Banks Ranked by Loans to depository institutions as of 1994-12-31

The following is a ranking of all banks in the United States in terms of "Loans to depository institutions". This comparison is based on data reported on 1994-12-31.

RankLoans to depository institutionsBank Name
1$7,616,000Wachovia Bank
2$1,106,000Republic Bank of New York
3$1,000,000Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
4$502,000LBS Bank - New York
5$446,000Fleet National Bank
6$400,000The Bank of New York Mellon
7$219,000Firstar Bank Milwaukee
7$219,000The Park Avenue Bank
9$210,000Republic National Bank of Miami
10$126,000Union Planters Bank of Florida
11$106,000National Westminster Bank USA
12$76,000BNY Mellon
13$75,000Allfirst Bank
14$18,000Society National Bank, Indiana
16$6,000Bank One, Texas
17$1,000Santa Monica Bank
18$0Mellon 1st Business Bank
18$01st Source Bank
18$0Abington Savings Bank
18$0ACNB Bank
18$0Advance Bank, s.b.
18$0Advest Trust Company
18$0Alameda First National Bank
18$0Allied Bank of Georgia
18$0Amalgamated Bank of Chicago
18$0Amalgamated Bank
18$0Amarillo National Bank
18$0Amboy Bank
18$0Amcore Bank
18$0American Bank
18$0American Bank of Connecticut
18$0American Bank of Texas
18$0American Community Bank
18$0American Express Centurion Bank
18$0American General Financial Center
18$0American International Bank
18$0SunTrust Bank, Chattanooga
18$0American National Bank and Trust Company of Chicago
18$0American National Bank and Trust Company of Muncie
18$0American National Bank of Florida
18$0American Savings Bank
18$0American State Bank
18$0American Trust & Savings Bank
18$0American Trust Bank
18$0AmSouth Bank of Alabama
18$0AmSouth Bank of Florida
18$0AmSouth Bank of Tennessee
18$0AmTrade International Bank of Georgia
18$0Andover Bank
18$0Apple Bank for Savings
18$0Arab American Bank
18$0Arkansas Bank and Trust Company
18$0Artisans' Bank
18$0Asheville Savings Bank, S.S.B.
18$0Asia Bank
18$0Associated Bank
18$0Associated Bank Milwaukee
18$0Associated Bank North
18$0Associated Bank
18$0Atlantic Bank
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Puerto Rico
18$0Banco Central Hispano - Puerto Rico
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
18$0Banco Santander Puerto Rico
18$0First Bank Texas
18$0Bangor Savings Bank
18$0Interaudi Bank
18$0Bank IV
18$0Boatmen's National Bank of Oklahoma
18$0Bank Leumi USA
18$0Bank Midwest
18$0Bank of A. Levy
18$0Bank of America Arizona
18$0Bank of America California
18$0Bank of America Idaho
18$0Bank of America Illinois
18$0Bank of America, National Association (USA)
18$0Bank of America
18$0Bank of America
18$0Bank of America New Mexico
18$0Bank of America Oregon
18$0Bank of America Texas
18$0Bank of Bentonville
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0Bank of Boston Connecticut
18$0Bank of Canton of California
18$0Bank of Granite
18$0Bank of Guam
18$0Bank of Hawaii
18$0BLC Bank N. A.
18$0BancorpSouth Bank
18$0Bank of Montana
18$0Bank of New Hampshire
18$0Bank of North America
18$0Bank of North Texas
18$0Bank of Stockton
18$0Bank of the Orient
18$0Bank of the West
18$0Bank One, Akron
18$0Bank One, Appleton
18$0Bank One, Arizona
18$0Bank One, Bloomington
18$0Bank One, Boulder
18$0Bank One, Champaign-Urbana
18$0Bank One, Chicago
18$0Bank One, Cincinnati
18$0Bank One, Cleveland
18$0Bank One, Colorado Springs
18$0Bank One
18$0Bank One, Dayton
18$0Bank One, Colorado
18$0Bank One, Fremont
18$0Bank One, Green Bay
18$0Bank One, Indiana
18$0Bank One, Kenosha
18$0Bank One, Lafayette
18$0Bank One, Lexington
18$0Bank One, Lima
18$0Bank One, Madison
18$0Bank One, Mansfield
18$0Bank One, Merrillville
18$0Bank One, Milwaukee
18$0Bank One, Oklahoma City
18$0Bank One, Wisconsin
18$0Bank One, Rockford
18$0Bank One, Illinois
18$0Bank One, Utah
18$0Bank One, West Virginia
18$0Bank One, Western Colorado
18$0Bank One, Youngstown
18$0Bank South
18$0Bankamerica National Trust Company
18$0Bankers Savings
18$0Deutsche Bank Trust Company Delaware
18$0Bankers Trust Company
