Banks Ranked by Percentage Net Loans Charged-off:Coml. RE not secured by RE as of 1995-12-31

Susquehanna Bank is ranked #48 in terms of "Percentage Net Loans Charged-off:Coml. RE not secured by RE" in all banks in U.S. with a value of 0.0000%. This comparison is based on data reported on 1995-12-31.

RankPercentage Net Loans Charged-off:Coml. RE not secured by REBank Name
1126.9147%Sky Bank
2104.0000%California Bank & Trust
323.4617%Eldorado Bank
415.3489%Bank Name Not Available
58.2758%Imperial Bank
67.1416%State Bank of Long Island
76.4103%Barnett Bank of Lake County
94.0361%BSB Bank & Trust Company
103.7491%Dauphin Deposit Bank and Trust Company
113.5776%Fifth Third Bank, Northwestern Ohio
123.4244%SunTrust Bank, Tampa Bay
132.4867%Fleet Bank-NH
142.4103%Fleet Bank
151.9770%Jefferson National Bank
161.8923%First of America Bank-Illinois
171.7665%European American Bank
181.6142%Wells Fargo Bank Michigan
191.2610%Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
201.1787%Bank One
211.1649%Dubois County Bank
221.1165%People's United Bank
230.9901%Barnett Bank of the Treasure Coast
240.9651%Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York
250.8909%Bank One, Cleveland
260.8631%Corestates Bank
270.8583%Fleet National Bank
280.7163%Bank South
290.6706%Fleet Bank
300.3978%Bank One, Illinois
310.3130%Barnett Bank of Volusia County
320.3129%Omega Bank
330.3081%First Interstate Bank of Utah
340.2100%Mercantile Bank of St. Louis
350.1960%LaSalle Bank
360.1086%The Bank of New York Mellon
370.1050%Barnett Bank of Tallahassee
380.0890%PNC Bank
400.0444%Bank One, Lima
410.0188%Barnett Bank
420.0187%PNC Bank
430.0183%Firstar Bank Milwaukee
440.0131%Banamex USA
450.0131%SouthTrust Bank
460.0083%Fleet National Bank
470.0078%NationsBank of Texas
480.0000%Mellon 1st Business Bank
480.0000%Alpine Bank
480.0000%Amarillo National Bank
480.0000%Amcore Bank National Association, Rock River Valley
480.0000%Amcore Bank
480.0000%American Express Centurion Bank
480.0000%American National Bank and Trust Company
480.0000%American National Bank and Trust Company of Chicago
480.0000%American National Bank and Trust Company of Muncie
480.0000%American Trust & Savings Bank
480.0000%AmSouth Bank of Alabama
480.0000%AmSouth Bank of Florida
480.0000%AmSouth Bank of Georgia
480.0000%AmSouth Bank of Tennessee
480.0000%Arizona Bank
480.0000%Associated Bank
480.0000%Banco Central Hispano - Puerto Rico
480.0000%Banco Santander Puerto Rico
480.0000%Boatmen's National Bank of Oklahoma
480.0000%Bank IV
480.0000%Bank Midwest
480.0000%Bank of America Arizona
480.0000%Bank of America Idaho
480.0000%Bank of America Illinois
480.0000%Bank of America
480.0000%Bank of America Oregon
480.0000%Bank of America Texas
480.0000%Bank of Boston Connecticut
480.0000%Bank of Hawaii
480.0000%BancorpSouth Bank
480.0000%Bank of New Hampshire
480.0000%Bank One, Akron
480.0000%Bank One, Appleton
480.0000%Bank One, Arizona
480.0000%Bank One, Bloomington
480.0000%Bank One, Chicago
480.0000%Bank One, Cincinnati
480.0000%Bank One, Colorado
480.0000%Bank One, Dayton
480.0000%Bank One, Green Bay
480.0000%Bank One, Indiana
480.0000%Bank One, Lexington
