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Loyal Trust Bank, Assets and Liabilities

# of Employees:154,093
Assets and Liabilities
Total Assets:$113,584,0003,907
Cash and due from depository institutions$47,338,0004,093
Interest-bearing balances$44,150,0001,816
Federal funds sold & reverse repurchase agreements$02,022
Net loans & leases$59,810,0003,819
Loan loss allowance$742,0003,860
Trading account assets$0251
Bank premises and fixed assets$592,0004,079
Other real estate owned$04,093
Goodwill and other intangibles$716,0001,690
All other assets$655,0004,494
Life insurance assets$03,241
Total liabilities and capital$113,584,0003,907
Total liabilities$89,144,0004,016
Total deposits$88,830,0003,981
Interest-bearing deposits$74,448,0003,813
Deposits held in domestic offices$88,830,0003,981
% insured50.34%4,440
Federal funds purchased & repurchase agreements$01,011
Trading liabilities$0189
Other borrowed funds$02,536
Subordinated debt$074
All other liabilities$314,0003,795
Total equity capital$24,440,0002,927
Total bank equity capital$24,440,0002,927
Perpetual preferred stock$069
Common stock$2,587,000810
Undivided profits$-2,598,0004,718
Noncontrolling interests in consolidated subsidiaries$0114
Noncurrent loans and leases$387,0002,779
Noncurrent loans that are wholly or partially guaranteed by the U.S. government$387,000406
Income earned, not collected on loans$262,0004,283
Earning assets$108,433,0003,868
Long-term assets (5+ years)$4,935,0004,625
Average Assets, year-to-date$100,867,0003,979
Average Assets, quarterly$112,467,0003,901
Volatile liabilities$9,620,0002,808
Insider loans$04,255
FHLB advances$02,266
Loans and leases held for sale$01,515
Unused loan commitments$180,0004,728
Tier 1 (core) risk-based capital$23,782,0002,921
Tier 2 risk-based capital$742,0002,492
Total risk weighted assets$64,884,0002,572
Total unused commitments$180,0004,728
# of Employees:164,088
Assets and Liabilities
Total Assets:$111,350,0003,958
Cash and due from depository institutions$34,241,0004,088
Interest-bearing balances$30,983,0002,290
Federal funds sold & reverse repurchase agreements$02,071
Net loans & leases$70,827,0003,659
Loan loss allowance$742,0003,917
Trading account assets$0252
Bank premises and fixed assets$648,0004,063
Other real estate owned$04,088
Goodwill and other intangibles$462,0001,875
All other assets$634,0004,584
Life insurance assets$03,251
Total liabilities and capital$111,350,0003,958
Total liabilities$87,645,0004,073
Total deposits$87,564,0004,024
Interest-bearing deposits$72,059,0003,884
Deposits held in domestic offices$87,564,0004,024
% insured48.89%4,598
Federal funds purchased & repurchase agreements$01,041
Trading liabilities$0188
Other borrowed funds$02,649
Subordinated debt$079
All other liabilities$81,0004,704
Total equity capital$23,705,0003,013
Total bank equity capital$23,705,0003,013
Perpetual preferred stock$073
Common stock$2,587,000819
Undivided profits$-3,246,0004,792
Noncontrolling interests in consolidated subsidiaries$0119
Noncurrent loans and leases$04,237
Noncurrent loans that are wholly or partially guaranteed by the U.S. government$0696
Income earned, not collected on loans$289,0004,315
Earning assets$106,348,0003,919
Long-term assets (5+ years)$5,994,0004,645
Average Assets, year-to-date$97,687,7504,057
Average Assets, quarterly$110,011,5003,969
Volatile liabilities$9,784,0002,862
Insider loans$80,0004,031
FHLB advances$02,353
Loans and leases held for sale$01,588
Unused loan commitments$458,0004,768
Tier 1 (core) risk-based capital$23,256,0002,989
Tier 2 risk-based capital$742,0002,490
Total risk weighted assets$80,670,0002,429
Total unused commitments$458,0004,768
# of Employees:164,115
Assets and Liabilities
Total Assets:$108,673,0004,010
Cash and due from depository institutions$28,039,0004,115
Interest-bearing balances$26,254,0002,467
Federal funds sold & reverse repurchase agreements$02,100
Net loans & leases$77,206,0003,581
Loan loss allowance$731,0003,940
Trading account assets$0244
