Coastal Heritage Bank, History

The following are major historical events for Coastal Heritage Bank, including mergers and acquisitions.

1889-01-01Institution established but was not FDIC insured. Original name: Weymouth Co-operative Bank
1986-03-11Became FDIC insured.
1993-08-30Moved bank headquarters from SOUTH WEYMOUTH, MA to EAST WEYMOUTH, MA
2002-10-01Changed name to Weymouth Bank
2006-06-28Changed organization type to COOPERATIVE BANK STOCK
2013-03-04Changed primary regulatory agency from STATE to FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD
2013-03-04Changed institution class to INSURED COMMERCIAL OR SAVINGS BANKS, STATE, MEMBERS FRS
2016-07-30Acquired Equitable Co-operative Bank (26453) in LYNN, MA
2016-07-30Changed name to Equitable Bank
2019-04-01Changed name to Coastal Heritage Bank
2019-04-01Moved bank headquarters from EAST WEYMOUTH, MA to WEYMOUTH, MA
2019-04-01Acquired Coastal Heritage Bank (26575) in WEYMOUTH, MA