All Kentucky Banks

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U.S. Bank123 branchesPNC Bank88 branchesFifth Third Bank85 branchesBranch Banking and Trust Company81 branchesCommunity Trust Bank, Inc.70 branchesJPMorgan Chase Bank50 branchesWesBanco Bank, Inc.48 branchesWhitaker Bank35 branchesRepublic Bank & Trust Company32 branchesStock Yards Bank & Trust Company29 branchesCentral Bank & Trust Company28 branchesFirst Financial Bank27 branchesIndependence Bank of Kentucky26 branchesWoodforest National Bank25 branchesSouth Central Bank, Inc.25 branchesForcht Bank22 branchesCity National Bank of West Virginia21 branchesThe Monticello Banking Company20 branchesPeoples Bank18 branchesKentucky Bank18 branchesFirst Southern National Bank18 branchesCommonwealth Bank and Trust Company18 branchesGerman American Bank18 branchesHeritage Bank, Inc.17 branchesTraditional Bank, Inc.16 branchesThe Cecilian Bank16 branchesLimestone Bank, Inc.16 branchesCitizens Union Bank of Shelbyville15 branchesOld National Bank15 branchesCumberland Valley National Bank & Trust Company14 branchesThe Farmers National Bank of Danville14 branchesEdmonton State Bank13 branchesCitizens Bank of Kentucky, Inc.12 branchesFirst & Farmers National Bank, Inc.12 branchesCommercial Bank11 branchesFirst Kentucky Bank, Inc.11 branchesRegions Bank11 branchesWilson & Muir Bank & Trust Company11 branchesCitizens Deposit Bank & Trust11 branchesThe Citizens National Bank of Somerset11 branchesPeoples Exchange Bank10 branchesPeoples Bank and Trust Company of Madison County10 branchesThe Huntington National Bank10 branchesPlanters Bank, Inc.9 branchesFIRST STATE BANK OF THE SOUTHEAST, INC9 branchesUnited Southern Bank9 branchesFNB Bank, Inc.9 branchesPeoples Bank of Kentucky, Inc.9 branchesCitizens Bank8 branchesThe Paducah Bank and Trust Company8 branchesFarmers Bank and Trust Company8 branchesThe First National Bank of Grayson8 branchesCommunity Financial Services Bank7 branchesThe Peoples Bank7 branchesPeoples Bank & Trust Company of Hazard7 branchesHancock Bank & Trust Company7 branchesThe Citizens Bank7 branchesCitizens Commerce Bank6 branchesCitizens Guaranty Bank6 branchesRiver City Bank, Inc.6 branchesHometown Bank of Corbin, Inc.6 branchesPBK BANK, INC.6 branchesFirst Community Bank of the Heartland, Inc.6 branchesTown & Country Bank and Trust Company6 branchesFirst Federal Savings Bank of Kentucky6 branchesFranklin Bank & Trust Company5 branchesThe Farmers National Bank of Scottsville5 branchesFirst Harrison Bank5 branchesFirst United Bank and Trust Company5 branchesBank of Cadiz and Trust Company5 branchesMagnolia Bank5 branchesGuardian Savings Bank, A Federal Savings Bank5 branchesThe Casey County Bank, Inc.5 branchesField & Main Bank5 branchesUnited Community Bank of West Kentucky, Inc.5 branchesUnited Citizens Bank & Trust Company5 branchesThe Lincoln National Bank of Hodgenville5 branchesFirst State Bank, Inc.5 branchesAmerican Bank & Trust Company, Inc.5 branchesUnited Citizens Bank of Southern Kentucky5 branchesWest Point Bank5 branchesMorgantown Bank & Trust Company, Incorporated5 branchesFirst & Peoples Bank and Trust Company4 branchesThe Farmers Bank of Milton4 branchesTaylor County Bank4 branchesThe First National Bank of Manchester4 branches1st Trust Bank, Inc.4 branchesThe Farmers Bank4 branchesHyden Citizens Bank4 branchesInez Deposit Bank4 branchesCommonwealth Community Bank, Inc.4 branchesCitizens Bank & Trust Company4 branchesCitizens Deposit Bank of Arlington, Inc.4 branchesLewisburg Banking Company4 branchesElkton Bank & Trust Company4 branchesMeade County Bank4 branchesCumberland Security Bank, Inc.4 branchesFirst National Bank and Trust4 branchesUnited Cumberland Bank4 branchesPinnacle Bank, Inc.3 branchesBank of England3 branchesBank of Edmonson County3 branchesThe Murray Bank3 branchesVictory Community Bank3 branchesFirst State Bank3 branchesJackson County Bank3 branchesBank of Maysville3 branchesCitizens Bank & Trust Co. of Jackson3 branchesBedford Loan & Deposit Bank3 branchesBank of the Bluegrass and Trust Company3 branchesKentucky Farmers Bank Corporation3 branchesFIRST NATIONAL BANK OF KENTUCKY3 branchesHome Federal Bank Corporation3 branchesOwingsville Banking Company3 branchesSecurity Bank and Trust Co.3 branchesBank of Columbia3 branchesThe First National Bank of Russell Springs3 branchesThe Commercial Bank of Grayson3 branchesBank of Jamestown3 branchesBank of the Mountains, Inc.3 branchesBank of Lexington, Inc.3 branchesSpringfield State Bank3 branchesBank of Hindman3 branchesCentury Bank of Kentucky, Inc.2 branchesFarmers Deposit Bank of Middleburg, Inc.2 branchesThe First National Bank of Jackson2 branchesBank of Buffalo2 branchesWinFirst Bank2 branchesFredonia Valley Bank2 branchesBanterra Bank2 branchesThe Salyersville National Bank2 branchesThe Sacramento Deposit Bank2 branchesThe Farmers National Bank of Lebanon2 branchesBank of Clarkson2 branchesAuburn Banking Company2 branchesCincinnati Federal2 branchesFirst Federal Savings and Loan Association2 branchesFarmers State Bank2 branchesThe First National Bank of Brooksville2 branchesThe First National Bank of Williamson1 branchAustin Capital Bank SSB1 branchFirstBank1 branchThe Citizens National Bank of Lebanon1 branchThe Park National Bank1 branchHart County Bank and Trust Company1 branchPeoples Bank & Trust Company1 branchPeoples Bank and Trust Company of Clinton County1 branchBlue Grass Federal Savings and Loan Association1 branchArmed Forces Bank1 branchClinton Bank1 branchMetro Bank1 branchVeritex Community Bank1 branchLouisa Community Bank1 branchThe Bankers' Bank of Kentucky, Inc.1 branchSecurity Bank and Trust Company1 branchFarmers & Traders Bank of Campton1 branchCarrollton Federal Bank1 branchCitizens Bank of Cumberland County, Inc.1 branchSebree Deposit Bank1 branchEclipse Bank, Inc.1 branchDixon Bank1 branchThrivent Trust Company1 branchThe Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company1 branchCitizens Federal Savings and Loan Association1 branchHome Savings Bank, FSB1 branch