Banks Ranked by Percentage Loans Noncurrent: Loans to individuals as of 1992-12-31

Bellingham Bank was ranked #840 in terms of "Percentage Loans Noncurrent: Loans to individuals" in all banks in U.S. with a value of 0.4835%. This comparison is based on data reported on 1992-12-31.

RankPercentage Loans Noncurrent: Loans to individualsBank Name
143.4517%United Federal Savings Association of Iowa
240.9227%Roma Bank
340.3883%Bank Leumi USA
438.5366%Encore Bank
536.9441%Polifly Federal Savings and Loan Assocition
633.7691%First Federal Savings and Loan Association
733.2494%Hollywood Federal Savings Bank
826.9919%Far West Federal Savings Bank
926.7364%Virginia Federal Savings Bank
1026.6248%Bank Name Not Available
1125.2554%CrossLand Savings, FSB
1222.5577%American National Savings Bank, F.S.B.
1321.6931%Bank Name Not Available
1416.9937%Ocwen Federal Bank FSB
1516.3486%Pamrapo Savings Bank, SLA
1615.7353%Metropolitan Federal Savings and Loan Association of Seattle
1715.4368%First Federal Bank, a federal savings bank
1814.8804%Piedmont Federal Savings Association
1914.3522%PNC Advisors
2014.2405%Second National Federal Savings Association
2114.1595%Goldome Federal Savings Bank
2212.7402%Bank Name Not Available
2312.1294%Franklin Federal Savings Association
2412.0401%Oak Tree Federal Savings Bank
2511.7238%CrossLand Federal Savings Bank
2611.6402%OceanFirst Bank
2711.2506%Mizuho Corporate Bank (USA)
2810.3270%First Dewitt Bank
2910.2292%Cimarron Federal Savings Association
3010.0752%Topa Thrift and Loan Association
319.8099%First Savings Bank of Perkasie
329.7013%Bristol Federal Savings Bank
339.6188%LaSalle Cragin Bank, FSB
349.4458%Home Savings of America, FSB
358.8767%Fidelity New York FSB
368.8755%Nationsbank of DC
378.6356%Home Federal Savings and Loan Association
388.6172%Greenwich Federal Savings and Loan Association
398.2540%Bank of America Utah
408.0533%First American Federal Savings Bank
417.8112%Pioneer Federal Savings Bank
427.7717%Flushing Savings Bank, FSB
437.6584%Community First Bank
447.2156%Manufacturers Bank
456.9483%The Pacific Bank
466.8503%Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Puerto Rico
476.7508%Citibank (South Dakota), N.A.
486.6966%Washington Federal Savings Bank
496.5770%PNC Bank
506.5078%Columbia First Bank, a Federal Savings Bank
516.4345%Altus Federal Savings Bank
526.4168%Bank of America California
536.3671%Fleet National Bank
546.3586%California United Bank
556.3463%First Federal Savings and Loan Association of East Hartford
566.3149%Meritor Savings Bank, F.A.
576.2558%American National Bank
586.0816%Citizens Federal Bank, A FSB
596.0665%Spencer Savings Bank, SLA
606.0497%Far East National Bank
615.9947%Carteret Federal Savings Bank of New Jersey
625.9905%First Hawaiian Creditcorp, Inc.
635.8559%PNC Mortgage Bank
645.8543%The Provident Bank
655.8260%Fleet Bank
665.7998%Tokai Bank of California
685.7337%Southington Savings Bank
695.7066%Heritage Federal Bank for Savings
705.6438%Crestmont Federal Savings and Loan Association
715.6318%CenFed Bank, A Federal Savings Bank
735.5740%Bank Name Not Available
745.5699%Old Stone Bank A Federal Savings Bank
755.5346%Deerfield Federal Savings and Loan Association
765.4718%Bank of Boston Connecticut
775.3944%Collective Bank
785.3815%Sovereign Bank
795.3492%Oriental Bank and Trust
805.3226%First Savings Bank of Hegewisch
815.2632%First Financial Savings Association, FA
825.2392%Garden State Bank
845.1639%Coral Gables Federal Savings and Loan Association
855.0669%Placer Sierra Bank
865.0109%Silicon Valley Bank
874.9599%Bank One, Boulder
884.9597%Security Federal Savings Bank
894.8649%Mellon Trust of New England
904.8229%First State Bank & Trust Co.
914.8119%NVE Bank
924.7526%Citibank (Delaware)
934.6667%Firstrust Savings Bank
944.6392%Plaza Home Mortgage Bank, a Federal Savings Bank
954.6146%First American Federal Savings and Loan Association
974.5771%Southern California Bank
984.5636%Village Bank
994.4054%Northfield Bank
1014.2638%First Union Bank of Connecticut
1024.2608%Trans Financial Bank, FSB
1034.2470%First Place Bank
1044.1627%Interchange Bank
1054.1466%First Fidelity Bank, National Association, Pennsylvania
1064.1414%Pioneer Savings Bank, Inc.
