All Texas Banks

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Wells Fargo Bank655 branchesJPMorgan Chase Bank643 branchesBank of America389 branchesCompass Bank343 branchesFirst National Bank Texas274 branchesProsperity Bank258 branchesWoodforest National Bank202 branchesInternational Bank of Commerce159 branchesFrost Bank147 branchesCapital One126 branchesComerica Bank124 branchesBranch Banking and Trust Company122 branchesRegions Bank79 branchesZB78 branchesFirst Financial Bank71 branchesIndependent Bank68 branchesPlainsCapital Bank64 branchesFirst State Bank56 branchesSouthside Bank51 branchesLegacyTexas Bank45 branchesCitizens National Bank42 branchesBroadway National Bank41 branchesFirst United Bank and Trust Company40 branchesCitizens State Bank39 branchesBOKF36 branchesCommunityBank of Texas, N.A.35 branchesHappy State Bank34 branchesAustin Bank, Texas32 branchesFirst State Bank Central Texas31 branchesInterBank29 branchesGuaranty Bank & Trust, N.A.29 branchesBancorpSouth Bank28 branchesLone Star National Bank28 branchesThe American National Bank of Texas25 branchesBank of the Ozarks24 branchesPioneer Bank, SSB24 branchesGreen Bank23 branchesSouthwest Bank23 branchesTexas First Bank22 branchesTexas Bank and Trust Company22 branchesPinnacle Bank22 branchesInter National Bank21 branchesCity Bank21 branchesFirst Community Bank21 branchesSecurity State Bank & Trust20 branchesAmarillo National Bank20 branchesOrigin Bank19 branchesTexas Bank19 branchesFalcon International Bank18 branchesCommercial Bank of Texas18 branchesExtraco Banks18 branchesFirst United Bank18 branchesAIMBank18 branchesThe First National Bank of Hughes Springs17 branchesFirst Bank & Trust17 branchesFirst Bank & Trust East Texas17 branchesFirst Texas Bank16 branchesThe First State Bank16 branchesAmerican Bank16 branchesThe Moody National Bank16 branchesPilgrim Bank16 branchesAllegiance Bank16 branchesInwood National Bank15 branchesSpirit of Texas Bank, SSB15 branchesWestStar Bank15 branchesCitizens Bank15 branchesCommunity National Bank15 branchesMidSouth Bank15 branchesCommunity National Bank & Trust of Texas14 branchesTexas Capital Bank14 branchesAmerican Bank of Commerce14 branchesCommercial State Bank14 branchesVista Bank13 branchesJefferson Bank13 branchesTexas Regional Bank13 branchesSouthStar Bank, S.S.B.13 branchesTrustmark National Bank13 branchesVeritex Community Bank13 branchesBTH Bank13 branchesSecurity Bank13 branchesFarmers State Bank13 branchesCadence Bank, N.A.12 branchesLandmark Bank12 branchesAmerican First National Bank12 branchesThe City National Bank of Sulphur Springs12 branchesCitizens National Bank of Texas12 branchesLubbock National Bank12 branchesEast West Bank12 branchesCentennial Bank12 branchesAlliance Bank12 branchesWest Texas National Bank11 branchesTexas Champion Bank11 branchesPost Oak Bank, N.A.11 branchesTexas State Bank11 branchesBank of the West11 branchesSovereign Bank10 branchesWest Texas State Bank10 branchesHerring Bank10 branchesWellington State Bank10 branchesTexas Gulf Bank10 branchesIberiabank10 branchesPeoples Bank10 branchesThe First National Bank of Gilmer10 branchesWallis State Bank10 branchesLegend Bank, N.A.10 branchesFirst Bank Texas, SSB10 branchesUnion State Bank9 branchesColonial Savings, F.A.9 branchesHanmi Bank9 branchesNewFirst National Bank9 branchesValueBank Texas9 branchesFort Hood National Bank9 branchesHuntington State Bank9 branchesFirst National Bank9 branchesFirstBank Southwest9 branchesPointbank9 branchesR Bank8 branchesRio Bank8 branchesAmerican National Bank & Trust8 branchesFirstCapital Bank of Texas8 branchesThe Comanche National Bank8 branchesTexas Community Bank8 branchesIcon Bank of Texas8 branchesLone Star Capital Bank8 branchesCiera Bank8 branchesFirst State Bank of Uvalde8 branchesNational United8 branchesFirst Commercial Bank7 branchesThe Bank and