All Connecticut Banks

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Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company140 branchesWebster Bank95 branchesBank of America89 branchesJPMorgan Chase Bank61 branchesTD Bank57 branchesLiberty Bank53 branchesWells Fargo Bank51 branchesKeyBank49 branchesCitizens Bank30 branchesUnion Savings Bank26 branchesIon Bank23 branchesBerkshire Bank21 branchesNewtown Savings Bank19 branchesFairfield County Bank17 branchesSavings Bank of Danbury16 branchesNorthwest Community Bank15 branchesThomaston Savings Bank15 branchesSantander Bank, N.A.15 branchesFirst County Bank15 branchesChelsea Groton Bank14 branchesDime Bank13 branchesCitibank12 branchesWindsor Federal Bank11 branchesConnecticut Community Bank10 branchesThe Torrington Savings Bank10 branchesBankwell Bank9 branchesEssex Savings Bank8 branchesPatriot Bank8 branchesThe Guilford Savings Bank8 branchesThe Milford Bank7 branchesCentreville Bank7 branchesJewett City Savings Bank7 branchesEastern Connecticut Savings Bank5 branchesNBT Bank5 branchesHometown Bank5 branchesThe National Iron Bank4 branchesPeoplesBank4 branchesBank of England4 branchesWestfield Bank4 branchesEvolve Bank & Trust3 branchesStafford Savings Bank3 branchesThe First Bank of Greenwich2 branchesBNY Mellon2 branchesDR Bank2 branchesNew Haven Bank2 branchesThe Washington Trust Company, of Westerly2 branchesWilmington Trust2 branchesThe MassMutual Trust Company1 branchAtlantic Community Bankers Bank1 branchCapital One1 branchMagnolia Bank, Incorporated1 branchFieldpoint Private Bank & Trust1 branchFlagstar Bank1 branchThe Northern Trust Company1 branch