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FDIC Cert:#8663

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Concentration:Commercial Lending Specialization
FDIC Insurance:01/01/1934
Charter Class:Commercial bank, state charter and Fed nonmember, supervised by the FDIC
# of Branches:121, view all, view on map
Total Assets:$12,533,194,000
Total Deposits:$10,525,725,000
Total Equity Capital:$1,474,545,000
Total Domestic Office Deposits:$10,525,725,000
Net Income:$28,597,000
Quarterly Net Income:$28,597,000
Return on Assets:1%
Quarterly Return on Assets:1%
Return on Equity:8%
Quarterly Return on Equity:8%

Client Review

4 client reviews of FirstBank scored 3 out of 5.

Avoid this bank with every ounce of strength!!!
 1star Overall Rating
 1star Interest Rate and Cost
 3star Office Environment & Staff
 1star Waiting Time
 1star Other Services
by Stonewalled, Oct. 13, 2020

My mother, against my advice, banked with this local racketeering firm. Upon her death, they required more from  me to take over and close her checking account than the state laws require. It all started when. I went to pay for mother’s funeral. Her check card was declined. I call the bank! Someone has called them to say my mother has passed away. They have cancelled her cards. I advise I’m the only hwir and ask who called them. They won’t tell me without a court order. I ask I’d they will close the account and forward the balances to the funeral home - not without a court order. Now that I have the court order they don’t want to follow through with the review and closing of the account. I’m starting to believe their is something fraudulent that has taken place with my mothers accounts and they are trying their best to cover it up. For example 800 was withdrawn while my mother was on life support! How does that happen? No answers. For two months my mother was in the hospital. 1200 each month was withdrawn. How does that happen? When a woman is on life support and can’t walk, but her money can still be withdrawn from her checking account. And then when the sole heir shows up they call in the attorneys and legal requirements to make every effort to stop the account from being audited and closed- this my neighbors is a shady buainsss!  Deom DJ in customer service all the way up to the se treaty to the VIP, they have stonewalled new and made me feel as if my mother had some notation on her a. Oh by to fight me upon her death. Of all the people I’ve spoken with at this bank, the only one That has remained civil is the secretary ive mentioned. None of the other pencil jockeys can find the drive, the courtesy or the common sense to do their jobs. And YET anyone can call in and say the account holder died and they will listen to them. But not the child of said account holder.  

I can almost assure you, that I will edit this review later on and report that there has been additional activities and fees that they have tried to bury between lawyers and stonewalling. If you are a customer and have an idea that your accounts will be at this bank when you pass away, just turn to your children and tell them you are going to make life very difficult for 6 monthS after you die.

This is one bank That should have been shut down 20 years ago when they were giving money back on mortgages. Then foreclosing when one of their family members wanted the house. Things get swept under the rug but occasionally the rug gets lifted up. No matter how many new faces you see in this bank. The good old crooked boys are still in the back fighting over who is going to get first dibs on your cash.

Don’t and I repeat DONT do business with this bank if you appreciate courtesy, accountability and common sense.!!

* this reviewer has be with this bank for >10 years
* this reviewer had 1 - 2 banks before.
* this review was made on FirstBank, Cookeville Branch at Cookeville, TN
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