bank & Trust34 branchesMinnwest Bank27 branchesBMO Harris Bank26 branchesBank of the West22 branchesMerchants Bank21 branchesAssociated Bank20 branchesSecurity Bank & Trust Company17 branchesNorthview Bank13 branchesAmerican Bank of the North13 branchesFirst National Bank13 branchesMidCountry Bank13 branchesDeerwood Bank13 branchesMidWestOne Bank13 branchesHome Federal Savings Bank13 branchesBell Bank12 branchesUnited Prairie Bank12 branchesThink Mutual Bank11 branchesCitizens Community Federal11 branchesBank of America11 branchesRiverWood Bank11 branchesFirst Minnesota Bank11 branchesHomeTown Bank11 branchesAmerican National Bank of Minnesota10 branchesStar Bank10 branchesUnity Bank10 branchesBridgewater Bank9 branchesFirst National Bank North9 branchesKensington Bank9 branchesFirst Independent Bank9 branchesBorder State Bank9 branchesCitizens Alliance Bank9 branchesPremier Bank8 branchesBlackRidgeBANK8 branchesAmerican Federal Bank8 branchesPremier Bank Minnesota8 branchesCornerstone State Bank7 branchesLake Elmo Bank7 branchesMidwest Bank7 branchesSterling State Bank7 branchesFirst Bank & Trust7 branchesAmerican National Bank7 branchesWoodlands National Bank7 branchesNorth Shore Bank of Commerce7 branchesFirst Farmers & Merchants Bank7 branchesAlliance Bank7 branchesFirst Security Bank - Sleepy Eye7 branches21st Century Bank7 branchesAlerus Financial6 branchesRepublic Bank, Inc.6 branchesPioneer Bank6 branchesLake Area Bank6 branchesAmerican Heritage National Bank6 branchesFirst State Bank Southwest6 branchesGate City Bank6 branchesNeighborhood National Bank6 branchesVermillion State Bank6 branchesBank Midwest6 branchesSunrise Banks6 branchesFlagship Bank Minnesota6 branchesLiberty Bank Minnesota6 branchesNorthwestern Bank5 branchesThe Bank of Elk River5 branchesCommunity Bank Mankato5 branchesFirst State Bank and Trust5 branchesUltima Bank Minnesota5 branchesHighland Bank5 branchesChoice Financial Group5 branchesNorth American Banking Company5 branchesFalcon National Bank5 branchesWoodland Bank5 branchesUnited Valley Bank5 branchesPine River State Bank5 branchesEagle Bank5 branchesWNB FINANCIAL, N.A.5 branchesPark State Bank5 branchesBankCherokee4 branchesHeritage Bank4 branchesCommunity Resource Bank4 branchesThe First National Bank of Bemidji4 branchesRoundbank4 branchesWadena State Bank4 branchesNorthwoods Bank of Minnesota4 branchesSecurity State Bank of Aitkin4 branchesWestern National Bank4 branchesCorTrust Bank4 branchesCitizens Independent Bank4 branchesThe First National Bank of Elk River4 branchesProfinium, Inc.4 branchesVillage Bank4 branchesStearns Bank4 branchesHarvest Bank4 branchesSentry Bank4 branchesCitizens Bank Minnesota4 branchesSecurity State Bank of Marine4 branchesThe First National Bank of Milaca4 branchesPremier Bank Rochester4 branchesMinnesota First Credit and Savings, Incorporated4 branchesTriumph State Bank4 branchesGreat Southern Bank4 branchesFreeport State Bank4 branchesProGrowth Bank4 branchesPeoples State Bank of Plainview4 branchesFirst Minnetonka City Bank4 branchesPerennial Bank4 branchesHome State Bank4 branchesUnited Southwest Bank4 branchesAmericana Community Bank4 branchesFirst Farmers & Merchants National Bank4 branchesWest Bank4 branchesCambridge State Bank4 branchesUnited Community Bank4 branchesSherburne State Bank3 branchesSecurity Savings Bank3 branchesF & M Bank Minnesota3 branchesONB Bank3 branchesUnited Farmers State Bank3 branchesFirst National Bank Minnesota3 branchesBankVista3 