480.0000%Bank One, Madison
480.0000%Bank One, Mansfield
480.0000%Bank One, Merrillville
480.0000%Bank One, Milwaukee
480.0000%Bank One, Oklahoma City
480.0000%Bank One, Richmond
480.0000%Bank One, Southern Indiana
480.0000%Bank One, Utah
480.0000%Bank One, West Virginia
480.0000%Bank One, Wisconsin
480.0000%Bank One, Youngstown
480.0000%Bankers Trust Company
480.0000%Main Street Bank & Trust
480.0000%Barnett Bank of Broward County
480.0000%Barnett Bank of Highlands County
480.0000%Barnett Bank of Manatee County
480.0000%Barnett Bank of Martin County
480.0000%Barnett Bank of Naples
480.0000%Barnett Bank of Pasco County
480.0000%Barnett Bank of Polk County
480.0000%Barnett Bank of the Keys
480.0000%Barnett Bank of the St. Johns
480.0000%Barnett Bank of the Suncoast
480.0000%Blue Ball National Bank
480.0000%Boatmen's Bank Iowa
480.0000%Boatmen's Bank of Southern Missouri
480.0000%Boatmen's Bank of Tennessee
480.0000%Boatmen's First National Bank of Amarillo
480.0000%Boatmen's First National Bank of Kansas City
480.0000%Boatmen's First National Bank of Oklahoma
480.0000%Boatmen's National Bank of Arkansas
480.0000%Boatmen's National Bank of Cape Girardeau
480.0000%Boatmen's National Bank of Hot Springs
480.0000%Boatmen's National Bank of Northwest Arkansas
480.0000%Branch Banking and Trust Company
480.0000%Branch Banking and Trust Company of South Carolina
480.0000%Brenton Bank
480.0000%Broadway National Bank
480.0000%Busey Bank
480.0000%California State Bank
480.0000%California United Bank
480.0000%Cape Cod Bank and Trust
480.0000%Capital Bank
480.0000%Capital City Bank
480.0000%Carolina First Bank
480.0000%Centennial Bank
480.0000%Central Bank
480.0000%Norwest Bank Texas, North Central
480.0000%Central Fidelity National Bank
480.0000%Central Pacific Bank
480.0000%RBC Bank (USA)
480.0000%The Chase Manhattan Bank
480.0000%Chittenden Trust Company
480.0000%Citizens Bank and Trust Company
480.0000%Firstar Bank Kentucky
480.0000%Citizens Bank of Central Indiana
480.0000%Citizens Bank of Kentucky
480.0000%Citizens Bank of Maryland
480.0000%Citizens Bank of Massachusetts
480.0000%Citizens Bank of Western Indiana
480.0000%Citizens Bank
480.0000%Citizens National Bank
480.0000%BayCoast Bank
480.0000%City Bank
480.0000%City Bank and Trust Company
480.0000%City National Bank of Baton Rouge
480.0000%City National Bank of Florida
480.0000%Cohoes Savings Bank
480.0000%Colonial Bank
480.0000%Colorado National Bank
480.0000%Synovus Bank
480.0000%Comerica Bank - Texas
480.0000%Comerica Bank-California
480.0000%Commerce Bank
480.0000%CoreFirst Bank & Trust
480.0000%Commerce Bank of St. Joseph
480.0000%Commerce Bank
480.0000%Commerce Bank
480.0000%Commerce Bank
480.0000%Commerce Bank
480.0000%Commerce Bank
480.0000%Commerce Bank
480.0000%Community Bank
480.0000%Community First National Bank
480.0000%Community First National Bank
480.0000%Community Savings Bank
480.0000%Compass Bank
480.0000%Compass Bank
480.0000%Compass Bank-Dallas
480.0000%Compass Bank
480.0000%Dedham Institution for Savings
480.0000%Delaware Trust Company
480.0000%Great Western Bank
480.0000%Dubuque Bank and Trust Company
480.0000%Empire Bank
