Banks Ranked by All other noninterest expense as of 1993-12-31

Keybank was ranked #5179 in terms of "All other noninterest expense" in all banks in U.S. with a value of $942,000. This comparison is based on data reported on 1993-12-31.

RankAll other noninterest expenseBank Name
2$2,278,602,000New West Federal Savings and Loan Association
3$2,168,000,000Bank of America
4$1,778,948,000The Chase Manhattan Bank (National Association)
5$1,473,000,000JPMorgan Chase Bank
6$1,237,243,000Citibank (South Dakota), N.A.
7$1,027,236,000Discover Bank
8$959,888,000Wells Fargo Bank
9$957,615,000Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York
10$948,000,000Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
11$584,332,000NationsBank of Texas
12$563,501,000Home Savings of America, FSB
13$562,437,000FIA Card Services
14$552,258,000BNY Mellon
15$538,849,000HSBC Bank USA
16$525,806,000Citibank (Nevada)
18$495,992,000Chase Bank USA
19$451,680,000Comerica Bank
20$451,626,000Bank One
21$422,139,000NationsBank of Florida, N.A.
22$419,526,000First Bank
23$400,742,000Fleet National Bank
24$395,736,000Bank One
25$372,859,000Great Western Bank, A FSB
26$366,420,000First Union National Bank of Florida
27$361,554,000Chase Bank of Texas
28$347,514,000Nationsbank of North Carolina
29$334,599,000Bank One, Texas
30$331,660,000Meridian Bank
31$331,205,000First Interstate Bank of California
32$327,937,000Bank One, Delaware
33$327,499,000The Bank of New York Mellon
34$327,199,000Bank of America NW
37$311,957,000First Fidelity Bank, National Association, New Jersey
38$310,435,000PNC Bank
39$306,045,000NationsBank, National Association (South)
40$303,000,000Bank of America Illinois
41$300,508,000Union Bank
42$299,610,000LaSalle Bank Midwest National Association
44$270,593,000NationsBank of Delaware
45$269,565,000Fleet National Bank
46$268,876,000Household Bank, FSB
47$266,328,000Wachovia Bank
48$264,685,000Colorado National Bank
49$255,853,000Fleet National Bank of Massachusetts
50$255,089,000The Huntington National Bank
51$254,842,000United States National Bank of Oregon
52$250,600,000National Westminster Bank USA
53$250,324,000Corestates Bank
54$247,188,000First Union National Bank
55$243,280,000PNC Bank
56$238,685,000State Street Bank and Trust Company
57$238,358,000Wachovia Bank of Georgia
58$236,042,000California Federal Bank
60$228,093,000First Federal of Michigan
61$203,243,000First Union National Bank of Virginia
62$202,827,000Crestar Bank
63$202,727,000American Express Centurion Bank
64$199,303,000Fleet Bank of Massachusetts
65$193,911,000Citibank (New York State)
66$193,867,000Signet Bank
67$193,543,000Fleet Bank
68$190,469,000Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota
69$189,953,000Bank One, Arizona
70$189,630,000Fleet Bank
71$185,674,000NationsBank of South Carolina
72$180,211,000Bank One, Michigan
73$171,228,000Providian National Bank
74$167,947,000First USA Bank
75$164,716,000CrossLand Federal Savings Bank
76$163,190,000Fleet Bank
77$159,417,000Republic Bank of New York
78$158,385,000Summit Bank
79$156,957,000First Union National Bank of Georgia
81$154,799,000Wells Fargo Bank Iowa
82$152,933,000Bank of America Texas
83$152,640,000The Long Island Savings Bank, FSB
84$151,571,000BNY Mellon Trust of Delaware
85$151,098,000Bank of America Arizona
86$150,154,000The Dime Savings Bank of New York, FSB
87$149,905,000First Tennessee Bank
88$148,174,000Advanta Bank
89$144,519,000First Fidelity Bank, National Association, Pennsylvania
90$142,024,000World Savings and Loan Association, A Federal Savings and Loan Associati
91$141,733,000NBD Bank
92$140,517,000Glendale Federal Bank, Federal Savings Bank
93$139,370,000SunTrust Bank
94$138,304,000Riggs Bank
95$136,269,000The Rochester Community Savings Bank
96$136,257,000Bank of Boston Connecticut
97$134,585,000Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
98$133,320,000National City Bank of Pennsylvania
99$131,926,000Constellation Bank
100$131,262,000Harris Trust and Savings Bank
101$128,346,000Washington Mutual Bank
102$124,562,000First Nationwide Bank, A FSB
103$124,228,000People's United Bank
104$121,526,000Wachovia Bank of South Carolina
105$117,705,000National City Bank of Columbus
106$117,544,000Household Bank (Nevada)
107$117,422,000Associates National Bank (Delaware)
108$117,402,000GE Capital Retail Bank
109$116,139,000Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company
110$113,856,000Union Bank
111$113,015,000The Boatmen's National Bank of St. Louis
112$112,942,000Wells Fargo Bank Northwest
113$112,266,000AmSouth Bank of Alabama
114$111,631,000Bank of America
115$110,978,000Citizens Bank New Hampshire
116$110,958,000Bank of America, National Association (USA)
117$110,939,000First National Bank of Omaha
118$109,195,000SunTrust Bank, Central Florida
119$108,955,000Washington Mutual Bank
120$108,846,000NationsBank of Tennessee
121$106,193,000PNC Bank, Kentucky, Inc.
122$105,984,000Mellon Trust of New England
123$105,968,000U.S. Bank of Washington
124$105,881,000Chemical Bank New Jersey
125$105,664,000The Northern Trust Company
126$104,675,000Standard Federal Bank
127$103,498,000Regions Bank
128$101,451,000Bank One, Dayton
129$101,296,000Capital One
130$100,621,000Bank IV
132$98,235,000Bank South
133$97,529,000Firstar Bank Milwaukee
134$97,180,000Citibank (Delaware)
135$96,888,000New Jersey National Bank
136$96,796,000Barnett Bank of Tampa
137$95,583,000Wells Fargo Bank of Arizona
139$91,441,000Bank One, Indiana
140$90,157,000Branch Banking and Trust Company
141$89,830,000Wells Fargo Bank West
142$88,601,000U.S. Bank
143$87,268,000The First National Bank of Atlanta
144$86,213,000Bank of America Oregon
145$85,954,000First American National Bank
146$85,813,000Monogram Credit Card Bank of Georgia
147$85,748,000Barnett Bank of South Florida
148$84,904,000The Fifth Third Bank
149$84,898,000Fleet National Bank
150$82,978,000LaSalle Bank
151$82,840,000Bank Name Not Available
152$82,660,000Allfirst Bank
153$82,140,000First Union Bank of Connecticut
154$81,858,000Barnett Bank of Central Florida
155$81,362,000First National Bank of Commerce
156$80,987,000SouthTrust Bank
157$80,413,000LaSalle Bank, F.S.B.
158$80,061,000Fifth Third Bank
159$79,646,000City National Bank
160$79,212,000Wells Fargo Bank Texas
161$78,850,000Fleet Bank of Maine
162$78,557,000GreenPoint Bank
163$78,348,000European American Bank
164$77,614,000Bank of Hawaii
165$77,600,000First of America Bank-Southeast Michigan
166$76,569,000Continental Bank
167$76,186,000Mercantile Bank of St. Louis
168$75,576,000Fidelity Federal Bank, a Federal Savings Bank
169$74,419,000Great American Federal Savings Association
170$73,572,000Zions First National Bank
171$73,275,000Bank One, Milwaukee
172$73,180,000First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company
173$71,537,000Washington Mutual, A FSB
174$71,483,000Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis
175$71,467,000USAA Federal Savings Bank
176$71,365,000Central Fidelity National Bank
177$70,802,000First Bank, Federal Savings Bank
178$70,416,000IBJ Whitehall Bank & Trust Company
179$70,068,000First Hawaiian Bank
180$69,918,000Coast Federal Bank, Federal Savings Bank
181$68,074,000Chevy Chase Bank, F.S.B.
182$68,020,000The Greater New York Savings Bank
183$67,667,000Bank of the West
184$67,508,000Bank United
185$67,065,000Standard Federal Savings Association
186$66,716,000Old Stone Federal Savings Bank
187$66,684,000First Security Bank of Idaho
188$66,370,000National City Bank of Kentucky
189$64,643,000Barnett Bank of Pinellas County
190$63,915,000Mellon Bank Delaware
191$63,646,000First Bank of South Dakota (National Association)
192$62,809,000United States Trust Company of New York
193$62,603,000PNC Bank, Ohio
195$60,698,000National City Bank of Indiana
196$60,511,000CoreStates Bank of Delaware
197$60,141,000Deposit Guaranty National Bank
198$60,092,000SunTrust Bank, Nashville
199$60,010,000Fleet Bank
200$59,662,000Barnett Bank of Broward County
201$59,171,000First Interstate Bank of Oregon
202$59,037,000United Jersey Bank/Central
203$58,732,000The Bank of New York
204$58,402,000Transohio Federal Savings Bank
205$58,132,000Barnett Bank of Palm Beach County
206$57,949,000Society National Bank, Indiana
207$57,834,000Barnett Bank
208$57,765,000The Frost National Bank
209$57,685,000First Eastern Bank
210$56,293,000U. S. Bank of Idaho
211$56,199,000American National Bank and Trust Company of Chicago
212$55,877,000First Interstate Bank of Washington
213$55,848,000The Bank of Baltimore
214$55,490,000The Sumitomo Bank of California
215$55,456,000Farm & Home Savings Association
216$55,330,000UMB Bank
217$55,177,000Anchor Savings Bank, FSB
218$55,088,000Compass Bank
219$55,055,000Union Planters Bank
220$54,982,000Bank One, Louisiana
221$54,972,000Trustmark National Bank
222$54,965,000South Shore Bank
223$54,721,000Fidelity Management Trust Company
224$54,557,000Bank One, Cleveland
225$54,372,000First Virginia Bank
226$54,291,000First of America Bank-Security
227$54,208,000Barnett Banks Trust Company
228$54,151,000Imperial Bank
230$53,490,000First Interstate Bank of Nevada
231$52,725,000Bank One, Kentucky
232$52,578,000NBD Bank
233$52,275,000Boatmen's First National Bank of Kansas City
234$52,048,000EurekaBank, a Federal Savings Bank
235$51,767,000Altus Federal Savings Bank
237$51,364,000Bank of America, Federal Savings Bank
238$51,132,000Summit Bank
239$50,563,000First American Federal Savings Bank
240$50,559,000World Financial Network Bank
241$49,634,000Bank One, Akron
242$49,543,000Southern National Bank of North Carolina
243$49,292,000Integra Bank/North
244$49,024,000Comerica Bank - Texas
245$48,635,000SunTrust Bank, South Florida
246$48,483,000Encore Bank
247$47,951,000Signet Bank-Maryland
249$47,660,000RBC Bank (USA)
250$46,942,000Fleet Bank-NH
251$46,242,000Synovus Bank
252$46,181,000Commerce Bank
253$45,500,000The Central Jersey Bank and Trust Company
254$45,140,000Banco Santander Puerto Rico
255$44,604,000Suntrust Bank, Miami
256$44,562,000Republic Bank for Savings
257$44,262,000TCF National Bank
258$44,089,000North Side Savings Bank
259$44,038,000Bankamerica National Trust Company
260$44,021,000National City Bank
261$44,000,000M&I Marshall and Ilsley Bank
262$43,610,000Barnett Bank of Southwest Florida
263$43,592,000Bank Name Not Available
264$43,576,000Rhode Island Hospital Trust National Bank
265$43,408,000The Prudential Bank and Trust Company
266$43,272,000Citibank Texas
267$43,148,000PNC National Bank of Delaware
269$43,119,000Bank Name Not Available
270$42,808,000Carteret Federal Savings Bank of New Jersey
271$42,543,000J.P. Morgan Delaware
272$42,008,000Commercial Federal Bank, a Federal Savings Bank
273$41,739,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Rochester
274$41,305,000Magna Bank of Illinois
275$40,951,000Apple Bank for Savings
276$40,810,000The Trust Company of New Jersey
277$40,738,000Spirit of America National Bank
278$40,354,000Whitney National Bank
279$40,165,000First Union National Bank of Tennessee
280$39,852,000First Financial Bank
281$39,704,000Guaranty Bank
282$39,598,000Firstmerit Bank
283$39,423,000First North American National Bank
284$39,352,000Citibank USA
285$38,559,000First National Bank of Colorado
286$38,328,000The Lincoln Savings Bank, FSB
287$38,217,000Bank One, Oklahoma
288$38,163,000SUNWEST Bank of Albuquerque
289$38,160,000Bank One, Lexington
290$38,159,000Wells Fargo Bank Nebraska
291$38,087,000Maryland National Bank
292$37,958,000Citizens Bank of Rhode Island
293$37,784,000Charter One Bank
294$37,235,000Bank Name Not Available
295$37,220,000National City Bank of Dayton
296$37,165,000Boatmen's National Bank of Oklahoma
297$37,085,000D&N Bank
298$36,723,000Dauphin Deposit Bank and Trust Company
299$36,601,000FDS Bank
300$36,539,000Guaranty Bank
301$36,278,000Boatmen's National Bank of Arkansas
302$36,263,000PNC Bank, Delaware
303$36,235,000U.S. Bank National Association MT
304$36,112,000First Los Angeles Bank
305$36,039,000Concord EFS National Bank
306$35,960,000Wells Fargo Bank (Colorado)
307$35,939,000Second National Federal Savings Association
308$35,807,000SouthTrust Bank of Georgia
309$35,559,000Springfield Institution for Savings
310$35,388,000Chase Manhattan Bank USA
311$35,365,000Astoria Federal Savings and Loan Association
312$35,205,000Wells Fargo Bank South Dakota
313$34,985,000Bank One Trust Company
314$34,865,000The First Savings Bank, FSB
315$34,709,000The Provident Bank
316$34,535,000Cenlar FSB
317$34,360,000First Security Bank of New Mexico
318$34,299,000Providian National Bank
319$34,263,000Great Lakes Bancorp, A FSB
320$34,256,000Bluebonnet Savings Bank FSB
321$34,100,000TD Bank
322$34,069,000Eastern Bank
323$34,013,000SunTrust Bank, Tampa Bay
324$33,983,000United Carolina Bank
325$33,689,000The Chase Manhattan Bank of Connecticut
326$33,671,000U.S. Bank of California
327$33,188,000San Diego Trust & Savings Bank
328$33,142,000MidFirst Bank
329$33,094,000Western Financial Bank
330$32,952,000Norwest Bank Arizona
331$32,760,000Central Carolina Bank and Trust Company
332$32,735,000West One Bank, Washington
333$32,727,000Allfirst Financial Center
334$32,715,000Integra Bank/South
335$32,642,000Dollar Bank, Federal Savings Bank
336$32,580,000Bank Name Not Available
337$32,501,000Citizens First National Bank of New Jersey
338$32,400,000National City Bank of the Midwest
339$32,271,000Sovereign Bank
340$32,149,000Commerce Bank
341$32,100,000Beneficial National Bank USA
342$32,038,000Delaware Trust Company
343$31,233,000BayBank Boston
344$31,024,000North Fork Bank
345$30,844,000U. S. Bank
346$30,456,000Dillard National Bank
347$30,424,000Union Federal Bank, A federal savings bank
348$30,337,000First Consumers National Bank
349$30,248,000First Union National Bank of South Carolina
350$30,209,000Emigrant Bank
351$30,144,000Fleet Bank of New York
352$30,127,000Bank One, Lafayette
353$29,906,000Westamerica Bank
354$29,808,000Summit Bank
355$29,776,000Bank One, Youngstown
356$29,753,000Bank One, Chicago
357$29,515,000Downey Savings and Loan Association, F.A.
358$29,449,000NewAlliance Bank
359$28,861,000First of America Bank - Mid Michigan
360$28,636,000Bank One, Colorado
361$28,613,000Boatmen's First National Bank of Oklahoma
362$28,494,000First Nationwide Bank, FSB
363$28,438,000Citizens Bank of Maryland
364$28,333,000Bank Leumi USA
365$28,283,000Crestar Bank
366$28,240,000First Commercial Bank
367$28,201,000The Industrial Bank of Japan Trust Company
368$27,985,000Roosevelt Bank
369$27,882,000Oak Tree Federal Savings Bank
370$27,756,000Security Bank, S.S.B.
371$27,495,000JCPenney National Bank
372$27,453,000Citizens Federal Bank, A FSB
373$27,444,000Deutsche Bank Trust Company Delaware
374$27,422,000International Bank of Commerce
375$27,354,000Bank One, Cincinnati
376$27,321,000Piedmont Federal Savings Association
377$27,124,000Bank Name Not Available
378$27,062,000Mark Twain Bank
379$26,989,000Union Planters Bank of Florida
380$26,984,000Chase Manhattan Private Bank
381$26,778,000Intrust Bank
382$26,658,000Wells Fargo Bank Alaska
383$26,405,000Fortune Bank a Savings Bank
384$25,954,000Valley National Bank
385$25,919,000Western Federal Savings Bank
386$25,907,000Mercantile Bank of Illinois
387$25,780,000Silicon Valley Bank
389$25,537,000Barnett Bank of Volusia County
390$25,483,000Ameribanc Savings Bank, FSB
391$25,439,000Fifth Third Bank, Northwestern Ohio
392$25,278,000National Bank of Commerce
393$25,268,000Nationsbank of DC
394$25,214,000New Bedford Institution for Savings
395$25,137,000United Jersey Bank/South
396$25,112,000First of America Bank-Ann Arbor
397$25,065,000San Francisco Federal Savings and Loan Association
398$25,017,000Pacific Western Bank
400$24,900,000SunTrust Bank, Gulf Coast
401$24,892,000Bucks County Bank and Trust Company
402$24,718,000Barnett Bank of Lee County
403$24,449,000St Paul Federal Bank for Savings
404$24,439,000Firstbank of Puerto Rico
405$24,417,000Sacramento Savings Bank
406$24,261,000BancorpSouth Bank
407$24,004,000Hudson City Savings Bank
408$23,920,000Primerit Bank, Federal Savings Bank
409$23,912,000Bank of A. Levy
410$23,714,000Kislak National Bank
411$23,655,000Fremont Bank
412$23,632,000United Federal Savings Association of Iowa
413$23,507,000AmSouth Bank of Florida
414$23,489,000First Bank
415$23,421,000Peoples Bank of California
416$23,392,000Norwest Bank Fort Wayne
417$23,389,000First Bank (National Association)
418$23,236,000California United Bank
419$23,162,000SunTrust Bank, Chattanooga
420$23,077,000Union Planters Bank of Mississippi
421$23,033,000Gateway Bank
422$22,868,000AmTrust Bank
423$22,795,000Wells Fargo Bank Wisconsin
424$22,762,000First of America Bank-West Michigan
425$22,750,000Bank of Stockton
426$22,743,000First Bank of Missouri
427$22,563,000United Postal Savings Association
428$22,518,000Wells Fargo Financial Bank
429$22,462,000One Valley Bank
430$22,241,000Old Kent Bank
431$22,167,000OnBank & Trust Co.
432$22,133,000Bank Name Not Available
433$22,046,000Collective Bank
434$21,924,000Chittenden Trust Company
435$21,780,000Quincy Savings Bank
436$21,723,000Lasalle Bank Illinois
437$21,713,000Security Federal Savings Bank
438$21,592,000Provident Bank of Maryland
439$21,516,000First Citizens Bank and Trust Company, Inc.
440$21,431,000Firstar Bank of Minnesota
441$21,362,000Chase Manhattan Bank Delaware
442$21,189,000MultiBank West
443$20,978,000Israel Discount Bank of New York
443$20,978,000Community First National Bank
445$20,874,000American Savings Bank, FSB
446$20,848,000Mercantile-Safe Deposit and Trust Company
447$20,838,000Liberty Bank and Trust Company of Tulsa
448$20,755,000First of America Bank-Champion
450$20,547,000First Federal Bank, a federal savings bank
451$20,519,000Colonial Bank
452$20,447,000Magnolia Federal Bank for Savings
453$20,445,000First Union National Bank of Washington, D.C.
454$20,360,000United New Mexico Bank
455$20,258,000First Union National Bank of Maryland
456$20,256,000Firstar Trust Company
457$20,231,000NBD Bank
458$20,136,000National City Bank, Northeast
459$20,130,000First Trust Bank
460$20,126,000Norwest Bank Texas, South Central
462$20,021,000The Dime Savings Bank of Wallingford
463$20,020,000CivicBank of Commerce
464$19,994,000Fiduciary Trust Company International
465$19,901,000First of America Bank-Illinois
466$19,877,000Independent Bank
467$19,855,000Bank One, Utah
468$19,819,000American Savings of Florida, F.S.B.
469$19,774,000First Vermont Bank
470$19,730,000Lafayette American Bank
471$19,659,000First Bank & Trust
473$19,565,000Napa Valley Bank
474$19,536,000First Bank
475$19,513,000The First National Bank of Gainesville
476$19,477,000Trustco Bank
477$19,407,000Community Bank
478$19,398,000Vermont National Bank
479$19,363,000First of America Bank-Central
480$19,225,000Independence Community Bank
481$19,142,000Key Bank USA
482$18,986,000Ocwen Federal Bank FSB
483$18,917,000The Provident Bank
484$18,897,000Casco Northern Bank
485$18,875,000Columbia First Bank, a Federal Savings Bank
486$18,863,000Manufacturers Bank
487$18,819,000Wells Fargo Bank Texas
488$18,812,000Hancock Bank
489$18,750,000Firstier Bank
490$18,735,000First Bank of North Dakota
491$18,589,000ALBANK, FSB
492$18,569,000Commonwealth Bank
493$18,550,000Bank One, Lima
494$18,549,000Citizens Trust Company
495$18,417,000American Security Bank
496$18,382,000The York Bank and Trust Company
497$18,374,000Continental Savings of America, A Savings and Loan Association
498$18,353,000Columbia Banking Federal Savings Association
499$18,346,000Barnett Bank of Pasco County
500$18,316,000The Ramapo Bank
501$18,302,000Cole Taylor Bank
502$18,285,000CFS Bank
503$18,239,000Rockland Trust Company
504$18,209,000Webster Bank
505$18,169,000Citizens Bank
506$18,162,000Magna Bank
507$18,105,000Firstar Bank Madison
508$18,062,000Morgan Stanley Bank
509$18,000,000Republic National Bank of Miami
510$17,978,000National Bank of Commerce Trust and Savings Association
511$17,945,000Capitol Federal Savings Bank
512$17,902,000Barnett Bank of Manatee County
513$17,899,000Barnett Bank of Polk County
514$17,785,000First Federal Bank of California, a Federal Savings Bank
515$17,717,000Bessemer Trust Company
516$17,677,000First of America Bank-Illinois
517$17,645,000The Idaho First Bank
518$17,527,000Northern Trust
519$17,489,000Old Kent Bank-Southwest
520$17,412,000Jefferson National Bank
521$17,410,000Prospect Park Federal Savings Bank
522$17,348,000Third Federal Savings and Loan Association of Cleveland
523$17,332,000Franklin Federal Savings Association
524$17,305,000Fulton Bank
525$17,125,000State Savings Bank
526$17,119,000Banco Central Hispano - Puerto Rico
527$17,098,000United Bank
528$17,038,000Amcore Bank
529$17,031,000Bay View Bank
530$16,979,000National City Bank, Northwest
531$16,867,000Commerce Bank
532$16,789,000Worcester County Institution for Savings
533$16,677,000First of America Bank-Indiana
535$16,630,000Crestar Bank MD
536$16,626,000First of America Bank - Springfield
537$16,621,000Guardian Bank
538$16,488,000Shawmut Bank NH
539$16,483,000Mid-State Bank and Trust Company
540$16,467,000The Pacific Bank
541$16,414,000NBT Bank
543$16,218,000Hollywood Federal Savings Bank
544$16,206,000Barnett Bank of the Suncoast
545$16,158,000Bank Name Not Available
546$16,015,000Nordstrom fsb
547$15,972,000Boatmen's Bank of Southern Missouri
548$15,964,000Mid-State Bank & Trust
549$15,942,000Santander National Bank
550$15,933,000Leader Federal Bank for Savings
551$15,885,000Barnett Bank of Naples
552$15,880,000Compass Bank-Dallas
553$15,839,000Associated Bank
554$15,798,000Norwest Bank El Paso
555$15,794,000U. S. Bank of Nevada
556$15,701,000Union Bank and Trust Company
557$15,683,000SANTA MONICA BANK
558$15,679,000Hansen Federal Savings Association
559$15,616,000The Bank of Mid-Jersey
560$15,538,000Valley Bank
561$15,508,000Huntington Banks of Michigan
562$15,498,000Fidelity New York FSB
563$15,467,000Bessemer Trust Company
564$15,452,000Simmons First National Bank
565$15,441,000First of America-North Central Illinois
566$15,436,000Commercial National Bank in Shreveport
568$15,409,000Tokai Bank of California
569$15,354,000Far West Federal Savings Bank
570$15,341,000Crestar Bank FSB
571$15,265,000Mizuho Corporate Bank (USA)
572$15,263,000Shadow Lawn Savings Bank, SLA
573$15,191,000Amalgamated Bank
574$15,047,000The Howard Bank
575$15,040,000First Midwest Bank/Illinois
576$15,012,000Citizens Bank of Massachusetts
577$14,978,000Old National Bank
578$14,971,000Mechanics Savings Bank
579$14,967,000Local Oklahoma Bank
580$14,886,000Citicorp Trust Bank, fsb
581$14,860,000LaSalle Cragin Bank, FSB
582$14,799,000The Citizens National Bank of Evansville
583$14,681,000First Interstate Bank of Utah
584$14,602,000U.S. Bank of Utah
585$14,511,000Roosevelt Savings Bank
586$14,508,000Citizens Federal Bank, F.S.B., a Federal Savings Bank
587$14,470,000SunTrust Bank, East Tennessee
588$14,440,000Boatmen's Bank of Delaware
589$14,424,000Topa Thrift and Loan Association
590$14,389,000Sky Bank-Mid AM Region
591$14,337,000Mechanics Bank
592$14,311,000New South Federal Savings Bank
593$14,303,000First Interstate Bank of Idaho
594$14,278,000Mercantile Bank of Kansas City
595$14,271,000First Heights Bank, a FSB
596$14,255,000Bank Name Not Available
597$14,243,000The East New York Savings Bank
598$14,229,000The Derby Savings Bank
599$14,159,000HomeBank Federal Savings Association
600$14,071,000The Bank of Hartford, Inc.
601$14,050,000Barnett Bank of Tallahassee
602$14,047,000American General Financial Center
603$14,031,000Boatmen's First National Bank of Amarillo
604$14,022,000The Fifth Third Savings Bank of Western Kentucky, F.S.B.
605$14,018,0001st Source Bank
606$13,972,000LaSalle Bank
607$13,953,000Northwest Savings Bank
608$13,944,000United Commercial Bank
609$13,884,000First of America Bank - Northern Michigan
610$13,822,000The First National Bank of Des Plaines
611$13,812,000Bank of America New Mexico
612$13,769,000First National Bank of Evergreen Park
613$13,735,000Lemont Federal Savings Association
614$13,732,000Barnett Bank of Marion County
615$13,720,000Bank Name Not Available
616$13,599,000Coral Gables Federal Savings and Loan Association
617$13,595,000Intercontinental Bank
618$13,582,000Superior Bank FSB
619$13,426,000Fort Wayne National Bank
620$13,396,000Central Bank
621$13,349,000Comerica Bank-California
622$13,339,000Norwest Bank Minnesota South
623$13,316,000Bank of North America
624$13,307,000MetroWest Bank
625$13,287,000Bank One, Illinois
626$13,236,000Consolidated Bank
627$13,160,000First Western Bank
628$13,113,000Bank One, Merrillville
629$13,070,000Bank of New Hampshire
630$13,040,000Amboy Bank
631$12,923,000NBD Bank
632$12,905,000M&I Bank of Southern Wisconsin
633$12,840,000Banamex USA
634$12,816,000Central Pacific Bank
635$12,794,000Keystone Financial Bank
636$12,747,000Evergreen Bank
637$12,721,000Plaza Home Mortgage Bank, a Federal Savings Bank
638$12,690,000Boatmen's Bank of Tennessee
638$12,690,000Caliber Bank
640$12,659,000PFF Bank & Trust
641$12,625,000Bancflorida, A Federal Savings Bank
642$12,604,000West One Bank, Oregon
643$12,602,000Fidelity Bank
644$12,599,000Home Federal Savings Bank
645$12,576,000Bank Name Not Available
646$12,551,000Equity Bank for Savings, F.A.
647$12,526,000Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
648$12,507,000Neworld Bank
649$12,477,000Comerica Bank
650$12,452,000First National Bank of Pennsylvania
651$12,386,000Stockton Savings Bank, FSB
652$12,359,000United Counties Trust Company
653$12,336,000SunTrust Bank, Mid-Florida
654$12,323,000City National Bank of Baton Rouge
655$12,255,000First Republic Thrift & Loan
656$12,180,000Compass Bank
657$12,106,000First Financial Bank
658$12,104,000First Midwest Bank
659$12,087,000Star Bank, National Association, Kentucky
660$12,074,000American International Bank
661$11,961,000Household Bank (Illinois), N.A.
662$11,951,000Bank One, Boulder
663$11,917,000Bank Name Not Available
664$11,900,000Boatmen's National Bank of Des Moines
665$11,885,000American Bank
666$11,794,000TCF National Bank Wisconsin
666$11,794,000Merchants Bank
668$11,762,000South Boston Savings Bank
669$11,724,000Beneficial Mutual Savings Bank
670$11,717,000PNC Mortgage Bank
671$11,709,000Home Federal Bank of Tennessee
672$11,699,000Northern Central Bank
674$11,659,000Crestmont Federal Savings and Loan Association
675$11,643,000Bank Name Not Available
676$11,629,000Avondale Federal Savings Bank
677$11,625,000First National Bank Alaska
678$11,608,000SunTrust Bank, East Central Florida
679$11,575,000Cape Cod Bank and Trust
680$11,529,000Amarillo National Bank
681$11,522,000First Bank & Trust
682$11,490,000Universal Bank
683$11,487,000Southern National Bank of South Carolina
684$11,431,000First National Bank of Jefferson Parish
685$11,404,000Barnett Bank of the Treasure Coast
686$11,388,000Home Loan Investment Bank, F.S.B.
687$11,376,000Bank of Louisville
688$11,365,000LaSalle Bank NI
689$11,353,000Signet Bank
690$11,347,000Mercantile Bank
691$11,345,000Bank Name Not Available
692$11,341,000Bank One, Colorado Springs
693$11,327,000CFX Bank
694$11,316,000Germantown Savings Bank
695$11,312,000Washington Trust Bank
696$11,303,000Mechanics National Bank
697$11,251,000The Laredo National Bank
698$11,238,000National Penn Bank
699$11,228,000The Huntington National Bank of Indiana
700$11,201,000Coastal Federal Savings Bank
701$11,154,000Andover Bank
702$11,151,000City Bank
703$11,138,000S&T Bank
704$11,119,000The National Bank of South Carolina
705$11,087,000Flagstar Bank, FSB
705$11,087,000The Roslyn Savings Bank
707$11,085,000Associated Bank Menomonee Falls
708$11,063,000Coastal Banc, S.S.B.
709$11,039,000Second National Bank of Saginaw
710$11,038,000Hawthorne Savings, F.S.B.
711$11,029,000Transflorida Bank
712$11,028,000Liberty Bank
713$11,027,000Ridgewood Savings Bank
714$10,980,000Fullerton Community Bank, FSB
715$10,968,000Santa Monica Bank
716$10,963,000Bank Name Not Available
717$10,932,000Citizens Business Bank
718$10,928,000Firstar Bank Cedar Rapids
719$10,924,000Pioneer Financial, A Cooperative Bank
720$10,890,000Standard Federal Bank for Savings
721$10,860,000Plymouth Savings Bank
722$10,834,000Wells Fargo Bank Wyoming
723$10,818,000Univest Bank and Trust Co.
724$10,812,000Pioneer Bank
725$10,789,000The Calcasieu-Marine National Bank of Lake Charles
726$10,740,000Johnson Bank
727$10,709,000First Fidelity Investment & Loan
728$10,687,000HSBC Bank Nevada
729$10,665,000Midland Bank
730$10,651,000Promistar Bank
731$10,638,000BSB Bank & Trust Company
732$10,626,000Franklin First Savings Bank
733$10,600,000Sterling Bank and Trust, FSB
734$10,593,000Sterling Bank
735$10,561,000Firstrust Savings Bank
736$10,551,000Huntington National Bank West Virginia
737$10,475,000Cathay Bank
738$10,450,000Pacific Southwest Bank
739$10,414,000Somerset Savings Bank
740$10,378,000The Norwich Savings Society
741$10,360,000Pawling Savings Bank
742$10,352,000Norwest Bank Colorado Springs
743$10,325,000First Bank
744$10,320,000Key Bank of Colorado
745$10,307,000Southern California Bank
746$10,276,000Ocean Bank
747$10,261,000Bankers Savings
748$10,259,000Plains Commerce Bank
749$10,219,000Bank of America Idaho
750$10,218,000The Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank
751$10,184,000Farmers and Merchants Bank of Long Beach
752$10,173,000Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB
753$10,150,000Bank One, Bloomington
754$10,148,000AnchorBank, fsb
755$10,121,000Oriental Bank and Trust
756$10,104,000Valley View State Bank
757$10,055,000Wells Fargo Bank North Dakota
759$10,031,000Great Financial Bank, FSB
760$10,011,000First Virginia Bank - Hampton Roads
761$9,977,000First Financial Bank
762$9,975,000United Missouri Bank of St. Louis
763$9,968,000First Commercial Bank
764$9,946,000Eldorado Bank
765$9,918,000Bank One, Rockford
766$9,913,000Bank One, Wisconsin
767$9,882,000The Savings Bank
768$9,879,000First Interstate Bank
769$9,878,000Barnett Bank of Alachua County
770$9,865,000Mercantile Bank of Arkansas
771$9,856,000Merrill Lynch Bank and Trust Company
772$9,855,000SI Bank & Trust
773$9,853,000Imperial Capital Bank
774$9,849,000Lehigh Valley Bank
775$9,801,000Scotiabank de Puerto Rico
776$9,773,000Whitney Bank
777$9,768,000Western Bank
778$9,756,000Lake Shore National Bank
779$9,746,000Bank of Montana
781$9,732,000Suntrust Bank, Treasure Coast
782$9,716,000Pacific Northwest Bank
783$9,714,000American Federal Bank, FSB
784$9,690,000Partners Trust Bank
785$9,659,000Barnett Bank of West Florida
786$9,644,000Washington Federal
787$9,618,000Amalgamated Bank of Chicago
788$9,603,000Colonial Savings, F.A.
789$9,599,000Mechanics Bank
790$9,598,000Mellon Bank MD
791$9,533,000Citizens Bank of Connecticut
792$9,490,000East West Bank
793$9,459,000Chase Bank of Arizona
794$9,435,000Mercantile Bank
795$9,405,000Community Bank
796$9,399,000The Mission Bank
796$9,399,000M&I Bank Fox Valley
798$9,365,000SunTrust BankCard
799$9,342,000Renasant Bank
800$9,318,000First of America Bank-Metro Southwest
801$9,304,000The American Bank of the South
802$9,294,000Sun Bank and Trust Company
803$9,292,000K Bank
804$9,282,000SUNWEST Bank of El Paso
805$9,262,000Corpus Christi National Bank
806$9,254,000Norwest Bank Minnesota North
807$9,224,000SunTrust Bank, Middle Georgia
808$9,220,000Fort Hood National Bank
809$9,216,000Goldome Federal Savings Bank
810$9,197,000SunTrust Bank, Southwest Florida
811$9,191,000Trans Financial Bank
812$9,189,000FMB-First Michigan Bank
813$9,179,000Roig Commercial Bank
814$9,176,000Valley Bank
815$9,167,000West One Bank, Oregon, S.B.
816$9,165,000Barnett Bank of Lake County
818$9,114,000Regency Savings Bank, A FSB
819$9,107,000Bank One, Mansfield
820$9,091,000Cambridge Savings Bank
821$9,077,000John Hanson Federal Savings Bank
822$9,004,000California United Bank
823$8,983,000Medford Savings Bank
824$8,973,000Home Federal Savings Bank
825$8,936,000Reliance Federal Savings Bank
826$8,926,000Commerce Bank
827$8,891,000Great Lakes Bank
828$8,861,000Redlands Federal Bank, F.S.B.
829$8,852,000United Federal Savings Bank
830$8,851,000Branch Banking and Trust Company of Virginia
831$8,827,000Fifth Third Bank
832$8,809,000The Co-operative Bank of Concord
833$8,797,000SouthTrust Bank of Florida
834$8,778,000The Second National Bank of Warren
835$8,773,000Barnett Bank of the St. Johns
836$8,744,000The Fifth Third Bank of Columbus
837$8,736,000Superior Bank, FSB
838$8,733,000Hemet Federal Savings and Loan Association
839$8,703,000Southwest Bank
840$8,687,000PremierBank & Trust
842$8,684,000California Bank & Trust
843$8,638,000The Park National Bank
844$8,614,000P N C Bank, Indiana, Inc.
845$8,596,000Charter National Bank - Houston
846$8,585,000Seacoast National Bank
847$8,561,000Northern Trust Bank of California
848$8,547,000Northern Trust Bank/Lake Forest
849$8,544,000First Bank
850$8,529,000SunTrust Bank, North Florida
851$8,519,000Integra Trust Company
852$8,516,000Peoples Savings Bank
853$8,493,000TierOne Bank
854$8,492,000Commerce Bank
855$8,487,000HomeStreet Bank
856$8,485,000The Midway National Bank of St. Paul
857$8,482,000Hudson United Bank
858$8,470,000Exchange Bank
859$8,448,000Ludlow Savings Bank
860$8,437,000First Liberty Bank
861$8,402,000SunTrust Bank, Northwest, Florida
862$8,398,000Ventura County National Bank
863$8,380,000The Pioneer Federal Savings and Loan Association
864$8,367,000American National Bank of Florida
865$8,351,000Firstar Bank Illinois
866$8,348,000Great Country Bank
867$8,345,000Barnett Bank of Highlands County
868$8,340,000Garden State Bank
869$8,337,000First Federal Bank
870$8,331,000Society First Federal Savings Bank
871$8,316,000Huntington Bank Charleston
872$8,310,000Advest Trust Company
873$8,306,000Bank Mutual
874$8,263,000The Savings Bank of Manchester
875$8,257,000Fireside Bank
876$8,213,000Sunwest Bank
877$8,210,000Bay Savings Bank FSB
878$8,209,000Summit Bank
879$8,205,000Bank Name Not Available
880$8,198,000M&I Bank Northeast
881$8,189,000Broadway National Bank
882$8,185,000Extraco Banks
883$8,175,000Bayside Federal Savings Bank
884$8,166,000Bankers First Savings Bank, FSB
885$8,136,000Michigan Bank, Federal Savings Bank
886$8,129,000Salem Five Cents Savings Bank
887$8,108,000Guardian Federal Savings Association
888$8,098,000Fiserv Trust Company
889$8,088,000Charter Pacific Bank
890$8,074,000Vermont Federal National Bank
891$8,073,000York Federal Savings and Loan Association
892$8,046,000May National Bank of Ohio
893$8,039,000Main Line Bank
894$8,031,000Cooper River Federal Savings Association
895$8,027,000United Trust Bank
896$8,022,000Family Bank
897$8,004,000Bank Name Not Available
898$7,998,000AmSouth Bank of Tennessee
898$7,998,000Colonial Bank
900$7,992,000Century Bank and Trust Company
902$7,956,000Glens Falls National Bank and Trust Company
903$7,918,000First Virginia Bank-Southwest
904$7,902,000Bank of Guam
905$7,894,000First Federal Capital Bank
906$7,886,000Riverside National Bank
907$7,853,000Bank of the Hudson
908$7,834,000EST National Bank
909$7,790,000Bank One, Green Bay
910$7,781,000CenFed Bank, A Federal Savings Bank
911$7,780,000Raleigh Federal Savings Bank
912$7,767,000Essex Savings Bank, F.S.B.
913$7,747,000SunTrust Bank, North Central Florida
914$7,734,000Compass Bank for Savings
915$7,733,000Highland Federal Bank, F.S.B.
916$7,715,000General Bank
917$7,711,000AmerUs Bank
918$7,689,000Bank One, Fremont
919$7,684,000The Chase Manhattan Bank of Maryland
920$7,662,000Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (U.S.A.) Limited
922$7,653,000ValliWide Bank
923$7,646,000First Bank of Florida
924$7,630,000Security Federal Savings and Loan Association
925$7,618,000Norwest Bank Boulder
926$7,615,000First of America Bank-Upper Peninsula
927$7,600,000Bank One, West Virginia, Charleston
928$7,599,000Pacific Crest Bank
929$7,596,000Piedmont Trust Bank
930$7,594,000Security Bank of Kansas City
931$7,592,000Norwest Bank Texas, North Central
932$7,580,000Farmers & Mechanics Bank
933$7,568,000Silverton Bank
934$7,563,000Bell Federal Savings and Loan Association
935$7,560,000Cheltenham Bank
936$7,553,000Andrew Jackson Savings Bank
937$7,551,000TIB The Independent Bankersbank
938$7,528,000The Suffolk County National Bank of Riverhead
939$7,525,000Barnett Bank of Southwest Georgia
940$7,519,000Bank of Newport
941$7,516,000Branch Banking and Trust Company of South Carolina
942$7,509,000Broad National Bank
943$7,499,000Sterling Savings Bank
944$7,463,000Royal Bank America
945$7,450,000University Savings Bank
946$7,446,000Bankers Trust Company
947$7,432,000Carolina First Bank
948$7,412,000Norwest Bank Fort Collins
949$7,411,000The First National Bank of Lafayette
950$7,386,000Southern Federal Savings Association of Georgia
951$7,377,000SouthTrust Bank of North Carolina
952$7,367,000Ameriserv Financial Bank
953$7,362,000Bank One, West Virginia
954$7,358,000Unizan Bank
955$7,302,000First Virginia Bank - Colonial
956$7,300,000Third National Bank and Trust Company of Scranton
957$7,298,000Brenton Bank
957$7,298,000Suncoast Savings and Loan Association, FSA
959$7,260,000Columbia National Bank of Chicago
960$7,228,000Susquehanna Bank
961$7,202,000Volunteer Federal Savings Association
962$7,201,000Connecticut Bank of Commerce
963$7,197,000Bank Name Not Available
964$7,191,000The Merchants Bank of New York
965$7,190,000Sun Bank of Pasco County
966$7,182,000Investors Bank
967$7,178,000Ulster Savings Bank
968$7,175,000Jamaica Savings Bank FSB
969$7,171,000Columbia Bank
970$7,151,000The Putnam Trust Company
971$7,147,000Johnstown Interim Bank
972$7,125,000National Bank of Southern California
973$7,119,000Bank One, Richmond
973$7,119,000Community First National Bank
975$7,113,000Norwest Bank Littleton
975$7,113,000SouthTrust Bank of Dothan
977$7,102,000Firstar Bank Sheboygan
978$7,084,000Republic Bank
979$7,041,000Lakeside Bank
980$7,017,000California State Bank
981$7,015,000First Charter Bank
981$7,015,000The Mahoning National Bank of Youngstown
983$7,014,000SunTrust Bank, Savannah
984$6,986,000Jefferson Bank
985$6,982,000Custodial Trust Company
986$6,974,000Boatmen's National Bank of Northwest Arkansas
987$6,962,000First Coastal Bank
988$6,952,000Penn Security Bank and Trust Company
989$6,936,000Central Bank & Trust Co.
990$6,934,000Fairfax Savings, A FSB
991$6,930,000Bank Midwest
992$6,924,000The F&M Bank & Trust Company
993$6,886,000First Bank Texas
994$6,821,000Westernbank Puerto Rico
995$6,818,000Firstar Bank Iowa
996$6,806,000Old Kent Bank
997$6,802,000Barnett Bank of Martin County
998$6,781,000Security First Bank
999$6,780,000Bank One, Athens
1000$6,766,000The Washington Trust Company of Westerly
1001$6,763,000First National Bank
1002$6,754,000BLC Bank N. A.
1003$6,747,000Bank of San Pedro
1004$6,735,000Union Safe Deposit Bank
1005$6,725,000Home Savings Bank, F.S.B.
1005$6,725,000Sterling Bank
1007$6,722,000Star Bank, National Association, Indiana
1008$6,714,000Chelsea Groton Bank
1009$6,705,000Barnett Bank of the Keys
1010$6,703,000Fidelity Bank
1011$6,699,000Rocky Mountain Bank, F.S.B.
1012$6,697,000Boston Federal Savings Bank
1013$6,683,000First Federal Bank of Colorado
1014$6,669,000The Lexington State Bank
1015$6,662,000National City Bank of Minneapolis
1016$6,655,000The Huntington National Bank of Kentucky
1017$6,651,000Foothill Independent Bank
1018$6,646,000Heritage Bank
1019$6,629,000Bank One, Appleton
1020$6,628,000The Bryn Mawr Trust Company
1021$6,626,000Wells Fargo Bank Montana
1022$6,624,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of America
1023$6,619,000Jefferson Bank of Florida
1024$6,604,000SierraWest Bank
1025$6,602,000Citizens Savings Bank FSB
1026$6,595,000Tri Counties Bank
1027$6,594,000American Community Bank
1028$6,591,000Mid-Hudson Savings Bank FSB
1029$6,585,000The Riggs National Bank of Virginia
1030$6,569,000First Essex Bank
1031$6,556,000First Fidelity Bank
1032$6,547,000May National Bank of Arizona
1033$6,526,000MB Financial Bank
1034$6,524,000The Central Trust Bank
1035$6,515,000Flushing Savings Bank, FSB
1036$6,466,000SunAmerica Trust Company
1037$6,453,000Washington Federal Savings Bank
1038$6,441,000Harris Bank Naperville
1039$6,440,000Orange Bank
1040$6,428,000Commonwealth Federal Savings Bank
1041$6,421,000PNC Bank, Northern Kentucky
1042$6,413,000Rapides Bank & Trust Company in Alexandria
1043$6,382,000Bank One, Dover
1044$6,338,000First National Bank Northwest Ohio
1045$6,333,000Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Puerto Rico
1046$6,327,000Pinnacle Bank
1047$6,319,000Superior Savings of New England
1048$6,317,000Parkvale Savings Bank
1049$6,316,000Riverside National Bank of Florida
1050$6,314,000Mercantile National Bank
1051$6,290,000Pacific Union Bank
1052$6,281,000Mark Twain Kansas City Bank
1053$6,280,000Commerce Bank
1054$6,278,000Richmond County Savings Bank
1055$6,253,000Busey Bank
1056$6,249,000The Harleysville National Bank and Trust Company
1057$6,248,000Beneficial National Bank
1058$6,240,000Hudson River Bank & Trust Company
1059$6,232,000Homebanc Federal Savings Bank
1060$6,230,000Bankers Federal Savings FSB
1061$6,220,000New York Community Bank
1062$6,219,000Peoples National Bank of Central Pennsylvania
1063$6,218,000The Home Savings and Loan Company of Youngstown, Ohio
1064$6,217,000Spencer Savings Bank, SLA
1065$6,206,000Cobb Federal Savings Association
1066$6,201,000Bank One, Portsmouth
1068$6,195,000Commerce Security Bank
1069$6,183,000Liberty Bank
1070$6,182,000Novato National Bank
1071$6,169,000Century Bank
1071$6,169,000Franklin Lamoille Bank
1073$6,168,000Success National Bank
1074$6,147,000Penn Federal Savings Bank
1075$6,134,000First of America Bank-Decatur
1076$6,126,000First Dewitt Bank
1077$6,125,000City National Bank of Florida
1078$6,120,000Union National Bank of Texas
1079$6,113,000First Niagara Bank
1080$6,112,000Bank of America California
1081$6,110,000Central National Bank, Canajoharie
1082$6,094,000Farmers Bank & Capital Trust Company
1083$6,093,000Interchange Bank
1084$6,073,000Bank Name Not Available
1085$6,070,000Old Kent Bank - East
1086$6,067,000Polifly Federal Savings and Loan Assocition
1087$6,059,000Provident Bank - Dallas
1088$6,057,000Bank One, Greeley
1089$6,055,000Valley American Bank and Trust Company
1090$6,053,000Monarch Bank, FSB
1091$6,038,000Bank of North Texas
1092$6,035,000Bank Name Not Available
1093$6,034,000Norwest Bank Minnesota South Central
1094$6,013,000Arvest Bank
1095$6,012,000M&I Thunderbird Bank
1096$6,004,000United California Savings Bank
1097$5,998,000St. Francis Bank, F.S.B.
1098$5,996,000Norwest Bank Minnesota West
1099$5,994,000Bank One, Wheeling-Steubenville
1100$5,993,000First State Bank of Texas
1101$5,989,000The Troy Savings Bank
1102$5,981,000Prime Bank
1103$5,980,000Bank of America Utah
1104$5,979,000Middlesex Savings Bank
1105$5,964,000The Stillwater National Bank and Trust Company
1106$5,963,000Arvest Bank
1106$5,963,000Waypoint Bank
1108$5,961,000F&M Bank-Winchester
1109$5,960,000Bank One, Wisconsin
1110$5,947,000Republic Savings Bank, FSB
1111$5,918,000Harbor Federal Savings Bank
1112$5,902,000Century National Bank
1112$5,902,000Sterling National Bank
1114$5,885,000Provident Savings Bank, F.S.B.
1115$5,881,000Marquette Bank
1117$5,877,000Bay Bank & Trust Co.
1118$5,870,000American Savings Bank
1119$5,867,000U.S. Savings Bank of Washington
1120$5,860,000Community Trust Bank, Inc.
1121$5,851,000State First National Bank
1122$5,842,000Sunrise Bank of California
1123$5,831,000First County Bank
1124$5,829,000The First National Bank of Central Illinois
1125$5,827,000Amerifed Bank, FSB
1125$5,827,000United Savings Bank
1127$5,823,000First National Bank
1128$5,814,000PlainsCapital Bank
1129$5,813,000Gateway State Bank
1130$5,804,000First American Bank
1131$5,798,000Firstar Bank Kentucky
1132$5,792,000Pacific National Bank
1132$5,792,000WestStar Bank
1134$5,789,000Community First Bank
1135$5,769,000Sabadell United Bank
1136$5,764,000Bank One, Madison
1137$5,744,000The Flemington National Bank and Trust Company
1138$5,731,000Bank of Southern California
1138$5,731,000Berkshire Bank
1140$5,728,000Far East National Bank
1141$5,706,000Asheville Savings Bank, S.S.B.
1142$5,702,000First National Bank of Rochester
1143$5,685,000Union Savings Bank
1144$5,684,000Farmers & Merchants Bank of Central California
1145$5,683,000Potters Bank
1146$5,677,000SunTrust Bank, West Georgia
1147$5,669,000International Savings and Loan Association LTD
1148$5,659,000Irwin Union Bank and Trust Company
1148$5,659,000Pioneer Bank & Trust Company
1150$5,642,000Virginia First Savings, FSB
1151$5,631,000Firstar Bank Oshkosh
1152$5,628,000The Savings Bank of Rockland County
1153$5,625,000Hamilton Federal Savings F.A.
1154$5,622,000River City Bank
1155$5,621,000Bank One, Fort Collins/Loveland
1155$5,621,000Barnett Bank of North Central Florida
1157$5,620,000OceanFirst Bank
1158$5,604,000Tompkins Trust Company
1159$5,594,000First of America Bank-Champaign
1160$5,588,000California Thrift and Loan
1161$5,575,000First of America Bank-Quad Cities
1162$5,571,000Capital City First National Bank of Tallahassee
1163$5,569,000Pacific Thrift and Loan Company
1164$5,563,000SunTrust Bank, Northeast Georgia
1165$5,560,000First Indiana Bank
1166$5,554,000Bank of Bentonville
1167$5,541,000The Fifth Third Bank of Northern Kentucky, Inc.
1168$5,540,000Frontier Bank
1169$5,535,000The Hazleton National Bank
1170$5,534,000The Sandwich Co-operative Bank
1170$5,534,000SunTrust Bank, Southeast Georgia
1172$5,527,000Northwestern Savings Bank
1173$5,523,000SouthTrust Bank
1174$5,513,000The Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank
1175$5,512,000First Pacific National Bank
1175$5,512,000The Security National Bank and Trust Co.
1177$5,503,000Pacific Heritage Bank
1178$5,502,000Security Capital Bank
1179$5,498,000The Merchants National Bank of Aurora
1180$5,497,000Commercial Bank of New York
1181$5,486,000Norwest Bank Minnesota Central
1182$5,484,000Bank One, Cambridge
1183$5,470,000First State Bank
1184$5,468,000SunTrust Bank, South Georgia
1185$5,464,000Old Kent Bank-Central
1186$5,462,000Bank of Canton of California
1187$5,452,000First Virginia Bank-Central Maryland
1188$5,451,000Texas State Bank
1189$5,445,000The Chase Manhattan Bank
1190$5,420,000Lebanon Valley National Bank
1191$5,412,000Warren Five Cents Savings Bank
1192$5,411,000Bank One, Kenosha
1193$5,410,000First Place Bank
1194$5,397,000First of America Bank - Northwest Indiana
1195$5,394,000Cambridge Trust Company
1195$5,394,000Wainwright Bank & Trust Company
1197$5,391,000Mercantile Bank of St. Joseph
1198$5,390,000SunTrust Bank, Augusta
1199$5,383,000Palmetto Federal Savings Bank of South Carolina
1200$5,370,000Montana Bank
1201$5,368,000Old Kent Bank of Grand Haven
1203$5,360,000Oak Brook Bank
1205$5,352,000Union Planters Bank of Louisiana
1206$5,350,000Mellon PSFS (NJ)
1207$5,347,000University Bank
1208$5,343,000The Glastonbury Bank and Trust Company
1209$5,337,000Independent Banker's Bank of Florida
1211$5,329,000Citizens Savings Bank F.S.B.
1212$5,327,000Bank One, Coshocton
1213$5,323,000Home Federal Savings and Loan Association
1214$5,321,000First Merchants Bank
1214$5,321,000National Bank of the Commonwealth
1216$5,314,000Continental National Bank
1217$5,312,000Lakeland Savings Bank
1218$5,310,000First Community Bank
1219$5,308,000Wells Fargo Bank Michigan
1220$5,305,000North Shore Bank, FSB
1221$5,304,000First Regional Bank
1222$5,293,000Old Kent Bank-Grand Traverse
1223$5,289,000Vista Federal Savings Association
1224$5,287,000Horizon Bank
1225$5,284,000Bank One, Marion
1225$5,284,000Norwest Bank Texas, South
1227$5,283,000Coppermark Bank
1228$5,277,000South Side National Bank in St. Louis
1229$5,271,000M&I Bank South
1230$5,264,000Vectra Bank
1231$5,262,000Capital Bank
1232$5,254,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of East Hartford
1233$5,250,000Hanmi Bank
1234$5,233,000First Financial Bank
1235$5,229,000North County Bank
1236$5,223,000Eastern Savings Bank, FSB
1237$5,217,000Chemical Bank Shoreline
1238$5,214,000Monroe Bank & Trust
1239$5,198,000Vanguard Bank & Trust Company
1240$5,197,000Montecito Bank & Trust
1241$5,192,000First-Knox National Bank
1242$5,189,000The Bank of New Haven
1243$5,182,000American Bank of Connecticut
1244$5,179,000Firstar Bank Fond Du Lac
1245$5,174,000Investors Bank & Trust Company
1245$5,174,000Investors National Bank
1247$5,171,000Comerica Bank & Trust, Federal Savings Bank
1248$5,163,000Bangor Savings Bank
1249$5,160,000Beverly Bank
1250$5,158,000American General Bank, FSB
1251$5,156,000Barnett Bank of Northwest Florida
1252$5,147,000Sky Bank
1253$5,145,000Washington Savings Bank
1254$5,144,000Fifth Third Bank, Indiana
1255$5,140,000First Interstate Bank of Wyoming
1256$5,138,000M&I First American Bank
1256$5,138,000The Huntington National Bank of Lakeland
1258$5,127,000CoreFirst Bank & Trust
1259$5,117,000Country Bank for Savings
1260$5,114,000Associated Bank
1261$5,089,000The Owensboro National Bank
1262$5,080,000Fidelity Federal Bank & Trust
1263$5,064,000Wells Fargo Bank Illinois
1264$5,053,000Mercantile Bank of Joplin
1265$5,050,000Citibank USA
1265$5,050,000SouthTrust Bank of Mobile
1267$5,046,000Lockwood National Bank of Houston
1268$5,040,000Liberty National Bank of Northern Kentucky
1269$5,037,000CambridgePort Bank
1270$5,025,000Wells Fargo Bank South Central
1271$4,999,000New Era Bank
1272$4,998,000Wesbanco Bank, Inc.
1273$4,988,000Mellon 1st Business Bank
1274$4,987,000Signal Bank
1274$4,987,000National Bank of Commerce of Birmingham
1276$4,985,000Bank One, West Virginia, Beckley
1277$4,979,000Chemung Canal Trust Company
1278$4,975,000Southwest Bank, An M&I Bank
1279$4,974,000Placer Sierra Bank
1280$4,973,000Norwest Bank Northglenn
1281$4,970,000The Security National Bank of Sioux City, Iowa
1282$4,953,000First Farmers and Merchants Bank
1283$4,948,000Atlantic Bank
1285$4,945,000First Lehigh Bank
1286$4,939,000Alerus Financial
1287$4,935,000The First National Bank of Portsmouth
1288$4,921,000Bank One, Sidney
1289$4,919,000The Jefferson Guaranty Bank
1290$4,911,000Cohoes Savings Bank
1291$4,909,000Landmark Bank
1292$4,902,000American Pacific State Bank
1293$4,900,000First Acadiana National Bank Opelousas
1294$4,899,000Barnett Bank of Southeast Georgia
1295$4,894,000Sandy Spring Bank
1296$4,891,000BayBank FSB
1297$4,881,000The Lorain National Bank
1298$4,872,000Magna Bank
1299$4,871,000Firstar Bank Council Bluffs
1300$4,867,000Mercantile National Bank of Indiana
1302$4,858,0001st Performance National Bank
1303$4,857,000Wells Fargo Bank Nevada
1304$4,845,000Town North Bank, N. A.
1305$4,843,000Bank Name Not Available
1306$4,841,000Indiana Federal Bank for Savings
1307$4,836,000Overton Bank and Trust
1308$4,829,000Union Bank & Trust Company
1309$4,810,000The Old Phoenix National Bank of Medina
1310$4,809,000First National Bank of Vicksburg
1311$4,806,000Boatmen's National Bank of Cape Girardeau
1312$4,804,000Mercantile Bank of Warrensburg
1313$4,803,000Nevada State Bank
1314$4,801,000Bar Harbor Bank & Trust
1315$4,800,000Union Planters Bank of Kentucky
1316$4,789,000First PREMIER Bank
1316$4,789,000One Valley Bank, Inc.
1318$4,786,000First Security Bank of Oregon
1319$4,785,000Mount Holly State Bank
1319$4,785,000Wells Fargo Bank Indiana
1321$4,776,000Marathon National Bank
1322$4,775,000Friendly Bank of Oklahoma City
1323$4,759,000Arvest State Bank
1324$4,756,000Tri City National Bank
1325$4,755,000City Bank
1325$4,755,000Lake City Bank
1327$4,752,000Bank One, Peoria
1328$4,747,000The Cortland Savings and Banking Company
1329$4,737,000First Security Bank of Southern New Mexico
1330$4,734,000Eagle Bank
1330$4,734,000Home Federal Savings Bank of Missouri
1332$4,727,000The Riggs National Bank of Maryland
1333$4,721,000White Horse Federal Savings and Loan Association
1334$4,699,000Central Co-operative Bank
1334$4,699,000Citizens & Northern Bank
1336$4,698,000Farmers Bank and Trust Company of Hanover
1337$4,697,000Bank One, Western Colorado
1338$4,696,000Barnett Bank of Lake Okeechobee
1339$4,673,000First Federal Savings Association
1340$4,671,000SunTrust Bank, Northeast Tennessee
1341$4,670,000The Citizens National Bank
1342$4,669,000SouthTrust Bank of Huntsville
1343$4,668,000Mercantile Bank
1343$4,668,000Olympus Bank A Federal Savings Bank
1345$4,666,000Chemical Bank
1345$4,666,000First Virginia Bank-Maryland
1345$4,666,000SunTrust Bank, South Central Tennessee
1348$4,665,000Community Savings Bank
1349$4,661,000The First National Bank of Lake Charles
1350$4,655,000First American Bank SSB
1351$4,653,000Harris Bank Barrington
1352$4,648,000Community Bank of Florida, Inc.
1353$4,644,000Progress Bank
1354$4,637,000American National Savings Bank, F.S.B.
1355$4,624,000Safety Fund National Bank
1356$4,606,000The First National Bank of Southeastern Ohio
1357$4,605,000First National Bank & Trust
1357$4,605,000Norwest Bank Texas, Waco
1359$4,597,000Southern Bank and Trust Company
1360$4,589,000Firstar Bank Eau Claire
1360$4,589,000United Bank
1362$4,588,000Pinnacle Bank
1363$4,585,000Concord Savings Bank
1363$4,585,000Peoples Bank & Trust Company
1363$4,585,000The National Bank of Sussex County
1366$4,584,000United Bank
1367$4,582,000The Dime Svgs. Bank of Williamsburgh
1368$4,579,000First Victoria National Bank
1370$4,565,000Hawaii National Bank
1371$4,558,000The Boone County National Bank of Columbia
1372$4,552,000Peoples First Community Bank
1373$4,547,000Glenview State Bank
1374$4,542,000The Harlingen National Bank
1375$4,540,000Spectrum Bank
1376$4,534,000Quaker City Bank
1377$4,528,000Orange National Bank
1378$4,524,000Emprise Bank
1379$4,516,000Gate City Bank
1380$4,513,000Commerce Bank
1380$4,513,000National Bank of Long Beach
1382$4,508,000Regions Bank of Florida
1383$4,500,000NationsBank of Kentucky
1384$4,489,000The First National Bank of Fort Smith
1385$4,488,000Maryland Federal Bank
1385$4,488,000State Bank of Long Island
1387$4,486,000Hudson Valley Bank
1388$4,479,0005Star Bank
1389$4,469,000City Bank & Trust
1390$4,460,000Merchants and Farmers Bank
1391$4,450,000The National Security Bank of Chicago
1392$4,441,000Cadence Bank, N.A.
1393$4,440,000SUNWEST Bank of Santa Fe
1394$4,437,000Bank Name Not Available
1395$4,436,000SouthTrust Bank of Calhoun County
1396$4,426,000Barclays Bank of New York
1397$4,424,000Banco Popular, Illinois
1398$4,423,000Trans Financial Bank, FSB
1399$4,420,000BankFinancial, FSB
1400$4,419,000Citizens Savings Bank of Canton
1401$4,418,000Providence Savings and Loan Association, F.A.
1402$4,414,000First Western Bank, F.S.B.
