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My name is Jeanette Hines. I 've been a customer of Whitney Bank for over 30 years as I used Whitney in New Orleans when I lived there. I will miss Whitney and I am sad to see them go.  But life changes and we must go with the flow.  I hope the men and women who used to be a Whitney employee will have more success with The First.  We are a family and we will make it through the transition.  I'm 58 yr old disabled female. I have been trying to start a business online. Hey at my age that is not easy. From being a Paralegal for years then going into marketing? A whole new world. Maybe you could visit my sites? One on Eco-friendly Green World at www.queenbee4green.com and the other about affiliates working online from home: www.affiliatemarketsuccess.net. Let me know what you think! Okay, just think it and maybe my ESP will pick it up! LOL Hopefully, we will get through this rough Economy soon! Maybe more people will try and work online if they see this. AFterall, there are plenty computers in homes. It would be nice if I helped the unemployed by my little post about myself.  Happiness to all!  May God Bless. JC

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