1074.1135%Cuyahoga Savings Association
1084.0860%Lincoln National Bank
1094.0752%Signet Bank-Maryland
1114.0479%Sterling Bank and Trust, FSB
1124.0404%Commonwealth Bank
1134.0261%Summit Bank
1144.0016%Beneficial National Bank USA
1153.9909%BayBank FSB
1163.9118%CFS Bank
1173.8803%Royal Bank de Puerto Rico
1183.8782%Home Federal Savings Bank
1193.8625%The Prudential Bank and Trust Company
1203.8184%County Savings Bank
1213.7911%Great American Federal
1223.7840%EverTrust Bank
1233.7714%Statewide Savings Bank, SLA
1243.7621%Household Bank (California)
1253.7115%Firstbank of Puerto Rico
1263.6401%Banco Central Hispano - Puerto Rico
1273.6015%Norwest Bank Texas, South Central
1283.5973%Somerset Savings Bank
1293.5905%Peoples Savings Bank & Trust
1303.5156%Advest Trust Company
1313.4967%Hamilton Federal Savings F.A.
1323.4306%Independence Community Bank
1333.4182%First Place Bank
1343.3814%Citizens Bank of Connecticut
1353.3684%South Holland Trust & Savings Bank
1363.3666%First Federal Savings Bank of America
1373.3462%Bank of America, National Association (USA)
1383.3457%Eagle Bank
1393.3415%St Paul Federal Bank for Savings
1403.3092%Union Federal Bank, A federal savings bank
1413.3070%The Ramapo Bank
1423.3062%Broad National Bank
1433.2587%Citibank (New York State)
1443.2501%LaSalle Bank NI
1453.2338%First Fidelity Bank, National Association, New Jersey
1463.2308%JPMorgan Chase Bank
1473.1676%The Fifth Third Savings Bank of Western Kentucky, F.S.B.
1483.1613%NewAlliance Bank
1493.1516%CCNB Bank
1503.1508%Washington Mutual, A FSB
1513.1356%Promistar Bank
1523.1190%The Greater New York Savings Bank
1533.1100%Fleet Bank of New York
1543.0680%Apple Bank for Savings
1553.0387%The Derby Savings Bank
1563.0013%Casco Northern Bank
1572.9794%National Bank of Commerce of Birmingham
1582.9491%Bank of America Illinois
1592.9408%North Side Savings Bank
1602.9134%American Bank
1612.8711%Bank of the Hudson
1622.8612%The Bank of San Diego
1632.7633%York Federal Savings and Loan Association
1642.7442%Fleet National Bank
1652.7418%United Jersey Bank/Central
1662.7399%3rd Fed Bank
1672.7242%Fleet Bank
1682.7239%Evergreen Bank
1692.7206%Citizens Savings Bank FSB
1702.7042%Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York
1712.6809%Rockland Trust Company
1722.6779%Citibank (Nevada)
1732.6764%Citibank (Maryland)
1752.6079%NationsBank of Tennessee
1762.5989%Republic Bank for Savings
1772.5917%Railroad Savings Bank, F.S.B.
1782.5911%Chevy Chase Bank, F.S.B.
1792.5729%Advanta Bank
1802.5560%First Savings Bank of New Jersey SLA
1812.5356%Mercantile Bank
1822.5244%GreenPoint Bank
1832.5145%Bank Name Not Available
1842.5143%California State Bank
1852.5041%First Federal Bank, F.S.B.
1862.5023%Berkeley Federal Savings Bank
1872.4859%Allfirst Bank
1882.4489%PNC Bank
1892.4393%NBD Bank
1902.4319%Fleet Bank-NH
1912.4315%Great Valley Savings Bank
1922.4196%Scotiabank de Puerto Rico
1932.4186%Texas Commerce Bank - Rio Grande Valley
1942.4137%Downey Savings and Loan Association, F.A.
1952.4127%Rhode Island Hospital Trust National Bank
1962.4037%Texas Commerce Bank
1972.3859%Magnolia Federal Bank for Savings
1982.3851%Andrew Jackson Savings Bank
1992.3609%First Coastal Bank
2002.3506%American Express Centurion Bank
2012.3200%1ST Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of the Carolinas FA
2022.3131%The Midland Bank and Trust Company
2032.3031%Signet Bank
2042.2896%Citibank, Federal Savings Bank
2052.2755%Republic Bank of New York
2062.2650%Vermont Federal National Bank
2082.2294%Bank One, Dayton
2092.2222%Grove Bank
2102.2188%Whitney National Bank
2112.2147%Rapides Bank & Trust Company in Alexandria
2122.2130%LaSalle Bank
2132.2107%Chase Bank of Texas
2152.1847%Bay Ridge Federal Savings Bank
2162.1787%Mohawk Community Bank
2172.1614%Fleet National Bank
2182.1584%Great Country Bank
2192.1572%State Savings Bank
2202.1566%World Financial Network Bank
2212.1447%Farmers and Merchants Bank of Long Beach
2222.1376%Bank One
2232.1369%Fleet Bank of Massachusetts
2242.1314%Homebanc Federal Savings Bank
2252.1274%Roig Commercial Bank
2262.1178%NBD Bank
2272.1175%Peoples Federal Savings and Loan Association of South Carolina
2282.0999%Monogram Credit Card Bank of Georgia
2292.0910%Jefferson Heritage Bank
2302.0717%Bancflorida, A Federal Savings Bank
2312.0695%Community Bank
2322.0561%City National Bank of Baton Rouge
2332.0505%FFY Bank
2342.0439%Texas Commerce Bank-Austin
2352.0149%SI Bank & Trust
2362.0112%Liberty Federal Bank
2372.0087%Bank of Boston Connecticut
2381.9895%First Nationwide Bank, A FSB
2391.9829%Home Unity Federal Savings and Loan Association
2401.9789%Chase Bank USA
2411.9785%Regions Bank of Louisiana
2421.9766%Magna Bank of Madison County
2431.9725%Boatmen's National Bank of Des Moines
2441.9678%ValliWide Bank
2451.9671%National City Bank of Indiana
2461.9599%Waukesha State Bank
2471.9565%City National Bank
2481.9527%Banco Santander Puerto Rico
2491.9522%Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Company
2501.9487%Granite Bank
2511.9453%Fremont Investment & Loan
2521.9451%First American Bank of Virginia
2531.9425%First Bank of South Dakota (National Association)
2541.9418%First Essex Bank
2551.9355%Fleet Bank
2561.9302%Reliance Federal Savings Bank
2571.9295%American Security Bank
2581.9279%Marine Bank
2591.9197%South Carolina Federal Savings Bank
2601.9153%Chelsea Groton Bank
2611.8944%Fleet National Bank of Massachusetts
2621.8886%Old Stone Bank of North Carolina, A FSB
2631.8724%Glendale Federal Bank, Federal Savings Bank
2641.8685%The Dime Savings Bank of New York, FSB
2651.8657%Allfirst Financial Center
2661.8654%Farmers and Mechanics Bank
2671.8610%Advance Bank, s.b.