480.0000%EST National Bank
480.0000%Exchange Bank
480.0000%F&M Bank-Winchester
480.0000%Far East National Bank
480.0000%Farmers & Mechanics Bank
480.0000%Farmers and Merchants Trust Company of Chambersburg
480.0000%Farmers Bank of Maryland
480.0000%Susquehanna Bank
480.0000%Fidelity Bank
480.0000%Fifth Third Bank of Northeastern Ohio
480.0000%Fifth Third Bank
480.0000%Regions Bank
480.0000%Bremer Bank
480.0000%Bremer Bank
480.0000%Bremer Bank
480.0000%First Bank (National Association)
480.0000%U.S. Bank National Association MT
480.0000%First Bank
480.0000%First Bank
480.0000%First Bank
480.0000%First Bank of Arkansas
480.0000%First Bank of South Dakota (National Association)
480.0000%First Bank Richmond
480.0000%First Charter Bank
480.0000%First Commercial Bank
480.0000%First Commercial Bank
480.0000%First Commonwealth Bank
480.0000%First Union Bank of Connecticut
480.0000%Wachovia Bank
480.0000%First Hawaiian Bank
480.0000%Wells Fargo Bank (Colorado)
480.0000%First Interstate Bank of Idaho
480.0000%First Interstate Bank of Nevada
480.0000%First Interstate Bank of Oregon
480.0000%Wells Fargo Bank Texas
480.0000%First Interstate Bank of Washington
480.0000%First National Bank & Trust
480.0000%First National Bank
480.0000%First National Bank Northwest Ohio
480.0000%First Financial Bank
480.0000%First Security Bank of Southern New Mexico
480.0000%First National Bank of Florida
480.0000%Firstmerit Bank
480.0000%First National Bank of Omaha
480.0000%Premier National Bank
480.0000%First National Bank Iowa
480.0000%Citizens Bank New Hampshire
480.0000%National City Bank of the Midwest
480.0000%First Savings Bank Northwest
480.0000%First Security Bank of Idaho
480.0000%First Security Bank of New Mexico
480.0000%First State Bank
480.0000%First Tennessee Bank
480.0000%First Union National Bank of Florida
480.0000%First Union National Bank of Georgia
480.0000%First Union National Bank of Maryland
480.0000%First Union National Bank
480.0000%First Union National Bank of South Carolina
480.0000%First Union National Bank of Tennessee
480.0000%First Union National Bank of Virginia
480.0000%First Union National Bank of Washington, D.C.
480.0000%First Vermont Bank
480.0000%First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company
480.0000%Firstar Bank Illinois
480.0000%Firstar Bank Iowa
480.0000%Firstar Bank Madison
480.0000%Firstar Bank of Minnesota
480.0000%Firstbank of Puerto Rico
480.0000%FirstBank Southwest
480.0000%Firstier Bank
480.0000%Fleet Bank of Maine
480.0000%Fleet Bank of Massachusetts
480.0000%FMB-First Michigan Bank
480.0000%FMB-First Michigan Bank
480.0000%FMB-Lumberman's Bank
480.0000%Foothill Independent Bank
480.0000%Fulton Bank
480.0000%Coppermark Bank
480.0000%Hagerstown Trust Company
480.0000%Whitney Bank
480.0000%Harris Bank Barrington
480.0000%Harris Bank Naperville
480.0000%Harris Bank Palatine
480.0000%Harris Trust and Savings Bank
480.0000%Johnson Bank
480.0000%Capital One
480.0000%Hills Bank and Trust Company
480.0000%Magna Bank
480.0000%Horizon Bank
480.0000%National City Bank of Pennsylvania
480.0000%Interchange Bank
480.0000%Intrust Bank
480.0000%Israel Discount Bank of New York
