All Arizona Banks

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JPMorgan Chase Bank245 branchesWells Fargo Bank230 branchesBank of America134 branchesU.S. Bank77 branchesCompass Bank63 branchesZions Bancorporation, N.A.58 branchesBMO Harris Bank50 branchesWashington Federal31 branchesMidFirst Bank22 branchesFirst National Bank Texas21 branchesComerica Bank17 branchesBank of the West17 branchesUMB Bank15 branchesFirstBank15 branchesNew York Community Bank14 branchesWestern Alliance Bank10 branchesState Bank of Arizona9 branchesParkway Bank and Trust Company8 branchesGreat Western Bank8 branchesArizona Bank & Trust8 branchesMutual of Omaha Bank7 branchesGlacier Bank7 branchesTCF National Bank7 branchesAcademy Bank6 branchesFirst Fidelity Bank6 branchesWestern State Bank5 branchesHorizon Community Bank5 branchesBank of England5 branches1st Bank Yuma5 branchesBOKF4 branchesCommerce Bank of Arizona4 branchesJohnson Bank4 branchesPinnacle Bank4 branchesCoBiz Bank4 branchesTrustBank3 branchesSunwest Bank3 branchesCanyon Community Bank3 branchesFirst-Citizens Bank & Trust Company3 branchesWest Valley National Bank3 branchesHomeStreet Bank3 branchesFirst International Bank & Trust3 branchesPacific Premier Bank3 branchesArmed Forces Bank3 branchesMission Bank3 branchesThe Northern Trust Company3 branchesOpus Bank2 branchesBankers Trust Company2 branchesAlerus Financial2 branchesFirst Western Trust Bank2 branchesEnterprise Bank & Trust2 branchesFineMark National Bank & Trust2 branchesBANK 342 branchesWestern Bank2 branchesSunflower Bank1 branchBNC National Bank1 branchRepublic Bank of Arizona1 branchGateway Commercial Bank1 branchFirst American Trust, FSB1 branchCrescent Bank & Trust1 branchBNY Mellon1 branchBeal Bank USA1 branchMUFG Union Bank1 branchWilmington Trust1 branchMetro Phoenix Bank1 branchMeadows Bank1 branchSeacoast Commerce Bank1 branchKS StateBank1 branchFirst Savings Bank1 branchNEXTIER BANK1 branchFirst Internet Bank of Indiana1 branchStearns Bank1 branchUnison Bank1 branchGoldwater Bank, N.A.1 branch