2681.8590%PFF Bank & Trust
2691.8573%First Farmers and Merchants Bank
2701.8273%CENIT Bank
2711.8268%First Financial Savings Bank, Inc.
2721.8250%Fireside Bank
2731.8171%Fredericksburg State Bank
2741.8133%South Shore Bank
2751.8086%Clifton Savings Bank
2761.8031%Community Bank of Florida, Inc.
2771.8017%New First City, Texas - Houston
2781.7965%The Roslyn Savings Bank
2791.7925%Richmond County Savings Bank
2801.7901%The Home Savings and Loan Company of Youngstown, Ohio
2811.7643%Standard Federal Savings Association
2821.7544%NVR Savings Bank, FSB
2831.7523%National Westminster Bank USA
2841.7474%Gateway Federal Savings Bank
2851.7461%First Bank
2861.7456%Calumet Federal Savings and Loan Association
2871.7456%Merchants Bank
2881.7270%Community First National Bank
2891.7233%Fleet Bank of Maine
2901.7227%First Union National Bank of Georgia
2911.7137%Citizens Bank New Hampshire
2931.7089%First National Bank of Commerce
2941.7047%Summit Bank
2951.7003%First Federal Bank of Louisiana
2961.6911%Santander National Bank
2971.6810%BNY Mellon
2981.6768%CambridgePort Bank
2991.6636%First USA Bank
3001.6635%Banamex USA
3011.6605%European American Bank
3021.6574%Signet Bank
3031.6557%TideMark Bank
3041.6496%NationsBank of Delaware
3051.6478%Fox Chase Bank
3061.6443%First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Rochester
3071.6436%Continental Federal Savings Bank
3081.6425%Discover Bank
3091.6387%California Federal Bank
3101.6358%M&I Bank Northeast
3111.6235%Harris Trust and Savings Bank
3121.6220%Wells Fargo Bank Iowa
3131.6203%Harbor Federal Savings Bank
3141.6148%BayBank Boston
3151.6124%Shawmut Bank NH
3161.6084%Consolidated Bank
3171.6059%Maryland National Bank
3181.5960%Hudson River Bank & Trust Company
3191.5864%Somerset Trust Company
3201.5863%FIA Card Services
3211.5851%First Union National Bank of South Carolina
3221.5763%Bank Name Not Available
3231.5725%JCPenney National Bank
3241.5565%Columbia Savings Association, F.A.
3251.5531%Prime Bank
3261.5531%U.S. Bank National Association MT
3271.5522%First National Bank of Chester County
3281.5510%Penn Security Bank and Trust Company
3291.5435%The Bank of New York Mellon
3301.5322%Huntington Bank Charleston
3311.5248%HSBC Bank USA
3321.5214%The Bank of New York
3331.5169%Farm & Home Savings Association
3341.5159%Provident Bank of Maryland
3351.5119%Hancock Bank
3361.5087%Magna Bank
3371.5081%Ridgewood Savings Bank
3381.5054%Liberty Bank
3391.5043%Leader Federal Bank for Savings
3401.5014%Virginia First Savings, FSB
3411.4911%Columbia Bank
3421.4849%East Boston Savings Bank
3431.4844%The Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Bridgeton
3441.4832%St. Francis Bank, F.S.B.
