All Michigan Banks

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The Huntington National Bank451 branchesJPMorgan Chase Bank177 branchesComerica Bank176 branchesFifth Third Bank164 branchesPNC Bank134 branchesFlagstar Bank114 branchesBank of America76 branchesCitizens Bank72 branchesIndependent Bank61 branchesMercantile Bank46 branchesFirst Merchants Bank34 branchesChoiceOne Bank32 branchesIsabella Bank32 branchesMacatawa Bank29 branchesHorizon Bank28 branchesThe State Bank21 branchesOld National Bank20 branchesBank of Ann Arbor18 branchesSouthern Michigan Bank & Trust18 branchesKeyBank18 branchesSturgis Bank & Trust Company17 branchesCounty National Bank15 branchesNicolet National Bank14 branchesUnited Bank of Michigan13 branchesThumb Bank and Trust13 branchesTri-County Bank12 branchesEastern Michigan Bank12 branchesCentury Bank and Trust11 branchesLake-Osceola State Bank11 branchesFirst State Bank11 branchesNorthstar Bank11 branchesFirst Community Bank10 branchesCitizens National Bank of Cheboygan10 branchesCommercial Bank10 branchesThe Shelby State Bank10 branchesSuperior National Bank10 branchesCentral Savings Bank9 branchesFirst Bank, Upper Michigan9 branchesWest Shore Bank9 branchesHonor Bank9 branchesUnion Bank9 branchesOxford Bank9 branchesRange Bank8 branchesWest Michigan Community Bank8 branchesHuron Community Bank8 branches1st Source Bank8 branchesFirst National Bank & Trust Co.7 branchesCharlevoix State Bank7 branchesThe First National Bank of St. Ignace7 branchesFirst National Bank of Michigan7 branchesHighpoint Community Bank7 branchesEaton Community Bank7 branchesState Savings Bank7 branchesNorthern Interstate Bank, N. A.6 branchesIncredibleBank6 branchesThe Miners State Bank6 branchesDearborn Federal Savings Bank5 branchesPremier Bank5 branches1st State Bank5 branchesUpper Peninsula State Bank5 branchesPeoples State Bank of Munising5 branchesGogebic Range Bank4 branchesAlden State Bank4 branchesBay Port State Bank4 branchesBank of England4 branchesThe Dart Bank4 branchesThe State Savings Bank of Manistique4 branchesG. W. Jones Exchange Bank4 branchesHuron Valley State Bank4 branchesBank Michigan3 branchesBaybank3 branchesChelsea State Bank3 branchesFirst National Bank of America3 branchesHomestead Savings Bank3 branchesSidney State Bank3 branchesKalamazoo County State Bank3 branchesThe First National Bank of Wakefield2 branchesCapitol National Bank2 branchesThe Northern Trust Company2 branchesCitizens State Bank2 branchesWaterford Bank, N.A.2 branchesFirst Independence Bank2 branchesGrand River Bank2 branchesMayville State Bank2 branchesFarmers State Bank1 branchHuron State Bank1 branchComerica Bank & Trust1 branchNorthpointe Bank1 branchSterling Bank and Trust, FSB1 branchJPMorgan Chase Bank, Dearborn1 branchCommunity Unity Bank1 branchThe Farmers & Merchants State Bank1 branchThe Stephenson National Bank and Trust1 branchCIBC Bank USA1 branchFreeland State Bank1 branchLiberty Bank and Trust Company1 branchMi Bank1 branchThe Port Austin State Bank1 branchUniversity Bank1 branchOld Mission Bank1 branchFirst State Bank of Decatur1 branchWells Fargo Bank1 branchBlissfield State Bank1 branchWilmington Trust1 branchAuto Club Trust, FSB1 branch