1403$4,412,000Primary Bank
1403$4,412,000Republic Bank
1406$4,408,000Sunflower Bank
1407$4,397,000First Federal Savings Bank, F.S.B.
1408$4,395,000LaSalle Bank Northbrook
1409$4,393,000Pacific National Bank
1410$4,387,000First Bank of Oak Park
1411$4,386,000M&I Northern Bank
1411$4,386,000SouthTrust Bank of Central Florida
1413$4,384,000Life Savings Bank, FSB
1414$4,376,000Mercantile Bank of Eastern Iowa
1415$4,368,000Volunteer Bank
1416$4,361,000TideMark Bank
1417$4,353,000Pioneer Savings Bank
1418$4,350,000EverTrust Bank
1419$4,347,000Harris Bank Hinsdale
1420$4,335,000Abraham Lincoln Federal Savings Association
1421$4,326,000Merchants Bank
1422$4,325,000Mercantile Bank of Topeka
1423$4,320,000Community Savings, F. A.
1424$4,309,000Central Bank
1425$4,305,000Tri-City Bank and Trust Company
1426$4,304,000First National Bank Texas
1427$4,302,000Texas Bank and Trust Company
1428$4,288,000Peoples National Bank
1429$4,283,000Bank and Trust Company of Old York Road
1430$4,280,000Southington Savings Bank
1431$4,279,000New Jersey Savings Bank
1432$4,276,000First State Bank of the Oaks
1433$4,270,000Harris Bank Palatine
1434$4,268,000Southside Bank
1435$4,262,000Bank One, East Lansing
1435$4,262,000City Bank and Trust Company
1437$4,249,000Advance Bank, s.b.
1438$4,247,000The Century National Bank and Trust Company
1438$4,247,000Sky Bank
1440$4,245,000San Diego National Bank
1441$4,244,000Lafayette Ambassador Bank
1442$4,243,000The Wayne County National Bank of Wooster
1444$4,237,000First Bank North
1444$4,237,000Harris Bank Joliet
1446$4,227,000Commerce Bank of St. Joseph
1447$4,225,000Brookline Bank
1447$4,225,000Amegy Bank
1449$4,221,000South Holland Trust & Savings Bank
1450$4,219,000Harbor Bank
1451$4,216,000Farmers Bank of Maryland
1452$4,211,000Centier Bank
1453$4,209,000Pioneer Bank
1454$4,208,000Hamilton Bank
1455$4,207,000Cayuga Bank
1456$4,205,000The First National Bank of Farmington
1457$4,200,000Pelham Bank and Trust Company
1458$4,198,000Old Kent Bank of Holland
1458$4,198,000The Delaware County Bank and Trust Company
1460$4,195,000Colonial Central Savings Bank, F.S.B.
1460$4,195,000Granite Bank
1462$4,186,000Provident Bank
1463$4,177,000Emprise Bank
1464$4,174,000The Matewan National Bank
1465$4,172,000Three Rivers Bank and Trust Company
1466$4,166,000SunTrust Bank, Alabama
1467$4,155,000Regions Bank of Tennessee
1468$4,151,000Hagerstown Trust Company
1469$4,147,000Bank of Chicago, S.B.
1470$4,143,000First State Bank & Trust Company
1470$4,143,000Midwest BankCentre
1472$4,141,000Indiana Bank and Trust Company
1472$4,141,000The Canandaigua National Bank and Trust Company
1474$4,137,000Bank One, Oklahoma City
1475$4,133,000High Point Bank and Trust Company
1476$4,130,000Bank of America-Alaska
1477$4,129,000First Interstate Bank of Montana
1478$4,122,000First Savings Bank of Hegewisch
1478$4,122,000Michigan Avenue National Bank of Chicago
1478$4,122,000Pioneer Citizens Bank of Nevada
1481$4,118,000Bank Calumet
1482$4,117,000Franklin Templeton Bank and Trust, F.S.B.
1483$4,109,000Suburban Bank
1484$4,108,000First State Bank & Trust Co.
1484$4,108,000FMB-Lumberman's Bank
1486$4,101,000Farmers and Merchants Trust Company of Chambersburg
1487$4,095,000County Savings Bank
1488$4,093,000Citizens Banking Company
1489$4,091,000First Bank
1489$4,091,000R-G Premier Bank of Puerto Rico
1491$4,086,000First Bank Southeast
1492$4,083,000Hingham Institution for Savings
1493$4,082,000The Merchants National Bank of Fort Smith
1494$4,081,000American Trust Bank
1495$4,078,000Allied Savings Bank, FSB
1496$4,077,000Metropolitan National Bank
1497$4,071,000New England Bank and Trust Company
1498$4,070,000Boatmen's National Bank of Hot Springs
1499$4,055,000Home Federal Bank
1499$4,055,000The Hibernia Savings Bank
1501$4,054,000Home Federal Savings Bank
1501$4,054,000IDS Deposit Corporation
1503$4,049,000Home Federal Savings and Loan Association
1504$4,047,000The Peoples Bank, Biloxi, Mississippi
1505$4,045,000Cupertino National Bank
1505$4,045,000Sun Bank/Naples
1507$4,042,000American State Bank
1508$4,041,000Liberty National Bank
1509$4,038,000First American Bank & Trust of Louisiana
1509$4,038,000United National Bank
1511$4,034,000Statewide Savings Bank, SLA
1512$4,026,000Great Valley Savings Bank
1513$4,025,000Bank of Louisiana
1513$4,025,000Boatmen's Bank of North Iowa
1516$4,023,000Bank One, Sturgis
1517$4,018,000First United Bank & Trust
1518$4,017,000Norwest Bank Greeley
1518$4,017,000Western Bank
1520$4,016,000FirstBank of Vail
1521$4,011,000Blue Ball National Bank
1522$4,008,000El Dorado Savings Bank, F.S.B.
1522$4,008,000The First National Bank in Sioux Falls
1524$4,005,000Liberty Savings Bank, F.S.B.
1524$4,005,000Maryland Bank and Trust Company
1526$4,001,000Arizona Bank
1527$3,997,000Pulaski Bank and Trust Company
1529$3,982,000Trans-World Bank
1530$3,977,000Peninsula Bank of San Diego
1531$3,971,000Vista Bank
1533$3,965,000New England Federal Savings Association
1534$3,964,000Southeast Bank for Savings
1535$3,962,000First Northern Bank of Dixon
1536$3,956,000Norwest Bank Lakewood
1537$3,955,000Financial Trust Company
1537$3,955,000QNB Bank
1539$3,952,000Savings Institute Bank and Trust Company
1540$3,950,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Charlotte
1541$3,945,000Bank of the Orient
1541$3,945,000West Suburban Bank
1543$3,943,000Westfield Bank
1544$3,939,000Farmington Bank
1545$3,935,000Bank One, Janesville
1546$3,934,000The Twentieth Street Bank
1547$3,926,000Union State Bank
1548$3,918,000Armed Forces Bank
1549$3,917,000Norwest Bank Texas, Kelly Field
1551$3,905,000Richfield Bank & Trust Co.
1552$3,904,000Interaudi Bank
1553$3,902,000Liberty Federal Bank
1554$3,899,000State Bank of Freeport
1555$3,897,000The Peoples Bank
1556$3,895,000First Community Bank of the Desert
1556$3,895,000Nazareth National Bank and Trust Company
1558$3,891,000Carroll County Bank and Trust Company
1558$3,891,000National City Bank of Southern Indiana
1560$3,887,000Citizens National Bank of Naples
1561$3,886,000Community First Bank
1562$3,884,000University Bank and Trust Company
1563$3,881,000Citizens Bank and Trust Company of Baytown, Texas
1564$3,878,000INSOUTH Bank
1565$3,877,000Community Commerce Bank
1566$3,872,000Mohawk Community Bank
1567$3,870,000United States National Bank of Galveston
1568$3,869,000National Bank of Arizona
1569$3,863,000Mercantile Bank MidWest
1569$3,863,000The Midland Bank and Trust Company
1571$3,851,000SunTrust Bank, Tallahassee
1572$3,846,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association
1573$3,845,000First National Bank Iowa
1574$3,842,000Citizens Commercial Trust and Savings Bank of Pasadena
1575$3,840,000The Bank of Edwardsville
1576$3,837,000Elmwood Federal Savings Bank
1577$3,834,000First National Bank, Valparaiso
1578$3,831,000People's Savings Bank of Brockton
1579$3,829,000Amerifirst Bank
1580$3,827,000Eagle Bank
1581$3,825,000Heritage Federal Bank for Savings
1582$3,815,000Amcore Bank
1582$3,815,000Commerce Bank/North
1584$3,814,000Community Savings Bank
1585$3,809,000First Commercial Bank
1586$3,803,000Union Planters Bank of Southeast Missouri
1586$3,803,000Hills Bank and Trust Company
1588$3,802,000Laurel Bank
1588$3,802,000Maspeth Federal Savings and Loan Association
1590$3,795,000East Cambridge Savings Bank
1590$3,795,000First Bank
1592$3,794,000Keystone Nazareth Bank & Trust Company
1594$3,792,000Bank Name Not Available
1595$3,791,000Bank One, Marietta
1596$3,788,000Comstock Bank
1596$3,788,000The Empire National Bank of Traverse City
1598$3,784,000M & I Bank
1599$3,781,000Valley Bank and Trust Company
1600$3,772,000Pacific Western Bank
1601$3,770,000Deerfield Federal Savings and Loan Association
1602$3,768,000Commerce Bank
1603$3,753,000United American Bank of Memphis
1604$3,750,000MidAmerica Bank
1604$3,750,000Sacramento Commercial Bank
1606$3,745,000Old Second National Bank
1607$3,743,000Union Planters Bank of Northeast Arkansas
1608$3,742,000Wells Fargo Bank Grand Junction
1609$3,739,000Standard Bank and Trust Company
1610$3,738,000Arab American Bank
1611$3,735,000Bank Name Not Available
1612$3,733,000Home Bank, F.S.B.
1613$3,732,000SunTrust Bank, Northwest Georgia
1614$3,727,000Trust Company Bank of North Georgia
1615$3,724,000Chase Federal Bank, a Federal Savings Bank
1616$3,722,000American Trust & Savings Bank
1617$3,720,000Bank One, Beaver Dam
1618$3,713,000The First National Bank of Decatur
1619$3,710,000Arvest Bank
1620$3,709,000Shelton Savings Bank
1621$3,707,000Norwest Bank Aurora
1622$3,699,000United Carolina Bank of South Carolina
1623$3,698,000Associated Bank Lakeshore
1624$3,696,000Beal Bank, SSB
1625$3,693,000Mineral King National Bank
1626$3,686,000The Palmetto Bank
1627$3,685,000Fremont Investment & Loan
1628$3,684,000First Bank and Trust
1629$3,681,000First Commercial Bank, National Association of Memphis
1630$3,679,000Rockville Bank
1631$3,673,000American Investment Bank
1632$3,671,000Northwest Bank and Trust Company
1633$3,666,000Norwest Bank Wisconsin Eau Claire
1634$3,655,000The Flat Top National Bank of Bluefield
1635$3,654,000Arkansas Bank and Trust Company
1636$3,651,000Devon Bank
1636$3,651,000The Westport Bank and Trust Company
1638$3,645,000Centrue Bank
1639$3,644,000Boatmen's Bank of Mid-Missouri
1640$3,642,000UniBank for Savings
1641$3,631,000MSB Bank
1642$3,628,000NewMil Bank
1643$3,616,000Liberty Federal Savings Bank
1644$3,614,000Alameda First National Bank
1645$3,610,000First Interstate Bank
1646$3,609,000The American National Bank of Terrell
1647$3,608,000Raritan Savings Bank
1648$3,602,000Norwest Bank La Crosse
1649$3,595,000Community First National Bank
1649$3,595,000Finance Factors, Ltd.
1651$3,594,000The Farmers & Merchants State Bank
1652$3,593,000Grove Bank
1653$3,588,000Lakeside National Bank of Lake Charles
1654$3,585,000Bremer Bank
1656$3,572,000Bank Name Not Available
1657$3,566,000California Chohung Bank
1658$3,563,000FloridaBank, A Federal Savings Bank
1659$3,562,000First Midwest Bank
1660$3,560,000Constitution Bank
1661$3,558,000FFY Bank
1661$3,558,000Texas Capital Bank
1663$3,553,000Mercantile Bank of Dubuque
1663$3,553,000The First National Bank of Zanesville
1665$3,552,000Great Southern Bank
1666$3,549,000Star Financial Bank, Columbia City, Indiana
1666$3,549,000Tolland Bank
1668$3,541,000Conservative Savings Bank, F.S.B.
1669$3,540,000Rancho Vista National Bank
1670$3,538,000First Bank of Texas
1671$3,537,000First Bank & Trust
1672$3,534,000Naugatuck Savings Bank
1673$3,526,000SouthTrust Bank of Northeast Florida
1674$3,525,000Kearny Federal Savings Bank
1675$3,524,000Northfield Savings Bank
1676$3,523,000The Bank of Miami
1677$3,513,000Valley Bank, Menomonie
1678$3,510,000Flagship Bank and Trust Company
1678$3,510,000Union Federal Savings Bank
1680$3,508,000First Trade Union Bank
1680$3,508,000The Commercial National Bank
1682$3,504,000Texas Trust Savings Bank FSB
1683$3,500,000Abington Savings Bank
1684$3,499,000LegacyTexas Bank
1686$3,495,000Hibernia National Bank of Texas
1687$3,492,000Kitsap Bank
1688$3,488,000International Bank of California
1688$3,488,000Plymouth Federal Savings Association
1690$3,487,000Norwest Bank Arapahoe
1691$3,484,000Bremer Bank
1693$3,478,000Central Jersey Savings Bank, SLA
1694$3,475,000Century Bank
1695$3,471,000First Bank A Savings Bank
1696$3,470,000JCPenney Card Bank
1697$3,468,000Randolph Savings Bank
1698$3,467,000First Guaranty Bank
1698$3,467,000Mark Twain Illinois Bank
1700$3,466,000Republic Savings Bank
1701$3,459,000Enterprise Bank - Houston
1702$3,457,000The Merchants National Bank of Terre Haute
1703$3,456,000Liberty National Bank of Owensboro
1704$3,455,000Nextier Bank
1705$3,447,000NorthSide Bank
1706$3,443,000First Virginia Bank - Piedmont
1706$3,443,000Vineyard Bank
1708$3,442,000Norwest Bank Great Falls
1708$3,442,000M & I Lakeview Bank
1710$3,438,000United Savings Bank, FSB
1711$3,431,000First Charter Bank
1712$3,428,000Bank of the Sierra
1713$3,424,000The First National Bank of Long Island
1714$3,423,000The Anchor Bank
1715$3,417,000First American Trust Company
1716$3,414,000Hardwick Bank & Trust Company
1717$3,410,000Amcore Bank National Association, Rock River Valley
1717$3,410,000Savers Co-operative Bank
1719$3,409,000Norwest Bank Minnesota Mesabi
1719$3,409,000The First National Bank of Downsville
1721$3,404,000North American Savings Bank, F.S.B.
1722$3,403,000Bank One, Champaign-Urbana
1723$3,402,000Community National Bank
1724$3,398,000First National Bank
1725$3,397,000The Central and Southern Bank of Georgia
1726$3,392,000Eastern Heights Bank
1727$3,391,000National City Bank, Ashland Kentucky
1727$3,391,000Valley Bank, South Central (National Association)
1730$3,382,000Bank of America
1731$3,379,000Pinnacle Bank
1732$3,378,000Palmer-American National Bank of Danville
1733$3,376,000BBCN Bank
1734$3,374,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Osceola County
1734$3,374,000National Bank of California
1734$3,374,000National Bank of the Redwoods
1737$3,373,000The Old Point National Bank of Phoebus
1738$3,372,000Bankers' Bank
1738$3,372,000First National Bank
1740$3,371,000Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Company
1741$3,369,000Dubuque Bank and Trust Company
1742$3,367,000South Bay Bank
1743$3,365,000First Independent Bank
1744$3,363,000First Savings and Loan Association of New Hampshire
1745$3,362,000South Bergen Savings Bank
1746$3,355,000STAR Financial Bank
1747$3,349,000NewBridge Bank
1748$3,346,000Bank Name Not Available
1748$3,346,000United Savings Bank
1750$3,342,000Citizens Financial Bank
1751$3,341,000Fulton Savings Bank
1752$3,335,000One Valley Bank - East
1752$3,335,000Brotherhood Bank & Trust
1752$3,335,000The City National Bank of Fort Smith
1755$3,334,000Hanover Bank
1756$3,333,000The First National Bank of Jasper
1757$3,332,000Boatmen's National Bank of Pine Bluff
1758$3,331,000Frontier Bank
1759$3,328,000Old Stone Bank of California, A FSB
1760$3,327,000Midwest Bank and Trust Company
1761$3,322,000Community First Bank
1762$3,320,000Local America Bank of Tulsa, A Federal Savings Bank
1763$3,318,000Harris Bank St. Charles
1764$3,315,000Wells Fargo Bank Grand Junction-Downtown
1766$3,312,000Colonial Bank
1766$3,312,000Eastern National Bank
1768$3,303,000Queen City Bank
1769$3,301,000Firstar Bank Quad Cities
1770$3,298,000BayBank Connecticut
1771$3,290,000Borel Private Bank & Trust Company
1771$3,290,000Southern Bank
1773$3,288,000Firstar Bank Manitowoc
1774$3,287,000FMB-First Michigan Bank
1775$3,286,000Dedham Institution for Savings
1776$3,285,000McHenry State Bank
1777$3,276,000Harris Bank West
1778$3,275,000Premier National Bank
1779$3,267,000FCNB Bank
1779$3,267,000First Virginia Bank - Blue Ridge
1781$3,266,000First Central Bank
1781$3,266,000Norwest Bank Texas, Kerrville
1781$3,266,000Citizens National Bank
1784$3,263,000East Boston Savings Bank
1785$3,260,000Susquehanna Bank
1786$3,252,000First Commerce Bank
1787$3,251,000Draper Bank and Trust
1788$3,250,000Norwest Bank Bear Valley
1790$3,249,000Northern Trust Bank/DuPage
1791$3,248,000Norwest Bank Colorado Springs-East
1792$3,245,000Omega Bank
1793$3,242,000Evergreen Bank
1794$3,238,000Firstate Financial, F.A.
1795$3,237,000Advance Bank
1795$3,237,000The Bank of Hemet
1795$3,237,000The First National Bank of Rhinebeck
1798$3,235,000Citizens Trust and Savings Bank
1799$3,233,000Fifth Third Savings Bank of Northern Ohio
1799$3,233,000First National Bank of Houma
1799$3,233,000U.S. Trust Company
1802$3,231,000Bank Name Not Available
1803$3,230,000Norwest Bank Cherry Creek
1804$3,228,000First National Bank
1805$3,226,000Pioneer American Bank
1806$3,224,000Old Kent Bank-Southeast
1806$3,224,000Zapp National Bank of St. Cloud
1808$3,223,000The Fidelity Bank
1809$3,221,000Union Planters Bank of Northwest Mississippi
1810$3,220,000Northbay Savings Bank, FSB
1810$3,220,000Chase Bank of Texas-San Angelo
1812$3,215,000Cenwest National Bank
1812$3,215,000Sunrise Federal Savings Bank
1814$3,214,000Bank of Raleigh
1815$3,210,000Citizens Bank of Central Indiana
1815$3,210,000Huntington Federal Savings Bank
1815$3,210,000Somerset Trust Company
1818$3,209,000Jefferson Savings and Loan Association, F.A.
1819$3,207,000First Fidelity Bank
1819$3,207,000The Bank
1821$3,204,000Admirals Bank
1822$3,201,000First National Bank and Trust Company of Newtown
1823$3,198,000Triad Bank
1824$3,196,000Bank of Murray
1825$3,194,000Banner Bank
1826$3,192,000First and Farmers Bank of Somerset, Inc.
1828$3,191,000Ruston State Bank & Trust Company
1829$3,189,000Sun Bank of Gainesville
1830$3,176,000First National Bank of Chester County
1831$3,175,000Mizuho Trust & Banking Co. USA
1832$3,173,000Seaway Bank and Trust Company
1833$3,172,000First Southern Savings Bank, S.S.B
1834$3,169,000Firstar Bank Sioux City
1834$3,169,000Haymarket Co-operative Bank
1836$3,168,000American Commercial Bank
1837$3,166,000Citizens Bank of Western Indiana
1838$3,165,000Bank One, Southern Indiana
1839$3,163,000The Farmers National Bank of Canfield
1840$3,159,000United Bankers' Bank
1841$3,158,000The Boatmen's National Bank of St. Louis
1842$3,152,000Carver Federal Savings Bank
1843$3,147,000Corus Bank
1843$3,147,000The Commercial Bank
1845$3,140,000Florida FirstBank
1846$3,139,000Firstar Bank Green Bay
1846$3,139,000The Equitable Bank, S.S.B.
1848$3,138,000Liberty State Bank
1849$3,135,000Tucker Federal Bank
1850$3,133,000Lake Sunapee Bank, FSB
1850$3,133,000Security Federal Savings Association
1852$3,128,000Premier Bank
1853$3,127,000Bank of Commerce
1854$3,124,000The First National Bank in St. Mary Parish
1856$3,121,000Central Bank
1857$3,118,000Credit One Bank
1858$3,117,000Union Planters Bank of West Tennessee
1858$3,117,000M&I Bank Southwest
1860$3,116,000First Mutual Bank
1861$3,115,000The Rock Island Bank
1862$3,110,000Pamrapo Savings Bank, SLA
1863$3,105,000Farmers and Mechanics Bank
1864$3,104,000Prime Bank
1865$3,102,000FloridaFirst Bank
1866$3,099,000Norwest Bank Texas, Alice
1866$3,099,000Bank One, West Virginia, Clarksburg
1868$3,093,000CF Bancorp
1868$3,093,000The Dollar Savings & Trust Company
1870$3,089,000The National Bank and Trust Company
1871$3,087,000Norwest Bank Texas, Wichita Falls
1871$3,087,000Wilshire State Bank
1873$3,080,000Bank One, Stevens Point
1874$3,079,000The Yardville National Bank
1875$3,076,000County Bank
1876$3,074,000Citizens Trust Bank
1877$3,073,000Marquette Bank Rochester
1878$3,070,000New OMNI Bank
1879$3,069,000Lincoln Trust Company
1880$3,068,000City Commerce Bank
1881$3,063,000Metropolitan Federal Savings and Loan Association of Seattle
1881$3,063,000Western Security Bank
1883$3,061,000CB&T Bank of East Alabama
1884$3,060,000Colonial Bank
1885$3,057,000The Bank of Canton
1886$3,055,000United National Bank - South
1887$3,054,000Pennview Savings Bank
1887$3,054,000The Chattahoochee Bank
1889$3,052,000The Peoples Bank & Trust Company
1890$3,050,000First Bank, Federal Savings Bank
1890$3,050,000WaterStone Bank, SSB
1892$3,048,000Sand Ridge Bank
1893$3,047,000Peninsula Bank
1894$3,046,000Texas Commerce Bank - Corpus Christi
1895$3,041,000Cape Bank
1896$3,036,000Community Bank & Trust
1897$3,034,000BAC Florida Bank
1898$3,029,000Parish National Bank
1899$3,028,000Uptown National Bank of Chicago
1900$3,024,000Delta Bank & Trust Company
1901$3,021,000First National Bank & Trust Company of McAlester
1902$3,016,000Fifth Third Bank, Ohio Valley
1903$3,012,000Heartland Bank
1904$3,010,000Allied Bank of Georgia
1905$3,003,000Industrial State Bank
1906$3,002,000Railroad Savings Bank, F.S.B.
1906$3,002,000The Bank of the Hamptons, N.A.
1908$3,001,000Greenwich Federal Savings and Loan Association
1908$3,001,000United Bank & Trust
1910$3,000,000Independence Federal Savings Bank
1911$2,998,000Kennebunk Savings Bank
1911$2,998,000The Drovers & Mechanics Bank
1913$2,997,000The Columbia Bank
1914$2,995,000M&I First National Bank
1915$2,993,000The Camden National Bank
1916$2,992,000Arvest Bank
1917$2,991,000The Bank of Tampa
1919$2,984,000Bank One, Fenton
1919$2,984,000The First National Bank of Santa Fe
1921$2,982,000River Valley Bank, FSB
1922$2,980,000American National Bank and Trust Company of Waukegan, Illinois
1922$2,980,000The First National Bank of El Dorado
1924$2,978,000Founders Bank
1925$2,976,000Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of Elgin
1926$2,975,000Valley Savings Bank
1927$2,972,000First Western Bank, F.S.B.
1928$2,968,000Community Bank & Trust Company
1928$2,968,000Grayson County State Bank
1930$2,966,000Boiling Springs Savings Bank
1931$2,964,000Shrewsbury State Bank
1932$2,961,000Boca Bank
1933$2,960,000FirstBank of South Jeffco
1934$2,959,000ACNB Bank
1935$2,958,000MidConn Bank
1936$2,956,000Visalia Community Bank
1937$2,955,000First National Bank of Central California
1937$2,955,000The Adirondack Trust Company
1939$2,954,000International Savings Bank, F.S.B.
1940$2,952,000Norwest Bank Broomfield
1941$2,947,000JGB BANK
1942$2,944,000American National Bank and Trust Company of Muncie
1942$2,944,000Bank One, West Virginia, Wheeling
1942$2,944,000Clinton Savings Bank
1942$2,944,000Minotola National Bank
1942$2,944,000Park National Bank and Trust of Chicago
1947$2,939,000Bank One, Fresno
1948$2,937,000Urban National Bank
1949$2,935,000Landmark Bank
1950$2,931,000Fidelity Homestead Savings Bank
1950$2,931,000North Dallas Bank & Trust Co.
1952$2,924,000Park National Bank
1953$2,923,000SouthTrust Bank of Southwest Florida
1954$2,922,000Security Federal Savings and Loan Association of Cleveland
1955$2,921,000Skowhegan Savings Bank
1956$2,919,000Citizens First National Bank
1957$2,918,000Norwest Bank Montrose
1958$2,917,000Foxborough Savings Bank
1958$2,917,000SouthTrust Bank of South Carolina
1960$2,908,0003rd Fed Bank
1961$2,907,000Bank One, Marion, Indiana
1962$2,903,000Cumberland Valley National Bank & Trust Company
1963$2,900,000Benjamin Franklin Bank
1964$2,893,000First Virginia Bank - Commonwealth
1965$2,892,000sSouthTrust Bank of Northwest Florida
1965$2,892,000The State Bank
1967$2,888,000Saugus Bank and Trust Company
1968$2,887,000Belmont National Bank
1968$2,887,000First National Bank of South Texas
1968$2,887,000Northern Trust Bank
1971$2,886,000Bank of Smithtown
1971$2,886,000Bremer Bank
1973$2,884,000First State Bank
1974$2,882,000The Warwick Savings Bank
1975$2,881,000EdgeMark Bank - Lombard
1976$2,879,000First Savings Bank, Inc., SSB
1977$2,877,000Bank of Homewood
1977$2,877,000Feather River State Bank
1979$2,874,000Bank of Hanover and Trust Company
1980$2,873,000First National Bank of St. Louis
1980$2,873,000OMNIBANK, INC., A State Savings Bank, SSB
1982$2,872,000Citizens National Bank of Leesburg
1982$2,872,000The Richland Trust Company
1984$2,869,000Stock Yards Bank & Trust Company
1986$2,864,000Sterling Bank
1987$2,863,000The Texas National Bank of Waco
1988$2,860,000Coastal Federal Bank
1989$2,857,000NVR Savings Bank, FSB
1990$2,854,000Bristol County Savings Bank
1990$2,854,000The Braintree Savings Bank
1992$2,853,000Partners Trust Municipal Bank
1993$2,851,000The Commercial and Savings Bank of St. Clair County
1994$2,849,000First Savings Bank, F.S.B.
1995$2,848,000M&I Mid-State Bank
1996$2,845,000The Commercial Bank
1997$2,843,000Norwest Bank Anaconda-Butte
1998$2,842,000Matewan National Bank/Kentucky
1999$2,840,000First National Bank of Shelbyville
2000$2,839,000E*TRADE Bank
2000$2,839,000One Valley Bank of Mercer County, Inc.
2002$2,835,000Kleberg First National Bank of Kingsville
2003$2,833,000Bank One, Ypsilanti
2004$2,829,000Community Banks
2005$2,826,000First Dakota National Bank
2006$2,824,000Edgewood Bank
2007$2,822,000Lafayette Bank and Trust Company
2008$2,819,000Central Bank
2008$2,819,000Coconut Grove Bank
2010$2,817,000Independent Bank
2011$2,815,000Vantus Bank
2012$2,814,000Bank Name Not Available
2013$2,812,000First State Bank of East Detroit
2014$2,810,000M&I Wauwatosa State Bank
2015$2,808,000Korea First Bank of New York
2016$2,805,000BMO Harris Bank
2017$2,804,000Great Western Bank
2017$2,804,000MidWestOne Bank
2017$2,804,000Southern Pacific Bank
2020$2,803,000Advanced Federal Savings Bank
2021$2,799,000Equitable Bank
2021$2,799,000The Champaign National Bank
2021$2,799,000Westbury Bank
2024$2,792,000Independent Bank-West Michigan
2024$2,792,000Metropolitan Bank and Trust
2024$2,792,000The State Bank and Trust Company
2027$2,790,000Northern Trust Bank of Texas
2027$2,790,000The First National Bank of Springdale
2029$2,788,000Northfield Bank
2030$2,785,000Farrington Bank
2030$2,785,000First Federal Bank, FSB
2032$2,781,000First Bank of the Americas
2034$2,777,000Chicopee Savings Bank
2035$2,775,000FirstCapital Bank, ssb
2035$2,775,000LCNB National Bank
2037$2,771,000First Commonwealth Bank
2038$2,768,000Scripps Bank
2039$2,767,000First Federal Bank of Eau Claire, FSB
2040$2,766,000First National Bank of Northern California
2040$2,766,000Knoblauch State Bank
2042$2,764,000First National Bank of Northwest Georgia
2043$2,756,000Liberty Bank and Trust Company
2044$2,755,000Mercantile Bank, FSB
2045$2,754,000Legacy Banks
2046$2,752,000Firstar Bank Burlington
2047$2,750,000Southwest Bank
2048$2,748,000Coastal Bank
2049$2,745,000Jefferson Bank
2050$2,744,000First of Englewood, F.S.B.
2051$2,743,000LaSalle Bank
2051$2,743,000Wilber National Bank
2053$2,740,000Southeastern Bank
2054$2,737,000First American Bank
2055$2,736,000Charter National Bank-Colonial
2056$2,735,000The Bank/First Citizens Bank
2057$2,734,000StonehamBank, A Co-operative Bank
2058$2,733,000The Provident Bank of Kentucky
2059$2,731,000Peoples National Bank
2060$2,730,000The Rome Savings Bank
2061$2,727,000BayCoast Bank
2062$2,725,000First Federal Savings Bank of Charlotte County
2063$2,724,000Resource Trust Company
2063$2,724,000The Bank of the West
2065$2,721,000Credit First
2065$2,721,000Fidelity Bank & Trust
2065$2,721,000Hyde Park Bank and Trust Company
2068$2,718,000Security First National Bank
2069$2,714,000Community Bank & Trust, S.S.B.
2070$2,713,000Regency Bank
2071$2,712,000The Ohio Valley Bank Company
2071$2,712,000United New Mexico Bank at Roswell
2073$2,709,000Country Club Bank
2074$2,706,000County National Bank of South Florida
2074$2,706,000Mariners Bank
2076$2,703,000The Citizens National Bank of Meridian
2077$2,699,000Sumter Bank and Trust Company
2077$2,699,000UMB Bank of St. Louis
2079$2,697,000Antelope Valley Bank
2080$2,696,000Lincoln Bank of North Carolina
2082$2,689,000Citizens Bank
2083$2,686,000American Commercial Bank
2083$2,686,000Citizens Bank and Trust Company
2085$2,685,000Family Savings Bank, F.S.B.
2085$2,685,000Manufacturers Bank
2087$2,683,000FNBT.COM BANK
2087$2,683,000Tanglewood Bank
2089$2,680,000Union Planters Bank of Southwest Missouri
2089$2,680,000Jefferson Bank and Trust Company
2089$2,680,000Nashville Bank of Commerce
2092$2,676,000Bank of Maryland
2093$2,675,000Firstier Bank
2094$2,672,000Cullen/Frost Bank of Dallas
2095$2,668,000Delta Federal Savings Bank
2096$2,665,000Norwest Bank Arvada
2097$2,663,000Fidelity Federal Savings and Loan Association
2097$2,663,000Pulse Savings Bank
2099$2,661,000Carolina First Savings Bank, F.S.B.
2099$2,661,000Citizens Savings Bank, SSB, Inc.
2101$2,653,000Mid-South Bank and Trust Company
2102$2,650,000First Community Bank
2102$2,650,000Firstar Bank North Shore
2104$2,649,000American Bank of Texas
2105$2,646,000Horizon Bank
2106$2,645,000BankUnited, FSB
2107$2,643,000First Federal Bank of the Midwest
2107$2,643,000Merchants & Marine Bank
2109$2,641,000Coast Commercial Bank
2110$2,638,000Regions Bank, F.S.B.
2110$2,638,000Union Center National Bank
2112$2,637,000Mercantile County Bank
2112$2,637,000SouthTrust Bank of Etowah County
2114$2,635,000The Farmers Bank, Frankfort, Indiana
2115$2,634,000Amcore Bank National Association, Northwest
2115$2,634,000SouthTrust Bank of Marshall County
2117$2,631,000F&M Bank
2117$2,631,000Ready State Bank
2119$2,630,000BayBank NH
2119$2,630,000Industrial Bank
2119$2,630,000The North American Bank & Trust Company
2122$2,629,000Park National Bank of Houston
2123$2,628,000The First National Bank of Belen
2124$2,627,000Parkway Bank and Trust Company
2125$2,625,000Skagit State Bank
2126$2,624,000Calumet Federal Savings and Loan Association
2127$2,622,000Aurora National Bank
2127$2,622,000Equitable Bank
2129$2,620,000Norwest Bank Helena
2130$2,619,000First Federal Savings Bank of America
2131$2,617,000The Pueblo Bank and Trust Company
2132$2,616,000Citrus and Chemical Bank
2132$2,616,000The First National Bank of Oblong
2134$2,615,000Waukesha State Bank
2135$2,614,000Marble Bank
2135$2,614,000Roma Bank
2137$2,613,000Annapolis Federal Savings Bank
2138$2,611,000Sacramento First National Bank
2138$2,611,000The Moody National Bank
2140$2,610,000Bank Wisconsin
2141$2,609,000SUNWEST Bank of Gallup
2142$2,606,000Blue Ridge Bank and Trust Co.
2142$2,606,000National City Bank, Bowling Green
2142$2,606,000Norwest Bank Sterling
2142$2,606,000Tyler Bank and Trust
2146$2,601,000Post Oak Bank
2146$2,601,000The Madison Bank and Trust Company
2148$2,597,000Commerce Bank
2149$2,596,000Bank of Santa Clara
2151$2,595,000Baker-Boyer National Bank
2151$2,595,000First Northern Savings Bank
2151$2,595,000Pioneer Federal Savings Bank
2151$2,595,000Integra Bank
2155$2,594,000U.S. Bank of Idaho
2156$2,593,000SUNWEST Bank of Clovis
2157$2,592,000Peoples Federal Savings and Loan Association of South Carolina
2158$2,586,000Community First Bank
2159$2,585,000Illini Bank
2159$2,585,000The Exchange Bank of Alabama
2161$2,583,000Aurora National Bank
2162$2,582,000Marquette Bank
2163$2,581,000Jefferson National Bank
2164$2,580,000Commercial Bank of Florida
2164$2,580,000Granite Savings Bank and Trust Company
2164$2,580,000Permanent Bank
2167$2,576,000Western Community Bank
2168$2,575,000Citizens Bank
2169$2,571,000San Diego Community Bank
2170$2,568,000Empire Bank
2170$2,568,000Metropolitan National Bank
2172$2,567,000Charter National Bank and Trust
2173$2,566,000Downers Grove National Bank
2173$2,566,000Bremer Bank
2173$2,566,000Tennessee Community Bank
2176$2,565,000Bank One, Rensselaer
2177$2,563,000Firstar Bank Ames
2177$2,563,000Peapack-Gladstone Bank
2179$2,562,000First Northern Bank and Trust Company
2180$2,560,000St. Johns Bank and Trust Company
2181$2,559,000Machias Savings Bank
2181$2,559,0001st National Bank of South Florida
2181$2,559,000Watertown Savings Bank
2185$2,556,000The Chinese American Bank
2186$2,555,000Mercantile Bank of Illinois
2187$2,552,000Colonial Bank of Greenville
2188$2,550,000The New Iberia Bank
2189$2,549,000American National Bank of Libertyville
2189$2,549,000Centennial Bank
2191$2,548,000First Westroads Bank, Inc.
2191$2,548,000The Conway National Bank
2193$2,545,000Los Alamos National Bank
2193$2,545,000The First National Bank of Bryan
2193$2,545,000Wayne Savings Community Bank
2193$2,545,000Western Commerce Bank
2197$2,543,000United Mizrahi Bank and Trust Company
2198$2,541,000Lincoln National Bank
2198$2,541,000Mega Bank
2200$2,539,000St. Landry Bank and Trust Company
2201$2,538,000The Strongsville Savings Bank
2202$2,537,000Bank Name Not Available
2202$2,537,000Harris Bank Huntley
2204$2,533,000Central National Bank & Trust Co., of Enid
2205$2,531,000Wheeling National Bank
2206$2,530,000Etowah Bank
2207$2,528,000Associated Bank Milwaukee
2207$2,528,000The Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Bridgeton
2209$2,526,000The Harris Bank
2209$2,526,000Union Trust Company
2211$2,525,000M&I Central State Bank
2211$2,525,000United Bank
2213$2,522,000Johnson Bank
2214$2,518,000Communityone Bank
2215$2,516,000Northwest National Bank
2216$2,515,000First Philson Bank
2216$2,515,000Firstar Bank DuPage
2216$2,515,000The Fauquier Bank
2219$2,510,000Planters Bank & Trust Company of Virginia
2219$2,510,000The Bank of New Mexico
2221$2,509,000Associated Bank North
2221$2,509,000Continental National Bank of Miami
2221$2,509,000First Bank Katy
2221$2,509,000National Bank
2225$2,508,000The Business Bank
2226$2,507,000Pioneer Bank
2227$2,505,000Lippo Bank
2228$2,504,000Piedmont Federal Savings Bank
2229$2,501,000First Savings Bank of New Jersey SLA
2230$2,500,000DNB First
2231$2,499,000First Liberty Bank & Trust
2232$2,497,000West Bank
2233$2,496,000Hollidaysburg Trust Company
2233$2,496,000North Bank
2233$2,496,000Founders Bank
2236$2,494,000Cascade Bank
2236$2,494,000First Citizens National Bank
2238$2,491,000First National Bank of Southeast Denver
2238$2,491,000Magna Bank, FSB
2240$2,490,000Premier Bank
2240$2,490,000Norwest Bank Buckingham Square
2242$2,489,000Topa Savings Bank, FSB
2242$2,489,000Wayne Bank
2244$2,488,000CNB Bank
2244$2,488,000First American Bank and Trust
2246$2,487,000First Place Bank
2247$2,484,000The First National Bank of Hutchinson
2248$2,482,000La Grange Federal Savings and Loan Association
2249$2,481,000Main Street Bank & Trust
2249$2,481,000Greater Boston Bank A Co-operative Bank
2249$2,481,000Palm Desert National Bank
2252$2,478,000Martha's Vineyard National Bank
2253$2,477,000First National Community Bank
2253$2,477,000Lincoln State Bank
2253$2,477,000BRANNEN BANK
2256$2,476,000Bank Name Not Available
2257$2,474,000The First Commonwealth Bank of Prestonsburg, Inc.
2258$2,471,000Homestead Federal Savings Association
2259$2,467,000Cashmere Valley Bank
2260$2,466,000Norwest Bank Texas, Austin
2261$2,465,000First National Bank of Warsaw
2261$2,465,000South Weymouth Savings Bank
2263$2,464,000Centennial Bank
2264$2,462,000SNB Savings Bank, Inc., SSB
2264$2,462,000The Bank of Goodlettsville
2266$2,459,000First National Bank
2266$2,459,000La Salle Bank Westmont
2266$2,459,000United Bank
2269$2,457,000The First National Bank and Trust Company
2270$2,456,000The First National Bank of South Miami
2271$2,455,000Lexington Savings Bank
2272$2,454,000Central Bank of Lake of the Ozarks
2273$2,452,000Great Valley Savings Bank
2273$2,452,000Queststar Bank
2275$2,451,000Irving Federal Bank for Savings, F.S.B.
2275$2,451,000Peoples Bank & Trust Company of St. Bernard
2277$2,450,000IndyMac Bank, F.S.B.
2278$2,448,000Commerce Bank/Pennsylvania
2279$2,447,000Brenton Bank
2279$2,447,000Carrollton Bank
2279$2,447,000Regions Bank, FSB
2279$2,447,000Klein Bank
2283$2,446,000Bay Ridge Federal Savings Bank
2283$2,446,000Franklin National Bank of Washington, D.C.
2285$2,445,000Homebanc, A Federal Savings Bank
2286$2,444,000Citizens Savings, Inc., SSB
2286$2,444,000Inter-Boro Savings and Loan Association
2286$2,444,000State Bank of the Lakes
2289$2,443,000First Midwest Bank/Danville
2290$2,441,000State Home Savings Bank, F.S.B.
2291$2,438,000Enterprise Bank and Trust Company
2292$2,437,000Patrick Henry National Bank
2292$2,437,000Peoples Bank of Unity
2294$2,435,000American Bank
2294$2,435,000Omega Bank
2294$2,435,000The Fremont National Bank and Trust Company
2297$2,432,000American National Bank
2298$2,429,000Cooperative Bank
2298$2,429,000Jefferson Bank of Missouri
2300$2,428,000Charter Bank
2300$2,428,000F&M Bank-Iowa Central
2302$2,427,000First Susquehanna Bank & Trust
2303$2,426,000NationsBank, National Association (Glenn County)
2304$2,425,000First Federal Bank
2304$2,425,000Heritage Bank
2307$2,424,000Prudential Bank & Trust, FSB
2309$2,422,000American Commercial Savings Bank, Inc., SSB
2310$2,421,000Home Federal Savings Bank of South Carolina
2311$2,420,000Irwin Bank
2311$2,420,000M&I Bank of Oshkosh
2313$2,417,000Palisade Savings Bank, F.S.B.
2314$2,416,000BankWest, Inc.
2315$2,412,000First Hawaiian Creditcorp, Inc.
2315$2,412,000WNB Bank
2317$2,411,000Merrill Lynch Bank USA
2318$2,410,000First American Bank
2319$2,406,000First Morris Bank and Trust
2319$2,406,000Modern Bank
2321$2,404,000Firstier Bank
2323$2,401,000Peoples Savings Bank & Trust
2324$2,400,000South Side Trust & Savings Bank of Peoria
2325$2,398,000Community Bank
2325$2,398,000First State Bank of Southern California
2325$2,398,000Firstier Bank
2328$2,397,000Bank of Santa Maria
2328$2,397,000The Croghan Colonial Bank
2330$2,396,000Jefferson Bank
2331$2,395,000Bayshore National Bank of La Porte
2331$2,395,000Riverway Bank
2333$2,394,000Boatmen's National Bank of Conway
2333$2,394,000Wyoming County Bank
2336$2,393,000The Annapolis Banking and Trust Company
2337$2,391,000The Citizens Banking Company
2338$2,389,000CNA Trust Corporation
2338$2,389,000First Century Bank, Inc.
2340$2,387,000First Financial Bank
2341$2,386,000First State Bank
2341$2,386,000TIB Bank
2344$2,385,000Bank of Granite
2345$2,384,000Merchants Bank
2345$2,384,000Norwest Bank Kalispell
2345$2,384,000Skaneateles Savings Bank
2345$2,384,000Trumbull Savings and Loan Company
2349$2,383,000Capital Bank
2350$2,382,000Klamath First Federal Savings and Loan Association
2351$2,380,000Isabella Bank
2352$2,377,000Harris Bank Winnetka
2353$2,374,000First Security Bank of California, N.A.
2354$2,373,000Davidson Savings Bank, Inc., SSB
2355$2,371,000Commercial Bank and Trust of PA
2355$2,371,000Haven Savings Bank
2357$2,368,000Covenant Bank
2358$2,367,000The First National Bank of Olathe
2359$2,366,000NBC National Bank
2360$2,365,000Old Kent Bank of Gaylord
2361$2,364,000Rollstone Bank & Trust
2361$2,364,000Southwest Georgia Bank
2361$2,364,000UST Bank/Connecticut
2364$2,363,000Hancock Savings Bank
2365$2,362,000Central Bank & Trust Company, Owensboro, Kentucky
2366$2,360,000Kilgore First National Bank
2367$2,359,000First Bank Richmond
2368$2,357,000One Valley Bank of Huntington
2369$2,355,000Norwest Bank Southglenn
2370$2,353,000Alliance Bank
2370$2,353,000Texas Bank
2372$2,352,000Associated Bank
2372$2,352,000Tennessee State Bank
2374$2,351,000Commerce Bank
2374$2,351,000Blue Hills Bank
2376$2,350,000First City Bank and Trust Company
2377$2,349,000OneUnited Bank
2378$2,348,000Silsbee State Bank
2379$2,347,000Bank of Los Angeles
2380$2,346,000Citizens Bank
2380$2,346,000Firstar Bank Ottumwa
2380$2,346,000The Citizens Bank of Clovis
2380$2,346,000The National Bank of Blacksburg
2384$2,345,000First National Bank of Kansas
2385$2,342,000Citizens National Bank of Downers Grove
2386$2,341,000Mercantile Bank of Springfield
2387$2,339,000Associated Bank Minnesota
2387$2,339,000The Oneida Savings Bank
2389$2,336,000International Bank of Commerce
2390$2,334,000Marquette Bank Brookdale
2390$2,334,000Keystone Bank
2392$2,332,000Trenton Savings Bank FSB
2393$2,331,000PeoplesBank, a Codorus Valley Company
2393$2,331,000The Keeseville National Bank
2395$2,329,000Pennstar Bank
2396$2,326,000South Shore Savings Bank
2397$2,325,000LaSalle Bank Matteson
2397$2,325,000Fifth Third Bank, Kentucky, Inc.
2397$2,325,000WOODTRUST BANK, N. A.
2400$2,324,000Cerritos Valley Bank
2401$2,323,000Commercial Bank of Fremont
2401$2,323,000Texas National Bank of Midland
2403$2,322,000Androscoggin Savings Bank
2404$2,316,000Fairfax Bank & Trust Company
2404$2,316,000FirstBank of Longmont
2406$2,315,000Union Bank and Trust Company
2407$2,313,000Reeves Bank
2408$2,311,000Crusader Savings Bank, F.S.B.
2409$2,309,000Continental Pacific Bank
2409$2,309,000SouthTrust Bank of Covington County
2411$2,308,000Palos Bank and Trust Company
2412$2,305,000One Valley Bank of Clarksburg
2413$2,303,0001st State Bank
2414$2,300,000Cortland Savings Bank
2415$2,299,000Chemical Bank Key State
2416$2,296,000Great Midwest Bank, S.S.B.
2416$2,296,000Wauchula State Bank
2418$2,295,000BREMER BANK
2418$2,295,000Mercantile Bank of Cedar Rapids, Iowa
2420$2,294,000Encino Savings Bank, FSB
2421$2,293,000China Trust Bank of New York
2422$2,291,000Allied Houston Bank
2422$2,291,000First National Bank of Southern California
2424$2,290,000Community First National Bank
2424$2,290,000SouthTrust Bank of Central Florida
2424$2,290,000First United Bank and Trust Company
2427$2,289,000Citizens State Bank of Corpus Christi
2428$2,288,000Corporate Bank
2429$2,287,000LBA Savings Bank
2429$2,287,000Norwest Bank Steamboat Springs
2431$2,286,000The Elverson National Bank
2432$2,284,000First-Columbus National Bank
2433$2,282,000Ellenville National Bank
2433$2,282,000Republic Security Bank
2433$2,282,000Washington Financial Bank
2436$2,281,000Bank Midwest
2437$2,280,000National Exchange Bank and Trust
2438$2,279,000Independence Bank of Chicago
2439$2,278,000First National Bank
2440$2,277,000Bank of Santa Fe
2440$2,277,000Citizens National Bank of Texas
2442$2,275,000FirstBank of Tech Center
2443$2,273,000Norwest Bank Monticello
2444$2,271,000Susquehanna Bank
2444$2,271,000Lakeview Savings Bank
2444$2,271,000Woronoco Savings Bank
2447$2,270,000First National Bank of Denham Springs
2447$2,270,000The Security National Bank & Trust Co. of Duncan
2449$2,269,000The First National Bank of Danville
2450$2,266,000Winsted Savings Bank
2451$2,265,000CENIT Bank
2451$2,265,000The Ephrata National Bank
2453$2,264,000Great Barrington Savings Bank
2454$2,259,000Continental National Bank
2454$2,259,000The Huntington National Bank of Florida
2454$2,259,000The National Bank of Fredericksburg
2457$2,257,000American Savings and Loan Association
2458$2,256,000First International Bank & Trust
2458$2,256,000Patriot Bank
2460$2,255,000Merchants Bank
2460$2,255,000United Federal Savings Bank
2462$2,254,000Cape Ann Savings Bank
2462$2,254,000West Coast Bank
2464$2,253,000Norwest Bank Minnesota Southwest
2464$2,253,000Aliant Bank
2466$2,250,000Fayette Bank
2466$2,250,000Western Bank
2468$2,249,000Huntington National Bank
2469$2,248,000Prosperity Bank
2470$2,247,000Capitol Bank and Trust
2471$2,244,000Commerce Bank/Shore
2472$2,243,000Mercantile Bank
2473$2,242,000OMNIBANK Southeast
2474$2,239,000First American Bank
2475$2,237,000Fidelity Bank
2476$2,236,000Camino Real Bank
2476$2,236,000First Citizens National Bank
2476$2,236,000NBO National Bank
2479$2,235,000Lebanon Valley Farmers Bank
2480$2,233,000The Columbia Bank
2481$2,232,000Chemical Bank Bay Area
2481$2,232,000Unity Bank & Trust Company
2483$2,230,000CB North
2483$2,230,000Gwinnett Federal Bank, Federal Savings Bank
2483$2,230,000Bank Name Not Available
2483$2,230,000Star Financial Bank, Marion
2487$2,229,000Cass Commercial Bank
2487$2,229,000San Jose National Bank
2487$2,229,000The First National Bank of Bar Harbor
2490$2,228,000Great Eastern Bank
2490$2,228,000Liberty Federal Savings Bank
2490$2,228,000Mid Maine Savings Bank F.S.B.
2493$2,227,000Park Bank
2494$2,223,000HomeTrust Bank
2495$2,221,000Badger Bank, S.S.B.
2495$2,221,000State Financial Bank
2495$2,221,000Republic Bank
2495$2,221,000The Third National Bank of Sedalia
2495$2,221,000Community First National Bank
2500$2,220,000The Professional Bank
2501$2,219,000Bank of Los Altos
2501$2,219,000The Guardian Bank, a Federal Savings Bank
2503$2,218,000The Commercial Savings Bank
2504$2,215,000Brenton First National Bank
2504$2,215,000Habersham Bank
2504$2,215,000The North Side Bank and Trust Company
2507$2,214,000Great American Federal
2507$2,214,000Jefferson Heritage Bank
2509$2,212,000Innovative Bank
2510$2,210,000Coral Coast Federal Savings Bank
2511$2,209,000Jacksonville Federal Savings Association
2512$2,208,000The Bank of Cherry Creek
2513$2,206,000Avenue Bank of Oak Park
2513$2,206,000Triangle Bank
2515$2,204,000American Bank
2515$2,204,000Guaranty Bond Bank
2515$2,204,000Modesto Banking Company
2518$2,203,000Charter Bank, S.B.
2518$2,203,000Heritage Bank
2520$2,199,000Charter Federal Savings Bank
2521$2,197,000Solvay Bank
2522$2,196,000Farmers State Bank
2522$2,196,000The East Carolina Bank
2524$2,195,000Home National Bank
2525$2,191,000The First National Bank of Athens
2526$2,190,000Savings Bank of Mendocino County
2526$2,190,000Security Federal Savings and Loan Association of Chicago
2528$2,189,000The Milford Bank
2528$2,189,000Heritage National Bank
2530$2,185,000Norwest Bank Pueblo
2531$2,184,000Bank One, Bloomington-Normal
2531$2,184,000The Bank of Nashville
2533$2,183,000Lakeland Bank
2534$2,182,000Bank One Crawfordsville
2534$2,182,000Boatmen's Bank of Quincy
2536$2,181,000Fidelity Savings Bank
2536$2,181,000The Fort Sill National Bank
2536$2,181,000West Suburban Bank of Darien
2539$2,180,000River Forest State Bank and Trust Company
2540$2,178,000La Cumbre Savings Bank, F.S.B.
2540$2,178,000Old Kent Bank of Big Rapids
2540$2,178,000Peoples Bank
2540$2,178,000Summit Savings Bank
2544$2,176,000Norway Savings Bank
2545$2,174,000The First, N.A.
2546$2,173,000Merchandise National Bank of Chicago
2546$2,173,000Pacific National Bank of Nantucket
2548$2,172,000State National Bank
2550$2,171,000Southern Michigan Bank & Trust
2551$2,170,000Sequoia Bank
2552$2,168,000Bank of Canton
2552$2,168,000Suburban Federal Savings Bank
2554$2,166,000The Citizens Bank
2555$2,165,000Norstates Bank
2556$2,164,000F & M Bank - Northern Virginia
2556$2,164,000SouthTrust Bank of Columbus
2558$2,161,000First Citizens Bank
2558$2,161,000National Bank of Geneva
2560$2,160,000Peoples Bank of Western Pennsylvania
2561$2,157,000Institution for Savings in Newburyport and Its Vicinity
2561$2,157,000SouthTrust Bank of Baldwin County
2561$2,157,000Elmira Savings Bank
2561$2,157,000Ledger Bank, S.S.B.
2565$2,156,000Suburban Bank of Barrington
2566$2,155,000North Houston Bank
2567$2,153,000Chemical Bank Michigan
2567$2,153,000Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corporation (U.S.A.)
2569$2,152,000The Shawnee State Bank
2570$2,149,000Charter Bank
2570$2,149,000Woburn National Bank
2572$2,146,000Barnett Bank of Nassau County
2572$2,146,000The Clinton National Bank
2574$2,143,000American Liberty Savings Bank, FSB
2574$2,143,000OneCentral Bank
2576$2,135,000Alliance Bank
2577$2,133,000Central Valley Community Bank
2578$2,132,000F & M Bank-Wisconsin
2578$2,132,000Pioneer Savings Bank, FSB
2580$2,130,000Ameribank Federal Savings Bank
2580$2,130,000Meridian Bank Texas
2580$2,130,000Pacific Valley National Bank
2580$2,130,000The Exchange National Bank of Jefferson City
2584$2,128,000AmBank Indiana
2585$2,127,000The Bridgehampton National Bank
2586$2,123,000The Fifth Third Bank of Southeastern Indiana
2587$2,122,000Boatmen's Bank of Southwest Missouri
2587$2,122,000Ozark Mountain Bank
2587$2,122,000Territorial Savings Bank
2590$2,121,000Bank of Gonzales
2590$2,121,000First Credit Bank
2592$2,120,000Town And Country Bank
2593$2,119,000American Bank of Commerce
2594$2,118,000Abington Savings Bank
2594$2,118,000Putnam County Savings Bank
2596$2,117,000M&I Bank of Menomonee Falls
2598$2,116,000Signal Bank South
2598$2,116,000PNC Advisors
2600$2,113,000First United Bank
2601$2,112,000Guardian Bank of Houston
2601$2,112,000Progressive Bank and Trust Company
2603$2,111,000First Vantage Bank /Tri-Cities
2604$2,110,000Citizens National Bank
2604$2,110,000The First National Bank of St. Mary's at Leonardtown
2606$2,108,000Huntington Bank Parkersburg, Inc.
2607$2,107,000The Union National Bank of Westminster
2607$2,107,000Western Security Bank
2609$2,106,000Cleveland Bank and Trust Company
2609$2,106,000Mercantile Bank of West Central Missouri
2611$2,105,000New London Trust F.S.B.
2612$2,104,000Commercial National Bank of Chicago
2612$2,104,000First Federal Bank
2614$2,103,000Mount Greenwood Bank
2615$2,101,000Bank One, Elkhorn
2615$2,101,000United New Mexico Bank at Lea County
2617$2,099,000Bank Name Not Available
2618$2,098,000First National Bank
2618$2,098,000First National Bank
2620$2,097,000Desert Community Bank
2621$2,096,000State Bank of Countryside
2622$2,095,000Liberty Bank for Savings
2623$2,094,000Concordia Bank & Trust Company
2623$2,094,000World Trade Bank
2625$2,093,000First Federal Savings Bank of Western Maryland
2625$2,093,000The First National Bank of Herminie
2627$2,092,000Baylake Bank
2627$2,092,000First National Bank
2627$2,092,000First State Bank of Maple Park
2630$2,091,000Second National Bank of Bay City
2631$2,090,000North Valley Bank
2632$2,089,0001st Financial Bank USA
2632$2,089,000Colorado National Bank Aspen
2634$2,088,000Citizens Bank and Trust of West Georgia
2635$2,085,000Dubois County Bank
2635$2,085,000First State Bank and Trust Company
2637$2,083,000Delta National Bank and Trust Company
2637$2,083,000The First National Bank of Conway
2639$2,080,000American Security Bank of Ville Platte
2639$2,080,000Norwest Bank Brighton
2641$2,075,000Continental Bank of New Jersey
2643$2,074,000New Horizons Savings and Loan Association
2644$2,073,000Firstar Bank Appleton
2644$2,073,000The Citizens Bank of Philadelphia, Mississippi
2644$2,073,000Community Banks of Northern California
2647$2,072,000Advantage Bank
2648$2,071,000Hilltop National Bank
2649$2,070,000Bank One, Fond du Lac
2650$2,069,000American Bank of Hollywood
2650$2,069,000Cornerstone Bank
2650$2,069,000The San Benito Bank & Trust Company
2653$2,068,000City National Bank of West Virginia
2654$2,066,000The Farmers National Bank of Opelika
2655$2,065,000Republic Bank & Trust Company
2656$2,064,000One Valley Bank of Marion County
2657$2,063,000Ukrainian Federal Savings and Loan Association
2659$2,061,000Norwest Bank Minnesota Central
2660$2,059,000Allegheny Valley Bank of Pittsburgh
2660$2,059,000Norwest Bank Monaco
2662$2,058,000First National Bank of Pulaski
2662$2,058,000Salin Bank and Trust Company
2664$2,057,000American Bank of Commerce
2664$2,057,000RSI BANK
2666$2,056,000Mercantile Bank and Trust Company
2667$2,055,000American West Bank
2668$2,054,000The Bank of Southside Virginia
2669$2,053,000First Virginia Bank - Southside
2669$2,053,000Great Northern Savings Company
2669$2,053,000The Citizens National Bank of Somerset
2672$2,052,000Ozaukee Bank
2673$2,051,000Northern Trust Bank of Vero Beach
2674$2,050,000Espirito Santo Bank
2674$2,050,000First National Bank of Florida
2676$2,049,000Newtown Savings Bank
2676$2,049,000Pointe Federal Savings Bank
2678$2,045,000Alpine Bank & Trust Co.
2679$2,044,000Inwood National Bank
2679$2,044,000Skylake National Bank
2681$2,043,000Montgomery Bank
2682$2,042,000Citizens Bank of Washington
2682$2,042,000Norwest Bank Peru
2682$2,042,000Orland State Bank
2682$2,042,000Slade's Ferry Trust Company
2686$2,041,000The First National Bank of Florida
2686$2,041,000The Bankers Bank
2688$2,040,000FirstBank of Wheat Ridge
2689$2,039,000Winchester Savings Bank
2691$2,036,000Bank of Utah
2691$2,036,000Star Financial Bank, New Castle, Indiana
2693$2,034,000American Bank and Trust Company
2693$2,034,000FirstBank of Aurora
2695$2,031,000Bank of Tennessee
2696$2,029,000American Bank
2696$2,029,000Florence Savings Bank
2698$2,028,000First Bank South
2698$2,028,000First Union Bank of Delaware
2698$2,028,000Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank
2698$2,028,000The Citizens Bank
2702$2,027,000First National Bank of Niles
2702$2,027,000Valley First National Bank
2704$2,025,000United Community Bank
2705$2,022,000Central Bank of Tampa
2705$2,022,000ANB Bank
2707$2,021,000United Bank of Michigan
2708$2,020,000First National Bank of Magnolia
2708$2,020,000First National Bank, Ames, Iowa
2708$2,020,000M&I Central Bank & Trust
2708$2,020,000Meritrust Federal Savings Bank
2712$2,018,000Bath National Bank
2713$2,017,000Firstar Bank Park Forest
2713$2,017,000Mercantile Bank of Cape Girardeau
2713$2,017,000The First National Bank of Shelby
2716$2,016,000The Bank of Tidewater
2717$2,015,000Citizens Independent Bank
2718$2,014,000Greater Atlantic Bank
2718$2,014,000Security State Bank
2720$2,013,000Deposit Guaranty National Bank of Louisiana
2720$2,013,000First National Bank and Trust Co.
2722$2,012,000Citizens National Bank of Greater St. Louis
2722$2,012,000First Bank
2724$2,011,000The First National Bank of Paulding County
2725$2,010,000First National Bank of Russellville
2726$2,009,000West Suburban Bank of Aurora, F.S.B.