3451.4817%Bank of America
3461.4799%Marquette Bank
3471.4751%Bank Mutual
3481.4750%North Fork Bank
3491.4621%Bankers First Savings Bank, FSB
3501.4576%Citibank (Arizona)
3511.4493%Mercantile Bank of Illinois
3521.4448%Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
3531.4368%Sterling Bank
3541.4357%Springfield Institution for Savings
3551.4340%Pacific Western Bank
3561.4311%Firstar Bank Cedar Rapids
3571.4274%CFX Bank
3581.4274%United States Trust Company of New York
3591.4189%Great Western Bank, A FSB
3601.4103%First National Bank of Cicero
3611.4063%Huntington Federal Savings Bank
3621.4044%Johnson Bank
3631.4020%Citicorp Trust Bank, fsb
3641.4004%BNY Mellon Trust of Delaware
3651.3984%First Bank
3661.3972%High Point Bank and Trust Company
3681.3930%Merchants Bank (North)
3691.3917%People's United Bank
3701.3889%National Penn Bank
3711.3811%First Colonial Bank for Savings
3721.3674%Guaranty Bank
3731.3573%Bank of New Hampshire
3741.3494%The Northern Trust Company
3751.3491%ALBANK, FSB
3761.3439%The Long Island Savings Bank, FSB
3771.3364%First Bank of North Dakota
3781.3328%Gary-Wheaton Bank
3791.3314%Ocean National Bank
3801.3268%Cathay Bank
3811.3235%Hudson City Savings Bank
3821.3234%Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB
3831.3224%Providian National Bank
3841.3153%Crestar Bank
3851.2987%Southern Pacific Bank
3861.2979%Fairfax Savings, A FSB
3871.2938%Raleigh Federal Savings Bank
3881.2908%PNC Bank, Northeast PA
3891.2845%Union Bank & Trust Company
3901.2777%Dillard National Bank
3911.2717%Cape Cod Bank and Trust
3921.2687%Synovus Bank
3931.2669%Warren Five Cents Savings Bank
3941.2666%Merchants Bank
3951.2600%South Side National Bank in St. Louis
3961.2564%Old Kent Bank
3971.2519%ESB Bank
3981.2505%Comerica Bank-California
3991.2502%First Federal Bank of California, a Federal Savings Bank
4001.2430%Norwest Bank Fort Wayne
4011.2400%First Commercial Bank
4021.2356%Wells Fargo Bank
4031.2337%First Bank
4041.2334%The Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank
4051.2315%Home Savings of America, FSB
4061.2309%New England Savings Bank
4071.2296%Provident National Bank
4081.2280%Bank One, Kenosha
4091.2271%Sabadell United Bank
4101.2174%Farmers & Merchants Bank of Central California
4111.2167%Northern Trust Bank/DuPage
4121.2145%Fleet Bank
4131.2144%Anchor Savings Bank, FSB
4141.2136%Bank One, Chicago
4151.2116%Bank of Guam
4161.2104%Stockton Savings Bank, FSB
4171.2064%First Federal Bank
4181.1888%Heartland Federal Savings and Loan Association
4191.1879%First Union National Bank
4201.1876%The Trust Company of New Jersey
4211.1846%Merchants and Farmers Bank
4221.1835%First American Bank
4231.1812%East Cambridge Savings Bank
4241.1789%First National Bank of Omaha
4251.1707%SouthTrust Bank
4261.1705%State Street Bank and Trust Company
4271.1671%Mercantile Bank of Kansas City
4281.1655%Citizens Banking Company
4291.1626%M&I Bank Fox Valley
4301.1584%The Sandwich Co-operative Bank
4311.1563%General Bank
4321.1556%Tri Counties Bank
4331.1516%Mellon Bank Delaware
4341.1489%Bank of A. Levy
4351.1481%F&M Bank-Winchester
4361.1475%Bell Federal Savings and Loan Association
4371.1437%Firstar Bank Milwaukee
4381.1430%SouthTrust Bank
4391.1426%NBD Bank
4401.1367%New Bedford Institution for Savings
4411.1356%First National Bank
4421.1354%Palmetto Federal Savings Bank of South Carolina
4431.1345%Capital One
4441.1207%The Montclair Savings Bank
4451.1205%Bank One, Cleveland
4461.1203%Bank One, Youngstown
4471.1189%Mid-State Bank & Trust
4481.1170%First Financial Bank
4491.1077%GE Capital Retail Bank
4501.1038%The Merchants Bank of New York
4511.1019%Cenlar FSB
4521.1000%Northwest Savings Bank
4531.0968%Bank One
4541.0967%Blue Ball National Bank
4551.0952%Valley Bank
4561.0950%First American Federal Savings Bank
4571.0944%Magna Bank of St. Clair County
4581.0942%Bank Name Not Available
4601.0859%Marquette Bank Minneapolis
4611.0846%First Nationwide Bank, FSB
4621.0804%Community First Bank
4631.0800%American National Bank and Trust Company of Chicago
4641.0798%Union Planters Bank of Florida
4651.0782%Heritage Bank
4661.0777%Gate City Bank
4671.0753%Firstar Bank of Minnesota
4681.0649%Standard Federal Bank
4691.0616%U. S. Bank
4701.0603%Dollar Bank, Federal Savings Bank
4711.0594%Associated Bank Menomonee Falls
4721.0586%First Eastern Bank
4741.0544%HomeFed Bank, Federal Association
4751.0492%TD Bank