18$0Barclays Bank of New York
18$0Barnett Bank of Alachua County
18$0Barnett Bank of Broward County
18$0Barnett Bank of Central Florida
18$0Barnett Bank of Highlands County
18$0Barnett Bank
18$0Barnett Bank of Lake County
18$0Barnett Bank of Lee County
18$0Barnett Bank of Manatee County
18$0Barnett Bank of Marion County
18$0Barnett Bank of Martin County
18$0Barnett Bank of Naples
18$0Barnett Bank of Palm Beach County
18$0Barnett Bank of Pasco County
18$0Barnett Bank of Pinellas County
18$0Barnett Bank of Polk County
18$0Barnett Bank of South Florida
18$0Barnett Bank of Southwest Florida
18$0Barnett Bank of Southwest Georgia
18$0Barnett Bank of Tallahassee
18$0Barnett Bank of Tampa
18$0Barnett Bank of the Keys
18$0Barnett Bank of the St. Johns
18$0Barnett Bank of the Suncoast
18$0Barnett Bank of the Treasure Coast
18$0Barnett Bank of Volusia County
18$0Barnett Bank of West Florida
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0BayBank Boston
18$0Beal Bank, SSB
18$0Beneficial Mutual Savings Bank
18$0Beneficial National Bank
18$0Beneficial National Bank USA
18$0Berkshire Bank
18$0Blue Ball National Bank
18$0Boatmen's Bank Iowa
18$0Boatmen's Bank of Mid-Missouri
18$0Boatmen's Bank of North Iowa
18$0Boatmen's Bank of Southern Missouri
18$0Boatmen's Bank of Tennessee
18$0Boatmen's Credit Card Bank
18$0Boatmen's First National Bank of Amarillo
18$0Boatmen's First National Bank of Kansas City
18$0Boatmen's First National Bank of Oklahoma
18$0The Boatmen's National Bank of St. Louis
18$0Boatmen's National Bank of Cape Girardeau
18$0Boiling Springs Savings Bank
18$0Mellon Trust of New England
18$0Branch Banking and Trust Company
18$0Branch Banking and Trust Company of South Carolina
18$0Superior Savings of New England
18$0Brenton Bank
18$0Webster Bank
18$0Broad National Bank
18$0Broadway National Bank
18$0Brookline Bank
18$0Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Company
18$0Busey Bank
18$0Caliber Bank
18$0Banamex USA
18$0Pacific Union Bank
18$0California State Bank
18$0California Thrift and Loan
18$0California United Bank
18$0Bank Calumet
18$0Cambridge Savings Bank
18$0Cambridge Trust Company
18$0CambridgePort Bank
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0Cape Cod Bank and Trust
18$0Union Planters Bank of Southeast Missouri
18$0Capital City First National Bank of Tallahassee
18$0Capital One Bank (USA)
18$0Carolina First Bank
18$0Carroll County Bank and Trust Company
18$0Casco Northern Bank
18$0Cathay Bank
18$0Cayuga Bank
18$0Centier Bank
18$0Central Bank
18$0Central Bank
18$0Central Bank & Trust Co.
18$0Norwest Bank Texas, North Central
18$0Central Carolina Bank and Trust Company
18$0Central Co-operative Bank
18$0Central Fidelity National Bank
18$0Central National Bank, Canajoharie
18$0Central Pacific Bank
18$0Centreville Savings Bank
18$0RBC Bank (USA)
18$0Century Bank
18$0Century Bank and Trust Company
18$0Cenwest National Bank
18$0CFX Bank
18$0Charter National Bank - Houston
18$0JPMorgan Chase Bank
18$0Chemical Bank
18$0Chase Manhattan Bank Delaware
18$0Chemical Bank New Jersey
18$0Chase Manhattan Bank USA
18$0Chemung Canal Trust Company
18$0Citizens Business Bank
18$0Chittenden Trust Company
18$0Shinhan Bank America
18$0Citibank (Delaware)
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0Citibank (Nevada)
18$0Citibank (New York State)
18$0Citibank (South Dakota), N.A.
18$0Citizens & Northern Bank
18$0Firstar Bank Kentucky
18$0Citizens Bank of Kentucky
18$0Citizens Bank of Maryland
18$0Citizens Bank of Massachusetts
18$0Citizens Banking Company
18$0Citizens Bank
18$0Citizens First National Bank
18$0Citizens National Bank
18$0Citizens National Bank of Leesburg
18$0Citizens Bank of Rhode Island
18$0Citizens Trust Company
18$0Mercantile Bank of Warrensburg
18$0BayCoast Bank
18$0City Bank
18$0City Bank and Trust Company
18$0City National Bank
18$0City National Bank of Baton Rouge
18$0City National Bank of Florida
18$0CivicBank of Commerce
18$0Coastal Banc, S.S.B.
