Banks Ranked by Total assets in foreign offices as of 1992-12-31

The following is a ranking of all banks in the United States in terms of "Total assets in foreign offices". This comparison is based on data reported on 1992-12-31.

RankTotal assets in foreign officesBank Name
2$52,520,804,000Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York
3$34,826,000,000Bank of America
4$33,842,000,000Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
5$30,970,000,000JPMorgan Chase Bank
6$30,878,103,000The Chase Manhattan Bank (National Association)
7$16,804,261,000Republic Bank of New York
8$11,946,656,000The Bank of New York Mellon
9$9,522,902,000Bank One
10$8,182,954,000Fleet National Bank
11$5,060,398,000State Street Bank and Trust Company
12$4,597,000,000Bank of America Illinois
13$3,698,661,000J.P. Morgan Delaware
14$2,669,992,000Bank of Hawaii
15$2,510,281,000Corestates Bank
16$2,423,195,000First Interstate Bank of California
17$2,349,789,000Israel Discount Bank of New York
18$2,329,489,000Nationsbank of North Carolina
19$2,234,662,000Comerica Bank
20$2,212,726,000The Northern Trust Company
21$1,877,312,000First Fidelity Bank, National Association, New Jersey
22$1,816,958,000Bank One, Michigan
23$1,769,184,000HSBC Bank USA
24$1,552,266,000BNY Mellon
25$1,466,124,000Union Bank
26$1,435,032,000First Union National Bank of Florida
27$1,352,072,000Bank of China
28$1,275,860,000The Industrial Bank of Japan Trust Company
29$1,115,217,000Union Bank
30$1,081,970,000Riggs Bank
31$1,000,537,000Bank Name Not Available
32$990,468,000Harris Trust and Savings Bank
33$981,527,000Mellon Trust of New England
34$925,370,000Chase Manhattan Bank Delaware
35$914,638,000First Fidelity Bank, National Association, Pennsylvania
36$769,833,000National Westminster Bank USA
38$711,080,000NationsBank of Texas
40$626,333,000The Chinese American Bank
41$603,108,000IBJ Whitehall Bank & Trust Company
42$603,009,000Bank Leumi USA
43$542,051,000Bank Name Not Available
44$538,880,000SunTrust Bank
45$485,702,000Bank Name Not Available
46$454,451,000Bank Name Not Available
47$362,358,000Mizuho Corporate Bank (USA)
48$355,462,000First Union National Bank
49$355,182,000Banamex USA
50$343,415,000National City Bank of Columbus
51$324,232,000PNC Bank
52$314,007,000National City Bank of Indiana
53$312,385,000First Hawaiian Bank
54$268,287,000Allfirst Bank
55$252,031,000Bank Hapoalim B.M.
56$240,123,000Deutsche Bank Trust Company Delaware
57$232,881,000Safra National Bank of New York
58$228,110,000PNC Bank
59$221,966,000Chase Bank of Texas
61$200,000,000Zions First National Bank
62$197,588,000Arab American Bank
63$194,914,000Wells Fargo Bank
64$189,542,000Signet Bank
65$185,281,000NationsBank, National Association (South)
66$176,359,000Crestar Bank
67$165,401,000National City Bank
68$161,455,000Commercial Bank of New York
69$158,131,000National City Bank of Kentucky
70$156,793,000Bank Name Not Available
71$151,102,000The Sumitomo Bank of California
72$142,737,000Bank of Canton of California
73$141,526,000The Boatmen's National Bank of St. Louis
74$134,376,000Modern Bank
75$127,542,000United Mizrahi Bank and Trust Company
76$125,512,000Bank Name Not Available
77$123,495,000Meridian Bank
78$121,037,000Korea Exchange Bank
79$118,131,000BNY Mellon Trust of Delaware
80$116,944,000First American National Bank
81$114,634,000Republic Bank for Savings
82$113,190,000Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corporation (U.S.A.)
83$110,815,000Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company
84$108,954,000First Bank of the Americas
85$99,435,000Union Planters Bank of Florida
86$90,000,000The Huntington National Bank
87$89,661,000Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota
88$85,426,000Interaudi Bank
89$81,699,000Wachovia Bank
90$80,575,000LBS Bank - New York
91$80,515,000Signet Bank-Maryland
92$80,315,000LaSalle Bank Midwest National Association
93$74,562,000New First City, Texas - Houston
94$72,013,000First Bank
95$70,233,000First American Bank
96$69,574,000Bank Name Not Available
97$67,410,000United States Trust Company of New York
98$66,108,000Bank Name Not Available
100$64,729,000Consolidated Bank
101$64,285,000Bank One, Texas
102$63,151,000Bank of Guam
103$60,825,000The Park Avenue Bank
104$60,151,000First National Bank of Commerce
105$58,291,000SunTrust Bank, Nashville
106$54,075,000CITIC Ka Wah Bank Limited
107$50,000,000Fleet National Bank of Massachusetts
107$50,000,000Fleet National Bank
109$48,767,000Maryland National Bank
110$44,134,000Bank Name Not Available
111$43,739,000Mizuho Trust & Banking Co. USA
112$40,853,000The Bank of Miami
113$39,657,000Wells Fargo Bank Alaska
114$39,172,000Bank of America NW
116$35,056,000Bank Name Not Available
117$34,059,000Shinhan Bank America
118$33,138,000Bank Name Not Available
119$32,873,000Pacific National Bank
120$32,358,000Mercantile Bank of St. Louis
121$31,558,000Espirito Santo Bank
122$28,357,000Bank Name Not Available
123$28,300,000Bank Name Not Available
124$27,928,000Wells Fargo Bank, Ltd.