4761.0489%First Federal of Michigan
4771.0452%AmTrust Bank
4781.0427%The Dollar Savings & Trust Company
4791.0376%First State Bank & Trust Company
4801.0335%Society First Federal Savings Bank
4811.0333%UMB Bank
4821.0328%First Commercial Bank, National Association of Memphis
4831.0287%SouthTrust Bank of North Carolina
4841.0245%Boatmen's First National Bank of Oklahoma
4851.0212%Washington Mutual Bank
4861.0208%Lakeland Savings Bank
4871.0185%First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Greene Co
4881.0170%Crestar Bank MD
4891.0150%Dubuque Bank and Trust Company
4901.0137%M&I Marshall and Ilsley Bank
4911.0117%Union Safe Deposit Bank
4921.0105%Signal Bank
4931.0075%The Calcasieu-Marine National Bank of Lake Charles
4941.0067%Westinghouse Federal Bank, A Federal Savings Bank
4951.0066%Republic Savings Bank
4961.0066%MSB Bank
4971.0049%Chemung Canal Trust Company
4981.0027%National City Bank
4991.0026%The Chinese American Bank
5000.9949%Piedmont Trust Bank
5010.9896%Century Bank and Trust Company
5020.9876%Bank One, West Virginia, Beckley
5030.9872%Jamaica Savings Bank FSB
5050.9852%The Second National Bank of Warren
5060.9833%Alerion Bank
5070.9776%ACNB Bank
5080.9755%Pacific Northwest Bank
5090.9741%Bank One, Indiana
5100.9717%Maspeth Federal Savings and Loan Association
5110.9610%SunTrust Bank, Northeast Georgia
5120.9598%Susquehanna Bank
5130.9563%American Federal Bank FSB
5140.9531%Heritage Federal Savings Bank
5150.9480%San Francisco Federal Savings and Loan Association
5160.9473%Commerce Bank
5170.9456%SouthTrust Bank of Calhoun County
5180.9425%Harris Bank Naperville
5190.9381%Bankers Savings
5200.9378%Lafayette Ambassador Bank
5210.9339%SunTrust Bank
5220.9330%Bank Name Not Available
5230.9319%California Republic Bank
5240.9314%First Federal Savings Bank of Lynchburg
5250.9295%The Chase Manhattan Bank (National Association)
5260.9277%Bank Name Not Available
5270.9276%First Bank & Trust
5280.9271%Lasalle Bank Illinois
5290.9242%Union Planters Bank of Louisiana
5300.9236%The Putnam Trust Company
5310.9227%Johnstown Interim Bank
5320.9210%The Long Island Savings Bank, FSB
5330.9199%Bank One, Delaware
5340.9181%Regions Bank of Tennessee
5350.9169%Norwest Bank El Paso
5360.9160%First Fidelity Bank, National Association, South Jersey
5370.9158%One Valley Bank
5380.9127%United Trust Bank
5390.9126%First County Bank
5400.9103%U.S. Bank
5410.9098%Marble Bank
5420.9092%First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Osceola County
5430.9080%Commonwealth Bank
5440.9065%First Bank A Savings Bank
5450.9009%Old Kent Bank-Grand Traverse
5460.9009%Providian National Bank
5470.9000%National City Bank of Columbus
5480.8993%Pinnacle Bank
5490.8973%Trustco Bank
5500.8970%OnBank & Trust Co.
5510.8944%Union Bank
5520.8888%First Security Bank of New Mexico
5530.8879%Wells Fargo Bank Nevada
5540.8841%Continental Bank
5550.8811%Household Bank, FSB
5560.8806%SUNWEST Bank of Albuquerque
5570.8762%Comerica Bank
5580.8761%Missouri Bridge Bank, National Association d/b/a New Metro North
5590.8722%Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company
5600.8685%Roosevelt Bank
5610.8680%Fort Wayne National Bank
5620.8679%United Savings Bank
5630.8646%Colonial Bank
5640.8625%Continental Savings of America, A Savings and Loan Association
5650.8610%Boston Federal Savings Bank
5660.8596%NBT Bank
5670.8595%Ameribanc Savings Bank, FSB
5680.8592%Bank One, Louisiana
5690.8547%BancorpSouth Bank
5700.8516%LaSalle Bank Midwest National Association
5710.8499%SunTrust Bank, Central Florida
5720.8493%Columbia Banking Federal Savings Association
5730.8492%National City Bank of Dayton
5740.8442%Carolina First Bank
5750.8441%United Jersey Bank/South
5760.8429%Banco Popular, Illinois
5770.8403%Magna Bank
5780.8402%Central Bank
5790.8389%Citizens Trust Company
5800.8386%Boatmen's Bank of Delaware
5810.8380%Home Federal Bank of Tennessee
5820.8377%First Bank
5830.8364%Bank One, Mansfield
5840.8354%CivicBank of Commerce
5850.8337%CoreStates Bank of Delaware
5860.8307%First Community Bank
5870.8306%North Shore Bank, FSB
5880.8283%The Century National Bank and Trust Company
5900.8277%The Bank of Edwardsville
5910.8240%Security Federal Savings and Loan Association of Cleveland
5920.8237%Amarillo National Bank
5930.8209%Peoples Westchester Savings Bank
5940.8193%Bank One, Akron
5950.8183%Pioneer Bank
5960.8155%Bank One, Lafayette
5970.8117%One Valley Bank, Inc.