Bank premises and fixed assets$697,0004,045
Other real estate owned$04,115
Goodwill and other intangibles$129,0002,235
All other assets$636,0004,599
Life insurance assets$03,269
Total liabilities and capital$108,673,0004,010
Total liabilities$86,190,0004,103
Total deposits$85,916,0004,066
Interest-bearing deposits$69,986,0003,931
Deposits held in domestic offices$85,916,0004,066
% insured55.36%4,430
Federal funds purchased & repurchase agreements$01,047
Trading liabilities$0188
Other borrowed funds$02,737
Subordinated debt$086
All other liabilities$274,0004,188
Total equity capital$22,483,0003,083
Total bank equity capital$22,483,0003,083
Perpetual preferred stock$078
Common stock$2,587,000824
Undivided profits$-4,389,0004,839
Noncontrolling interests in consolidated subsidiaries$0117
Noncurrent loans and leases$04,280
Noncurrent loans that are wholly or partially guaranteed by the U.S. government$0727
Income earned, not collected on loans$299,0004,305
Earning assets$105,426,0003,941
Long-term assets (5+ years)$7,005,0004,634
Average Assets, year-to-date$93,133,6674,138
Average Assets, quarterly$106,870,5004,013
Volatile liabilities$6,678,0003,321
Insider loans$80,0004,063
FHLB advances$02,425
Loans and leases held for sale$01,646
Unused loan commitments$1,609,0004,595
Tier 1 (core) risk-based capital$22,343,0003,030
Tier 2 risk-based capital$731,0002,460
Total risk weighted assets$83,088,0002,375
Total unused commitments$1,609,0004,595
# of Employees:193,944
Assets and Liabilities
Total Assets:$105,068,0004,046
Cash and due from depository institutions$33,242,0003,944
Interest-bearing balances$31,670,0002,336
Federal funds sold & reverse repurchase agreements$02,240
Net loans & leases$69,138,0003,740
Loan loss allowance$583,0004,146
Trading account assets$0239
Bank premises and fixed assets$758,0004,020
Other real estate owned$03,944
Goodwill and other intangibles$92,0002,300
All other assets$704,0004,562
Life insurance assets$03,266
Total liabilities and capital$105,068,0004,046
Total liabilities$82,728,0004,160
Total deposits$82,552,0004,112
Interest-bearing deposits$61,614,0004,086
Deposits held in domestic offices$82,552,0004,112
% insured64.65%4,053
Federal funds purchased & repurchase agreements$01,025
Trading liabilities$0183
Other borrowed funds$02,835
Subordinated debt$088
All other liabilities$176,0004,439
Total equity capital$22,340,0003,048
Total bank equity capital$22,340,0003,048
Perpetual preferred stock$079
Common stock$2,587,000828
Undivided profits$-4,449,0004,856
Noncontrolling interests in consolidated subsidiaries$0119
Noncurrent loans and leases$04,341
Noncurrent loans that are wholly or partially guaranteed by the U.S. government$0740
Income earned, not collected on loans$214,0004,550
Earning assets$101,942,0003,988
Long-term assets (5+ years)$12,307,0004,409
Average Assets, year-to-date$85,364,0004,239
Average Assets, quarterly$85,364,0004,239
Volatile liabilities$7,535,0003,205
Insider loans$97,0004,055
FHLB advances$02,533
Loans and leases held for sale$01,699
Unused loan commitments$04,894
Tier 1 (core) risk-based capital$22,230,0002,998
Tier 2 risk-based capital$582,0002,565
Total risk weighted assets$82,003,0002,360
Total unused commitments$04,894
# of Employees:193,963
Assets and Liabilities
Total Assets:$65,660,0004,491
Cash and due from depository institutions$19,281,0003,963
Interest-bearing balances$18,817,0002,796
Federal funds sold & reverse repurchase agreements$02,230
Net loans & leases$43,705,0004,217
Loan loss allowance$491,0004,287
Trading account assets$0229
Bank premises and fixed assets$803,0004,008
Other real estate owned$03,963
Goodwill and other intangibles$46,0002,376
All other assets$477,0004,772
Life insurance assets$03,272
Total liabilities and capital$65,660,0004,491
Total liabilities$43,460,0004,673
Total deposits$43,262,0004,645
Interest-bearing deposits$36,653,0004,541
Deposits held in domestic offices$43,262,0004,645
% insured80.26%2,111
Federal funds purchased & repurchase agreements$01,074