480.0000%J.P. Morgan Delaware
480.0000%Keystone Nazareth Bank & Trust Company
480.0000%Lafayette American Bank
480.0000%Lafayette Bank and Trust Company
480.0000%Lakeland Bank
480.0000%LaSalle Bank
480.0000%LaSalle Bank NI
480.0000%LaSalle Bank
480.0000%Lexington Savings Bank
480.0000%Bank One, Oklahoma
480.0000%Liberty Bank and Trust Company of Tulsa
480.0000%M&I Bank Northeast
480.0000%M&I Mid-State Bank
480.0000%M&I Northern Bank
480.0000%M&I Thunderbird Bank
480.0000%Magna Bank
480.0000%Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company
480.0000%HSBC Bank USA
480.0000%Mark Twain Bank
480.0000%FIA Card Services
480.0000%Mellon Bank MD
480.0000%Mellon Bank Delaware
480.0000%BNY Mellon
480.0000%Mercantile Bank of Illinois
480.0000%Mercantile Bank of Joplin
480.0000%Mercantile Bank
480.0000%Mercantile Bank of Kansas City
480.0000%Mercantile Bank of Springfield
480.0000%Mercantile Bank of St. Joseph
480.0000%Mercantile-Safe Deposit and Trust Company
480.0000%Meridian Bank
480.0000%LaSalle Bank Midwest National Association
480.0000%Bank of Louisville
480.0000%Mid-State Bank and Trust Company
480.0000%Midwest Bank and Trust Company
480.0000%Nashville Bank of Commerce
480.0000%Wells Fargo Bank Alaska
480.0000%National Bank of Arizona
480.0000%National Bank of Commerce
480.0000%National Bank of Commerce of Birmingham
480.0000%National Bank of Southern California
480.0000%National City Bank
480.0000%National City Bank of Minneapolis
480.0000%National City Bank of Columbus
480.0000%National City Bank of Dayton
480.0000%National City Bank of Indiana
480.0000%National City Bank of Kentucky
480.0000%National City Bank, Northeast
480.0000%National City Bank, Northwest
480.0000%National City Bank of Southern Indiana
480.0000%Naugatuck Savings Bank
480.0000%Bank Name Not Available
480.0000%NBD Bank
480.0000%NBD Bank
480.0000%Nevada State Bank
480.0000%New Jersey National Bank
480.0000%North Dallas Bank & Trust Co.
480.0000%Northwest National Bank
480.0000%Wells Fargo Bank Arizona
480.0000%Norwest Bank El Paso
480.0000%Wells Fargo Bank New Mexico
480.0000%Norwest Bank Texas, Midland
480.0000%Wells Fargo Bank Texas
480.0000%Norwest Bank Texas, Wichita Falls
480.0000%Wells Fargo Bank Wisconsin
480.0000%Oak Brook Bank
480.0000%Ocean Bank
480.0000%Old Kent Bank
480.0000%Fifth Third Bank
480.0000%One Valley Bank, Inc.
480.0000%One Valley Bank
480.0000%Palmer-American National Bank of Danville
480.0000%Park Bank
480.0000%Peninsula Bank
480.0000%Peninsula Bank of San Diego
480.0000%Peoples Bank & Trust Company
480.0000%Peoples Bank
480.0000%Union Planters Bank of Kentucky
480.0000%Peoples National Bank
480.0000%Piedmont Trust Bank
480.0000%Community Trust Bank, Inc.
480.0000%Pinnacle Bank
480.0000%Pioneer Bank
480.0000%PNC Bank, Ohio
480.0000%PNC National Bank of Delaware
480.0000%Bank One, Louisiana
480.0000%Premier Bank-Central
480.0000%Prime Bank
480.0000%Provident Bank of Maryland
480.0000%Putnam County Savings Bank
480.0000%Rapides Bank & Trust Company in Alexandria
480.0000%Regions Bank of Louisiana
480.0000%Republic Bank
480.0000%Republic Bank
480.0000%Republic Bank for Savings
480.0000%Richfield Bank & Trust Co.
