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Banterra Bank, History

The following are major historical events for Banterra Bank, including mergers and acquisitions.

1955-11-26Institution established: Original name:Bank of Egypt
1989-07-01Changed name to Banterra Bank of Marion
1993-03-15Changed name to Banterra Bank
1998-09-11Acquired Banterra Bank Group (16578) in ELDORADO, IL
1998-09-11Acquired Banterra Bank, National Association (14244) in PADUCAH, KY
1998-09-11Acquired Banterra Bank of Christopher (15938) in CHRISTOPHER, IL
1998-09-11Acquired Banterra Bank of West Frankfort (15781) in WEST FRANKFORT, IL
1999-06-18Acquired Heartland National Bank (30440) in HERRIN, IL
2000-12-14Acquired The National State Bank of Metropolis (3815) in METROPOLIS, IL as part of a government assisted transaction.
2007-10-04Acquired The Exchange National Bank of Jefferson City (4542) in JEFFERSON CITY, MO
2011-08-30Change trust powers from TRUST POWERS NOT GRANTED to TRUST POWERS TERMINATED
2014-10-04Acquired Area Bank (9641) in ROSICLARE, IL