Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company Routing Numbers

In our record, Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company has a total of 37 routing numbers.

Routing NumberProcess FedACHProcess FedwireLocationRegistered Name
022000046YYAmherst, NYM & T Bank
031100092YYAmherst, NYM & T Bank
031901929YYAmherst, NYM & T Bank
052000113YYAmherst, NYM & T Bank
052173464YYAmherst, NYM & T Bank
021300336YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
021302978YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
021906471YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
021907577YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
031100173YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
031300834YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
031301192YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
031301532YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
031302955YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
031304720YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
031318619YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
051008828YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
052000634YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
052100408YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
052204346YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
055000110YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
055073532YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
056005363YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
056009233YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
221272316YNAmherst, NYManufacturers & Traders Trust Co
221272374YNAmherst, NYManufacturers & Traders Trust Co
221370108YNBuffalo, NYM & T Bank
221370632YNIthaca, NYManufacturers & Traders Trust Co.
221371165YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
221972085YNAmherst, NYManufacturers & Traders Trust Co
221972153YNAmherst, NYManufacturers & Traders Trust Co
251472636YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
252070435YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
252070817YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
255072317YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank
255072427YNAmherst, NYManufacturers And Traders Trust Co.
256073302YNAmherst, NYM & T Bank

A routing number is a nine digit code, used in the United States to identify the financial institution. Routing numbers are used by Federal Reserve Banks to process Fedwire funds transfers, and ACH(Automated Clearing House) direct deposits, bill payments, and other automated transfers. The routing number can be found on your check.
bank check routing number

The routing number information on this page was updated on Mar. 25, 2024

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