Trust, S.S.B.7 branchesKleberg Bank, N.A.7 branchesTexas Star Bank7 branchesThe Northern Trust Company7 branchesSecurity State Bank7 branchesThe First National Bank of Granbury7 branchesHomeTown Bank7 branchesMERCANTIL BANK7 branchesBenchmark Bank7 branchesTexas National Bank of Jacksonville7 branchesFidelity Bank7 branchesCapital Bank7 branchesBank of South Texas6 branchesRound Top State Bank6 branchesBeal Bank, SSB6 branchesElsa State Bank and Trust Company6 branchesSouthTrust Bank, N.A.6 branchesNorth Dallas Bank & Trust Co.6 branchesCommunity Bank6 branchesTexStar National Bank6 branchesSage Capital Bank6 branchesCrockett National Bank6 branchesTexas First State Bank6 branchesTrustTexas Bank, SSB6 branchesGolden Bank6 branchesTexas National Bank6 branchesFirst Bank6 branchesIncommons Bank, N.A.6 branchesThe First National Bank of Bastrop6 branchesClassic Bank6 branchesThird Coast Bank, SSB6 branchesVantage Bank Texas6 branchesTexas Citizens Bank6 branchesThe Ozona National Bank6 branchesWestern Bank6 branchesMutual of Omaha Bank5 branchesWhitney Bank5 branchesLone Star State Bank of West Texas5 branchesThe First National Bank of Shiner5 branchesFarmers and Merchants Bank5 branchesPreferred Bank5 branchesHorizon Bank, SSB5 branchesThe Bank of San Antonio5 branchesIndustry State Bank5 branchesFirst National Bank of Huntsville5 branchesThe Bank & Trust of Bryan/College Station5 branchesLiberty Bank5 branchesSundown State Bank5 branchesHeritage Bank5 branchesThe Pecos County State Bank5 branchesMills County State Bank5 branchesThe First National Bank of Trenton5 branchesArrowhead Bank5 branchesSchertz Bank & Trust5 branchesWashington Federal5 branchesFirst National Bank of Central Texas5 branchesBank SNB5 branchesSabine State Bank and Trust Company5 branchesSynergy Bank, S.S.B.5 branchesSouthwestern National Bank5 branchesState Bank of De Kalb5 branchesFirst-Citizens Bank & Trust Company5 branchesGrand Bank of Texas5 branchesAmerican State Bank5 branchesCommunity Bank & Trust, Waco, Texas4 branchesFirst Security State Bank4 branchesTexana Bank4 branchesAffiliated Bank4 branchesHomeBank Texas4 branchesCitizens 1st Bank4 branchesPOINTWEST BANK4 branchesFirst State Bank of Odem4 branchesLlano National Bank4 branchesColeman County State Bank4 branchesCommerce Bank4 branchesThe National Bank of Texas at Fort Worth4 branchesThe Hondo National Bank4 branchesFirst National Bank in Port Lavaca4 branchesPlains State Bank4 branchesCentral Bank4 branchesWestbound Bank4 branchesThe National Bank of Andrews4 branchesCapital Bank, SSB4 branchesThe First National Bank of Albany4 branchesFirst State Bank of Ben Wheeler, Texas4 branchesCitibank4 branchesTexas Heritage National Bank4 branchesFirst National Bank of Omaha4 branchesMineola Community Bank, S.S.B.4 branchesThe First National Bank of Sonora4 branchesUMB Bank4 branchesFirst National Bank of Bosque County4 branchesCypress Bank, SSB4 branchesFarmers Bank & Trust Company4 branchesCentral National Bank4 branchesState Bank of Texas4 branchesPeoples State Bank4 branchesGreater State Bank4 branchesEnnis State Bank4 branchesCharter Bank4 branchesUnited Bank of El Paso del Norte4 branchesAmerican Momentum Bank4 branchesTexan Bank4 branchesFirst Federal Community Bank, SSB4 branchesShelby Savings Bank, SSB4 branchesThe First National Bank of Evant3 branchesThe First Liberty National Bank3 branchesCrescent Bank & Trust3 branchesIntegrity Bank, SSB3 branchesFort Davis State Bank3 branchesFayette Savings Bank, SSB3 branchesFirst Bank of Muleshoe3 branchesThe First National Bank of Eagle Lake3 branchesProvidence Bank of Texas, ssb3 branchesGulf Coast Bank and Trust Company3 branchesTexas Security Bank3 branchesAccessBank Texas3 branchesFirst Bank and Trust of Childress3 branchesFirst Savings Bank3 branchesTexas Financial Bank3 branchesThe Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company3 