2727$2,008,000Benton State Bank
2728$2,007,000Metro Commerce Bank
2728$2,007,000Northway Bank
2730$2,006,000The Mars National Bank
2732$2,005,000Glacier Bank
2732$2,005,000Premier Bank-South
2734$2,004,000The Beverly National Bank
2735$2,003,000Southern Ocean State Bank
2736$2,001,000UMB Bank, Northwest
2737$1,999,000R-G Crown Bank
2737$1,999,000Pacific National Bank
2739$1,997,000First Bank
2740$1,996,000Harris Bank Libertyville
2741$1,994,000Citizens National Bank of Paintsville
2741$1,994,000Fredericksburg State Bank
2741$1,994,000Home Federal Bank, a Federal Savings Bank
2741$1,994,000The National Grand Bank of Marblehead
2745$1,993,000California Pacific Bank
2745$1,993,000The Federal Savings Bank
2747$1,992,000Gorham Savings Bank
2747$1,992,000MainSource Bank
2749$1,991,000Wesbanco Bank Parkersburg
2750$1,989,000Huntington Bank Huntington
2751$1,988,000M&I Bank of Beloit
2752$1,986,000Old Kent Bank of Petoskey
2753$1,985,000First State Bank of Uvalde
2753$1,985,000Home Federal Savings Bank
2755$1,984,000Planters Bank & Trust Company
2756$1,983,000Northern Bank & Trust Company
2757$1,982,000Connecticut River Bank
2757$1,982,000Second National Bank
2757$1,982,000The Minnequa Bank of Pueblo
2760$1,981,000Pioneer Federal Savings Bank
2761$1,980,000Mid Town Bank & Trust Company of Chicago
2761$1,980,000New Canaan Bank and Trust Company
2761$1,980,000Western State Bank
2764$1,978,000Southland Bank b/b/a Ameris
2765$1,977,000North Community Bank
2766$1,974,000Hoyne Savings Bank
2768$1,971,000Security Bank
2769$1,970,000Lamorinda National Bank
2770$1,969,000First National Bank of Cortland
2771$1,967,000Guaranty Bank and Trust Company
2772$1,966,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Port Angeles
2772$1,966,000Southwest State Bank
2774$1,965,000The Bank of Southeastern Connecticut
2775$1,964,000Adams Bank & Trust
2775$1,964,000Firstbank - Alma
2777$1,963,000First Federal Savings Bank of Elizabethtown
2777$1,963,000Premier Bank
2779$1,962,000Main Street Bank
2780$1,961,000Citizens Savings Bank
2780$1,961,000Columbus National Bank
2782$1,960,000First State Bank
2783$1,957,000Bank of Commerce
2783$1,957,000Union County Savings Bank
2785$1,956,000CorTrust Bank
2785$1,956,000Harris Bank Woodstock
2787$1,955,000Bank One, Oshkosh
2787$1,955,000City Bank
2789$1,954,000Community Bank of Central California
2789$1,954,000Exchange National Bank and Trust Company
2789$1,954,000Oxford Bank & Trust
2789$1,954,000Platte Valley State Bank & Trust Company
2789$1,954,000The Community Bank of South Carolina
2794$1,953,000The Juniata Valley Bank
2795$1,951,000Security Federal Bank & Trust
2796$1,950,000The Commercial and Savings Bank of Millersburg, Ohio
2797$1,946,000Citizens Bank of Southern Pennsylvania
2797$1,946,000First Virginia Bank - Planters
2797$1,946,000Lea County State Bank
2800$1,945,000Northwest Bank
2800$1,945,000Thomaston Savings Bank
2800$1,945,000UMB Bank, Jefferson City
2803$1,944,000NorthEast Community Bank
2804$1,942,000First Savings Bank of Perkasie
2805$1,941,000Bank First National
2805$1,941,000Monroe Bank
2807$1,940,000Community First National Bank
2808$1,939,000Boatmen's Bank of Northeast Arkansas
2809$1,938,000Ponce De Leon Federal Bank
2810$1,936,000Norwest Bank of Aspen
2811$1,935,000Colorado State Bank and Trust, N. A.
2812$1,932,000Bank of Lincolnwood
2813$1,931,000UMB Bank Kansas
2814$1,930,000First Federal Bank
2815$1,929,000Financial Trust Company
2816$1,928,000The National Bank & Trust Company of Sycamore
2817$1,926,000Pan American Federal Savings Bank
2818$1,925,000The Bank of Darien
2819$1,924,000First Bank
2819$1,924,000First Bank Southeast of Lake Geneva
2821$1,922,000The First National Bank of Shelby
2822$1,920,000Associated Bank Chicago
2823$1,918,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association
2823$1,918,000First Interstate Bank of New Mexico
2823$1,918,000First National Bank & Trust Company of Columbus
2823$1,918,000First National Bank of Northbrook
2827$1,917,000First South Bank
2827$1,917,000Firstar National Bank
2827$1,917,000SB&T BANK
2827$1,917,000United Bank of Philadelphia
2831$1,913,000Baton Rouge Bank & Trust Company
2832$1,912,000Bank of Honolulu
2832$1,912,000The Moxham National Bank of Johnstown
2834$1,911,000Farmers & Merchants Bank
2834$1,911,000Steiner Bank
2834$1,911,000The Marian State Bank
2834$1,911,000Union Colony Bank
2838$1,910,000Bank One, Quad Cities
2838$1,910,000Liberty National Bank of Madisonville
2838$1,910,000Somerset Savings Bank, SLA
2841$1,908,000Bank of Elmwood
2841$1,908,000Bank of Stanly
2843$1,906,000NC Interim National Bank
2843$1,906,000Ipswich Savings Bank
2845$1,904,000Sea Island Bank
2845$1,904,000The Brenham National Bank
2847$1,902,000Mercantile Bank of Franklin County
2848$1,899,000First Mutual Bank, S.B.
2849$1,898,000First National Bank of St. Bernard Parish
2850$1,896,000Continental Bank
2850$1,896,000York State Bank
2853$1,895,000Industrial Bank
2853$1,895,000North Shore Bank, a Co-operative Bank
2855$1,894,000American Savings Bank
2855$1,894,000Community First Bank & Trust
2855$1,894,000The Forest Hill State Bank
2858$1,892,000Greenville National Bank
2858$1,892,000The Farmers National Bank of Danville
2860$1,891,000United Southwest Bank
2861$1,889,000Citizens Bank
2861$1,889,000Security Savings Bank, F.S.B.
2861$1,889,000State Financial Bank
2864$1,888,000Bank of Westbury, a Federal Savings Bank
2864$1,888,000Firstar Bank Wausau
2864$1,888,000Salisbury Bank and Trust Company
2864$1,888,000The American National Bank
2864$1,888,000The First National Bank of Jeffersonville
2869$1,887,000Chestnut Hill Bank & Trust Company
2869$1,887,000Eisenhower National Bank
2869$1,887,000First Commercial Bank, Franklin, Louisiana
2869$1,887,000American Heritage Bank
2873$1,884,000Farmers State Bank
2873$1,884,000The Key Bank of Florida
2875$1,883,000Anchor Bank
2875$1,883,000Bank of South Windsor
2875$1,883,000Northeast Bank
2878$1,882,000The First National Bank of Litchfield
2879$1,880,000First Flag Bank
2879$1,880,000First National Bank of Weatherford
2881$1,879,000Boatmen's Bank Iowa
2882$1,878,000Guaranty Bank
2883$1,877,000Claremont Savings Bank
2884$1,876,000Mercantile Bank of the Mineral Area
2885$1,875,000Luther Burbank Savings
2885$1,875,000Mid Penn Bank
2887$1,873,000Beverly Bank-Matteson
2887$1,873,000The Bank of Glen Burnie
2889$1,871,000Artisans' Bank
2889$1,871,000Suburban Federal Savings, a Federal Savings Bank
2891$1,870,000Carter County Bank of Elizabethton, Tennessee
2892$1,869,000Bank of Boston - Florida
2892$1,869,000Columbia State Bank
2894$1,868,000Mercantile Bank of Northern Missouri
2895$1,867,000Family Bank
2895$1,867,000Trust Company Bank of Coffee County
2897$1,864,000First Georgia Bank
2897$1,864,000Castle Bank
2899$1,863,000First National Bank of Griffin
2899$1,863,000First Virginia Bank - Franklin County
2901$1,862,000The Belvidere National Bank and Trust Company
2902$1,861,000Bucktail Bank and Trust Company
2903$1,860,000Central National Bank
2903$1,860,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Lorain
2903$1,860,000The Union National Bank of Macomb
2906$1,859,000National City Bank of Ashland
2906$1,859,000German American Bancorp
2908$1,858,000Fort Bend Federal Savings and Loan Association
2909$1,857,000Mesa National Bank
2910$1,856,000Marquette Bank Brooklyn Park
2911$1,854,000Marquette Bank Shakopee
2912$1,853,000Mercantile Peninsula Bank
2912$1,853,000First City Bank
2912$1,853,000Unitas National Bank
2915$1,852,000Fairfield First Bank & Trust Company
2916$1,851,000FirstBank of Lakewood
2917$1,850,000Cuyahoga Savings Association
2917$1,850,000Conestoga Bank
2919$1,848,000The First National Bank of Ottawa
2920$1,847,000Lubbock National Bank
2921$1,846,000The First National Bank of Gatlinburg
2922$1,845,000Albany Bank and Trust Company
2922$1,845,000Cherokee Valley Federal Savings Association
2922$1,845,000MFC First National Bank
2925$1,844,0001st United Bank
2925$1,844,000Chesapeake Bank
2925$1,844,000Mountain States Bank
2928$1,843,000First Enterprise Bank
2929$1,842,000Iron and Glass Bank
2930$1,841,000Commercial Bank
2930$1,841,000Bank of New Hampshire
2932$1,840,000Drexel National Bank
2932$1,840,000Home Federal Savings Bank
2932$1,840,000Sabine State Bank and Trust Company
2935$1,839,000Bank of Houston
2935$1,839,000El Capitan National Bank
2937$1,837,000Peterson Bank
2937$1,837,000Yakima Federal Savings and Loan Association
2939$1,836,000Community Savings Bank
2939$1,836,000Fairfield County Bank
2939$1,836,000Villa Park Trust & Savings Bank
2942$1,835,000Independent Bank - South Michigan
2943$1,833,000Citizens State Bank of New Castle, Indiana
2943$1,833,000National Commerce Bank
2945$1,832,000Meridian Bank, New Jersey
2945$1,832,000North Star Bank
2947$1,831,000Citizens Bank of Las Cruces
2947$1,831,000South Coast Commercial Bank
2949$1,830,000Champaign National Bank
2950$1,828,000Litchfield Bancorp
2951$1,827,000Franklin Savings Bank
2951$1,827,000Fulton Bank of New Jersey
2951$1,827,000The First National Bank of Ipswich
2954$1,826,000Ocean Independent Bank
2955$1,824,000Union Planters Bank of Northeast Mississippi
2956$1,823,000American Bank
2956$1,823,000American Home Bank
2956$1,823,000Cornerstone Bank, FSB
2956$1,823,000First Commercial Bank
2956$1,823,000Oxford Bank
2961$1,822,000First Arvest Bank
2962$1,821,000Commercial and Farmers Bank
2963$1,820,000Perpetual Savings Bank, FSB
2964$1,819,000SUNWEST Bank of Roswell
2965$1,818,000Princeton Bank
2966$1,817,000Community Bank
2967$1,816,000Commerce Bank of Joplin
2967$1,816,000The Jackson State Bank
2969$1,814,000Prime Bank of Puerto Rico
2969$1,814,000Community National Bank
2969$1,814,000Teche Federal Bank
2972$1,812,000Southwest Bank & Trust Company of Omaha
2972$1,812,000The Bank and Trust of Puerto Rico
2974$1,811,000First Federal Savings Bank
2975$1,809,000Metro Bank
2975$1,809,000U.S. Bank National Association OR
2977$1,808,000Peoples State Bank of Groveland
2978$1,807,000Bank of Lake County
2978$1,807,000First Keystone Bank
2978$1,807,000Boatmen's National Bank of Batesville
2981$1,806,000Plaza Bank of Miami
2981$1,806,000The Colorado Bank and Trust Company of La Junta
2983$1,805,000Adams National Bank
2983$1,805,000Bank Independent
2983$1,805,000Farmers Bank and Trust Company of Madisonville
2983$1,805,000Household Bank (California)
2987$1,802,000The Randolph National Bank
2988$1,800,000Bank of Walnut Creek
2989$1,799,000The Bank of Castile
2990$1,798,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Greene Co
2990$1,798,000Mechanics Bank
2992$1,797,000Oshkosh Savings Bank, F.S.B.
2992$1,797,000The Bank of Western Massachusetts
2995$1,796,000Park National Bank
2996$1,795,000Gainesville State Bank
2997$1,793,000The Paducah Bank and Trust Company
2998$1,790,000Itasca Bank & Trust Co.
2999$1,788,000Asia Bank
3000$1,787,000American Bank and Trust
3000$1,787,000Texas City Bank
3002$1,786,000First State Bank and Trust Company of Valdosta
3002$1,786,000Harrisburg Bank, Houston, Texas
3004$1,785,000Orange County Trust Company
3004$1,785,000The Home State Bank of Kansas City, Kansas
3006$1,784,000City Bank & Trust Company
3007$1,782,000Great Southern National Bank
3007$1,782,000Mid-Continent Federal Savings Bank
3007$1,782,000Security Bank and Trust Company
3010$1,781,000Metairie Bank & Trust Company
3011$1,780,000Bank of New Hampshire
3011$1,780,000Franklin Federal Savings Bank
3011$1,780,000Virginia Federal Savings Bank
3014$1,779,000First Interstate Bank of Englewood
3016$1,778,000Packers Bank
3017$1,776,000Suburban Trust and Savings Bank
3018$1,775,000First Texas Bank
3018$1,775,000West Suburban Bank of Carol Stream/Stratford Square
3020$1,774,000Farmers and Merchants Bank
3021$1,773,000Old Kent Bank of Cadillac
3021$1,773,000Summit Bank
3021$1,773,000The Village Bank & Trust Company
3024$1,772,000Putnam County Bank
3025$1,771,000West Newton Savings Bank
3026$1,770,000Amcore Bank, National Association, South Central
3027$1,769,000Founders National Bank
3027$1,769,000The Park Avenue Bank
3029$1,768,000GE Capital Financial Inc.
3029$1,768,000First Virginia Bank-Central
3031$1,766,000Jefferson State Bank
3032$1,764,000Benchmark Bank
3032$1,764,000Industrial Savings and Loan Association
3034$1,763,000First National Bank of West Monroe
3034$1,763,000Peoples Bank
3034$1,763,000Southern Commercial Bank
3034$1,763,000Sturdy Savings Bank
3034$1,763,000Ocean Bank
3039$1,759,000Home Federal Savings Bank
3040$1,758,000First National Bank in Howell
3041$1,756,000Heartland Bank
3041$1,756,000Boatmen's National Bank of Russellville
3043$1,755,000Yadkin Valley Bank and Trust Company
3044$1,754,000Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co.
3045$1,753,000First National Bank of Florida at Bonita Springs
3045$1,753,000Security State Bank
3047$1,752,000State Bank and Trust Company
3047$1,752,000The Georgia State Bank of Rome
3047$1,752,000Woodforest National Bank
3050$1,751,000Dadeland Bank
3050$1,751,000Stearns Bank
3052$1,750,000Security State Bank & Trust
3053$1,748,000M&I Bank of Racine
3053$1,748,000SouthTrust Bank
3055$1,747,000The Brand Banking Company
3056$1,746,000Westminster Union Bank
3057$1,745,000First Trust and Savings Bank of Taylorville
3057$1,745,000Midwest Independent Bank
3059$1,744,000Century South Bank of Dahlonega
3059$1,744,000First Executive Bank
3061$1,742,000Norwest Bank Fort Collins-South
3061$1,742,000First Service Bank
3063$1,741,000First Federal Bank for Savings of Northern Kentucky
3063$1,741,000Heritage Bank
3063$1,741,000One Valley Bank-East
3063$1,741,000PRESIDENTIAL BANK, F.S.B.
3067$1,739,000Franklin Savings Bank
3068$1,737,000First Home Savings Bank, F.S.B.
3068$1,737,000Oritani Bank
3070$1,736,000Elliott State Bank
3070$1,736,000M C Bank & Trust Company
3070$1,736,000Mascoma Savings Bank
3070$1,736,000ValueBank Texas
3074$1,734,000Greenfield Savings Bank
3074$1,734,000Northrim Bank
3076$1,733,000The Farmers Bank and Trust Company of Georgetown, Kentucky
3076$1,733,000The Madison National Bank
3078$1,732,000Community First National Bank
3078$1,732,000Bremer Bank
3078$1,732,000SouthBank, a Federal Savings Bank
3081$1,731,000Dryades Savings and Loan Association, F.A.
3082$1,730,000Farmers Bank
3082$1,730,000The National Bank of Cambridge
3084$1,728,000Georgia Bank & Trust Company of Augusta
3084$1,728,000Miami Valley Bank
3086$1,727,000Centennial Bank
3086$1,727,000Commercial Bank
3086$1,727,000Firstar Bank Rice Lake
3086$1,727,000FirstBank of Arapahoe County
3090$1,726,000Eastern Bank and Trust Company
3090$1,726,000Jackson County Bank
3090$1,726,000Standard Bank
3093$1,725,000Commerce Bank
3093$1,725,000King City Federal Savings Bank
3095$1,724,000M&I Bank of Shawano
3096$1,723,000First State Bank of Chicago
3097$1,720,000Manasquan Savings Bank
3097$1,720,000Herget Bank
3097$1,720,000The Needham Bank
3100$1,718,000Passumpsic Savings Bank
3100$1,718,000MidAmerican Bank and Trust Company
3102$1,717,000Firstar Bank Cedar Falls
3103$1,716,000Bay Cities National Bank
3104$1,715,000American National Bank and Trust Company
3105$1,714,000Community National Bank
3105$1,714,000The Citizens National Bank of Bluffton
3105$1,714,000Kaw Valley Bank
3108$1,713,000SouthTrust Bank of Central Alabama
3109$1,712,000First Bulloch Bank & Trust Company
3109$1,712,000First Bank A Federal Savings Bank
3109$1,712,000LBS Bank - New York
3112$1,711,000Harris Bank Frankfort
3112$1,711,000The Factory Point National Bank of Manchester Center
3114$1,710,000MidSouth Bank
3114$1,710,000Washington County National Bank
3116$1,709,000Bell Federal Savings and Loan Association
3116$1,709,000First National Bank and Trust Company of Ardmore
3118$1,708,000BREMER BANK
3118$1,708,000Security Trust Federal Savings and Loan Association
3120$1,707,000The Fidelity Deposit and Discount Bank
3121$1,706,000Central Washington Bank
3121$1,706,000Firstar Bank Lake Geneva
3121$1,706,000The Torrington Savings Bank
3125$1,704,000Interbank of New York
3125$1,704,000Meredith Village Savings Bank
3127$1,703,000First Security Bank
3127$1,703,000Mercantile Bank of Jasper County
3127$1,703,000Randolph Bank & Trust Company
3127$1,703,000The People's Bank of Oxford
3131$1,702,000Boatmen's Bank of Franklin County
3131$1,702,000First Virginia Bank - Highlands
3134$1,701,000ESB Bank
3134$1,701,000First Valley Bank
3134$1,701,000Framingham Co-operative Bank
3134$1,701,000Norwood Co-operative Bank
3138$1,700,000Citizens Bank of Kentucky
3138$1,700,000First Bank & Trust East Texas
3138$1,700,000F & M Bank-Peoples
3141$1,699,000First Montgomery Bank
3141$1,699,000Iberville Bank
3143$1,698,000Carnegie Bank
3143$1,698,000Scott Valley Bank
3145$1,697,000FirstBank of Boulder
3145$1,697,000Universal Bank
3147$1,694,000Douglas National Bank
3147$1,694,000Peoples Home Savings Bank
3147$1,694,000Community First National Bank
3150$1,693,000Commerce Bank
3151$1,692,000Capital City Bank
3151$1,692,000Commercial Bank of Georgia
3151$1,692,000Bank of Bridger
3151$1,692,000Peoples Bank and Trust Company
3155$1,691,000Metro Bank
3155$1,691,000The Merchants National Bank
3157$1,689,000First National Bank and Trust Company, Carbondale, Illinois
3157$1,689,000First National Bank
3159$1,688,000Hamlin Bank and Trust Company
3159$1,688,000Jefferson Bank
3161$1,687,000Clear Mountain Bank
3161$1,687,000Commerce Bank of San Luis Obispo
3163$1,686,000Capital Bank
3163$1,686,000Ironbound Bank
3163$1,686,000First Western Bank
3166$1,685,000AMTRUST BANK, F.S.B.
3166$1,685,000BYL Bank Group
3166$1,685,000Bridgeview Bank Group
3169$1,684,000Ballston Spa National Bank
3170$1,683,000Greater Delaware Valley Savings Bank
3170$1,683,000First United Security Bank
3172$1,682,000Southbridge Savings Bank
3173$1,681,000First National Bank of Shelby County
3173$1,681,000Sonoma National Bank
3175$1,680,000Crestwood State Bank
3176$1,679,000Detroit Savings Bank, FSB
3176$1,679,000First National Bank of Scotia
3178$1,677,000Bank One, West Virginia, Buckhannon
3178$1,677,000Bowling Green Bank & Trust Company
3180$1,674,000Bank of Lenawee
3180$1,674,000First Colonial Bank/Rosemont
3180$1,674,000Pacific Northwest Bank
3183$1,673,000Community Bank & Trust Co.
3183$1,673,000Norwest Bank Texas, Plainview
3183$1,673,000The Equality State Bank
3183$1,673,000United New Mexico Bank at Alamogordo
3187$1,672,000M&I Peoples Bank
3187$1,672,000Watertown Savings Bank
3189$1,671,000Bank One, Monroe
3189$1,671,000First National Bank of Huntsville
3191$1,670,000Merrill Merchants Bank
3191$1,670,000Palm Beach National Bank & Trust Company
3191$1,670,000Woodstown National Bank
3194$1,669,000City National Bank and Trust Company
3194$1,669,000Independent Bankers' Bank
3194$1,669,000One Bank & Trust
3197$1,668,000Fed One Bank
3198$1,667,000California Security Bank
3198$1,667,000First Federal Bank of Ohio
3198$1,667,000First Financial Bank
3198$1,667,000Norwest Bank Red Wing
3202$1,666,000First Empire Federal Savings and Loan Association
3202$1,666,000First National Bank of Jasper
3202$1,666,000Triad Bank
3205$1,665,000First Federal Bank
3205$1,665,000First National Bank of Morton Grove
3205$1,665,000FirstBank of Avon
3205$1,665,000Heritage Community Bank
3209$1,664,000Everett Co-operative Bank
3210$1,663,000Boatmen's Bank of Fort Dodge
3210$1,663,000Independent Bank
3210$1,663,000Spencer Savings Bank
3210$1,663,000Boatmen's National Bank of Austin
3214$1,662,000Mercantile Bank of Sterling-Rock Falls
3215$1,660,000First Federal Savings Bank of New Smyrna
3215$1,660,000First Southern National Bank
3217$1,656,000Home Federal Savings Bank
3217$1,656,000Mercantile Bank Stoddard/Bollinger Counties
3217$1,656,000The Middle Tennessee Bank
3220$1,655,000Bank of Marshall County
3220$1,655,000Executive National Bank
3220$1,655,000NBC Bank
3220$1,655,000Premier Bank-Central
3224$1,654,000Norwest Bank Longmont
3224$1,654,000The Pemigewasset National Bank of Plymouth
3226$1,653,000American National Bank
3227$1,652,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Anderson
3228$1,651,000Stoneham Savings Bank
3229$1,650,000Cottonport Bank
3230$1,649,000Landmark Bank Company
3231$1,648,000West Suburban Bank of Downers Grove/Lombard
3231$1,648,000Western National Bank
3233$1,647,000Fredericktown Bank & Trust Company
3233$1,647,000Humboldt Bank
3233$1,647,000Marquette Bank South Dakota
3236$1,646,000Centreville Savings Bank
3236$1,646,000First Bank of West Hartford
3236$1,646,000First Commercial Bank
3239$1,644,000American Bank of Rock Island
3241$1,642,000Palomar Community Bank
3241$1,642,000Southwest Financial Bank and Trust Company
3241$1,642,000The Citizens National Bank of Weatherford
3244$1,640,000Continental State Bank
3244$1,640,000First National Bank
3246$1,639,000Commercial Bank
3246$1,639,000PlainsBank of Illinois
3248$1,638,000Southwest National Bank
3249$1,637,000Peoples Bank SB
3249$1,637,000Peoples State Bank
3249$1,637,000Riverdale Bank
3252$1,636,000First Bank Mainland
3252$1,636,000Northern Bank
3254$1,635,000Horizon Capital Bank
3254$1,635,000Jacksonville Savings Bank, SSB
3256$1,634,000Grand National Bank
3256$1,634,000First Citizens Bank of Clayton County
3258$1,633,000Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of Grand Island
3258$1,633,000The Huntington National Bank of Pennsylvania
3260$1,632,000First Columbia Bank & Trust Co.
3260$1,632,000Walpole Co-operative Bank
3262$1,630,000Norwest Bank Rochester
3262$1,630,000FMB-Sault Bank
3262$1,630,000Swineford National Bank
3265$1,629,000First Public Savings Bank, F.S.B.
3265$1,629,000First State Bank & Trust Company of Park Ridge
3268$1,628,000First National Bank of Tennessee
3268$1,628,000Marblehead Bank
3270$1,627,000Compass Bank-San Antonio
3271$1,626,000First Federal Savings Bank of Lynchburg
3271$1,626,000Volunteer State Bank
3273$1,624,000Bremer Bank
3273$1,624,000The First National Bank & Trust Company of Iron Mountain
3275$1,623,000Community First National Bank
3276$1,621,000First National Bank and Trust Company in Dodge City
3277$1,620,000Belmont Savings Bank
3277$1,620,000Springs Valley Bank & Trust Company
3277$1,620,000The Broadway National Bank of Chelsea
3280$1,619,000Lufkin National Bank
3280$1,619,000Security Bank, FSB
3282$1,618,000Chicago City Bank and Trust Company
3282$1,618,000Crest Savings Bank
3282$1,618,000The Columbian Bank and Trust Company
3285$1,617,000SouthTrust Bank of Tuscaloosa County
3285$1,617,000Upland Bank
3287$1,616,000Business & Professional Bank
3288$1,615,000Bank of Prattville
3288$1,615,000Firstar Bank Mount Pleasant
3288$1,615,000Mega Bank
3291$1,614,000Century Bank
3292$1,613,000WestStar Bank
3293$1,612,000The Peoples Bank of Forsyth County
3294$1,611,000UMB Oklahoma Bank
3295$1,610,000Citizens National Bank of Cheboygan
3296$1,609,000Woori America Bank
3296$1,609,000United New Mexico Bank
3298$1,608,000Covest Banc
3298$1,608,000Bank Name Not Available
3300$1,607,000Progress Bank of Florida
3300$1,607,000Your Community Bank
3300$1,607,000Bank Name Not Available
3300$1,607,000The Stockmen's Bank
3304$1,606,000Fidelity State Bank
3304$1,606,000Greenfield Banking Company
3306$1,603,000CB&S Bank, Inc.
3306$1,603,000Norwest Bank Sunset Park
3308$1,602,000NVE Bank
3309$1,601,000Greenbrier Valley National Bank
3310$1,600,000Cameron State Bank
3311$1,599,000Pacific Western National Bank
3311$1,599,000FNB Bank
3311$1,599,000Winter Hill Bank, FSB
3314$1,598,000Bank of the Ozarks wca
3314$1,598,000Central Bank of the South
3314$1,598,000First Community Bank
3314$1,598,000First National Bank of North County
3314$1,598,000Island National Bank and Trust Company
3319$1,597,000Heritage Oaks Bank
3319$1,597,000Norwest Bank LaPorte
3321$1,596,000Maritime Savings Bank
3321$1,596,000St. Louis Bank for Savings
3321$1,596,000Heritage Banking Group
3324$1,595,000Community Financial Services Bank
3324$1,595,000State Bank of Southern Utah
3324$1,595,000State Bank of Standish
3324$1,595,000The Bank
3328$1,594,000Sun World
3328$1,594,000First State Bank
3330$1,593,000Wilson Bank and Trust
3332$1,592,000First National Bank of Muscatine
3333$1,591,000Regent National Bank
3334$1,590,000Fairfield County Savings Bank
3335$1,589,000First Palmetto Savings Bank, F.S.B.
3335$1,589,000Fifth Third Savings Bank of Northern Kentucky, F.S.B.
3337$1,588,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Bucks Co
3337$1,588,000National Bank of Commerce of Lake Charles
3337$1,588,000National Bank of Royal Oak
3337$1,588,000First Main Street Bank
3337$1,588,000The Winton Savings and Loan Company
3342$1,586,000SouthTrust Bank of Cullman
3343$1,585,000American National Bank
3344$1,583,000Habib American Bank
3344$1,583,000National Bank of Conroe
3346$1,582,000Farmers & Merchants Bank
3347$1,581,000BANKFIRST, a federal savings bank
3347$1,581,000First Banking Center
3347$1,581,000First State Bank
3347$1,581,000Gateway National Bank
3347$1,581,000The Guilford Savings Bank
3352$1,578,000Bank One, West Virginia, Logan
3353$1,577,000First Nation Bank
3353$1,577,000The Bank of Alton
3353$1,577,000The National Bank of Walton County
3353$1,577,000Chinatrust Bank (U.S.A.)
3357$1,576,000Home Federal Bank
3358$1,575,000FNB Salem Bank and Trust
3358$1,575,000State Bank & Trust
3358$1,575,000Torrance Bank, S.S.B.
3361$1,574,000Fidelity Federal Savings Bank
3361$1,574,000First National Bank
3361$1,574,000Soy Capital Bank and Trust Company
3361$1,574,000U.S. Trust Company of Florida
3365$1,573,000City and Suburban FSB
3365$1,573,000Columbia County Farmers National Bank
3365$1,573,000Fort Brooke Bank
3368$1,572,000Nara Bank
3369$1,571,000National Bank of Commerce
3370$1,570,000Northern Trust Bank/O'Hare
3370$1,570,000Webster Five Cents Savings Bank
3372$1,569,000BREMER BANK
3372$1,569,000Marquette Bank Cedar Rapids
3372$1,569,000Florida International Bank
3375$1,568,000Bank of New Roads
3376$1,567,000First South Bank
3377$1,566,000Boatmen's First National Bank of West Plains
3378$1,564,000Reisterstown Federal Savings Bank
3379$1,563,000Bank of St. John
3379$1,563,000Prudential Savings Bank
3379$1,563,000Texas Gulf Bank
3382$1,562,000Century Bank and Trust
3382$1,562,000Banner Bank of Oregon
3384$1,561,000Regions Bank
3385$1,560,000First Savings Bank
3385$1,560,000United Southern Bank
3387$1,559,000League City Bank & Trust
3387$1,559,000Umpqua Bank
3387$1,559,000Valley Bank
3390$1,558,000Adrian State Bank
3390$1,558,000First Bank of Highland Park
3390$1,558,000Worthington Federal Bank
3390$1,558,000Fox Chase Bank
3390$1,558,000Plumas Bank
3390$1,558,000The Commerce Bank of Washington
3396$1,557,000Georgia State Bank
3397$1,556,000Citizens Bank
3398$1,555,000Bank Name Not Available
3399$1,554,000First & Peoples Bank and Trust Company
3399$1,554,000Northwestern Bank
3401$1,553,000Union Planters Bank of the Lakeway Area
3401$1,553,000Brenton Bank and Trust Company
3403$1,552,000Avidia Bank
3403$1,552,000Milford Federal Savings and Loan Association
3405$1,551,000Harbor National Bank
3405$1,551,000La Jolla Bank, FSB
3405$1,551,000Northwest Georgia Bank
3408$1,550,000First International Bank
3408$1,550,000Founders National Trust Bank
3408$1,550,000First United Bank
3411$1,549,000Security Bank & Trust Co.
3411$1,549,000Simpson County Bank
3411$1,549,000The Talbot Bank of Easton, Maryland
3414$1,548,000First National Banker's Bank
3414$1,548,000Manchester State Bank
3414$1,548,000First Financial Bank
3417$1,547,000United Northern Federal Savings Bank
3418$1,546,000FMB-Northwestern Bank
3418$1,546,000Roxborough-Manayunk Bank
3420$1,545,000Central National Bank
3420$1,545,000Maxim Bank
3420$1,545,000United American Bank of Central Florida
3423$1,544,000Westside Bank
3424$1,543,000Great Valley Bank
3424$1,543,000StellarOne Bank
3426$1,542,000Oak Hill Banks
3426$1,542,000Stillman BancCorp N.A.
3426$1,542,000United Bank and Trust Company
3429$1,541,000High Desert National Bank
3429$1,541,000The Evangeline Bank and Trust Company
3431$1,539,000First Community Industrial Bank
3431$1,539,000Jersey Shore State Bank
3433$1,538,000M. S. Bailey & Son, Bankers
3433$1,538,000North Easton Savings Bank
3433$1,538,000Bank Name Not Available
3433$1,538,000Norwest Bank Texas, San Antonio
3437$1,537,000Fredonia State Bank
3438$1,536,000Community Bank
3438$1,536,000First National Bank
3438$1,536,000Magna Bank
3438$1,536,000The Commercial National Bank of Beeville
3438$1,536,000The Highland Bank
3438$1,536,000Union Bank
3444$1,535,000First National Bank of Leechburg
3445$1,534,000First Peoples National Bank
3445$1,534,000Southwestern Bank
3445$1,534,000The Bank of Commerce
3445$1,534,000The First National Bank of Texas
3445$1,534,000The First National Bank of Liberal
3450$1,533,000Bank of Coweta
3450$1,533,000Prime Bank
3452$1,532,000M&I South Shore Bank
3452$1,532,000Traders & Farmers Bank
3454$1,531,000Plaistow Bank and Trust Company
3454$1,531,000Sound Federal Savings
3456$1,530,000American Bank Mankato
3456$1,530,000Capital Bank
3456$1,530,000The Heritage Bank
3459$1,529,000Bay Bank of Commerce
3460$1,528,000Hillcrest Bank
3461$1,526,000Home Bank of California
3461$1,526,000Kentucky Farmers Bank Corporation
3463$1,525,000Guaranty Bank and Trust Company
3463$1,525,000The Coastal Bank of Georgia
3465$1,524,000Colony Bank
3466$1,523,000Excel Bank Minnesota
3467$1,522,000CB&T Bank of Middle Georgia
3467$1,522,000Union National Community Bank
3469$1,521,000The First National Bank of Slippery Rock
3470$1,520,000The Bank of Maine
3471$1,518,000Alvin State Bank
3471$1,518,000Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Company
3473$1,517,000Bank Name Not Available
3474$1,516,000Community Bank
3475$1,515,000First Southwest Bank
3475$1,515,000M&I Western State Bank
3475$1,515,000Mountain Parks Bank-East
3478$1,514,000Midwest Heritage Bank, FSB
3478$1,514,000Norwest Bank Durango
3478$1,514,000Security Federal Bank
3481$1,513,000Banco Financiero de Puerto Rico
3481$1,513,000Dacotah Bank
3483$1,512,000Burlingame Bank & Trust Co.
3483$1,512,000Pacific Continental Bank
3485$1,511,000CapitolBank Sacramento
3486$1,510,000Catskill Savings Bank
3486$1,510,000Safra National Bank of New York
3488$1,509,000First State Bank
3488$1,509,000The Citizens Bank
3490$1,508,000The Park Bank
3491$1,507,000Greatbank Chicago
3491$1,507,000The Foster Bank
3493$1,506,000Athol Savings Bank
3493$1,506,000The Northside Bank & Trust Company
3495$1,505,000North Conway Bank
3496$1,504,000Newfield National Bank
3496$1,504,000Southern Arizona Bank of Yuma
3496$1,504,000Universal National Bank
3499$1,503,000Chesterfield Federal Savings and Loan Association of Chicago
3499$1,503,000Horizon Bank & Trust, SSB
3501$1,502,000First Virginia Bank of Augusta
3501$1,502,000The Bank of San Ramon Valley
3503$1,501,000Ameris Bank
3503$1,501,000Brenton National Bank-Poweshiek County
3503$1,501,000Venture Bank
3503$1,501,000First National Bank & Trust Company
3503$1,501,000San Dieguito National Bank
3508$1,500,000Orion Bank
3509$1,499,000Southtrust Bank of Marion County
3510$1,498,000The First National Bank of Bemidji
3510$1,498,000HNB Bank
3512$1,497,000Security National Bank of San Antonio
3512$1,497,000First State Financial, Inc.
3512$1,497,000The Honesdale National Bank
3515$1,496,000Heritage Bank of Morehouse
3516$1,495,000Bank of Agriculture and Commerce
3516$1,495,000First Guaranty Bank and Trust Company of Jacksonville
3516$1,495,000Portsmouth Savings Bank
3516$1,495,000Siuslaw Bank
3516$1,495,000The Heritage Bank
3521$1,494,000Home State Bank
3522$1,493,000Bank of Buffalo Grove
3522$1,493,000Bent Tree National Bank
3522$1,493,000Liberty National Bank
3525$1,492,000Marquette Bank Lakeville
3526$1,490,000Capital Bank, a Federal Savings Bank
3527$1,489,000First Arkansas Bank and Trust
3527$1,489,000First National Bank of Huntington
3527$1,489,000The First National Bank of Harrisburg
3530$1,488,000Bank of Bartlett
3531$1,487,000Century Bank, a Federal Savings Bank
3532$1,486,000Royal Banks of Missouri
3533$1,485,000American State Bank & Trust Company of Williston
3533$1,485,000First American Bank
3533$1,485,000The Village Bank
3536$1,484,000Bank of Madisonville
3536$1,484,000First National Bank of Illinois
3536$1,484,000Mainline National Bank
3539$1,483,000Commerce Bank of St. Francois County
3539$1,483,000Old Kent Bank of St. Johns
3542$1,482,000Community State Bank
3543$1,481,000Continental Community Bank and Trust Company
3543$1,481,000Summit Savings Bank, Inc., SSB
3543$1,481,000McClain Bank
3546$1,480,000Capital Bank
3546$1,480,000Simmons First Bank of Eldorado
3546$1,480,000Hoosac Bank
3546$1,480,000Boston Trust & Investment Management Company
3550$1,479,000Northwest Bank
3551$1,478,000Alaska Pacific Bank
3551$1,478,000Minster Bank
3553$1,477,000First State Bank
3553$1,477,000New York National Bank
3555$1,476,000Banco Popular, Illinois
3555$1,476,000Union Planters Bank of the Cumberlands
3555$1,476,000First Security Trust and Savings Bank
3555$1,476,000Louisiana National Security Bank
3555$1,476,000Savings Bank of the Finger Lakes, FSB
3560$1,475,000Merrimack County Savings Bank
3560$1,475,000The Bank of Mystic
3562$1,472,000Peoples Bank
3562$1,472,000Central State Bank
3562$1,472,000Saco & Biddeford Savings Institution
3565$1,471,000Farmers & Mechanics Bank
3565$1,471,000The Lamar Bank
3565$1,471,000The Waggoner National Bank of Vernon
3568$1,470,000Texas National Bank
3569$1,469,000First Keystone Community Bank
3570$1,468,000Bank of the Cascades
3570$1,468,000St. Bernard Bank & Trust Co.
3572$1,467,000Union Planters Bank of the Tennessee Valley
3572$1,467,000Clifton Savings Bank
3572$1,467,000Firstar Bank Grantsburg
3572$1,467,000First Security Bank of Mountain Home
3572$1,467,000Harrington Bank, FSB
3572$1,467,000First National Bank South Dakota
3579$1,466,000Colonial Bank
3580$1,465,000Associated Bank Marshfield
3580$1,465,000The First National Bank of Leesport
3582$1,464,000Commercial Bank & Trust Co.
3582$1,464,000First Federal Bank of Louisiana
3584$1,463,000Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
3584$1,463,000North Middlesex Savings Bank
3584$1,463,000Norwest Bank Southwest Plaza
3587$1,462,000Bath Savings Institution
3587$1,462,000Chemical Bank, FSB
3589$1,461,000First Bank & Trust
3589$1,461,000First Security Bank
3589$1,461,000Texas Community Bank and Trust
3589$1,461,000The First National Bank of Elk River
3589$1,461,000United Savings Bank
3594$1,460,000Southern National Bank of Texas
3595$1,458,000Old Kent Bank of Hillsdale
3595$1,458,000SouthTrust Bank of Tennessee
3595$1,458,000The First National Bank and Trust Company Athens, Tennessee
3598$1,457,000Bank of Commerce
3598$1,457,000City Bank and Trust Company of Moberly
3600$1,456,000Plaza National Bank of Bartlesville
3600$1,456,000The First National Bank and Trust Company of Corbin
3602$1,454,000Tioga State Bank
3603$1,452,000Bank of American Fork
3603$1,452,000Commercial Bank and Trust Company
3603$1,452,000Signature Bank
3606$1,451,000Jeff Davis Bank & Trust Company
3606$1,451,000The Milford National Bank and Trust Company
3608$1,450,000First Federal Bank
3608$1,450,000Indian River National Bank
3611$1,449,000Brookhollow National Bank
3612$1,448,000American Bank Moorhead
3612$1,448,000Norwest Bank Aurora-South
3612$1,448,000The Braintree Co-operative Bank
3615$1,447,000First National Bank
3615$1,447,000Fifth Third Bank, Southwest, F.S.B.
3617$1,446,000AmeriFirst Bank
3618$1,444,000Cosmopolitan Bank and Trust
3619$1,443,000Bank of Hinsdale
3620$1,442,000EFS Bank
3621$1,441,000Capital City Bank
3621$1,441,000First National Bank
3623$1,439,000Community First National Bank
3623$1,439,000Merchants & Southern Bank
3625$1,438,000Norwest Bank Delta
3625$1,438,000Wesbanco Bank Barnesville
3625$1,438,000Western Bank
3628$1,437,000The Community Bank, A Massachusetts Cooperative Bank
3628$1,437,000Bank of New Orleans
3628$1,437,000Pentucket Bank
3631$1,436,000Citizens and Farmers Bank
3631$1,436,000Bank of Texas
3633$1,435,000Danielson Federal Savings and Loan Association
3634$1,434,000The Bank of South Texas
3634$1,434,000The State National Bank of Maysville
3636$1,433,000American National Bank
3636$1,433,000Middlesex Federal Savings, F.A.
3636$1,433,000Wichita Federal Savings and Loan Association
3640$1,432,000First National Bank
3640$1,432,000Palm Beach Savings and Loan, FSA
3640$1,432,000The First National Bank of Fremont
3643$1,431,000Bank of the Southwest
3643$1,431,000Boatmen's National Bank of Northwest Iowa
3643$1,431,000Citizens Bank & Trust
3646$1,430,000PathFinder Bank
3646$1,430,000The Citizens National Bank of Malone
3648$1,429,000Iroquois Federal Savings and Loan Association
3649$1,428,000Associated Bank Portage
3649$1,428,000First National Bank of Georgia
3651$1,427,000American Marine Bank
3651$1,427,000Susquehanna Bank DV
3651$1,427,000Grand National Bank
3654$1,426,000SouthTrust Bank of the Quad Cities
3655$1,425,000Marquette Bank New Hope
3655$1,425,000South Valley National Bank
3657$1,424,000Firstar Bank Racine
3657$1,424,000Interamerican Bank, A FSB
3657$1,424,000Commonwealth Bank and Trust Company
3660$1,423,000The First National Bank of Canon City, Colorado
3660$1,423,000United Community Bank White County
3662$1,422,000Bank of Commerce & Trust Co.
3662$1,422,000Associated Bank Minnesota
3664$1,421,000Eastern Michigan Bank
3664$1,421,000Little Falls Bank
3664$1,421,000South Florida Bank
3664$1,421,000West Alabama Bank & Trust
3668$1,420,000United Bank of Iowa
3669$1,419,000Carolina Bank & Trust Co.
3669$1,419,000Anchor Bank
3669$1,419,000International Finance Bank
3672$1,418,000American Bank of Texas - Seguin
3674$1,416,000Macon Bank, Inc.
3674$1,416,000Home National Bank
3676$1,415,000Chickasha Bank & Trust Company
3676$1,415,000Merchants & Farmers Bank & Trust Company
3676$1,415,000The First National Bank of Effingham
3676$1,415,000University Bank
3680$1,412,000Camino Real Bank
3681$1,411,000Patriot National Bank
3682$1,410,000Cabarrus Bank of North Carolina
3682$1,410,000Citizens Bank
3682$1,410,000Vision Bank
3682$1,410,000First National Bank of Georgia
3686$1,409,000The Merchant Bank of Atlanta
3687$1,408,000Country National Bank
3688$1,407,000Citizens Savings Bank
3688$1,407,000Martha's Vineyard Savings Bank
3688$1,407,000First National Bank of Eastern Arkansas
3691$1,406,000BANK IOWA
3692$1,405,000HomeTown Bank
3692$1,405,000Cattlemen's State Bank
3692$1,405,000FirstBank North
3692$1,405,000Newberry Federal Savings Bank
3692$1,405,000Pinemont Bank
3697$1,404,000Citizens Bank of West Virginia, Inc.
3697$1,404,000Town & Country Bank and Trust Company
3697$1,404,000MCNB Bank and Trust Co.
3697$1,404,000First American Bank of Pennsylvania
3697$1,404,000Twin Lakes National Bank
3702$1,403,000Valley of the Rogue Bank
3703$1,402,000Mercantile Bank
3703$1,402,000The Citizens National Bank of Urbana
3705$1,401,000Main Street Bank
3705$1,401,000Commercial Bank
3707$1,399,000Century South Bank of Ellijay
3708$1,398,000Citizens 1st Bank
3708$1,398,000Jewett City Savings Bank
3708$1,398,000M&I Bank of Mayville
3711$1,397,000Bank of Central Florida
3711$1,397,000Taneytown Bank & Trust Company
3713$1,396,000Bank of Westminster
3713$1,396,000First National Bank and Trust
3713$1,396,000First National Bank
3717$1,395,000Cohasset Savings Bank
3717$1,395,000Sun National Bank
3719$1,394,000Peoples Neighborhood Bank
3719$1,394,000The Dime Bank
3719$1,394,000The Royall National Bank of Palestine
3722$1,393,000Home Savings Bank, Inc., SSB
3722$1,393,000Mutual Savings Association, FSA
3724$1,392,000Ameriana Bank
3724$1,392,000Trans-Pacific National Bank
3726$1,391,000Home Savings Bank
3726$1,391,000Huntington Bank Martinsburg
3728$1,390,000Citizens National Bank
3728$1,390,000The Equity Bank
3730$1,389,000CNB National Bank
3730$1,389,000U.S. Bank
3730$1,389,000KFS Bank, F.S.B.
3730$1,389,000National Security Bank
3734$1,388,000Bank of Lodi
3734$1,388,000First Clermont Bank
3734$1,388,000FNB Southeast
3734$1,388,000The Commercial Bank
3738$1,387,000Bank of Anaheim
3738$1,387,000Park View Federal Savings Bank
3740$1,386,000Compass Bank-Central Texas
3740$1,386,000Franklin Bank
3740$1,386,000The Security National Bank of Enid
3743$1,385,0001st Oak Brook Bank
3743$1,385,000Community Trust Bank, FSB
3745$1,384,000Citizens Bank, Inc.
3745$1,384,000Denmark State Bank
3745$1,384,000First Global Bank Federal Savings Bank
3745$1,384,000First Independence Bank
3749$1,383,000Easthampton Savings Bank
3749$1,383,000BREMER BANK
3749$1,383,000Firstar Bank Wausau
3749$1,383,000Olympia Federal Savings and Loan Association
3749$1,383,000Suburban Bank of Maryland
3749$1,383,000The Franklin Savings and Loan Company
3755$1,382,000Bank of Sullivan
3755$1,382,000First Advantage Bank
3757$1,381,000Mercantile Potomac Bank
3758$1,380,000Fifth District Savings Bank
3758$1,380,000Harris Bank Argo
3758$1,380,000SouthTrust Bank of North Carolina
3758$1,380,000The First National Bank in Altus
3758$1,380,000FirstBank Southwest
3763$1,379,000Hancock County Savings Bank, F.S.B.
3763$1,379,000Southwest Missouri Bank
3765$1,378,000Delta National Bank and Trust Company of Florida
3765$1,378,000Peoples State Bank
3765$1,378,000Southern Deposit Bank
3765$1,378,000The City National Bank of Taylor
3769$1,377,000Hacienda Bank
3770$1,375,000Equity Bank
3770$1,375,000Mercantile Bank of Lake of the Ozarks
3770$1,375,000Whitney National Bank of Mississippi
3770$1,375,000Northwest Community Bank
3774$1,373,000First Citizens Bank
3774$1,373,000Western Bank & Trust
3776$1,372,000First Bankers Trust Company
3777$1,371,000Bankers' Bank of the West
3777$1,371,000Eastern International Bank
3779$1,370,000Citizens State Bank of Dalhart
3779$1,370,000Essex Savings Bank
3779$1,370,000Roselle Savings Bank
3779$1,370,000Valencia Bank & Trust
3783$1,369,000Commercial Bank of San Francisco
3783$1,369,000Enterprise Bank & Trust
3783$1,369,000The Summit National Bank
3786$1,368,000Laurel Federal Savings and Loan Association
3786$1,368,000First Bank & Trust
3788$1,367,000Blackhawk Bank
3788$1,367,000Commerce Bank of Woodford County
3790$1,365,000Capitol Thrift and Loan Association
3790$1,365,000Iowa State Bank
3792$1,364,000The Rawlins National Bank
3793$1,363,000Citizens Savings Bank, SSB
3793$1,363,000Parkway Bank
3795$1,362,000Peoples Bank and Trust Company of Madison County
3796$1,361,000Huntington Federal Savings Bank
3796$1,361,000First National Bank of the Mid-Cities
3798$1,360,000First Federal Bank of Florida
3799$1,359,000Peoples National Bank
3800$1,358,000Charleroi Federal Savings Bank
3800$1,358,000Citizens First State Bank
3802$1,357,000The Bank of Fayetteville
3802$1,357,000The Bank of Marion
3802$1,357,000The Carlsbad National Bank
3805$1,355,000Alpine Bank
3805$1,355,000First California Bank
3805$1,355,000First National Bank of La Grange
3805$1,355,000MidAmerica National Bank
3809$1,354,000Bank of Ashland, Inc.
3809$1,354,000Colonial Federal Savings Bank
3809$1,354,000Tinton Falls State Bank
3812$1,353,000Peoples Bank & Trust Company of Hazard
3812$1,353,000The New Farmers National Bank of Glasgow
3814$1,352,000Rio Salado Bank
3815$1,351,000Commercial Trust and Savings Bank
3815$1,351,000Security National Bank & Trust Company of New Jersey
3815$1,351,000The Farmers State Bank and Trust Company
3818$1,350,000Commercial Bank of Texas
3818$1,350,000San Joaquin Bank
3818$1,350,000Ocean City Home Bank
3821$1,349,000Bank of Charles Town
3821$1,349,000Pullman Bank of Commerce & Industry
3823$1,348,000Bank of Coral Gables
3823$1,348,000Monarch Bank
3823$1,348,000The First National Bank and Trust Company of Okmulgee
3826$1,347,000Pioneer Bank and Trust
3826$1,347,000The Bank of Iredell
3826$1,347,000The First National Bank of Albany
3829$1,346,000Beverly National Bank
3830$1,345,000The First National Bank of Wetumpka
3831$1,344,000Key Biscayne Bank and Trust Company
3831$1,344,000SUNWEST Bank of Farmington
3833$1,343,000MidAmerica Bank North
3834$1,342,000Riverside Bank
3834$1,342,000Pacific Premier Bank
3836$1,341,000Bradford Bank
3836$1,341,000The Bank of East Texas, S.S.B.
3836$1,341,000The Newton Trust Company
3836$1,341,000BBVA Bancomer USA
3840$1,340,000FMB-State Savings Bank
3840$1,340,000RCB Bank
3842$1,339,000First Bank & Trust
3843$1,338,000Commercial Bank
3843$1,338,000The Baraboo National Bank
3843$1,338,000The First National Bank and Trust Company of Broken Arrow
3847$1,337,000Bloomfield State Bank
3847$1,337,000American Midwest Bank
3847$1,337,000Dime Bank
3850$1,335,000Austin Bank of Chicago
3850$1,335,000Bank of Washington
3850$1,335,000First Cook Community Bank, F.S.B.
3850$1,335,000Union Planters Bank of Northwest Tennessee FSB
3850$1,335,000The First National Bank of Bradford County
3855$1,334,000Evergreen Bank
3855$1,334,000Millennium Bank
3857$1,333,000Bank One, West Virginia, St. Albans
3857$1,333,000The Andover Bank
3859$1,332,000First National Bank of Lakewood
3859$1,332,000SouthTrust Bank of Ozark
3861$1,331,000Citizens Bank
3861$1,331,000Home Loan Bank fsb
3863$1,330,000Far West Bank
3863$1,330,000First Federal Savings Bank of Citrus County
3863$1,330,000Southwest Federal Savings and Loan Association of Chicago
3863$1,330,000Western Springs National Bank and Trust
3867$1,329,000Farmers Bank and Trust Company
3867$1,329,000Mechanics & Farmers Bank
3867$1,329,000The Bank of El Paso
3870$1,328,000Bank of the West
3870$1,328,000Southwest Securities , FSB
3870$1,328,000West Jersey Community Bank
3873$1,327,000Lee Bank
3873$1,327,000Ramsey National Bank
3875$1,326,000Sugar River Bank
3876$1,325,000Bank of Scottsdale
3877$1,324,000Citizens National Bank of Texas
3877$1,324,000The Farmers Bank
3877$1,324,000The First Western Bank Sturgis
3877$1,324,000The Sparks State Bank
3881$1,323,000Franklin Federal Savings Bank
3881$1,323,000The Bank of Chester County
3881$1,323,000NBC OKLAHOMA
3884$1,321,000First Security Bank and Trust Company
3884$1,321,000Metro Bank of Dade County
3884$1,321,000North Sound Bank
3884$1,321,000First Financial Bank
3888$1,320,000Exchange Bank
3889$1,319,000Capital Crossing Bank
3889$1,319,000Sawyer Savings Bank
3889$1,319,000West Shore Bank
3892$1,318,000St. James Bank & Trust Company
3892$1,318,000The Nodaway Valley Bank
3894$1,317,000Governors Bank
3894$1,317,000The Malvern National Bank
3894$1,317,000United Security Bank
3897$1,316,000Norwest Bank, Texas, Big Spring
3897$1,316,000The Woodstock National Bank
3899$1,315,000Damen National Bank
3899$1,315,000Southwest Bank
3899$1,315,000The Edgartown National Bank
3902$1,314,000American City Bank of Tullahoma
3902$1,314,000Minden Bank & Trust Company
3904$1,313,000Bank of Lafayette
3904$1,313,000Community Bank and Trust
3904$1,313,000Magna Bank
3904$1,313,000State Bank & Trust Company
3908$1,312,000Bank Name Not Available
3908$1,312,000The First Commercial Bank
3908$1,312,000First State Bank
3911$1,311,000Citizens National Bank & Trust of Hazard
3911$1,311,000MidWestOne Bank
3911$1,311,000First State Bank
3914$1,310,000M&I Bank
3915$1,309,000Citizens State Bank
3915$1,309,000First Colony Bank
3915$1,309,000New Bethlehem Bank
3915$1,309,000The Park Avenue Bank
3919$1,308,000Suburban Bank & Trust Company
3920$1,306,000First Federal Savings Bank of Maryville
3920$1,306,000Mercantile Bank of Centralia
3922$1,305,000Wauconda National Bank and Trust Company
3923$1,304,000Mercantile Southern Maryland Bank
3923$1,304,000Citizens Bank of Mukwonago
3923$1,304,000Citizens Security Bank & Trust Company
3923$1,304,000Douglas County Bank
3927$1,303,000Hillsdale County National Bank
3927$1,303,000The Middleburg Bank
3927$1,303,000The Shattuck National Bank
3930$1,302,000Bank One, Antigo
3930$1,302,000First American Savings Bank, SSB
3932$1,301,000Eureka Savings Bank
3932$1,301,000First National Bank in Pampa
3932$1,301,000First Financial Bank
3932$1,301,000Firstar Metropolitan Bank & Trust
3932$1,301,000The Citizens National Bank of Hope
3932$1,301,000The First National Bank of Keystone
3938$1,300,000Bay State Federal Savings Bank
3938$1,300,000Los Padres Bank
3941$1,299,000Byron Bank
3941$1,299,000Kansas State Bank of Manhattan
3943$1,296,000Farmers Bank & Trust Company
3944$1,295,000Kentucky Bank
3944$1,295,000Great Southern Bank
3944$1,295,000The First National Bank of Lincolnwood
3947$1,293,000Maine Bank & Trust Company
3947$1,293,000Mercantile Bank of Poplar Bluff
3947$1,293,000Norwest Bank Lewistown
3947$1,293,000Pioneer Bank, A FSB
3947$1,293,000The Coastal Bank
3952$1,292,000M&I Community State Bank
3952$1,292,000SUNWEST Bank of Las Cruces
3952$1,292,000The First National Bank of Durango
3952$1,292,000First Hope Bank, A National Banking Association
3952$1,292,000The Hocking Valley Bank
3957$1,291,000Pine Bluff National Bank
3958$1,290,000Assumption Bank and Trust Company
3958$1,290,000Mainland Bank
3958$1,290,000The Washington Savings Bank, FSB
3961$1,288,000De Anza National Bank
3962$1,286,000Calvin B. Taylor Banking Company of Berlin, Maryland
3962$1,286,000First Federal Bank, A FSB
3964$1,285,000Monson Savings Bank
3965$1,284,000Commercial State Bank of El Campo
3965$1,284,000Hartland Bank
3965$1,284,000Potomac Federal Savings Bank
3965$1,284,000American Sterling Bank
3969$1,283,000Federal Trust Bank
3969$1,283,000South Texas National Bank of Laredo
3973$1,282,000First National Bank of Gaylord
3973$1,282,000Orrstown Bank
3975$1,281,000Pacific Century Bank
3975$1,281,000One Valley Bank of Oak Hill, Inc.
3975$1,281,000Van Wert National Bank
3978$1,280,000Central Sierra Bank
3978$1,280,000Norwest Bank Texas, Bay City
3978$1,280,000Boatmen's National Bank of South Arkansas
3981$1,279,000M&I Bank of Burlington
3981$1,279,000National Bank of Fairhaven
3981$1,279,000Union Bank & Trust
3984$1,278,000Bridgewater Savings Bank
3984$1,278,000City National Bank
3986$1,275,000Centennial Bank
3986$1,275,000The Old Fort Banking Company
3986$1,275,000United New Mexico Bank
3989$1,273,000Madisonville State Bank
3989$1,273,000United Mississippi Bank
3991$1,272,000Midland American Bank
3991$1,272,000United Bank of Union
3993$1,270,000Bank of Clayton
3993$1,270,000Farmers State Bank
3993$1,270,000Community Bank, Indianola
3993$1,270,000Security Bank and Trust Co.
3997$1,268,000Fox Lake State Bank
3998$1,267,000First Bank
3998$1,267,000First Federal Bank
3998$1,267,000First State Community Bank
4002$1,266,000First National Bank of South Carolina
4002$1,266,000Ruidoso State Bank
4005$1,265,000Columbia Savings Bank, A Federal Savings Bank
4005$1,265,000F&M Bank
4007$1,264,000Bank of Putnam County
4007$1,264,000Malvern Federal Savings Bank
4007$1,264,000Mercantile Bank Texas
4010$1,263,000Ennis State Bank
4010$1,263,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Westchester
4010$1,263,000First National Bank and Trust Co. of Kearney
4010$1,263,000North Brookfield Savings Bank
4014$1,262,000Fidelity Co-operative Bank
4015$1,261,000Farmers Bank
4015$1,261,000Northwestern Bank
4015$1,261,000Reliance Savings Bank
4018$1,260,000SouthTrust Bank of Orlando
4018$1,260,000The Port Washington State Bank
4020$1,259,000First Security Bank - Sleepy Eye
4020$1,259,000First Valley Bank
4020$1,259,000First Western Bank & Trust
4020$1,259,000Heritage Bank
4020$1,259,000Evans Bank
4020$1,259,000United Bank
4026$1,258,000Fidelity Federal Savings Bank
4026$1,258,000FMB-Commercial Bank
4026$1,258,000Grundy National Bank
4026$1,258,000The Bank of Marion
4026$1,258,000The Pittsfield Co-operative Bank
4031$1,256,000Citizens Union Bank of Shelbyville
4031$1,256,000First National Bank of Fort Myers
4031$1,256,000First Savings Bank Northwest
4031$1,256,000Lincoln County Bank
4031$1,256,000Valley National Bank
4036$1,255,000West Side Bank and Trust
4036$1,255,000UMB Bank Colorado
4036$1,255,000West View Savings Bank
4039$1,254,000Apollo Trust Company
4039$1,254,000The Farmers National Bank of Geneseo
4041$1,253,000Central National Bank of Mattoon
4041$1,253,000Medford Co-operative Bank
4041$1,253,000Red River Valley Bank
4041$1,253,000Resource Bank
4041$1,253,000The First Citizens National Bank of Upper Sandusky
4041$1,253,000The First State Bank
4047$1,251,000Broadway Federal Bank, f.s.b.
4047$1,251,000First Federal Bank, FSB
4047$1,251,000Laurel Savings Bank
4047$1,251,000Peninsula Bank of Commerce
4051$1,250,000Inter National Bank
4052$1,249,000Boston Private Bank & Trust Company
4053$1,248,000Peoples Bank
4054$1,247,000First National Bank of Chaska
4054$1,247,000Frances Slocum Bank and Trust Company
4054$1,247,000Life Federal Savings Bank
4054$1,247,000Texas State Bank
4054$1,247,000The First National Bank of Bastrop
4054$1,247,000Citizens Bank of Illinois
4054$1,247,000Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank
4061$1,246,000First Farmers State Bank
4061$1,246,000Savings Bank of Walpole
4063$1,245,000The Killbuck Savings Bank Company
4063$1,245,000The Village Bank of Florida
4063$1,245,000Wesbanco Bank Elm Grove, Inc.
4066$1,244,000Sharon Savings Bank
4066$1,244,000First Bank of Wyoming
4068$1,243,000First State Bank of St. Charles, Missouri
4068$1,243,000Bankplus, FSB
4068$1,243,000Old Forge Bank
4068$1,243,000Panamerican Bank
4068$1,243,000The Border Bank
4073$1,242,000DeMotte State Bank
4073$1,242,000Fidelity Federal Savings Bank
4073$1,242,000The Citizens Savings Bank
4077$1,241,000M&I Greater Milwaukee Bank
4077$1,241,000Norwest State Bank
4079$1,240,000Bank of Hot Springs
4079$1,240,000Banterra Bank
4079$1,240,000The Security Dollar Bank
4082$1,239,000Capital Savings Bank, F.S.B.
4082$1,239,000First National Bank of America
4082$1,239,000Highland Bank
4085$1,238,000American Bank
4085$1,238,000Elkridge Bank
4085$1,238,000Harleysville Savings Bank
4088$1,237,000Compass Bank
4088$1,237,000Pee Dee State Bank
4088$1,237,000Security Bank
4088$1,237,000Southern Heritage Bank
4088$1,237,000The Hastings City Bank
4088$1,237,000Wilson & Muir Bank & Trust Company
4094$1,236,000Second Federal Savings and Loan Association of Chicago
4094$1,236,000Six Rivers Bank
4094$1,236,000The Community National Bank of New Jersey
4094$1,236,000The Firestone Bank
4099$1,235,000Bank of Great Neck
4100$1,234,000Whidbey Island Bank
4101$1,232,000First National Bank in Olney
4101$1,232,000First National Bank of Clarksdale
4101$1,232,000First Texas Bank
4104$1,231,000F&M Bank - Maryland, Inc.
4104$1,231,000Golden Gate Bank
4104$1,231,000Bank Forward
4107$1,230,000FirstBank of Denver
4107$1,230,000The Savings Bank
4109$1,229,000Bank of Utica
4109$1,229,000Community Bank of Parkersburg
4109$1,229,000Liberty Bank & Trust Company
4109$1,229,000Saratoga National Bank
4109$1,229,000Yosemite Bank
4114$1,228,000Dollar Savings Bank
4114$1,228,000Wesbanco Bank Fairmont, Inc.
