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Citibank, History

The following are major historical events for Citibank, including mergers and acquisitions.

1812-06-16Institution established: Original name:The National City Bank of NewYork
1955-03-30Changed name to The First National City Bank of NewYork
1962-01-19Changed name to First National City Bank
1976-01-02Acquired Citibank (Mid-Hudson), National Association (6999) in WOODBURY TOWNSHIP, NY
1976-01-02Acquired Citibank (Suffolk), National Association (20546) in ISLIP TOWNSHIP, NY
1976-03-01Changed name to Citibank, N. A.
1982-06-12Acquired Banco Regional (22321) in BAYAMON, PR
1984-08-16Acquired Girod Trust Company (23765) in SAN JUAN, PR
2001-07-17Changed name to Citibank, National Association
2001-07-17Acquired European American Bank (19882) in NEW YORK CITY, NY
2003-08-30Acquired Citibank (New York State) (7307) in PITTSFORD, NY
2006-10-01Moved bank headquarters from NEW YORK CITY, NY to LAS VEGAS, NV
2006-10-01Acquired Citibank (Delaware) (24029) in NEW CASTLE, DE
2006-10-01Acquired CFSB, National Association (28251) in RESTON, VA
2006-10-01Acquired Citibank Texas, National Association (32623) in DALLAS, TX
2006-10-01Acquired West, National Association (57443) in SAN FRANCISCO, CA
2006-10-01Acquired Citicorp Trust, National Association (26170) in LOS ANGELES, CA
2008-11-23Maintained operations with government open bank assistance.
2011-07-01Moved bank headquarters from LAS VEGAS, NV to SIOUX FALLS, SD
2011-07-01Acquired Citibank (South Dakota), N.A. (23360) in SIOUX FALLS, SD
2012-01-01Acquired Citicorp Trust Bank, fsb (18708) in WILMINGTON, DE