18$0Cohoes Savings Bank
18$0Cole Taylor Bank
18$0Colonial Bank
18$0Colonial Bank
18$0Advanta Bank
18$0Colorado National Bank
18$0Columbia National Bank of Chicago
18$0Synovus Bank
18$0Comerica Bank
18$0Comerica Bank - Texas
18$0Comerica Bank-California
18$0Lasalle Bank Illinois
18$0Branch Banking and Trust Company of Virginia
18$0Commerce Bank of St. Joseph
18$0Commerce Bank
18$0Commerce Bank
18$0Commerce Bank
18$0Commerce Bank
18$0Commerce Bank
18$0Commerce Bank
18$0Commercial Bank of Florida
18$0Commercial Bank of New York
18$0First Bank & Trust
18$0Commercial National Bank in Shreveport
18$0Commercial National Bank of Chicago
18$0Commonwealth Bank
18$0Community Bank
18$0Community Bank & Trust Company
18$0Community Bank
18$0Community Savings Bank
18$0Community Savings Bank
18$0Compass Bank
18$0Compass Bank
18$0Compass Bank for Savings
18$0Compass Bank-Dallas
18$0Compass Bank
18$0Concord Savings Bank
18$0Consolidated Bank
18$0Cooperative Bank
18$0CoreStates Bank of Delaware
18$0Corestates Bank
18$0Country Bank for Savings
18$0Crestar Bank
18$0Crestar Bank MD
18$0Crestar Bank
18$0Custodial Trust Company
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0Dauphin Deposit Bank and Trust Company
18$0Dedham Institution for Savings
18$0Delaware Trust Company
18$0Delta National Bank and Trust Company of Florida
18$0Delta National Bank and Trust Company
18$0First Commonwealth Bank
18$0Deposit Guaranty National Bank
18$0Dillard National Bank
18$0Dubuque Bank and Trust Company
18$0East Boston Savings Bank
18$0East Cambridge Savings Bank
18$0Eastern Bank
18$0Eastern Heights Bank
18$0Eldorado Bank
18$0EST National Bank
18$0Emigrant Bank
18$0Espirito Santo Bank
18$0European American Bank
18$0EverTrust Bank
18$0Eagle Bank
18$0Evergreen Bank
18$0Exchange Bank
18$0F&M Bank-Winchester
18$0Far East National Bank
18$0Farmers & Merchants Bank of Central California
18$0Citizens Bank of Connecticut
18$0Farmers & Mechanics Bank
18$0Farmers and Merchants Bank of Long Beach
18$0Farmers Bank & Capital Trust Company
18$0Farmers Bank of Maryland
18$0Susquehanna Bank
18$0Financial Trust Company
18$0Farmington Bank
18$0Bank One, Delaware
18$0First Community Bank
18$0FCNB Bank
18$0Fiduciary Trust Company International
18$0Fifth Third Bank
18$0Finance Factors, Ltd.
18$0Fireside Bank
18$0Regions Bank
18$0First American Bank
18$0First American Bank SSB
18$0Citibank Texas
18$0First American National Bank
18$0First Bank
18$0First Bank
18$0First Bank (National Association)
18$0U.S. Bank National Association MT
18$0First Bank
18$0First Bank
18$0First Bank of Missouri
18$0First Bank of North Dakota
18$0First Bank of South Dakota (National Association)
18$0First Bank of the Americas
18$0Horizon Bank
18$0First Citizens National Bank
18$0First Commercial Bank
18$0First Commercial Bank
18$0First Commercial Bank
18$0First County Bank
18$0Providian National Bank
18$0Providian National Bank
18$0First Farmers and Merchants Bank
18$0First Fidelity Investment & Loan
18$0First Hawaiian Bank
18$0First Hawaiian Creditcorp, Inc.
18$0First Independent Bank
18$0Wells Fargo Bank of Arizona
18$0First Interstate Bank of California
18$0First Interstate Bank
18$0Wells Fargo Bank (Colorado)
18$0First Interstate Bank of Idaho
18$0First Interstate Bank of Nevada
18$0First Interstate Bank of Oregon
18$0Wells Fargo Bank Texas
18$0First Interstate Bank of Utah
18$0First Interstate Bank of Washington
18$0First Interstate Bank of Wyoming
18$0First Los Angeles Bank
18$0First Merchants Bank
18$0First Midwest Bank
18$0First Midwest Bank/Illinois
18$0First Midwest Bank
18$0First National Bank
18$0First National Bank & Trust
18$0First National Bank
18$0First National Bank
18$0First National Bank
18$0First National Bank & Trust Company of McAlester
18$0Arvest Bank
18$0Seacoast National Bank
18$0Old Kent Bank
18$0Alerus Financial
18$0First National Bank Northwest Ohio
18$0First Financial Bank
18$0First National Bank of Central California
18$0First National Bank of Commerce
18$0First Security Bank of Southern New Mexico
18$0First National Bank of Evergreen Park
18$0Harris Bank Joliet
18$0Firstmerit Bank
18$0First National Bank of Omaha
18$0First National Bank of Pennsylvania
18$0First National Bank of Rochester
18$0First Financial Bank
18$0Extraco Banks
18$0Premier National Bank
18$0First National Bank of Warsaw
18$0First National Bank Iowa
18$0Citizens Bank New Hampshire
18$0National City Bank of the Midwest
18$0First of America Bank-Illinois
18$0First of America Bank-Indiana
18$0First of America Bank-West Michigan
18$0Allfirst Financial Center
18$0Pacific Western Bank
18$0First Republic Thrift & Loan
18$0First Savings Bank of Hegewisch
18$0First Savings Bank of Perkasie
18$0Banner Bank
18$0First Security Bank of Idaho
18$0First Security Bank of New Mexico
18$0First Security Bank of Oregon
18$0Wells Fargo Bank Northwest
18$0First State Bank
18$0First State Bank & Trust Co.
