Centreville Bank, Review

Centreville Bank, Review

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Look out if you are opening a new account to get a cash bonus!
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by Janie500, Jan. 05, 2021

On Aug. 14, 2020, I opened a new senior citizens (free) checking account, in person, at the Greenwich Ave Warwick R.I. branch of Centreville Bank.  I was looking forward to receiving a $225 bonus deposited into my account for doing this.  I had never banked here before.  I was to see the bonus in my account during December 2020.  It never showed up, so I called the bank today (Jan. 5, 2021) and they told me I had been "disqualified" because it had been required that my first Social Security direct deposit arrive there before the end of Sept. 2020, and it did not arrive till Oct. 3.  They did NOT inform me of that the day I applied or I would not have applied.  I know from the past that Social Security just does not operate that quickly to change your direct deposit bank information.  The same day I applied, (Aug. 14) I promptly contacted Social Security online and changed my bank information, but it ALWAYS takes more than a month to change your bank information, which I feel the bank representative ought to have known.  The next direct deposit, at only 1/2 month since I signed up at the bank and contacted S.S., still went into my OLD bank account on Sept. 3.  Then, the next direct deposit did arrive at my new bank on Oct. 3, which I I considered perfectly NORMAL, and if Centreville Bank knew what they were doing, was to be expected!  So I stand, disqualified.  NOT GOOD, I would not have signed up if I had known this.
They also unexpectedly charged me $5.00 to mail monthly statements, and then I had to change over to receiving them online only.  Also, that site is currently "being worked on" and is not issuing downloaded statements, so I have had to call in Dec. and Jan. to have one mailed to me.
Lobby and other services have been normal.
I'm disappointed in this bank and may go back to my old bank.

* this reviewer has be with this bank for <6 months
* this reviewer had 1 - 2 banks before.
* this review was made on Centreville Bank, Warwick Branch at Warwick, RI
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