4116$1,226,000Britton & Koontz Bank, N.A.
4116$1,226,000Community National Bank & Trust of Texas
4118$1,225,000Community First National Bank
4118$1,225,000La Porte State Bank
4118$1,225,000Monterey County Bank
4118$1,225,000Norwest Bank Texas, Robstown
4122$1,224,000Bank of Lancaster
4122$1,224,000First United National Bank and Trust Company
4122$1,224,000Lincoln Savings Bank
4122$1,224,000Wood & Huston Bank
4126$1,223,000FirstBank of Arvada
4126$1,223,000UMB National Bank of America
4128$1,222,000Farmers & Merchants State Bank
4128$1,222,000First National Bank of Habersham
4128$1,222,000FMB-Community Bank
4128$1,222,000Harris Bank Arlington-Meadows
4128$1,222,000Premier Bank
4128$1,222,000The Bank Josephine
4128$1,222,000The Security Bank
4128$1,222,000Westcoast Savings and Loan Association
4136$1,221,000BankTrust of Brewton
4136$1,221,000United Illinois Bank of Southern Illinois
4138$1,220,000Charter State Bank
4138$1,220,000Turtle Creek National Bank
4140$1,219,000Bank of Commerce and Trust Company
4140$1,219,000First Republic Bank
4140$1,219,000First State Bank of Covington, Tennessee
4140$1,219,000Sevier County Bank
4144$1,218,000Norwest Bank Shipshewana
4145$1,217,000Five Points Bank
4145$1,217,000Heritage Bank Midlothian
4147$1,216,000Richmond Bank and Trust Company
4147$1,216,000WestStar Bank
4150$1,215,000First American Bank
4150$1,215,000UnitedKingfield Bank
4150$1,215,000SUNWEST Bank of Rio Arriba
4153$1,214,000Bank of Corpus Christi
4153$1,214,000Reelfoot Bank
4153$1,214,000Legend Bank, N.A.
4156$1,213,000Bank of Union
4156$1,213,000Peoples Federal Savings Bank of DeKalb County
4158$1,212,000Citizens Bank of Virginia
4158$1,212,000Peoples Savings Bank
4160$1,211,000One Valley Bank - North, Inc.
4160$1,211,000Northern Neck State Bank
4160$1,211,000The First National Bank of Wynne
4160$1,211,000F&M Bank-Waushara County
4164$1,210,000First Exchange Bank
4164$1,210,000Century National Bank
4164$1,210,000SouthTrust Bank of Selma
4164$1,210,000Water Tower Bank
4168$1,209,000Magyar Bank
4168$1,209,000The Home Bank
4168$1,209,000Firstbank - West Michigan
4171$1,207,000Union Planters Bank of Missouri
4171$1,207,000Security Bank
4171$1,207,000The First National Bank of Crossville
4174$1,206,000Enfield Federal Savings and Loan Association
4175$1,205,000Boatmen's Bank of South Central Illinois
4176$1,204,000First Bank of Hanover, Pennsylvania
4176$1,204,000First Florida Savings Bank, F.S.B.
4176$1,204,000First Virginia Bank - Clinch Valley
4176$1,204,0001st Summit Bank
4180$1,203,000FirstSouth Bank
4180$1,203,000People's Bank and Trust Company
4182$1,202,000Associated Bank Madison
4182$1,202,000Bank Midwest
4182$1,202,000Citizens Bank of Blount County
4182$1,202,000MidSouth Bank-Texas
4182$1,202,000The Arkansas Bank
4182$1,202,000Colonial Bank, FSB
4188$1,201,000California Business Bank
4188$1,201,000Commercial Bank of Liberty, N. A.
4188$1,201,000The First Bank of Stuart
4192$1,200,000First Heritage Bank
4192$1,200,000North Shore Bank of Commerce
4192$1,200,000St. Martin Bank and Trust Company
4192$1,200,000The Quincy State Bank
4196$1,199,000First National Bank in Montevideo
4196$1,199,000Ojai Valley Bank
4198$1,198,000Union Bank
4199$1,197,000The First National Bank of Waconia
4200$1,196,000Bonham State Bank
4200$1,196,000The First National Bank and Trust Company of Muskogee
4200$1,196,000The First National Bank of Oxford
4203$1,195,000Horizon Bank
4203$1,195,000South Jersey Savings and Loan Association
4205$1,194,000Two Rivers Bank & Trust
4205$1,194,000KS Bank, Inc.
4205$1,194,000Norwest Bank Angola
4205$1,194,000Schenectady Federal Savings Bank
4205$1,194,000The First National Bank of Granbury
4210$1,193,000Colorado Savings Bank, F.S.B.
4210$1,193,000State Central Bank
4210$1,193,000The First National Bank of River Falls
4213$1,192,000Midland States Bank
4214$1,191,000First Security Bank
4214$1,191,000International Bank
4216$1,190,000College Savings Bank
4216$1,190,000Cross County Savings Bank
4216$1,190,000Depositors Trust Company
4216$1,190,000First Place Bank
4216$1,190,000The Mahopac National Bank
4216$1,190,000The Peoples State Bank
4222$1,189,000Bank of Northern Illinois
4222$1,189,000Mayflower Co-operative Bank
4224$1,188,000Bank of Danville and Trust Company
4224$1,188,000Fidelity Bank
4224$1,188,000Haverhill Bank
4224$1,188,000The Citizens Bank
4228$1,187,000Bank Name Not Available
4229$1,186,000Bank of DeSoto
4229$1,186,000East Bridgewater Savings Bank
4231$1,185,000Bank One, West Virginia, Boone
4231$1,185,000Century South Bank of Northeast Georgia
4231$1,185,000M&I Merchants Bank
4234$1,184,000Century National Bank
4234$1,184,000Classic Bank
4234$1,184,000Grayling State Bank
4234$1,184,000Century South Bank of the Carolinas
4234$1,184,000The Twin-City State Bank
4239$1,183,000Barnes Banking Company
4239$1,183,000Marlborough Savings Bank
4241$1,182,000Aurora National Bank - South
4241$1,182,000Century Savings Bank
4241$1,182,000Citizens Bank of Lafayette
4241$1,182,000Finance and Thrift Company
4241$1,182,000First National Bank
4241$1,182,000Republic Bank & Trust
4247$1,181,000Northeast Bank
4247$1,181,000Citizens First Bank
4247$1,181,000Grand Rapids State Bank
4247$1,181,000Rosedale Federal Savings and Loan Association
4251$1,180,000The First National Bank of Holdrege
4251$1,180,000Bank of Colorado
4251$1,180,000The Vinton County National Bank of McArthur
4254$1,179,000East Des Moines National Bank
4254$1,179,000SunTrust Bank, Nature Coast
4254$1,179,000Bank of Orange County
4254$1,179,000The Citizens National Bank of Russellville
4258$1,178,000Boone Bank & Trust Co.
4258$1,178,000Carney Bank
4258$1,178,000Citizens Bank
4258$1,178,000Citizens Bank
4258$1,178,000Highland Community Bank
4263$1,177,000United Valley Bank
4264$1,176,000Alamo Bank of Texas
4264$1,176,000Union Planters Bank of Lexington
4264$1,176,000Commerce Exchange Bank
4264$1,176,000First Bank of Beverly Hills, FSB
4264$1,176,000Peoples Bank
4264$1,176,000Wolverine Bank, Federal Savings Bank
4270$1,175,000AmericaUnited Bank and Trust Company USA
4270$1,175,000First State Bank of Joplin
4270$1,175,000The Bank of Hollywood
4270$1,175,000The Shelby County State Bank
4274$1,174,000Bank of the Southwest of Dallas
4274$1,174,000Charter Bank
4276$1,173,000Regions Bank of Georgia
4276$1,173,000North Land Bank of Wisconsin, SSB
4276$1,173,000The Citizens National Bank of Paris
4276$1,173,000Boatmen's National Bank of North Central Arkansas
4280$1,172,000Bank Name Not Available
4280$1,172,000Consolidated Bank and Trust Company
4282$1,171,000Citizens National Bank
4282$1,171,000First National Bank of Alvin
4282$1,171,000The Bank of Southington
4282$1,171,000The Peoples State Bank
4286$1,170,000Shelby Savings Bank
4286$1,170,000The Bright National Bank
4286$1,170,000Northern National Bank
4289$1,169,000American National Bank
4289$1,169,000Enterprise National Bank of Jacksonville
4289$1,169,000Morganfield National Bank
4289$1,169,000GNB Financial
4293$1,168,000PriorityOne Bank
4293$1,168,000Idaho State Bank
4293$1,168,000The Citizens Savings Bank Company
4296$1,167,000Bank of Livermore
4296$1,167,000Pioneer Bank & Trust
4296$1,167,000The First National Bank & Trust Company of Rochelle
4299$1,166,000Boatmen's National Bank of Central Illinois
4299$1,166,000Granite City Bank
4299$1,166,000The Bank of Whitesburg
4299$1,166,000Manufacturers Bank
4303$1,165,000Alta Mesa National Bank
4303$1,165,000One Valley Bank-Central Virginia
4303$1,165,000The Burns National Bank of Durango
4303$1,165,000The Riddell National Bank
4303$1,165,000The State Bank of Geneva
4309$1,164,000Farmers State Bank and Trust Company of Superior
4309$1,164,000First Texoma National Bank
4311$1,163,000Commerce Bank/Central
4311$1,163,000Rancho Bank
4311$1,163,000Castle Bank
4314$1,162,000First United Bank
4315$1,161,000Channel Islands Bank
4315$1,161,000First State Bank
4315$1,161,000Mercantile Bank of Clinton
4315$1,161,000M&I Bank of Eagle River
4315$1,161,000Security Savings Bank, FSB
4315$1,161,000Third Savings and Loan Company
4321$1,160,000The Village Bank
4321$1,160,000Metropolitan State Bank
4323$1,159,000First Savings and Loan Association of America, F.S.A.
4323$1,159,000The Dart Bank
4323$1,159,000Washington Bank and Trust Company
4326$1,158,000Intrust Bank, Johnson County
4327$1,157,000Boatmen's Bank of Kennett
4327$1,157,000Colonial Bank, FSB
4327$1,157,000Marquette Bank Hutchinson
4327$1,157,000TCB Bank
4327$1,157,000Washington County Bank
4332$1,156,000Bedford National Bank
4332$1,156,000Union Planters Bank of Mid-Missouri
4332$1,156,000Southeast Mississippi Bank
4335$1,155,000American National Bank of Sarpy County
4335$1,155,000Citizens Bank & Trust Company
4335$1,155,000Great Western Bank
4335$1,155,000Marlborough Co-operative Bank
4339$1,154,000SUNWEST Bank of Hobbs
4339$1,154,000Troy Bank & Trust Company
4339$1,154,000Union State Bank
4339$1,154,000Wayne Savings Bank, F.S.B.
4344$1,153,000A J Smith Federal Savings Bank
4344$1,153,000Adirondack Bank
4344$1,153,000Citizens' Bank & Trust Co.
4344$1,153,000Madison Bank
4344$1,153,000Bank One, Florida
4349$1,152,000Brunswick Federal Savings, F.A.
4349$1,152,000First Commercial Bank of Huntsville
4349$1,152,000The Bank of Clarendon
4349$1,152,000The Commercial Bank of Grayson
4349$1,152,000Trust Bank
4354$1,151,000Banco Popular, National Association (Texas)
4354$1,151,000Clackamas County Bank
4354$1,151,000First Fidelity Bank
4358$1,150,000First Citizens Bank & Trust Company
4358$1,150,000City Savings Bank & Trust Company
4358$1,150,000Eaton National Bank & Trust Co.
4358$1,150,000First American National Bank
4358$1,150,000Malaga Bank F.S.B.
4363$1,149,000Amquest Bank
4363$1,149,000United Central Bank
4363$1,149,000State Bank of Lincoln
4363$1,149,000Sterling Federal Bank, F.S.B.
4368$1,148,000American Bank of Commerce
4368$1,148,000City National Bank and Trust Company, Hastings, Nebraska
4368$1,148,000First Suburban National Bank
4368$1,148,000Arvest United Bank, A State Savings Bank
4372$1,147,000Barbary Coast National Bank
4372$1,147,000Financial Federal Savings Bank
4372$1,147,000Springdale Bank & Trust
4372$1,147,000FNB Financial
4376$1,146,000First National Bank of White County
4376$1,146,000Mercantile Bank & Trust, FSB
4376$1,146,000FNB Bank
4376$1,146,000United New Mexico Bank at Mimbres Valley
4380$1,145,000Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust
4380$1,145,000Farmers-Merchants Bank & Trust Company
4380$1,145,000First State Bank and Trust
4383$1,144,000Brunswick Bank and Trust Company
4383$1,144,000First National Bank of Gillette
4383$1,144,000McHenry Savings Bank
4383$1,144,000Oceanmark Bank, A FSB
4383$1,144,000The Citizens National Bank of Tell City
4383$1,144,000Austin Bank, Texas
4389$1,143,000Fairfield Federal Savings and Loan Association of Lancaster
4389$1,143,000First National Bank of Montrose
4389$1,143,000The St. Mary Bank and Trust Company
4392$1,142,000Bank of Lockport
4392$1,142,000Merchants and Farmers Bank
4392$1,142,000AVB Bank
4392$1,142,000The First National Bank of Raymond
4396$1,141,000Enterprise National Bank of Sarasota
4396$1,141,000Tennessee National Bank
4396$1,141,000The First National Bank of Deerwood
4399$1,140,000The Bank and Trust, S.S.B.
4399$1,140,000Mansfield Co-operative Bank
4401$1,139,000Citizens Bank
4401$1,139,000The Bank of East Asia (USA)
4401$1,139,000SouthTrust Bank of Coffee County
4401$1,139,000The First National Bank of Opelika
4401$1,139,000UMB Bank, Warrensburg
4406$1,138,000Central Bank
4406$1,138,000Tehama Bank
4406$1,138,000First Neighborhood Bank
4406$1,138,000Norwest Bank New Mexico Northeast
4410$1,137,000Oconee State Bank
4411$1,136,000ESSA Bank & Trust
4411$1,136,000Farmers Bank & Trust
4411$1,136,000The Algonac Savings Bank
4411$1,136,000Citizens First Bank
4415$1,135,000First Federal Savings Bank of Lake County
4415$1,135,000PyraMax Bank, FSB
4415$1,135,000SUNWEST Bank of Grant County
4418$1,134,000AmTrade International Bank of Georgia
4418$1,134,000Business Bank of California
4420$1,133,000Nationsbank, National Association (Mid-West)
4420$1,133,000Monticello Bank
4420$1,133,000The First National Bank of Mount Dora
4420$1,133,000The Monticello Banking Company
4424$1,132,000First Virginia Bank-South Hill
4424$1,132,000Oak Hills Savings and Loan Company, F.A.
4424$1,132,000Superior National Bank & Trust Company
4427$1,131,000Clear Lake Bank and Trust Company
4427$1,131,000Seamen's Bank
4427$1,131,000The Merchants National Bank of Montgomery
4430$1,130,000Clearfield Bank & Trust Company
4430$1,130,000Meridian Bank
4430$1,130,000Community Bank of Bergen County, N. J.
4433$1,129,000Dayton State Bank
4433$1,129,000Gilmer National Bank, Gilmer, Texas
4433$1,129,000Prime Federal Bank, F.S.B.
4433$1,129,000Sunbelt National Bank
4433$1,129,000The First National Bank in Madison
4438$1,128,000First Volunteer Bank of Tennessee
4438$1,128,000HomeBank Texas
4438$1,128,000Sierra National Bank
4438$1,128,000The First Bremen Bank
4438$1,128,000First United Bank
4438$1,128,000The Second National Bank of Masontown
4444$1,127,000Bank of Southern Maryland
4444$1,127,000The State National Bank of Big Spring
4446$1,125,000Marquette Savings Bank
4446$1,125,000Napa National Bank
4446$1,125,000Pacific Business Bank
4449$1,124,000City National Bank of New Jersey
4449$1,124,000First National Bank and Trust Company
4449$1,124,000Four Oaks Bank & Trust Company
4449$1,124,000Southern Financial Bank
4449$1,124,000Golden Bank
4454$1,123,000Norwest Bank Highlands Ranch
4454$1,123,000Rhinebeck Bank
4456$1,122,000Hendricks County Bank and Trust Company
4456$1,122,000The Exchange Bank of Kentucky
4458$1,121,000Bank of Hampton Roads
4458$1,121,000Boatmen's Bank of Rolla
4458$1,121,000Northern Michigan Bank & Trust
4458$1,121,000Monterey Bay Bank
4462$1,120,000Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust
4462$1,120,000Laurel Federal Savings Bank
4462$1,120,000The City National Bank and Trust Company of Lawton, Oklahoma
4465$1,119,000Fox Cities Bank
4465$1,119,000Orange Savings Bank, ssb
4469$1,118,000American Gateway Bank
4469$1,118,000Chatham Savings, FSB
4469$1,118,000Quail Creek Bank
4469$1,118,000Amquest Bank
4473$1,117,000First Vantage Bank-Tennessee
4473$1,117,000Mt. Washington Co-operative Bank
4475$1,116,000Great Southwest Bank, fsb
4475$1,116,000Merchants & Planters Bank & Trust Co.
4475$1,116,000Traditional Bank, Inc.
4475$1,116,000Ohio Valley Financial Group
4475$1,116,000Merchants Bank of Bangor
4475$1,116,000United Bank of Bismarck
4481$1,115,000Brenton Bank and Trust Company
4481$1,115,000Burleson State Bank
4481$1,115,000Lindell Bank & Trust Company
4481$1,115,000Norwest Bank Garden of the Gods
4481$1,115,000Standard Bank, PaSB
4481$1,115,000Ambank Illinois
4487$1,114,000Citizens Tri-County Bank
4487$1,114,000First American Bank
4487$1,114,000The Fahey Banking Company
4490$1,113,000Cornhusker Bank
4490$1,113,000Morton Community Bank
4490$1,113,000The Vine Street Trust Company
4493$1,112,000ChoiceOne Bank
4493$1,112,000Steuben Trust Company
4493$1,112,000Unifirst Federal Savings Bank
4496$1,111,000Arundel Federal Savings Bank
4496$1,111,000Community Trust Bank
4496$1,111,000Kennebec Savings Bank
4496$1,111,000Mercantile Eastern Shore Bank
4496$1,111,000Citizens Security Bank
4501$1,110,000West Milton State Bank
4502$1,109,0001st National Bank & Trust
4502$1,109,000Heritage Bank
4502$1,109,000The Citizens State Bank, Liberal, Kansas
4502$1,109,000The Pickett County Bank and Trust Company
4506$1,108,000Federal Savings Association of Virginia
4506$1,108,000First National Bank & Trust Co. of Williston
4506$1,108,000Oswego County National Bank
4509$1,107,000Family First FSB
4509$1,107,000Liberty Bank
4509$1,107,000First National Bank
4509$1,107,000Pacific Commerce Bank
4513$1,106,000The Campbell & Fetter Bank
4514$1,105,000Abrams Centre National Bank
4514$1,105,000Commercial Bank & Trust Company of Troup County
4514$1,105,000People's Savings Association
4514$1,105,000The Citizens Bank
4514$1,105,000The First National Bank of Greencastle
4519$1,104,000First Bank and Trust
4519$1,104,000First-Citizens Bank and Trust Company
4519$1,104,000FMB-Security Bank
4519$1,104,000Mercantile Bank
4519$1,104,000Westborough Savings Bank
4524$1,103,000Colonial Bank
4524$1,103,000The Bank of Tuscaloosa
4526$1,102,000Old Kent Bank of Ludington
4527$1,101,000Cohutta Banking Company
4527$1,101,000The First National Bank of Walker
4529$1,100,000American Federal Bank
4529$1,100,000American State Bank
4529$1,100,000First National Bank of Arapahoe County
4529$1,100,000First National Bank of Steeleville
4529$1,100,000Los Angeles National Bank
4529$1,100,000State Bank of Cross Plains
4529$1,100,000Union Bank and Trust Company of Greensburg
4536$1,099,000Kirkpatrick Bank
4536$1,099,000Horizon Bank and Trust
4536$1,099,000MFC First National Bank
4536$1,099,000Exchange National Bank & Trust Co.
4536$1,099,000The Farmers National Bank of Emlenton
4536$1,099,000First Bank
4542$1,098,000Guaranty National Bank of Tallahassee
4542$1,098,000Bank IV Missouri
4542$1,098,000The Peoples Bank
4545$1,097,000American Bank & Trust Company of Houma
4545$1,097,000Mid-Wisconsin Bank
4545$1,097,000Santa Lucia Bank
4545$1,097,000United Security Bank
4549$1,096,000Peoples Savings Bank, Inc., SSB
4549$1,096,000The Peoples Bank Co.
4551$1,095,000First National Bank of Elmhurst
4551$1,095,000First Business Bank of Kansas City
4551$1,095,000Mercantile Bank of the Bluffs
4554$1,094,000Interstate Bank, ssb
4554$1,094,000River Valley Bank
4554$1,094,000The First National Bank and Trust Company of Vinita
4557$1,093,000Bank of Commerce
4557$1,093,000Belmont Savings Bank
4557$1,093,000Capitol National Bank
4557$1,093,000Mercantile Bank of Crawford County
4557$1,093,000First Nebraska Bank
4557$1,093,000Delaware Place Bank
4557$1,093,000Mercantile Bank of Monett
4557$1,093,000NewFirst National Bank
4565$1,092,000OBA Bank
4565$1,092,000Vermilion Bank & Trust Company
4567$1,091,000Capital City Second National Bank
4567$1,091,000Central Bank and Trust Company
4567$1,091,000First American Trust, FSB
4567$1,091,000Metcalf Bank
4567$1,091,000Salin Bank
4567$1,091,000SUNWEST Bank of Raton
4573$1,090,000Founders Bank of Arizona
4573$1,090,000The Bank of Denver
4575$1,089,000First City Bank of Florida
4575$1,089,000Madison Bank and Trust Company
4575$1,089,000Firstar Bank Missouri
4575$1,089,000Norwest Bank Academy Place
4575$1,089,000Regions Bank
4580$1,088,000Central Bank
4580$1,088,000Fidelity Bank
4580$1,088,000First Bank and Trust
4580$1,088,000SouthTrust Bank of the Suncoast
4580$1,088,000The First National Bank of Hudson
4580$1,088,000York State Bank
4587$1,087,0001st Community Bank
4587$1,087,000Bank Name Not Available
4587$1,087,000Heritage Bank
4587$1,087,000The Peoples Bank
4592$1,086,000Bank of Marin
4592$1,086,000First National Bank of Gilmer County
4592$1,086,000Norwest Banks Decatur
4592$1,086,000Sequoia National Bank, MD
4596$1,085,000First Commercial Bank, Rogers
4596$1,085,000First Century Bank
4596$1,085,000The First National Bank of Greenville
4600$1,084,000Central Virginia Bank
4600$1,084,000Extraco Banks
4600$1,084,000Manufacturers Bank & Trust Company
4600$1,084,000Plaza Bank, Norridge, Illinois
4600$1,084,000Harris Bank Bartlett
4600$1,084,000First Bank and Trust
4606$1,083,000First Community Federal Savings and Loan Association
4606$1,083,000Northwestern Bank
4608$1,082,000The First National Bank of Palestine
4609$1,081,000First Commercial Bank, National Association of Memphis
4609$1,081,000First United Bank and Trust Company
4609$1,081,000First Bank of Coastal Georgia
4609$1,081,000University National Bank
4613$1,080,000Lone Star National Bank
4613$1,080,000National Bank & Trust
4615$1,079,000First Virgin Islands FSB
4615$1,079,000Maquoketa State Bank
4615$1,079,000Mercer County State Bank
4618$1,078,000Community Bank of Lexington
4618$1,078,000Virginia Commonwealth Bank
4618$1,078,000Pennsylvania Savings Bank
4618$1,078,000Security Bank
4618$1,078,000The State National Bank of Frankfort
4623$1,077,000The Somerville Bank & Trust Company
4623$1,077,000Wells River Savings Bank
4625$1,076,000Liberty Savings Association
4625$1,076,000The Buckeye Savings Bank
4625$1,076,000Wells Fargo Bank Southwest
4628$1,075,000Atlantic Savings Bank, F.S.B.
4628$1,075,000Brenton National Bank of Perry
4628$1,075,000First Savings Bank of Little Falls, FSB
4628$1,075,000Nantucket Bank
4628$1,075,000Adams Community Bank
4633$1,074,000Abacus Federal Savings Bank
4633$1,074,000Hot Springs Bank & Trust Company
4633$1,074,000Pinnacle Bank
4633$1,074,000Peoples Trust Company
4633$1,074,000The Genoa Banking Company
4638$1,073,000Ambassador Bank of the Commonwealth
4638$1,073,000Citizens National Bank
4638$1,073,000Commerce Bank of Lebanon
4638$1,073,000First State Bank of Middlebury
4638$1,073,000Northern State Bank of Thief River Falls
4638$1,073,000Old Stone Bank of North Carolina, A FSB
4638$1,073,000TCF NATIONAL BANK
4638$1,073,000US Community Savings Bank
4646$1,072,000Central Progressive Bank
4646$1,072,000Landmark Bank
4646$1,072,000Louisiana Bank
4646$1,072,000National Bank of Commerce
4646$1,072,000State Bank of De Kalb
4646$1,072,000Farmers and Merchants Bank of Western Pennsylvania
4652$1,071,000First National Bank of Central Florida
4652$1,071,000Hill Country Bank
4652$1,071,000Trans Financial Bank
4655$1,070,000Mercantile Bank of Boone
4656$1,069,000Bank of Petaluma
4656$1,069,000Herring Bank
4658$1,068,000Grand National Bank
4659$1,067,000Bank of Sunset and Trust Company
4659$1,067,000Delaware National Bank
4659$1,067,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association
4659$1,067,000Southern Bancorp Bank
4659$1,067,000First Southern National Bank
4659$1,067,000Bank Name Not Available
4659$1,067,000Norwest Bank Wisconsin Waupun
4666$1,066,000Atlantic Stewardship Bank
4666$1,066,000Commerce Bank
4666$1,066,000First Security Bank of Wyoming
4669$1,065,000Savings Bank of Danbury
4670$1,064,000Central Savings Bank
4670$1,064,000Richmond Savings Bank, SSB
4670$1,064,000Hawthorn Bank
4673$1,063,000Florida Bank of Commerce
4673$1,063,000Marquette Bank Clinton
4673$1,063,000Jasper Banking Company
4673$1,063,000Lincoln Park Savings Bank
4673$1,063,000Wells Federal Bank, FSB
4678$1,062,000Community Bank & Trust, Waco, Texas
4678$1,062,000Milford Co-operative Bank
4678$1,062,000Pulaski Bank
4681$1,061,000Lincolnland Bank
4681$1,061,000The Farmers and Merchants Bank
4683$1,060,000First Colonial Bank Northwest
4683$1,060,000First Federal Bank
4683$1,060,000Pioneer Trust Bank
4683$1,060,000South Central Bank
4683$1,060,000The Homestead Savings, FA
4688$1,059,000First Commercial Bank, SSB
4689$1,058,000United New Mexico Bank
4690$1,057,000First Federal Bank of North Florida
4690$1,057,000Jonestown Bank and Trust Company, of Jonestown, Pennsylvania
4690$1,057,000M&I Bank of Ashland
4690$1,057,000The Union Bank
4694$1,056,000Citizens State Bank of Santa Paula
4694$1,056,000Pitkin County Bank and Trust Company
4694$1,056,000The First National Bank of McMinnville
4694$1,056,000The National Republic Bank of Chicago
4698$1,055,000First National Bank of Crossett
4699$1,054,000First Coastal Bank
4699$1,054,000Farmers & Merchants Bank - Eastern Shore
4699$1,054,000First American Bank & Trust of Grafton
4699$1,054,000Minnesota Valley Bank
4699$1,054,000Mt. McKinley Bank
4699$1,054,000Orange Savings Bank
4699$1,054,000Saratoga National Bank and Trust
4699$1,054,000Cornerstone Bank
4699$1,054,000First National Bank
4708$1,053,000Admiralty Bank
4708$1,053,000Pacific One Bank
4708$1,053,000FirstBank Southwest
4708$1,053,000Valley Ridge Bank
4712$1,052,000Bunkie Bank & Trust Company
4712$1,052,000Summit Community Bank
4712$1,052,000City Bank & Trust Co.
4712$1,052,000Franklin Bank & Trust Company
4712$1,052,000The First National Bank of Waverly
4712$1,052,000Walden Savings Bank
4718$1,051,000Peachtree National Bank
4718$1,051,000First National Bank South
4720$1,050,000Farmers National Bank
4720$1,050,000Fidelity Savings Bank, F.S.B.
4720$1,050,000First Federal Savings Bank of Marion
4720$1,050,000State Bank
4720$1,050,000Citizens State Bank
4720$1,050,000The Glen Rock State Bank
4720$1,050,000The Savings Bank and Trust Company
4727$1,049,000Century Bank
4727$1,049,000The Citizens National Bank of Norwalk
4729$1,048,000Bank of Weirton
4729$1,048,000Hendry County Bank
4729$1,048,000Rossville Bank
4732$1,047,000First State Bank of Newport
4732$1,047,000Lisle Savings Bank
4732$1,047,000Mid-America National Bank of Chicago
4735$1,046,000Carthage Federal Savings and Loan Association
4735$1,046,000Century Bank and Trust
4735$1,046,000Peoples Loan & Trust Bank
4735$1,046,000Schertz Bank & Trust
4735$1,046,000United Bank
4740$1,045,000First Community Bank
4740$1,045,000Nutmeg Federal Savings and Loan Association
4742$1,044,000Commonwealth Thrift and Loan
4742$1,044,000Community Bank of Mississippi
4742$1,044,000First Mountain Bank
4742$1,044,000Magna Bank
4742$1,044,000The First National Bank of Pontotoc
4747$1,043,000Farmers & Merchants Bank
4747$1,043,000First National Bank Northwest Florida
4747$1,043,000First Security Bank & Trust Co.
4747$1,043,000Gainesville Bank & Trust
4747$1,043,000Premier Bank-Richlands
4747$1,043,000CoBiz Bank
4753$1,042,000Fidelity Bank
4753$1,042,000Grand Bank
4755$1,041,000Citizens Bank and Trust Company
4755$1,041,000University National Bank - Galveston
4757$1,040,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association
4757$1,040,000First National Bank and Trust Company of Weatherford
4757$1,040,000Murdock Florida Bank
4757$1,040,000North Valley Bank
4761$1,039,000Borrego Springs Bank
4761$1,039,000The Bank of Telluride
4763$1,038,000Acacia Federal Savings Bank
4763$1,038,000First Community Bank, Missouri
4763$1,038,000First State Bank
4766$1,037,000Algonquin State Bank
4767$1,036,000Heritage Bank
4767$1,036,000The Citizens National Bank
4769$1,035,000Gold BANK
4769$1,035,000First Cherokee State Bank
4769$1,035,000Seaboard Savings Bank, F.S.B.
4769$1,035,000First Team Bank
4769$1,035,000First National Bank
4774$1,034,000Bank of Clarke County
4774$1,034,000Premier Bank Rochester
4774$1,034,000The First Bank of Marietta
4774$1,034,000The First National Bank of Livingston
4774$1,034,000The National Bank of Delaware County
4774$1,034,000Timberland Bank
4780$1,033,000The First National Bank of Galena
4780$1,033,000The First National Bank of Winnsboro
4782$1,032,000First Bank
4782$1,032,000Union Bank and Trust Company
4784$1,031,000State First National Bank
4784$1,031,000Commonwealth State Bank
4784$1,031,000TrustTexas Bank, SSB
4784$1,031,000Farmers and Merchants Bank of South Carolina
4784$1,031,000University National Bank
4789$1,030,000Blackhawk Bank & Trust
4789$1,030,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of McMinnville
4789$1,030,000Louisiana Central Bank
4789$1,030,000North Texas Savings and Loan Association
4789$1,030,000South Louisiana Bank, Houma, Louisiana
4789$1,030,000Trans Financial Bank of Martin
4789$1,030,000Tri-State Bank
4796$1,029,000Bank of Tazewell County
4796$1,029,000First Federal Savings Bank of Richmond
4796$1,029,000Millbury Savings Bank
4799$1,028,000First Citizens National Bank
4799$1,028,000First National Bank in Midlothian
4799$1,028,000Merchants and Planters Bank
4799$1,028,000The Citizens State Bank of Lometa
4799$1,028,000The Henry County Bank
4799$1,028,000The Kishacoquillas Valley National Bank of Belleville
4799$1,028,000The Queenstown Bank of Maryland
4799$1,028,000Valley Bank & Trust
4807$1,027,000Republic Bank of Shelby County
4807$1,027,000Sanford Institution for Savings
4807$1,027,000The Davis National Bank of Mullins
4810$1,026,000Alliance Bank
4810$1,026,000Hansen Federal Savings Bank
4810$1,026,000North Cascades National Bank
4810$1,026,000Sentinel Federal Savings and Loan Association of Kansas City
4810$1,026,000Union Planters Bank of Alabama
4815$1,025,000Firstbank - Lakeview
4815$1,025,000Cairo Banking Company
4815$1,025,000First Federal Bank
4818$1,024,000Banterra Bank of West Frankfort
4818$1,024,000The First National Bank of St. Ignace
4818$1,024,000Union Savings Bank
4822$1,023,000Arkansas State Bank
4822$1,023,000CSB Bank
4822$1,023,000First Savings Bank, F.S.B.
4822$1,023,000Mark Twain Kansas Bank
4822$1,023,000Norwest Bank Aurora-City Center
4822$1,023,000San Benito Bank
4822$1,023,000Superior National Bank
4822$1,023,000The London Bank & Trust Co.
4822$1,023,000The Peoples Bank of Bullitt County
4822$1,023,000Wakefield Co-operative Bank
4832$1,022,000Union Bank
4832$1,022,000FLAG Bank
4832$1,022,000Citizens National Bank at Brownwood
4832$1,022,000Bank Calumet
4832$1,022,000The First National Bank of McCook
4832$1,022,000Union Bank of Florida
4832$1,022,000M&I Bank of La Crosse
4839$1,021,000Bank of Springfield
4839$1,021,000Bank of Texas.
4839$1,021,000First American Bank
4842$1,020,000American Bank
4842$1,020,000Liberty Bank
4842$1,020,000Commerce Bank
4842$1,020,000First Navy Bank
4842$1,020,000First State Bank and Trust Company
4842$1,020,000Regional Bank
4849$1,019,000First Bank of San Luis Obispo
4849$1,019,000Sturgis Bank & Trust Company
4849$1,019,000First Bethany Bank & Trust
4849$1,019,000The Peoples Bank
4853$1,018,000Community Bank
4853$1,018,000Chambers Bank
4853$1,018,000South Branch Valley National Bank of Moorefield
4856$1,017,000One Valley Bank - Shenandoah
4856$1,017,000The National Capital Bank of Washington
4856$1,017,000The Shelby State Bank
4859$1,016,000American River Bank
4859$1,016,000Sycamore Bank
4859$1,016,000Harris Bank Cary-Grove
4862$1,015,000F & M Bank-Richmond
4862$1,015,000Fairfield Savings Bank, F.S.B.
4862$1,015,000First National Bank
4862$1,015,000Mercantile Bank of Perryville
4862$1,015,000The Citizens Bank of Edmond
4867$1,014,000American Independent Bank
4867$1,014,000Consumers National Bank
4870$1,013,000Financial Federal Savings Bank
4870$1,013,000First State Bank & Trust Company of Shawnee
4870$1,013,000The Bank of Alexandria
4873$1,012,000Bank of Bellevue
4873$1,012,000Citizens State Bank
4873$1,012,000First Kansas Bank and Trust Company
4873$1,012,000First-Lockhart National Bank
4873$1,012,000Hardin County Savings Bank
4878$1,011,000Freestar Bank
4879$1,010,000Brighton Bank
4879$1,010,000First Bank of Owasso
4879$1,010,000Wells Fargo Bank, Ltd.
4879$1,010,000First Texas Bank
4879$1,010,000North Bank
4879$1,010,000Perpetual Federal Savings Bank
4885$1,009,000Commercial National Bank of Texarkana
4885$1,009,000Culver National Bank
4885$1,009,000First Bank and Trust Company of Clay County, Indiana
4885$1,009,000First Trust and Savings Bank, Oneida, Tennessee
4885$1,009,000The Olathe Bank
4890$1,008,000Houston Commerce Bank
4890$1,008,000North Pacific Bank
4890$1,008,000Western Nebraska National Bank
4890$1,008,000Western National Bank
4894$1,007,000The Bank of Tallassee
4895$1,006,000Alpine Bank, Aspen
4895$1,006,000First National Bank of West Point
4895$1,006,000Fort Riley National Bank
4895$1,006,000Gulf South Bank and Trust Company
4895$1,006,000United Missouri Bank of Springfield
4900$1,005,000Bank One, West Virginia, Charles Town
4900$1,005,000Cheatham State Bank
4900$1,005,000Commerce Bank
4900$1,005,000Guaranty Bank and Trust Company
4900$1,005,000Marquette Bank Mound
4900$1,005,000The Cleveland State Bank
4900$1,005,000The Overland National Bank of Grand Island
4900$1,005,000The Poca Valley Bank, Inc.
4908$1,004,000Bastrop National Bank
4908$1,004,000Peoples Trust Company of St. Albans
4908$1,004,000Preferred Bank
4911$1,003,000First Community Bank of Tifton
4911$1,003,000Marquette Bank Monticello
4911$1,003,000Piscataqua Savings Bank
4914$1,002,000Cape Cod Co-operative Bank
4914$1,002,000Columbus Bank and Trust Company
4914$1,002,000Stockman Bank of Montana
4914$1,002,000Highland Bank
4914$1,002,000Old-First National Bank in Bluffton, Bluffton, Indiana
4914$1,002,000The Citizens National Bank of Athens
4914$1,002,000Southern Bancorp Bank of Blytheville
4914$1,002,000The Homer National Bank
4914$1,002,000Universal Savings Bank FA
4923$1,001,000Bartow County Bank
4923$1,001,000Prospect Federal Savings Bank
4923$1,001,000State Bank and Trust Company, Dallas
4923$1,001,000The First National Bank of Suffield
4923$1,001,000Will Rogers Bank
4928$1,000,000Bank of Stockdale, F.S.B.
4929$999,000Anderson Brothers Bank
4929$999,000Greater Community Bank
4929$999,000The New Waterford Bank
4932$998,000First State Bank
4932$998,000The First National Bank of Gilmer
4932$998,000The Hardin County Bank
4936$997,000Community National Bank of Grand Forks
4936$997,000South Valley Bank & Trust
4936$997,000Vintage Bank
4939$996,000Cheviot Savings Bank
4939$996,000Citizens Bank & Trust Company
4939$996,000Glendale Bank of Pennsylvania
4939$996,000Heritage Bank of Natchitoches
4939$996,000Prime Bank
4939$996,000The First Bank
4939$996,000The Pavilion State Bank
4939$996,000Tri-State Bank of Memphis
4947$995,000First American Bank and Trust Company
4947$995,000Reading Co-operative Bank
4947$995,000Washington Savings Bank
4950$994,000Bank One, West Virginia, Wayne County, Inc.
4950$994,000J. P. Morgan FSB
4950$994,000Jacobs Bank
4950$994,000St. Michaels Bank
4954$993,000Farmers and Merchants Bank
4954$993,000Mid-Cities National Bank
4956$992,000Centennial Bank
4956$992,000City Bank & Trust Company, New Iberia, Louisiana
4956$992,000First Southern Bank
4956$992,000First National Bank
4956$992,000West Texas State Bank
4961$991,000Equitable Bank
4961$991,000Mason State Bank
4961$991,000Lone Star Bank
4964$990,000Commercial Bank
4964$990,000Peoples First, F.S.B.
4964$990,000Oak Bank
4964$990,000Merchants Bank of California
4964$990,000Shoreline Bank and Trust Company
4964$990,000TransAtlantic Bank
4970$989,000Brenton Bank, National Association Knoxville
4970$989,000First Federal Bank for Savings
4970$989,000Harris Bank Batavia
4973$987,000American Trust Bank
4973$987,000Commerce National Bank
4973$987,000F & M Bank-Keyser, Inc.
4976$986,0001st Savings Bank, f.s.b.
4976$986,000Associated Bank Wausau
4976$986,000Equitable Savings and Loan Association
4976$986,000Marathon Savings Bank
4976$986,000Peoples Bank of Littleton
4976$986,000Harris Bank Hoffman-Schaumburg
4976$986,000Thumb National Bank and Trust Company
4983$985,000American Bank of Martin County
4983$985,000Brooklyn Federal Savings Bank
4983$985,000First Bank, CBC
4983$985,000Helena National Bank
4983$985,000The Stock Exchange Bank
4983$985,000Wakulla Bank
4989$984,000First Citizens Bank of Billings
4989$984,000AMCORE Bank, Princeton
4991$983,000Gulf Coast Bank
4991$983,000Greater Bay Bank
4991$983,000Alliance Bank
4991$983,000Peoples Bank and Trust Company
4995$982,000Capital Bank of North County
4995$982,000Community First State Bank
4995$982,000D. L. Evans Bank
4995$982,000The First Colebrook Bank
4999$981,000All American Bank of Chicago
4999$981,000C US Bank
4999$981,000Industrial National Bank
4999$981,000Union State Bank
4999$981,000Whatcom State Bank
5004$980,000Bay Area Bank
5004$980,000Bank Midwest of Cottonwood County
5004$980,000The National Bank of Stamford
5008$979,000Citizens National Bank
5008$979,000Tinley Park Bank
5010$978,000Bank of Sun Prairie
5010$978,000Boatmen's National Bank of Coles County
5010$978,000Cattaraugus County Bank
5010$978,000Farmers & Merchants Bank
5010$978,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Chilton County
5010$978,000Guaranty Bank & Trust Company
5010$978,000The Citizens National Bank of Chillicothe
5010$978,000The Heritage Bank of St. Joseph
5010$978,000The La Porte Savings Bank
5010$978,000National Bank of Arizona
5020$977,000National Bank of Tennessee
5020$977,000The Fairfield National Bank
5022$976,000First American Bank
5022$976,000First State Bank
5022$976,000Mitchell Savings Bank
5022$976,000United Nebraska Bank, Columbus
5026$975,000Bank of Camden
5026$975,000Central Bank
5026$975,000Robertson Banking Company
5026$975,000The First National Bank of Elmer
5026$975,000The Perkins State Bank
5031$974,000Bank of Athens
5031$974,000Associated Bank West Allis
5031$974,000First Bank and Trust Co. of Princeton, Kentucky
5031$974,000Frandsen Bank & Trust
5035$973,000Beverly Co-operative Bank
5035$973,000First National Bank
5035$973,000Keokuk Savings Bank and Trust Company
5038$972,000First Bank and Trust Company
5038$972,000First Tuskegee Bank
5038$972,000Newport Federal Savings Bank
5038$972,000Rosenberg Bank and Trust
5038$972,000The First National Bank of Maryland, D.C.
5043$971,000Anchor Bank Heritage
5043$971,000Security State Bank
5043$971,000The Callaway Bank
5046$970,000Heritage Bank of Olathe
5046$970,000Redding Bank of Commerce
5046$970,000Sterling State Bank
5046$970,000The Bank of Gwinnett County
5050$969,000Barre Savings Bank
5050$969,000Cavalry Banking
5050$969,000Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Company
5050$969,000Crystal River Bank
5050$969,000Eagle Bank and Trust Company of Missouri
5050$969,000Simmons First Bank of Russellville
5050$969,000FirstWest Bank
5050$969,000The First National Bank of Strasburg
5058$968,000Bank of Illinois in Mt. Vernon
5058$968,000TruPoint Bank
5058$968,000Normandy Bank
5058$968,000The Pauls Valley National Bank
5058$968,000The Yonkers Savings and Loan Association, FA
5063$967,000First State Bank of Round Lake
5063$967,000Forest Lake State Bank
5063$967,000State Bank & Trust Company
5063$967,000The Middlefield Banking Company
5067$966,000Bank of Richmondville
5067$966,000Champlain National Bank
5067$966,000Community State Bank
5067$966,000Lake Community Bank
5067$966,000The First Liberty National Bank
5067$966,000The First National Bank of Bellevue
5067$966,000Vermillion State Bank
5074$965,000The Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Kaufman
5075$964,000Citizens State Bank
5075$964,000Community Bank
5075$964,000Cuyamaca Bank
5075$964,000First Montana Bank, Inc.
5075$964,000Lone Star Bank, S.S.B.
5075$964,000Fort Rucker National Bank
5075$964,000Orange County Bank
5075$964,000Smyrna Bank & Trust Company
5083$963,000Bank of Waterbury
5083$963,000CNB Bank, Inc.
5083$963,000Fayette County Bank
5083$963,000Pinnacle Bank
5083$963,000Goshen Savings Bank
5083$963,000Peoples Bank & Trust
5083$963,000The Buffalo National Bank
5083$963,000The Citizens National Bank in Independence
5091$962,000Community Resource Bank
5091$962,000Harbor Community Bank, FSB
5091$962,000First Federal Community Bank
5091$962,000The American National Bank of Silver City
5091$962,000Citizens Bank
5091$962,000The Union Bank of Mena
5091$962,000The Western State Bank
5091$962,000Winona National Bank
5091$962,000Norwest Bank Texas, Denver City
5100$961,000Bank of Lee's Summit
5100$961,000First Signature Bank and Trust Company
5100$961,000United Kansas Bank & Trust
5103$960,000Shinhan Bank America
5103$960,000FirstBank Northwest
5103$960,000Ireland Bank
5103$960,000Jacksonville Savings Bank
5103$960,000MidAmerica Bank South
5103$960,000Sun State Bank
5103$960,000Century South Bank of Fannin County
5103$960,000The Yoakum National Bank
5111$959,000Enterprise Bank
5111$959,000Midwest Bank of Western Illinois
5113$958,000Concord Commercial Bank
5113$958,000Grabill Bank
5113$958,000Inter-State Federal Savings and Loan Association of Kansas City
5113$958,000Levy County State Bank
5113$958,000State Bank and Trust Company
5113$958,000The American National Bank of Beaver Dam
5119$957,000Anchor Savings Bank, F.S.B.
5119$957,000Athens Federal Community Bank
5119$957,000Davis Trust Company
5119$957,000Hampden Bank
5119$957,000Texas Star Bank
5124$956,000Bank of Pontiac
5124$956,000Timberline Community Bank
5126$955,000Platte Valley Bank
5126$955,000The Home State Bank
5126$955,000Wheatland Bank
5126$955,000Western Sierra National Bank
5130$954,000Republic Bank of Chicago
5130$954,000George Mason Bank
5132$953,000Central Bank Illinois
5132$953,000Farmers and Merchants Bank of St. Clair
5132$953,000The Scottdale Bank & Trust Company
5135$952,000Citizens Bank & Trust Co.
5135$952,000First & Ocean National Bank
5135$952,000Peoples Bank & Trust
5135$952,000Harris Bank Elk Grove
5135$952,000Sunshine State Federal Savings and Loan Association
5140$951,000Brownsville National Bank
5140$951,000Enterprise Bank of South Carolina
5140$951,000Austin Bank, Whitehouse, Texas
5140$951,000Liberty Bank & Trust
5140$951,000Lincoln National Bank
5140$951,000Peoples National Bank
5146$950,000Community First State Bank
5146$950,000Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of Ada
5146$950,000State Bank of Mount Horeb
5146$950,000United American Bank
5151$949,000Gold Bank
5151$949,000First Crawford State Bank
5151$949,000Crescent Bank and Trust Company
5151$949,000First State Bank
5151$949,000Peoples First Bank of Morehead
5151$949,000Loan and Building State Savings Bank
5157$948,000First National Bank of Gonzales
5157$948,000First Star Bank
5157$948,000Strata Bank
5160$947,000Manufacturers Bank of Florida
5160$947,000The Liberty National Bank in Paris
5162$946,000Johnson Bank Arizona
5162$946,000First National Bank-Employee Owned
5162$946,000The Stephenson National Bank and Trust
5165$945,000Bank of the Desert
5165$945,000Elizabethton Federal Savings Bank
5167$944,000Academy Bank
5167$944,000Bank of Dickson
5167$944,000Key Florida Bank, A Federal Savings Bank
5167$944,000Lafayette Savings Bank, FSB
5167$944,000Norwest Bank Wabash
5167$944,000Tomoka State Bank
5174$943,000Bank of Kirksville
5174$943,000Jefferson Federal Bank
5174$943,000Peoples Federal Savings Bank
5174$943,000Southeast National Bank of Moline
5174$943,000United Bank & Trust Company
5179$942,000First State Bank of North Texas
5179$942,000Mifflinburg Bank and Trust Company
5179$942,000Ridgewood Savings Bank of New Jersey
5179$942,000Sonoma Valley Bank
5184$941,000Bank of Wisconsin Dells
5184$941,000Eastwood Bank
5184$941,000Lake Shore Savings Bank
5184$941,000Mercantile Bank of Missouri Valley
5184$941,000Morgan Trust Company of Florida
5184$941,000National Bank of Commerce
5184$941,000The First National Bank of Northern New York
5184$941,000The Yukon National Bank
5192$940,000Biddeford Savings Bank
5192$940,000First Macon Bank & Trust Company
5192$940,000Phelps County Bank
5192$940,000Western Reserve Bank of Ohio
5196$939,000Farmers & Merchants Bank
5196$939,000First Colonial Bank of DuPage County
5196$939,000The Peoples National Bank
5196$939,000The Peoples State Bank
5200$938,000Clare Bank
5200$938,000Stillwater Federal Savings Bank
5200$938,000The Pennsville National Bank
5203$937,000Citizens National Bank of Albion
5203$937,000First State Bank of Illinois
5203$937,000Hillsborough Savings Bank, SSB
5203$937,000Peoples Bank of Kankakee County
5203$937,000PFC Bank
5208$936,000Coulee Bank
5209$935,000Damariscotta Bank & Trust Co.
5209$935,000Pioneer Bank
5209$935,000Mercantile Bank of South Central Missouri
5209$935,000The Provident Bank
5213$934,000Pinnacle Bank
5213$934,000Centinel Bank of Taos
5213$934,000First Federal Savings of Middletown
5213$934,000Lexington Federal Savings Bank
5213$934,000The Security Bank & Trust Company
5218$933,000American Investment Financial
5218$933,000Covenant Bank
5218$933,000Progressive Bank
5218$933,000United Texas Bank
5218$933,000The East Texas National Bank of Palestine
5218$933,000The Farmers National Bank of Buhl
5218$933,000Pinnacle Bank
5218$933,000Western National Bank
5226$932,000Del Rio National Bank
5226$932,000Delta Bank
5226$932,000Gloucester Bank & Trust Company
5226$932,000The Farmers & Merchants Bank
5226$932,000United Bank of Griffin
5232$931,000First State Bank
5232$931,000IBERIABANK fsb
5234$930,000Frontier Bank
5234$930,000United Community Bank Metro
5234$930,000Lanier Bank & Trust Company
5234$930,000Lincoln Savings Bank
5234$930,000The North Country Savings Bank
5239$929,000Denali State Bank
5239$929,000Castle Bank Harvard
5239$929,000Bank of Floyd
5239$929,000The First National Bank in Staunton
5239$929,000The Peoples Bank
5239$929,000The PrivateBank and Trust Company
5239$929,000Valley First National Bank of Ripon
5246$928,000Indiana Lawrence Bank
5246$928,000United Orient Bank
5248$927,000Home Savings Bank of Albemarle, SSB
5248$927,000The First National Bank of Fredericksburg
5250$926,000First Bank and Trust
5250$926,000National Bank of Montpelier
5250$926,000Owen County State Bank
5250$926,000Powell Valley National Bank
5250$926,000Queensborough National Bank & Trust Company
5250$926,000Tom Green National Bank
5256$925,000Essex Bank
5256$925,000Franklin County Bank
5256$925,000Valley Bank
5256$925,000Summerville National Bank
5256$925,000The Chasewood Bank
5261$924,000Century Bank
5261$924,000Lenox Savings Bank
5263$923,000Bank of Chesterfield
5264$922,000Citizens National Bank
5264$922,000First National Bank of Lake Jackson
5264$922,000Llewellyn-Edison Savings Bank, FSB
5264$922,000Sierrawest Bank
5268$921,000First Minnesota Bank
5268$921,000The Merchants Bank and Trust Company
5268$921,000The Siwooganock Bank
5272$920,000The First National Bank of La Follette
5272$920,000Utah Federal Savings Bank
5274$919,000Farmers & Merchants Bank
5274$919,000First Capital Bank
5274$919,000Harford Bank
5274$919,000The Merchants National Bank of Terre Haute
5274$919,000Liberty National Bank and Trust Company of Hardin County
5274$919,000Stafford Savings Bank
5274$919,000UMB Columbine National Bank
5281$918,000First Bank and Trust Company of Illinois
5281$918,000Lone Star Bank
5281$918,000The Farmers Citizens Bank
5285$917,000Old Second Bank-Kane County
5285$917,000Pearland State Bank
5285$917,000Vectra Bank Colorado
5285$917,000The First National Bank of McHenry
5289$916,000First Bank
5289$916,000Intercredit Bank
5289$916,000S & C Bank, Polk County
5289$916,000Central and Southern Bank of North Georgia
5293$915,000Emprise Bank
5293$915,000Pilgrim Bank
5293$915,000GCF Bank
5293$915,000Naugatuck Valley Savings and Loan
5293$915,000Security Bank of Bibb County
5293$915,000Security National Bank of Omaha
5299$914,000C&G Savings Bank
5299$914,000Champions Bank
5299$914,000Clear Lake National Bank
5299$914,000First Bank & Trust, S.B.
5299$914,000First National Bank and Trust
5299$914,000Forest Park National Bank and Trust Company
5299$914,000The Bank of Greene County
5299$914,000One Valley Bank - South, Inc.
5299$914,000Pioneer Bank and Trust Company
5309$913,000Atlantic Central Bankers Bank
5309$913,000State National Bank of West Texas
5309$913,000West Carroll National Bank of Oak Grove
5312$912,000First Eagle Bank
5312$912,000State Bank & Trust
5312$912,000State Bank of Lizton
5312$912,000Texas Bank
5316$911,000Austin National Bank
5316$911,000Bank at Ormond-By-The-Sea
5316$911,000Cedars Bank
5316$911,000Winnsboro State Bank & Trust Company
5320$910,000First Pioneer National Bank
5320$910,000Union Planters Bank of East Arkansas
5320$910,000Heritage National Bank
5320$910,000Shoshone First Bank
5324$909,000CommunityBank of Texas, N.A.
5324$909,000First National Bank of Olney
5324$909,000Leeds Federal Savings Bank
5324$909,000Omni Bank
5328$908,000Bank of the Pacific
5328$908,000United Bank
5330$907,000Adams Co-operative Bank
5330$907,000Baytown State Bank
5330$907,000Port St. Lucie National Bank
5330$907,000The Citizens National Bank
5330$907,000The First State Bank
5330$907,000Peoples National Bank , N.A.
5330$907,000The Schuylkill Haven Trust Company
5337$906,000St. Charles Bank & Trust Company
5337$906,000The Fidelity State Bank and Trust Company
5337$906,000The First National Park Bank in Livingston
5341$905,000Commerce Bank
5341$905,000Highland Lakes Bank
5341$905,000Main Street Bank
5341$905,000Mid City Bank, Inc.
5341$905,000National Bank of Commerce of Corinth
5341$905,000Peoples Bank & Trust Company
5341$905,000The Elgin State Bank
5348$904,000MidCountry Bank
5348$904,000South Ottumwa Savings Bank
5348$904,000The First National Bank of Absecon
5348$904,000The First National Bank of Bellville
5352$903,000Citizens Bank and Trust Company
5352$903,000Katahdin Trust Company
5354$902,000Gibson County Bank
5354$902,000Riverview Community Bank
5354$902,000First Financial Bank
5354$902,000The Oakley National Bank of Buffalo
5354$902,000Charter Bank, S.S.B.
5359$901,000Cornerstone Bank
5359$901,000First State Bank & Trust Company
5359$901,000Liberty Bank and Trust
5359$901,000Peoples Bank
5359$901,000Community National Bank
5359$901,000The Farmers & Merchants Bank
5359$901,000Union Bank of Illinois
5366$900,000Bank of Yazoo City
5366$900,000Vista Bank Texas
5366$900,000First American Bank of Pensacola
5366$900,000First Security Bank of Missoula
5366$900,000Fox Valley Savings Bank
5366$900,000The Bank of Forest
5366$900,000The Union County National Bank of Liberty
5373$899,000Citywide Banks
5373$899,000Sovereign Community Bank
5373$899,000First Texas Bank
5376$898,000Citizens Bank of Marianna
5376$898,000First Integrity Bank
5376$898,000The Farmers National Bank of Scottsville
5376$898,000The First National Bank of Hereford
5376$898,000Mount Sterling Bank
5381$897,000Citizens Bank of Gwinnett
5381$897,000First National Bank in Fairfield
5381$897,000Mound City Bank
5381$897,000Richland State Bank
5385$896,000Bank of McCreary County
5385$896,000Cenit Bank
5385$896,000Seneca Federal Savings and Loan Association
5388$895,000DeKalb County Bank & Trust Company
5388$895,000Englewood Bank & Trust
5388$895,000First Port City Bank
5388$895,000Newton County Bank
5388$895,000The Community Bank
5388$895,000The Farmers State Bank at Fort Morgan, Colorado
5394$894,000Brazos Bank
5394$894,000First National Bank in New Bremen
5394$894,000Mooresville Savings Bank, SSB
5394$894,000Austin Bank
5394$894,000The Citizens Bank of Logan, Ohio
5399$893,000Alva State Bank & Trust Company
5399$893,000American National Bank
5399$893,000Boatmen's National Bank of Lebanon
5399$893,000First Bank, Upper Michigan
5399$893,000FirstBank of Summit County
5399$893,000MFC First National Bank
5399$893,000Pinnacle Bank of the Quad Cities
5399$893,000Riverbend Bank
5399$893,000The First National Bank of the Panhandle
5399$893,000The First National Bank of Rosenberg
5399$893,000The Fulton County National Bank and Trust Company
5410$892,000Citizens Federal Savings Bank
5410$892,000West Kentucky Bank
5410$892,000Putnam Bank
5410$892,000GNB Bank
5410$892,000The National Bank of Coxsackie
5410$892,000Pinnacle Bank
5416$891,000Heart Federal Savings and Loan Association
5416$891,000Frontier National Bank
5416$891,000First Community Bank of Saltville
5416$891,000The First National Bank of Wyoming
5420$890,000Azle State Bank
5420$890,000Summit Bank
5422$889,000Bank of Jacomo
5422$889,000Bank of Matteson
5422$889,000Community State Bank of Alexandria
5422$889,000First National Bank of Paris
5422$889,000Metropolitan National Bank
5422$889,000Peoples Bank
5422$889,000Centra Bank-Smithfield
5429$888,000American Federal Savings Bank
5429$888,000Bainbridge National Bank
5429$888,000Citizens Bank and Trust Company of Ardmore
5429$888,000First State Bank and Trust Company
5429$888,000Firstar Bank
5429$888,000The Citizens Bank of Americus
5429$888,000Armstrong Bank
5437$887,000Du Quoin State Bank
5437$887,000Humble National Bank
5437$887,000Smackover State Bank
5437$887,000Vectra Bank of Boulder
5437$887,000Willow Financial Bank
5442$886,000Community Bank & Trust Company of Edgewater
5442$886,000Southern Bancorp Bank
5442$886,000Focus Bank
5442$886,000Kingwood Bank
5442$886,000Lehigh Savings Bank, SLA
5442$886,000Plaistow Co-operative Bank, FSB
5442$886,000The First Bank and Trust Company
5450$885,000Alden State Bank
5450$885,000BNA Bank
5450$885,000Chelsea State Bank
5450$885,000Continental Savings Bank, FSB
5450$885,000First Savings Bank of Moore County, Inc., SSB
5450$885,000The Peoples National Bank of Checotah
5456$884,000The American National Bank of Texas
5456$884,000First Community Bank East Texas
5456$884,000Heritage National Bank
5460$883,000Candlewood Bank and Trust Company
5460$883,000Simmons First Bank of Northeast Arkansas
5460$883,000The First National Bank and Trust
5460$883,000The Reedsburg Bank
5464$882,000The Berthoud National Bank
5464$882,000First National Bank of North Arkansas
5464$882,000The National Bank of Cynthiana
5467$881,000Alpine Bank, Carbondale
5467$881,000Bank Atlanta
5467$881,000Bank of Banks County
5467$881,000Bank of Rantoul
5467$881,000First Bank
5467$881,000First National Bank of Bellaire
5474$880,000Cleveland State Bank
5474$880,000Commercial Bank & Trust Company
5474$880,000Community Bank & Trust Company
5474$880,000First Federal Savings Bank
5474$880,000Jefferson Savings Bank
5474$880,000Marquette Bank Monmouth
5474$880,000The Cooperative Bank
5474$880,000Saugusbank, a Co-operative bank
5474$880,000Winchester Co-operative Bank
5483$879,000Del Amo Savings Bank, FSB
5484$878,000Central Illinois Bank
5484$878,000Legence Bank
5484$878,000Founders National Bank-Skillman
5484$878,000Layton State Bank
5484$878,000Saehan Bank
5484$878,000The Haverford Trust Company
5490$877,000Bank of Salem
5490$877,000First State Bank and Trust Company in Cordele
5490$877,000Norwest Bank Texas, Midland
5490$877,000Western Bank
5494$876,000Bank of Taunton, A Co-operative Bank
5494$876,000Savings Bank & Trust
5494$876,000Rayne State Bank & Trust Company
5494$876,000The First National Bank of Polk County
5494$876,000UMB Highland Park Bank and Trust
5499$875,000American Savings Bank, FSB
5499$875,000Frontier State Bank
5499$875,000M&I Citizens American Bank
5499$875,000The Beatrice National Bank and Trust Company
5503$874,000Brenton State Bank
5503$874,000Growth Bank
5503$874,000Oakland Commerce Bank
5503$874,000Security Bank
5503$874,000National Bank of Ohio
5503$874,000The Union Bank and Savings Company
5509$873,000The First State Bank
5510$872,000Community Savings Bank, SSB
5510$872,000Homosassa Springs Bank
5510$872,000Lee County Bank & Trust
5510$872,000Midland Federal Savings and Loan Association
5510$872,000Reliance Bank
5510$872,000Grundy Bank
5510$872,000United Commerce Bank of Highland Village
5517$871,000Altoona First Savings Bank
5517$871,000Citizens State Bank of Luling
5517$871,000Fremont National Bank of Canon City
5517$871,000Terre Haute Savings Bank
5517$871,000The Citizens National Bank of Park Rapids
5522$870,000Chemical Bank Montcalm
5522$870,000Crescent Bank & Trust
5522$870,000F & M Bank
5522$870,000First Bank of Conroe
5522$870,000M&I Bank South Central
5522$870,000Mountain Valley Bank, N.A.
5522$870,000FNB Bank, Inc.