18$0First State Bank & Trust Company
18$0First State Bank of East Detroit
18$0First State Bank of Texas
18$0First Tennessee Bank
18$0First Trust Bank
18$0Fiserv Trust Company
18$0Wachovia Bank of Delaware
18$0First Union National Bank of Florida
18$0First Union National Bank of Georgia
18$0First Union National Bank of Maryland
18$0First Union National Bank
18$0First Union National Bank of South Carolina
18$0First Union National Bank of Tennessee
18$0First Union National Bank of Virginia
18$0First Union National Bank of Washington, D.C.
18$0First United Bank & Trust
18$0First USA Bank
18$0Summit Bank
18$0First Vermont Bank
18$0First Victoria National Bank
18$0First Virginia Bank
18$0First Virginia Bank - Colonial
18$0First Virginia Bank - Blue Ridge
18$0First Virginia Bank - Hampton Roads
18$0First Virginia Bank-Southwest
18$0First Western Bank
18$0First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company
18$0First Citizens Bank and Trust Company, Inc.
18$0Firstar Bank Cedar Rapids
18$0Firstar Bank Iowa
18$0Firstar Bank Fond Du Lac
18$0Firstar Bank Illinois
18$0Firstar Bank Madison
18$0Firstar Bank of Minnesota
18$0Firstar Bank Sheboygan
18$0Firstbank of Puerto Rico
18$0Firstier Bank
18$0First Bank
18$0Firstrust Savings Bank
18$0Fleet Bank
18$0Fleet Bank of Maine
18$0Fleet Bank of Massachusetts
18$0Fleet Bank
18$0Fleet Bank-NH
18$0Fleet National Bank
18$0Florida International Bank
18$0Flushing Savings Bank, FSB
18$0FMB-First Michigan Bank
18$0FMB-Lumberman's Bank
18$0Fort Wayne National Bank
18$0MetroWest Bank
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0First Place Bank
18$0Franklin First Savings Bank
18$0Fremont Bank
18$0Fremont Investment & Loan
18$0Frontier Bank
18$0Fulton Bank
18$0Garden State Bank
18$0GE Capital Retail Bank
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0General Bank
18$0Glens Falls National Bank and Trust Company
18$0Glenview State Bank
18$0Granite Bank
18$0Great Country Bank
18$0Great Midwest Bank, S.S.B.
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0Discover Bank
18$0Norwest Bank Texas, South
18$0California Bank & Trust
18$0Grove Bank
18$0Guaranty Bank
18$0Guardian Bank
18$0Habib American Bank
18$0Hagerstown Trust Company
18$0Hamilton Bank
18$0Hancock Bank
18$0Whitney Bank
18$0Harris Bank Barrington
18$0Harris Bank Hinsdale
18$0Harris Bank Naperville
18$0Waypoint Bank
18$0Harris Trust and Savings Bank
18$0Hawaii National Bank
18$0Mercantile Bank of Dubuque
18$0Heritage Bank
18$0Johnson Bank
18$0Capital One
18$0Hickory Point Bank and Trust, FSB
18$0High Point Bank and Trust Company
18$0Hills Bank and Trust Company
18$0California United Bank
18$0Horizon Bank
18$0Household Bank (Nevada)
18$0Hoyne Savings Bank
18$0Hudson City Savings Bank
18$0Hudson United Bank
18$0Hudson Valley Bank
18$0Huntington Banks of Michigan
18$0Huntington National Bank West Virginia
18$0IBJ Whitehall Bank & Trust Company
18$0Imperial Bank
18$0Imperial Capital Bank
18$0Independence Community Bank
18$0Integra Bank/North
18$0National City Bank of Pennsylvania
18$0Integra Bank/South
18$0Interchange Bank
18$0Intercontinental Bank
18$0International Bank of Commerce
18$0Pacific Northwest Bank
18$0Intrust Bank
18$0Investors Bank & Trust Company
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0Investors Bank
18$0Irwin Union Bank and Trust Company
18$0Israel Discount Bank of New York
18$0J.P. Morgan Delaware
18$0JCPenney National Bank
18$0Jefferson Bank
18$0Jefferson Bank of Florida
18$0Jefferson National Bank
18$0Promistar Bank
18$0Community First National Bank
18$0Key Bank USA
18$0Keystone Nazareth Bank & Trust Company
18$0Kislak National Bank
18$0Lafayette American Bank
18$0Lafayette Ambassador Bank
18$0Lafayette Bank and Trust Company
18$0Lake City Bank
18$0Lakeland Savings Bank
18$0Lakeview Savings Bank
18$0LaSalle Bank NI
18$0LaSalle Bank Northbrook
18$0LaSalle Bank
18$0LaSalle Bank
18$0Lebanon Valley National Bank
18$0Midwest BankCentre
18$0Lexington Savings Bank
18$0NewBridge Bank
18$0Liberty Bank
18$0Bank One, Oklahoma
18$0Liberty Bank and Trust Company of Tulsa
18$0Bank One, Kentucky
18$0Liberty National Bank of Northern Kentucky
18$0Lincoln National Bank
18$0First Niagara Bank