480.0000%River City Bank
480.0000%Rockland Trust Company
480.0000%Sandy Spring Bank
480.0000%Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
480.0000%Scotiabank de Puerto Rico
480.0000%Bank of America NW
480.0000%Second National Bank of Saginaw
480.0000%Chemical Bank Shoreline
480.0000%Silicon Valley Bank
480.0000%Southside Bank
480.0000%SouthTrust Bank of Florida
480.0000%sSouthTrust Bank of Northwest Florida
480.0000%Amegy Bank
480.0000%Standard Bank and Trust Company
480.0000%U.S. Bank
480.0000%Sterling Bank
480.0000%Sterling National Bank
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, Alabama
480.0000%SunTrust Bank
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, Augusta
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, Central Florida
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, Chattanooga
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, East Central Florida
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, East Tennessee
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, Gulf Coast
480.0000%Suntrust Bank, Miami
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, Mid-Florida
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, Middle Georgia
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, Nashville
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, Nature Coast
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, North Central Florida
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, North Florida
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, Northeast Georgia
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, Northeast Tennessee
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, Savannah
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, South Central Tennessee
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, South Florida
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, South Georgia
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, Southeast Georgia
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, Southwest Florida
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, Tallahassee
480.0000%Suntrust Bank, Treasure Coast
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, Northwest, Florida
480.0000%SunTrust Bank, West Georgia
480.0000%SUNWEST Bank of Albuquerque
480.0000%SUNWEST Bank of El Paso
480.0000%First Financial Bank
480.0000%TIB The Independent Bankersbank
480.0000%The Adirondack Trust Company
480.0000%The Anchor Bank
480.0000%The Bank and Trust of Puerto Rico
480.0000%Union Bank
480.0000%The Bank of Edwardsville
480.0000%Bank Name Not Available
480.0000%The Boatmen's National Bank of St. Louis
480.0000%The Boone County National Bank of Columbia
480.0000%The Calcasieu-Marine National Bank of Lake Charles
480.0000%The Canandaigua National Bank and Trust Company
480.0000%The Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank
480.0000%The Central Trust Bank
480.0000%Bank Name Not Available
480.0000%Sky Bank
480.0000%The Citizens National Bank of Evansville
480.0000%The Citizens National Bank of Meridian
480.0000%The Conway National Bank
480.0000%The Derby Savings Bank
480.0000%The Fidelity Bank
480.0000%The Fifth Third Bank
480.0000%Fifth Third Bank, Kentucky, Inc.
480.0000%The First National Bank in Sioux Falls
480.0000%Fleet National Bank
480.0000%The First National Bank of Farmington
480.0000%The First National Bank of Jasper
480.0000%The First National Bank of Lake Charles
480.0000%Allfirst Bank
480.0000%The First National Bank of Portsmouth
480.0000%The First National Bank of Springdale
480.0000%First National Bank of Chester County
480.0000%United Bank
480.0000%The Howard Bank
480.0000%Hudson River Bank & Trust Company
480.0000%The Huntington National Bank of Indiana
480.0000%The Laredo National Bank
480.0000%The Lorain National Bank
480.0000%The Merchants National Bank of Fort Smith
480.0000%The Merchants National Bank of Terre Haute
480.0000%MB Financial Bank
480.0000%The Midland Bank and Trust Company
480.0000%The National Bank and Trust Company
480.0000%Integra Bank
480.0000%NewAlliance Bank
480.0000%The Northern Trust Company
480.0000%The Owensboro National Bank
480.0000%The Pacific Bank
480.0000%Fifth Third Bank, Indiana
480.0000%PlainsCapital Bank
480.0000%The Riggs National Bank of Virginia
480.0000%Partners Trust Bank
480.0000%The Stillwater National Bank and Trust Company
480.0000%The Suffolk County National Bank of Riverhead
480.0000%The Troy Savings Bank
480.0000%The Washington Trust Company of Westerly
480.0000%The Yardville National Bank
480.0000%The York Bank and Trust Company
480.0000%Trans-World Bank
480.0000%Trustmark National Bank
480.0000%U. S. Bank of Nevada
480.0000%U.S. Bank of California
480.0000%UMB Bank Kansas
480.0000%Union Bank
480.0000%Union Bank and Trust Company
480.0000%Union Center National Bank
480.0000%Univest Bank and Trust Co.