5522$870,000West Union Bank
5530$869,000Bank of O'Fallon
5530$869,000First Bank & Trust Company
5530$869,000United Bank
5530$869,000Jackson County Bank
5530$869,000NBC Bank-Laredo
5530$869,000Bank Name Not Available
5536$868,000Chicago Community Bank
5536$868,000Dearborn Federal Savings Bank
5536$868,000Southern Crescent Bank
5536$868,000The Rockport National Bank
5540$867,000American Pacific Bank
5540$867,000Asahi Bank of California
5540$867,000Bank Name Not Available
5540$867,000Suburban Bank of Virginia
5540$867,000Wesbanco Bank Kingwood, Inc.
5540$867,000West Plains Bank and Trust Company
5546$866,000Bank of Odessa
5546$866,000Cedar Creek Bank
5546$866,000First State Bank and Trust Company
5546$866,000Horicon Bank
5546$866,000Morgantown Bank & Trust Company, Incorporated
5546$866,000The First National Bank in Green Forest
5546$866,000Peoples Southern Bank
5553$865,000First South Bank
5553$865,000Trans Financial Bank Tennessee
5553$865,000Riverside Bank
5553$865,000The Bank of Winter Park
5553$865,000The First National Bank and Trust Company
5553$865,000The First National Bank of Jackson County
5553$865,000Citizens Bank of Kentucky
5560$864,000Iowa State Bank
5560$864,000Mission National Bank
5560$864,000The Farmers National Bank of Cynthiana
5560$864,000The Ravenna Savings Bank
5560$864,000The Union National Bank and Trust Company of Barbourville
5560$864,000MainSource Bank of Illinois
5567$863,000Union Planters Bank of Perryville
5567$863,000FSB Bank
5567$863,000First Federal Savings Bank
5567$863,000First Midwest Bank of Poplar Bluff
5567$863,000First State Bank of Calumet City
5567$863,000Jefferson Security Bank
5573$862,000Bank of Mauston
5573$862,000EastPark National Bank
5573$862,000PrimeSouth Bank
5576$861,000Ben Franklin Bank of Illinois
5576$861,000GSL Savings Bank
5576$861,000Peoples Bank & Trust Co.
5576$861,000Peoples Bank of Alabama
5576$861,000Stephenville Bank and Trust Co.
5576$861,000Amcore Bank, National Association, North Central
5576$861,000United Nebraska Bank, North Platte
5584$860,000Liberty Savings Bank fsb
5584$860,000Bank Texas
5587$859,000Community Savings Bank
5587$859,000The City National Bank of Colorado City
5589$858,000Omaha State Bank
5590$857,000Commerce Bank of Barry County
5590$857,000First National Banking Company
5590$857,000First State Bank
5590$857,000Rondout Savings Bank
5594$856,000F&M Bank-Lakeland
5594$856,000Pike National Bank
5594$856,000The First National Bank of Centerville
5597$855,000Texas National Bank
5597$855,000O'Bannon Banking Company
5597$855,000Marquette Bank Morrison
5597$855,000The Ozona National Bank
5597$855,000United Missouri Bank of Joplin
5602$854,000Border Trust Company
5602$854,000Farmers Savings Bank
5602$854,000Springfield State Bank
5602$854,000Lawrenceburg Bank and Trust Company
5606$853,000First Bank Pearland
5606$853,000First National Bank of Holmes County
5606$853,000First Piedmont Federal Savings and Loan Association of Gaffney
5606$853,000SouthTrust Bank of South Mississippi
5606$853,000State Bank of Young America
5611$852,000Cumberland Security Bank, Inc.
5611$852,000Parkdale Bank
5611$852,000Peoples Bank
5611$852,000Eagle Bank, Inc.
5611$852,000The Bennington State Bank
5611$852,000The Berkshire Bank
5611$852,000The Farmers State Bank of Waupaca
5611$852,000Union Bank and Trust Company of Indiana
5611$852,000Union State Bank
5611$852,000Western Industrial National Bank
5621$851,000First Private Bank & Trust
5621$851,000Columbia River Bank
5621$851,000First Independence Bank of Florida
5621$851,000Regions Bank
5621$851,000The First National Bank of Portland
5626$850,000First National Bank of Missouri City
5626$850,000The Community State Bank
5626$850,000Mercantile Bank of Pella
5626$850,000Community Bank of Tri-County
5630$849,000BNB Bank
5630$849,000First National Bank
5630$849,000Golden State Federal Savings Bank
5630$849,000State Financial Bank
5630$849,000The First National Bank in Cannon Falls
5635$848,000Allendale County Bank
5635$848,000City National Bank of Pittsburg
5635$848,000First National Bank
5635$848,000Galena State Bank & Trust Co.
5635$848,000Marshall National Bank and Trust Company
5635$848,000Mechanics' Savings Bank
5635$848,000MidFirst Bank
5642$847,000Bank of Hiawassee
5642$847,000AMCORE Bank, Central Wisconsin
5642$847,000Citizens Bank & Trust Company
5642$847,000Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Company
5642$847,000First Security Bank of Cary-Grove
5642$847,000Pioneer National Bank
5642$847,000The Bank of Elk River
5642$847,000Valley Bank Western, FSB
5650$846,000Brenton Savings Bank, FSB
5650$846,000Fifth Third Bank
5650$846,000Independence Bank
5650$846,000Lake Elmo Bank
5650$846,000South Central Bank, Inc.
5656$845,000Bergen Commercial Bank
5656$845,000Emprise Bank
5656$845,000First Federal Savings Bank
5656$845,000Premier Bank Minnesota
5656$845,000Williamstown Savings Bank
5661$844,000First National Bank & Trust Co. of Leavenworth
5661$844,000First National Bank in Mansfield
5661$844,000First State Bank
5661$844,000Mercantile Bank of Phelps County
5661$844,000Community Bank
5661$844,000The Exchange Bank
5661$844,000The Rock Springs National Bank
5668$843,000Bank One, West Virginia, Nicholas County, Inc.
5668$843,000Pittsburgh Savings Bank
5668$843,000Seminole Bank
5668$843,000Southwest Financial Bank and Trust Company
5668$843,000The Woodford Bank and Trust Company
5668$843,000United Community Bank
5674$842,000Central National Bank
5674$842,000Community First National Bank of Marshall
5674$842,000The City National Bank of Sulphur Springs
5674$842,000The First National Bank in Creston
5674$842,000The First National Bank of Dennison
5679$841,000Bank 10
5679$841,000Rock Savings Bank, Savings Association
5679$841,000The Cecilian Bank
5679$841,000The National Bank of Middlebury
5679$841,000The National Bank of North East
5679$841,000The State Bank of Faribault
5685$840,000Grant County Bank
5685$840,000Municipal Trust and Savings Bank
5685$840,000One Valley Bank of Ronceverte
5685$840,000The Peoples Bank
5685$840,000The Harbor Bank of Maryland
5685$840,000The State Bank of Jerseyville
5691$839,000American Bank of New Jersey
5691$839,000Arapahoe Bank and Trust
5691$839,000Citizens Bank & Trust Co.
5691$839,000Citizens Bank & Trust Co. of Jackson
5691$839,000Norwest Bank Minnesota West
5691$839,000FMB-Oceana Bank
5691$839,000Intercontinental National Bank
5691$839,000Natick Federal Savings Bank
5691$839,000Security Bank & Trust Company
5700$838,000Citizens Bank and Trust Company
5700$838,000First American Bank
5700$838,000First Bank Kansas
5700$838,000Graham Savings and Loan, SSB
5700$838,000Liberty Bank
5700$838,000Public Bank
5700$838,000The First National Bank of Park Falls
5700$838,000INSOUTH Bank of Covington
5708$837,000First Peoples Bank of Tennessee
5708$837,000Founders' Bank
5708$837,000Ranchers Banks
5708$837,000Carrollton Bank
5712$836,000Colony Bank Ashburn
5712$836,000Bank of Coronado
5712$836,000Community Bank
5712$836,000First National Bank of Platte County
5712$836,000Premier Community Bank of South Florida
5712$836,000Havelock Bank
5712$836,000Mercer Savings Bank
5712$836,000People's State Bank of Wyalusing, Pennsylvania
5712$836,000Texas Bank of Garland
5721$835,000Bank of Adairsville
5721$835,000Bank of LaPlace of St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana
5721$835,000City National Bank
5721$835,000Bremer Bank
5721$835,000Five Star Bank
5721$835,000SJS Federal Savings Bank
5727$834,000Benchmark Community Bank
5727$834,000Enterprise Federal Savings Bank
5727$834,000Security Pacific Bank
5727$834,000Hickory Point Bank and Trust, FSB
5727$834,000The Citizens First National Bank of Storm Lake
5727$834,000First Citizens State Bank
5734$833,000Bank of Charleston
5734$833,000Bank of the Eastern Shore
5734$833,000Chesapeake Bank of Maryland
5734$833,000Citizens Bank
5734$833,000Citizens Bank
5734$833,000Copiah Bank
5734$833,000First United National Bank
5734$833,000Mercantile Bank of Marshalltown
5734$833,000Lincoln Bank
5734$833,000State Bank of Caledonia
5734$833,000The Farmers Bank and Savings Company
5745$832,000Community First National Bank
5745$832,0001ST BANK
5745$832,000Peoples Bank of Commerce
5745$832,000Mercantile Bank of Conway County
5749$831,000Bank of Mecklenburg
5749$831,000BNC National Bank
5749$831,000Commercial State Bank of Bonner Springs
5749$831,000Mercantile Bank of Humboldt County
5749$831,000The Foxboro National Bank of Foxborough
5749$831,000United Missouri Bank of Monett
5755$830,000Bank One, West Virginia, Williamson
5755$830,000Emprise Bank
5755$830,000Unity Bank
5755$830,000Paramount Bank, F.S.B.
5755$830,000The First National Bank of Platteville
5760$829,000Bank & Trust Company
5760$829,000Bank of Upson
5760$829,000First Bank and Trust
5760$829,000National American Bank
5760$829,000HNB National Bank
5765$828,000American Trust & Savings Bank
5765$828,000Brentwood National Bank
5765$828,000Harbor Federal Savings Bank
5765$828,000Milton Federal Savings Bank
5765$828,000The Bank of Rancho Bernardo
5765$828,000The Ripley County Bank
5771$827,000Bank of the Commonwealth
5771$827,000Community Trust Bank
5771$827,000The Citizens Bank of Weston
5774$826,000Citizens Bank Minnesota
5774$826,000Houston National Bank
5774$826,000North Georgia National Bank
5774$826,000Sterling Bank
5778$825,000South Georgia Banking Company
5779$824,000Bank of Whitman
5779$824,000Citadel Federal Savings and Loan Association
5779$824,000First Bank of Georgia
5779$824,000First Bank of Huntingburg
5779$824,000Pavillion Bank
5779$824,000Riverside National Bank
5779$824,000SouthTrust Bank of Morgan County
5779$824,000The Atlanta National Bank
5779$824,000The Citizens Bank and Trust Company of Grayson County
5789$823,000Bank of Columbia
5789$823,000City Bank & Trust of Shreveport, Louisiana
5789$823,000First Community National Bank
5789$823,000First National Bank of Giddings
5789$823,000F & M Bank-Pulaski
5789$823,000The First National Bank of Beloit
5789$823,000The First National Bank of Hope
5789$823,000McCook National Bank
5789$823,000First Peoples Bank, Inc.
5789$823,000U.S. Trust Company of Texas
5800$822,000First National Bank of Clovis
5800$822,000The First National Bank of Manchester
5800$822,000Valley State Bank
5804$821,000East Penn Bank
5804$821,000Intrust Bank, Haysville
5804$821,000The Valley Bank of Illinois
5807$820,000Atlantic Liberty Savings, F.A.
5807$820,000Bank of West Memphis
5807$820,000Dunnellon State Bank
5807$820,000First Federal Savings Bank of North Texas
5807$820,000Flagship Bank FSB
5807$820,000Guaranty Bank and Trust Company
5807$820,000Pan American Bank
5807$820,000The Citizens Bank of Leeds
5815$819,000First Midwest Bank/Quad Cities
5815$819,000Community State Bank
5815$819,000Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri
5815$819,000First National Bank in DeRidder
5819$818,000First National Bank of Wyoming
5819$818,000Arrowhead Bank
5819$818,000Commonwealth Bank and Trust Company
5819$818,000Farmers & Merchants Bank
5819$818,000Home Federal Bank
5819$818,000Hyden Citizens Bank
5819$818,000Southwest Capital Bank
5819$818,000F&M Bank-Jefferson
5827$817,000Boatmen's River Valley Bank
5827$817,000Cumberland Bank
5827$817,000Dalton/Whitfield Bank & Trust
5827$817,000Busey Bank Florida
5827$817,000First State Bank
5827$817,000North Akron Savings Bank
5827$817,000MidFirst Bank
5827$817,000First National Community Bank
5835$816,000Bank of Abbeville & Trust Company
5835$816,000First National Bank of Louisiana
5835$816,000First National Bank, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
5835$816,000Guaranty Bank & Trust
5839$815,000American State Bank
5839$815,000Community First National Bank of Wahpeton
5839$815,000First State Bank
5839$815,000Northwest Bank of Rockford
5839$815,000The Scott County State Bank
5844$814,000Texas First Bank
5844$814,000Community State Bank
5844$814,000F & M Bank - Martinsburg
5844$814,000Texas Bank and Trust
5848$813,000United Community Bank
5848$813,000Community State Bank
5848$813,000First Bank of Berne
5848$813,000Geddes Federal Savings and Loan Association
5848$813,000Independent National Bank
5848$813,000Mountain National Bank
5848$813,000Phenix-Girard Bank
5848$813,000The Canaan National Bank
5848$813,000The Madison Bank
5848$813,000Valley Bank of Kalispell
5848$813,000West Essex Bank, FSB
5859$812,000Ameribank, Inc.
5859$812,000America California Bank
5859$812,000Clewiston National Bank
5859$812,000Golden Security Bank
5859$812,000State Bank & Trust Company
5859$812,000The Federal Savings Bank
5859$812,000New Tripoli Bank
5859$812,000Virginia Bank and Trust Company
5867$811,000Citizens Savings and Loan Association, FSB
5867$811,000Florida Bank
5867$811,000Spring Hill State Bank
5867$811,000The Central National Bank of Poteau
5871$810,000Alpine Bank, Basalt
5871$810,000American Chartered Bank
5871$810,000Bank of Northumberland, Incorporated
5871$810,000Texas Bank
5871$810,000The First State Bank
5876$809,000Community Bank, A FSB
5876$809,000MFC First National Bank
5876$809,000Community Bank, North Mississippi
5876$809,000Warren Bank and Trust Company
5880$808,000Bank of York
5880$808,000Commercial State Bank
5880$808,000Evergreen Federal Savings and Loan Association
5880$808,000George Washington Savings Bank
5880$808,000Pacific Bay Bank
5885$807,000Citizens Bank & Trust Company
5885$807,000First National Bank of Monticello
5885$807,000Homestead Bank, S.S.B.
5885$807,000M&I Fox Heights Bank
5885$807,000Millington Savings Bank
5885$807,000The National Iron Bank
5891$806,000First Federal Savings Bank of Kokomo
5891$806,000Home Bank
5891$806,000HomeStar Bank and Financial Services
5891$806,000Northwest National Bank of Arlington
5891$806,000Pacific State Bank
5891$806,000The Bank of Raleigh
5891$806,000First Community Bank
5891$806,000The First National Bank of Gordon
5899$805,000First United Bank
5899$805,000Georgia Bank & Trust
5899$805,000Hometown National Bank
5899$805,000United Community Bank North Georgia
5899$805,000The Pecos County State Bank
5899$805,000Commerce Bank
5899$805,000Tri-County Bank & Trust Company
5899$805,000Woodhaven National Bank
5907$804,000First Colonial Bank/Highwood
5907$804,000Bank of the Southwest
5907$804,000State Bank & Trust Company
5907$804,000Tri-Parish Bank
5911$803,000Colorado Springs Savings and Loan Association
5911$803,000First Capitol Bank
5911$803,000Schwegmann Bank and Trust Company
5911$803,000Harris Bank Westchester
5911$803,000The Bank of Commerce
5911$803,000First Financial Bank
5917$802,000Banco Popular, National Association (California)
5917$802,000North Shore Trust and Savings
5917$802,000The First National Bank of Russell Springs
5917$802,000United Bank
5921$801,000Bank of Arkansas, National Asssociation
5921$801,000Premier Bank-North
5921$801,000First Bank Financial Centre
5921$801,000Huntington State Bank
5921$801,000Marine Bank and Trust
5921$801,000The Bank of Romney
5927$800,000Alabama Exchange Bank
5927$800,000Bank of Dawson
5927$800,000CCB Savings Bank of Lenoir, Inc., SSB
5927$800,000Commercial National Bank of Dallas
5927$800,000First Brandon National Bank
5927$800,000First National Bank in Graham
5927$800,000The Peoples Bank of Maryland
5934$799,000Citizens Bank of Texas
5934$799,000CNB Bank and Trust, N.A.
5936$798,000First Citizens Bank
5936$798,000NorCen Bank
5936$798,000First National Bank
5936$798,000The Union Bank of Benton
5936$798,000Fortress Bank
5941$797,000First Community Bank
5941$797,000West Texas National Bank
5941$797,000ONB Bloomington
5941$797,000San Gabriel Valley Bank
5941$797,000First National Community Bank
5941$797,000First National Bank
5941$797,000The First Trust and Savings Bank of Watseka, Illinois
5948$796,000Bank Star One
5948$796,000Bankers Trust of Madison
5948$796,000Central Federal Savings and Loan Association
5948$796,000First National Bank of Central Alabama
5948$796,000FirstBank of Douglas County
5948$796,000Citizens Bank of Florida
5948$796,000Peoples Bank of the South
5948$796,000Valley National Bank
5956$795,000American Bank Burnsville
5956$795,000Marquette Bank New Prague
5956$795,000The First National Bank of Pandora
5956$795,000The Karnes County National Bank of Karnes City
5960$794,000Citizens First Financial Bank
5960$794,000Columbia Bank
5960$794,000Community First National Bank
5960$794,000Cross Keys Bank
5964$793,000American Bank Center
5964$793,000Anchor Bank
5964$793,000Selmer Bank & Trust Company
5964$793,000Archer Bank
5964$793,000The First State Bank and Trust Company of Manchester, Kentucky
5969$792,000Bank of Maysville
5969$792,000Wells Fargo Bank Ohio
5969$792,000Progressive State Bank
5969$792,000Spring Valley City Bank
5969$792,000The Bank of Newnan
5974$791,000Allegiant Bank
5974$791,000Farmers Bank and Trust Company, Princeton, Kentucky
5974$791,000Harris Bank Wilmette
5974$791,000M&I Bank of Dodgeville
5974$791,000The Horizon Bank of Virginia
5979$790,000Bay State Savings Bank
5979$790,000Citizens National Bank
5979$790,000Heritage Bank of Schaumburg
5979$790,000Prairie Security Bank
5979$790,000The James Polk Stone Community Bank
5984$789,000Bank of Wiggins
5984$789,000First Bank of Arkansas
5984$789,000First State Bank of Warren
5984$789,000First Bank of Beverly Hills
5984$789,000Liberty National Bank and Trust Company of Central Kentucky
5984$789,000Highlands Bank
5984$789,000Ponte Vedra National Bank
5984$789,000Summit State Bank
5992$788,000First National Bank of the Berkshires
5992$788,000Pilot Grove Savings Bank
5992$788,000Union Bank and Trust Company
5995$787,000Century Bank
5995$787,000Chemical Bank West
5995$787,000Citizens National Bank of Breckenridge
5995$787,000Farmers-Deposit Bank
5995$787,000Illinois-Service Federal Savings and Loan Association
5995$787,000American Bank of Texas
5995$787,000Republic Bank
5995$787,000Tallahassee State Bank
5995$787,000The First National Bank and Trust Co., Chickasha, Oklahoma
5995$787,000Trigg County Farmers Bank
5995$787,000Union Bank & Trust Company
6006$786,000Citizens Bank and Trust Company
6006$786,000Exchange National Bank of Moore
6006$786,000First National Bank
6006$786,000Georgia National Bank
6006$786,000Kentucky Banking Centers, Inc.
6011$785,000American Bank
6011$785,000Citizens Bank & Trust Company
6011$785,000First Capital Bank
6011$785,000First Citizens State Bank
6011$785,000First Northwestern Bank
6011$785,000Firstar Bank Red Oak
6011$785,000Heritage National Bank
6011$785,000SUNWEST Bank of Sandoval County
6011$785,000Peoples State Bank
6011$785,000The New Washington State Bank
6021$784,000Farmers & Merchants Bank
6021$784,000First Bank of Grants
6021$784,000First Colony Bank
6021$784,000Jefferson Bank of New Jersey
6021$784,000The First National Bank of Denver
6021$784,000The First National Bank of Monterey
6021$784,000The First National Bank of Oneida
6021$784,000The First National Bank of Talladega
6029$783,000Canyon Creek National Bank
6029$783,000Central Bank
6029$783,000Security Bank Minnesota
6029$783,000The Castalia Banking Company
6033$782,000Bank of Colorado - Western Slope
6033$782,000Brenton Bank and Trust Company
6033$782,000First Savings Bank
6033$782,000Grand Bank of Texas
6033$782,000North State National Bank
6038$781,000Central Bank & Trust
6038$781,000Clinton State Bank
6038$781,000F & M Bank/Central Virginia
6038$781,000Inez Deposit Bank
6038$781,000Jourdanton State Bank
6038$781,000Tri-County State Bank of Eldorado Springs
6038$781,000UMB Citizens Bank and Trust Company
6045$780,000FirstBank of Cherry Creek
6045$780,000The First National Bank of Hughes Springs
6047$779,000Bank of Huntingdon
6047$779,000Bank of Ripley
6047$779,000Community First National Bank
6047$779,000FirstBank Shinnston
6047$779,000Heritage Co-operative Bank
6047$779,000INSOUTH Bank of Shelby County
6047$779,000The Geo. D. Warthen Bank
6054$778,000Brenton Bank of Palo Alto County
6054$778,000Carroll County State Bank
6054$778,000Stockman Bank
6054$778,000Heart of Illinois Bank, F.S.B.
6054$778,000Iowa Savings Bank
6054$778,000Mills County State Bank
6054$778,000The Capon Valley Bank
6061$777,000The State Bank of Texas
6061$777,000BREMER BANK
6061$777,000First Bank
6061$777,000Platte Valley Bank
6061$777,000Bay First Bank.
6061$777,000First State Bank
6061$777,000BankPacific, Ltd
6061$777,000Haddon Savings Bank
6061$777,000Iowa State Bank and Trust Company of Fairfield, Iowa
6061$777,000Security National Bank
6061$777,000Stockmans Bank
6061$777,000Cardinal Bank-Potomac
6061$777,000Twin Rivers Community Bank
6074$776,000First Community Bank of Palm Beach County
6074$776,000Equality Savings Bank
6074$776,000MidSouth Bank
6074$776,000West Pointe Bank and Trust Company
6074$776,000West Side National Bank of Pearland
6079$775,000Alpine Bank, Snowmass Village
6079$775,000Community Mutual Savings Bank
6079$775,000First Citizens Bank
6079$775,000First National Bank
6079$775,000Lincoln FSB of Nebraska
6079$775,000First Bank of California
6085$774,000Citizens First National Bank
6085$774,000AmBank Illinois
6087$773,000Du Quoin National Bank
6087$773,000Kansas State Bank
6087$773,000Sooner State Bank
6087$773,000The City National Bank of Sylacauga
6087$773,000Walworth State Bank
6087$773,000Weymouth Bank
6087$773,000Woodland Bank
6094$772,000Baltimore County Savings Bank
6094$772,000Bank of Travelers Rest
6094$772,000Centerpoint Bank
6094$772,000Farmers Union Bank
6094$772,000Mauch Chunk Trust Company
6094$772,000The Bank of Kentucky, Inc.
6100$771,000Citizens Bank & Trust
6100$771,000Columbus FSB
6100$771,000United Fidelity Bank, fsb
6100$771,000Associated Bank Reedsburg
6100$771,000Jackson Federal Bank
6100$771,000First Federal Savings Bank of Champaign Urbana
6100$771,000North Milwaukee State Bank
6100$771,000Norwest Bank Rushville
6100$771,000The First National Bank of Eagle Lake
6100$771,000The First National Bank of Hartford
6110$770,000Bridge City State Bank
6110$770,000First American Bank
6110$770,000First Colonial Bank Southwest
6110$770,000Frontier State Bank
6110$770,000Mesquite National Bank
6110$770,000Great Western Bank
6116$769,000Southern Exchange Bank
6116$769,000Oconee Federal Savings and Loan Association
6116$769,000Reliance Bank of Florida
6116$769,000Valley Bank of Helena
6120$768,000Bank Midwest, Minnesota Iowa
6120$768,000Citizens Bank and Trust Company of Grainger County
6120$768,000Country Bank
6120$768,000Huron Community Bank
6120$768,000The Claxton Bank
6120$768,000The Farmers Savings Bank
6126$767,000American Fidelity Bank and Trust Company
6126$767,000The Jefferson Banking Company
6126$767,000Gibraltar Bank
6126$767,000The Farmers and Merchants Bank
6130$766,000Ashville Savings Bank
6130$766,000Bank of Carroll
6130$766,000Butte Community Bank
6130$766,000Indiana First Savings Bank
6130$766,000First Gwinnett Bank
6130$766,000Norwest Bank Dillon
6130$766,000Regent Bank
6130$766,000Baylake Bank
6130$766,000The First National Bank in Trinidad
6130$766,000The Salyersville National Bank
6140$765,000Greater Chicago Bank
6140$765,000First Security Bank and Trust Company
6140$765,000Merchants & Planters' Bank
6140$765,000Mitchell Bank
6140$765,000State Street Bank and Trust Company
6140$765,000The Sabina Bank
6140$765,000Vidalia Federal Savings Bank
6140$765,000Western Security Bank
6148$764,000Blue Ridge Bank
6148$764,00021st Century Bank
6148$764,000LINN COUNTY BANK
6148$764,000Citizens South Bank
6148$764,000Lexington State Bank and Trust Co.
6148$764,000The Progressive Bank
6148$764,000The City State Bank of Palacios
6155$763,000East County Bank
6155$763,000Home Federal Bank Corporation
6155$763,000The City National Bank of Fulton
6155$763,000Valley Bank
6159$762,000Cornerstone Bank
6159$762,000Clarke County State Bank
6159$762,000Cross County Bank
6159$762,000Farmers & Merchants State Bank
6159$762,000Community Bank
6159$762,000Fowler State Bank
6159$762,000Jupiter-Tequesta National Bank
6159$762,000Summit Bank
6159$762,000The Bank of Fruitland
6159$762,000Old Second Bank-Yorkville
6170$761,000F&M Bank
6170$761,000First Continental Bank of Grand Prairie
6170$761,000First State Bank
6170$761,000First State Bank of Florida
6174$760,000Community Bank & Trust Co.
6174$760,000Economy Savings Association
6174$760,000Norwest Bank Bluffton
6174$760,000Powell County Bank
6174$760,000Unison Bank
6174$760,000The Community Bank
6174$760,000The First National Bank, Oelwein
6181$759,000Bank of Eastman
6181$759,000Fidelity State Bank and Trust Company
6181$759,000West Coast Guaranty Bank
6181$759,000North Side State Bank of Rock Springs
6181$759,000The Cowlitz Bank
6181$759,000Union National Bank and Trust Company of Elgin
6187$758,000Aurora Bank FSB
6187$758,000First State Bank of Burnet
6187$758,000Highland Federal Savings Bank
6187$758,000Harris Bank Marengo
6187$758,000Summit Federal Savings Bank
6187$758,000Bank of Ferrum
6193$757,000Bank of Loudoun
6193$757,000Dairy State Bank
6193$757,000DMB Community Bank
6193$757,000Farmers and Merchants Bank
6193$757,000First Bank
6193$757,000First Financial Bank of Southeast Missouri
6193$757,000First State Bank Central Texas
6193$757,000The Farmers Bank
6201$756,000Amerasia Bank
6201$756,000First Colonial Bank of Downers Grove
6201$756,000Ameristate Bank
6204$755,000Acadian Bank
6204$755,000Brenton State Bank of Jefferson
6204$755,000City National Bank
6204$755,000Community Bank of Parker
6204$755,000Spring Hill Savings Bank, FSB
6204$755,000Norwest Bank International Falls
6204$755,000The Pennsylvania Capital Bank
6211$754,000Bank of Pullman
6211$754,000Advanta Bank Corp.
6211$754,000Texstar National Bank
6211$754,000Exchange Bank and Trust Company
6211$754,000F&M Bank-Massanutten
6211$754,000Metuchen Savings Bank
6217$753,000Austin County State Bank
6217$753,000Cypress Bank
6217$753,000Golden City Commercial Bank
6217$753,000Lake Forest Bank and Trust Company
6217$753,000Middle Georgia Bank
6217$753,000Northmark Bank
6217$753,000First National Bank of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky
6217$753,000The First State Bank and Trust Company
6226$752,000Augusta Federal Savings Bank
6226$752,000Bank of McCrory
6226$752,000Bank of Stephenson
6226$752,000Chemical Bank Central
6226$752,000Citizens Deposit Bank & Trust
6226$752,000City State Bank
6226$752,000First Scotland Bank
6226$752,000The Union National Bank of Mount Carmel
6226$752,000Wells Fargo Bank New Mexico
6226$752,000Wesbanco Bank Parkersburg
6236$751,000Central National Bank-Newton
6236$751,000Citizens Bank & Trust of Kansas City
6236$751,000Alliance Bank
6236$751,000First Federal Bank
6236$751,000First National Bank of the Lakes
6236$751,000The Citizens Bank
6236$751,000Arvest Bank
6243$750,000Bank of the Federated States of Micronesia
6243$750,000Citizens State Bank of Roseau
6243$750,000Community Bank and Trust of Southeast Alabama
6243$750,000First Texas Bank - Hitchcock
6243$750,000Home Federal Savings Bank of New Mexico
6243$750,000Norwest Bank Hudson
6243$750,000Peoples Bank and Trust
6243$750,000Traders Bank
6251$749,000Security Bank, Madison, South Dakota
6251$749,000The Bradford National Bank of Greenville
6253$748,000Benton Banking Company
6253$748,000South East Missouri Bank
6253$748,000First Financial Bank
6253$748,000The Bank of Van Zandt
6253$748,000The First National Bank of Guymon
6258$747,000Bradley Bank
6258$747,000First Central State Bank
6258$747,000Patterson State Bank
6258$747,000MainSource Bank - Ohio
6258$747,000First Community Bank of The South
6258$747,000The State National Bank of Marlow
6258$747,000Union Savings Bank
6258$747,000Warren County Brenton Bank and Trust
6266$746,000Bank of Amador
6266$746,000Burlington County Bank
6266$746,000Sterling Bank
6266$746,000Peoples Exchange Bank
6270$745,000Charter Bank
6270$745,000Citizens Bank & Trust Company
6270$745,000Commerce Bank
6270$745,000Farmers National Bank
6270$745,000First Chicago Bank & Trust
6270$745,000M&I Bank of Onalaska
6270$745,000The Centennial Bank
6270$745,000San Antonio National Bank
6270$745,000First State Bank
6270$745,000Union Planters Bank of the Tennessee Delta
6270$745,000Workingmens Federal Savings Bank
6281$744,000First National Bank of Tullahoma
6281$744,000The First National Bank and Trust Company of Miami
6283$743,000Dacotah Bank
6283$743,000First National Bank
6283$743,000F&M Bank - Highlands
6283$743,000Omni National Bank
6287$742,000Fulton Bank
6287$742,000Kingfisher Bank and Trust Co.
6289$741,000First National Bank of Picayune
6289$741,000Community West Bank
6289$741,000Liberty FSB
6289$741,000Marquette Capital Bank
6289$741,000Washington First International Bank
6294$740,000Bank of Northern Virginia
6294$740,000Community First National Bank
6294$740,000First Bank & Trust Company
6294$740,000The First National Bank of Beeville
6298$739,000First National Bank of Brookfield
6298$739,000Hebron Deposit Bank
6298$739,000Hillcrest Bank
6298$739,000Iuka Guaranty Bank
6298$739,000Kennett National Bank
6298$739,000The Farmers Bank of Appomattox
6298$739,000Norwest Bank Texas, Canyon
6298$739,000Peoples Bank
6298$739,000The Peoples National Bank of New Lexington
6298$739,000The Valley National Bank
6308$738,000Community State Bank of Orbisonia
6308$738,000Gotham Bank of New York
6308$738,000Kentland Bank
6308$738,000Mid Valley Bank
6308$738,000Nueces National Bank
6308$738,000The Commercial Bank of Demopolis
6308$738,000The First National Bank of Wellston
6308$738,000The Union Savings Bank
6316$737,000Bank of Villa Rica
6316$737,000First Federal Savings Bank of Iowa
6316$737,000United Bank Texas
6316$737,000Park Midway Bank
6316$737,000State Bank of South Orange
6316$737,000Community First National Bank
6316$737,000The First National Bank of Highland
6316$737,000The First National Bank of Trinity
6316$737,000United Pacific Bank
6316$737,000Valley National Bank of Cortez
6316$737,000Zapata National Bank
6327$736,000American Bank & Trust Company
6327$736,000American Bank of Pryor
6327$736,000CommunityFIRST Bank
6327$736,000First State Bank and Trust Company
6331$735,000Bank of Dade
6331$735,000First Federal Savings Bank
6331$735,000First State Bank
6331$735,000Guardian Savings Bank, A Federal Savings Bank
6331$735,000Mercantile Bank of Maquoketa
6331$735,000The First National Bank of Layton
6337$734,000Dacotah Bank
6337$734,000Farmers & Merchants Bank
6337$734,000Bremer Bank
6337$734,000First Federal Savings Bank of Frankfort
6337$734,000Norwest Bank Texas, Borger
6337$734,000First United Bank
6337$734,000Liberty Bank and Trust
6337$734,000The Clyde Savings Bank Company
6337$734,000The Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Nashville
6346$733,000S & C Bank
6346$733,000Carolina State Bank
6346$733,000Citizens Bank of Ada
6346$733,000Regions Bank
6346$733,000The First National Bank of Carmi
6351$732,000Chester National Bank
6351$732,000First Savings and Loan Association of South Holland
6351$732,000Independence Bank
6351$732,000Martinsburg Bank and Trust
6351$732,000Stanley Bank
6351$732,000The First National Bank - Fox Valley
6357$731,000Blue Ridge Bank
6357$731,000Boatmen's Bank of Marshall
6357$731,000Citizens State Bank of Ballard County
6357$731,000Franklin State Bank & Trust Company
6357$731,000Morris Bank
6357$731,000Peoples Bank of Kentucky, Inc.
6357$731,000Washington State Bank
6364$730,000First National Bank
6364$730,000First Savings Bank, F.S.B.
6364$730,000Keller State Bank
6364$730,000Mechanics' Co-operative Bank
6364$730,000First Merchants Bank of Central Indiana
6364$730,000United Bank & Trust
6370$729,000Farmers State Bank of Western Illinois
6370$729,000Grayson National Bank
6370$729,000Irvine City Bank, FSB
6370$729,000Kings River State Bank
6370$729,000The Delaware National Bank of Delhi
6370$729,000The First National Bank of Fairbury
6370$729,000Norwest Bank Texas, Tulia
6370$729,000Tustin Community Bank
6378$728,000First Western Bank
6378$728,000Citizens National Bank, N.A.
6378$728,000First State Bank
6378$728,000M&I New Holstein Bank
6378$728,000Oxford Bank
6383$727,000Fidelity National Bank
6383$727,000First Colonial Bank/Northlake
6383$727,000First National Bank in Osceola
6383$727,000Ipswich Co-operative Bank
6383$727,000McGehee Bank
6388$726,000Gateway Bank, F.S.B.
6388$726,000Los Robles Bank
6388$726,000The John Warner Bank
6391$725,000Citizens National Bank and Trust Company
6391$725,000First Columbus Community Bank & Trust Company
6391$725,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association
6391$725,000Midwest Guaranty Bank
6391$725,000Commerce Bank
6391$725,000Trade National Bank
6391$725,000Windsor Federal Savings and Loan Association
6398$724,000Bank of Edmonson County
6398$724,000Capital Bank & Trust Company of Clayton
6398$724,000Citizens' State Bank
6398$724,000Northern State Bank
6398$724,000Provident State Bank, Inc.
6398$724,000Shelby County State Bank
6398$724,000Security First Bank
6405$723,000Citizens National Bank
6405$723,000F & M Bank-West Virginia, Inc.
6405$723,000Farmers Deposit Bank
6405$723,000The Bank of Landisburg
6405$723,000The Burkburnett Bank
6410$722,000Citizens Alliance Bank
6410$722,000Firstar Bank Wisconsin
6410$722,000ISB Community Bank
6410$722,000Northeast National Bank
6410$722,000Plaquemine Bank & Trust Company
6410$722,000Security National Bank of Superior
6410$722,000The Miners and Mechanics Savings and Trust Company
6417$721,000American National Bank of Duncan
6417$721,000First Citizens Bank
6417$721,000Suburban Bank & Trust Company
6417$721,000Heritage Bank
6417$721,000The Citizens National Bank
6417$721,000Western National Bank
6423$720,000First State Bank and Trust Company, Inc.
6423$720,0001st Centennial Bank
6425$719,000American State Bank
6425$719,000Arthur State Bank
6425$719,000First Commerce Savings, Inc.
6425$719,000FMB-Reed City Bank
6425$719,000Peoples Commercial Bank
6425$719,000The First National Bank
6425$719,000United Federal Savings Bank of Vincennes
6432$718,000Columbus Bank and Trust Company
6432$718,000Family Bank FSB
6432$718,000The Bank of Spalding County
6432$718,000The Peoples National Bank
6436$717,000Chemical Bank South
6436$717,000National Bank of Petersburg
6436$717,000Texas National Bank
6436$717,000Arcola First Bank
6436$717,000The First National Bank of Jackson
6442$716,000First National Bank of Burleson
6442$716,000First Security Business Bank
6442$716,000Merchant Bank of Florida
6442$716,000The Harvard State Bank
6442$716,000The National Bank of Texas at Fort Worth
6442$716,000Valley Bank of Commerce
6448$715,000Bank of Sumner
6448$715,000Olympian Bank
6448$715,000Prime Bank of Central Florida
6448$715,000St. Edmond's Federal Savings Bank
6448$715,000First National Bank
6448$715,000Union Bank
6454$714,000American National Bank and Trust
6454$714,000Bank of Geneva
6454$714,000Citizens State Bank
6454$714,000Quoin Financial Bank
6454$714,000Grafton State Bank
6454$714,000The Lyons National Bank
6460$713,000Bank of Coushatta
6460$713,000Kentucky Trust Bank
6460$713,000Freedom Bank, Inc.
6460$713,000Crosby State Bank
6460$713,000First Bank of Boaz
6460$713,000First National Bank in Port Lavaca
6460$713,000American Heritage National Bank
6460$713,000First National Bank of Sulphur Springs
6460$713,000The Irving Bank
6460$713,000The Union Bank Company
6460$713,000Norwest Bank Ignacio
6471$712,000First Kentucky Bank
6471$712,000First Community Bank
6471$712,000First Investors Federal Savings Bank
6471$712,000First National Bank of Chadron
6471$712,000First National Bank of Pickens County
6471$712,000Clayton Bank and Trust
6471$712,000FirstAmerican Bank
6471$712,000Klickitat Valley Bank
6471$712,000Leitchfield Deposit Bank & Trust Company
6471$712,000The First National Bank of Nashville
6481$711,000Bank One, West Virginia, Lincoln
6481$711,000Central State Bank
6481$711,000Commerce Bank
6481$711,000Metcalf Bank
6481$711,000Marine National Bank of Jacksonville
6481$711,000Mt. Rainier National Bank
6481$711,000The Oaks Bank & Trust Company
6481$711,000United Bank and Trust Company
6490$710,000Farmers State Bank
6490$710,000Geneva State Bank
6490$710,000Mansfield Bank and Trust Company
6490$710,000Morrilton Security Bank
6490$710,000The Bank of North Arkansas
6490$710,000The First National Bank of Tuckahoe
6490$710,000Wayne County Bank
6497$709,000First Commercial Bank of Philadelphia
6497$709,000First State Bank and Trust
6497$709,000Liberty National Bank of Shelbyville
6497$709,000Mercantile Bank of Southeast Missouri
6497$709,000Palmetto State Bank
6497$709,000The Citizens National Bank of Slatington
6497$709,000The Grant County Bank
6497$709,000Town and Country Bank
6505$708,000First Minnetonka City Bank
6505$708,000Greensboro National Bank
6505$708,000Lee Bank and Trust Company
6505$708,000Mountain West Bank
6505$708,000Security Bank and Trust Company
6505$708,000The Comanche National Bank
6505$708,000Marion Center Bank
6512$707,000First Carolina Federal Savings Bank
6512$707,000Marion County State Bank
6512$707,000Northwestern Savings Bank, F.S.B.
6512$707,000Spivey State Bank
6512$707,000Winnsboro Bank and Trust
6517$706,000Bank of the Pacific
6517$706,000Central Bank of Kansas City
6517$706,000Decatur State Bank
6517$706,000Farmers State Bank
6517$706,000First Bank of Montana
6517$706,000Pioneer Bank
6517$706,000Western Bank, Artesia, New Mexico
6524$705,000First Midwest Bank of Dexter
6524$705,000State Bank of Oxford
6524$705,000Peoples Bank
6527$704,000Home State Bank
6527$704,000The Peoples Bank of Elkton
6527$704,000ShoreBank, Pacific
6530$703,000Atlantic Bank
6530$703,000First Parke State Bank
6530$703,000Magnolia State Bank
6530$703,000The First National Bank of McConnellsburg
6530$703,000The First National Bank of Plainview
6530$703,000The Luzerne Bank
6530$703,000VIST Bank
6530$703,000The Sunshine Bank of Wheeling, Inc.
6538$702,000American State Bank
6538$702,000Union Planters Bank of Southeast Missouri
6538$702,000ANZ Guam, Inc.
6538$702,000Clinton State Bank
6538$702,000FMB-Maynard Allen Bank
6538$702,000Liberty Bank
6538$702,000Peoples Bank and Trust Company
6538$702,000Polonia Bank
6538$702,000Richland County Bank
6538$702,000The Bank of Oceana
6538$702,000The Citizens Bank of Macclenny
6538$702,000The First National Bank of Bagley
6538$702,000BankFirst Financial Services
6538$702,000Old National Bank
6538$702,000Tuscola National Bank
6553$701,000Canton Federal Savings and Loan Association
6553$701,000CSB Bank
6553$701,000Chemical Bank North
6553$701,000First National Bank of Pasco
6553$701,000First State Bank
6553$701,000First Washington State Bank
6553$701,000Iowa State Savings Bank
6553$701,000The Converse County Bank
6561$700,000Bank of Greensburg
6561$700,000Bank of South Dakota
6561$700,000Century Bank Broadmoor/Skyway
6561$700,000Community Bank
6561$700,000Tarrytowns Bank, FSB
6561$700,000The First Bank of Baldwin
6561$700,000The First National Bank of Mertzon
6561$700,000Ontario National Bank
6561$700,000Provident Community Bank
6570$699,000Bank of Cleveland
6570$699,000Citizens Bank of Southern Indiana
6570$699,000Community Bank of the Islands
6570$699,000FirstBank of Littleton
6570$699,000Border Capital Bank
6570$699,000Metter Banking Company
6570$699,000Peoples Bank
6570$699,000State Bank of Chittenango
6570$699,000The First National Bank of West Union
6570$699,000Union Federal Savings and Loan Association
6580$698,000M&I Community First Bank
6580$698,000The Bank of La Fayette, Georgia
6580$698,000F&M Bank-Emporia
6580$698,000Traders National Bank
6584$697,000Colonial Banking Company
6584$697,000County Bank
6584$697,000Chrisman-Sawyer Bank
6584$697,000Guaranty State Bank
6584$697,000MFC First National Bank
6584$697,000Premium Bank
6584$697,000Sterling Bank & Trust Co.
6584$697,000Colorado Community First National Bank
6592$696,000Sage Capital Bank
6592$696,000Sears National Bank
6592$696,000Broadway Bank
6592$696,000FirstBank of Breckenridge
6592$696,000Mountain Bank
6592$696,000Delaware First Bank, F.S.B.
6592$696,000Northwest Community Bank
6599$695,000Bank of Western Indiana
6599$695,000Commercial Bank of Oak Grove, Mo.
6599$695,000First Option Bank
6599$695,000Metro Savings Bank, FSB
6599$695,000The First National Bank of Dwight
6599$695,000The Muncy Bank and Trust Company
6599$695,000The Spring Grove National Bank
6599$695,000The Sycamore National Bank
6607$694,000Concord Bank
6607$694,000Forward Financial Bank SSB
6607$694,000Mercantile Bank of St. Louis
6607$694,000Newton Federal Bank
6607$694,000Planters & Merchants State Bank
6607$694,000FMB-Old State Bank
6607$694,000UMB Bank, North Central
6614$693,000Bank of Luxemburg
6614$693,000Citizens State Bank and Trust Co., Ellsworth, Kansas
6614$693,000Legacy Bank
6614$693,000Oklahoma Bank and Trust Company
6614$693,000River Valley Bank and Trust
6614$693,000Southtrust Bank of Decatur
6621$692,000Century Savings Bank
6621$692,000First Colonial Bank of Lake County
6621$692,000First Community Bank
6621$692,000First National Bank in Mena
6621$692,000First National Bank, Cortez
6621$692,000First United Bank
6621$692,000Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of Nebraska
6621$692,000South Coastal Bank
6621$692,000The Express Bank
6630$691,000Bank of Dadeville
6630$691,000Oregon Pacific Banking Company dba Oregon Pacific Bank
6630$691,000Southern Heritage Savings Bank
6630$691,000The Midland National Bank of Newton
6630$691,000Valley Savings Bank, FSB
6635$690,000American Bank
6635$690,000Mercantile Bank of Henry County
6635$690,000Heritage Federal Bank
6635$690,000Mountain Parks Bank - West
6635$690,000Oswego Community Bank
6635$690,000Peoples State Bank of Hallettsville
6635$690,000Pulaski Savings Bank
6635$690,000The City National Bank and Trust Company of Guymon
6643$689,000Community Bank of Northern Virginia
6643$689,000Farmers and Dealers Bank
6643$689,000First Bank & Trust Co.
6643$689,000Madison Bank of Maryland
6647$688,000First American Bank of Kankakee
6647$688,000First State Bank
6647$688,000Richland Bank & Trust
6647$688,000State Bank
6647$688,000The First National Bank of Mifflintown
6647$688,000The First National Bank of Milaca
6647$688,000The Peoples Bank
6655$687,000Bank of Whittier
6655$687,000Range Bank
6655$687,000Union Bank and Trust Company
6658$686,000American Savings, FSB
6658$686,000Bank of the West
6658$686,000Charter Bank and Trust
6658$686,000First Bank of Muleshoe
6658$686,000Incommons Bank, N.A.
6658$686,000Guaranty Bank
6658$686,000Missouri State Bank and Trust Company
6658$686,000Peoples National Bank of Kewanee
6658$686,000Security Savings Association of Hazleton
6658$686,000Western Bank of Clovis
6668$685,000Bank of Texas
6668$685,000Community Federal Savings Bank
6668$685,000Elgin Bank of Texas
6668$685,000First Colonial Bank/Mundelein
6668$685,000Peninsula Bank
6673$684,000Century South Bank of the Coastal Region
6673$684,000Farmers State Bank
6673$684,000Peoples State Bank of Commerce
6673$684,000Hastings State Bank
6673$684,000Kentucky Bank & Trust
6673$684,000COMPASS BANK-CO
6673$684,000Prestige Bank, A Federal Savings Bank
6673$684,000Republic Bank, Inc.
6673$684,000Voyager Bank
6682$683,000Bank of Prairie du Sac
6682$683,000Belgrade State Bank
6682$683,000First Arizona Savings, A FSB
6682$683,000First National Bank of Grady County
6682$683,000Marquette Bank Coon Rapids
6682$683,000Minnwest Bank Luverne
6682$683,000Fleetwood Bank
6682$683,000The First National Bank of La Feria
6682$683,000The Vernon Bank
6691$682,000Amity Federal Bank for Savings
6691$682,000First National Bank of Waterloo
6691$682,000Kaplan State Bank
6691$682,000First Security Bank of Nevada
6691$682,000Bank Name Not Available
6691$682,000Prior Lake State Bank
6697$681,000Bank of Commerce
6697$681,000BPD Bank
6697$681,000Citizens Guaranty Bank
6697$681,000Falcon International Bank
6697$681,000Union Planters Bank of South Central Tennessee
6697$681,000First National Bank of Onaga
6697$681,000Valley Bank
6697$681,000The Warrington Bank
6705$680,000Amfirst Bank
6705$680,000Federal Savings Bank
6705$680,000Bank of Ventura
6705$680,000Firstbanc Savings of Texas
6705$680,000Fort Madison Bank & Trust Co.
6705$680,000MidWestOne Bank
6705$680,000SCB Bank
6705$680,000The First National Bank of Little Falls
6705$680,000The Idabel National Bank
6714$679,000Bank of Morton
6714$679,000Bank Name Not Available
6714$679,000First Western National Bank
6714$679,000Heritage Bank
6714$679,000The Bank of Fincastle
6714$679,000The Citizens Bank of Winfield
6714$679,000The First Bank
6714$679,000The First National Bank of Mount Vernon
6722$678,000Bank of Fall River, a Co-operative Bank
6722$678,000Bank of Willits
6722$678,000Elmore County Bank
6722$678,000Exchange Bank and Trust Company, Natchitoches, Louisiana
6722$678,000Peotone Bank and Trust Company
6722$678,000The Navarre Deposit Bank Company
6728$677,000Liberty Bank of Arkansas
6728$677,000Bank of Idaho
6728$677,000First National Bank of Chaves County
6728$677,000First Commerce Bank of Polk County
6728$677,000Georgetown Savings Bank
6728$677,000Holmes County Bank & Trust Company
6728$677,000Nekoosa Port Edwards State Bank
6728$677,000Peoples State Bank
6728$677,000Security Bank
6728$677,000Sun Capital Bank
6728$677,000The Citizens Bank of Edina
6728$677,000The Citizens' National Bank of Ashland
6728$677,000The Nicollet County Bank of Saint Peter
6728$677,000The Westwood Homestead Savings Bank
6742$676,000Community First Bank
6742$676,000First Metro Bank
6742$676,000First Tennessee Bank National Association Mississippi
6742$676,000Sequoia National Bank
6742$676,000The First State Bank of Arcadia
6747$675,000Bank of North Georgia
6747$675,000Drummond Community Bank
6747$675,000Earlham Savings Bank
6747$675,000RiverWood Bank
6747$675,000Mercantile Bank of Centerville
6747$675,000Langham Creek National Bank
6747$675,000Meigs County Bank
6747$675,000Mercantile Bank of Table Rock Lake
6747$675,000Peoples State Bank & Trust
6756$674,000Bank of Ripley
6756$674,000ESB Financial
6756$674,000Farmers Bank
6756$674,000M&I National Bank of Neillsville
6756$674,000Mountain National Bank
6756$674,000Saint Casimir's Savings Bank
6756$674,000The Hicksville Bank
6764$673,000Colorado Community First State Bank - Co
6764$673,000Community Bank of Plano
6764$673,000First Community Bank
6764$673,000First Louisiana National Bank
6764$673,000Hemlock Federal Bank for Savings
6764$673,000Macon Bank and Trust Company
6764$673,000Northwest Savings Bank
6764$673,000Prosperity Bank
6764$673,000The Citizens Bank
6764$673,000Tifton Bank & Trust Company
6764$673,000Whitesville State Bank
6775$672,000Amerika Samoa Bank
6775$672,000De Witt Bank & Trust Co.
6775$672,000Dean Co-operative Bank
6775$672,000Edmonton State Bank
6775$672,000F & M Bank - Winnebago County
6775$672,000Heartland Bank
6775$672,000M&I Lake Country National Bank
6775$672,000Merced Bank of Commerce
6775$672,000Ocala National Bank
6775$672,000Harris Bank Oakbrook Terrace
6775$672,000The Bank of Charlotte County
6775$672,000The First National Bank of Grayson
6775$672,000Norwest Bank Texas, Post
6775$672,000First Western Bank
6789$671,000First Federal Bank
6789$671,000Greenfield Co-operative Bank
6789$671,000Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
6789$671,000Resource Bank
6789$671,000United Nebraska Bank
6794$670,000First Bank of Ohio
6794$670,000First National Bank
6794$670,000First State Bank and Trust
6794$670,000Manhattan National Bank
6794$670,000Planters Bank & Trust Company
6794$670,000Summit National Bank
6794$670,000First Financial Bank
6801$669,000Security Savings Bank
6801$669,000The First National Bank and Trust Company of Junction City, Kansas
6801$669,000Honor Bank
6801$669,000The Lemont National Bank
6801$669,000Williamstown Bank, Inc.
6806$668,000Boatmen's Bank of Troy
6806$668,000Chelsea Bank
6806$668,000Macktown State Bank
6806$668,000The Bank of Holly Springs
6810$667,000The Bank of Delmarva
6810$667,000Jersey State Bank
6810$667,000Kingston National Bank
6810$667,000Ozark Bank
6810$667,000Peru Federal Savings Bank
6810$667,000Seaboard Savings Bank, FSB
6810$667,000United Valley Bank
6817$666,000Dakota State Bank
6817$666,000First New Mexico Bank
6817$666,000Glenwood State Bank
6817$666,000Rockwood Bank
6817$666,000Security State Bank
6817$666,000The Bank of Toccoa
6824$665,000First Southern National Bank of Wayne County
6824$665,000Gering State Bank and Trust Company
6824$665,000MainSource Bank - Hobart
6824$665,000Iowa Trust and Savings Bank
6824$665,000Minnesota State Bank
6824$665,000Minnstar Bank
6824$665,000The First National Bank of Sonora
6824$665,000The Home Bank
6824$665,000Whisperwood National Bank
6833$664,000Ambler Savings Bank
6833$664,000American State Bank
6833$664,000Chisholm Trail State Bank
6833$664,000Mercantile Bank of Sikeston
6833$664,000The First National Bank of Manchester
6838$663,000Bank of Ste. Genevieve
6838$663,000Citizen's Bank
6838$663,000Citizens' Bank
6838$663,000County Bank of Chesterfield
6838$663,000Farmers and Merchants Bank
6838$663,000Home Federal Savings and Loan Association
6838$663,000Marion State Bank
6838$663,000Bank of the Ozarks
6838$663,000The Berea National Bank
6838$663,000The Farmers State Bank of Union City
6838$663,000NBRS Financial
6838$663,000United Prairie Bank
6851$662,000American Bank
6851$662,000Bridge View Bank
6851$662,000Norwest Bank Cloquet
6851$662,000Gloversville Federal Savings and Loan Association
6851$662,000Logan Bank & Trust Company
6851$662,000Diamond Bank
6851$662,000The Anna -Jonesboro National Bank
6851$662,000Security Financial Bank
6859$661,000First Community Bank of America
6859$661,000First & Farmers Bank, Inc.
6859$661,000Community Bank & Trust - Jackson
6859$661,000Grants State Bank
6859$661,000Merchants Bank of Alabama
6859$661,000North Plains Savings and Loan Association
6859$661,000Community Bank, Inc.
6859$661,000The First National Bank and Trust Company of Baraboo
6859$661,000Peoples Bank of Wisconsin
6859$661,000Generations Bank, Inc.
6859$661,000Paradigm Bank Texas
6870$660,000American Bank Center
6870$660,000American Union Bank
6870$660,000Legacy Bank
6870$660,000Grand Marais State Bank
6870$660,000Deposit Bank & Trust Co.
6870$660,000Houghton State Bank
6870$660,000Roanoke Rapids Savings Bank, SSB
6870$660,000The Citizens State Bank of Cortez
6870$660,000Tri-County National Bank
6879$659,000Union Planters Bank of Missouri
6879$659,000Johnson Bank Illinois
6879$659,000Falmouth Co-operative Bank
6879$659,000First Bank
6879$659,000First Southern Bank
6879$659,000The Glouster Community Bank
6879$659,000The St. Henry Bank
6886$658,000Annandale State Bank
6886$658,000Buena Vista National Bank
6886$658,000First County Bank
6886$658,000Highlands Union Bank
6886$658,000Hill Bank & Trust Co.
6886$658,000Massachusetts Co-operative Bank
6886$658,000Security Bank USA
6886$658,000The First National Bank of Anthony
6886$658,000The National Bank of Summers of Hinton
6895$657,000Bank of Zachary
6895$657,000Citrus National Bank
6895$657,000First Community Bank
6895$657,000First Texoma Bank
6895$657,000Heritage Bank
6895$657,000FCN Bank
6895$657,000Acuity Bank
6902$656,000Park Federal Savings Bank
6902$656,000Mercantile Bank of Boone County
6904$655,000Citizens Bank
6904$655,000City National Bank
6904$655,000South Central Bank of Monroe County
6904$655,000Farmers & Merchants Savings Bank
6904$655,000Minden Exchange Bank & Trust Company
6904$655,000American Security Bank
6904$655,000The Bank of Versailles
6904$655,000The First National Bank of Marengo
6912$654,000Bank of Weston
6912$654,000Towne Bank
6912$654,000Citizens Bank & Trust Company
6912$654,000City National Bank
6912$654,000First United Bank of West Virginia
6912$654,000Lewistown Trust Company
6919$653,000First American Bank
6919$653,000First Illinois Bank
6919$653,000Platte Valley Bank of Missouri
6919$653,000Union Planters Bank, FSB
6923$652,000Aiken County National Bank
6923$652,000Granite State Bank
6923$652,000Pinnacle Bank
6923$652,000Liberty Bank, SSB
6923$652,000F&M Bank-Prairie Du Chien
6923$652,000Regent Bank
6923$652,000Eagle Valley Bank
6923$652,000Thomas County Federal Savings and Loan Association
6923$652,000Wayne County Bank and Trust Company
6932$651,000Bank of Anguilla
6932$651,000First National Bank
6932$651,000First National Bank & Trust Company in Aurora
6932$651,000First National Bank of Parker
6932$651,000First National Bank of Wauchula
6932$651,000Meetinghouse Bank
6932$651,000Rio Bank
6932$651,000Texas Central Bank
6932$651,000First National Bank Minnesota
6932$651,000The Jacksboro National Bank
6932$651,000The Peoples State Bank of Newton, Illinois
6943$650,000Bank of Gravett
6943$650,000Commercial Bank
6943$650,0001st United Bank
6943$650,000First Federal Savings Bank of Kentucky
6943$650,000Scituate Federal Savings Bank
6943$650,000The Havana National Bank
6943$650,000Wayne Bank and Trust Co.
6951$649,000East Texas National Bank of Marshall
6951$649,000North Central Washington Bank
6951$649,000First Financial-Port Savings Bank, FSB
6951$649,000Smith County Bank
6951$649,000The Putnam County National Bank of Carmel
6956$648,000Bank of Millbrook
6956$648,000Kearney Trust Company
6958$647,000Banyan Bank
6958$647,000First Financial Bank
6958$647,000Nevada Banking Company
6958$647,000The PrivateBank
6962$646,000Bank of Jamestown
6962$646,000First American National Bank of Kentucky
6962$646,000First Bank of Frederick
6962$646,000Security First Network Bank
6962$646,000Community 1st Bank Las Vegas
6962$646,000First Texas Bank
6962$646,000Queen City Federal Savings Bank
6962$646,000Salem Trust Bank
6962$646,000West Columbia National Bank
6971$645,000Mercantile Bank of Northern Illinois
6971$645,000Bartonville Bank
6971$645,000Capital Bank
6971$645,000First Continental Bank
6971$645,000First Shore Federal Savings and Loan Association
6971$645,000Heartland Savings Bank
6971$645,000Sterling Bank
6971$645,000The Cameron Savings and Loan Association, F.A.
6971$645,000The Peoples State Bank and Trust Company
6980$644,000Bank of Vancouver
6980$644,000Cherokee State Bank
6980$644,000Norwest Bank Texas, New Braunfels
6980$644,000Coffee County Bank
6980$644,000Peoples Bank
6980$644,000Roxboro Savings Bank, SSB
6980$644,000Texas American Bank
6987$643,000Big Horn Federal Savings Bank
6987$643,000Firstar Bank Portage
6987$643,000Guaranty Bank & Trust Company of Morgan City
6987$643,000Hanover Bank
6987$643,000Hartford Savings Bank
6987$643,000Hawkeye Bank of Ankeny
6987$643,000Peoples Bank of Virginia
6987$643,000Security First National Bank of Hugo
6987$643,000Security State Bank
6996$642,000American Bank & Trust Company
6996$642,000Boatmen's Osage Bank
6996$642,000Capital Savings Bank, FSB
6996$642,000First FSB of Washington Court House
6996$642,000Hamlin National Bank
6996$642,000F&M Bank- Atlantic
6996$642,000Planters and Citizens Bank
7003$641,000Bank North
7003$641,000Bank One, West Virginia, Philippi
7003$641,000Cardunal Savings Bank, FSB
7003$641,000Colonial Bank
7003$641,000De Witt Bank and Trust Company
7003$641,000BankTrust of Alabama
7003$641,000Kerman State Bank
7003$641,000Northern State Bank
7003$641,000Peoples Bank
7003$641,000SouthTrust Bank of Russell County
7003$641,000The First National Bank in Ashdown
7014$640,000Success Bank
7014$640,000First Bank
7014$640,000Guaranty Bank
7014$640,000Bridgeview Bank
7014$640,000Peoples Bank
7014$640,000Pinnacle Bank
7014$640,000Southwest Bank
7014$640,000The Jim Thorpe National Bank
7022$639,000Bank of Nebraska
7022$639,000Farmers Deposit Bank of Brandenburg
7022$639,000First Bank
7022$639,000Marquette Bank Cannon Falls
7022$639,000Meramec Valley Bank
7022$639,000Myersville Bank
7022$639,000South Plains Bank
7022$639,000Heritage Community Bank
7030$638,000Century Bank
7030$638,000Security State Bank of Hibbing
7030$638,000The First National Bank of Northfield
7030$638,000The Martin County National Bank of Fairmont
7034$637,000Citizens Bank and Trust Company
7034$637,000Edgewater Bank
7036$636,000Citizens Bank
7036$636,000Citizens State Bank
7036$636,000MFC First National Bank
7036$636,000New Era Bank
7040$635,000Firstbank - West Branch
7040$635,000First American State Bank
7040$635,000The Apple Creek Banking Company
7040$635,000Pinnacle Bank
7040$635,000The First National Bank of Hinton
7040$635,000The Guernsey Bank, f.s.b.
7040$635,000Waukegan Savings Bank
7047$634,000Bow Mills Bank and Trust
7047$634,000Citizens Bank & Trust Company of Vivian, Louisiana
7047$634,000First Kentucky Bank, Inc.
7047$634,000First Iowa State Bank
7047$634,000Ozarks Federal Savings and Loan Association
7047$634,000Ridgedale State Bank
7047$634,000State Bank
7047$634,000Sutter Buttes Savings Bank, F.S.B.
