All Louisiana Banks

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JPMorgan Chase Bank154 branchesCapital One128 branchesWhitney Bank117 branchesRegions Bank102 branchesIberiabank73 branchesSabine State Bank and Trust Company47 branchesMidSouth Bank43 branchesBancorpSouth Bank25 branchesHome Bank25 branchesJD Bank24 branchesGulf Coast Bank and Trust Company24 branchesFirst American Bank and Trust24 branchesRed River Bank23 branchesOrigin Bank22 branchesFirst Guaranty Bank22 branchesFIDELITY BANK19 branchesWoodforest National Bank19 branchesFirst Federal Bank of Louisiana16 branchesBusiness First Bank16 branchesState Bank & Trust Company16 branchesInvestar Bank15 branchesGulf Coast Bank14 branchesBank of Montgomery13 branchesCottonport Bank13 branchesOuachita Independent Bank12 branchesThe First, A National Banking Association12 branchesSt. Martin Bank and Trust Company12 branchesCitizens Bank & Trust Company12 branchesAmerican Bank & Trust Company12 branchesCitizens National Bank, N.A.12 branchesFirst Bank and Trust12 branchesLiberty Bank and Trust Company12 branchesResource Bank11 branchesCommunity Bank of Louisiana10 branchesThe Union Bank10 branchesUnited Community Bank10 branchesSouthern Heritage Bank10 branchesGuaranty Bank & Trust Company of Delhi, Louisiana9 branchesMetairie Bank & Trust Company9 branchesCrescent Bank & Trust9 branchesFirst National Bank9 branchesThe Evangeline Bank and Trust Company9 branchesCross Keys Bank9 branchesSt. Landry Bank and Trust Company9 branchesCity Savings Bank & Trust Company9 branchesGibsland Bank & Trust Company8 branchesCommunity First Bank8 branchesRichland State Bank8 branchesFarmers-Merchants Bank & Trust Company8 branchesFirst National Bank in DeRidder7 branchesFlorida Parishes Bank7 branchesRayne State Bank & Trust Company7 branchesWashington State Bank7 branchesHome Federal Bank7 branchesMerchants & Farmers Bank & Trust Company7 branchesSouth Louisiana Bank7 branchesProgressive Bank7 branchesCatahoula - LaSalle Bank7 branchesThe First National Bank of Jeanerette7 branchesCoastal Commerce Bank6 branchesFifth District Savings Bank6 branchesSynergy Bank6 branchesM C Bank & Trust Company6 branchesBank of Louisiana6 branchesGuaranty Bank and Trust Company6 branchesPatterson State Bank6 branchesThe Bank6 branchesThe Highlands Bank6 branchesFirst National Bank of Louisiana5 branchesTeche Bank & Trust Co.5 branchesSouth Lafourche Bank & Trust Company5 branchesCitizens Savings Bank5 branchesTensas State Bank5 branchesBank of Commerce & Trust Co.5 branchesCity Bank & Trust Co.5 branchesColfax Banking Company5 branchesFarmers State Bank & Trust Co.5 branchesProgressive National Bank4 branchesLandmark Bank4 branchesDelta Bank4 branchesBank of Sunset and Trust Company4 branchesFranklin State Bank & Trust Company4 branchesMarion State Bank4 branchesCitizens Progressive Bank4 branchesHomeland Federal Savings Bank4 branchesCitizens Bank & Trust Company of Vivian, Louisiana4 branchesFSNB4 branchesBank of Ruston3 branchesHibernia Bank3 branchesLakeside Bank3 branchesFeliciana Bank & Trust Company3 branchesSt Landry Homestead Federal Savings Bank3 branchesVermilion Bank & Trust Company3 branchesBank of Abbeville & Trust Company3 branchesCaldwell Bank & Trust Company3 branchesBank of Erath3 branchesConcordia Bank & Trust Company3 branchesCommercial Capital Bank3 branchesBank of Zachary3 branchesExchange Bank and Trust Company, Natchitoches, Louisiana3 branchesWinnsboro State Bank & Trust Company3 branchesPeoples Bank and Trust Company of Pointe Coupee Parish3 branchesTri-Parish Bank3 branchesMBL Bank2 branchesAnthem Bank & Trust2 branchesMutual Savings and Loan Association2 branchesBeauregard FSB2 branchesHeritage Bank of St Tammany2 branchesBasile State Bank2 branchesBank of Winnfield & Trust Company2 branchesUnited Mississippi Bank2 branchesFirst National Bank USA2 branchesSicily Island State Bank2 branchesMississippi River Bank2 branchesKaplan State Bank2 branchesUnion Savings and Loan Association2 branchesCommerce Community Bank1 branchPeoples Bank1 branchJonesboro State Bank1 branchThe Mer Rouge State Bank1 branchJackson Parish Bank1 branchThe Bank of Commerce1 branchBank of Gueydan1 branchBank of Coushatta1 branchBank of England1 branchSimmesport State Bank1 branchFirst American Trust, FSB1 branchFirst National Banker's Bank1 branchFirst National Bank of Benton1 branchThe Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company1 branchBank of St. Francisville1 branchAbbeville Building & Loan (A State-Chartered Savings Bank)1 branchBank of Oak Ridge1 branchPlaquemine Bank & Trust Company1 branchHodge Bank & Trust Company1 branchEureka Homestead1 branchRayne Building and Loan Association1 branch