125$26,798,000Habib American Bank
126$26,420,000Republic National Bank of Miami
127$25,692,000Century Bank
128$25,456,000Bank Name Not Available
129$25,176,000Fifth Third Bank
130$25,002,000First Union National Bank of Virginia
131$24,824,000Bank Name Not Available
132$24,528,000Bank Name Not Available
133$24,304,000Bank Name Not Available
134$23,932,000First Hawaiian Creditcorp, Inc.
135$22,120,000Bank Name Not Available
136$20,000,000Bank Name Not Available
137$18,707,000Fiduciary Trust Company International
138$17,539,000Firstar Bank Milwaukee
139$17,082,000Capital One
140$15,677,000Oceanic Bank
141$14,532,000Bank Leumi Le-Israel, B.M.
142$14,484,000Bank of the Orient
143$13,445,000Whitney National Bank
144$12,207,000The Pacific Bank
145$11,517,000BayBank Boston
146$11,469,000Fleet National Bank
147$10,087,000European American Bank
148$7,626,000Chemical Bank New Jersey
149$7,483,000Hamilton Bank
150$7,331,000BAC Florida Bank
151$7,308,000Republic Bank California
152$6,957,000Mizrahi Tefahot Bank, Ltd.
153$5,249,000Fleet Bank of Massachusetts
154$4,853,000Summit Bank
156$4,336,000Plaza Bank of Miami
157$4,152,000Sterling National Bank
158$3,953,000American Security Bank
159$3,307,000Delta National Bank and Trust Company of Florida
160$3,061,000SouthTrust Bank
161$2,040,000Liberty Bank and Trust Company of Tulsa
162$1,769,000Bank One
163$1,547,000Bank Name Not Available
164$1,430,000American National Bank and Trust Company of Chicago
165$1,000,000Crestar Bank
165$1,000,000Delta National Bank and Trust Company
167$701,000Fleet Bank
168$267,000AmSouth Bank of Alabama
169$200,000LaSalle Bank
170$128,000NationsBank of Tennessee
171$99,000U.S. Bank of Washington
172$8,000Bank Name Not Available
173$0Bank Name Not Available
173$0American Express Centurion Bank
173$0Arab Bank PLC
173$0Asia Bank
173$0Bank Name Not Available
173$0Bank Name Not Available
173$0Banco Santander Puerto Rico
173$0Bank Leumi Le-Israel, B.M.
173$0Bank Name Not Available
173$0Bank of Baroda
173$0Bank of India
173$0Bank Name Not Available
173$0Bank One, Akron
173$0Bank One, Cleveland
173$0Bank One, Dayton
173$0Bank One, Indiana
173$0Bank One, Milwaukee
173$0Bank South
173$0Barnett Bank of South Florida
173$0Boatmen's First National Bank of Oklahoma
173$0Branch Banking and Trust Company
173$0Bank Name Not Available
173$0PNC Bank, Kentucky, Inc.
173$0Commerce Bank
173$0Commercial Trust Bank
173$0Deposit Guaranty National Bank
173$0First Union National Bank of Washington, D.C.
173$0First American Bank of Georgia, National Association (In Liquidation)
173$0First Interstate Bank of Oregon
173$0Wells Fargo Bank Texas
173$0First Interstate Bank of Washington
173$0Wells Fargo Bank Northwest
173$0First Tennessee Bank
173$0Florida International Bank
173$0Habib Bank AG Zurich
173$0Hudson United Bank
173$0Imperial Bank
173$0NBD Bank
173$0Korea Exchange Bank
173$0Korea Exchange Bank
173$0Bank One, Oklahoma
173$0Bank One, Kentucky
173$0Bank Name Not Available
173$0M&I Marshall and Ilsley Bank
173$0FIA Card Services
173$0Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
173$0National Bank of Greece, S.A.
173$0National Bank of Greece, S.A.
173$0Bank Name Not Available
173$0National City Bank of Minneapolis
173$0The Bank of New York
173$0Fleet Bank
173$0Nationsbank of DC
173$0New First City, Texas - Dallas
173$0New Jersey National Bank
173$0Bank Name Not Available
173$0Northern Trust
173$0Wells Fargo Bank West
173$0Old Kent Bank
173$0Provident National Bank
173$0Santander National Bank
173$0Bank Name Not Available
173$0State Bank of India
173$0State Bank of India
173$0Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (U.S.A.) Limited
173$0SunTrust Bank, Tampa Bay
173$0SunTrust Bank, Central Florida
173$0PNC Bank, Ohio
173$0Chase Bank USA
173$0The Fifth Third Bank
173$0The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
173$0George Mason Bank
173$0Wachovia Bank of South Carolina
173$0Chinatrust Bank (U.S.A.)
173$0Union National Bank of Texas
173$0First Union Bank of Connecticut
173$0Sabadell United Bank
173$0United Orient Bank
173$0United States National Bank of Oregon
173$0Boston Trust & Investment Management Company
173$0Wachovia Bank of Georgia