branchesAnahuac National Bank3 branchesGrandview Bank3 branchesPlatinum Bank3 branchesFayetteville Bank3 branchesThe Brenham National Bank3 branchesThe Falls City National Bank3 branchesBank of Texas3 branchesPioneer Bank3 branchesFirst State Bank of Burnet3 branchesGraham Savings and Loan, SSB3 branchesWorthington National Bank3 branchesTexas Republic Bank3 branchesThe Roscoe State Bank3 branchesFirst National Bank of Dublin3 branchesThe Liberty National Bank in Paris3 branchesFirst-Lockhart National Bank3 branchesTexas Heritage Bank3 branchesBank of Hope3 branchesArmed Forces Bank3 branchesThe First National Bank of Winnsboro3 branchesAtlantic Trust Company3 branchesTexas Bank Financial3 branchesThe First National Bank of Sterling City3 branchesTranspecos Banks, SSB3 branchesFirst State Bank of Brownsboro3 branchesFirst National Bank of Fort Stockton3 branchesThe Bank of River Oaks3 branchesThe First National Bank of Ballinger3 branchesThe Buckholts State Bank3 branchesNexBank, SSB3 branchesThe First National Bank of Bellville3 branchesMainland Bank3 branchesAlliance Bank Central Texas3 branchesGuadalupe National Bank3 branchesFirst National Bank of Hereford3 branchesCendera Bank3 branchesThe First National Bank of Mertzon3 branchesThe First National Bank of Livingston3 branchesThe First National Bank of Mount Vernon3 branchesThe First National Bank of Beeville3 branchesThe State National Bank of Big Spring3 branchesThe Commercial National Bank of Brady2 branchesThe Chasewood Bank2 branchesEvolve Bank & Trust2 branchesRiverbend Bank2 branchesDalhart Federal Savings & Loan Association, SSB2 branchesSanger Bank2 branchesThe State Bank of Texas2 branchesFidelity Bank of Texas2 branchesFirst National Bank of Burleson2 branchesNBH Bank2 branchesTexas Hill Country Bank2 branchesThe First National Bank of Anderson2 branchesFirst National Bank of South Padre Island2 branchesPanola National Bank2 branchesUnity National Bank of Houston2 branchesMUFG Union Bank2 branchesGladewater National Bank2 branchesInterstate Bank, ssb2 branchesSpring Hill State Bank2 branchesBank of Commerce2 branchesUnited Texas Bank2 branchesAmerican Nation Bank2 branchesAnthem Bank & Trust2 branchesFannin Bank2 branchesBank of England2 branchesLone Star Bank2 branchesFirst Texoma National Bank2 branchesThe Morris County National Bank of Naples2 branchesCitizens National Bank at Brownwood2 branchesTexas Advantage Community Bank2 branchesZavala County Bank2 branchesCommerce Bank Texas2 branchesPegasus Bank2 branchesHaskell National Bank2 branchesMuenster State Bank2 branchesThe First National Bank of McGregor2 branchesFirst Capital Bank2 branchesColumbus State Bank2 branchesCapital Bank of Texas2 branchesThe First National Bank of Woodsboro2 branchesValliance Bank2 branchesBeal Bank USA2 branchesBNY Mellon2 branchesThe First National Bank of Trinity2 branchesCitizens State Bank of Luling2 branchesThe First National Bank of Tom Bean2 branchesTexas Brand Bank2 branchesThe First National Bank of Stanton2 branchesMetro City Bank2 branchesFirst National Bank and Trust Company of Weatherford2 branchesGrapeland State Bank2 branchesFrontier Bank of Texas2 branchesFSNB2 branchesCathay Bank2 branchesCastroville State Bank2 branchesHamlin National Bank2 branchesFirst National Bank of Jasper2 branchesFirst National Bank of Lake Jackson2 branchesThe Citizens National Bank of Hillsboro2 branchesThe First National Bank of Kemp2 branchesThe Security State Bank2 branchesFirst National Bank of Alvin2 branchesThe Jacksboro National Bank2 branchesThe Waggoner National Bank of Vernon2 branchesFirst State Bank of Mobeetie2 branchesThe State National Bank of Groom2 branchesTitan Bank, N.A.2 branchesFirst State Bank of Bedias2 branchesBig Bend Banks, N.A.2 branchesFirst National Bank of Giddings2 branchesBridge City State Bank2 branchesTexas