All Georgia Banks

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Wells Fargo Bank265 branchesSunTrust Bank231 branchesBank of America166 branchesBranch Banking and Trust Company151 branchesRegions Bank126 branchesSynovus Bank116 branchesJPMorgan Chase Bank80 branchesBank of the Ozarks73 branchesPNC Bank70 branchesUnited Community Bank66 branchesFidelity Bank50 branchesAmeris Bank42 branchesSouth State Bank38 branchesRenasant Bank37 branchesState Bank and Trust Company35 branchesFifth Third Bank33 branchesHamilton State Bank29 branchesFirst-Citizens Bank & Trust Company27 branchesColony Bank26 branchesQueensborough National Bank & Trust Company25 branchesUnited Bank18 branchesThe Heritage Bank17 branchesCharterBank16 branchesPinnacle Bank15 branchesFarmers & Merchants Bank12 branchesNortheast Georgia Bank12 branchesSouthcrest Bank11 branchesCapital City Bank11 branchesThe Piedmont Bank10 branchesPlanters First Bank10 branchesFirst National Bank of Griffin9 branchesWoodforest National Bank8 branchesIberiabank8 branchesSouth Georgia Banking Company8 branchesFirst Chatham Bank8 branchesMetro City Bank8 branchesSoutheastern Bank8 branchesThe Brand Banking Company8 branchesFirst State Bank of Blakely7 branchesGlennville Bank7 branchesFirst American Bank and Trust Company7 branchesSouthwest Georgia Bank7 branchesPrimeSouth Bank7 branchesCitizens Trust Bank7 branchesHeritage Bank7 branchesPineland Bank7 branchesF&M Bank6 branchesFarmers State Bank6 branchesPersons Banking Company6 branchesFirst IC Bank6 branchesMorris Bank6 branchesGuardian Bank6 branchesBankSouth6 branchesAtlantic Capital Bank6 branchesFirst Bank5 branchesCommercial Banking Company5 branchesExchange Bank5 branchesBank of Dudley5 branchesThe Peoples Bank5 branchesPeoplesSouth Bank5 branchesSunmark Community Bank5 branchesSouthern Bank5 branchesBank of Madison4 branchesFNB SOUTH4 branchesNorth Georgia National Bank4 branchesThe Citizens Bank of Forsyth County4 branchesAB&T4 branchesDurden Banking Company, Incorporated4 branchesFirst State Bank4 branchesState Bank of Cochran4 branchesSouth Georgia Bank4 branchesGreater Community Bank4 branchesCitizens Bank of the South4 branchesBank of Eastman4 branchesCitizens Community Bank4 branchesCommunity Bank and Trust - West Georgia4 branchesBank of Early4 branchesNOA Bank4 branchesBank of Alapaha4 branchesWilcox County State Bank4 branchesOconee State Bank4 branchesFirst Federal Savings and Loan Association of Valdosta4 branchesAltamaha Bank and Trust Company4 branchesThe Citizens Bank4 branchesAmerican Pride Bank4 branchesFirst National Community Bank4 branchesFirst Landmark Bank3 branchesThe Peoples Bank of Georgia3 branchesBank of Dade3 branchesCentury Bank of Georgia3 branchesCommunity National Bank3 branchesNewton Federal Bank3 branchesThe Claxton Bank3 branchesWest Central Georgia Bank3 branchesCitizens Bank & Trust Company3 branchesThe Citizens Bank of Swainsboro3 branchesServisFirst Bank3 branchesSouthern Bank & Trust3 branchesMount Vernon Bank3 branchesAtlantic Coast Bank3 branchesRabun County Bank3 branchesFirst Community Bank3 branchesFirst Volunteer Bank3 branchesFirst Madison Bank & Trust3 branchesGwinnett Community Bank3 branchesEntegra Bank3 branchesThe Bank of La Fayette, Georgia3 branchesSouthern States Bank3 branchesQuantum National Bank3 branchesThe Trust Bank3 branchesNorthside Bank3 branchesCitizens Bank