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0M&I Bank Fox Valley
18$0M&I Bank Northeast
18$0M&I Bank South
18$0M&I Community State Bank
18$0M&I Bank of Southern Wisconsin
18$0M&I Marshall and Ilsley Bank
18$0M&I Mid-State Bank
18$0M&I Northern Bank
18$0M&I Thunderbird Bank
18$0Magna Bank of Illinois
18$0Magna Bank
18$0Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company
18$0Manufacturers Bank
18$0Manufacturers Bank
18$0Marble Bank
18$0HSBC Bank USA
18$0Mark Twain Bank
18$0Mark Twain Kansas City Bank
18$0Marquette Bank
18$0FIA Card Services
18$0McHenry State Bank
18$0Mechanics Savings Bank
18$0Medford Savings Bank
18$0Mellon Bank MD
18$0Mellon Bank Delaware
18$0Mercantile Bank of Illinois
18$0Mercantile Bank of Joplin
18$0Mercantile Bank
18$0Mercantile Bank of Kansas City
18$0Mercantile Bank of Eastern Iowa
18$0Mercantile Bank of Springfield
18$0Mercantile Bank of St. Joseph
18$0Mercantile Bank of St. Louis
18$0Mercantile Bank
18$0Mercantile National Bank
18$0Mercantile National Bank of Indiana
18$0Mercantile-Safe Deposit and Trust Company
18$0Merchants and Farmers Bank
18$0Meridian Bank
18$0Meridian Bank, New Jersey
18$0Merrill Lynch Bank and Trust Company
18$0Merrill Lynch Bank USA
18$0Wells Fargo Bank Michigan
18$0LaSalle Bank Midwest National Association
18$0Sky Bank-Mid AM Region
18$0Bank of Louisville
18$0Mid-State Bank & Trust
18$0Mid-State Bank and Trust Company
18$0MidConn Bank
18$0Middlesex Savings Bank
18$0MSB Bank
18$0Midland Bank
18$0PNC Bank
18$0Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corporation (U.S.A.)
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0Monogram Credit Card Bank of Georgia
18$0Monroe Bank & Trust
18$0Montana Bank
18$0Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0Bank Mutual
18$0Napa Valley Bank
18$0Wells Fargo Bank Alaska
18$0National Bank of Arizona
18$0National Bank of Commerce
18$0National Bank of Commerce of Birmingham
18$0Cadence Bank, N.A.
18$0National Bank of Commerce Trust and Savings Association
18$0National Bank of Southern California
18$0National Bank of the Commonwealth
18$0Keystone Bank
18$0National City Bank
18$0National City Bank of Minneapolis
18$0National City Bank of Columbus
18$0National City Bank of Dayton
18$0National City Bank of Indiana
18$0National City Bank of Kentucky
18$0National City Bank, Northeast
18$0National City Bank, Northwest
18$0National Penn Bank
18$0Fleet Bank
18$0NationsBank of Delaware
18$0NationsBank of Florida, N.A.
18$0NationsBank, National Association (South)
18$0Nationsbank of North Carolina
18$0Bank of America
18$0NationsBank of Tennessee
18$0NationsBank of Texas
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0NBD Bank
18$0NBD Bank
18$0NBD Bank
18$0Bank One, Michigan
18$0NBD Bank
18$0Nevada State Bank
18$0New Bedford Institution for Savings
18$0New Jersey National Bank
18$0New Jersey Savings Bank
18$0NewMil Bank
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0North Dallas Bank & Trust Co.
18$0North Fork Bank
18$0North Side Savings Bank
18$0Northern Central Bank
18$0Northern Trust
18$0Northern Trust Bank/DuPage
18$0Northern Trust Bank/Lake Forest
18$0Northern Trust Bank/O'Hare
18$0Northfield Bank
18$0Northfield Savings Bank
18$0Northwest Savings Bank
18$0Summit Bank
18$0Norwest Bank Arizona
18$0Norwest Bank Colorado Springs
18$0Wells Fargo Bank West
18$0Wells Fargo Bank Indiana
18$0Wells Fargo Bank Iowa
18$0Norwest Bank Minnesota Central
18$0Norwest Bank Minnesota North
18$0Norwest Bank Minnesota South Central
18$0Wells Fargo Bank South Central
18$0Norwest Bank Minnesota South
18$0Norwest Bank Minnesota West
18$0Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota
18$0Wells Fargo Bank Nebraska
18$0Wells Fargo Bank New Mexico
18$0Wells Fargo Bank North Dakota
18$0Wells Fargo Bank South Dakota
18$0Wells Fargo Bank Texas
18$0Norwest Bank Texas, Waco
18$0Wells Fargo Bank Wisconsin
18$0Wells Fargo Bank Wyoming
18$0Oak Brook Bank
18$0Ocean Bank
18$0Oceanic Bank
18$0Old Kent Bank
18$0Old Kent Bank - East
18$0Fifth Third Bank
18$0Old Kent Bank of Grand Haven
18$0Old Kent Bank-Central
18$0Old Kent Bank-Grand Traverse
18$0Old Kent Bank-Southwest
18$0Old National Bank
18$0OMNIBANK Southeast
18$0OnBank & Trust Co.