5980.8094%Star Bank, National Association, Indiana
5990.8091%Midwest BankCentre
6000.8078%The Co-operative Bank of Concord
6010.8073%City Bank
6020.8063%Commerce Bank
6030.8050%Monroe Bank & Trust
6040.8027%Mercantile Bank of Arkansas
6050.8011%Great Southern Bank
6060.8009%Home Federal Savings Bank
6070.7989%Summit Bank
6080.7969%Emigrant Bank
6090.7925%Bank One, Cincinnati
6100.7914%Abington Savings Bank
6110.7900%Davenport Bank and Trust Company
6120.7880%Trumbull Savings and Loan Company
6130.7850%Permanent Bank
6140.7834%Western Federal Savings and Loan
6150.7820%Amcore Bank
6160.7813%Fifth Third Bank
6170.7802%Andover Bank
6180.7754%Bank One, Green Bay
6190.7753%Home Federal Savings Bank of Missouri
6200.7745%Partners Trust Bank
6210.7736%SunTrust Bank, West Georgia
6220.7732%Life Savings Bank, FSB
6230.7724%Texas Commerce Bank - El Paso
6240.7700%Texas Commerce Bank - Beaumont
6250.7695%Webster Bank
6260.7667%Amalgamated Bank
6270.7647%Washington Financial Bank
6280.7640%Coastal Federal Bank
6290.7636%Bank One, Lima
6300.7622%United Savings Bank, FSB
6310.7619%Bank of America
6320.7614%First Union National Bank of Virginia
6330.7594%Neworld Bank
6350.7556%Bank One, Fremont
6360.7502%PNC Bank, Kentucky, Inc.
6370.7471%First Bank, Federal Savings Bank
6380.7460%Sun Bank and Trust/Charlotte County
6390.7403%Union State Bank
6400.7384%M&I Bank of Southern Wisconsin
6410.7353%The First National Bank of Jasper
6420.7343%First Federal Bank
6430.7325%PNC National Bank of Delaware
6440.7314%Fortune Bank a Savings Bank
6450.7299%Great Northern Savings Company
6460.7295%Bank of Hawaii
6470.7276%Liberty Bank
6480.7274%M&I Thunderbird Bank
6490.7267%Kearny Federal Savings Bank
6500.7251%Nationsbank of North Carolina
6510.7221%Finance Factors, Ltd.
6520.7218%Financial Federal Bank, F.S.B.
6530.7206%First Bank
6540.7179%The Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank
6550.7139%First Liberty Bank
6560.7134%United New Mexico Bank
6570.7131%First Federal Savings Bank of Charlotte County
6580.7085%Bank Name Not Available
6600.7073%First American Bank of Maryland
6610.7063%Regions Bank
6620.7050%Bank Name Not Available
6640.7027%Bank of Montana
6650.6998%National Bank of the Commonwealth
6660.6972%The First National Bank of Southeastern Ohio
6670.6955%PNC Bank, Ohio
6680.6874%California Bank & Trust
6690.6839%Flagler National Bank
6700.6824%Integra Bank/South
6710.6818%First Tennessee Bank
6720.6816%SunTrust Bank, Nashville
6730.6803%Community Savings, F. A.
6740.6794%MultiBank West
6750.6769%Bank Calumet
6760.6764%Redlands Federal Bank, F.S.B.
6770.6755%Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
6780.6719%Coast Federal Bank, Federal Savings Bank
6790.6686%National City Bank of Pennsylvania
6800.6637%The Dime Savings Bank of Wallingford
6810.6625%Columbia National Bank of Chicago
6820.6578%First National Bank of Pennsylvania
6830.6570%Lehigh Valley Bank
6840.6534%Fifth Third Bank, Indiana
6850.6529%Univest Bank and Trust Co.
6860.6525%First Federal Bank of the Midwest
6870.6520%Pacific Union Bank
6880.6500%Bay View Bank
6890.6486%TCF National Bank Wisconsin
6900.6475%First Vermont Bank
6910.6475%Vermont National Bank
6920.6473%Savings Bank of Mendocino County
6930.6469%Southern National Bank of South Carolina
6940.6467%Bank One, Bloomington
6960.6428%Constellation Bank
6970.6415%Provident Bank
6980.6407%Union Planters Bank of Mississippi
6990.6406%Branch Banking and Trust Company
7000.6400%Cohoes Savings Bank
7010.6378%Glenview State Bank
7020.6373%First Interstate Bank
7030.6356%United States National Bank of Oregon
7040.6325%Commerce Bank
7050.6304%Gateway Bank
7060.6300%Roosevelt Savings Bank
7070.6282%EurekaBank, a Federal Savings Bank
7080.6277%The Central Jersey Bank and Trust Company
7090.6273%International Bank of Commerce
7110.6263%Meridian Bank
7120.6260%Quaker City Bank
7130.6254%Citizens & Northern Bank
7140.6234%Commerce Bank
7150.6229%Renasant Bank
7160.6217%Keystone Financial Bank
7170.6215%Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis
7180.6200%Napa Valley Bank
7190.6183%Crestar Bank FSB
7200.6181%Cambridge Trust Company
7210.6174%Bankers Trust Company
7220.6156%Pioneer Bank & Trust Company
7230.6112%Westfield Bank
7240.6110%AmSouth Bank of Alabama
7250.6099%Star Bank, Central Ohio
7260.6092%First Indiana Bank
7270.6087%Central Fidelity National Bank
