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The Emerald City Bank, Total Assets and Liabilities in Foreign Offices

Total assets in foreign officesNANA
Cash and due from depository institutionsNANA
Reverse repo agreements purchased - foreign officesNANA
Total loans and leasesNANA
Unearned incomeNANA
Loans and leases, grossNANA
Loans held in foreign officesNANA
Loans to Depository Institutions & Acceptances of Other Banks - Foreign offices$072
To commercial banks in U.S.NANA
To other depository institutions in U.S.NANA
To banks in foreign countriesNANA
Farm loansNANA
Commercial and industrial loansNANA
To non-U.S. addresseesNANA
Loans to individualsNANA
Loans to foreign governments and official institutionsNANA
Obligations of states and political subdivisions in U.S.NANA
Other loansNANA
Lease financing receivablesNANA
Trading account assetsNANA
Total liabilities in foreign officesNANA
Deposits held in foreign officesNANA
Individuals, partnerships and corporationsNANA
Commercial banks and other depository institutions in U.S.NANA
Banks in foreign countriesNANA
Foreign governments and official institutionsNANA
U.S government, states, and political subdivisionsNANA
Noninterest-bearing depositsNANA
Interest-bearing depositsNANA
Reverse repo agreements sold - foreign officesNANA
Other borrowed fundsNANA