Banks Ranked by Farm loans as of 1995-12-31

The following is a ranking of all banks in the United States in terms of "Farm loans". This comparison is based on data reported on 1995-12-31.

RankFarm loansBank Name
1$98,786,000The Bank of New York Mellon
2$71,670,000Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York
4$28,000,000Bank of America
5$25,000,000JPMorgan Chase Bank
6$3,410,000Fleet National Bank
7$1,887,000National City Bank
8$1,364,000J.P. Morgan Delaware
9$1,000,000The Chase Manhattan Bank (National Association)
10$465,000Republic Bank of New York
11$113,000Bank of Hawaii
12$0American Express Centurion Bank
12$0American National Bank and Trust Company of Chicago
12$0AmSouth Bank of Alabama
12$0AmTrade International Bank of Georgia
12$0Arab American Bank
12$0Asia Bank
12$0Bank Name Not Available
12$0Bank Name Not Available
12$0Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
12$0Banco Santander Puerto Rico
12$0Interaudi Bank
12$0Bank Leumi USA
12$0Bank of America Illinois
12$0Bank Name Not Available
12$0Bank of Canton of California
12$0Bank of Guam
12$0Bank of the Orient
12$0Bank One, Akron
12$0Bank One, Cleveland
12$0Bank One
12$0Bank One, Dayton
12$0Bank One, Indiana
12$0Bank One, Kentucky
12$0Bank One, Milwaukee
12$0Bank One, Texas
12$0Bank South
12$0Deutsche Bank Trust Company Delaware
12$0Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
12$0Barnett Bank of South Florida
12$0Mellon Trust of New England
12$0BPD Bank
12$0Branch Banking and Trust Company
12$0Banamex USA
12$0Union Planters Bank of Florida
12$0Century Bank
12$0Chase Manhattan Bank Delaware
12$0The Chase Manhattan Bank
12$0Chinatrust Bank (U.S.A.)
12$0Shinhan Bank America
12$0Bank Name Not Available
12$0Comerica Bank
12$0Commerce Bank
12$0Commercial Bank of New York
12$0Corestates Bank
12$0Crestar Bank
12$0Crestar Bank
12$0Bank Name Not Available
12$0Bank Name Not Available
12$0Delta National Bank and Trust Company of Florida
12$0Delta National Bank and Trust Company
12$0Espirito Santo Bank
12$0European American Bank
12$0Fiduciary Trust Company International
12$0Regions Bank
12$0First American National Bank
12$0First Bank
12$0First Bank of the Americas
12$0First Union Bank of Connecticut
12$0Wachovia Bank
12$0First Hawaiian Bank
12$0First Hawaiian Creditcorp, Inc.
12$0First Interstate Bank of California
12$0First National Bank of Commerce
12$0Wells Fargo Bank Northwest
12$0First Tennessee Bank
12$0First Union National Bank of Florida
12$0First Union National Bank
12$0Firstar Bank Milwaukee
12$0Fleet Bank
12$0Fleet Bank of Massachusetts
12$0Fleet Bank
12$0Fleet National Bank
12$0Fleet National Bank
12$0Fleet National Bank of Massachusetts
12$0Florida International Bank
12$0Habib American Bank
12$0Hamilton Bank
12$0Harris Trust and Savings Bank
12$0Capital One
12$0Hudson United Bank
12$0IBJ Whitehall Bank & Trust Company
12$0Imperial Bank
12$0Investors Bank & Trust Company
12$0Israel Discount Bank of New York
12$0LaSalle Bank
12$0LBS Bank - New York
12$0Bank One, Oklahoma
12$0Liberty Bank and Trust Company of Tulsa
12$0Bank Name Not Available
12$0M&I Marshall and Ilsley Bank
12$0Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company
12$0HSBC Bank USA
12$0FIA Card Services
12$0BNY Mellon
12$0Mercantile Bank of St. Louis
12$0Meridian Bank
12$0LaSalle Bank Midwest National Association
12$0PNC Bank
12$0Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corporation (U.S.A.)
12$0Bank Name Not Available
12$0Bank Name Not Available
12$0Wells Fargo Bank Alaska
12$0National City Bank of Minneapolis
12$0National City Bank of Columbus
12$0National City Bank of Indiana
12$0National City Bank of Kentucky
12$0NationsBank of Tennessee
12$0NationsBank of Texas
12$0Bank of America
12$0NationsBank, National Association (South)
12$0Fleet Bank (Delaware)
12$0Fleet Bank
12$0Bank One, Michigan
12$0New Jersey National Bank
12$0Bank Name Not Available
12$0Northern Trust
12$0Wells Fargo Bank West
12$0Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota
12$0Oceanic Bank
12$0Old Kent Bank
12$0Fifth Third Bank
12$0Pacific National Bank
12$0PNC Bank, Kentucky, Inc.
12$0PNC Bank
12$0PNC Bank, Ohio
12$0PNC National Bank of Delaware
12$0BAC Florida Bank
12$0Republic Bank California
12$0Republic Bank for Savings
12$0Republic National Bank of Miami
12$0Safra National Bank of New York
12$0Bank of America NW
12$0Signet Bank
12$0SouthTrust Bank
12$0U.S. Bank
12$0State Street Bank and Trust Company
12$0Sterling National Bank
12$0Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (U.S.A.) Limited
12$0SunTrust Bank
12$0SunTrust Bank, Central Florida
12$0SunTrust Bank, Nashville
12$0Chase Bank of Texas
12$0Union Bank
12$0BNY Mellon Trust of Delaware
12$0Bank Name Not Available
12$0The Boatmen's National Bank of St. Louis
12$0Chase Bank USA
12$0Bank Name Not Available
12$0The Chinese American Bank
12$0The Fifth Third Bank
12$0Bank One
12$0Allfirst Bank
12$0Mizuho Corporate Bank (USA)
12$0The Huntington National Bank
12$0The Industrial Bank of Japan Trust Company
12$0The Bank of Miami
12$0The Northern Trust Company
12$0The Pacific Bank
12$0George Mason Bank
12$0The Park Avenue Bank
12$0The Provident Bank
12$0Riggs Bank
12$0The Sumitomo Bank of California
12$0U.S. Bank of Washington
12$0Union Bank
12$0Modern Bank
12$0Union National Bank of Texas
12$0Summit Bank
12$0United Mizrahi Bank and Trust Company
12$0Sabadell United Bank
12$0United Orient Bank
12$0United States National Bank of Oregon
12$0Boston Trust & Investment Management Company
12$0United States Trust Company
12$0Wachovia Bank of Georgia
12$0Wachovia Bank
12$0Wachovia Bank of South Carolina
12$0Wells Fargo Bank
12$0Whitney National Bank
12$0Mizuho Trust & Banking Co. USA
12$0Zions First National Bank