18$0One Valley Bank, Inc.
18$0One Valley Bank
18$0One Valley Bank-East
18$0Oriental Bank and Trust
18$0Overton Bank and Trust
18$0P N C Bank, Indiana, Inc.
18$0Pacific National Bank
18$0Parkvale Savings Bank
18$0Parkway Bank and Trust Company
18$0Pawling Savings Bank
18$0Peninsula Bank
18$0Penn Security Bank and Trust Company
18$0Keystone Financial Bank
18$0People's United Bank
18$0Peoples Bank & Trust Company
18$0The Huntington National Bank of Lakeland
18$0Peoples Bank
18$0Union Planters Bank of Kentucky
18$0TD Bank
18$0Peoples National Bank
18$0Peoples National Bank of Central Pennsylvania
18$0Piedmont Trust Bank
18$0Community Trust Bank, Inc.
18$0Pinnacle Bank
18$0Pioneer Bank
18$0Banco Popular, Illinois
18$0Pioneer Savings Bank
18$0Planters Bank & Trust Company of Virginia
18$0Plaza Bank of Miami
18$0Plymouth Savings Bank
18$0PNC Bank, Delaware
18$0PNC Bank, Kentucky, Inc.
18$0PNC Bank
18$0PNC Advisors
18$0PNC Bank, Northern Kentucky
18$0PNC Bank, Ohio
18$0PNC Mortgage Bank
18$0PNC National Bank of Delaware
18$0BAC Florida Bank
18$0Bank One, Louisiana
18$0PremierBank & Trust
18$0Prime Bank
18$0Provident Bank of Maryland
18$0The Provident Bank
18$0Pulse Savings Bank
18$0New York Community Bank
18$0Quincy Savings Bank
18$0R-G Premier Bank of Puerto Rico
18$0Rapides Bank & Trust Company in Alexandria
18$0Raritan Savings Bank
18$0Regions Bank of Florida
18$0Regions Bank of Louisiana
18$0Regions Bank of Tennessee
18$0Republic Bank
18$0Republic Bank
18$0Republic Bank & Trust Company
18$0Republic Bank California
18$0Republic Bank for Savings
18$0Republic Bank of Chicago
18$0Republic Savings Bank
18$0SunAmerica Trust Company
18$0Target National Bank
18$0Rhode Island Hospital Trust National Bank
18$0Richfield Bank & Trust Co.
18$0Richmond County Savings Bank
18$0Ridgewood Savings Bank
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0River City Bank
18$0Riverside National Bank of Florida
18$0Rockland Trust Company
18$0Roig Commercial Bank
18$0Roosevelt Savings Bank
18$0Royal Bank America
18$0S&T Bank
18$0Safra National Bank of New York
18$0Salem Five Cents Savings Bank
18$0Sandy Spring Bank
18$0Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
18$0Savings Bank of Mendocino County
18$0Scotiabank de Puerto Rico
18$0Bank of America NW
18$0Second National Bank of Saginaw
18$0Security Bank of Kansas City
18$0Security Bank, S.S.B.
18$0Security Capital Bank
18$0Bank of America Utah
18$0Fleet National Bank
18$0Shawmut Bank NH
18$0Fleet National Bank of Massachusetts
18$0Chemical Bank Shoreline
18$0Signet Bank
18$0Signet Bank-Maryland
18$0Signet Bank
18$0Silicon Valley Bank
18$0Simmons First National Bank
18$0Somerset Savings Bank
18$0South Boston Savings Bank
18$0South Holland Trust & Savings Bank
18$0South Side National Bank in St. Louis
18$0Southeast Bank for Savings
18$0Southern Bank and Trust Company
18$0Southern California Bank
18$0Southern National Bank of North Carolina
18$0Southern National Bank of South Carolina
18$0Southern Pacific Bank
18$0Southington Savings Bank
18$0Southside Bank
18$0SouthTrust Bank
18$0SouthTrust Bank of Calhoun County
18$0SouthTrust Bank of North Carolina
18$0SouthTrust Bank of Dothan
18$0SouthTrust Bank of Georgia
18$0SouthTrust Bank of Huntsville
18$0SouthTrust Bank of Mobile
18$0SouthTrust Bank of Southwest Florida
18$0SouthTrust Bank of Central Florida
18$0SouthTrust Bank of Florida
18$0SouthTrust Bank
18$0Southwest Bank, An M&I Bank
18$0Amegy Bank
18$0Southwest Bank
18$0Springfield Institution for Savings
18$0Standard Bank and Trust Company
18$0U.S. Bank
18$0Star Bank, National Association, Indiana
18$0Star Bank, National Association, Kentucky
18$0State Bank of Long Island
18$0Norwest Bank El Paso
18$0State Street Bank and Trust Company
18$0SI Bank & Trust
18$0Sterling Bank
18$0Sterling National Bank
18$0Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (U.S.A.) Limited
18$0Summit Bank
18$0Sun Bank and Trust Company
18$0SunTrust Bank, Tampa Bay
18$0SunTrust Bank, East Central Florida
18$0SunTrust Bank, Central Florida
18$0SunTrust Bank, Gulf Coast
18$0Suntrust Bank, Miami
18$0SunTrust Bank, North Florida
18$0SunTrust Bank, South Florida
18$0SunTrust Bank, Southwest Florida
18$0SunTrust Bank, Tallahassee
18$0Suntrust Bank, Treasure Coast
18$0SunTrust Bank, Northwest, Florida
18$0SunTrust Bank, Mid-Florida
18$0SunTrust Bank, North Central Florida
18$0Union Planters Bank of Louisiana
18$0Union Planters Bank of Mississippi
18$0Sunflower Bank
18$0Sunrise Bank of California
18$0SUNWEST Bank of Albuquerque
18$0SUNWEST Bank of El Paso
