All California Banks

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Wells Fargo Bank1063 branchesJPMorgan Chase Bank1010 branchesBank of America911 branchesU.S. Bank652 branchesMUFG Union Bank333 branchesCitibank317 branchesBank of the West237 branchesRabobank108 branchesZB98 branchesComerica Bank98 branchesEast West Bank93 branchesUmpqua Bank90 branchesWestamerica Bank89 branchesPacific Western Bank77 branchesTri Counties Bank72 branchesCIT Bank71 branchesCity National Bank66 branchesCompass Bank62 branchesCitizens Business Bank58 branchesFirst Republic Bank54 branchesBank of Hope50 branchesFirst Bank46 branchesBanc of California40 branchesBanner Bank37 branchesCathay Bank37 branchesMechanics Bank36 branchesHSBC Bank USA35 branchesBank of the Sierra34 branchesOpus Bank34 branchesFarmers & Merchants Bank of Central California32 branchesEl Dorado Savings Bank, F.S.B.31 branchesPacific Premier Bank29 branchesHomeStreet Bank27 branchesHanmi Bank26 branchesFirst-Citizens Bank & Trust Company26 branchesCentral Valley Community Bank25 branchesSterling Bank and Trust, FSB24 branchesFarmers and Merchants Bank of Long Beach24 branchesExchange Bank21 branchesBank of Marin21 branchesFremont Bank20 branchesBank of Stockton19 branchesUnited Business Bank18 branchesOak Valley Community Bank17 branchesFirst Northern Bank of Dixon17 branchesCommunity Bank17 branchesGrandpoint Bank14 branchesProvident Savings Bank, F.S.B.14 branchesLuther Burbank Savings13 branchesHeritage Bank of Commerce13 branchesRoyal Business Bank13 branchesUnited Security Bank13 branchesWestern Alliance Bank13 branchesFirst National Bank of Northern California13 branchesRiver City Bank12 branchesPlumas Bank12 branchesAmerican River Bank12 branchesPacific City Bank11 branchesBeneficial State Bank11 branchesBoston Private Bank & Trust Company11 branchesMontecito Bank & Trust11 branchesPreferred Bank11 branchesBAC Community Bank11 branchesRedding Bank of Commerce10 branchesIndustrial and Commercial Bank of China (USA)10 branchesArmed Forces Bank10 branchesScott Valley Bank10 branchesFirst Foundation Bank10 branchesPremier Valley Bank10 branchesCalifornia United Bank10 branchesManufacturers Bank10 branchesCommunity West Bank9 branchesFirst Community Bank9 branchesSavings Bank of Mendocino County9 branchesCTBC Bank Corp. (USA)9 branchesFar East National Bank9 branchesThe Northern Trust Company9 branchesState Bank of India (California)9 branchesPacific Mercantile Bank8 branchesMission Bank7 branchesFirst Commercial Bank (USA)7 branchesEverTrust Bank7 branchesOpen Bank7 branchesBank of Southern California, N.A.7 branchesGBC International Bank7 branchesBank of the Orient7 branchesPlaza Bank6 branchesFive Star Bank6 branchesThe Bank of Hemet6 branchesMega Bank6 branchesSilvergate Bank6 branchesWoori America Bank6 branchesPacific Commerce Bank6 branchesBank of England6 branchesCommercial Bank of California6 branchesPresidio Bank6 branchesBNY Mellon6 branchesCOMMONWEALTH BUSINESS BANK5 branchesSuncrest Bank5 branchesSummit State Bank5 branchesPremier Business Bank5 branchesMalaga Bank F.S.B.5 branches1st Capital Bank5 branchesFirst Choice Bank5 branchesSanta Cruz County Bank5 branchesShinhan Bank America5 branchesSouth County Bank5 branchesFirstBank5 branchesFirst Federal Savings and Loan Association of San Rafael5 branchesUniversal Bank5 branchesSeacoast Commerce Bank5 