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Iowa State Bank, History

The following are major historical events for Iowa State Bank, including mergers and acquisitions.

1879-01-01Institution established: Original name:Iowa State Bank
1941-12-03Changed institution class to INSURED COMMERCIAL OR SAVINGS BANKS, STATE, MEMBERS FRS
1941-12-03Changed primary regulatory agency from FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION to FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD
1996-06-25Moved bank headquarters from HULL, IA to SHELDON, IA
2001-12-31Moved bank headquarters from SHELDON, IA to HULL, IA
2001-12-31Acquired Iowa State Bank (21039) in ORANGE CITY, IA
2014-01-01Acquired Iowa State Bank (9297) in REMSEN, IA
2021-07-01Acquired Melvin Savings BankIowa State Bank (256) in MELVIN, IA.
2021-12-04Acquired Iowa Prairie BankIowa State Bank (17347) in BRUNSVILLE, IA.