American FSB

Status:Inactive as of 1989-09-08
 Pass Through Receivership Merger
Conservatorship Institution Resolved
Successor Bank:NationsBank of Texas
Headquarters:American FSB
3013 Bee Caves Rd
Austin, TX 78746
FDIC Insurance:1985-01-25
FDIC Cert:#32268
Charter Class:Savings associations, state or federal charter, supervised by the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS)
Total Assets:$32,214,000
Total Deposits:$31,299,000


1985-01-25Institution established: Original name:American FSB
1989-04-06Placed into government conservatorship.
1989-09-08Acquired after government financial assistance and subsequently operated as part of NCNB Texas National Bank (27306)
1989-09-08Government conservatorship or bridge bank resolved.
1989-09-22Acquired First Capital Savings Association of Texas (31571) in HOUSTON, TX
1989-09-22Acquired Village Savings, FSB (32014) in HOUSTON, TX
1989-10-13Acquired University Federal Savings Association (32657) in HOUSTON, TX
1989-11-15Change trust powers from TRUST POWERS NOT GRANTED to FULL TRUST POWERS GRANTED
1989-11-30Acquired Greater Texas Bank Southwest, National Association (26433) in TRAVIS COUNTY, TX
1990-02-01Acquired Tyler National Bank (24393) in TYLER, TX
1990-03-02Acquired Centennial Federal Savings and Loan Association (32692) in GREENVILLE, TX
1990-03-02Changed from the Savings Association Insurance Fund to the Bank Insurance Fund.
1990-03-16Acquired Bankers Savings and Loan Association (27627) in GALVESTON, TX
1990-04-05Acquired First Bank & Trust Company (18793) in CEDAR HILL, TX
1990-04-13Acquired Meridian Savings Association (32048) in ARLINGTON, TX
1990-04-19Acquired Chas. Schreiner Bank (17952) in KERRVILLE, TX
1990-04-27Acquired Heritagebanc Savings Association (31334) in DUNCANVILLE, TX
1990-05-18Acquired (3216)
1990-05-31Acquired The Huntsville National Bank (1193) in HUNTSVILLE, TX
1990-06-01Acquired NBC Bank-Seguin, National Association (5524) in SEGUIN, TX
1990-06-01Acquired NBC Bank - Uvalde, National Association (19307) in UVALDE, TX
1990-06-01Acquired NBC Bank - San Antonio, National Association (5512) in SAN ANTONIO, TX
1990-06-01Acquired NBC Bank - Rio Grande Valley, National Association (15488) in MISSION, TX
1990-06-01Acquired NBC Bank-Houston, National Association (20276) in HOUSTON, TX
1990-06-01Acquired NBC Bank - Kerrville, National Association (22685) in KERRVILLE, TX
1990-06-01Acquired NBC Bank - South Texas, National Association (3410) in CORPUS CHRISTI, TX
1990-06-01Acquired NBC Bank - Boerne, National Association (19185) in BOERNE, TX
1990-06-01Acquired NBC Bank - Austin, National Association (22404) in AUSTIN, TX
1990-06-08Acquired East Texas Savings and Loan Association, F.A. (32804) in TYLER, TX
1992-01-01Changed name to NationsBank of Texas, National Association (27306)
1993-02-27Acquired Financial Resource Management Trust Company (91384) in DALLAS, TX
1993-07-01Acquired Westheimer National Bank (24846) in HOUSTON, TX
1994-02-28Acquired Corpus Christi National Bank (3151) in CORPUS CHRISTI, TX
1996-08-15Acquired Charter National Bank-Colonial (22112) in HARRIS COUNTY, TX
1996-08-15Acquired Charter National Bank - Houston (18755) in HOUSTON, TX
1996-08-15Acquired University National Bank - Galveston (19718) in GALVESTON, TX
1997-09-19Acquired Boatmen's Trust Company of Texas (33988) in HOUSTON, TX
1998-02-19Acquired Boatmen's First National Bank of Amarillo (3072) in AMARILLO, TX
1998-05-06Merged into and subsequently operated as part of NationsBank, National Association (15802) in CHARLOTTE, NC
1998-07-09Acquired SUNWEST Bank of El Paso, National Association (19197) in EL PASO, TX
1998-07-09Acquired Boatmen's National Bank of Austin (27321) in AUSTIN, TX
1998-08-06Acquired NationsBank, National Association (Glenn County) (29253) in BRUNSWICK, GA
1998-10-08Acquired Barnett Bank, National Association (3566) in JACKSONVILLE, FL
1998-10-08Acquired Community Bank of the Islands (27164) in SANIBEL, FL
1998-11-12Acquired NationsBank of Tennessee, National Association (10313) in NASHVILLE, TN
1999-04-08Acquired Bank of America Texas, National Association (33404) in IRVING, TX
1999-07-05Changed name to Bank of America, National Association (15802)
1999-07-23Merged into and subsequently operated as part of Bank of America, National Association (3510) in CHARLOTTE, NC
1999-12-01Acquired Bank of America Utah, National Association (9575) in SALT LAKE CITY, UT
2001-05-31Acquired NationsBank Trust Company of New York (33937) in NEW YORK, NY
2005-06-13Acquired Fleet National Bank (2558) in PROVIDENCE, RI
2006-09-22Acquired MBNA America Delaware, National Association (34680) in WILMINGTON, DE
2008-02-22Acquired United States Trust Company , National Association (34061) in NEW YORK, NY
2008-06-30Acquired Bank of America Georgia, National Association (57117) in ATLANTA, GA
2008-10-17Acquired LaSalle Bank National Association (15407) in CHICAGO, IL
2008-10-17Acquired LaSalle Bank Midwest National Association (22488) in TROY, MI
2009-01-16Maintained operations with government open bank assistance.
2009-04-27Acquired Countrywide Bank, FSB (33143) in CENTENNIAL, CO
2009-07-01Acquired Merrill Lynch Bank USA (27374) in SALT LAKE CITY, UT
2009-11-02Acquired Merrill Lynch Bank & Trust Co., FSB (34571) in NEW YORK, NY
2013-04-01Acquired Bank of America, Rhode Island, National Association (58032) in PROVIDENCE, RI
2013-04-01Acquired Bank of America Oregon, National Association (35453) in PORTLAND, OR
2014-10-01Acquired FIA Card Services, National Association (33318) in WILMINGTON, DE