480.0000%Union Planters Bank of East Tennessee
480.0000%Union Planters Bank of Middle Tennessee
480.0000%Union Planters Bank of Northwest Mississippi
480.0000%Union Planters Bank of West Tennessee
480.0000%Union Planters Bank
480.0000%Union Safe Deposit Bank
480.0000%United Bank & Trust
480.0000%United Carolina Bank
480.0000%Summit Bank
480.0000%United States National Bank of Oregon
480.0000%Valley National Bank
480.0000%Vectra Bank
480.0000%Volunteer Bank
480.0000%Wachovia Bank of Georgia
480.0000%Wachovia Bank
480.0000%Wachovia Bank of South Carolina
480.0000%Washington Trust Bank
480.0000%Wesbanco Bank Fairmont, Inc.
480.0000%Wesbanco Bank, Inc.
480.0000%U. S. Bank of Idaho
480.0000%U.S. Bank of Utah
480.0000%West One Bank, Washington
480.0000%Santa Monica Bank
480.0000%WestStar Bank
480.0000%Whitney National Bank
480.0000%Zions First National Bank
518-0.0224%The Bank of Mid-Jersey
519-0.0315%Bank One, Dover
520-0.0485%Barnett Bank of South Florida
521-0.0652%Marquette Bank
522-0.0715%First Bank
523-0.0869%Bank One, Kentucky
524-0.0874%Bank of America
525-0.0914%Bank One
526-0.0995%Roig Commercial Bank
527-0.1010%Wells Fargo Bank of Arizona
528-0.1471%Barnett Bank of Palm Beach County
529-0.1529%Mark Twain Kansas City Bank
530-0.1540%Bank One, Lafayette
531-0.1869%U.S. Bank of Washington
532-0.1928%The Old Phoenix National Bank of Medina
533-0.2984%Bank One, Michigan
534-0.3011%Bank of Hanover and Trust Company
535-0.3185%Barnett Bank of Central Florida
536-0.3498%First Interstate Bank of California
537-0.3600%NationsBank, National Association (South)
538-0.3645%Cathay Bank
539-0.3691%Chase Bank of Texas
540-0.3991%NationsBank of Tennessee
541-0.4522%Fleet Bank
542-0.4636%Fleet National Bank of Massachusetts
543-0.4684%American National Bank of Florida
544-0.4712%Wells Fargo Bank
545-0.4771%The City National Bank of Fort Smith
546-0.4794%Barnett Bank of Marion County
547-0.5351%Barnett Bank of Pinellas County
548-0.5446%First American National Bank
549-0.5534%M&I Bank of Southern Wisconsin
550-0.5989%State Street Bank and Trust Company
551-0.6078%M&I Marshall and Ilsley Bank
552-0.6533%First National Bank of St. Louis
553-0.6979%Triangle Bank
554-0.7880%Barnett Bank of Tampa
555-0.7983%Manufacturers Bank
556-0.8432%Barnett Bank of Lee County
557-0.8605%First National Bank of Commerce
558-0.8750%American Bank
559-0.9270%Bank One, Texas
560-0.9676%Republic Bank of New York
562-1.0494%The First National Bank of Lafayette
564-1.1675%Barnett Bank of West Florida
565-1.2392%Barnett Bank of Alachua County
566-1.2619%JPMorgan Chase Bank
568-1.3717%Wells Fargo Bank Indiana
569-1.6234%Barnett Bank of Southwest Florida
570-1.6842%NBD Bank
571-2.2124%Jefferson Bank and Trust Company
572-2.9941%North Fork Bank
573-3.3158%First Interstate Bank of Wyoming
574-4.0955%Bank of Raleigh
575-4.2496%Riggs Bank
576-4.3537%1st Source Bank
577-5.4715%The First National Bank of Gainesville
578-5.6813%BLC Bank N. A.
579-7.1908%The Frost National Bank
580-9.2999%Bank Name Not Available
581-11.6550%The Westport Bank and Trust Company
582-44.0622%The Chase Manhattan Bank (National Association)
583-52.5880%Trustco Bank
584-558.2960%Hancock Bank