7047$634,000Equitable Bank
7047$634,000The Everett Bank
7047$634,000The Jones National Bank and Trust Company of Seward
7058$633,000United Communitiy Bank Dawson County
7058$633,000First-Nichols National Bank of Kenedy
7058$633,000NBC Bank - Rockdale
7058$633,000NBC Bank, FSB
7062$632,000Cumberland County Bank
7062$632,000First National Bank
7062$632,000First State Bank and Trust Company of East Baton Rouge Parish
7062$632,000The Bank of South Carolina
7062$632,000The Lytle State Bank of Lytle, Texas
7067$631,000American Bank
7067$631,000Texas First Bank
7067$631,000James River Bank/Colonial
7067$631,000Community First Bank
7067$631,000First Community Bank
7067$631,000Verus Bank
7067$631,000First National Bank of the Rockies
7067$631,000Harrison County Bank
7067$631,000Salem Co-operative Bank
7067$631,000The Emmet County State Bank
7067$631,000FNB Bank, Inc.
7067$631,000The Pioneer National Bank of Duluth
7067$631,000Williamsburg First National Bank
7080$630,000Bank of Columbia
7080$630,000Columbia Federal Savings Bank
7080$630,000Eastern Federal Bank
7080$630,000First National Bank of Hollywood
7080$630,000First State Bank of the South, Inc.
7080$630,000First National South
7080$630,000Peoples National Bank
7080$630,000Pickens County Bank
7080$630,000The Jewett City Trust Company
7089$629,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Valdosta
7089$629,000Franklin State Bank
7089$629,000Gwinnett National Bank
7089$629,000Macon-Atlanta State Bank
7089$629,000Mississippi River Bank
7089$629,000Northern State Bank of Virginia
7089$629,000First Citizens Bank
7089$629,000The First National Bank of Rotan
7097$628,000Athol-Clinton Co-operative Bank
7097$628,000The Bank of Missouri
7097$628,000Citizens & Merchants State Bank
7097$628,000Pinnacle Bank - Wyoming
7097$628,000Dakota County State Bank
7097$628,000Doolin Security Savings Bank, FSB
7097$628,000The Harrison Building and Loan Association
7105$627,000Pinnacle Bank FSB
7105$627,000Caldwell National Bank
7105$627,000Decatur Bank and Trust Company
7105$627,000Elmira Savings and Loan FA
7105$627,000Farmers and Merchants Bank
7105$627,000Freedom Bank of Oklahoma
7105$627,000First Colonial Bank
7105$627,000Friona State Bank, N.A.
7105$627,000Montgomery Bank & Trust
7105$627,000Rowan Savings Bank, SSB, Inc.
7105$627,000The City National Bank of Metropolis
7105$627,000The First National Bank of Williamson
7105$627,000The Monroe County Bank
7105$627,000Union Trust Bank
7119$626,000Helm Bank USA
7119$626,000Lake Area Bank
7119$626,000Merchants State Bank of North Branch
7119$626,000Bank of Canton
7119$626,000The Wyandotte Bank
7124$625,000First Federal Savings Bank of Twin Falls
7124$625,000First National Bank of Wheeling
7124$625,000Greer State Bank
7124$625,000Muleshoe State Bank
7124$625,000Peoples Bank
7124$625,000Southern National Bank at Tallulah
7124$625,000The First National Bank of Barnesville
7124$625,000Bank of Eufaula
7124$625,000Union State Bank
7134$624,000Catahoula - LaSalle Bank
7134$624,000First Community Bank of Southwest Georgia
7134$624,000Norwest Bank Texas, Bandera
7134$624,000Gladewater National Bank
7134$624,000Golden Oak Bank
7134$624,000Medina Valley State Bank
7134$624,000National Bank of Arkansas in North Little Rock
7134$624,000Omnibank Commerce City
7134$624,000Pendleton Community Bank, Inc.
7134$624,000Plattsmouth State Bank
7134$624,000The National Bank of Vernon
7134$624,000The Peninsula Bank of Ishpeming
7147$623,000Citizens Bank of Washington County
7147$623,000Commercial State Bank
7147$623,000Consumers Savings Bank
7147$623,000First Business Bank
7147$623,000First Texas Bank
7147$623,000The Citizens State Bank
7147$623,000The Home National Bank of Sutton
7147$623,000UMB Russell State Bank
7155$622,000Worth National Bank
7155$622,000Metrobank of Philadelphia
7155$622,000The First National Bank of Eagle River
7155$622,000The National State Bank of Metropolis
7155$622,000Volunteer Federal Savings and Loan Association of Madisonville
7160$621,000Citizens Federal Savings and Loan Association
7160$621,000Citizens State Bank
7160$621,000First Community Bank and Trust Company of Lone Grove
7160$621,000Frontier Bank of Denver
7160$621,000Osage Farmers National Bank
7160$621,000The Citizens State Bank
7166$620,000Farmers and Miners Bank
7166$620,000First Federal Savings Bank of Kane
7166$620,000Lake Buchanan State Bank
7166$620,000National Bank of New York City
7166$620,000Security First Bank
7166$620,000The Turbotville National Bank
7172$619,000Central Bank and Trust
7172$619,000Farmers State Bank of Somonauk
7172$619,000First Kansas Federal Savings Bank
7172$619,000Fulton Savings Bank, FSB
7172$619,000Community National Bank
7172$619,000The Citizens National Bank of Woodsfield
7172$619,000Glennville Bank
7172$619,000The Savannah Bank
7172$619,000Frontier Bank
7181$618,000American Exchange Bank
7181$618,000Community First State Bank of Platte
7181$618,000First National Bank of Crestview
7181$618,000First National Bank of Millstadt
7181$618,000Heritage Bank
7181$618,000Phoenixville Federal Bank and Trust
7181$618,000Snow Bank
7181$618,000The National Bank of Florida
7189$617,000Bank of Erath
7189$617,000Bank of Gassaway
7189$617,000Bremen Bank and Trust Company
7189$617,000Community National Bank
7189$617,000Enterprise Bank of Florida
7189$617,000Mercantile Bank of Wright County
7189$617,000Community First National Bank
7189$617,000Springhill Bank & Trust Company
7189$617,000The Casey County Bank, Inc.
7189$617,000Valley State Bank
7199$616,000Cascade Community Bank
7199$616,000Codding Bank
7199$616,000Community First Bank
7199$616,000Guaranty Federal Savings Bank
7199$616,000M&I Bank of Antigo
7199$616,000Reliable Savings Bank
7206$615,000Carolina Southern Bank
7206$615,000Community National Bank of Norwestern Pennsylvania
7206$615,000Destin Bank
7206$615,000Security Bank
7206$615,000Suburban Federal Savings Bank
7206$615,000Tensas State Bank
7206$615,000Tri-County Bank
7206$615,000Virginia Commerce Bank
7214$614,000McCurtain County National Bank
7214$614,000Community Resource Bank
7214$614,000Bank of Western Indiana
7214$614,000United Southern Bank
7218$613,000Bank of Reynolds
7218$613,000First State Bank
7218$613,000Pennyrile Citizens Bank and Trust Company
7218$613,000Security Savings Bank, SSB
7218$613,000The Bank of Carbondale
7218$613,000The First National Bank of Ballinger
7218$613,000The Peoples Bank
7218$613,000Sutton Bank
7218$613,000The Union State Bank
7227$612,000Commercial National Bank
7227$612,000Compass Bank
7227$612,000Crossroads Bank
7227$612,000First Bank of Deer Park
7227$612,000First National Bank of Goliad
7227$612,000Bank Name Not Available
7227$612,000State Bank of Cochran
7227$612,000The First National Bank of Lamesa
7235$611,000First Newton National Bank
7235$611,000Herrin Security Bank
7235$611,000Interstate National Bank
7235$611,000Landmark Federal Savings Bank
7235$611,000Pennsylvania State Bank
7235$611,000Independence Bank
7235$611,000The First National Bank in Carlyle
7235$611,000Tulsa National Bank
7243$610,000Capitol Bank of Westmont
7243$610,000Douglas Federal Bank, FSB
7243$610,000Enterprise National Bank
7243$610,000Keystone Bank
7243$610,000Dominion Savings Bank, F.S.B.
7243$610,000First National Bank of Dayton
7243$610,000Juniper Banking Company
7243$610,000Valrico State Bank
7251$609,000Central State Bank
7251$609,000Edens Bank
7251$609,000First National Bank in Newton
7251$609,000Hopkins Federal Savings Bank
7251$609,000F&M Bank-Iowa South Central
7251$609,000Mercantile Bank of Central Missouri
7251$609,000The First National Bank of Valentine
7251$609,000The Lamesa National Bank
7259$608,000American Fidelity Bank
7259$608,000Calhoun County Bank, Inc.
7259$608,000Douglas County Bank
7259$608,000The First National Bank of Trenton
7259$608,000Tryon Federal Savings and Loan Association
7259$608,000FirsTier Bank, Wyoming
7259$608,000United Nebraska Bank, Holdrege
7267$607,000Charter Bank Eau Claire
7267$607,000First Bank of Washington
7267$607,000Hatboro Federal Savings, FA
7267$607,000Stockgrowers State Bank
7267$607,000The Bank of Tescott
7267$607,000The Edgar County Bank and Trust Co., Paris, Illinois
7267$607,000UMB Bank Southwest
7267$607,000Roosevelt Bank
7267$607,000West Coast Bank
7276$606,000First National Bank of Bosque County
7276$606,000Lumbee Guaranty Bank
7276$606,000Pineland State Bank
7276$606,000Premier Community Bank of Florida
7276$606,000The Ohio State Bank
7281$605,000Bank of Moundville
7281$605,000AmericanWest Bank
7281$605,000Citizens National Bank
7281$605,000First State Bank of Fort Collins
7281$605,000Greenville National Bank
7281$605,000Nevada National Bank
7281$605,000The City National Bank of Shenandoah
7281$605,000The First National Bank in Amboy
7281$605,000The Prague National Bank
7291$604,0001st Constitution Bank
7291$604,000Bank of Hollandale
7291$604,000Bank of Western Oklahoma
7291$604,000Coleman County State Bank
7291$604,000Farmers and Merchants Bank
7291$604,000First Community Bank of Bedford County
7291$604,000Orange Savings Bank of Texas, SSB
7291$604,000Mercantile Bank of North West Missouri
7291$604,000OMNIBANK Parker Road
7291$604,000Security Savings Bank
7291$604,000State Bank of Alcester
7291$604,000The State National Bank & Trust Company
7303$603,000Tradition Bank - Bellaire
7303$603,000Bernville Bank
7303$603,000Community First Bank
7303$603,000Union Planters Bank
7303$603,000Hancock Bank & Trust Company
7303$603,000Mid-Wisconsin Bank of Colby
7303$603,000Ravalli County Bank
7303$603,000Security State Bank of Aitkin
7303$603,000James River Bank
7303$603,000The First State Bank of Rosemount
7303$603,000Texas Heritage National Bank
7303$603,000WSB Municipal Bank
7303$603,000United Savings and Loan Bank
7316$602,000Advance Financial Savings Bank, FSB
7316$602,000First Arkansas Valley Bank
7316$602,000Community State Bank of Missouri
7316$602,000Home State Bank & Trust Co. of McPherson, Kansas
7316$602,000Merchants & Planters Bank
7316$602,000Security First Bank
7316$602,000The Community Bank of Carrollton
7316$602,000The Wilton Bank
7324$601,000Cypress National Bank
7324$601,000Firstar Bank Quad Cities, N.A.
7324$601,000Lamar National Bank
7324$601,000Oklahoma State Bank
7324$601,000OMNIBANK Aurora
7324$601,000Santa Fe National Bank
7324$601,000Decorah Bank & Trust Company
7324$601,000The Corner Stone Bank
7324$601,000The Eastside Bank & Trust Company
7333$600,000Amsterdam Federal Bank
7333$600,000Bank of Calhoun County
7333$600,000Bank of Kansas
7333$600,000Canton State Bank
7333$600,000First Farmers National Bank
7333$600,000International Bank of Commerce
7333$600,000Kilbourn State Bank
7333$600,000River City Bank, Inc.
7333$600,000The Cotton Exchange Bank
7333$600,000The First National Bank of St. Marys
7333$600,000Union Bank
7344$599,000Altamaha Bank and Trust Company
7344$599,000Bank of Franklin
7344$599,000Brentwood Savings Association
7344$599,000Citrus Bank
7344$599,000EdgeMark Bank - Rosemont
7344$599,000Farmers State Bank of Cut Bank
7344$599,000First Commercial Bank of Manatee County
7344$599,000First Federal of Northern Michigan
7344$599,000Flatbush Federal Savings and Loan Association
7344$599,000M&I Bank of Cambridge
7344$599,000Metro Bank of Broken Arrow
7344$599,000Bluestem National Bank
7344$599,000Peoples and Union Bank
7344$599,000Perpetual Federal Savings and Loan Association
7344$599,000The First National Bank of Atlanta
7344$599,000The First National Bank of West Point
7344$599,000The Wilmington Savings Bank
7361$598,000First Citizens Bank
7361$598,000Citizens Federal Savings Association
7361$598,000First National Bank in Pratt
7361$598,000The Richwood Banking Company
7365$597,000Anderson State Bank, Inc.
7365$597,000Citizens Bank
7365$597,000Citizens State Bank - Midwest
7365$597,000Wells Fargo Bank Arizona
7365$597,000Gadsden National Bank
7365$597,000Bank Name Not Available
7365$597,000Gulf Bank
7365$597,000Osceola National Bank
7365$597,000The First National Bank of Pawnee
7365$597,000Time Federal Savings Bank
7375$596,000American Equity Bank, F.S.B.
7375$596,000Center National Bank
7375$596,000Citizens Bank
7375$596,000Darby Bank & Trust Co.
7375$596,000Edgewood Bank
7375$596,000First National Bank & Trust Co. of Woodford County
7375$596,000Magna Bank of Goreville
7375$596,000Northwestern Bank
7375$596,000State Bank & Trust Company
7375$596,000Southview Bank
7375$596,000The Bank of Greeley
7375$596,000Glacier Bank of Whitefish
7375$596,000The Peoples Bank
7388$595,000NationsBank of Florida
7388$595,000Bank of Menomonie
7388$595,000Boatmen's Bank of Pulaski County
7388$595,000SouthTrust Bank of Randolph County
7388$595,000First National Bank
7388$595,000The State Bank of La Vernia
7388$595,000Tri-County State Bank
7395$594,0001st National Bank
7395$594,000Bank of Blue Valley
7395$594,000Commerce Bank of Central Florida
7395$594,000Commercial Savings Bank
7395$594,000Dairyman's State Bank
7395$594,000The First Bank and Trust Company of Murphysboro
7395$594,000The Peoples Savings Bank
7395$594,000State Bank & Trust Company
7395$594,000UMB Bank, Warsaw
7404$593,000Alma Exchange Bank & Trust
7404$593,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association
7404$593,000Livermore Falls Trust Company
7404$593,000Merchants Bank
7404$593,000Peoples Bank & Trust Company
7410$592,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of San Rafael
7410$592,000First National Bank in Marlinton
7410$592,000Intrust Bank, El Dorado
7410$592,000Pekin Savings Bank
7410$592,000Peoples State Bank
7410$592,000Dacotah Bank
7410$592,000Sun Bank
7410$592,000The Bank of Harlan
7418$591,000FirstSecure Bank and Trust Co.
7418$591,000Bank of Encino
7418$591,000Bank of the South
7418$591,000Citizens State Bank
7418$591,000Damascus Community Bank
7418$591,000Farmers Trust and Savings Bank
7418$591,000Lakewood State Bank
7418$591,000Lindale State Bank
7418$591,000McIntosh State Bank
7418$591,000Shadow Hills National Bank
7418$591,000Taylor County Bank
7418$591,000The Morris County National Bank of Naples
7418$591,000WestStar Bank
7431$590,000Farmers & Merchants Bank of Rochester, Indiana
7431$590,000Community First National Bank
7431$590,000First National Bank of Silsbee, Texas
7431$590,000Lanier National Bank
7431$590,000Mid-Wisconsin Neillsville Bank
7431$590,000New York FSB
7431$590,000Raccoon Valley Bank
7431$590,000The Citadel Bank
7431$590,000Douglass National Bank
7431$590,000The Farmers Bank
7431$590,000First Southern State Bank
7431$590,000TransPecos Banks
7431$590,000Union State Bank
7431$590,000Washington State Bank
7445$589,000Commercial State Bank, of Wagner
7445$589,000First Coleman National Bank of Coleman
7445$589,000First National Bank of Fort Stockton
7445$589,000Hawkeye Bank of Tipton
7445$589,000Landis Savings Bank S.L.A.
7445$589,000Mercantile Bank of Central Missouri
7445$589,000OMNIBANK Arvada
7445$589,000Star Valley State Bank
7445$589,000The First National Bank of Waynesboro
7445$589,000The Smith County State Bank and Trust Company
7455$588,000Bank One, West Virginia, New Martinsville
7455$588,000Carroll Bank and Trust
7455$588,000First State Bank of Purdy
7455$588,000Shady Oaks National Bank
7455$588,000UMB Security State Bank
7460$587,000Andrew Johnson Bank
7460$587,000Michigan Commerce Bank
7460$587,000Lincoln Community Bank
7460$587,000Republic Federal Bank
7460$587,000United New Mexico Bank
7465$586,000Bank of Camilla
7465$586,000Lake Region Bank
7465$586,000First Missouri State Bank
7465$586,000Mercantile Bank of Heber Springs
7465$586,000The D'Arbonne Bank and Trust Company
7465$586,000The Denison State Bank
7465$586,000United Bank
7472$585,000Capital Bank
7472$585,000Community Bank and Trust Company
7472$585,000Community National Bank at Bartow
7472$585,000Elkton Bank & Trust Company
7472$585,000M&I Lancaster State Bank
7472$585,000Lake Community Bank
7472$585,000The Farmers National Bank of Lebanon
7479$584,000Bank of Commerce
7479$584,000County Bank
7479$584,000Farmers & Merchants Bank and Trust Company
7479$584,000First Bank of East Tennessee
7479$584,000First Federal Savings Bank of Boston
7479$584,000Homestead Savings Bank, FSB
7479$584,000Ledyard National Bank
7479$584,000Marion Bank and Trust Company
7479$584,000Nebraska State Bank and Trust Company
7479$584,000State Bank & Trust Company
7479$584,000Amerifirst Bank
7479$584,000The Garrett State Bank
7491$583,000Bank of Mingo
7491$583,000Century Bank-Academy at Hancock
7491$583,000Citizens Trust Company
7491$583,000Excel Bank
7491$583,000First State Bank
7491$583,000Portage Commerce Bank
7491$583,000Southeast National Bank
7491$583,000Grange National Bank
7499$582,000Merchants and Manufacturers Bank
7499$582,000Citizens State Bank
7499$582,000First Bank of Crestview
7499$582,000Industry State Bank
7499$582,000Islanders Bank
7499$582,000Securant Bank & Trust
7499$582,000South Central Bank of Bowling Green, Inc.
7499$582,000Legacy Bank
7499$582,000The Bronson-Gore Bank in Prospect Heights
7499$582,000The Corning Bank
7499$582,000Rose Hill Bank
7499$582,000Verdugo Banking Company
7511$581,000Bank of the Rio Grande
7511$581,000Boonslick Bank
7511$581,000Farmers and Merchants State Bank, Bloomfield, Nebraska
7511$581,000Progressive National Bank of DeSoto Parish
7511$581,000The Blanco National Bank
7511$581,000The Cattle National Bank and Trust Company
7517$580,000Bank of Akron
7517$580,000Farmers and Merchants Bank
7517$580,000First National Bank and Trust Co. of Bottineau
7517$580,000Texas First Bank
7517$580,000Mercantile Bank of Naples
7517$580,000United Midwest Savings Bank
7517$580,000Arbor Bank
7517$580,000The Bank of Bradenton
7517$580,000The First National Bank of McConnelsville
7527$579,000Independent Bank
7527$579,000First Texas Bank
7527$579,000MFB Financial (The "Savings Bank")
7527$579,000The Bank of Alamo
7527$579,000The Bank of Herrin
7532$578,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Durham
7532$578,000First International Bank
7532$578,000First Southern Bank
7532$578,000FirstBank of South Boulder
7532$578,000Madison Square Federal Savings Bank
7532$578,000First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company
7532$578,000Preferred Bank, A FSB
7532$578,000Somerset Valley Bank
7532$578,000Sound Banking Company
7532$578,000Bank of Illinois
7532$578,000The Bank of Waynesboro
7532$578,000The Citizens-State Bank of Strasburg
7544$577,000Bank of Mountain View
7544$577,000F & M Bank-Potomac
7544$577,000Central West End Bank, A Federal Savings Bank
7544$577,000Community National Bank
7544$577,000Merchants and Farmers Bank
7544$577,000The First National Bank & Trust Company of Beatrice
7544$577,000The First National Bank of Alachua
7544$577,000The First National Bank of Jefferson
7544$577,000The State Bank of Viroqua
7544$577,000Union State Bank of Hazen
7544$577,000UMB Bank, Northeast
7555$576,000Calwest Bank
7555$576,000The State Bank of Satanta
7555$576,000Village Bank & Trust Company
7558$575,000City Bank
7558$575,000City National Savings Bank, FSB
7558$575,000First Savings Bank of Virginia
7558$575,000Old Florida National Bank
7558$575,000Progressive Ozark Bank, Federal Savings Bank
7558$575,000Franklin National Bank of Virginia
7564$574,000Community Bank
7564$574,000National Bank of Commerce Tuscaloosa
7564$574,000Grant County Deposit Bank
7564$574,000Murphy Bank
7564$574,000The First National Bank of Clifton Forge
7564$574,000Community Banks of the Rockies
7564$574,000The Morrill and Janes Bank and Trust Company
7564$574,000Western Security Bank
7573$573,000FMB-Arcadia Bank
7573$573,000Boatmen's Bank of Greenfield
7573$573,000First State Bank, Hubbard, Texas
7573$573,000Liberty Bank and Trust
7573$573,000NorCrown Bank
7573$573,000Virginia Savings Bank, F.S.B.
7579$572,000Barrow Bank & Trust Company
7579$572,000Citizens' National Bank of Linton
7579$572,000Gulf State Community Bank
7579$572,000Indiana Community Bank, SB
7579$572,000McKenzie Banking Company
7579$572,000Country Club Bank
7579$572,000First State Bank of Pinellas
7579$572,000Sewickley Savings Bank
7579$572,000The Bank of Mt. Vernon
7579$572,000The First National Bank and Trust Company
7579$572,000Texana Bank
7579$572,000PBK BANK, INC.
7579$572,000Wellington State Bank
7592$571,000American Chartered Bank of Lake Zurich
7592$571,000The First National Bank of Franklin
7592$571,000The First State Bank of Malta
7592$571,000Tri-State Bank and Trust
7596$570,000Bank of Morgan County
7596$570,000First National Bank
7596$570,000Glacier Bank of Eureka
7596$570,000Merchants Bank
7596$570,000Marietta Savings Bank
7596$570,000Ottawa Savings Bank
7596$570,000Banco Popular, National Association - Florida
7596$570,000Valley Central Savings Bank
7604$569,000Century Bank of the Ozarks
7604$569,000Community Spirit Bank
7604$569,000Calvert Bank
7604$569,000Columbus State Bank
7604$569,000Commerce Bank of Virginia
7604$569,000First National Bank in Philip
7604$569,000Green Mountain Bank
7604$569,000La Salle State Bank
7604$569,000Peoples Bank
7604$569,000Citizens Bank of Kansas
7614$568,000Bank of Astoria
7614$568,000Eagle Bank and Trust
7614$568,000Eaton Federal Savings Bank
7614$568,000First State Bank
7614$568,000Heritage Bank
7614$568,000Intrust Bank
7614$568,000Mercantile Bank of Ste. Genevieve
7614$568,000The First National Bank & Trust
7614$568,000The First National Bank of Jacksboro
7614$568,000Gothenburg State Bank
7614$568,000North Coast Bank
7625$567,000Burling Bank
7625$567,000Bank USA
7625$567,000First Federal Savings Bank of Kent
7625$567,000First National Bank of the South
7625$567,000First Southwest Bank - Mandan
7625$567,000Guaranty Bank & Trust Company of Delhi, Louisiana
7625$567,000Lake-Osceola State Bank
7625$567,000Northeast Georgia Bank
7625$567,000Security Bank and Trust Company
7625$567,000Texas Bank and Trust of Brownsville
7625$567,000The Farmers Bank of Willards
7636$566,000Florida Bank
7636$566,000Commerce National Bank
7636$566,000Commercial Bank
7636$566,000Community First State Bank of Cooperstown
7636$566,000Condon Bank & Trust
7642$565,000Canton Co-operative Bank
7642$565,000The Missouri Bank
7642$565,000First Federal Savings Bank
7642$565,000Fort Knox National Bank
7642$565,000Leicester Savings Bank
7642$565,000Liberty Federal Savings and Loan Association
7642$565,000McFarland State Bank
7642$565,000Vista Bank
7642$565,000The Citizens National Bank of Lebanon
7642$565,000F&M Bank
7642$565,000United New Mexico Bank at Vaughn
7653$564,000Community Bank & Trust
7653$564,000First Southern National Bank of the Bluegrass
7653$564,000Mercantile Bank
7653$564,000Slavie Federal Savings Bank
7653$564,000The Citizens Bank
7653$564,000The First National Bank of Newport
7659$563,000First Citizens Bank
7659$563,000Guaranty Bank
7659$563,000Mercantile Bank of Clay County
7659$563,000Landmark Bank
7659$563,000Merchants and Planters Bank
7659$563,000Northwoods State Bank
7659$563,000The First State Bank
7659$563,000The Union State Bank
7659$563,000First Farmers Bank and Trust Company
7668$562,000Caldwell Bank & Trust Company
7668$562,000Mercantile Bank of Mount Ayr
7668$562,000Lumpkin County Bank
7668$562,000Mercantile Bank of South Central Missouri
7668$562,000Sobieski Bank
7668$562,000Inez Deposit Bank, FSB
7668$562,000FamilyFirst Bank
7675$561,000Bank of Crocker
7675$561,000Bank of Hartwell
7675$561,000Bank of New Madrid
7675$561,000The Bank of Bennington
7675$561,000Pennwood Savings Bank
7675$561,000Columbia Bank
7675$561,000The Citizens Bank of Swainsboro
7675$561,000First Citizens Bank
7675$561,000United Bank
7684$560,000Citizens First Bank
7684$560,000First State Bank of Altus
7684$560,000First State Bank Shannon-Polo
7684$560,000Hawkeye Bank of Vinton
7684$560,000Mutual Federal Savings Bank of Miamisburg
7684$560,000The First National Bank in Stamford
7684$560,000The First National Bank of Las Animas
7693$559,000Crested Butte State Bank
7693$559,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Independence
7693$559,000First State Bank and Trust Company
7693$559,000Iron Workers Savings Bank
7693$559,000Lindale National Bank
7693$559,000Simmesport State Bank
7693$559,000Superior Savings Bank
7693$559,000The First National Bank of Anderson
7693$559,000The First National Bank of Buffalo
7693$559,000The First National Bank of Waseca
7693$559,000The Kingston State Bank
7704$558,000First Savings Bank, A FSB
7704$558,000Firstate Bank
7704$558,000The Bankers' Bank of Kentucky, Inc.
7704$558,000The Bank of the Southwest
7704$558,000Peoples Community Bank
7709$557,000Bank Name Not Available
7709$557,000DuPage National Bank
7709$557,000First Southern State Bank
7709$557,000Tri-County Bank
7713$556,000Community Bank of Charlotte
7713$556,000New Buffalo Savings Bank, A FSB
7713$556,000San Luis Valley Federal Bank
7713$556,000Security National Bank
7713$556,000State Bank
7718$555,000United Western Bank
7718$555,000First State Bank
7718$555,000First Trust Bank of Shelbyville
7718$555,000Interwest Bank
7718$555,000Abington Bank
7718$555,000Security Bank
7718$555,000State Bank of Arcadia
7718$555,000The Citizens Bank
7718$555,000The First National Bank in Wellington
7718$555,000The First National Bank of Groton
7718$555,000The First National Bank of Audrain County
7718$555,000United Savings Bank, FA
7718$555,000State Bank of Illinois
7731$554,000Bank of Kimberling City
7731$554,000Citizens State Bank of Nevada, Missouri
7731$554,000Community National Bank
7731$554,000First Bank of Tennessee
7731$554,000First Savings Bank of Rockingham County, SSB
7731$554,000Heritage Savings Bank, FSB
7731$554,000North Cambridge Co-operative Bank
7731$554,000Skylands Community Bank
7731$554,000Taft National Bank
7731$554,000The Bank of Perry
7731$554,000The Exchange Bank
7742$553,000Bank of Botetourt
7742$553,000Cleveland Federal Bank, a Savings Bank
7742$553,000Enterprise Bank and Trust Company
7742$553,000Inland Community Bank
7742$553,000North Country Bank
7742$553,000First American Bank
7742$553,000The Neffs National Bank
7742$553,000White Oak State Bank
7750$552,000American State Bank
7750$552,000Bank of Cushing
7750$552,000Community State Bank
7750$552,000Gilmore Bank
7750$552,000Peoples Federal Savings Bank
7750$552,000Peoples State Bank of Plainview
7750$552,000F&M Bank-Darlington
7750$552,000The Farmers State Bank
7750$552,000The First National Bank of Jeanerette
7750$552,000Southeastern Bank of Florida
7760$551,000Citizens Bank and Trust Company
7760$551,000First National Bank of Shawnee Mission
7760$551,000American Bank of the North
7760$551,000SouthTrust Bank of Talladega County
7760$551,000The First National Bank of Columbus
7760$551,000The Harrison County Bank
7760$551,000The National Bank of Waupun
7760$551,000Wallis State Bank
7768$550,000Bank of Waunakee
7768$550,000Eagle National Bank
7768$550,000First Farmers and Merchants National Bank
7768$550,000First Western Bank
7768$550,000Home Bank SB
7768$550,000F&M Bank and Trust Company
7768$550,000Peoples Bank of Northern Kentucky, Inc.
7768$550,000The Bank of Currituck
7768$550,000Blissfield State Bank
7768$550,000The Citizens Bank of Ashville, Ohio
7779$549,000PremierWest Bank
7779$549,000Carrollton Homestead Association, F.A.
7779$549,000Citizens State Bank
7779$549,000Effingham Bank & Trust
7779$549,000First State Bank of San Diego
7779$549,000Central Texas Bank
7779$549,000Jonesboro State Bank
7779$549,000Newton South Co-operative Bank
7779$549,000United Community Bank
7779$549,000Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust Florence
7779$549,000Union Bank & Trust Company
7779$549,000United Roosevelt Savings Bank
7779$549,000Virginia Community Bank
7792$548,000International City Bank
7792$548,000Plaza Park State Bank
7792$548,000Security State Bank
7792$548,000The Headland National Bank
7792$548,000The Owego National Bank
7797$547,000Banterra Bank Group
7797$547,000Century Bank Fort Collins
7797$547,000Elsa State Bank and Trust Company
7797$547,000F & M Bank and Trust Company
7797$547,000First Federal of South Carolina, FSB
7797$547,000First National Bank
7797$547,000First National Bank in Whitney
7797$547,000Middletown Valley Bank
7797$547,000Mutual Community Savings Bank, SSB
7797$547,000Oceanic Bank
7797$547,000Pacesetter Bank
7797$547,000The First National Bank of Germantown
7809$546,000Bank of Lyons
7809$546,000Southern Bancorp Bank of Trumann
7809$546,000Summit Community Bank
7809$546,000The Anchor Bank of North Carolina
7809$546,000The Tattnall Bank
7814$545,000Bank of Belle Glade
7814$545,000Community First State Bank of Huron
7814$545,000Farmers and Merchants Union Bank
7814$545,000Home Security Bank
7814$545,000Iowa Falls State Bank
7814$545,000Standard Financial Corp.
7814$545,000The Bank of Bolivar
7814$545,000The Dime Bank
7814$545,000First National Bank
7823$544,000Northern National Bank
7823$544,000The Brattleboro Savings and Loan Association
7823$544,000Citizens State Bank
7823$544,000Rabun County Bank
7823$544,000The Bank of Sharon
7823$544,000The Country Bank
7823$544,000The Edwardsville Bank
7823$544,000Unity National Bank of Houston
7823$544,000West Liberty State Bank
7832$543,000American State Bank
7832$543,000First Security Bank of Craig
7832$543,000First State Bank
7832$543,000Hebron Savings Bank
7832$543,000Marina Bank
7832$543,000Progressive-Home Federal Savings and Loan Association
7832$543,000Provident FSB
7832$543,000Security State Bank
7832$543,000Harris Bank Aurora
7832$543,000The Farmers National Bank of Prophetstown
7832$543,000Sunmark Community Bank
7832$543,000Community Bankers' Bank
7844$542,000Eagle Bank and Trust Company
7844$542,000Texas First Bank - Winnie
7844$542,000Oklahoma State Bank
7844$542,000Northern National Bank
7844$542,000SouthTrust Bank of Walker County
7844$542,000Standing Stone National Bank
7844$542,000The First National Bank of Hugo
7851$541,000Crawford County Trust and Savings Bank
7851$541,000Farmers and Merchants State Bank
7851$541,000Feliciana Bank & Trust Company
7851$541,000First National Bank of Wiggins
7851$541,000First State Bank
7851$541,000West Texas State Bank
7851$541,000Lochaven Federal Savings and Loan Association
7851$541,000Royal Savings Bank
7851$541,000Regional Bank of Colorado
7851$541,000Treasure Coast Bank, A Federal Savings Bank
7861$540,000Black Diamond Savings Bank, FSB
7861$540,000Appalachian Community Bank
7861$540,000Enterprise Banking
7861$540,000Prosperity Bank and Trust Company
7861$540,000First Community Bank
7861$540,000Twin City Federal Savings Bank
7867$539,000Citizens Bank & Trust
7867$539,000First National Bank of Lake Park
7867$539,000New Asia Bank
7867$539,000Savannah Bank
7867$539,000Southern Commerce Bank
7867$539,000Arvest Bank
7867$539,000The First National Bank of Mount Vernon
7867$539,000The Milton Banking Company
7867$539,000The Salem Bank
7867$539,000William Penn Bank
7877$538,000Bank of Winnfield & Trust Company
7877$538,000Cayuga Lake National Bank
7877$538,000Clay County Bank, Inc.
7877$538,000Farmers and Merchants Bank
7877$538,000First Republic Savings Bank FSB
7877$538,000Horizon Bank of Florida
7877$538,000Kanabec State Bank
7877$538,000Stone Street Bank & Trust
7877$538,000The American National Bank of Sidney
7877$538,000The Central Bank
7877$538,000Marquette Bank Nebraska
7877$538,000The First National Bank of Paintsville
7877$538,000The First National Bank of San Augustine
7877$538,000Woodford County Bank
7891$537,000Bank of Colorado-Front Range
7891$537,000Bryan Bank & Trust
7891$537,000Citizens State Bank
7891$537,000Farmers and Merchants Bank of Carlinville
7891$537,000First Community Bank
7891$537,000First National Bank & Trust Company in Larned
7891$537,000First State Bank of Mineral Wells
7891$537,000Central Bank Fulton
7891$537,000Iola Bank and Trust Company
7891$537,000Circle Bank
7891$537,000Associated Bank South Central
7902$536,000Brundidge Banking Company, Inc.
7902$536,000Hawkeye Federal Savings Bank
7902$536,000Citizens Bank of Oklahoma
7902$536,000Premier Bank
7902$536,000SecurityBank Texas
7902$536,000The Bank of Yellville
7902$536,000Tuscaloosa Commerce Bank
7902$536,000United Citizens Bank & Trust Company
7902$536,000Valley Commercial Bank
7911$535,000Bank of Hayward
7911$535,000Amcore Bank, Clinton
7911$535,000Landmark Bank
7911$535,000Farmers State Bank
7911$535,000Hamilton Bank
7911$535,000Peoples Savings Bank of Rhineland
7911$535,000The Farmers and Savings Bank, Loudonville, Ohio
7911$535,000Valley Bank (National Association)
7919$534,000Citizens State Bank
7919$534,000Clover Leaf Bank
7919$534,000Kirksville Federal Savings Bank
7919$534,000State Bank and Trust of Colorado Springs
7919$534,000The First State Bank & Trust Co. of Larned
7919$534,000Tysons National Bank
7925$533,000Busey Bank of McLean County
7925$533,000Churubusco State Bank
7925$533,000Community Bank, Katy, Tx.
7925$533,000First Star Bank, S.S.B.
7925$533,000Pioneer Bank
7925$533,000FBR National Trust Company
7925$533,000The Bank of Sussex and Surry
7925$533,000The Upstate National Bank
7925$533,000The First National Bank of Whitewright
7934$532,000Bank of Lincoln
7934$532,000Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Springfield
7934$532,000American Bank
7934$532,000First National Bank of Nevada
7934$532,000Merchants and Farmers Bank of Comer, Georgia
7934$532,000The First National Bank of Saxton
7934$532,000Centera Bank
7934$532,000Cornerstone Bank
7942$531,000Security Bank of Houston County
7942$531,000Farmer's State Bank of Palestine
7942$531,000Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Bushnell
7942$531,000Sun American Bank
7942$531,000Mercantile Bank of St. Louis
7942$531,000Peoples Bank of Bluewell
7942$531,000River City National Bank
7942$531,000Casey State Bank
7950$530,00021st Century Bank
7950$530,000Bank of Bloomsdale
7950$530,000First Citizens Bank
7950$530,000First National Bank in Harper
7950$530,000Liberty Bank and Trust Company
7950$530,000Lincoln Community Bank
7950$530,000Minnwest Bank South
7950$530,000Presidential Bank, FSB
7950$530,000Riverton State Bank
7950$530,000Security Bank of Conway, FSB
7950$530,000Bank Name Not Available
7961$529,000Minnwest Bank Central
7961$529,000Texas Country Bank
7961$529,000State Bank of Kingsville
7961$529,000The Citizens Bank
7961$529,000The Exchange Bank of South Carolina, Inc.
7961$529,000Freehold Savings Bank
7967$528,000Asian American Bank and Trust Company
7967$528,000Citizens Bank of Spencer, Tenn.
7967$528,000State Bank Financial
7967$528,000First Exchange Bank
7967$528,000First National Bank of Colorado
7967$528,000FirstState Bank
7967$528,000First State Bank of Wyoming
7967$528,000Gateway Bank
7967$528,000Pioneer Bank
7967$528,000Security Bank Corporation
7967$528,000Security State Bank of Mankato
7978$527,000Bank of Jackson Hole
7978$527,000Bank of Louisville
7978$527,000Chillicothe State Bank
7978$527,000F&M Bank-Elkhorn
7978$527,000Houston Independent Bank
7978$527,000Community First National Bank
7978$527,000The Martha's Vineyard Co-operative Bank of Tisbury
7978$527,000United Communities National Bank
7986$526,000Bank of Hancock County
7986$526,000Farmers National Bank of London
7986$526,000Brookville National Bank
7986$526,000Central Valley Bank
7986$526,000Mid-Iowa Savings Bank, FSB
7986$526,000The Farmers National Bank of Kittanning
7986$526,000The First State Bank
7993$525,000Ashland State Bank
7993$525,000First Federal Savings Bank
7993$525,000First State Bank
7993$525,000Green Belt Bank & Trust
7993$525,000Kalamazoo County State Bank
7993$525,000LIBERTY BANK & TRUST
7993$525,000Luzo Community Bank
7993$525,000Panhandle State Bank
7993$525,000The Chesapeake Bank & Trust Co.
7993$525,000State National Bank of Texas
8003$524,000Bank Windsor
8003$524,000Mutual Savings Bank of Rockingham County, SSB
8003$524,000The Patapsco Bank
8003$524,000Pioneer Bank
8003$524,000State Bank of Texas
8003$524,000The First National Bank at Paris
8003$524,000The Pleasants County Bank
8003$524,000Woodsboro Bank
8011$523,000Bank of the Bluegrass and Trust Company
8011$523,000OMNIBANK University Hills
8013$522,000Louisiana Bank & Trust Company
8013$522,000Central Federal Savings and Loan Association of Chicago
8013$522,000Grant Federal Savings Bank
8013$522,000Lena State Bank
8013$522,000Norwest Bank LaSalle
8013$522,000Meridian Capital Bank
8013$522,000Citizens Bank of Central Indiana
8013$522,000The First National Bank of Emory
8013$522,000Riverview Bank
8013$522,000The First National Bank of McGregor
8013$522,000The Peoples Bank
8013$522,000Washington Savings Bank
8025$521,000Cambridge State Bank
8025$521,000First Federal Savings Bank
8025$521,000Iowa State Savings Bank
8025$521,000The Union Bank
8029$520,000Central National Bank Marion County
8029$520,000East Dubuque Savings Bank
8029$520,000Fannin Bank
8029$520,000Legends Bank
8029$520,000United Prairie Bank - Owatonna
8029$520,000Blackhawk State Bank, S.B.
8029$520,000The First National Bank of Centre Hall
8029$520,000OSB Community Bank
8037$519,000Bank of Commerce
8037$519,000Bank of Rio Vista
8037$519,000Big Lake National Bank
8037$519,000Community Federal Bank
8037$519,000Farmers State Bank
8037$519,000Genoa Savings and Loan Company
8037$519,000Highlands Independent Bank
8037$519,000First State Bank
8037$519,000The Northumberland National Bank
8046$518,000Citizens National Bank of Madison
8046$518,000City First Bank
8046$518,000First Counties Bank
8046$518,000First Bank of Chandler
8046$518,000First National Bank of Pana
8046$518,000Taylorsville Savings Bank, SSB
8046$518,000The Bank of Bonifay
8046$518,000The First National Bank of Sullivan
8054$517,000Mercantile Bank of North Central Arkansas
8054$517,000First American Bank
8054$517,000First City Bank
8054$517,000Graham Savings Bank, Inc., SSB
8054$517,000Liberty National Bank
8054$517,000Lincoln Bank & Trust Company
8054$517,000Mechanics Bank
8061$516,000C. P. Burnett & Sons, Bankers
8061$516,000Cheyenne Mountain Bank
8061$516,000Union Planters Bank of North Central Tennessee
8061$516,000Eureka Homestead
8061$516,000United Community Bank Tennessee
8061$516,000Midlands National Bank
8061$516,000Peoples Bank
8061$516,000United Community Bank
8061$516,000Security State Bank
8061$516,000Security Trust & Savings Bank
8061$516,000The First National Bank of Mineola
8072$515,000Bank of Trenton and Trust Company
8072$515,000Bradley Bank
8072$515,000American Bank of St. Paul
8072$515,000First National Bank of Ruidoso
8072$515,000Pineland State Bank
8072$515,000Rockwell Bank
8072$515,000Centric Bank
8072$515,000The First National Bank of Port Allegany
8072$515,000Carson Bank
8081$514,000Farmers Bank and Trust Company
8081$514,000First National Bank of Crystal Falls
8081$514,000Mercantile Bank of Washington
8081$514,000Liberty Bank and Trust
8081$514,000National Bank of Commerce
8081$514,000National Bank of Tukwila
8081$514,000The First National Bank of Wamego
8088$513,000Central Bank
8088$513,000Evergreen National Bank
8088$513,000Citizens First Bank
8088$513,000Rural American Bank - Foley
8088$513,000The Brady National Bank
8088$513,000Pikes Peak National Bank
8095$512,000First National Bank of La Center
8095$512,000Minnesota National Bank
8095$512,000Jackson County Bank, Inc.
8095$512,000Monona State Bank
8095$512,000Inland Northwest Bank
8095$512,000The National Bank of West Virginia
8101$511,000Baxley Federal Bank
8101$511,000Dairy State Bank
8101$511,000Durden Banking Company, Incorporated
8101$511,000First Community Bank of Cullman
8101$511,000Great Western Thrift and Loan
8101$511,000Osage Federal Bank
8101$511,000Eagle Bank
8101$511,000The Bank of Vernon
8101$511,000The Farwell State Savings Bank
8110$510,000Chambers Bank of North Arkansas
8110$510,000Community National Bank of Okarche
8110$510,000Embry Bank
8110$510,000Farmers & Merchants Bank
8110$510,000First Bank and Trust Company
8110$510,000Chemical Bank Thumb Area
8110$510,000The Commercial National Bank of Brady
8110$510,000PBI Bank
8110$510,000The Peoples National Bank of Grayville
8119$509,000Bank of Jena
8119$509,000Citizens State Bank
8119$509,000First Bank
8119$509,000First Bank
8119$509,000First State Bank of Newcastle
8119$509,000Fort Thomas Savings Bank, F.S.B.
8119$509,000Lewisburg Banking Company
8119$509,000Marshalltown Savings Bank, FSB
8119$509,000Peoples Bank & Trust Company
8119$509,000Searcy County Bank
8119$509,000Security State Bank, Plentywood, Montana
8119$509,000Stoughton Co-operative Bank
8119$509,000The Bank of Milpitas
8119$509,000Union National Bank & Trust Company
8133$508,000Century South Bank of Danielsville
8133$508,000First Century Bank
8133$508,000Greenville Federal
8133$508,000Security State Bank of Fergus Falls
8133$508,000The Auburn State Bank
8133$508,000The Carver State Bank
8133$508,000The Rockville National Bank
8140$507,000Bank of Sugar Grove
8140$507,000Downstate National Bank
8140$507,000First Community Bank of Henry County
8140$507,000First National Bank of the North
8140$507,000Security State Bank and Trust Company
8140$507,000Bank Plus
8140$507,000The First National Bank of Cold Spring
8147$506,000Bank of Gueydan
8147$506,000Bloomingdale Bank and Trust
8147$506,000Boatmen's Bank of Nevada
8147$506,000First State Bank
8147$506,000Merchants & Planters Bank
8147$506,000State Bank & Trust Co.
8147$506,000The First National Bank of Blanchester
8147$506,000The First National Bank of Lawrence County at Walnut Ridge
8147$506,000Mile High Banks
8147$506,000The First National Bank of Nelsonville
8147$506,000The First National Bank of Wahoo
8147$506,000The Perryton National Bank
8159$505,000Balcones Bank, S.S.B.
8159$505,000Bank of Annapolis
8159$505,000Citizens State Bank
8159$505,000First National Bank and Trust Company
8159$505,000First National Bank in Walsenburg
8159$505,000Cornerstone Bank, Inc.
8159$505,000First State Bank
8159$505,000Gibsland Bank & Trust Company
8159$505,000First Bank of Georgia
8159$505,000Standard Bank & Trust Company
8159$505,000Evergreen State Bank
8159$505,000Commonwealth Community Bank, Inc.
8159$505,000West Central Georgia Bank
8159$505,000Western State Bank
8173$504,000Bank Star of the LeadBelt
8173$504,000Mercantile Bank of Chariton
8173$504,000Lock Haven Savings Bank
8173$504,000Panola National Bank
8173$504,000Peoples National Bank of Commerce, Miami
8173$504,000The Bank of Douglas County
8173$504,000The Bank of the West
8173$504,000The Northampton Co-operative Bank
8173$504,000Westcal National Bank
8182$503,000Bank of the Mountains, Inc.
8182$503,000Monarch Community Bank
8182$503,000Community First State Bank of Paynesville
8182$503,000RiverWood Bank
8182$503,000Morris State Bank
8182$503,000Sentinel Community Bank
8182$503,000The Bank of Advance
8182$503,000Advantage Bank
8190$502,000Norwest Bank Texas, Comfort
8190$502,000First National Bank in Ord
8190$502,000Peoples National Bank
8190$502,000Tamalpais Bank
8190$502,000Sylvester Banking Company
8190$502,000The Arkansas Bank
8190$502,000The Eastern Colorado Bank
8190$502,000UMB-First Bank & Trust
8190$502,000Unity Savings Bank
8190$502,000University State Bank
8190$502,000Volunteer Bank and Trust Company of Hamilton County
8201$501,000Addison National Bank
8201$501,000Bank Chase
8201$501,000Bank of Thayer
8201$501,000BANKBOYNTON, a Federal Savings Bank
8201$501,000Farmers-Merchants National Bank of Paxton
8201$501,000Happy State Bank
8201$501,000State Bank of Breese
8208$500,000Bank of Madison
8208$500,000Bank Iowa
8208$500,000Empire Banking Company
8208$500,000First National Bank, Henryetta
8208$500,000Lakeside National Bank
8208$500,000Melrose Co-operative Bank
8208$500,000Security Bank, s.b.
8208$500,000Security Savings Bank
8208$500,000The Falls City National Bank
8208$500,000The First National Bank of Allendale
8208$500,000The First National Bank of Litchfield
8221$499,000Banker's Bank of Kansas
8221$499,000Citizens Bank of Southern Missouri
8221$499,000Shell Lake State Bank
8221$499,000The First Bank of Brunswick
8221$499,000The First National Bank of Bangor
8221$499,000The First State Bank of Leoti
8221$499,000The Westside Bank & Trust Company
8229$498,000Adel Banking Company
8229$498,000Bank of Crockett
8229$498,000Pinnacle Bank
8229$498,000Belmont National Bank of Chicago
8229$498,000Citizens Bank of Pagosa Springs
8229$498,000Coatesville Savings Bank
8229$498,000First Federal Savings Bank
8229$498,000Crossroads Bank
8229$498,000Home Federal Bank, SB
8229$498,000MidAmerica Bank Stoughton
8229$498,000Missouri Southern Bank
8229$498,000Guaranty Bank and Trust Company
8229$498,000The Citizens National Bank of Hillsboro
8229$498,000The Farmers National Bank of Forney
8229$498,000The First National Bank of Mercersburg
8229$498,000The Patterson Bank
8245$497,000First Independent Bank
8245$497,000First State Bank of St. Robert
8245$497,000St Landry Homestead Federal Savings Bank
8245$497,000The Commercial Bank of Roanoke, Alabama
8245$497,000Pinnacle Bank
8251$496,000American First National Bank
8251$496,000Bank of Cadiz and Trust Company
8251$496,000INLAND BANK & TRUST
8251$496,000Duchesne Bank
8251$496,000Mainstreet Savings Bank, FSB
8251$496,000Life Federal Savings Bank
8251$496,000Bank Name Not Available
8251$496,000State Bank of Drummond
8251$496,000The Valley State Bank
8262$495,000Amcore Bank, Aledo
8262$495,000Bank of Fairfield
8262$495,000Citizens Bank & Trust, Inc.
8262$495,000Citizens State Bank
8262$495,000First Southern Bank
8262$495,0001st Bank Oklahoma
8262$495,000The National Bank of Madisonville
8262$495,000First National Bank of Hampton
8262$495,000Hinckley State Bank
8262$495,000Kerndt Brothers Savings Bank
8262$495,000The First National Bank of Canadian
8262$495,000The Waldoboro Bank F.S.B.
8274$494,000Bank of Commerce
8274$494,000Mercantile Bank of Western Missouri
8274$494,000First Farmers & Merchants National Bank
8274$494,000First Liberty National Bank
8274$494,000First National Bank of Monahans
8274$494,000Centerstate Bank Central Florida
8274$494,000AmericanWest Bank, National Association
8274$494,000First Gulf Bank
8274$494,000Independent Bank East Michigan
8274$494,000State Bank of Jefferson County
8274$494,000The Bank of Troy
8274$494,000The Crockett State Bank
8274$494,000The Mason National Bank
8274$494,000The National Bank of Carmi
8289$493,000Bank of Lake Village
8289$493,000First Merchants Bank
8289$493,000First National Bank
8289$493,000Texas Heritage Bank
8289$493,000Hometown Bank
8289$493,000The First Central National Bank of St. Paris
8289$493,000First Bank of Manhattan
8289$493,000The Fountain Trust Company
8289$493,000Community First Bank
8298$492,000Security Bank of Jones County
8298$492,000Fifth Third Bank, Florida
8298$492,000Citizens First Bank of Ocala
8298$492,000Commercial Trust Company of Fayette
8298$492,000Community Trust Bank
8298$492,000County First Bank
8298$492,000First State Bank Southwest
8298$492,000Landmark Bank
8298$492,000Overland Bank
8298$492,000Peoples Federal Savings and Loan Association
8298$492,000Peoples Federal Savings and Loan Association
8298$492,000Alamosa State Bank
8298$492,000Community First National Bank
8311$491,000Bank of Hazlehurst
8311$491,000Bank of Wrightsville
8311$491,000Brownfield State Bank
8311$491,000Community State Bank
8311$491,000Community State Bank
8311$491,000GBC International Bank
8311$491,000Hawkeye State Bank
8311$491,000Alliance Bank
8311$491,000Partners Bank of Florida, FSB
8311$491,000Citizens Bank and Trust
8311$491,000Bank of Choice
8311$491,000The First National Bank of Norway
8311$491,000The Girard National Bank
8311$491,000The Payne County Bank
8325$490,000Farmers State Bank
8325$490,000Bank One, Western Kentucky
8325$490,000Liberty Bank
8325$490,000Mercantile Bank of Carlyle
8325$490,000Security Bank
8325$490,000Shelby Savings Bank, SSB
8325$490,000State Bank of India (California)
8325$490,000The First National Bank of Linton
8325$490,000The Saluda County Bank
8325$490,000Walthall Citizens Bank
8325$490,000Wesbanco Bank Charleston
8336$489,000Alliance Banking Company
8336$489,000Rocky Mountain Bank
8336$489,000Amcore Bank National Association, Peru
8336$489,000First National Bank USA
8336$489,000First State Bank
8336$489,000Jefferson County Bank
8336$489,000Iowa - Nebraska State Bank
8336$489,000State Bank of New Prague
8336$489,000Delta Bank
8336$489,000The Okemah National Bank
8336$489,000Victoria State Bank
8347$488,000Bank of Early
8347$488,000Bank of Easton
8347$488,000Milton National Bank
8347$488,000Spiro State Bank
8347$488,000The Fayette County National Bank of Fayetteville
8347$488,000First Neighbor Bank
8347$488,000The First National Bank of Izard County
8354$487,000Commercial Banking Company
8354$487,000Olde Cypress Community Bank
8354$487,000Holbrook Co-operative Bank
8354$487,000Methuen Co-operative Bank
8354$487,000Peoples State Bank of Munising
8354$487,000Security State Bank
8354$487,000The First Bank of Fayette
8354$487,000The Mercantile Savings Bank
8362$486,000CapitalSouth Bank
8362$486,000Bank of Lecompte
8362$486,000Central Bank - Herington
8362$486,000Community Bank
8362$486,000Dedham Co-operative Bank
8362$486,000Freedom Security Bank
8362$486,000Farmers State Bank & Trust Co.
8362$486,000First Security State Bank
8362$486,000Mercantile Bank
8362$486,000State Bank & Trust Co.
8362$486,000Templeton National Bank
8362$486,000First National Bank
8362$486,000Union Bank of Chandler
8362$486,000White County Bank
8376$485,000Bank of Ohio County, Inc.
8376$485,000Bank West
8376$485,000Community First National Bank of Breckenridge
8376$485,000Wells Fargo Financial National Bank
8376$485,000Farmers State Bank
8376$485,000Fridley Bank
8376$485,000Johnson Bank Hayward
8376$485,000West Iowa Bank
8376$485,000New York Commercial Bank
8376$485,000First Security State Bank of Southeast Missouri
8376$485,000Security Savings Association
8376$485,000The Solomon State Bank
8376$485,000Superior Bank
8389$484,000Bank of Huntland
8389$484,000Bank of Palatine
8389$484,000Wells Fargo Central Bank
8389$484,000Harvest Home Savings Bank
8389$484,000midwest Bank of Hinsdale
8389$484,000State Bank of Arthur
8389$484,000The Farmers Bank
8389$484,000The First National Bank of Ottawa
8389$484,000The First National Bank of Pecos
8389$484,000The State National Bank of Heavener
8399$483,000Citizens State Bank of Waverly, Inc.
8399$483,000First Bank of Natchitoches and Trust Company
8399$483,000Franklin Bank of California
8399$483,000Hancock County Bank & Trust
8399$483,000American Bank
8399$483,000The First National Bank in Cimarron
8399$483,000First National Bank and Trust Company
8399$483,000Troy Hill Federal Savings and Loan Association
8399$483,000Western Bank
8408$482,000Citizens State Bank and Trust Company
8408$482,000Colorado Community First State Bank
8408$482,000Fidelity Savings and Loan Association of Bucks Co
8408$482,000Graves County Bank, Inc.
8408$482,000Iowa Trust & Savings Bank
8408$482,000Ossian State Bank
8408$482,000Peoples State Bank of Mansfield
8408$482,000Schuyler Savings Bank
8408$482,000The Bippus State Bank
8408$482,000Trans Financial Bank, Federal Savings Bank
8418$481,000Bridgeville Savings Bank, F.S.B.
8418$481,000Community Bank of Georgia
8418$481,000Northwest Bank of Enid
8418$481,000Republic Bank California
8418$481,000Stone City Bank of Bedford, Indiana
8418$481,000Jackson Bank & Trust
8418$481,000The Lyons State Bank
8418$481,000Titonka Savings Bank
8418$481,000West End Bank, S.B.
8427$480,000Brookline Co-operative Bank
8427$480,000Citizens First National Bank of Genoa
8427$480,000First & Peoples Bank, Springfield, Kentucky
8427$480,000First Valley National Bank
8427$480,000Peoples Banking Company of Martins Ferry, Ohio
8427$480,000Pepperell Bank & Trust
8427$480,000F & M Bank East Troy
8427$480,000Kanza Bank
8427$480,000United Valley Bank
8427$480,000The Lenox Savings Bank
8437$479,000American Exchange Bank
8437$479,000American State Bank of Olivia
8437$479,000Bank of Monte Vista
8437$479,000First National Bank in Pinckneyville
8437$479,000The National Bank of Andrews
8437$479,000First State Bank of Canadian
8437$479,000Grand Bank
8437$479,000University National Bank
8437$479,000Sac River Valley Bank
8437$479,000Texas Republic Bank
8437$479,000Wilton Savings Bank
8448$478,000Citizens Bank of Illinois
8448$478,000City Bank of Bloomington-Normal
8448$478,000Decatur County Bank
8448$478,000Farmers & Merchants Bank, Beach, North Dakota
8448$478,000First Bank & Trust of Clarendon
8448$478,000Charles River Bank
8448$478,000Murphy-Wall State Bank and Trust Company
8448$478,000Patriot Federal Savings Bank
8448$478,000Plaza Bank
8448$478,000Security Bank
8448$478,000The Elkhart State Bank
8448$478,000Sleepy Hollow Bank
8460$477,000First Security Bank - West
8460$477,000Colorado National Bank
8460$477,000Columbus National Bank
8460$477,000Farmers Savings Bank & Trust-Vinton
8460$477,000Regency Bank
8460$477,000BankMalden, A Co-operative Bank
8460$477,000Wesbanco Bank Wellsburg, Inc.
8467$476,000First Bank and Trust of Memphis
8467$476,000First State Bank of Wabasha
8467$476,000Green Country Bank, FSB
8467$476,000Heritage State Bank
8467$476,000Teutopolis State Bank
8467$476,000The Citizens Bank of Cochran
8467$476,000The First National Bank of Hartford
8467$476,000Vevay Deposit Bank
8475$475,000The Bank of Herrin
8475$475,000Century Bank
8475$475,000Citizens Bank of Tulsa
8475$475,000Citizens Savings Bank
8475$475,000First Liberty Bank of Calvert City
8475$475,000Lowell Co-operative Bank
8475$475,000Madison Bank
8475$475,000Premier Community Bank
8475$475,000The Community National Bank
8475$475,000The First Western Bank Custer
8485$474,000Bullitt County Bank
8485$474,000MidAmerica Bank
8485$474,000Farmers State Bank
8485$474,000First Federal Bank of Northwest Georgia, Federal Savings Bank
8485$474,000Royal Bank
8485$474,000Farmers & Stockmens Bank
8485$474,000The Farmers Bank of Milton
8485$474,000First Community Bank
8493$473,000Bayoulands Bank
8493$473,000Heritage Bank
8493$473,000Commercial National Bank of L'Anse
8493$473,000Security State Bank of Kenyon
8493$473,000The Martell State Bank
8493$473,000The Peoples National Bank of Mount Pleasant
8499$472,000Americana Community Bank
8499$472,000Century Savings and Loan Association
8499$472,000Citizens Bank
8499$472,000City Savings Bank
8499$472,000Farmers & Merchants State Bank
8499$472,000The Bank of Mitchell
8505$471,000Alden State Bank
8505$471,000Bank of Commerce
8505$471,000Bank of Cumberland
8505$471,000Belleville State Bank
8505$471,000Chemical Bank Huron
8505$471,000Community Bank
8505$471,000Cypress Bank, SSB
8505$471,000First City Bank
8505$471,000Northwest Bank
8505$471,000Olde Port Bank and Trust
8505$471,000Progressive Bank
8505$471,000Texas Exchange Bank, ssb
8505$471,000The Citizens Bank of Fayette
8505$471,000The Planters Bank
8519$470,000Bank of Holden
8519$470,000Bank of Mount Hope, Inc.