branchesCenBank3 branchesNorthern State Bank of Thief River Falls3 branchesThe First National Bank of Henning3 branchesLake Region Bank3 branchesPrairie Sun Bank3 branchesFirst Farmers & Merchants State Bank of Grand Meadow3 branchesFirst International Bank & Trust3 branchesFirst Southeast Bank3 branchesGlenwood State Bank (Incorporated)3 branchesFirst Resource Bank3 branchesMid-Central Federal Savings Bank3 branchesPrime Security Bank3 branchesFarmers State Bank of Underwood3 branchesSecurity Bank Minnesota3 branchesThe Lake Bank3 branchesMinnesota National Bank3 branchesPine Country Bank3 branchesNortheast Bank3 branchesCommunity Development Bank, FSB3 branchesCitizens State Bank of Hayfield3 branchesF & M Community Bank3 branchesNew Market Bank3 branchesESB Bank3 branchesProduce State Bank3 branchesThe First National Bank of Waseca3 branchesBoundary Waters Bank3 branchesFarmers State Bank of Hartland3 branchesThe First State Bank of Red Wing3 branchesTradition Capital Bank3 branchesFarmers and Merchants State Bank of Pierz3 branchesBANKWEST3 branchesCitizens Bank & Trust Co.3 branchesThe State Bank of Faribault3 branchesRandall State Bank2 branchesFarmers State Bank of Hamel2 branchesIntegrity Bank Plus2 branchesFirst State Bank of Le Center2 branchesCOMMUNITY FIRST BANK2 branchesFirst State Bank of Bigfork2 branchesCurrie State Bank2 branchesCommerce Bank2 branchesNational Bank of Commerce2 branchesWorthington Federal Savings Bank, FSB2 branchesFarmers State Bank of Trimont2 branches1st United Bank2 branchesCenter National Bank2 branchesFirst Community Bank2 branchesCitizens State Bank of Waverly, Inc.2 branchesFinancial Security Bank2 branchesNorthern State Bank of Virginia2 branchesPrinsBank2 branchesForesight Bank2 branchesValley Premier Bank2 branchesState Bank of Wheaton2 branchesThe First National Bank of Buhl2 branchesMinnstar Bank2 branchesFirst Farmers & Merchants State Bank2 branchesNorth Star Bank2 branchesThe First National Bank of Coleraine2 branchesThe First National Bank of Gilbert2 branchesHeritage Bank Minnesota2 branchesCastle Rock Bank2 branchesFirst State Bank of Swanville2 branchesAMERIPRISE BANK, FSB2 branchesRed Rock Bank2 branchesMinnesota Bank & Trust2 branchesState Bank of Lake Park2 branchesVantage Bank2 branchesHometown Community Bank2 branchesCrown Bank2 branchesCharter Bank2 branchesFirst State Bank of Wyoming2 branchesLakeview Bank2 branchesGreat Western Bank2 branchesDacotah Bank2 branchesRiverland Bank2 branchesBank Forward2 branchesBrainerd Savings and Loan Association, A Federal Association2 branchesThe First National Bank of Northfield2 branchesLake Central Bank2 branchesArlington State Bank2 branchesConcorde Bank2 branchesThe First National Bank of Bagley2 branchesFarmers and Merchants State Bank of Springfield2 branchesFirst State Bank of Sauk Centre2 branchesAmerican Equity Bank2 branchesFirst Security Bank - Canby.2 branchesAmerican State Bank of Grygla2 branchesSecurity Bank USA2 branchesGateway Bank2 branchesLake Country Community Bank2 branchesSecurity State Bank of Warroad2 branchesGrand Rapids State Bank2 branchesRolling Hills Bank & Trust2 branchesCoulee Bank2 branchesKodaBank2 branchesPlatinum Bank2 branchesThe First National Bank of Moose Lake2 branchesRed River State Bank2 branchesBank of Zumbrota2 branchesGrand Marais State Bank2 branchesFarmers and Merchants State Bank of Blooming Prairie2 branchesMINNESOTA LAKES BANK2 branchesFirst State Bank Minnesota2 branchesJackson Federal