Trading liabilities$0184
Other borrowed funds$02,958
Subordinated debt$091
All other liabilities$198,0004,356
Total equity capital$22,200,0003,068
Total bank equity capital$22,200,0003,068
Perpetual preferred stock$076
Common stock$2,587,000832
Undivided profits$-4,514,0004,882
Noncontrolling interests in consolidated subsidiaries$0122
Noncurrent loans and leases$04,420
Noncurrent loans that are wholly or partially guaranteed by the U.S. government$0760
Income earned, not collected on loans$220,0004,604
Earning assets$63,870,0004,441
Long-term assets (5+ years)$10,750,0004,434
Average Assets, year-to-date$48,725,4004,672
Average Assets, quarterly$66,461,5004,472
Volatile liabilities$6,537,0003,410
Insider loans$97,0004,076
FHLB advances$02,646
Loans and leases held for sale$01,713
Unused loan commitments$799,0004,769
Tier 1 (core) risk-based capital$22,128,0002,972
Tier 2 risk-based capital$491,0002,663
Total risk weighted assets$48,095,0002,687
Total unused commitments$799,0004,769
# of Employees:184,033
Assets and Liabilities
Total Assets:$67,263,0004,477
Cash and due from depository institutions$16,945,0004,033
Interest-bearing balances$16,363,0002,755
Federal funds sold & reverse repurchase agreements$02,261
Net loans & leases$46,441,0004,218
Loan loss allowance$395,0004,459
Trading account assets$0229
Bank premises and fixed assets$853,0003,980
Other real estate owned$04,033
Goodwill and other intangibles$34,0002,413
All other assets$449,0004,836
Life insurance assets$03,271
Total liabilities and capital$67,262,0004,477
Total liabilities$44,914,0004,668
Total deposits$44,642,0004,634
Interest-bearing deposits$37,141,0004,540
Deposits held in domestic offices$44,642,0004,634
% insured79.65%2,364
Federal funds purchased & repurchase agreements$01,115
Trading liabilities$0176
Other borrowed funds$03,152
Subordinated debt$094
All other liabilities$272,0004,359
Total equity capital$22,348,0003,047
Total bank equity capital$22,348,0003,047
Perpetual preferred stock$075
Common stock$2,587,000836
Undivided profits$-4,189,0004,910
Noncontrolling interests in consolidated subsidiaries$0118
Noncurrent loans and leases$04,475
Noncurrent loans that are wholly or partially guaranteed by the U.S. government$0766
Income earned, not collected on loans$208,0004,730
Earning assets$65,345,0004,426
Long-term assets (5+ years)$4,100,0004,757
Average Assets, year-to-date$44,491,7504,735
Average Assets, quarterly$60,899,5004,558
Volatile liabilities$6,517,0003,517
Insider loans$97,0004,141
FHLB advances$02,839
Loans and leases held for sale$01,754
Unused loan commitments$799,0004,798
Tier 1 (core) risk-based capital$22,289,0002,961
Tier 2 risk-based capital$395,0002,777
Total risk weighted assets$55,152,0002,633
Total unused commitments$799,0004,798
# of Employees:164,204
Assets and Liabilities
Total Assets:$54,536,0004,664
Cash and due from depository institutions$6,201,0004,204
Interest-bearing balances$5,135,0004,014
Federal funds sold & reverse repurchase agreements$02,376
Net loans & leases$43,180,0004,303
Loan loss allowance$362,0004,520
Trading account assets$0229
Bank premises and fixed assets$907,0003,954
Other real estate owned$04,204
Goodwill and other intangibles$02,499
All other assets$466,0004,851
Life insurance assets$03,288
Total liabilities and capital$54,536,0004,664
Total liabilities$31,614,0004,867
Total deposits$31,389,0004,842
Interest-bearing deposits$18,018,0004,908
Deposits held in domestic offices$31,389,0004,842
% insured90.78%621
Federal funds purchased & repurchase agreements$01,107
Trading liabilities$0175
Other borrowed funds$03,222
Subordinated debt$094
All other liabilities$225,0004,464
Total equity capital$22,922,0002,987
Total bank equity capital$22,922,0002,986
Perpetual preferred stock$076
Common stock$2,587,000843
Undivided profits$-3,419,0004,931
Noncontrolling interests in consolidated subsidiaries$0119
Noncurrent loans and leases$04,537
Noncurrent loans that are wholly or partially guaranteed by the U.S. government$0793