7280.6082%Bank One, West Virginia, Charleston
7290.6075%The First National Bank of Lake Charles
7300.6072%Sterling National Bank
7310.6063%Main Line Bank
7320.6057%Eastern Bank
7330.6041%Wachovia Bank of Georgia
7340.6038%Intrust Bank
7350.6035%CoreStates Hamilton Bank
7360.6034%Citizens First National Bank of New Jersey
7370.6033%Riggs Bank
7380.6011%Middlesex Savings Bank
7390.6010%West Bank
7410.5967%Mellon Bank MD
7420.5955%First Western Bank
7440.5944%American International Bank
7450.5937%Security Federal Savings Bank
7460.5936%Citizens Bank of Maryland
7470.5925%The First National Bank in Sioux Falls
7480.5892%Bank One, LaGrange
7490.5791%United Counties Trust Company
7500.5785%Mercantile Bank of St. Louis
7510.5777%Banner Bank
7520.5757%The Provident Bank
7530.5744%Bank One, Kentucky
7550.5736%Bank IV
7560.5715%Hagerstown Trust Company
7570.5680%Valley Bank and Trust Company
7580.5671%SunTrust Bank, Chattanooga
7600.5636%Western Bank
7610.5629%Metropolitan Bank and Trust
7620.5597%D&N Bank
7630.5594%Integra Bank/North
7640.5586%First Financial Bank
7650.5583%SouthTrust Bank of Dothan
7660.5571%Valley View State Bank
7670.5564%Tompkins Trust Company
7680.5547%Bank One, Texas
7690.5530%Delaware Trust Company
7700.5518%First Western Bank, F.S.B.
7710.5506%Associated Bank
7730.5483%First Commercial Bank
7740.5472%Irwin Union Bank and Trust Company
7750.5439%First Los Angeles Bank
7760.5436%Chemical Bank Shoreline
7770.5364%Central National Bank, Canajoharie
7780.5364%Amboy Bank
7790.5362%First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Charlotte
7800.5356%Beneficial National Bank
7810.5346%FMB-Lumberman's Bank
7820.5344%American Trust & Savings Bank
7830.5343%Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota
7840.5342%PNC Bank, Delaware
7850.5323%Washington Mutual Bank
7860.5307%American National Bank of Florida
7870.5289%The First National Bank of Lafayette
7880.5269%First National Bank & Trust Company of McAlester
7900.5268%M & I Lakeview Bank
7910.5267%SunTrust Bank, South Georgia
7920.5254%The Suffolk County National Bank of Riverhead
7930.5226%Cadence Bank, N.A.
7940.5222%Bank Name Not Available
7950.5220%Medford Savings Bank
7960.5189%University Savings Bank
7970.5183%First Savings Bank
7980.5183%The Peoples Bank, Biloxi, Mississippi
7990.5180%First National Bank
8000.5178%CF Bancorp
8010.5170%Bank of Canton of California
8020.5144%Guaranty Bank
8030.5144%First of America Bank-Metro Southwest
8040.5131%First Virginia Bank - Colonial
8050.5125%Bangor Savings Bank
8060.5124%Central Pacific Bank
8070.5063%Citizens Bank of Massachusetts
8080.5058%Mark Twain Kansas City Bank
8090.5053%Beneficial Mutual Savings Bank
8100.5051%The Washington Trust Company of Westerly
8110.5048%Charter One Bank
8120.5045%Chittenden Trust Company
8130.5043%Hickory Point Bank and Trust, FSB
8140.5043%Montana Bank
8150.5034%Hudson United Bank
8160.5033%New Jersey National Bank
8170.5033%SunTrust Bank, Mid-Florida
8180.5001%American Savings Bank
8190.4989%Simmons First National Bank
8200.4985%The Boatmen's National Bank of St. Louis
8210.4961%First Federal Savings Bank of Western Maryland
8220.4956%The First National Bank of Springdale
8230.4948%Bank One, Milwaukee
8240.4945%Bank of Bentonville
8250.4944%Prime Bank, Federal Savings Bank
8260.4941%Mid-Hudson Savings Bank FSB
8270.4938%West One Bank, Washington
8280.4913%Southside Bank
8290.4907%Union National Bank of Arkansas, Little Rock, Arkansas
8300.4898%First National Bank of Warsaw
8310.4896%Wells Fargo Bank of Arizona
8320.4894%Colonial Bank
8330.4885%Union Center National Bank
8340.4885%The First National Bank of Zanesville
8350.4872%Guardian Bank
8360.4858%First Federal Savings and Loan Association of America
8370.4845%Citizens Savings Bank F.S.B.
8380.4837%The Sumitomo Bank of California
8390.4835%Coast Bank, Federal Savings Bank
8400.4835%Bellingham Bank
8410.4834%Fulton Bank
8420.4824%Wells Fargo Bank Wisconsin
8430.4817%Imperial Bank
8440.4804%Worcester County Institution for Savings
8450.4800%Mercantile National Bank of Indiana
8460.4796%National City Bank, Northeast
8470.4792%Washington Federal
8480.4787%American Savings Bank, FSB
8490.4776%Sky Bank
8500.4763%First Bank Southeast
8510.4750%Indiana Bank and Trust Company
8520.4747%Community Bank & Trust
8530.4742%First Federal Savings and Loan Association
8540.4714%Wesbanco Bank, Inc.