Exchange Bank, ssb2 branchesCOMMONWEALTH BUSINESS BANK1 branchTrinity Bank, N.A.1 branchBANK 341 branchCrossFirst Bank1 branchAustin Capital Bank SSB1 branchT Bank1 branchUSAA Federal Savings Bank1 branchOne World Bank1 branchTolleson Private Bank1 branchGoldman Sachs Bank USA1 branchHenderson Federal Savings Bank1 branchFirst Command Bank1 branchThe Community Bank1 branchAustin County State Bank1 branchBallinger National Bank1 branchFirst Federal Bank Littlefield, Texas1 branchBusiness Bank of Texas, N.A.1 branchWilmington Trust1 branchFarm Bureau Bank FSB1 branchLiberty Capital Bank1 branchThe First National Bank of Floydada1 branchCommunity First National Bank1 branchAngelina Savings Bank, SSB1 branchBank of Brenham1 branchShinhan Bank America1 branchThe MINT National Bank1 branchGreat Southern Bank1 branchLiberty FSB1 branchHill Bank & Trust Co.1 branchThe Santa Anna National Bank1 branchThe City National Bank of San Saba1 branchWells Fargo Bank South Central1 branchFirst Tennessee Bank1 branchSNB Bank1 branchBank 71 branchThe First National Bank of Quitaque1 branchThe Perryton National Bank1 branchThe First National Bank of Paducah1 branchThe First National Bank of Tahoka1 branchThe City National Bank of Taylor1 branchThe State National Bank in West1 branchThe Donley County State Bank1 branchFlanagan State Bank1 branchChappell Hill Bank1 branchPeoples State Bank of Hallettsville1 branchEnloe State Bank1 branchCrowell State Bank1 branchThe Oakwood State Bank1 branchU.S. Bank1 branchThe Yoakum National Bank1 branchNormangee State Bank1 branchThe First National Bank of Moody1 branchMenard Bank1 branchCitizens National Bank of Crosbyton1 branchThe First National Bank in Cooper1 branchThe City National Bank of Colorado City1 branchThe First Bank of Celeste1 branchThe Brady National Bank1 branchThe First National Bank of Aspermont1 branchThe First National Bank of Anson1 branchProvidence Bank1 branchDilley State Bank1 branchThe Dublin National Bank1 branchThe First National Bank of Edgewood1 branchThe First National Bank of Eldorado1 branchFirst Bank and Trust of Memphis1 branchMason Bank1 branchThe First National Bank of Lipan1 branchThe Lamesa National Bank1 branchNational Bank & Trust1 branchThe Karnes County National Bank of Karnes City1 branchThe First National Bank of Hebbronville1 branchThe Granger National Bank1 branchGilmer National Bank, Gilmer, Texas1 branchThe Morrill and Janes Bank and Trust Company1 branchThe Bankers Bank1 branchThe American National Bank of Mount Pleasant1 branchLovelady State Bank1 branchLakeside National Bank1 branchLiberty Bank and Trust Company1 branchDallas Capital Bank1 branchFirst State Bank and Trust Company1 branchThe Commercial Bank1 branchCarmine State Bank1 branchCommercial National Bank of Texarkana1 branchTBK BANK, SSB1 branchLamar National Bank1 branchTIB The Independent Bankersbank1 branchAmistad Bank1 branchBandera Bank1 branchBank of DeSoto1 branchFirst American Trust, FSB1 branchCity National Bank1 branchPavillion Bank1 branchBank of Whittier1 branchAtascosa National Bank1 branchBrazos National Bank1 branchThe Bank of San Jacinto County, Coldspring, Texas1 branchKress National Bank1 branchZapata National Bank1 branchMarion State Bank1 branchJunction National Bank1 branchStockmens National Bank in Cotulla1 branchCOMMUNITY BANK OF SNYDER1 branchFarmers State Bank of Newcastle1 branchThe First National Bank in Falfurrias1 branchBurton State Bank1 branchJustin State Bank1 branchThe Cowboy Bank of Texas1 branchRobert Lee State Bank1 branchSpur Security Bank1 branchThe Lytle State Bank of Lytle, Texas1 branchPowell State Bank1 branchTejas Bank1 branchPearland State Bank1 branchBrush Country Bank1 branchFirst State Bank of San Diego1 branchGruver State Bank1 branchJohnson City Bank1 branchSecurity Bank of Crawford1 branchAmeristate Bank1 branchStockmans Bank1 branch