of Americus3 branchesCapital Bank3 branchesFamily Bank3 branchesBank of Terrell3 branchesFirst Bank of Pike3 branchesWheeler County State Bank3 branchesFirst Peoples Bank3 branchesFirst Southern Bank3 branchesThe First National Bank of Waynesboro3 branchesThomasville National Bank3 branchesBank of England3 branchesThe Commercial Bank3 branchesCornerstoneBank3 branchesOconee Federal Savings and Loan Association3 branchesHeritage First Bank3 branchesEast West Bank3 branchesFarmers and Merchants Bank3 branchesGeorgia Heritage Bank2 branchesThe Bank of Soperton2 branchesSecurity Federal Bank2 branchesShinhan Bank America2 branchesCalumet Bank2 branchesBank of Camilla2 branchesTalbot State Bank2 branchesCommercial State Bank2 branchesSmartBank2 branchesSouth Coast Bank & Trust2 branchesFirst State Bank of Randolph County2 branchesNational Bank of Commerce2 branchesCarver State Bank2 branchesBank of Hazlehurst2 branchesBank of Newington2 branchesFlint Community Bank2 branchesFirst Bank of Coastal Georgia2 branchesVidalia Federal Savings Bank2 branchesFirstBank2 branchesCommunity Bank of Pickens County2 branchesThe Citizens Bank of Cochran2 branchesFirst Port City Bank2 branchesAmerican Commerce Bank2 branchesCentury Bank and Trust2 branchesWestSide Bank2 branchesSoutheast First National Bank2 branchesThe Citizens State Bank of Taylor County2 branchesGeorgia Banking Company2 branchesCommunity Banking Company of Fitzgerald2 branchesPeach State Bank & Trust2 branchesCitizens Bank & Trust, Inc.2 branchesPeoples Bank2 branchesSignature Bank of Georgia2 branchesFoothills Community Bank2 branchesEvolve Bank & Trust2 branchesBank of Lumber City2 branchesThe Geo. D. Warthen Bank2 branchesFirst National Bank of Decatur County2 branchesFirst Arkansas Bank and Trust1 branchArmed Forces Bank1 branchLegacy State Bank1 branchRBC Bank, (Georgia)1 branchBank of Wrightsville1 branchProvidence Bank1 branchU.S. Bank1 branchBank of Dawson1 branchMagnolia Bank, Incorporated1 branchUnited National Bank1 branchFirst Century Bank1 branchVinings Bank1 branchBank of Monticello1 branchBank of Hancock County1 branchCommunity Bank of Georgia1 branchFSNB1 branchWilmington Trust1 branchBeal Bank USA1 branchPeoples Bank & Trust1 branchThe Bank of Edison1 branchWaycross Bank & Trust1 branchTC FEDERAL BANK1 branchFirst Covenant Bank1 branchThe Security State Bank1 branchState Bank of Georgia1 branchAtlantic Trust Company1 branchThe Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company1 branchFirst Tennessee Bank1 branchBank of Hope1 branchThe Citizens National Bank of Quitman1 branchLiberty First Bank1 branchElberton Federal Savings and Loan Association1 branchThe Four County Bank1 branchEmbassy National Bank1 branchThe Northern Trust Company1 branchCIBC Bank USA1 branchPlanters and Citizens Bank1 branchTouchmark National Bank1 branchMUFG Union Bank1 branchF & M Bank and Trust Company1 branchPeoples Bank of East Tennessee1 branchCity National Bank1 branchThe Merchants & Citizens Bank1 branchSynchrony Bank1 branchSmall Town Bank1 branchGeorgia Primary Bank1 branchAFFINITY BANK1 branchRochelle State Bank1 branchBarwick Banking Company1 branchTIB The Independent Bankersbank1 branchThe Farmers Bank1 branchRiver City Bank1 branchBNY Mellon1 branchSouthern First Bank1 branchDouglas National Bank1 branchFirst National Bank of Coffee County1 branchWilkinson County Bank1 branch