branchesAltaPacific Bank5 branchesSilicon Valley Bank5 branchesFirst National Bank of Southern California4 branchesFirst General Bank4 branchesThe Merchants National Bank of Sacramento4 branchesAmerican Continental Bank4 branchesMonterey County Bank4 branchesOjai Community Bank4 branchesSunwest Bank4 branchesValley Republic Bank4 branchesFolsom Lake Bank4 branchesAmericas United Bank4 branchesSan Diego Private Bank4 branchesBalboa Thrift and Loan Association4 branchesMetropolitan Bank4 branchesGolden Pacific Bank4 branchesCommunity Commerce Bank4 branchesBeal Bank, SSB4 branchesBroadway Federal Bank, f.s.b.3 branchesCommunity Bank of Santa Maria3 branchesBank of Rio Vista3 branchesSummit Bank3 branchesUniti Bank3 branchesCommerce West Bank3 branchesAmerican Riviera Bank3 branchesUnited American Bank3 branchesPinnacle Bank3 branchesGolden State Bank3 branchesRedwood Capital Bank3 branchesPacific Valley Bank3 branchesChino Commercial Bank, N.A.3 branchesCornerstone Community Bank3 branchesCommunity Business Bank3 branchesCommunity 1st Bank3 branchesCalifornia Bank of Commerce3 branchesTrans-Pacific National Bank3 branchesCommunity Valley Bank3 branchesNeighborhood National Bank3 branchesNew OMNI Bank3 branchesMission National Bank3 branchesLiberty Bank3 branchesAmerican Plus Bank, N.A.3 branchesBank of Santa Clarita2 branchesAtlantic Trust Company2 branchesBank of Napa, N.A.2 branchesBeal Bank USA2 branchesFriendly Hills Bank2 branchesCapital Bank2 branchesUS Metro Bank2 branchesPacific Alliance Bank2 branchesTri-Valley Bank2 branchesRiver Valley Community Bank2 branchesBank of Feather River2 branchesCalifornia International Bank, N.A.2 branchesHabib American Bank2 branchesIsrael Discount Bank of New York2 branchesCommunity Bank of the Bay2 branchesThe Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company2 branchesCalifornia Pacific Bank2 branchesWilmington Trust2 branchesEastern International Bank2 branchesMutual of Omaha Bank2 branchesAsian Pacific National Bank2 branchesBank of the Ozarks2 branchesAmerican First National Bank2 branchesUnited Pacific Bank2 branchesBank Leumi USA2 branchesFirst Credit Bank2 branchesInternational City Bank2 branchesMission Valley Bank2 branchesBank of Whittier1 branchPacific Enterprise Bank1 branchOneUnited Bank1 branchTIB The Independent Bankersbank1 branchBank of Guam1 branchBlue Gate Bank1 branchNBH Bank1 branchEvolve Bank & Trust1 branchMidFirst Bank1 branchFSNB1 branchBanamex USA1 branchBanco Popular North America1 branchLighthouse Bank1 branchWallis State Bank1 branchCommerce Bank of Temecula Valley1 branchPartners Bank of California1 branchCass Commercial Bank1 branchBank of America California1 branchFresno First Bank1 branchBank of San Francisco1 branchCalifornia Business Bank1 branchPacific Coast Bankers' Bank1 branchAmerican Business Bank1 branchCapital Bank and Trust Company1 branchCalifornia First National Bank1 branchBofi Federal Bank1 branchAvidbank1 branchFirst Western Trust Bank1 branchMizrahi Tefahot Bank, Ltd.1 branchGateway Bank, F.S.B.1 branchNew Resource Bank1 branchMurphy Bank1 branchRancho Santa Fe Thrift & Loan Association1 branchWells Fargo Bank, Ltd.1 branchHome Bank of California1 branchGolden Valley Bank1 branchFirst American Trust, FSB1 branchMerchants Bank of California1 branchNorthern California National Bank1 branchTustin Community Bank1 branchEH National Bank1 branch