18$0First Financial Bank
18$0Chase Bank of Texas
18$0TIB The Independent Bankersbank
18$0Texas State Bank
18$0Community First National Bank
18$0Union Bank
18$0The Bank of Edwardsville
18$0The Bank of Mid-Jersey
18$0The Bank of New Haven
18$0BNY Mellon Trust of Delaware
18$0The Bank of New York
18$0First Bank & Trust
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0BSB Bank & Trust Company
18$0The Boatmen's National Bank of St. Louis
18$0The Boone County National Bank of Columbia
18$0The Calcasieu-Marine National Bank of Lake Charles
18$0The Camden National Bank
18$0The Canandaigua National Bank and Trust Company
18$0The Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank
18$0The Central Jersey Bank and Trust Company
18$0The Central Trust Bank
18$0The Chase Manhattan Bank (National Association)
18$0Chase Bank USA
18$0The Chase Manhattan Bank of Connecticut
18$0The Chase Manhattan Bank of Maryland
18$0Chase Manhattan Private Bank
18$0Chelsea Groton Bank
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0The Chinese American Bank
18$0Sky Bank
18$0The Citizens National Bank
18$0The Citizens National Bank of Evansville
18$0The Citizens National Bank of Meridian
18$0The City National Bank of Fort Smith
18$0The Co-operative Bank of Concord
18$0The Cortland Savings and Banking Company
18$0The Derby Savings Bank
18$0The Dime Savings Bank of Wallingford
18$0The Dime Svgs. Bank of Williamsburgh
18$0The Drovers & Mechanics Bank
18$0The East New York Savings Bank
18$0The F&M Bank & Trust Company
18$0Family Bank
18$0The Farmers & Merchants State Bank
18$0The Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Bridgeton
18$0The Fifth Third Bank
18$0The Fifth Third Bank of Columbus
18$0Fifth Third Bank, Kentucky, Inc.
18$0The Fifth Third Bank of Northern Kentucky, Inc.
18$0Fifth Third Bank, Northwestern Ohio
18$0The Fifth Third Bank of Southeastern Indiana
18$0Fifth Third Bank, Ohio Valley
18$0First Interstate Bank
18$0The First National Bank in Sioux Falls
18$0First National Bank Alaska
18$0Bank One
18$0The First National Bank of Farmington
18$0SunTrust Bank, Alabama
18$0The First National Bank of Fort Smith
18$0The First National Bank of Gainesville
18$0The First National Bank of Jasper
18$0The First National Bank of Lafayette
18$0The First National Bank of Lake Charles
18$0The First National Bank of Long Island
18$0The First National Bank of Central Illinois
18$0First National Bank of Chester County
18$0The First National Bank of Zanesville
18$0First-Knox National Bank
18$0The Frost National Bank
18$0Mizuho Corporate Bank (USA)
18$0United Bank
18$0The Greater New York Savings Bank
18$0GreenPoint Bank
18$0The Harleysville National Bank and Trust Company
18$0The Howard Bank
18$0Hudson River Bank & Trust Company
18$0The Huntington National Bank of Kentucky
18$0The Huntington National Bank
18$0The Huntington National Bank of Indiana
18$0The Industrial Bank of Japan Trust Company
18$0The Bank of Miami
18$0The Jefferson Guaranty Bank
18$0The Laredo National Bank
18$0The Lexington State Bank
18$0The Lorain National Bank
18$0The Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank
18$0The Mahoning National Bank of Youngstown
18$0The Matewan National Bank
18$0Mechanics Bank
18$0Merchants Bank
18$0The Merchants Bank of New York
18$0The Merchants National Bank of Aurora
18$0The Merchants National Bank of Terre Haute
18$0Metropolitan National Bank
18$0MB Financial Bank
18$0The Midland Bank and Trust Company
18$0The Midway National Bank of St. Paul
18$0The Mission Bank
18$0NBT Bank
18$0The National Bank of South Carolina
18$0Magna Bank
18$0Integra Bank
18$0NewAlliance Bank
18$0The Northern Trust Company
18$0The Norwich Savings Society
18$0Sky Bank
18$0The Old Phoenix National Bank of Medina
18$0Old Second National Bank
18$0The Owensboro National Bank
18$0The Pacific Bank
18$0George Mason Bank
18$0The Park National Bank
18$0The First National Bank of Southeastern Ohio
18$0Peoples Savings Bank & Trust
18$0Commerce Bank
18$0Renasant Bank
18$0The Peoples Bank, Biloxi, Mississippi
18$0Fifth Third Bank, Indiana
18$0Vista Bank
18$0PlainsCapital Bank
18$0The Provident Bank
18$0The Prudential Bank and Trust Company
18$0The Putnam Trust Company
18$0The Ramapo Bank
18$0The Riggs National Bank of Virginia
18$0Riggs Bank
18$0The Rochester Community Savings Bank
18$0The Roslyn Savings Bank
18$0The Sandwich Co-operative Bank
18$0The Savings Bank of Manchester
18$0Partners Trust Bank
18$0The Second National Bank of Warren
18$0The Security National Bank and Trust Co.
