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The Emerald City Bank, Total Deposits

Total deposits$9,740,00013,345
Deposits held in domestic offices$9,740,00013,344
Individuals, partnerships, and corporations$5,738,00013,701
U.S. Government$3,502,000314
States and political subdivisions in the U.S.$500,0009,440
Commercial banks and other depository institutions in U.S.$05,365
Banks in foreign countries$0277
Foreign governments and official institutions$0101
Deposits held in foreign officesNANA
Transaction accounts$2,595,00011,360
Demand deposits$2,236,0009,779
Nontransaction accounts$7,145,00011,295
Money market deposit accounts (MMDAs)$629,00010,631
Other savings deposits (excluding MMDAs)$759,00010,862
Total time deposits$5,757,00010,810
Total time and savings deposits$7,504,00013,392
Noninterest-bearing deposits$2,236,00010,496
Interest-bearing deposits$7,504,00013,387
Retail deposits$6,374,00013,652
Estimated insured deposits$6,231,00013,676
IRAs and Keogh plan accounts$52,00013,253
Brokered deposits$01,148
Fully insured brokered deposits$01,070
Deposits obtained via list services, yet not brokeredNANA
Noninterest-bearing depositsNANA
Interest-bearing depositsNANA