Savings and Loan Association1 branchSecurity State Bank1 branchCitizens State Bank Norwood Young America1 branchGrand Timber Bank1 branchViking Bank1 branchSecurity State Bank of Oklee1 branchState Bank of Belle Plaine1 branchReliance Bank1 branchFirst State Bank of Fountain1 branchPine Island Bank1 branchManufacturers Bank & Trust Company1 branchFirst Security Bank1 branchNorthern Sky Bank1 branchCommunity Bank Owatonna1 branchBank of Alma1 branchUnited Minnesota Bank1 branchLake Community Bank1 branchAmerican Investors Bank and Mortgage1 branchState Bank of Chandler1 branchCity National Bank1 branchVisionBank1 branchSecurity State Bank of Wanamingo1 branchCitizens State Bank of Roseau1 branchRoot River State Bank1 branchFirst Western Bank & Trust1 branchUnion Bank and Trust Company1 branchLowry State Bank1 branchMarshall County State Bank1 branchState Bank of Lismore1 branchThe First National Bank at St. James1 branchState Bank of Bellingham1 branchLake City Federal Bank1 branchJanesville State Bank1 branchCitizens State Bank - Midwest1 branchThe First National Bank of Le Center1 branchJPMorgan Chase Bank1 branchSecurity State Bank of Kenyon1 branchBank of Maple Plain1 branchState Bank of Fairmont1 branchFirst Security Bank-Hendricks1 branchElysian Bank1 branchThe First National Bank of Osakis1 branchKey Community Bank1 branchBonanza Valley State Bank1 branchAdrian State Bank1 branchState Bank of Danvers1 branchThe Gary State Bank1 branchFirst Financial Bank in Winnebago1 branchPeoples State Bank of Wells1 branchVergas State Bank1 branchThe First National Bank of Cokato1 branchEagle Community Bank1 branchOdin State Bank1 branchState Bank of Taunton1 branchUnion State Bank of Browns Valley1 branchThe Miners National Bank of Eveleth1 branchFirst State Bank of Ashby1 branchStearns Bank Holdingford1 branchThe First National Bank of McIntosh1 branchFarmers & Merchants State Bank of New York Mills, Incorporated1 branchWilmington Trust1 branchWelcome State Bank1 branchPeoples Bank1 branchFidelity Bank1 branchThe First National Bank of Proctor1 branchRushford State Bank (Incorporated)1 branchPeoples Bank Midwest1 branchDrake Bank1 branchFarmers Trust and Savings Bank1 branchFarmers and Merchants State Bank of Appleton1 branchFranklin State Bank1 branchThe Nicollet County Bank of Saint Peter1 branchFrost State Bank1 branchCitizens State Bank of Tyler, Incorporated1 branchNorthern State Bank1 branchFirst State Bank of Grove City1 branchSt. Clair State Bank (Incorporated)1 branchCitizens State Bank of Glenville1 branchThe Northern Trust Company1 branchStearns Bank Upsala1 branchSt. Martin National Bank1 branchSecurity State Bank of Hibbing1 branchOrmsby State Bank1 branchFarmers State Bank of Hoffman1 branchFirst Citizens Bank1 branchThe Northern State Bank of Gonvick1 branchThe Citizens National Bank of Park Rapids1 branchThrivent Trust Company1 branchGranite Falls Bank1 branchState Bank of Cold Spring1 branchState Bank of Easton1 branchState Bank of New Richland1 branchFirst Bank Blue Earth1 branchUnited Bankers' Bank1 branchState Bank of Jeffers1 branchBNC National Bank1 branchGranite Community Bank1 branchFarmers and Merchants State Bank of Alpha1 branchMaple Bank1 branchThe First State Bank of Rosemount1 branchThe First National Bank of Fairfax1 branchState Bank of Ceylon1 branchBeal Bank USA1 branchFarmers State Bank of Watkins1 branchThe Wanda State Bank1 branchSecurity State Bank of Fergus Falls1 branchFirst State Bank of Kiester1 branch