18$0The Security National Bank of Sioux City, Iowa
18$0State First National Bank
18$0The Stillwater National Bank and Trust Company
18$0The Suffolk County National Bank of Riverhead
18$0The Sumitomo Bank of California
18$0The Torrington Savings Bank
18$0Citicorp Trust Bank, fsb
18$0The Troy Savings Bank
18$0The Trust Company of New Jersey
18$0The Twentieth Street Bank
18$0Mercantile Bank of Arkansas
18$0Union Center National Bank
18$0Union Savings Bank
18$0Unizan Bank
18$0The Washington Trust Company of Westerly
18$0The Westport Bank and Trust Company
18$0The York Bank and Trust Company
18$0SunTrust Bank, Nashville
18$0SunTrust Bank, East Tennessee
18$0SunTrust Bank, South Central Tennessee
18$0Three Rivers Bank and Trust Company
18$0Tokai Bank of California
18$0Tompkins Trust Company
18$0Topa Thrift and Loan Association
18$0Trans Financial Bank
18$0Chinatrust Bank (U.S.A.)
18$0Trans-World Bank
18$0Trenton Savings Bank FSB
18$0Tri City National Bank
18$0Tri Counties Bank
18$0Triangle Bank
18$0SunTrust Bank
18$0SunTrust Bank, Augusta
18$0SunTrust Bank, West Georgia
18$0SunTrust Bank, Middle Georgia
18$0Trust Company Bank of North Georgia
18$0SunTrust Bank, Northeast Georgia
18$0SunTrust Bank, South Georgia
18$0SunTrust Bank, Southeast Georgia
18$0SunTrust Bank, Savannah
18$0Trustco Bank
18$0Trustmark National Bank
18$0U. S. Bank of Nevada
18$0U. S. Bank
18$0U.S. Bank of California
18$0U.S. Bank of Washington
18$0Ulster Savings Bank
18$0UMB Bank Kansas
18$0UMB Bank of St. Louis
18$0UMB Bank
18$0UMB National Bank of America
18$0Union Bank
18$0Union Bank & Trust Company
18$0Union Bank and Trust Company
18$0Modern Bank
18$0Union County Savings Bank
18$0Univest Bank and Trust Co.
18$0Union National Bank of Texas
18$0Commerce Bank
18$0Union Planters Bank of Middle Tennessee
18$0Union Planters Bank
18$0Union Safe Deposit Bank
18$0Union State Bank
18$0First Union Bank of Connecticut
18$0United Carolina Bank
18$0United Counties Trust Company
18$0Summit Bank
18$0United Mizrahi Bank and Trust Company
18$0Sabadell United Bank
18$0United Trust Bank
18$0United Bank
18$0United Orient Bank
18$0Union Planters Bank of Northwest Mississippi
18$0Ameriserv Financial Bank
18$0United States National Bank of Oregon
18$0Boston Trust & Investment Management Company
18$0United States Trust Company of New York
18$0University Bank and Trust Company
18$0University Savings Bank
18$0Valley American Bank and Trust Company
18$0Valley National Bank
18$0Valley View State Bank
18$0ValliWide Bank
18$0Vermont National Bank
18$0Norwest Bank Texas, South Central
18$0Volunteer Bank
18$0Wachovia Bank of Georgia
18$0Wachovia Bank
18$0Wachovia Bank of South Carolina
18$0Wainwright Bank & Trust Company
18$0Warren Five Cents Savings Bank
18$0Washington Mutual Bank
18$0Washington Trust Bank
18$0Waukesha State Bank
18$0WaterStone Bank, SSB
18$0Wells Fargo Bank
18$0Wesbanco Bank, Inc.
18$0West Bank
18$0U. S. Bank of Idaho
18$0West One Bank, Oregon
18$0West One Bank, Oregon, S.B.
18$0U.S. Bank of Utah
18$0West One Bank, Washington
18$0West Suburban Bank
18$0Westamerica Bank
18$0Western Bank
18$0Westernbank Puerto Rico
18$0Westfield Bank
18$0WestStar Bank
18$0Whitney National Bank
18$0Wilber National Bank
18$0Bank Name Not Available
18$0World Financial Network Bank
18$0Boatmen's National Bank of Arkansas
18$0Boatmen's National Bank of Hot Springs
18$0Boatmen's National Bank of Northwest Arkansas
18$0Mizuho Trust & Banking Co. USA
18$0Zions First National Bank