Income earned, not collected on loans$136,0004,885
Earning assets$52,097,0004,634
Long-term assets (5+ years)$3,983,0004,779
Average Assets, year-to-date$36,901,3334,852
Average Assets, quarterly$42,512,5004,789
Volatile liabilities$1,911,0004,465
Insider loans$97,0004,168
FHLB advances$02,916
Loans and leases held for sale$01,700
Unused loan commitments$799,0004,831
Tier 1 (core) risk-based capital$22,877,0002,897
Tier 2 risk-based capital$250,0002,994
Total risk weighted assets$45,963,0002,801
Total unused commitments$799,0004,831
# of Employees:164,246
Assets and Liabilities
Total Assets:$30,489,0004,967
Cash and due from depository institutions$14,296,0004,246
Interest-bearing balances$13,692,0002,507
Federal funds sold & reverse repurchase agreements$02,395
Net loans & leases$11,177,0004,974
Loan loss allowance$195,0004,851
Trading account assets$0217
Bank premises and fixed assets$925,0003,965
Other real estate owned$04,246
Goodwill and other intangibles$02,518
All other assets$260,0005,032
Life insurance assets$03,312
Total liabilities and capital$30,489,0004,967
Total liabilities$7,174,0005,097
Total deposits$7,025,0005,090
Interest-bearing deposits$6,406,0005,070
Deposits held in domestic offices$7,025,0005,090
% insured92.11%570
Federal funds purchased & repurchase agreements$01,226
Trading liabilities$0168
Other borrowed funds$02,977
Subordinated debt$094
All other liabilities$149,0004,613
Total equity capital$23,315,0002,910
Total bank equity capital$23,315,0002,909
Perpetual preferred stock$075
Common stock$2,587,000847
Undivided profits$-2,830,0004,963
Noncontrolling interests in consolidated subsidiaries$0120
Noncurrent loans and leases$04,593
Noncurrent loans that are wholly or partially guaranteed by the U.S. government$0794
Income earned, not collected on loans$39,0005,063
Earning assets$28,700,0004,952
Long-term assets (5+ years)$12,299,0004,325
Average Assets, year-to-date$28,084,0004,991
Average Assets, quarterly$28,084,0004,991
Volatile liabilities$1,554,0004,536
Insider loans$04,550
FHLB advances$02,774
Loans and leases held for sale$01,618
Unused loan commitments$201,0004,988
Tier 1 (core) risk-based capital$23,304,0002,852
Tier 2 risk-based capital$166,0003,252
Total risk weighted assets$13,255,0003,329
Total unused commitments$201,0004,988
# of Employees:154,378
Assets and Liabilities
Total Assets:$25,679,0005,069
Cash and due from depository institutions$23,416,0004,378
Interest-bearing balances$23,088,0001,689
Federal funds sold & reverse repurchase agreements$02,411
Net loans & leases$927,0005,145
Loan loss allowance$14,0005,117
Trading account assets$0219
Bank premises and fixed assets$975,0003,972
Other real estate owned$04,378
Goodwill and other intangibles$02,531
All other assets$361,0005,029
Life insurance assets$03,348
Total liabilities and capital$25,679,0005,069
Total liabilities$1,434,0005,175
Total deposits$1,240,0005,161
Interest-bearing deposits$1,161,0005,146
Deposits held in domestic offices$1,240,0005,161
% insured100.00%1
Federal funds purchased & repurchase agreements$01,302
Trading liabilities$0166
Other borrowed funds$02,965
Subordinated debt$094
All other liabilities$194,0004,467
Total equity capital$24,245,0002,845
Total bank equity capital$24,245,0002,844
Perpetual preferred stock$076
Common stock$2,587,000861
Undivided profits$-1,711,0005,001
Noncontrolling interests in consolidated subsidiaries$0123
Noncurrent loans and leases$04,619
Noncurrent loans that are wholly or partially guaranteed by the U.S. government$0766
Income earned, not collected on loans$2,0005,165
Earning assets$24,015,0005,052
Long-term assets (5+ years)$05,144
Average Assets, year-to-date$25,679,0005,068
Average Assets, quarterly$25,679,0005,069
Volatile liabilities$05,030
Insider loans$04,624
FHLB advances$02,722
Loans and leases held for sale$01,576
Unused loan commitments$05,092
Tier 1 (core) risk-based capital$24,245,0002,777
Tier 2 risk-based capital$14,0005,116
Total risk weighted assets$2,277,0005,169
Total unused commitments$05,092