8519$470,000Community South Bank
8519$470,000Farmers & Merchants Bank of Trenton
8519$470,000First National Bank & Trust Company
8519$470,000Hand County State Bank
8519$470,000Peoples State Bank of Bloomer
8519$470,000Profile Bank, FSB
8519$470,000Silvergate Bank
8519$470,000Upper Peninsula State Bank
8519$470,000State Guaranty Bank
8519$470,000The First National Bank of Kemp
8531$469,000Boatmen's National Bank of Boonville
8531$469,000Fairbury Federal Savings and Loan Association
8531$469,000First National Bank in Belleville
8531$469,000The Kansas State Bank
8531$469,000Mayville State Bank
8536$468,000Barbour County Bank
8536$468,000Citizens Community Bank
8536$468,000First National Bank of Clinton
8536$468,000Mercantile Bank of Lyon County
8536$468,000National Bank of Hastings
8536$468,000The First National Bank of Hebbronville
8536$468,000The Hoblitzell National Bank of Hyndman
8536$468,000The Holland National Bank
8536$468,000The Klein National Bank of Madison
8536$468,000UMB Bank, Boonville
8546$467,000Bank of Arizona
8546$467,000Chelsea Savings Bank
8546$467,000Citizens Savings Association Federal Association
8546$467,000Peoples Trust and Savings Bank
8546$467,000Mid America Bank & Trust Company
8546$467,000Zavala County Bank
8552$466,000BC National Banks
8552$466,000First Federal Savings Bank
8552$466,000Austin Bank, Rusk, Texas
8552$466,000First State Bank of Brownsboro
8552$466,000First Whitney Bank and Trust
8552$466,000The Bank of West Tennessee
8552$466,000Mercantile Bank of Flora
8552$466,000The Bank of Kaukauna
8552$466,000The Commercial Bank
8552$466,000The First Bank of Mitchell
8552$466,000Pinnacle Bank
8552$466,000The Merchants National Bank of Sacramento
8564$465,000Citizens First Bank
8564$465,000Farmers & Merchants State Bank of Krum
8564$465,000First Commonwealth Bank
8564$465,000First Western Bank
8564$465,000Hull Co-operative Bank
8564$465,000Marathon National Bank of New York
8564$465,000Mutual Savings Bank
8564$465,000Citizens State Bank
8564$465,000POINTWEST BANK
8573$464,000Alpine Bank
8573$464,000Andover State Bank
8573$464,000Citizens Bank of Eldon
8573$464,000Elkhorn Valley Bank & Trust
8573$464,000The Bank
8573$464,000Florida Community Bank
8573$464,000Jackson County Bank
8573$464,000Odenton Federal Savings and Loan Association
8573$464,000State Bank of Toulon
8573$464,000The First National Bank of Carthage
8583$463,000Bank of Winona
8583$463,000Bay Port State Bank
8583$463,000Brent Banking Company
8583$463,000Citizens Bank
8583$463,000Eastern American Bank, FSB
8583$463,000Mercantile Bank of Illinois
8583$463,000FirstBank Florida
8583$463,000Republic Bank of Tecumseh
8583$463,000Security Bank of Pulaski County
8583$463,000State Bank of Howards Grove
8583$463,000The Home Trust & Savings Bank
8583$463,000High Country Bank
8595$462,000Advance Bank
8595$462,000Community Bank
8595$462,000First State Bank Iowa
8595$462,000BankPlus SSB
8595$462,000Kermit State Bank
8595$462,000Opus Bank
8595$462,000RiverHills Bank
8595$462,000Security State Bank
8595$462,000First Pryority Bank
8595$462,000Chart Bank
8605$461,000Bay Federal Savings Bank
8605$461,000First Bank of Eureka
8605$461,000First Peoples Bank
8605$461,000First Financial Bank
8605$461,000Landmark Savings Bank, FSB
8605$461,000Lewiston State Bank
8605$461,000The Bank of Houston
8605$461,000The Bank of Leipsic Company
8605$461,000The Maries County Bank
8605$461,000The Peoples Bank of Elk Valley
8605$461,000United Bank and Trust
8616$460,000American Bank of Baxter Springs
8616$460,000First American Bank
8616$460,000CIB Bank
8616$460,000Boatmen's Bank of Sigourney
8616$460,000Commerce Bank of Tazewell County
8616$460,000Cullman Savings Bank
8616$460,000First Central Bank
8616$460,000First Federal Community Bank
8616$460,000Mazon State Bank
8616$460,000Page County State Bank
8616$460,000Peach State Bank
8616$460,000Peoples State Bank
8616$460,000Alliance Bank Central Texas
8616$460,000The Old Second Community Bank of North Aurora
8630$459,000Net First National Bank
8630$459,000Citizens Federal Savings Bank
8630$459,000Enterprise Bank
8630$459,000RBC Bank, (Georgia)
8630$459,000First Texas Bank
8630$459,000Howard Savings Bank
8630$459,000The State Bank of Kansas
8630$459,000Texas State Bank
8638$458,000American Bank
8638$458,000Colony Bank of Dodge County
8638$458,000Bank of Terrell
8638$458,000Bank of Commerce
8638$458,000Equitable Co-operative Bank
8638$458,000Farmers Savings Bank
8638$458,000First State Bank of Porter
8638$458,000Haskell National Bank
8638$458,000Peoples Bank
8638$458,000Mid-Missouri Bank
8638$458,000Imperial Bank Arizona
8638$458,000Union Bank/Sandwich
8650$457,000Bank of Ephraim
8650$457,000AMCORE Bank, Ashton-Rochelle
8650$457,000First National Bank
8650$457,000First Nations Bank
8650$457,000Missouri Bank and Trust Company of Kansas City
8650$457,000Pelham Banking Company
8650$457,000The First State Bank of Kansas City, Kansas
8657$456,000Victory Bank and Trust Company
8657$456,000Mountain Commerce Bank
8657$456,000First Central Bank
8657$456,000First Farmers State Bank
8657$456,000First Federal Savings Bank
8657$456,000First State Bank
8657$456,000Fox Valley Bank
8657$456,000Hartford-Carlisle Savings Bank
8657$456,000Bank of South Texas
8657$456,000Houston Community Bank
8657$456,000Liberty Bank & Trust
8657$456,000Logan County Bank
8657$456,000Security Bank and Trust Company
8657$456,000F&M Bank-Iowa Story County
8657$456,000Ascencia Bank
8657$456,000The First National Bank of Canton
8657$456,000First State Bank of South Georgia
8674$455,000Charter National Bank
8674$455,000Badger Bank
8674$455,000First City Bank
8674$455,000First Community Bank and Trust
8674$455,000First National Bank in Viroqua
8674$455,000Eagle Bank and Trust Company
8674$455,000Heritage Bank
8674$455,000State Bank of Delano
8683$454,000Alvarado State Bank
8683$454,000American State Bank
8683$454,000Bankers Savings Bank
8683$454,000F&M Bank-Algoma
8683$454,000F&M Bank-Broadway
8683$454,000First National Bank in Taylorville
8683$454,000Severn Savings Bank, FSB
8683$454,000The Elberfeld State Bank
8683$454,000The First National Bank of Akron
8692$453,000The Highlands Bank
8692$453,000Allied Bank
8692$453,000Brickyard Bank
8692$453,000Farmers State Bank of Fulton County
8692$453,000First Federal Savings Bank
8692$453,000Halifax National Bank
8692$453,000M&I Bank of Mosinee
8692$453,000Peoples Bank of the Ozarks
8692$453,000Texas Bank
8692$453,000The City National Bank of Atchison
8692$453,000The Felton Bank
8692$453,000The Garrard Bank & Trust Company
8692$453,000The National Bank of Andrews
8705$452,000Argentine Federal Savings
8705$452,000Bank of Ocean City
8705$452,000Bogota Savings Bank
8705$452,000Central State Bank
8705$452,000Farmers Savings Bank
8705$452,000Landmands Bank
8705$452,000Plant State Bank
8705$452,000The Farmers National Bank of Oberlin
8705$452,000The Tupper Lake National Bank
8705$452,000Trenton Trust Company
8705$452,000Western Bank
8716$451,000Summit Bank of Kansas City
8716$451,000Boatmen's Bank of Sioux City
8716$451,000Byron Bank
8716$451,000First Bank and Trust
8716$451,000Glen Rock Savings Bank
8716$451,000Capital City Bank
8716$451,000Mutual Savings and Loan Association
8716$451,000The First National Bank of Minersville
8725$450,000Bank of Montgomery
8725$450,000Bruning State Bank
8725$450,000DuPage Valley State Bank
8725$450,000Exchange State Bank
8725$450,000Farmers Savings Bank & Trust
8725$450,000First Federal Lincoln Bank-Iowa
8725$450,000Lowcountry Savings Bank, Inc.
8725$450,000Old North State Bank
8725$450,000Security State Bank
8725$450,000Mountain Valley Bank
8735$449,000American State Bank of Pierre
8735$449,000Arlington National Bank
8735$449,000Peoples State Bank of Commerce
8735$449,000Bank of Salem
8735$449,000Farmers & Merchants State Bank of New York Mills, Incorporated
8735$449,000First Community Bank of Vidalia
8735$449,000First Security Bank of Helena
8735$449,000Frontier State Bank
8735$449,000Meade County Bank
8735$449,000Peoples Bank and Trust Company of Pointe Coupee Parish
8735$449,000Security State Bank
8735$449,000United National Bank
8747$448,000First National Bank
8747$448,000Community Bank - Excelsior Springs, A Savings Bank
8747$448,000First National Bank
8747$448,000First State Bank
8747$448,000First State Bank of Santa Fe
8747$448,000Huntingdon Valley Bank
8747$448,000Little Horn State Bank
8754$447,000Citizens Bank of Paso Robles
8754$447,000Community Bank
8754$447,000Heights State Bank
8754$447,000Home Savings, SSB
8754$447,000Home State Bank and Trust Company
8754$447,000McIntosh County Bank
8754$447,000Community First National Bank of Caledonia
8754$447,000Stratford State Bank
8754$447,000Talladega Federal Savings and Loan Association
8754$447,000Inland Bank and Trust
8764$446,0001st Bank & Trust
8764$446,000Edward Jones Trust Company
8764$446,000Cattleman's National Bank
8764$446,000American National Bank of Minnesota
8764$446,000Fairport Savings Bank
8764$446,000Farmers and Drovers Bank
8764$446,000First Bank of Cleveland
8764$446,000Beacon Bank
8764$446,000Los Angeles Thrift and Loan Company
8764$446,000Melrose State Bank
8764$446,000Mutual Federal Savings Bank
8764$446,000Rancho Santa Fe Thrift & Loan Association
8764$446,000Area Bank
8764$446,000The First National Bank of Brooksville
8764$446,000The First National Bank of Union Springs
8764$446,000The Lincoln National Bank of Hodgenville
8780$445,0001st Choice Bank
8780$445,000Citizens Bank of Talladega
8780$445,000First National Bank of South Georgia
8780$445,000Security Bank
8780$445,000The First National Bank of West Point
8785$444,000Citizens Bank & Trust
8785$444,000M&I Bank of Delavan
8785$444,000Colonial Bank
8785$444,000GoldenBank, National Association, Englewood
8785$444,000Home National Bank
8785$444,000Mount Vernon Bank and Trust Company
8785$444,000Nebraska State Bank of Omaha
8785$444,000The First National Bank of Jonesboro
8785$444,000Wadena State Bank
8794$443,000Bank of Chickamauga
8794$443,000First State Bank of North Dakota
8794$443,000Macon Building and Loan Association, F.A.
8794$443,000Alliance Bank
8794$443,000Talbot State Bank
8794$443,000The Bank of Falkner
8794$443,000West Gate Bank
8801$442,000E*TRADE United Bank
8801$442,000Central State Bank
8801$442,000Farmers State Bank
8801$442,000Farmers State Bank
8801$442,000The First National Bank of New Mexico
8801$442,000Millbury National Bank
8801$442,000Progressive Savings Bank
8808$441,000Bank USA, N.A.
8808$441,000Carroll County Trust Company of Carrollton, Missouri
8808$441,000F & M Bank-Kiel
8808$441,000Farmers Trust and Savings Bank
8808$441,000West Texas National Bank
8808$441,000First State Bank
8808$441,000Golden Belt Bank, FSA
8808$441,000First National Bank of Florida
8808$441,000Marion County Savings Bank
8808$441,000People's Bank and Trust Company of Pickett County
8808$441,000Stephens Federal Bank
8808$441,000The First National Bank and Trust Company of Ellendale
8808$441,000First Community Bank
8808$441,000The First National Bank of Stigler
8822$440,000Green Dot Bank DBA Bonneville Bank
8822$440,000Canon National Bank
8822$440,000King George State Bank, Inc.
8822$440,000Marine Bank
8822$440,000American Bank of Texas, N. A. - Fredericksburg
8822$440,000St. Clair Federal Savings Bank
8822$440,000The Citizens Bank Company
8822$440,000The Dakota Western Bank
8822$440,000Countrywide Bank, FSB
8831$439,000Boatmen's Bank of Marengo
8831$439,000Cache Valley Bank
8831$439,000Commercial State Bank
8831$439,000Farmers Liberty Bank
8831$439,000First Midwest Bank of the Ozarks
8831$439,000Pinnacle Bank
8831$439,000Southeast First National Bank
8831$439,000Bank Iowa
8831$439,000First National Bank Midwest
8831$439,000Iron County Security Bank
8831$439,000State Bank of Chilton
8831$439,000The Bank
8831$439,000Century South Bank of Alabama
8831$439,000West Burlington Bank
8845$438,000Avon State Bank
8845$438,000Alliance Bank
8845$438,000First American Bank of Indian River County
8845$438,000First Capital Bank
8845$438,000First National Bank of Valley City
8845$438,000First State Bank of Blakely
8845$438,000First Bank Blue Earth
8845$438,000The First National Bank of Henry County
8845$438,000The First National Bank of Sparta
8845$438,000United State Bank
8855$437,000Bank of Alapaha
8855$437,000Banterra Bank
8855$437,000Community Bank of the Red River Valley
8855$437,000East Wisconsin Savings Bank, S.A.
8855$437,000Farmers State Bank
8855$437,000The First National Bank of Bethany
8855$437,000Labette Bank
8855$437,000The Munford Union Bank
8855$437,000Security Bank of DuPage
8855$437,000Valley Savings Bank
8865$436,000Americantrust Federal Savings Bank
8865$436,000Bank of the Lakes
8865$436,000First Federal Bank for Savings
8865$436,000First National Bank of Port Orchard
8865$436,000Roosevelt Bank
8865$436,000South Lafourche Bank & Trust Company
8865$436,000AMCORE Bank, Argyle
8865$436,000The Bank of Navasota
8865$436,000Valley Exchange Bank
8874$435,000Bank of St. Francisville
8874$435,000Oregon Community Bank & Trust
8874$435,000Family Federal Savings, F.A.
8874$435,000Farmers and Merchants Bank
8874$435,000Montgomery Savings, A Federal Savings Association
8874$435,000Northland National Bank
8874$435,000The Citizens Bank
8874$435,000AMCORE Bank, Montello
8874$435,000Tippins Bank
8874$435,000Wood County National Bank
8884$434,000Farmers and Merchants Savings Bank
8884$434,000First Citizens Bank
8884$434,000First Bank of Northern Kentucky, Inc.
8884$434,000Three Rivers Bank of Montana
8884$434,000Fraternity Federal Savings and Loan Association
8884$434,000Greeneville Federal Bank, FSB
8884$434,000Home Bank
8884$434,000Kearney State Bank and Trust Company
8884$434,000The Bank of Urbana
8884$434,000The National Bank of Malvern
8884$434,000The United Banking Company
8884$434,000United Community Bank
8896$433,000Chart Bank, A Cooperative Bank
8896$433,000The Cincinnatus Savings & Loan Co.
8896$433,000First National Bank in Cisco
8896$433,000First State Bank
8896$433,000Lee County National Bank
8896$433,000Peak National Bank
8896$433,000Arkansas Diamond Bank
8896$433,000The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company
8896$433,000The Farmers and Merchants Bank
8896$433,000United Community Bank
8906$432,000Bank of Love County
8906$432,000Citizens State Bank
8906$432,000Conneaut Savings Bank
8906$432,000Farmers and Merchants Bank
8906$432,000Farmers State Bank of Hoffman
8906$432,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association
8906$432,000First Home Savings Bank
8906$432,000Grandview Bank
8906$432,000Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of Collinsville
8906$432,000Peoples Community Bank
8906$432,000Sharon Co-operative Bank
8906$432,000The First National Bank of Henrietta
8906$432,000Alliance Bank
8906$432,000The Stockgrowers State Bank of Ashland, Kansas
8906$432,000Waycross Bank & Trust
8921$431,0001st National Community Bank
8921$431,000First Community Bank Central Texas
8921$431,000Wesbanco Bank Bridgeport, Inc.
8921$431,000First Community Bank & Trust
8921$431,000Grant County Bank
8921$431,000Redmond National Bank
8921$431,000The Citizens National Bank of Meyersdale
8921$431,000The Citizens State Bank of Ontonagon
8921$431,000The Columbus State Bank
8930$430,000Banterra Bank of Christopher
8930$430,000First Bank and Trust Company
8930$430,000First State Bank of Forsyth
8930$430,000Georgia Central Bank
8930$430,000Greenfield Banking Company
8930$430,000Park Meridian Bank
8930$430,000Pasadena State Bank
8930$430,000State Bank
8930$430,000The Security Trust and Savings Bank
8939$429,000First Federal Bank Texas
8939$429,000First Security National Bank
8939$429,000Texas Star Bank, SSB
8939$429,000Navigation Bank
8939$429,000Pacesetter Bank of Montpelier
8939$429,000Pioneer Federal Savings Bank
8939$429,000Valley Bank Minnesota
8947$428,000First Community Bank and Trust
8947$428,000Fidelity Bank of Texas
8947$428,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Kewanee
8947$428,000First National Bank in Paxton
8947$428,000First State Bank
8947$428,000Foxboro Federal Savings
8947$428,000Home Savings Bank
8947$428,000Hull State Bank
8947$428,000Preferred Bank
8947$428,000Seminole National Bank
8947$428,000The First National Bank of Sedan
8947$428,000The Friendship State Bank
8960$427,000Bank of Marlinton
8960$427,000First State Bank
8960$427,000Palmyra State Bank
8960$427,000The Farmers State Bank of Oakley, Kansas
8960$427,000The First National Bank of Floydada
8960$427,000The Merchants & Citizens Bank
8960$427,000First Farmers and Merchants Bank
8967$426,000Regions Bank
8967$426,000Wilmington Trust of Pennsylvania
8967$426,000Johnson County Bank
8967$426,000National Bank of Sallisaw
8967$426,000Northwoods Bank of Minnesota
8967$426,000Peoples Bank & Trust Company
8967$426,000Peoples Community Bank
8967$426,000Raccoon Valley State Bank
8967$426,000The First National Bank of Baird
8967$426,000The Hondo National Bank
8967$426,000The Pleasant Hope Bank
8967$426,000Hamilton Savings Bank
8967$426,000Wake Forest Federal Savings and Loan Association
8980$425,000Bank of Brinkley
8980$425,000Brookhollow National Bank
8980$425,000Castroville State Bank
8980$425,000Mercantile Bank of Onawa
8980$425,000Mohave State Bank
8980$425,000Sundance State Bank
8980$425,000Webster County Bank
8987$424,000Auburn State Bank
8987$424,000Community Bank of Maryland
8987$424,000Citizens State Bank and Trust Company
8987$424,000Farmers Bank of Portageville
8987$424,000Intercity State Bank
8987$424,000Peoples National Bank of Mora
8987$424,000The First National Bank of Lake Providence
8995$423,000Americana National Bank
8995$423,000Bank of Cave City
8995$423,000Dacotah Bank
8995$423,000Crockett National Bank
8995$423,000First Bank & Trust Company
8995$423,000First State Bank
8995$423,000Franklin National Bank of Minneapolis
8995$423,000Lafayette Federal Savings Bank
8995$423,000Lake Country State Bank
8995$423,000River Falls State Bank
8995$423,000Security Federal Savings Bank
8995$423,000The First National Bank of Ottawa
8995$423,000The Mercantile Bank of Louisiana, Missouri
9008$422,000Bank of Belton
9008$422,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Bath
9008$422,000Heartland National Bank
9008$422,000Geauga Savings Bank
9008$422,000Inter Savings Bank, fsb D/B/A Interbank, fsb
9008$422,000Nashoba Bank
9008$422,000Teche Bank & Trust Co.
9008$422,000The First National Bank of Dryden
9008$422,000Pilot Bank
9008$422,000Tompkins State Bank
9008$422,000Union Bank, Inc.
9008$422,000Union State Bank
9020$421,000Bank of Monticello
9020$421,000Clay County Savings Bank
9020$421,000Electra State Bank and Trust Company
9020$421,000SouthFirst Bank
9020$421,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Allen Parish
9020$421,000First National Bank
9020$421,000Kirkwood Bank & Trust Co.
9020$421,000Newport Federal Bank
9020$421,000Oak Valley Community Bank
9020$421,000Park State Bank & Trust
9020$421,000Iowa State Bank
9020$421,000Sweet Water State Bank
9020$421,000The Baldwin State Bank
9020$421,000The Camden National Bank
9020$421,000Colorado Community First National Bank
9020$421,000The Halstead Bank
9020$421,000The Union Bank
9020$421,000UMB Farmers National Bank of Abilene
9020$421,000United Nebraska Bank
9039$420,000Bank of Maringouin
9039$420,000Berean Bank
9039$420,000Heritage Bank of North Florida
9039$420,000Elderton State Bank
9039$420,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Van Wert
9039$420,000First Community Bank
9039$420,000Royal American Bank
9039$420,000The First National Bank of Chelsea
9039$420,000The Grange National Bank of Susquehanna County at New Milford
9039$420,000The Village Bank of St. Louis County
9049$419,000First Volunteer Bank of the Upper Cumberlands
9049$419,000First National Bank
9049$419,000Morganton Federal Savings and Loan Association
9049$419,000NCB, FSB
9049$419,000Rosemount National Bank
9049$419,000The First State Bank of Munich
9049$419,000Mercantile Bank
9049$419,000Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri
9057$418,000American Heritage Bank
9057$418,000Bank of Ash Grove
9057$418,000Bank of Little Rock
9057$418,000Central Bank and Trust
9057$418,000Citizens State Bank of Loyal
9057$418,000Columbus Junction State Bank
9057$418,000First Colonial Bank of McHenry County
9057$418,000Garden Plain State Bank
9057$418,000Lake State Bank
9057$418,000The Bank of Ocilla, Georgia
9057$418,000The First National Bank of Quinter
9057$418,000Midstates Bank
9057$418,000Thornridge State Bank
9057$418,000Virginia Heartland Bank
9057$418,000Westmoreland Federal Savings and Loan Association
9072$417,000Citizens National Bank of Springfield
9072$417,000Citizens Savings Bank
9072$417,000First Fidelity Savings Bank, F.S.B.
9072$417,000Johnson County Bank
9072$417,000The Bank of Brodhead
9072$417,000The Farmers and Merchants Bank
9072$417,000The Farmers National Bank of Stafford
9072$417,000The First National Bank of Odon
9072$417,000The Peoples National Bank and Trust Company of Burlington
9072$417,000Wyman Park Federal Savings and Loan Association
9082$416,000Community State Bank
9082$416,000First Illinois National Bank
9082$416,000First National Bank at Marianna
9082$416,000First State Bank of Sauk Centre
9082$416,000Commonwealth Co-operative Bank
9082$416,000Morgan Bank
9082$416,000Old Line Bank
9082$416,000Piggott State Bank
9082$416,000Richton Bank & Trust Company
9082$416,000Security Bank and Trust Co.
9082$416,000Community Bank of the Arbuckles
9082$416,000The Albion National Bank
9082$416,000The First National Bank
9082$416,000The First National Bank of Tahoka
9082$416,000The First State Bank of Shelby
9082$416,000Northwestern Bank
9082$416,000Turnberry Bank
9099$415,0001st Source Bank of Starke County
9099$415,000First Carnegie Deposit
9099$415,000Iowa State Bank
9099$415,000The Bank of Adamsville
9099$415,000Sunstate Bank
9099$415,000Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri
9099$415,000The Miners National Bank of Eveleth
9099$415,000Pioneer Bank of Wisconsin
9099$415,000The Pleasant Hill Bank
9099$415,000The Santa Anna National Bank
9099$415,000The Twin Valley Bank
9111$414,000Bank of Hindman
9111$414,000First Financial Bank
9111$414,000Union Planters Bank of Central Arkansas
9111$414,000Greenville Savings Bank
9111$414,000Independent Farmers Bank
9111$414,000Liberty Bank
9111$414,000Oostburg State Bank
9111$414,000The Bank of St. Charles County
9111$414,000BTC Bank
9111$414,000The Goose River Bank
9111$414,000Union State Bank
9122$413,000First Citizens Bank of Butte
9122$413,000Greenleaf Wayside Bank
9122$413,000Island Bank of Collier County
9122$413,000Mercantile Bank, Mammoth Spring, Arkansas
9122$413,000Stroud National Bank
9122$413,000The Bank of Brunswick
9122$413,000The Farmers State Bank
9122$413,000Arkansas County Bank
9122$413,000The Old National Bank of Huntington
9122$413,000The State Bank of Toledo
9132$412,000Alpine Bank, Grand Junction
9132$412,000Premier Bank of the South
9132$412,000First State Bank of Fort Benton
9132$412,000Fordyce Bank & Trust Co.
9132$412,000Liberty Trust & Savings Bank
9132$412,000Miners Exchange Bank
9132$412,000North Alabama Bank
9132$412,000Carolina First Bank, a Federal Savings Bank
9132$412,000Cornerstone Community Bank
9132$412,000The First National Bank of Garrett
9132$412,000Thomaston Federal Savings Bank
9144$411,000Magnolia Bank, Incorporated
9144$411,000Alaska First Bank & Trust
9144$411,000First Northern Savings Bank, a Savings and Loan Association
9144$411,000Liberty State Bank
9144$411,000Merchants Bank
9144$411,000Monroe County Bank
9144$411,000Boulevard Bank
9144$411,000Spur Security Bank
9144$411,000The Farmers and Merchants Bank
9144$411,000The Seymour Bank
9154$410,000Statewide Bank
9154$410,000Bank of Grand Junction
9154$410,000Black River Country Bank
9154$410,000McMullen Bank
9154$410,000Bank Name Not Available
9154$410,000The Hernando County Bank
9154$410,000The National Union Bank of Kinderhook
9154$410,000The North Salem State Bank
9154$410,000The Old Second Community Bank of Aurora
9154$410,000Webster City Federal Savings Bank
9165$409,000American Federal Bank, A Federal Savings Bank
9165$409,000Central Bank of Georgia
9165$409,000Central Bank of Missouri
9165$409,000Cherryville Federal Savings and Loan Association
9165$409,000Community First Bank
9165$409,000FirsTier Bank
9165$409,000Heritage Bank, Inc.
9165$409,000Perry State Bank
9165$409,000Reliance State Bank
9165$409,000River Bank
9165$409,000The Bank of Cameron, Inc.
9165$409,000The Bank
9165$409,000The First National Bank of Wills Point
9165$409,000UMB North Plaza State Bank
9179$408,000Bank of Zumbrota
9179$408,000Community State Bank of Rock Falls
9179$408,000Farmers and Merchants Bank
9179$408,000First Coast Community Bank
9179$408,000Flathead Bank of Bigfork, Montana
9179$408,000Hoosier Heartland State Bank
9179$408,000Steel Valley Bank
9179$408,000The Bank of Livingston
9179$408,000The Bank of McMechen
9179$408,000The First National Bank of Syracuse
9179$408,000The Johnson State Bank
9179$408,000United Labor Bank, F.S.B.
9191$407,000Sterling Bank
9191$407,000Burlington Bank
9191$407,000Citizens Bank
9191$407,000F & M Community Bank
9191$407,000Northside Bank of Tampa
9191$407,000Bank Name Not Available
9191$407,000Pioneer Community Bank, Inc.
9191$407,000First Volunteer Bank of East Tennessee
9191$407,000The Scott County Bank
9191$407,000The Terra Alta Bank
9191$407,000The Wanda State Bank
9191$407,000Town-Country National Bank
9191$407,000Rocky Mountain Bank
9204$406,000First Western Bank
9204$406,000Banterra Bank of Hamilton County
9204$406,000Church Point Bank and Trust Company
9204$406,000Citizens First Bank
9204$406,000Citizens National Bank
9204$406,000Community First Bank, Inc.
9204$406,000Fidelity Federal Savings Bank
9204$406,000Kentucky Federal Savings and Loan Association
9204$406,000OMNIBANK Iliff
9204$406,000Peoples Savings Bank
9204$406,000Sanger Bank
9204$406,000Sincere Federal Savings Bank
9204$406,000The Bank of Paden City
9204$406,000The First National Bank of Taft
9204$406,000The First State Bank of Eden Prairie
9219$405,000Ackley State Bank
9219$405,000Bank of Hillsboro
9219$405,000Charter Bank and Trust Co.
9219$405,000First Federal Community Bank of Bucyrus
9219$405,000First Bank and Trust of Fullerton
9219$405,000First National Bank in Pawhuska
9219$405,000Investment Savings Bank
9219$405,000Peoples Bank
9219$405,000Pinnacle Bank
9219$405,000First State Bank
9219$405,000Welch State Bank of Welch, Okla.
9230$404,000Community National Bank of Sarasota County
9230$404,000First State Bank of Beardstown, Illinois
9230$404,000First Bank and Trust
9230$404,000Hibernia Bank
9230$404,000The First National Bank of Sterling City
9230$404,000The North Cincinnati Savings Bank, Inc.
9230$404,000The Stockton National Bank
9237$403,000Coastal Community Bank
9237$403,000Bank of Amity
9237$403,000City Bank of Childersburg
9237$403,000Farmers & Merchants Bank
9237$403,000First Bank of Linden
9237$403,000Garnett State Savings Bank
9237$403,000Kent Bank
9237$403,000Lincoln Bank South
9237$403,000Southwest Suburban Bank
9237$403,000The Bank of Rector
9237$403,000Norwest Bank Texas, Premont
9237$403,000The Litchfield National Bank
9237$403,000Western Bank of Wolf Point
9251$402,000Bank of North Carolina
9251$402,000Brentwood Bank
9251$402,000Duncanville National Bank
9251$402,000Farmers State Bank
9251$402,000Granite Savings Bank
9251$402,000Royal Oak Savings Bank, F.S.B.
9251$402,000The Citizens Bank
9251$402,000The Farmers Bank of Lynchburg
9251$402,000The First National Bank of Hooker
9251$402,000The Lancaster National Bank
9251$402,000Minnwest Bank South
9262$401,000Calumet County Bank
9262$401,000Farmers Bank and Trust Company
9262$401,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Montana
9262$401,000Parkway Bank of Schaumburg
9262$401,000Wayne National Bank
9267$400,000Coal City National Bank
9267$400,000Central Fidelity Bank
9267$400,000Bank Iowa
9267$400,000Security State Bank
9267$400,000Slovenian Savings and Loan Association of Franklin-Conemaugh
9267$400,000The Bank of Monroe
9267$400,000The Gordon Bank
9267$400,000Wesbanco Bank Sissonville
9275$399,000Dakota State Bank
9275$399,000Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Pierz
9275$399,000First National Bank Northeast
9275$399,000First South Bank
9275$399,000Oak Hill Banks
9275$399,000North Penn Bank
9275$399,000United Community Bank
9275$399,000The Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Virden, Illinois
9275$399,000Town & Country State Bank of Winona
9275$399,000Walters Bank and Trust Company
9275$399,000Williamsburg National Bank
9275$399,000Williamsville State Bank & Trust
9288$398,000American Bank
9288$398,000BCBank, Inc.
9288$398,000Citizens State Bank of Calhoun
9288$398,000Eastbrook State Bank
9288$398,000Mountain Community Bank
9288$398,000Pike County Bank
9288$398,000Rio Grande Savings and Loan Association
9288$398,000The Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Fairview
9288$398,000The Farmers Bank
9297$397,000Home Savings of America
9297$397,000Dalhart Federal Savings & Loan Association, SSB
9297$397,000Erin Bank & Trust Company
9297$397,000Century Bank - Arkansas
9297$397,000Patriots Bank
9297$397,000Normangee State Bank
9297$397,000The Security State Bank
9297$397,000Stockmens National Bank
9297$397,000Crawford County Bank
9306$396,000Farmer City State Bank
9306$396,000First FSB of Mascoutah
9306$396,000Pinnacle Bank
9306$396,000Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust Co.
9306$396,000Gilmer Savings Bank FSB
9306$396,000Illini State Bank
9306$396,000Metro Bank
9306$396,000Commerce Bank Texas
9306$396,000The American National Bank of Mount Pleasant
9306$396,000Capstone Bank
9316$395,000American National Bank of Pottsboro
9316$395,000BLC Community Bank
9316$395,000Cabool State Bank
9316$395,000Crete State Bank
9316$395,000Ameriana Bank of Ohio, F.S.B.
9316$395,000First Kansas Bank
9316$395,000Starion Financial
9316$395,000Omni Bank
9316$395,000The Delaware County Bank
9316$395,000Centennial Bank of the West
9316$395,000The First National Bank of Shiner
9316$395,000Security Bank
9328$394,000Bank of Dudley
9328$394,000Bank of Gibson City
9328$394,000Boatmen's Bank of Vandalia
9328$394,000Colfax Banking Company
9328$394,000First Bank of the South
9328$394,000Hometown Bank
9328$394,000State Bank of Belle Plaine
9328$394,000State Bank of Park Rapids
9328$394,000The Central National Bank and Trust Company
9328$394,000The Citizens National Bank of McConnelsville
9328$394,000The Elizabeth State Bank
9328$394,000The First State Bank
9328$394,000The Montrose State Bank
9341$393,000West Michigan Community Bank
9341$393,000Bank of Wedowee
9341$393,000Shirley Co-operative Bank
9341$393,000The Lynnville National Bank
9341$393,000UMB Bank
9341$393,000Valdosta Bank and Trust
9347$392,000Audubon State Bank
9347$392,000Bank of Doniphan
9347$392,000Commercial State Bank of Waterloo
9347$392,000Empire Bank
9347$392,000First State Bank of Stevensville, Montana
9347$392,000Peoples Bank of Columbus Junction
9347$392,000Pioneer Federal Savings and Loan Association
9347$392,000Metro United Bank
9355$391,000Citizens State Bank
9355$391,000Colonial Co-operative Bank
9355$391,000First American Bank of Larimore
9355$391,000Colorado Community First National Bank
9355$391,000Home Bank and Trust Company
9355$391,000Home Federal Savings Bank
9355$391,000Norwest Bank Waseca
9355$391,000Public Service Bank, a federal savings bank
9355$391,000The American National Bank of Kimball
9355$391,000The Commercial Bank
9355$391,000The Gunnison Bank and Trust Company
9355$391,000The Harrison Deposit Bank and Trust Company
9355$391,000The Home Savings and Loan Company of Kenton, Ohio
9368$390,000American Bank and Trust
9368$390,000American Savings Bank
9368$390,000Exchange Bank
9368$390,000Farmers State Bank & Trust Co.
9368$390,000Independent National Bank
9368$390,000Lamar Bank and Trust Company
9368$390,000Peoples State Bank
9368$390,000Root River State Bank
9368$390,000Security State Bank of Hamilton
9368$390,000The First National Bank of Dieterich
9368$390,000Winterset State Bank
9379$389,000Arlington State Bank
9379$389,000Bank of Dooly
9379$389,000Citizens First State Bank of Walnut
9379$389,000Citizens' Bank of Charleston
9379$389,000Custer Federal Savings and Loan Association
9379$389,000FMB Bank
9379$389,000Farmers Exchange Bank
9379$389,000Farmers State Bank
9379$389,000Fayette Federal Savings Bank
9379$389,000First National Bank of Chillicothe
9379$389,000Glendale Co-operative Bank
9379$389,000Mayflower Federal Savings Bank
9379$389,000Mifflin County Savings Bank
9379$389,000Saline State Bank
9393$388,000Chippewa Valley Bank
9393$388,000Citizens Bank of Morgantown, Inc.
9393$388,000Farmers State Bank
9393$388,000First Commercial Bank of Southeast Missouri
9393$388,000Illinois One Bank
9393$388,000Home State Bank
9393$388,000First National Bank
9393$388,000The Bellbrook Community Bank
9393$388,000The Citizens National Bank of Akron
9393$388,000The First Bank of Celeste
9393$388,000First Bank and Trust Company
9393$388,000United Security Savings Bank, F.S.B.
9405$387,000Bank of Albertville
9405$387,000Bank of Athens
9405$387,000The Lake Bank
9405$387,000Farmers and Merchants Savings Bank
9405$387,000Farmers State Bank
9405$387,000First Bank
9405$387,000Century South Bank of Dawsonville
9405$387,000First National Bank of Sachse
9405$387,000Maryland Permanent Bank & Trust Company
9405$387,000Zia New Mexico Bank
9405$387,000The Farmers State Bank
9405$387,000The First National Bank of Coweta
9405$387,000Blue Ridge Bank
9405$387,000Towne Bank
9420$386,000Adrian Bank
9420$386,000First National Bank in Dalhart
9420$386,000First Seminole Bank
9420$386,000Grand Valley Bank
9420$386,000Hiawatha National Bank
9420$386,000Northstar Bank of Texas
9420$386,000Liberty Bank
9420$386,000The First National Bank of Nevada, Missouri
9428$385,000Southern Bank
9428$385,000Citizens State Bank of St. James
9428$385,000Dilley State Bank
9428$385,000First Safety Bank
9428$385,000First State Bank of Randolph County
9428$385,000First State Bank
9428$385,000Triumph Savings Bank, SSB
9428$385,000Holcomb State Bank
9428$385,000Peoples Security Bank
9428$385,000The Citizens Bank
9428$385,000The Lyon County State Bank
9439$384,000American Bank
9439$384,000Valley Bank of Maryland
9439$384,000First National Bank of Oklahoma
9439$384,000First State Bank
9439$384,000Mutual Bank
9439$384,000Affinity Bank
9439$384,000High Plains Bank
9439$384,000The Libertyville Savings Bank
9447$383,000Bank of Cairo and Moberly
9447$383,000The Union Bank of Bryant
9447$383,000Citizens Bank
9447$383,000First Community Bank of Southwest Virginia, Inc.
9447$383,000Commercial State Bank
9447$383,000First Federal Bank
9447$383,000Union Planters Bank of Southeast Missouri
9447$383,000First National Bank of Chester
9447$383,000Castle Rock Bank
9447$383,000UNICO Bank
9447$383,000Mutual Federal Savings Bank of Plymouth County
9447$383,000Rock River Bank
9447$383,000The Cheyenne County State Bank
9447$383,000The National Bank of Rockwell City
9447$383,000Union State Bank
9462$382,000Baker County Bank
9462$382,000Bank of Frankewing
9462$382,000First State Bank of Red Bud
9462$382,000Golden Pacific Bank
9462$382,000Mercantile Bank of Osceola County
9462$382,000The First National Bank of Beardstown
9462$382,000The Whiteville Bank
9469$381,000Commerce Bank Corporation
9469$381,000Hart County Bank and Trust Company
9469$381,000Montana State Bank
9469$381,000Peoples Bank
9469$381,000Security State Bank
9469$381,000Frontier Bank
9469$381,000The Citizens National Bank of Quitman
9469$381,000The First National Bank of Anson
9477$380,000Alliance National Bank and Trust Company
9477$380,000Citizens Home Bank
9477$380,000Farmers State Bank
9477$380,000Fayetteville Bank
9477$380,000First National Bank
9477$380,000First National Bank of Estes Park
9477$380,000First National Bank, Sallisaw
9477$380,000First Financial Bank
9477$380,000Midwest Community Bank
9477$380,000Ringling State Bank
9477$380,000Stone Oak National Bank
9477$380,000The Fairmount State Bank
9477$380,000The First National Bank of Scott City
9477$380,000Van Wert Federal Savings Bank
9477$380,000Yellow Medicine County Bank
9492$379,000The Citizens Bank of East Tennessee
9492$379,000Citizens State Bank
9492$379,000Citizens State Bank of Montgomery
9492$379,000American Interstate Bank
9492$379,000Fidelity Bank & Trust
9492$379,000Freeport State Bank
9492$379,000Pacific State Bank
9492$379,000Southwest Bank
9492$379,000The First National Bank of Berlin
9492$379,000The Jersey Bank for Savings
9492$379,000First Heritage Bank
9492$379,000Vision Bank
9504$378,000Anderson County Bank
9504$378,000Bank of Eastern Oregon
9504$378,000Community First State Bank of Lemmon
9504$378,000First Heritage National Bank
9504$378,000First National Bank in Fredonia
9504$378,000German-American State Bank
9504$378,000Loomis Federal Savings and Loan Association
9504$378,000Plantation Federal Bank
9504$378,000Amicus FSB
9504$378,000Capaha Bank, SB
9504$378,000First & Farmers National Bank, Inc.
9504$378,000The Peoples Bank
9516$377,000The First National Bank
9516$377,000Bank St. Croix
9516$377,000Branford State Bank
9516$377,000Chinatown Federal Savings Bank
9516$377,000First East Side Savings Bank
9516$377,000First National Bank and Trust
9516$377,000First National Bank
9516$377,000The Bank of Old Monroe
9516$377,000The Dolores State Bank
9516$377,000Bank of The Rockies
9516$377,000The Kiowa State Bank
9516$377,000Valley State Bank
9528$376,000American Bank & Trust
9528$376,000Farmers State Bank of Munith
9528$376,000First National Bank in Wewoka
9528$376,000First Community Bank
9528$376,000First Volunteer Bank
9528$376,000State Bank of Herscher
9528$376,000The First National Bank of Eldorado
9528$376,000The Merchants and Farmers Bank of Salisbury
9528$376,000The Security State Bank
9528$376,000Tri-County Bank
9528$376,000Walton Bank & Trust Co.
9539$375,000Benchmark Federal Savings Bank
9539$375,000First National Bank of Effingham
9539$375,000Valley Bank & Trust
9539$375,000Miners Bank
9539$375,000Spratt Savings and Loan Association
9539$375,000The Bank of Millen
9539$375,000The Bank of New Glarus
9539$375,000CSB State Bank
9539$375,000Town & Country Bank
9548$374,000Brownsville Deposit Bank
9548$374,000The Commercial Bank
9548$374,000County National Bank
9548$374,000Farmers and Merchants Bank
9548$374,000First Bank and Trust of Childress
9548$374,000Laurens State Bank
9548$374,000Morehead Bank
9548$374,000Mutual Savings Bank, FSB
9548$374,000Peoples Savings and Loan Association of Monticello Indiana
9548$374,000The Bank of Fort Atkinson
9548$374,000The Citizens Bank
9548$374,000The First National Bank in Ontonagon
9548$374,000Warren-Boynton State Bank
9561$373,000Bank of Louisiana
9561$373,000C&L Bank
9561$373,000Flagship Bank Winsted
9561$373,000Escambia County Bank
9561$373,000United Community Bank Rabun County
9561$373,000First State Bank
9561$373,000Merchants & Farmers Bank
9561$373,000Bank Name Not Available
9561$373,000FNB West Texas
9561$373,000The Ken-Caryl Bank
9561$373,000State Financial Bank-Waterford
9572$372,000Central State Bank
9572$372,000Farmers & Traders Bank of Campton
9572$372,000Farmers National Bank
9572$372,000First Collinsville Bank
9572$372,000First National Bank
9572$372,000First National Bank
9572$372,000Lovelady State Bank
9572$372,000Katy Bank
9572$372,000Minnwest Bank Ortonville
9572$372,000Diamond Bank, FSB
9572$372,000Sheridan State Bank
9572$372,000The Bank of Abbeville
9572$372,000The Citizens State Bank
9572$372,000The Eudora Bank
9572$372,000The Farmers Bank of Osborne
9572$372,000The First National Bank in Wadena
9572$372,000The Morris Plan Company of Terre Haute, Inc.
9572$372,000Valley Merchants Bank
9572$372,000Hometown Bank of the Hudson Valley
9572$372,000Yampa Valley National Bank
9592$371,000First Volunteer Bank of Middle Tennessee
9592$371,000Grinnell State Bank
9592$371,000Jackson Savings Bank, SSB
9592$371,000Merchants & Farmers Bank
9592$371,000North Texas Bank and Trust
9592$371,000Rockdale Community Bank
9592$371,000Bank Star
9592$371,000Security State Bank
9592$371,000The First National Bank of Henning
9592$371,000The First National Bank of Hoxie
9592$371,000The Peoples Bank
9592$371,000Western Community Bank
9592$371,000Westview Savings Bank
9605$370,000Bank of Inola
9605$370,000Citizens State Bank of Milford
9605$370,000First National Bank of Montgomery
9605$370,000First State Bank
9605$370,000Lost Pines National Bank
9605$370,000The Bank of Commerce
9605$370,000The Farmers and Traders Bank
9605$370,000The First National Bank of Ainsworth
9605$370,000The Peshtigo National Bank
9605$370,000Oak Hill Banks
9615$369,000River Town Bank
9615$369,000Bank of Prescott
9615$369,000City Bank & Trust Co.
9615$369,000Coffee County Bank
9615$369,000Concordia Bank of Concordia, Missouri
9615$369,000Dearborn Savings Bank
9615$369,000Fidelity Bank of Florida
9615$369,000First Bank and Trust
9615$369,000First Federal Bank Littlefield, Texas
9615$369,000First State Bank in Archer City
9615$369,000Lakeside State Bank
9615$369,000Minonk State Bank
9615$369,000The Fidelity Bank
9615$369,000The Home National Bank of Thorntown
9615$369,000The Yellowstone Bank
9615$369,000Western Oregon Community Bank
9631$368,000Boatmen's Bank of Kalona
9631$368,000Community State Bank
9631$368,000Intervest Bank
9631$368,000Bank Midwest
9631$368,000First National Bank and Trust Company in Gibson City
9631$368,000KCB Bank
9631$368,000Marathon State Bank
9631$368,000Commercial Capital Bank, FSB
9631$368,000Mount Diablo National Bank
9631$368,000State Bank & Trust of Kenmare
9631$368,000Texas Heritage Savings Association/banc
9631$368,000Community First Bank
9631$368,000Wemple State Bank
9644$367,000Abbeville Building & Loan (A State-Chartered Savings Bank)
9644$367,000Homestead Bank
9644$367,000First National Bank of Hamilton
9644$367,000Titan Bank, N.A.
9644$367,000Marshall Savings Bank, F.S.B.
9644$367,000The Edon State Bank Company of Edon, Ohio
9650$366,000Bank of Chapmanville
9650$366,000Bank of Kampsville
9650$366,000S & C Bank, Somerset
9650$366,000First State Bank of Odem
9650$366,000Freeland State Bank
9650$366,000Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of Niles
9650$366,000Inter Bank
9650$366,000Mid America Bank
9650$366,000Peoples Bank of Louisiana
9650$366,000The First National Bank of Barry
9650$366,000The First National Bank of Pauls Valley
9650$366,000The Winters State Bank
9662$365,000Bank of Gleason
9662$365,000Cecil Bank
9662$365,000First National Bank of Jefferson County
9662$365,000First State Bank
9662$365,000First State Bank Langdon
9662$365,000Gouverneur Savings and Loan Association
9662$365,000Investors Savings Bank of S.C., Inc.
9662$365,000Savanna State Bank
9662$365,000Texas Champion Bank
9662$365,000Community Bank and Trust - West Georgia
9662$365,000The State Bank of Coloma
9662$365,000Union Savings and Loan Association
9674$364,000Auburn Banking Company
9674$364,000Bank of Florida in Miami
9674$364,000Mainstreet Bank
9674$364,000Fifth Third Trust Co. and Savings Bank, F.S.B.
9674$364,000First State Bank
9674$364,000Norwest National Bank
9674$364,000Liberty Bank & Trust
9674$364,000Llano National Bank
9674$364,000Parkville Federal Savings Bank
9674$364,000Roseville Community Bank
9674$364,000American Bank of the North
9674$364,000The First National Bank of Centralia
9674$364,000Wilson State Bank
9687$363,000Bank of Turtle Lake
9687$363,000Citizens State Bank
9687$363,000First National Bank
9687$363,000Okey-Vernon First National Bank
9687$363,000Pilgrim Bank
9687$363,000State Bank of Southwest Missouri
9687$363,000The Bank
9687$363,000The Lauderdale County Bank
9687$363,000Big Bend Banks, N.A.
9687$363,000The Oakwood Deposit Bank Company
9687$363,000The University National Bank of Lawrence
9699$362,000Bank of Georgia
9699$362,000Burt County State Bank
9699$362,000Doral Bank
9699$362,000F & M Bank-Lancaster
9699$362,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Hastings
9699$362,000First National Bank of Dublin
9699$362,000First Neodesha Bank
9699$362,000First State Bank
9699$362,000Grand Marsh State Bank
9699$362,000Horry County State Bank
9699$362,000Mid-Central Federal Savings Bank
9699$362,000Paragon Bank & Trust
9699$362,000Richardson County Bank & Trust Company
9699$362,000First Bank, A Federal Savings Bank
9699$362,000The Bartlett Farmers Bank
9699$362,000The Marathon Bank
9699$362,000Union National Bank
9699$362,000Walcott Trust and Savings Bank
9699$362,000Pinnacle State Bank
9718$361,000Bank of Chenoa
9718$361,000Bank of the Panhandle
9718$361,000Bedford Federal Savings Bank
9718$361,000First Service Bank
9718$361,000First State Bank of Missouri
9718$361,000Goodhue State Bank
9718$361,000Merrimac Savings Bank
9718$361,000Security State Bank of Warroad
9718$361,000The Citizens Bank of Higginsport, Ohio
9718$361,000Central Bank
9718$361,000The First National Bank of Wakefield
9718$361,000The State Bank
9718$361,000First Farmers & Merchants National Bank
9731$360,000Wesbanco Bank Morgantown, Inc.
9731$360,000Farmers State Bank Chadwick and Mount Carroll
9731$360,000First National Bank in Munday
9731$360,0001st Bank of Sea Isle City
9731$360,000First State Bank
9731$360,000Park Forest National Bank
9731$360,000Regal Bank & Trust
9731$360,000Security National Bank
9731$360,000Pinnacle Bank
9731$360,000The First National Bank of Stratton
9731$360,000The First State Bank
9731$360,000Utah Independent Bank
9744$359,000Park Bank
9744$359,000Bank Star of the BootHeel
9744$359,000Banterra Bank of Norris City
9744$359,000American Interstate Bank
9744$359,000First United Bank
9744$359,000Henderson Federal Savings Bank
9744$359,000Home City Federal Savings Bank of Springfield
9744$359,000KeySavings Bank
9744$359,000Marquette Savings Bank, S.A.
9744$359,000Millville Savings and Loan Association
9744$359,000The Grant State Bank
9755$358,000Albion Federal Savings and Loan Association
9755$358,000Rural American Bank - Luck
9755$358,000First State Bank
9755$358,000Monroe Federal Savings and Loan Association
9755$358,000Community Bank of Louisiana
9755$358,000The Citizens State Bank of Ouray
9755$358,000Commodore Bank
9755$358,000Webb City Bank
9763$357,000Brookings Federal Bank, a federal savings bank
9763$357,000Colorado Mountain Bank
9763$357,000Fairfax State Savings Bank
9763$357,000First Bank and Trust Company
9763$357,000First Farmers Bank and Trust Company
9763$357,000Gateway Bank of St. Louis
9763$357,000Guthrie Federal Savings Bank
9763$357,000Southwest State Bank
9763$357,000Surety Bank
9763$357,000The First National Bank of Peterstown
9763$357,000The Hamler State Bank
9763$357,000Woodlands Bank
9775$356,000Bank of Commerce
9775$356,000Farmers State Bank of Valmeyer
9775$356,000First Bank
9775$356,000First County Bank
9775$356,000Range Bank - Copper Country
9775$356,000Heritage Bank
9775$356,000Mineola Community Bank, S.S.B.
9775$356,000Peoples Bank of Greensboro
9775$356,000Community National Bank
9784$355,000Blue Chip Savings Bank
9784$355,000Cleburne State Bank
9784$355,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association
9784$355,000Uvalde National Bank
9784$355,000First Security Bank of Malta
9784$355,000Roxbury-Highland Co-operative Bank
9784$355,000State Bank of Cherry
9784$355,000Streator Home Building and Loan Association
9784$355,000The Bank of Burlington
9784$355,000The Kearny County Bank
9784$355,000First Jackson Bank, Inc.
9795$354,000Big Sky Western Bank
9795$354,000Exchange State Bank
9795$354,000First Federal Savings Bank of Lincolnton
9795$354,000First National Bank
9795$354,000First State Bank of Harvey
9795$354,000Maritime Bank & Trust Company
9795$354,000ProGrowth Bank
9795$354,000Century South Bank of Lavonia
9795$354,000Peoples Independent Bank
9795$354,000One Valley Bank, FSB
9795$354,000Centrue Bank
9795$354,000The Bank of Fayette County
9795$354,000The Napoleon State Bank
9795$354,000The State Bank of Townsend
9795$354,000Union Bank of Blair
9810$353,000Beverly Bank of Lockport
9810$353,000First Bank
9810$353,000Latimer State Bank
9810$353,000Bank Iowa
9810$353,000New River Bank
9810$353,000State-Investors Bank
9810$353,000The Covington Savings and Loan Association
9818$352,000Bank Northwest
9818$352,000Bank of Halls
9818$352,000The Community Bank
9818$352,000F & M Bank-Appleton
9818$352,000First Citizens Bank of Polson
9818$352,000First Bank & Trust
9818$352,000First State Bank of DeKalb County
9818$352,000Heritage Bank, a Federal Savings Bank
9818$352,000Homestead Bank
9818$352,000The Fort Jennings State Bank
9818$352,000Tomahawk Community Bank S.S.B.
9818$352,000Marseilles Bank
9830$351,000Community National Bank in Monmouth
9830$351,000Midwest Bank
9830$351,000Midstate Federal Savings and Loan Association
9830$351,000Texas Premier Bank
9830$351,000Peoples State Bank
9830$351,000The First National Bank of Carlisle
9830$351,000The State Bank of Ewen
9830$351,000United Nebraska Bank, O'Neill
9838$350,000Bank of Delight
9838$350,000First Community Bank
9838$350,000Mountain West Bank of Kalispell
9838$350,000De Anza Bank
9838$350,000First State Bank of Donalsonville
9838$350,000First National Bank, Torrington
9838$350,000Lewis County Bank
9838$350,000Minnwest Bank Dawson
9838$350,000National Bank of Earlville
9838$350,000Heritage Community Bank
9838$350,000PNA Bank
9849$349,0001st Security Bank of Laurel
9849$349,000Community Bank
9849$349,000Citizens Bank & Trust Company
9849$349,000First State Bank of Swanville
9849$349,000DACOTAH BANK
9849$349,000Glenwood State Bank (Incorporated)
9849$349,000Kaw Valley State Bank and Trust Company
9849$349,000Mercantile Bank
9849$349,000Perpetual State Bank
9849$349,000Putnam State Bank
9849$349,000The First National Bank of Westville
9849$349,000The Rio Grande County Bank
9861$348,000Blue Ridge Bank
9861$348,000Brush Country Bank
9861$348,000Community Bank
9861$348,000First Commerce Bank
9861$348,000First National Bank of Benton
9861$348,000Founders Bank & Trust
9861$348,000Hodge Bank & Trust Company
9861$348,000Homeland Federal Savings Bank
9861$348,000Liberty Bank & Trust
9861$348,000Longview National Bank
9861$348,000The Arkansas Bank
9861$348,000The First National Bank of Falmouth
9861$348,000Midwest Bank
9875$347,000Bank of Brookfield - Purdin
9875$347,000Belmont Federal Savings and Loan Association
9875$347,000Bitterroot Valley Bank
9875$347,000Cincinnati Federal Savings and Loan Association
9875$347,000Citizens State Bank
9875$347,000Community First National Bank of Lidgerwood
9875$347,000Dacotah Bank - Valley City
9875$347,000First American Bank of Pelham
9875$347,000Guaranty Savings Bank
9875$347,000Kentucky Savings Bank, FSB
9875$347,000Mississippi Southern Bank
9875$347,000Mokena State Bank
9875$347,000Scotland Savings Bank, SSB
9875$347,000Twin Lakes Community Bank
9875$347,000The First National Bank of Oakes
9890$346,000Anadarko Bank and Trust Company
9890$346,000United Community Bank
9890$346,000Farmers State Bank
9890$346,000Federated Bank
9890$346,000First Bank of Arkansas
9890$346,000First National Bank in Georgetown
9890$346,000First National Bank of Glenwood
9890$346,000First National Bank of Sheridan
9890$346,000Miners & Merchants Bank
9890$346,000The National Bank of Adams County of West Union
9890$346,000The Peoples National Bank of Rural Valley
9890$346,000Wellesley Bank
9902$345,000Colony Bank Worth
9902$345,000Central Coast National Bank
9902$345,000First Community Bank
9902$345,000The Bank of Grain Valley
9902$345,000The City National Bank of San Saba
9902$345,000The First National Bank of Carrollton
9902$345,000Great Lakes Bank
9910$344,000Bank of Brewton
9910$344,000Covington County Bank
9910$344,000East Prospect State Bank
9910$344,000Farmers and Mechanics Federal Savings and Loan Association
9910$344,000Pinnacle Bank
9910$344,000Reliabank Dakota
9910$344,000NBC Bank Central
9910$344,000The First National Bank in Marlow
9910$344,000The Greenup National Bank
9910$344,000The Osgood State Bank
9910$344,000Union Savings and Loan Association
9921$343,000James River Bank/Colonial
9921$343,000Beneficial Savings Bank, F.S.B.
9921$343,000Citizens Deposit Bank of Arlington, Inc.
9921$343,000Citizens Bank of Delphos
9921$343,000Citizens State Bank, of Arlington
9921$343,000Clover Community Bank
9921$343,000Community Bank
9921$343,000First Bank of Newton
9921$343,000Sierra Bank
9921$343,000Frederica Bank & Trust
9921$343,000The First National Bank and Trust
9932$342,000Bank of McKenney
9932$342,000Community Savings Bank
9932$342,000F & C Bank
9932$342,000Markesan State Bank
9932$342,000Security State Bank
9932$342,000Sherman County Bank
9932$342,000State Savings Bank, Frankfort, Mich.
9932$342,000Texas Coastal Bank
9932$342,000The Dulaney National Bank of Marshall
9932$342,000First National Bank of Menahga & Sebeka
9932$342,000The First National Bank of Thomas
9932$342,000The Lyndon State Bank
9932$342,000Washington Federal Savings Bank
9932$342,000Wyoming Bank and Trust Company
9946$341,000Citizens State Bank
9946$341,000Farmers & Merchants Bank
9946$341,000Prairie Sun Bank
9946$341,000The Farmers National Bank of Newville
9946$341,000The First National Bank in Falfurrias
9946$341,000Independent Bank
9946$341,000The First National Bank of Woodsboro
9946$341,000The State Savings Bank of Manistique
9946$341,000Town and Country Bank of Quincy
9955$340,000Balboa Thrift and Loan Association
9955$340,000Bank of Deerfield
9955$340,000Cargill Bank of Connecticut
9955$340,000Farmers and Merchants Bank
9955$340,000First Financial Bank of Ste. Genevieve County
9955$340,000Colorado Community First National Bank
9955$340,000Horatio State Bank
9955$340,000Scribner Bank
9955$340,000The American Bank
9955$340,000Bank of Indiana
9955$340,000The First State Bank, Bourbon, Indiana
9955$340,000The Leonard National Bank
9955$340,000Northwestern National Bank
9968$339,000Bank of Clinton County, Inc.
9968$339,000Bank of Wolcott
9968$339,000Citizens State Bank
9968$339,000Deposit Bank of Carlisle
9968$339,000First City National Bank
9968$339,000First Security Bank - Canby.
9968$339,000Provident Bank, F.S.B.
9968$339,000Security State Bank of Wykoff
9968$339,000St. Ansgar State Bank
9968$339,000St. Clair County State Bank
9968$339,000The First National Bank of Mt. Pulaski
9968$339,000PrimeSouth Bank
9968$339,000Town and Country Bank of Almelund
9968$339,000Westwood Savings Bank
9982$338,000American National Bank of Fremont
9982$338,000Avon Co-operative Bank
9982$338,000Bank of Walterboro
9982$338,000Bedford Loan & Deposit Bank
9982$338,000Citizens National Bank of Wills Point
9982$338,000Farmers State Bank
9982$338,000Germantown Trust & Savings Bank
9982$338,000Kasson State Bank
9982$338,000Luana Savings Bank
9982$338,000Security State Bank of Wewoka, Oklahoma
9982$338,000The First National Bank of McGehee
9982$338,000The First State Bank
9982$338,000The Marine Bank
9996$337,000Horizon Bank
9996$337,000Chapin State Bank
9996$337,000Citizens Bank and Trust Company
9996$337,000F & M Bank-Fennimore
9996$337,000First State Bank of Cando
9996$337,000Green Lake State Bank
9996$337,000Miami Savings Bank
9996$337,000Mills County Bank
10004$336,000Bank of Latah
10004$336,000Century Bank of Oklahoma
10004$336,000First Community Bank of East Tennessee
10004$336,000Union Planters Bank of Southwest Tennessee
10004$336,000Guthrie County State Bank
10004$336,000Lawson Bank
10004$336,000National Bank
10004$336,000Sarasota Bank
10004$336,000State Bank of Auburn
10004$336,000The Antwerp Exchange Bank Company
10004$336,000Bank Iowa
10004$336,000The Guarantee State Bank
10016$335,000Chester County Bank
10016$335,000Citizens Bank
10016$335,000Douglas County Bank
10016$335,000Farmers National Bank
10016$335,000FirstBank of Northern Colorado
10016$335,000John O. Melby & Co. Bank
10016$335,000Justin State Bank
10016$335,000OMNIBANK Leetsdale
10016$335,000Provident Bank of Florida
10016$335,000The Bank of Durango
10016$335,000The First National Bank of Bridgeport
10027$334,000Anahuac National Bank
10027$334,000Community Banks of Colorado
10027$334,000Farmers and Merchants Bank
10027$334,000Delta Trust & Bank
10027$334,000First Volunteer Bank of Southeast Tennessee
10027$334,000PCB, The Community Bank
10027$334,000The Plains State Bank
10027$334,000Wahoo State Bank
10035$333,000First Community Bank
10035$333,000Citizens Progressive Bank
10035$333,000Colony Bank Wilcox
10035$333,000Citizens Bank
10035$333,000Guaranty State Bank and Trust Company
10035$333,000Harris Bank Round Lake
10035$333,000Iowa State Bank
10035$333,000The Bank at Broadmoor
10035$333,000The Bank of Kremlin
10035$333,000The Citizens State Bank
10035$333,000First Community Bank
10035$333,000The State Bank
10035$333,000The West Michigan Savings Bank
10035$333,000Pinnacle Bank
10050$332,000Farmers Bank
10050$332,000Mediapolis Savings Bank
10050$332,000PeoplesSouth Bank
10050$332,000First Communitiy Bank
10050$332,000State Bank of Wheaton
10050$332,000Western Colorado Bank
10050$332,000The First National Bank of Brundidge
10050$332,000The First National Bank of Enfield
10050$332,000The First State Bank
10050$332,000First State Bank of Colorado
10050$332,000The Waterford Commercial and Savings Bank
10050$332,000Tri-County Community Bank of Lehigh Acres
10050$332,000UMB Security State Bank
10063$331,000F & M Bank-Amherst Junction
10063$331,000First National Bank and Trust of Syracuse
10063$331,000Hardin Federal Savings Bank
10063$331,000Rushville State Bank
10063$331,000West Plains Bank
10063$331,000The Gifford State Bank
10063$331,000Truman Bank
10063$331,000Wilburton State Bank
10071$330,000Campbellsville National Bank
10071$330,000Citizens Bank
10071$330,000Columbia National Bank
10071$330,000Community Bank Financial
10071$330,000First State Bank
10071$330,000Landmark Community Bank
10071$330,000Garrison State Bank and Trust
10071$330,000Germantown Federal Savings Bank
10071$330,000River Valley Financial Bank
10071$330,000Revere Federal Savings and Loan Association
10071$330,000Roebling Bank
10071$330,000Roseville 1st National Bank
10071$330,000Seaboard Savings Bank, Inc., SSB
10071$330,000Security State Bank
10071$330,000The Bank of Augusta
10071$330,000The Citizens Bank
10071$330,000The Clay City Banking Co.
