Bank of Ann Arbor, History

The following are major historical events for Bank of Ann Arbor, including mergers and acquisitions.

1996-01-16Institution established: Original name:Bank of Ann Arbor
1997-04-04Change trust powers from TRUST POWERS NOT GRANTED to FULL TRUST POWERS GRANTED
2010-05-14Acquired New Liberty Bank (35586) in PLYMOUTH, MI as part of a government assisted transaction.
2017-01-06Acquired Bank of Birmingham (58101) in BIRMINGHAM, MI
2021-11-30Moved bank headquarters from 125 SOUTH FIFTH AVENUE, ANN ARBOR, MI to 125 S 5th Ave, ANN ARBOR, MI.
2021-11-30Acquired First National Bank in HowellBank of Ann Arbor (14370) in HOWELL, MI.