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Academy Bank, History

The following are a list of major historical events for Academy Bank, including mergers and acquisitions.

1966-06-15Institution established: Original name:Air Academy National Bank
2000-05-12Moved bank headquarters from U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, CO to U S A F ACADEMY, CO
2005-01-01Changed name to Academy Bank, National Association
2005-01-01Moved bank headquarters from U S A F ACADEMY, CO to COLORADO SPRINGS, CO
2015-06-19Acquired Southern Commerce Bank, National Association (26970) in TAMPA, FL
2015-06-19Acquired SunBank, National Association (58611) in PHOENIX, AZ
2017-04-28Acquired Merit Bank (4675) in OVERLAND PARK, KS
2017-05-01Moved bank headquarters from COLORADO SPRINGS, CO to KANSAS CITY, MO
2019-10-18Acquired KCB Bank (9793) in KEARNEY, MO