10071$330,000The First National Bank of Pikeville
10071$330,000The First National Bank of Pine City
10090$329,000Citizens Bank
10090$329,000Enterprise Bank
10090$329,000BANK 360
10090$329,000Friendship Community Bank
10090$329,000Peoples National Bank
10090$329,000The First National Bank of Brewster
10097$328,000Bank of Laverne
10097$328,000Mount Vernon Bank
10097$328,000Citizens National Bank of Nashville
10097$328,000Community National Bank & Trust
10097$328,000Farmers Bank of Lincoln
10097$328,000The Bank of Holyrood
10097$328,000The First National Bank of Coleraine
10097$328,000The First State Bank
10097$328,000The Paris National Bank
10097$328,000Waukon State Bank
10107$327,000State Bank of Missouri
10107$327,000Clinton Bank
10107$327,000S & C Bank, Chippewa
10107$327,000First Harrison Bank
10107$327,000First National Bank of Colorado City
10107$327,000First State Bank
10107$327,000Hanna City State Bank
10107$327,000Spencer County Bank
10107$327,000Heritage Bank
10107$327,000The First National Bank of Stanton
10117$326,000Community Bank
10117$326,000First Citizens Bank of Bozeman
10117$326,000Jefferson National Bank
10117$326,000Peoples Savings and Loan Company
10117$326,000Texas National Bank of Jacksonville
10117$326,000The Follett National Bank
10117$326,000Wrentham Co-operative Bank
10124$325,000Bank of Ridgeway
10124$325,000Farmers State Bank
10124$325,000First Bank of Minnesota
10124$325,000Tri Star National Bank
10124$325,000Investors National Bank
10124$325,000Metro Bank
10124$325,000Nixon State Bank
10124$325,000Tri-Valley Bank
10124$325,000The First National Bank of Sycamore
10124$325,000The First National Bank of Tribune
10124$325,000Bank of Illinois
10135$324,000Allen Bank and Trust Company
10135$324,000Bank of Perry County
10135$324,000Collinsville Building and Loan Association
10135$324,000Farmers Bank
10135$324,000Fidelity National Bank
10135$324,000First Citizens Bank of Monroe County
10135$324,000First Security Bank of Roundup
10135$324,000Simmons First Bank of Searcy
10135$324,000Kittitas Valley Bank
10135$324,000Meramec State Bank
10135$324,000Milledgeville State Bank
10135$324,000Security National Bank
10135$324,000First National Bank
10135$324,000The First National Bank of Davis
10135$324,000The United States National Bank of Red Lodge
10135$324,000Valley Bank of Belgrade
10151$323,000Allegiant State Bank
10151$323,000Anna State Bank
10151$323,000Bank of Lake Mills
10151$323,000Community Capital Bank
10151$323,000Corry Savings Bank
10151$323,000Community First Bank of Glendive
10151$323,000First Security State Bank
10151$323,000Johnson City Bank
10151$323,000Massena Savings and Loan
10151$323,000Marshall Bank
10151$323,000Rolling Hills Bank & Trust
10151$323,000State Bank of Medora
10151$323,000The First National Bank of Freeman
10151$323,000The Hoisington National Bank
10151$323,000The Security State Bank
10151$323,000Western Bank of Chinook
10168$322,000Citizens State Bank
10168$322,000Citizens Union Bank
10168$322,000Community First National Bank of Wheaton
10168$322,000Cornerstone Bank & Trust
10168$322,000Pocahontas State Bank
10168$322,000The Caney Valley National Bank
10168$322,000The Carson National Bank of Auburn
10168$322,000Southland Bank
10168$322,000The Citizens-Farmers Bank of Cole Camp
10168$322,000The Commercial Bank
10168$322,000The First National Bank of Byers
10168$322,000Walburg State Bank
10180$321,000Bank of Weiner
10180$321,000Bodcaw Bank
10180$321,000Charlotte State Bank & Trust
10180$321,000Citizens Bank
10180$321,000First National Bank of Roland
10180$321,000United Valley Bank
10180$321,000Frontier Bank of Laramie County
10180$321,000Harbor Community Bank
10180$321,000Ogeechee Valley Bank
10180$321,000Main Bank
10180$321,000Rocky Mountain Bank of Plains
10180$321,000The Delta Bank
10180$321,000The First National Bank of Ava
10180$321,000Tri-County National Bank
10194$320,000Blue Grass Savings Bank
10194$320,000Citizens National Bank
10194$320,000First Investors Savings Bank, Inc., SSB
10194$320,000First National Bank at Darlington
10194$320,000Indian Village Community Bank
10194$320,000Southern Hills Community Bank
10194$320,000Oakland Deposit Bank
10194$320,000First National Bank of Arizona
10194$320,000Shawnee Bank, Inc.
10194$320,000The Bank of Heard County
10194$320,000The Kevil Bank
10194$320,000Victory State Bank
10206$319,000American Chartered Bank of Bartlett
10206$319,000Bullitt Federal Savings Bank
10206$319,000Collinsville Savings Society
10206$319,000First State Bank
10206$319,000Midwest Savings Bank, FSB
10206$319,000Peoples Bank
10206$319,000The Farmers State Bank of Blue Mound
10206$319,000The Lone Star State Bank
10214$318,000Border State Bank
10214$318,000Bank of Farmington
10214$318,000First American Bank
10214$318,000First National Bank in Wheeler
10214$318,000First National Bank of Coffee County
10214$318,000Henry State Bank
10214$318,000Osage Valley Bank
10214$318,000Premier Bank of Jacksonville
10214$318,000State Bank of Edgerton
10214$318,000The Gratz National Bank
10214$318,000Liberty Bank, F.S.B.
10214$318,000The Meriden Trust and Safe Deposit Company
10214$318,000The Ottoville Bank Company
10214$318,000The Spurgeon State Bank
10214$318,000The St. John National Bank
10214$318,000Walhalla State Bank
10230$317,000Bank of Ladd
10230$317,000Colony Bank Southeast
10230$317,000Colorado Federal Savings Bank
10230$317,000Farmers Bank of Vine Grove
10230$317,000First National Bank
10230$317,000First National Bank
10230$317,000Merchants and Farmers Bank
10230$317,000Monument National Bank
10230$317,000New Carlisle Federal Savings Bank
10230$317,000State Bank
10230$317,000First Colorado National Bank
10230$317,000The Roscoe State Bank
10242$316,000Bank of Stronghurst
10242$316,000Bedford Federal Savings Bank
10242$316,000Cissna Park State Bank
10242$316,000Citizens Bank
10242$316,000Citizens State Bank of Gaylord
10242$316,000Peoples National Bank Leadville
10242$316,000Farmers State Bank of Calhan
10242$316,000Keokuk County State Bank
10242$316,000Security State Bank
10242$316,000State Bank of Bottineau
10242$316,000North Valley Bank
10242$316,000The Bank of Texas
10242$316,000The Exchange Bank
10242$316,000Heritage Bank of Central Illinois
10256$315,000Bank of Galesville
10256$315,000Colorado Business Bank
10256$315,000Farmers and Merchants Bank
10256$315,000First Federal Savings Bank
10256$315,000Amistad Bank
10256$315,000First State Bank
10256$315,000First State Bank
10256$315,000Metropolitan Bank
10256$315,000Prairie State Bank and Trust
10256$315,000Sidney State Bank
10256$315,000The First National Bank of Spangler
10267$314,000Northland Financial
10267$314,000Eagle Bank
10267$314,000Farmers State Bank Stanberry
10267$314,000Home State Bank of Clearwater
10267$314,000The Bank of Harrisburg
10267$314,000MidSouth Bank, N. A.
10267$314,000Star Bank
10267$314,000Hometown Bank, A Cooperative Bank
10275$313,000Bandera Bank
10275$313,000Citizens State Bank
10275$313,000Community Bank of Raymore
10275$313,000Community State Bank
10275$313,000First Community Bank of Western Kentucky, Inc.
10275$313,000Galatia Community State Bank
10275$313,000Home Valley Bank
10275$313,000F&M Bank - Landmark
10275$313,000Park State Bank
10275$313,000Planters Bank and Trust Company of Claiborne Parish
10275$313,000Rochester State Bank
10275$313,000The First National Bank of Paducah
10275$313,000The First National Bank of Starbuck
10275$313,000The First National Bank of Wayne
10275$313,000The First State Bank
10275$313,000The First State Bank of Winchester, Illinois
10275$313,000The Valley State Bank
10275$313,000Union Bank & Trust Company
10293$312,000Beauregard FSB
10293$312,000City State Bank
10293$312,000Delta Federal Savings, F.S.B.
10293$312,000First American Savings Bank, F.S.B.
10293$312,000First Security Bank of Conway
10293$312,000First National Bank in Hominy
10293$312,000First National Bank in Mahnomen
10293$312,000Orchard Federal Savings Bank
10293$312,000Portage County Bank
10293$312,000Rantoul First Bank, s.b.
10293$312,000The First National Bank of Fairfield
10293$312,000The Granville National Bank
10305$311,000Citizens State Bank
10305$311,000Fajardo Federal Savings Bank
10305$311,000First Missouri Bank
10305$311,000Unity Bank
10305$311,000Midwest Bank of Mc Henry County
10305$311,000Sibley State Bank
10305$311,000The Bank of Magnolia Company
10305$311,000The Bank of Spring Valley
10305$311,000First National Bank
10305$311,000The First National Bank of Washington
10305$311,000The Peoples Community Bank
10305$311,000Traders State Bank of Poplar Montana
10305$311,000Tri-County State Bank of Ortonville
10318$310,000Arcadia Valley Bank
10318$310,000Bank of Cattaraugus
10318$310,000Bank of Hartington
10318$310,000Community Bank
10318$310,000Evergreen Bank
10318$310,000Farmer's and Merchants Bank
10318$310,000First Federal Savings Bank of Ironton
10318$310,000United Prairie Bank - Madison
10318$310,000Kaw Valley State Bank
10318$310,000Montour Bank
10318$310,000North American State Bank
10318$310,000Nexity Bank
10318$310,000Silverdale State Bank
10318$310,000The Citizens National Bank of Toluca
10318$310,000Anchor D Bank
10318$310,000Legacy Bank
10334$309,000CITIZENS' BANK, INC.
10334$309,000First National Bank in Golconda
10334$309,000First State Bank of Higginsville/Odessa
10334$309,000Merchants Bank
10334$309,000Shore Bank
10334$309,000The Farmers State Bank
10334$309,000The Knight State Bank
10334$309,000The Morris Plan Savings Bank, Inc., SSB
10334$309,000United National Bank of Iowa
10343$308,000Bank of Hydro
10343$308,000Bank of Monticello
10343$308,000Bank of Poynette
10343$308,000Heritage Bank
10343$308,000Community First Bank
10343$308,000Monroe Savings Bank, SLA
10343$308,000Security Federal Savings Bank
10343$308,000The Exchange National Bank of Cottonwood Falls
10343$308,000All America Bank
10343$308,000The First National Bank of Manlius
10343$308,000The First National Bank of Seiling
10354$307,000Citizens State Bank of Shipman
10354$307,000First Federal Savings Bank of Creston, F.S.B.
10354$307,000CenterState Bank of Florida
10354$307,000Kenwood Savings Bank
10354$307,000Northeast Security Bank
10354$307,000Putnam County State Bank
10354$307,000Rayne Building and Loan Association
10354$307,000Minnwest Bank Metro
10354$307,000Wisconsin State Bank
10354$307,000Stone County National Bank
10354$307,000The Bank of San Jacinto County, Coldspring, Texas
10354$307,000The Citizens State Bank of Cheney, Kansas
10354$307,000The Farmers State Bank of Brush
10354$307,000The First National Bank of Fletcher
10354$307,000Genoa Community Bank
10354$307,000The Greenville Banking Company
10354$307,000The Murray State Bank
10371$306,000Bank of Troy
10371$306,000Carolina State Bank
10371$306,000F & M Bank-New London
10371$306,000First Choice Community Bank 1874
10371$306,000First Robinson Savings Bank
10371$306,000First State Bank of Mapleton
10371$306,000State Bank of West Fargo
10371$306,000Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan Association
10379$305,000Bank of Livingston County
10379$305,000Community First Bank
10379$305,000Desjardins Bank
10379$305,000First Bank of the Lake
10379$305,000First Federal Savings Bank
10379$305,000First National Bank
10379$305,000Marine Bank
10379$305,000Peachtree Bank
10379$305,000Rushford State Bank (Incorporated)
10379$305,000Security State Bank of Maple Lake
10379$305,000Slovenian Savings and Loan Association of Canonsburg
10379$305,000State Bank of Rogers
10379$305,000Texas National Bank of Baytown
10379$305,000The Bank of Walnut
10379$305,000The First National Bank of Louisburg
10379$305,000The First National Bank of Smith Center
10379$305,000The First State Bank of Burlingame
10379$305,000The First State Bank of Vienna
10379$305,000Union State Bank of West Salem
10399$304,000Avery County Bank
10399$304,000First Midwest Bank of Carter County
10399$304,000Community Bank and Trust - Alabama
10399$304,000Farmers State Bank of Camp Point
10399$304,000First State Bank
10399$304,000Pointe Bank
10399$304,000Great Lakes Bankers Bank
10399$304,000Liberty Bank & Trust
10399$304,000Lyons Federal Bank
10399$304,000Colorado Community First National Bank
10399$304,000The First State Bank
10399$304,000The State National Bank of Caddo Mills
10399$304,000West River State Bank
10412$303,000Bank of Healdton
10412$303,000United Community Bank
10412$303,000Centralia Savings Bank
10412$303,000Citizens Deposit Bank
10412$303,000City Co-operative Bank
10412$303,000Pilgrim Bank Texas
10412$303,000First State Bank, Jones, Oklahoma
10412$303,000Peoples Bank
10412$303,000Round Top State Bank
10412$303,000The Armstrong County Trust Company
10412$303,000The First National Bank of Ogden
10412$303,000Treynor State Bank
10412$303,000Valley Community Bank
10412$303,000Wheeler County State Bank
10426$302,000Bank of Ringgold
10426$302,000Citizens State Bank
10426$302,000Columbia Savings Bank
10426$302,000First National Bank of Howard County
10426$302,000American Bank
10426$302,000Grand Savings Bank
10426$302,000Peoples Bank of Tompkinsville
10426$302,000Security State Bank
10426$302,000Swisher Trust & Savings Bank
10426$302,000The Farmers National Bank of Rule, Texas
10426$302,000The First National Bank of Ordway
10426$302,000The Montezuma State Bank
10426$302,000The State Bank of Annawan
10426$302,000Pathway Bank
10440$301,000Bank of Clarkson
10440$301,000Bank of England
10440$301,000Farmers State Bank
10440$301,000Flora Bank & Trust
10440$301,000Mason City National Bank
10440$301,000Urban Trust Bank
10440$301,000Seven Hills Savings Association
10440$301,000Pinnacle Bank
10440$301,000The Home State Bank
10440$301,000Villa Grove State Bank
10450$300,000Bank of Monticello
10450$300,000Citizens State Bank of Shakopee
10450$300,000Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Blooming Prairie
10450$300,000Main Street Bank
10450$300,000George State Bank
10450$300,000Home Building Savings Bank, FSB
10450$300,000Jackson Parish Bank
10450$300,000LNB National Bank
10450$300,000Owingsville Banking Company
10450$300,000Pickens Savings and Loan Association, FA
10450$300,000Peoples Community State Bank
10450$300,000Shelby-Panola Savings Association
10450$300,000State Bank of Aurora
10450$300,000Security National Bank
10450$300,000Signature Bank of Arkansas
10450$300,000United Bank & Trust Company
10466$299,000Banner Banks
10466$299,000C&L Bank of Blountstown
10466$299,000Farmers State Bank of Hamel
10466$299,000First State Bank
10466$299,000First State Bank
10466$299,000Norwest Bank Texas, Crane
10466$299,000First Trust & Savings Bank of Albany, Illinois
10466$299,000First Trust and Savings Bank
10466$299,000Home Federal Savings and Loan Association
10466$299,000Independent Bank
10466$299,000Red Cedar Bank
10466$299,000Bank of Ruston
10466$299,000Sandhills Bank
10466$299,000Heartland Bank
10480$298,000Bank of Commerce and Trust Company
10480$298,000Pine Level Bank
10480$298,000Bardwell Deposit Bank
10480$298,000Franklin Bank, S.S.B.
10480$298,000Cushnoc Bank and Trust Company
10480$298,000Delanco Federal Savings Bank
10480$298,000Horizon Bank
10480$298,000Inter-City Federal Savings Bank
10480$298,000Pender State Bank
10480$298,000Perry County Bank
10480$298,000The Gerber State Bank
10480$298,000The Merchants & Planters Bank
10480$298,000Sunstar Bank
10480$298,000Yorktown Community Bank
10494$297,000Atascosa National Bank
10494$297,000Bank of the West
10494$297,000Central Bank
10494$297,000Community First State Bank of Hot Springs
10494$297,000First Bank and Trust Company of Oakland City
10494$297,000Austin Bank
10494$297,0001st Bank
10494$297,000Mobile County Bank
10494$297,000F&M Bank-Superior
10494$297,000Pigeon Falls State Bank
10494$297,000Unity Bank North
10494$297,000West Central Bank
10494$297,000Mellon Bank, F.S.B.
10494$297,000The First Security Bank
10494$297,000The State National Bank in West
10494$297,000Town and Country Finance and Thrift Company
10494$297,000Union Federal Savings Bank
10511$296,000Bank Name Not Available
10511$296,000The Trust Bank
10511$296,000First Community Bank
10511$296,000The American Bank
10515$295,000First Bank
10515$295,000First Savings Bank
10515$295,000First State Bank
10515$295,000First State Bank, Lake Lillian, Minnesota
10515$295,000Granville United Bank
10515$295,000People's State Bank
10515$295,000The First National Bank of Aspermont
10515$295,000The Four County Bank
10523$294,000Commonwealth National Bank
10523$294,000Farmers Bank
10523$294,000Iowa State Bank
10523$294,000First Commercial Bank of Tampa Bay
10523$294,000First New Mexico Bank of Silver City
10523$294,000First State Bank
10523$294,000First State Bank
10523$294,000Home State Bank
10523$294,000Middlesboro Federal Bank, FSB
10523$294,000The Bank of Edison
10523$294,000The First National Bank of Aitkin
10534$293,000Bank of the Wichitas
10534$293,000Brantley Bank and Trust Company
10534$293,000Dedicated Community Bank
10534$293,000First Delta Bank
10534$293,000First National Bank of Bolivar County
10534$293,000Gretna State Bank
10534$293,000Linn-Benton Bank
10534$293,000Port Byron State Bank
10534$293,000Princeville State Bank
10534$293,000Raritan State Bank
10534$293,000Sun Security Bank of America
10534$293,000The Citizens State Bank of Taylor County
10534$293,000The First National Bank of Carrollton
10534$293,000First National Bank
10534$293,000The First National Bank of Hico
10549$292,000Clay County State Bank
10549$292,000F & M Bank
10549$292,000Farmers State Bank of Crosby, N. D.
10549$292,000First Federal Savings Bank of Barrington
10549$292,000Miners Bank of Lykens
10549$292,000Mutual Federal Bank
10549$292,000Preston National Bank
10549$292,000Silver Lake Bank
10549$292,000Tallahatchie County Bank
10549$292,000The Bath State Bank
10559$291,000Citizens Bank
10559$291,000Citizens State Bank of Lankin
10559$291,000First Clover Leaf Bank, FSB
10559$291,000First National Bank
10559$291,000First State Bank of Bloomington
10559$291,000Seaport Citizens' Bank
10559$291,000State Bank of Whittington
10559$291,000The Commercial Bank
10559$291,000The First National Bank of Moody
10559$291,000The First National Bank of O'Donnell
10559$291,000The First National Bank of Sandoval
10559$291,000The First National Bank of Santo
10559$291,000First State Bank
10559$291,000The First State Bank of Red Wing
10573$290,000Bank of Grandin
10573$290,000F&M Bank-Central
10573$290,000First and Citizens Bank
10573$290,000First Madison Valley Bank
10573$290,000Border State Bank
10573$290,000Home Savings Bank
10573$290,000The Citizens National Bank & Trust Co.
10573$290,000The State Bank of Wynnewood
10573$290,000The Stissing National Bank of Pine Plains
10582$289,000Beardstown Savings s.b.
10582$289,000The RiverBank
10582$289,000Farmers State Bank
10582$289,000VINTAGE BANK
10582$289,000Rural American Bank - Ada
10582$289,000The Eastman National Bank of Newkirk
10582$289,000The First National Bank in Tremont
10582$289,000The First National Bank of Cambridge
10582$289,000The Morrill State Bank & Trust Co.
10582$289,000Midwest Community Bank
10592$288,000Bay View Federal Savings and Loan Association
10592$288,000Consumer National Bank
10592$288,000Rural American Bank - Hector/Fairfax
10592$288,000First State Bank of Decatur
10592$288,000Mid America Bank
10592$288,000Security State Bank
10592$288,0001st Community Bank
10592$288,000Citizens Bank
10592$288,000The First National Bank of Le Center
10601$287,000Bridgeport Savings and Loan Association
10601$287,000Better Banks
10601$287,000Community Bank
10601$287,000First State Bank, Grapeland, Texas
10601$287,000Granite Falls Bank
10601$287,000Panasia Bank
10601$287,000Pend Oreille Bank
10601$287,000The Community Bank of Shell Knob
10601$287,000The Corn City State Bank
10601$287,000Bank 7
10601$287,000The First State Bank
10601$287,000The State National Bank of Groom
10601$287,000United Community Bank - Greenfield
10601$287,000West Michigan Bank & Trust
10615$286,000Citizens Bank of Newburg
10615$286,000Farmers State Bank of Sublette
10615$286,000Green River Bank
10615$286,000Merchants & Farmers Bank of Greene County, Alabama
10615$286,000OMNIBANK Denver
10615$286,000Palmyra Savings
10615$286,000Robert Lee State Bank
10615$286,000State Bank of Cokato
10615$286,000State Bank of Towner
10615$286,000The Farmers State Bank
10615$286,000The First National Bank of Girard
10615$286,000The State Bank of Blue Mound
10627$285,000Bank of Bellingham
10627$285,000Bank of Thomas County
10627$285,000Blue Ridge Bank
10627$285,000First Security Bank & Trust Company
10627$285,000Livingston State Bank
10627$285,000Mid State Bank
10627$285,000Nevada Bank and Trust Company
10627$285,000State Bank of Withee
10627$285,000The Bank of Soperton
10627$285,000The First National Bank of Bells/Savoy
10627$285,000Community First Bank
10627$285,000Union Bank and Trust Company
10627$285,000Viking Bank
10641$284,000AmSouth Bank
10641$284,000Liberty National Bank
10641$284,000Bank of Greeleyville
10641$284,000First Bank of West Texas
10641$284,000Wisconsin Community Bank
10641$284,000Crow River State Bank
10641$284,000Dairyland State Bank
10641$284,000Enfield Savings Bank, Inc., SSB
10641$284,000First State Bank
10641$284,000First State Bank of Olmsted
10641$284,000Security State Bank
10641$284,000Thayer County Bank
10641$284,000The First State Bank of Casselton
10641$284,000Wesbanco Bank Elizabeth
10655$283,000Citizens State Bank
10655$283,000Mutual Federal Savings Bank, A FSB
10655$283,000Taintor Savings Bank
10655$283,000The Bank of Beaver City
10655$283,000The Bank of Verden
10655$283,000The First National Bank of Albion
10661$282,000Durand State Bank
10661$282,000Farmers and Merchants Bank
10661$282,000Legacy Bank
10661$282,000AB&T National Bank
10661$282,000First National Bank
10661$282,000The American National Bank of Creighton
10661$282,000Citizens Bank Wakulla
10661$282,000The Fairbury State Bank
10661$282,000The Farmers State Bank
10661$282,000The First National Bank of Elmore
10661$282,000Union State Bank
10673$281,000Bank of Caneyville
10673$281,000Citizens Bank
10673$281,000First Community National Bank
10673$281,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Peru
10673$281,000Independence Bank
10673$281,000G. W. Jones Exchange Bank
10673$281,000M&I Lake Country Bank
10673$281,000First Liberty Bank
10673$281,000Nisswa State Bank
10673$281,000Security State Bank, Harlem, Montana
10673$281,000Texas Community Bank
10673$281,000The First National Bank of Johnstown
10673$281,000The Greenwood's State Bank
10673$281,000The Saline Valley Bank
10687$280,000Buckner State Bank
10687$280,000Citizens Bank of Rogersville
10687$280,000Bank of Wyoming
10687$280,000Hamel State Bank
10687$280,000Home Savings and Loan Association, F.A.
10687$280,000Home Savings Bank of Siler City, SSB
10687$280,000Junction National Bank
10687$280,000Dakota Community Bank & Trust
10687$280,000Stockmens National Bank in Cotulla
10687$280,000The Bank of Union
10687$280,000The First National Bank of Bayard
10687$280,000The Glen Burnie Mutual Savings Bank
10687$280,000The Kansas State Bank Overbrook Kansas
10687$280,000United Community Bank Bunker Hill
10687$280,000Washington State Bank
10702$279,000Bank Name Not Available
10702$279,000Angelina Savings Bank, FSB
10702$279,000LifeStore Bank
10702$279,000Forreston State Bank
10702$279,000Hampton State Bank
10702$279,000Midland Community Bank
10702$279,000Mutual Savings Bank
10702$279,000Parish Bank and Trust Company
10702$279,000The First State Bank
10702$279,000The Salt Creek Valley Bank
10702$279,000The Salt Lick Deposit Bank
10702$279,000Security Bank
10714$278,000Brown County State Bank
10714$278,000Danville State Savings Bank
10714$278,000Farmers Bank
10714$278,000Mercantile Bank
10714$278,000Kit Carson State Bank
10714$278,000Lakeside State Bank
10714$278,000Mojave Desert Bank
10714$278,000Pine River Valley Bank
10714$278,000Rainbow Financial Corporation
10714$278,000Sebree Deposit Bank
10714$278,000South End Savings, s.b.
10714$278,000The Citizens State Bank of Olivia
10714$278,000Enterprise Bank
10714$278,000Southwest National Bank
10714$278,000The First National Bank of Sarcoxie
10714$278,000The Talco State Bank
10714$278,000Twin Oaks Savings Bank
10714$278,000West Chester Savings Bank
10732$277,000Newberry Bank
10732$277,000Big Stone Gap Bank and Trust Company
10732$277,000Reliastar Bank
10732$277,000Continental State Bank
10732$277,000Crowell State Bank
10732$277,000Fredonia Valley Bank
10732$277,000Gadsden State Bank
10732$277,000Holladay Bank & Trust
10732$277,000Paper City Savings Association
10732$277,000Peoples Trust & Savings Bank
10732$277,000Prairie Bank and Trust Company
10732$277,000Community First National Bank
10732$277,000The Donley County State Bank
10732$277,000The First National Bank of Manning
10732$277,000Windthorst National Bank
10747$276,000Maroa Forsyth Community Bank
10747$276,000Blue Ridge Savings Bank, Inc.
10747$276,000Community Bank Mankato
10747$276,000Consolidated State Bank
10747$276,000First American Bank
10747$276,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Mattoon
10747$276,000American Fidelity Bank, FSB
10747$276,000Homewood Federal Savings Bank
10747$276,000Lafayette State Bank
10747$276,000Woodforest Bank
10747$276,000Petefish, Skiles & Co.
10747$276,000Rural American Bank - Braham
10747$276,000Security State Bank, Wishek, North Dakota
10747$276,000Colorado National Bank
10747$276,000Winchester Federal Bank
10762$275,000Canton State Bank
10762$275,000Community Guaranty Savings Bank
10762$275,000Farmers State Bank of Canton
10762$275,000First State Bank of Beecher City
10762$275,000Home Federal Savings Bank
10762$275,000Lafayette County Bank of Lexington/Wellington
10762$275,000Pee Dee Federal Savings Bank
10762$275,000Peoples Savings Bank
10762$275,000The Continental National Bank of Harlowton
10762$275,000Farmers and Merchants Bank of Ashland
10762$275,000The Tri-County Bank
10762$275,000Wells Bank of Platte City
10774$274,000Bank of Jackson County
10774$274,000Bank of Locust Grove
10774$274,000Farmers State Bank of Worden
10774$274,000PNC Converted Bank
10774$274,000Merchants State Bank
10774$274,000Unity Bank
10774$274,000The Commonwealth Bank
10774$274,000The Moniteau National Bank of California
10774$274,000The Nebraska Security Bank
10774$274,000Union Savings Bank
10774$274,000White Rock Bank
10786$273,000Bank of Shorewood
10786$273,000First Community Bank-FCB
10786$273,000Dixon Bank
10786$273,000Farmers State Bank
10786$273,000Gunnison Savings and Loan Association
10786$273,000Home Savings Bank, FSB
10786$273,000Simmons First Bank of South Arkansas
10786$273,000Systematic Savings Bank
10786$273,000The Farmers National Bank of Seymour
10786$273,000The First State Bank of Rankin
10796$272,000Bank of Johnston County
10796$272,000Bank of Montgomery
10796$272,000Community Bank of West Tennessee
10796$272,000Community Bank
10796$272,000United Southwest Bank
10796$272,000Fayette Savings Bank, SSB
10796$272,000Peoples Community Bank
10796$272,000Postville State Bank
10796$272,000Ready Bank of Walton Florida
10796$272,000The Bank of Commerce
10796$272,000The First National Bank of Okawville
10796$272,000Victory Bank of Nowata
10808$271,000Centennial Bank of Pueblo
10808$271,000CIBM Bank
10808$271,000Heritage First Bank
10808$271,000Farmers State Bank of Ferris
10808$271,000First Security Bank - Evansville
10808$271,000First Bank of Arkansas
10808$271,000First State Bank of Ben Wheeler, Texas
10808$271,000First Southeast Bank
10808$271,000Hawthorn Bank
10808$271,000Peoples Bank
10808$271,000Security State Bank
10808$271,000Community Bank of Central Texas, SSB
10808$271,000The National Bank of Indianapolis
10808$271,000The Slocomb National Bank
10808$271,000The Tipton Latham Bank
10808$271,000Washington State Bank
10824$270,000Bank of Alma
10824$270,000Chetek State Bank
10824$270,000Community State Bank of Canton
10824$270,000Park Bank
10824$270,000First National Bank of South Padre Island
10824$270,000Harvard Savings Bank
10824$270,000Marked Tree Bank
10824$270,000Equity Bank, A
10824$270,000Peoples Bank and Loan Co.
10824$270,000Plainview National Bank
10824$270,000Bank of Newman Grove
10824$270,000The Peoples Bank
10824$270,000West Branch State Bank
10837$269,000Buffalo Federal Savings Bank
10837$269,000Community Banks of Shelby County
10837$269,000Crookston National Bank
10837$269,000D'Hanis State Bank
10837$269,000The First National Bank of Cedar Falls
10837$269,000First Federal Bank of Wisconsin
10837$269,000Shamrock Bank, N.A.
10837$269,000First National Bank of Kansas
10837$269,000First State Bank
10837$269,000Fort Calhoun State Bank
10837$269,000F & M Bank-Brodhead
10837$269,000Muenster State Bank
10837$269,000Silex Banking Company
10837$269,000The Family Savings Bank of New Hampshire
10837$269,000Liverpool Community Bank
10852$268,000Ark Valley Independent Bank
10852$268,000Bank of Milan
10852$268,000Citizens State Bank
10852$268,000Downstate National Bank
10852$268,000GreenChoice Bank, fsb
10852$268,000Summit National Bank
10852$268,000Tejas Bank
10852$268,000Gold Bank
10852$268,000Peoples-Webster County Bank
10852$268,000The Bank of Wilber
10852$268,000The Federal Savings Bank of Evangeline Parish
10852$268,000The First National Bank of Quitaque
10864$267,000Bank of Commerce
10864$267,000Citizens Bank & Trust Company
10864$267,000Citizens First Bank
10864$267,000First National Bank of Perry County, Indiana
10864$267,000First Springfield Bank & Trust
10864$267,000Pine River State Bank
10864$267,000Pulaski Savings Bank
10864$267,000South Story Bank & Trust
10864$267,000State Bank of Osco
10864$267,000The Citizens Bank of Sparta
10864$267,000The Custar State Bank
10864$267,000Tri-County Bank
10864$267,000Rock Canyon Bank
10877$266,000American Exchange Bank, Lindsay, Oklahoma
10877$266,000Bank of Milton
10877$266,000Citizens State Bank
10877$266,000First National Bank of Elkhart
10877$266,000First State Bank
10877$266,000Twin City Bank
10877$266,000Flanagan State Bank
10877$266,000Golden State Bank
10877$266,000Heartland Bank and Trust Company
10877$266,000Security State Bank of Lewiston
10877$266,000The Commercial Bank
10877$266,000The First Farmers National Bank of Waurika
10877$266,000The First National Bank in Elizabethtown
10877$266,000MainSource Bank - Crawfordsville
10891$265,000Audubon Savings Bank
10891$265,000Bank of Jefferson County
10891$265,000First Community Bank
10891$265,000La Plata State Bank
10891$265,000Lincoln Federal Savings Bank
10891$265,000Lusk State Bank
10891$265,000Ruby Valley National Bank
10891$265,000Sterling Savings Bank
10891$265,000Impact Bank
10891$265,000Knisely Bank
10891$265,000The Metamora State Bank
10903$264,000Bank of Ellendale
10903$264,000Bank of Iberia
10903$264,000Farmers State Bank of Trimont
10903$264,000The Southern Bank Company
10903$264,000Perry County Savings Bank, FSB
10903$264,000State Bank of Speer
10903$264,000State Bank of Wapello
10903$264,000The Farmers & Merchants Bank
10903$264,000The First National Bank of Osakis
10913$263,000Bank of York
10913$263,000Citizens Bank of Missouri
10913$263,000F & M Bank-Potosi
10913$263,000Mt Washington Savings Bank
10913$263,000Peoples Bank of Wyaconda, Missouri
10913$263,000Peoples State Bank
10913$263,000Independence State Bank
10913$263,000State Bank of Richmond
10913$263,000The Bank of Orrick
10913$263,000Liberty Bank of Arkansas
10913$263,000Viking Savings Bank
10924$262,000Abbeville Savings and Loan, SSB
10924$262,000Bank of Cashton
10924$262,000Bay-Hermann-Berger Bank
10924$262,000Brainerd Savings and Loan Association, A Federal Association
10924$262,000First National Bank
10924$262,000Grinnell Federal Savings Bank
10924$262,000Huron National Bank
10924$262,000M&I Greater Waukesha
10924$262,000OMNIBANK Arapahoe
10924$262,000United Bank & Trust
10924$262,000The Howard State Bank, Howard, Kansas
10924$262,000The Lenox National Bank
10924$262,000Valley Bank
10924$262,000Valley Oaks National Bank
10938$261,000Bank of Crittenden
10938$261,000First National Bank in Okeene
10938$261,000First Trust & Savings Bank
10938$261,000New Windsor State Bank
10938$261,000Peterman State Bank
10938$261,000Poole Deposit Bank
10938$261,000Sargent County Bank
10938$261,000State Bank of Seneca
10938$261,000Sunnyside Federal Savings and Loan Association of Irvington
10938$261,000The Bank of Perry
10938$261,000The Farmers State Bank of Bucklin, Kansas
10938$261,000Great Plains National Bank
10938$261,000Menard National Bank
10951$260,000Bank of De Soto
10951$260,000Chillicothe State Bank
10951$260,000First State Bank Nebraska
10951$260,000Horizon State Bank
10951$260,000Security State Bank
10951$260,000Texas Savings Bank
10951$260,000State Bank of Bement
10951$260,000Pine Island Bank
10951$260,000The State Bank of Spring Hill
10951$260,000White Hall Bank
10951$260,000United Prairie Bank-Jackson
10962$259,000Bank of Minden
10962$259,000First National Bank of Colorado Springs
10962$259,000Cass County Bank, Inc.
10962$259,000Citizens Building and Loan Association
10962$259,000Florida Capital Bank
10962$259,000First State Bank of Fountain
10962$259,000Peoples Bank and Trust
10962$259,000Woodlands National Bank
10962$259,000Security State Bank
10962$259,000Community First Bank
10962$259,000The First National Bank of Niagara
10962$259,000Stanton State Bank
10962$259,000Bank Name Not Available
10975$258,000City State Bank
10975$258,000El Camino National Bank
10975$258,000First State Bank
10975$258,000Grant County Bank
10975$258,000Jessamine First Federal Savings and Loan Association
10975$258,000Lake Federal Bank, FSB
10975$258,000Memphis State Bank
10975$258,000New South Bank
10975$258,000Prime Bank
10975$258,000The Rockhold, Brown & Company Bank
10975$258,000Valley Bank of Ronan
10986$257,000American Savings Bank of Danville
10986$257,000Cedar Valley Bank & Trust
10986$257,000F & M Bank - Hilbert
10986$257,000First National Bank in Bronte
10986$257,000First State Bank
10986$257,000Home Banking Company
10986$257,000Horizon Bank
10986$257,000Rockingham Heritage Bank
10986$257,000State Federal Savings and Loan Association of Des Moines
10986$257,000The First National Bank of Dighton
10997$256,000Armstrong County Building and Loan Association
10997$256,000Classic Bank
10997$256,000Brighton Bank
10997$256,000Canton State Bank
10997$256,000City Bank
10997$256,000Community State Bank
10997$256,000Dupont State Bank
10997$256,000First Security Bank - Renville
10997$256,000Maple City Savings Bank, FSB
10997$256,000Platte Valley Bank
10997$256,000State Bank
10997$256,000The Miners State Bank
11009$255,000Bank of Holland
11009$255,000Buffalo Savings Bank
11009$255,000Great American Bank
11009$255,000Community Bank
11009$255,000Edgecomb Homestead Savings Bank, Inc., SSB
11009$255,000F & M Bank Minnesota
11009$255,000First Sentinel Bank
11009$255,000Mutual of Omaha Bank
11009$255,000Security State Bank
11009$255,000Tecumseh Federal Bank
11009$255,000Stockmans Bank
11020$254,000Corydon State Bank
11020$254,000Farmers and Merchants State Bank
11020$254,000Grant County State Bank
11020$254,000Issaquah Bank
11020$254,000Lincoln State Bank
11020$254,000Peoples Bank
11020$254,000City State Bank
11020$254,000Panora State Bank
11020$254,000Security State Bank
11020$254,000Stearns Bank Holdingford
11020$254,000Security State Bank of Marine
11020$254,000The Citizens State Bank of Scobey
11020$254,000The First National Bank of Sterling
11020$254,000The Pataskala Banking Company
11020$254,000THE PEOPLES BANK
11020$254,000The Roberts County National Bank of Sisseton
11020$254,000The St. Marys State Bank
11020$254,000Wyoming Bank & Trust Co.
11039$253,000Bank of Commerce
11039$253,000Alton Bank
11039$253,000Arlington State Bank
11039$253,000First Central Bank
11039$253,000Farmers Deposit Bank of Middleburg, Inc.
11039$253,000Farmers State Bank of West Concord
11039$253,000New Market Bank
11039$253,000Powder River Bank
11039$253,000North Central Bank
11039$253,000The Citizens Bank
11039$253,000The Service Bank of Tonkawa
11039$253,000The Somerville National Bank
11039$253,000Western Bank
11052$252,000The Bank of Laramie
11052$252,000Bank of Yates City
11052$252,000Bells Banking Company
11052$252,000Farmers Savings Bank
11052$252,000First American Bank
11052$252,000First State Bank
11052$252,000First State Bank Minnesota
11052$252,000Jonesburg State Bank
11052$252,000Laddonia State Bank
11052$252,000Morris Building and Loan, s.b.
11052$252,000Security Savings Bank
11052$252,000Metabank West Central
11052$252,000State Bank of Hawley
11052$252,000Anchor Bank Saint Paul
11052$252,000The Baxter State Bank
11052$252,000Bank 21
11052$252,000The Ramsey State Bank
11069$251,000Butler Bank
11069$251,000Dothan Federal Savings Bank
11069$251,000Exchange Bank
11069$251,000Farmers Savings Bank
11069$251,000First Banking Center-Albany
11069$251,000First State Bank of Pinedale
11069$251,000First National Bank of Winnebago
11069$251,000First National Bank-Kemmerer
11069$251,000First State Bank
11069$251,000Flint Creek Valley Bank
11069$251,000City Savings Bank
11069$251,000Peoples State Bank
11069$251,000State Bank of Paw Paw, Illinois
11069$251,000The Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Oakland
11069$251,000High Plains Bank
11069$251,000The Necedah Bank
11069$251,000Peoples Exchange Bank
11069$251,000The Whitehall State Bank
11087$250,000American State Bank
11087$250,000PEOPLES BANK
11087$250,000Exchange Bank
11087$250,000First State Bank
11087$250,000Fort Morgan State Bank
11087$250,000Foundation Bank
11087$250,000Oakland State Bank
11087$250,000Senath State Bank
11087$250,000Manhattan Bank
11087$250,000The Peoples Bank
11087$250,000The Peoples Bank of Talbotton
11098$249,000Badger State Bank
11098$249,000Bank of Buffalo
11098$249,000Bank of Okolona
11098$249,000Central Kentucky Federal Savings Bank
11098$249,000Home State Bank
11098$249,000Iowa State Bank
11098$249,000Peoples State Bank
11098$249,000The Atlanta National Bank
11098$249,000The Farmers Bank
11098$249,000The First National Bank of Baudette
11098$249,000The First National Bank of Rowena
11098$249,000The Mont Alto State Bank
11098$249,000United Southern Bank
11098$249,000Wilcox County State Bank
11112$248,000Baca State Bank
11112$248,000County Bank
11112$248,000Citizens Federal Savings Bank of Port St. Joe
11112$248,000Cornerstone Community Bank
11112$248,000Community State Bank
11112$248,000Alliance Bank
11112$248,000Mt. Morris Savings and Loan Association
11112$248,000State Savings Bank
11112$248,000Sturgeon State Bank
11121$247,000Anderson State Bank
11121$247,000Bellevue State Bank
11121$247,000Cornerstone Bank
11121$247,000First Lowndes Bank
11121$247,000Texas Guaranty Bank
11121$247,000My Bank
11121$247,000The Citizens Exchange Bank
11121$247,000The First National Bank of Battle Lake
11121$247,000The First State Bank
11121$247,000Windsor Locks Community Bank, FSL
11121$247,000Workingmens Savings Bank
11132$246,000American Trust and Savings Bank
11132$246,000Town & Country Bank
11132$246,000Bank of Elkhart Lake
11132$246,000Farmers & Traders Savings Bank
11132$246,000Farmers Bank
11132$246,000First Security Bank of Deer Lodge
11132$246,0001st Independence Bank
11132$246,000Peoples Security Bank
11132$246,000The First National Bank of Cokato
11132$246,000Points West Community Bank
11132$246,000The Greene County Bank
11144$245,000Citizens State Bank of Hayfield
11144$245,000The Shelby County State Bank
11144$245,000First Bank, bc
11144$245,000United Community Bank
11144$245,000The First National Bank of Amarillo
11144$245,000Home Loan State Bank
11144$245,000Iroquois Farmers State Bank
11144$245,000Rockland Savings Bank, FSB
11144$245,000Sugarland State Bank
11144$245,000The Farmers State Bank
11144$245,000The National Bank of Harvey
11144$245,000Union State Bank of Fargo
11144$245,000United Bank
11157$244,000Citizens State Bank Norwood Young America
11157$244,000First National Bank of Grapevine
11157$244,000Colorado Community Bank
11157$244,000Swedish-American State Bank
11157$244,000The Cleveland Bank
11157$244,000The Commercial Bank of Obion
11157$244,000Countryside Bank
11164$243,000County Savings Bank
11164$243,000Lake County Bank
11164$243,000Northern Hancock Bank & Trust Co.
11164$243,000State Bank of Augusta
11164$243,000The Citizens State Bank
11164$243,000The Hesston State Bank
11164$243,000Western Bank of Cheyenne
11172$242,000Bank of Middleton
11172$242,000First State Bank of DeQueen
11172$242,000First State Bank of Miami, Texas
11172$242,000Greater South Texas Bank
11172$242,000Logansport Savings Bank, FSB
11172$242,000Bank Name Not Available
11172$242,000Mt. Troy Bank
11172$242,000St. Paul National Bank
11172$242,000State Savings Bank
11172$242,000NexBank, SSB
11172$242,000Citizens National Bank
11172$242,000The First State Bank of Mounds
11172$242,000The Peoples Savings Bank
11172$242,000Vermilion Valley Bank
11187$241,000Commonwealth Co-operative Bank
11187$241,000First Financial Bank in Winnebago
11187$241,000First Progressive Bank
11187$241,000First Security Bank
11187$241,000Northview Bank
11187$241,000Mountain Iron First State Bank
11187$241,000The State Bank
11187$241,000Security State Bank of Wanamingo
11187$241,000The Village Bank
11187$241,000The Bank of Baker
11187$241,000The First National Bank at St. James
11187$241,000The First National Bank of Hooper
11187$241,000The First National Bank of Lacon
11187$241,000Whitaker Bank
11201$240,000Basile State Bank
11201$240,000Farmers Bank & Trust
11201$240,000First Utah Bank
11201$240,000Miles Savings Bank
11201$240,000Omni Bank
11201$240,000Colony Bank Quitman, FSB
11201$240,000The Bank of Edwards
11201$240,000The Garnavillo Savings Bank
11201$240,000United Bank, S.B.
11210$239,000Adams County Bank
11210$239,000Bank of Elbow Lake
11210$239,000Centennial Bank
11210$239,000Citizens Community Bank
11210$239,000First Community Bank San Antonio
11210$239,000Farmers and Merchants Bank
11210$239,000Farmers Bank, a Federal Savings Bank
11210$239,000Colorado East Bank & Trust
11210$239,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Greensburg
11210$239,000South Georgia Bank
11210$239,000State Bank of Loretto
11210$239,000State Bank of Terry
11210$239,000Sundown State Bank
11210$239,000Community First National Bank of Mabel
11210$239,000The First National Bank of Southern Kansas
11210$239,000The First State Bank
11210$239,000The Kirk State Bank
11227$238,000First State Bank
11227$238,000Golden Prague Federal Savings and Loan Association
11227$238,000The First National Bank of Gilman
11227$238,000The Oakland National Bank
11227$238,000United Security Bank
11227$238,000Warsaw Federal Savings and Loan Association
11233$237,000Bank of Bertrand
11233$237,000HomePride Bank
11233$237,000Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Appleton
11233$237,000First South Bank of Coweta County
11233$237,000Franklin State Bank
11233$237,000Homestead Savings Bank
11233$237,000Laona State Bank
11233$237,000LeClaire State Bank
11233$237,000Allegiant Bank, FSB
11233$237,000State Bank of Fayette
11233$237,000First National Bank
11233$237,000The Farmers and Merchants State Bank
11233$237,000Farmers National Bank
11233$237,000Shamrock Bank
11247$236,000American Express Centurion Bank
11247$236,000AYARS STATE BANK
11247$236,000Community Bank of the Ozarks
11247$236,000Farmers State Bank of Stephen
11247$236,000Home State Bank
11247$236,000Pinnacle Bank Sioux City
11247$236,000Pekin National Bank
11247$236,000Community Trust Bank
11247$236,000The First National Bank of Stromsburg
11256$235,000Brazos National Bank
11256$235,000Cardinal State Bank
11256$235,000Day County Bank
11256$235,000Farmers Exchange Bank
11256$235,000First Bank & Trust
11256$235,000First Bank Howe
11256$235,000Oklahoma State Bank
11256$235,000South Central State Bank
11256$235,000The Farmers State Bank
11256$235,000The First National Bank
11256$235,000United Bank
11267$234,000Citizens State Bank
11267$234,000American Bank & Trust Wisconsin
11267$234,000Farmers State Bank
11267$234,000Fidelity State Bank of Fairfax
11267$234,000The Cowboy Bank of Texas
11267$234,000Highland Federal Savings and Loan Association
11267$234,000Iowa State Bank
11267$234,000Bridge Community Bank
11267$234,000Peoples Federal Savings and Loan Association
11267$234,000Area Bank
11267$234,000The Liberty Savings Association, FSA
11267$234,000Sunrise Bank Dakota
11267$234,000The Sacramento Deposit Bank
11281$233,000Avco Bank, an industrial bank
11281$233,000Clarkson Bank
11281$233,000Midwest Bank
11281$233,000Community First Bank of Kentucky
11281$233,000Progressive Bank, National Association-Buckhannon
11281$233,000Kaweah National Bank
11281$233,000Little River Bank
11281$233,000State Bank of Wonewoc
11281$233,000The Fowler State Bank
11281$233,000The Peoples Bank
11281$233,000United Prairie Bank-Slayton
11292$232,000Cambridge State Bank
11292$232,000Carolina Commercial Bank
11292$232,000Central Trust and Savings Bank
11292$232,000Chetopa State Bank & Trust Co.
11292$232,000Farley State Bank
11292$232,000Farmers Bank of Cook
11292$232,000First State Bank
11292$232,000Liberty Bank & Trust
11292$232,000Rocky Ford Federal Savings and Loan Association of Colorado
11292$232,000The Bank of Bourbonnais
11292$232,000The First National Bank of Throckmorton
11292$232,000The First State Bank of La Moure
11304$231,000Castle Rock Bank
11304$231,000Commercial Bank of Mott
11304$231,000Progressive Bank, National Association-Bellaire
11304$231,000Farmers State Bank of Madelia, Incorporated
11304$231,000Fort National Bank
11304$231,000Genesee Regional Bank
11304$231,000Community First Bank
11304$231,000Montezuma State Bank
11304$231,000Raymond Federal Bank
11304$231,000Ripley Federal Savings Bank
11304$231,000Sun Security Bank of America
11304$231,000Pony Express Community Bank
11304$231,000The Stone Fort National Bank of Nacogdoches
11304$231,000United Community Bank Towns County
11318$230,000Bank of Elgin
11318$230,000Bank of Greenville
11318$230,000Belle State Bank
11318$230,000Boswell State Bank
11318$230,000Advantage Bank
11318$230,000Crowley Building and Loan Association
11318$230,000Farmers State Bank of McNabb
11318$230,000First State Bank in Tuscola
11318$230,000Gates Banking and Trust Company
11318$230,000Harlan County Bank
11318$230,000Milton Savings Bank
11318$230,000State Bank of Farina
11318$230,000State Bank of Schaller
11318$230,000The Citizens State Bank
11318$230,000The First National Bank of Morgan
11318$230,000The First State Bank of Lansing
11318$230,000The First State Bank, Kiowa, Kansas
11318$230,000The Kinsley Bank
11318$230,000The Samson Banking Company, Inc.
11318$230,000Alterra Bank
11318$230,000The Turon State Bank
11318$230,000Union Federal Savings Bank of Frankton
11340$229,000Atlas Bank
11340$229,000Premier Bank of East Tennessee
11340$229,000Cleo State Bank
11340$229,000Ellis State Bank
11340$229,000Texas Regional Bank
11340$229,000First Sun Bank of America
11340$229,000First Nashua State Bank
11340$229,000First National Bank
11340$229,000Janesville State Bank
11340$229,000Mid-Southern Savings Bank, FSB
11340$229,000Nebraska State Bank
11340$229,000Producers Savings Bank
11340$229,000State Bank of Bird Island
11340$229,000State Bank of Cold Spring
11340$229,000The Bank of Bradford
11340$229,000The Bank of Tioga
11340$229,000The First National Bank of Amherst
11340$229,000Unity Bank
11358$228,000Dollar Savings Bank
11358$228,000Farmers Exchange Bank
11358$228,000Farmers State Bank of Danforth
11358$228,000First Community Bank
11358$228,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Pekin
11358$228,000Park State Bank
11358$228,000Peoples Savings Bank
11358$228,000Security Bank Waconia
11358$228,000United Community Bank
11358$228,000THE BANK - Oldham County, Inc.
11358$228,000Bank Name Not Available
11358$228,000The First State Bank
11358$228,000The First State Bank of Commerce
11358$228,000The Granger National Bank
11372$227,000Bank of Paragould
11372$227,000Bank of Wadley
11372$227,000First State Bank
11372$227,000Hazen First State Bank
11372$227,000Bank Name Not Available
11372$227,000Colorado Valley Bank,SSB
11372$227,000Eagle Savings Bank
11372$227,000Riverton Community Bank
11372$227,000The Saratoga State Bank
11372$227,000United Bank of Kansas
11382$226,000First American Bank
11382$226,000Texas Heritage Bank
11382$226,000Citizens State Bank of Waterville
11382$226,000Heritage Bank
11382$226,000First State Bank of Campbell Hill
11382$226,000Ruthven State Bank
11382$226,000Security Federal Savings Bank of McMinnville
11382$226,000Summit Bank
11382$226,000The Bucklin State Bank
11382$226,000The Downs National Bank
11382$226,000The Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Argonia
11382$226,000The First State Bank
11382$226,000The Malta National Bank
11382$226,000The Northern State Bank of Gonvick
11382$226,000Flagship Bank Minnesota
11382$226,000CountryBank USA
11382$226,000Union Bank
11382$226,000Winona Savings Bank
11401$225,000Bank of Carbon Hill
11401$225,000Bank of Kilmichael
11401$225,000Bloomburg State Bank
11401$225,000Central Bank
11401$225,000Citizens State Bank in Galena
11401$225,000CBC Bank
11401$225,000Community Bank of Utica
11401$225,000Glasgow Savings Bank
11401$225,000Home Savings Bank
11401$225,000Minnesota First Credit and Savings, Incorporated
11401$225,000Peoples Bank of Deer Lodge
11401$225,000Southern State Bank
11401$225,000The Eastville Bank
11401$225,000The First National Bank in Cooper
11401$225,000United Kentucky Bank of Pendleton County, Inc.
11416$224,000Citizens First National Bank of Wolf Point
11416$224,000Bank of Easthampton, A Co-operative Bank
11416$224,000Sentry Bank
11416$224,000Teambank Nebraska
11416$224,000Lincoln Park Savings Bank
11416$224,000Peoples Bank of Cambridge
11416$224,000The Egyptian State Bank
11416$224,000The Farmers Guaranty State Bank of Kennard
11416$224,000UNICO Bank, Federal Savings Bank
11416$224,000Bank Name Not Available
11426$223,000Bank of New Cambria
11426$223,000Belpre Savings Bank
11426$223,000Citizens Bank & Trust
11426$223,000Heritage Bank
11426$223,000First National Bank at Gallitzin
11426$223,000Kress National Bank
11426$223,000Liberty Savings Bank, FSB
11426$223,000Nickerson State Bank
11426$223,000The Bank of Wadestown
11426$223,000The Farmers State Bank
11426$223,000The First National Bank of Clifton
11426$223,000The First National Bank of Johnson
11426$223,000The Marblehead Bank
11426$223,000The Wakefield National Bank
11426$223,000Walker State Bank
11441$222,000Bank of Westminster
11441$222,000Farmers Savings Bank
11441$222,000First Bank of Pike
11441$222,000First Security Bank
11441$222,000Fowler State Bank
11441$222,000Menno State Bank
11441$222,000Slovak Savings Bank
11441$222,000The First National Bank of Lindsay
11441$222,000The First State Bank
11441$222,000Alliant Bank
11441$222,000The Stock Exchange Bank, Caldwell, Kansas
11452$221,0001st Security Bank of West Yellowstone, Montana
11452$221,000Ashland State Bank
11452$221,000Bank of Gallatin/First State Bank
11452$221,000Farmers and Merchants Bank of Hill City
11452$221,000Farmers State Bank
11452$221,000Town and Country Bank
11452$221,000Roberts State Bank
11452$221,000State Bank of Danvers
11452$221,000The Bank of Bladenboro
11452$221,000The Black Earth State Bank
11452$221,000The Farmers and Merchants State Bank, Effingham, Kansas
11452$221,000The First National Bank in Alma
11452$221,000The First National Bank of Chrisman
11452$221,000The First National Bank of Unadilla
11452$221,000First Bank of Utica
11452$221,000The First State Bank of Thornton, Iowa
11452$221,000The La Coste National Bank
11452$221,000Universal Federal Savings Bank
11470$220,000Bank of Bridger
11470$220,000Community Bank of Galesburg
11470$220,000Exchange Bank of Missouri
11470$220,000Stearns Bank Upsala
11470$220,000First Security Bank - Lake Benton
11470$220,000Kennebec Federal Savings and Loan Association of Waterville
11470$220,000State Bank of Davis
11470$220,000State Bank of Eagle Butte
11470$220,000Conway Bank
11470$220,000The Yellowstone Bank, Columbus, Montana
11480$219,000Bank 2000
11480$219,000Lakewood Bank
11480$219,000Citizens Bank of Norborne
11480$219,000Citizens State Bank
11480$219,000Commercial State Bank
11480$219,000Community National Bank
11480$219,000Eureka Bank
11480$219,000Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Neola, Iowa
11480$219,000Farmers State Bank
11480$219,000Glenwood Independent Bank
11480$219,000The First National Bank of Moose Lake
11491$218,000Bank of Lindsay
11491$218,000Citizens Bank of Princeton
11491$218,000Family Bank
11491$218,000Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Sacred Heart
11491$218,000Dacotah Bank
11491$218,000Manson State Bank
11491$218,000Perpetual State Bank
11491$218,000Rural American Bank-Montgomery/Lonsdale
11491$218,000Grand Timber Bank
11491$218,000State Bank of Reeseville
11491$218,000Citizens State Bank
11491$218,000The Farmers Bank of Mt. Pulaski
11491$218,000Austin Bank, Big Sandy, Texas
11491$218,000The Helena National Bank
11505$217,000Adell State Bank
11505$217,000Bank of Lumber City
11505$217,000Stockmens Bank
11505$217,000Bostwick Banking Company
11505$217,000Caroline Savings Bank
11505$217,000Farmers & Merchants Bank
11505$217,000First American Bank of Tangipahoa
11505$217,000Fort Davis State Bank
11505$217,000McKenzie County Bank
11505$217,000First Security State Bank of Dunklin County
11505$217,000Scott State Bank
11505$217,000Security Bank of Southwest Missouri
11505$217,000Citizens Community Bank
11505$217,000Dakota Prairie Bank
11505$217,000The First National Bank of Leedey
11505$217,000Westerly Savings Bank
11521$216,000American Bank & Trust of the Cumberlands
11521$216,000Apple River State Bank
11521$216,000Bank of Oakfield
11521$216,000First National Bank of Luverne
11521$216,000St Tammany Homestead Savings and Loan Association
11521$216,000State Bank of Niantic
11521$216,000Hometown Bank
11521$216,000The Citizens State Bank
11521$216,000The First National Bank of Chillicothe
11521$216,000The First National Bank of Evant
11521$216,000First National Bank of Central Texas
11521$216,000The Mer Rouge State Bank
11521$216,000The Republic Banking Company
11521$216,000Landmark National Bank
11521$216,000State Bank Northwest
11536$215,000Bank of Commerce
11536$215,000Basin State Bank
11536$215,000Black Mountain Savings Bank, SSB
11536$215,000Fidelity Federal Savings and Loan Association of Delaware
11536$215,000First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Wakeeney
11536$215,000First State Bank
11536$215,000Kansas State Bank
11536$215,000Bank of Texas
11536$215,000Logan County Bank
11536$215,000Lorena State Bank
11536$215,000The First Bank, Roxton, Texas
11536$215,000Western Bank
11548$214,000Citizens Community Bank
11548$214,000Citizens Bank
11548$214,000Simmons First Bank of Dumas
11548$214,000Farmers Exchange Bank
11548$214,000Bank Iowa
11548$214,000AMCORE Bank, Gridley
11548$214,000First State Bank
11548$214,000Greers Ferry Lake State Bank
11548$214,000Midwest Bank of Oquawka
11548$214,000Siouxland National Bank
11548$214,000The Hamilton Bank
11548$214,000The Phalen Bank
11560$213,000First National Bank of Stuttgart
11560$213,000Community Bank of Trenton
11560$213,000Farmers State Bank
11560$213,000Farmers State Bank of Adams, Minnesota
11560$213,000Mechanics Savings Bank
11560$213,000The Peoples Bank
11560$213,000Peoples State Bank
11560$213,000Sanborn Savings Bank
11560$213,000The Enloe State Bank in Enloe
11560$213,000The First National Bank of Lilly
11570$212,000Iowa State Bank
11570$212,000Kingsley State Bank
11570$212,000Lakeside Bank of Salina
11570$212,000Roseville State Bank
11570$212,000The Citizens Bank of De Graff
11570$212,000First Bank
11570$212,000The First National Bank of Hope
11570$212,000First National Bank
11579$211,000Evolve Bank & Trust
11579$211,000First State Bank of Fertile
11579$211,000Lone Oak State Bank
11579$211,000Macomb Federal Savings Bank
11579$211,000Peoples Bank of Polk County
11579$211,000Peoples Exchange Bank of Monroe County
11579$211,000Pleasantville State Bank
11579$211,000The Caroline County Bank
11579$211,000The Miners State Bank of Frontenac, Kansas
11579$211,000The Wilson State Bank
11589$210,000Burton State Bank
11589$210,000Treaty Oak Bank
11589$210,000First State Bank
11589$210,000Goodland State Bank
11589$210,000Ipswich State Bank
11589$210,000State Bank of Gilman
11589$210,000The Bank and Trust, S.S.B.
11589$210,000Tempo Bank, A Federal Savings Bank
11589$210,000The Community Bank of Pennsboro, Inc.
11589$210,000The First Bank of Okarche
11589$210,000The Home National Bank
11589$210,000The Perry County Bank
11589$210,000Twin River National Bank
11589$210,000Valley Bank & Trust
11604$209,000Adairville Banking Company
11604$209,000Blue River Federal Savings Bank
11604$209,000First Wisconsin Bank and Trust Company
11604$209,000First Security Bank of Kentucky
11604$209,000Market Bank
11604$209,000Morgan Federal Bank
11604$209,000Rio Blanco State Bank
11604$209,000Security State Bank of Howard Lake
11604$209,000State Bank in Eden Valley
11604$209,000State Bank of Burnettsville
11604$209,000State Bank of Lakota
11604$209,000The Trego-WaKeeney State Bank
11604$209,000Valley Commercial Bank
11617$208,000Community State Bank
11617$208,000Cement Bank
11617$208,000Citizens State Bank
11617$208,000Farmers Savings Bank
11617$208,000Independent Bank of Platteville
11617$208,000Oak Creek Valley Bank
11617$208,000Security Federal Bank
11617$208,000Financial Security Bank
11617$208,000Community Savings
11617$208,000Goppert Financial Bank
11617$208,000The Lower Salem Commercial Bank
11617$208,000The State Bank
11629$207,000Bank of Mansfield
11629$207,000Campbell County Bank, Inc.
11629$207,000Citizens Bank
11629$207,000Citizens Bank
11629$207,000Citizens National Bank of Crosbyton
11629$207,000Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Cook, Incorporated
11629$207,000Points West Community Bank
11629$207,000First State Bank
11629$207,000Kendall State Bank
11629$207,000United Community Bank
11629$207,000Dakota Heritage Bank of North Dakota
11629$207,000Stanton National Bank
11629$207,000Timberwood Bank
11629$207,000The First and Farmers Bank
11629$207,000The Marion National Bank
11629$207,000The Port Austin State Bank
11629$207,000The State Bank of Conway Springs
11647$206,000Bank of Dyer
11647$206,000Bank of St. Edward
11647$206,000Community Bank of Elmhurst
11647$206,000First State Bank of Patoka
11647$206,000Keystone Savings Bank
11647$206,000First Bank and Trust of Mississippi
11647$206,000Princeton Federal Bank, fsb
11647$206,000Roanoke Valley Savings Bank, SSB
11647$206,000Solon State Bank
11647$206,000First National Bank - Colorado
11647$206,000The First National Bank of Tom Bean
11647$206,000Alpha Community Bank
11659$205,000Clear Creek National Bank
11659$205,000Community First Bank
11659$205,000Community Bank-Dove Creek
11659$205,000Exchange State Bank
11659$205,000Farmers & Merchants Bank of Craig County