FirstBank Routing Numbers

In our record, FirstBank has a total of 49 routing numbers.

Routing NumberProcess FedACHProcess FedwireLocationRegistered Name
107005047YYLakewood, COFirstbank
102004519YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of Tech Center
102005916YNLakewood, COFirstbank
102006025YNLakewood, COFirstbank
102006067YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of Tech Center Na
102006119YNLakewood, COFirst Bank
102101519YNLakewood, COFirstbank
102103999YNLakewood, COFirstbank
102105269YNLakewood, COFirstbank
102105816YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of Summit County
107001672YNLakewood, COFirstbank
107001805YNLakewood, COFirstbank
107002406YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of Longmont
107002503YNLakewood, COFirstbank
107002532YNLakewood, COFirstbank
107003010YNLakewood, COFirstbank
107003023YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of Longmont, Na
107003298YNLakewood, COFirstbank
107003609YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of South Jeffco
107003612YNLakewood, COFirstbank
107004352YNLakewood, COFirstbank
107004381YNLakewood, COFirstbank
107004459YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of Lakewood, N.a.
107004637YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of Douglas County Na
107004695YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of Colorado, N.a.
107005254YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of South Jeffco
107005296YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of Arapahoe County
107005490YNLakewood, COFirstbank
107005801YNLakewood, COFirstbank
107005924YNLakewood, COFirstbank
107006046YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of Lakewood, N.a.
107006059YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of Arapahoe County, N.a.
107006075YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of Aurora, N.a.
107006088YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of Aurora, N.a.
107006091YNLakewood, COFirst Bank Of Boulder, N.a.
107006101YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of Boulder, N.a.
107006127YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of Wheatridge, N.a.
107006143YNLakewood, COFirstbank North, Na.
107006156YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of Boulder, N.a.
107006305YNLakewood, COFirstbank
107006347YNLakewood, COFirstbank
107006392YNLakewood, COFirstbank Of Northern Colorado
107006431YNLakewood, COFirstbank
107006512YNLakewood, COFirstbank
107006554YNLakewood, COFirstbank
107006651YNLakewood, COFirstbank
107006664YNLakewood, COFirstbank
122106219YNLakewood, COFirstbank
122241200YNLakewood, COFirstbank (1st Bank Of Palm Desert)

A routing number is a nine digit code, used in the United States to identify the financial institution. Routing numbers are used by Federal Reserve Banks to process Fedwire funds transfers, and ACH(Automated Clearing House) direct deposits, bill payments, and other automated transfers. The routing number can be found on your check.
bank check routing number

The routing number information on this page was updated on Mar. 25, 2024

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