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Inactive Banks in Delaware

The following is a list of all 73 inactive banks in Delaware. View Active Delaware Banks or Other States.

Advanta Bank Closed on 2010-06-30Advanta National Bank Closed on 1997-06-30Allfirst Financial Center Closed on 2003-07-04American Express Centurion Bank Closed on 1996-07-01Associates National Bank (Delaware) Closed on 2002-01-07Bank One, Delaware Closed on 2004-10-01Barclays Bank of Delaware Closed on 1991-06-14Beneficial National Bank Closed on 1998-06-30Beneficial National Bank USA Closed on 2002-07-01Boatmen's Bank of Delaware Closed on 1994-04-01Calvin B. Taylor Bank of Delaware Closed on 2002-09-26Centerre Bank of Delaware Closed on 1989-02-21Chase Manhattan Bank Delaware Closed on 2000-06-01Chemical Bank Delaware Closed on 1992-03-07Christiana Bank & Trust Company Closed on 2010-12-04Citibank (Delaware) Closed on 2006-10-01Citibank USA Closed on 2002-01-02Citicorp Trust Bank, fsb Closed on 2012-01-01Citizens Bank Closed on 2007-09-01Commerce Bank/Delaware Closed on 2005-05-01Commercial Trust Company Closed on 1974-04-01CoreStates Bank of Delaware Closed on 1998-10-19CoreStates Delaware Closed on 1998-01-01Delaware Bridge Bank Closed on 1988-10-31Delaware City Bank Closed on 2001-11-16Delaware First Bank, F.S.B. Closed on 1999-07-30Delaware National Bank Closed on 2010-12-03Delaware Sterling Bank & Trust Company Closed on 2008-08-09Delaware Trust Company Closed on 1996-08-29E. F. Hutton Bank Closed on 1987-12-21Equibank (Delaware) Closed on 1993-06-01FIA Card Services Closed on 2014-10-01Fidelity Bank Delaware Closed on 1991-06-11First Bank of Delaware Closed on 2012-11-16First RepublicBank Delaware Closed on 1988-08-02First Union Bank of Delaware Closed on 2000-06-27First USA Bank Closed on 1999-09-17First USA Federal Savings Bank Closed on 1998-04-01Fleet Bank (Delaware) Closed on 1997-11-14Home Federal Savings and Loan Association Closed on 1983-02-28INATrust, fsb Closed on 2008-03-31ING Bank, fsb Closed on 2012-11-01InterFirst Bank Delaware Closed on 1988-05-02J.P. Morgan Delaware Closed on 1996-06-01JCPenney Card Bank Closed on 2000-09-30JCPenney National Bank Closed on 1997-10-24JLB Service Bank Closed on 2006-12-31Manufacturers Bank - Wilmington Closed on 1993-02-01Marine Midland (Delaware) Closed on 1990-03-30MBNA (Dover) Bank Closed on 1991-01-29MBNA America Delaware Closed on 2006-09-22Mellon Bank Delaware Closed on 2003-09-15Mercantile Peninsula Bank Closed on 2007-09-14Midlantic National Bank/Delaware Closed on 1991-01-11Milford Trust Company Closed on 1982-04-24Millsboro Trust Company Closed on 1970-11-16NationsBank of Delaware Closed on 1999-04-01NBD Delaware Bank Closed on 1991-11-01PNC Bank, Delaware Closed on 2009-08-21PNC National Bank Closed on 1999-03-29PNC National Bank of Delaware Closed on 1997-12-01Sovran Bank/Delaware Closed on 1991-01-07Sun National Bank, Delaware Closed on 2001-11-15Texas Commerce Banks Closed on 1993-07-01The Clayton Bank and Trust Company Closed on 1992-08-21The Felton Bank Closed on 2011-01-01The First National Bank of Atlanta Closed on 2002-12-31The First National Bank of Frankford Closed on 1983-04-01The First National Bank of Wyoming Closed on 2014-09-05The Peoples Bank of Harrington Closed on 1990-12-18The Sussex Trust Company Closed on 1992-01-30Transamerica Bank Closed on 2002-10-31Wachovia Bank of Delaware Closed on 2010-03-20