The Emerald City Bank, Securities

Total securities$2,636,00012,746
U.S. Government securities$506,00013,402
U.S. Treasury securities$506,00011,244
U.S. Government agency obligations$012,681
Securities issued by states & political subdivisions$09,981
Other domestic debt securities$07,520
Privately issued residential mortgage-backed securities$04,133
Commercial mortgage-backed securities - TotalNANA
Asset backed securitiesNANA
Structured financial products - TotalNANA
Other domestic debt securities - All other$05,875
Foreign debt securitiesNANA
Equity securities$2,130,0001,197
Assets held in trading accounts for TFR ReportersNANA
General valuation allowances for securities for TFR ReportersNANA
Pledged securities$506,0009,669
Mortgage-backed securities$011,133
Certificates of participation in pools of residential mortgages$010,234
Issued or guaranteed by U.S.$010,148
Privately issued$0831
Collaterized mortgage obligations$07,362
CMOs issued by government agencies or sponsored agencies$06,646
Privately issued$03,547
Commercial mortgage-backed securities$01
Commercial mortgage pass-through securitiesNANA
Other commercial mortgage-backed securitiesNANA
Held to maturity securities (book value)NANA
Available-for-sale securities (fair market value)NANA
Total debt securities$506,00013,487
Structured notes
Amortized costNANA
Fair valueNANA
Trading account assets$0344
Revaluation gains on off-balance sheet contracts$01
Revaluation losses on off-balance sheet contractsNANA