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Bellingham Bank, Additional Noninterest Income

1992-12-31 (YTD Data)Rank
Additional Noninterest Income$4,319,000748
Investment banking, advisory, brokerage, and underwriting fees and commissionsNANA
Venture capital revenueNANA
Net servicing feesNANA
Net securitization incomeNANA
Insurance commission fees and incomeNANA
Insurance underwriting incomeNANA
Other insurance commissions and feesNANA
Net gains (losses) on sales of loans$1,814,000127
Net gains (losses) on sales of other real estate owned$02,606
Net gains (losses) on sales of other assets (excluding securities)$0802
Other non-interest incomeNANA

* The data above is accumulated from the beginning of the year to the date posted. The data for Dec. 31 is the number for the entire year.