8550.4708%Central Bank
8560.4700%Texas Commerce Bank-San Antonio
8570.4687%Caliber Bank
8580.4673%Star Bank, National Association, Tri State
8590.4673%1st Source Bank
8600.4669%Jefferson Bank
8610.4665%Citizens Bank of Rhode Island
8620.4657%United Mizrahi Bank and Trust Company
8630.4652%The Midway National Bank of St. Paul
8640.4625%First Hawaiian Bank
8650.4625%Society National Bank, Indiana
8670.4600%Home Bank, F.S.B.
8680.4599%The Matewan National Bank
8690.4599%Sunflower Bank
8700.4597%Corpus Christi National Bank
8710.4591%Commerce Bank
8720.4590%Brookline Bank
8730.4579%First National Bank of Central California
8740.4557%SunTrust Bank, Middle Georgia
8750.4555%Nevada State Bank
8760.4548%BLC Bank N. A.
8770.4534%First Federal Savings Bank
8780.4499%Transohio Federal Savings Bank
8790.4489%Liberty Federal Savings Bank
8810.4452%Metropolitan National Bank
8820.4451%San Diego Trust & Savings Bank
8830.4444%Lebanon Valley National Bank
8840.4423%Bank of America NW
8850.4420%Suntrust Bank, Treasure Coast
8860.4419%Union Bank
8870.4416%SunTrust Bank, South Florida
8880.4416%The Howard Bank
8890.4408%First National Bank Alaska
8900.4390%Northern Central Bank
8910.4387%Trustmark National Bank
8920.4379%First of America Bank-Illinois
8940.4373%Fremont Bank
8950.4370%Chemical Bank New Jersey
8960.4356%United Federal Savings Bank
8970.4352%Great American Federal Savings Association
8980.4348%The Mahoning National Bank of Youngstown
8990.4345%The Merchants National Bank of Aurora
9000.4319%Cheltenham Bank
9010.4292%Society Bank & Trust
9020.4278%Bank South
9030.4274%SunTrust Bank, Gulf Coast
9040.4269%The Fifth Third Bank of Northern Kentucky, Inc.
9050.4268%Southwest Bank
9060.4252%TierOne Bank
9070.4244%Barnett Bank of Atlanta
9080.4243%California United Bank
9090.4236%Mid-State FSB
9100.4227%Old Kent Bank of Grand Haven
9110.4217%Mercantile-Safe Deposit and Trust Company
9120.4214%NationsBank, National Association (South)
9130.4210%United Postal Savings Association
9140.4185%Alerus Financial
9150.4178%Western Financial Bank
9160.4157%Arvest Bank
9170.4143%Associated Bank Lakeshore
9180.4141%SunTrust Bank, East Tennessee
9190.4140%Branch Banking and Trust Company of Virginia
9200.4132%First of America Bank-Security
9210.4132%First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Anderson
9220.4130%Bank One, Appleton
9230.4128%BSB Bank & Trust Company
9240.4106%Fifth Third Bank, Northwestern Ohio
9250.4072%SunTrust Bank, North Central Florida
9260.4072%Bank One, Wisconsin
9270.4059%Wells Fargo Bank Alaska
9280.4056%Rocky Mountain Bank, F.S.B.
9290.4055%Commercial National Bank in Shreveport
9300.4052%Bank of America Idaho
9310.4043%Chase Manhattan Bank USA
9320.4035%Bank One, Arizona
9330.4025%Mercantile Bank of Joplin
9340.4023%Bluebonnet Savings Bank FSB
9350.4021%Union Federal Savings Bank
9360.4017%Citizens Bank
9370.4014%United Commercial Bank
9380.4012%Bank of Stockton
9390.3999%Charter Oak Federal Savings Bank
9400.3993%Bank One, Madison
9410.3991%NBD Bank
9420.3985%The Central Trust Bank
9430.3979%NBD Bank
9440.3970%Bank Name Not Available
9450.3958%Hibernia National Bank of Texas
9460.3951%Pioneer Savings Bank
9470.3945%Lake Shore National Bank
9480.3938%New Jersey Savings Bank
9490.3937%Bank One, Champaign-Urbana
9500.3935%Fidelity Federal Bank & Trust
9510.3930%Liberty Bank and Trust Company of Tulsa
9520.3915%South Boston Savings Bank
9530.3899%Barnett Bank of Manatee County
9540.3878%Trans Financial Bank
9550.3867%Firstmerit Bank
9560.3838%USAA Credit Card Bank
9570.3838%SunTrust Bank, Southwest Florida
9580.3835%Summit Bank
9600.3827%New First City, Texas - Dallas
9610.3817%Sacramento Savings Bank
9620.3816%The F&M Bank & Trust Company
9630.3812%Beaver Trust Company
9640.3798%First Federal Savings Bank, F.S.B.
9650.3795%The Commercial National Bank
9660.3786%Citizens Savings Bank of Canton
9670.3779%LaSalle Bank, F.S.B.
9680.3773%Waypoint Bank
9690.3769%First Trust Bank
9700.3754%Exchange Bank
9710.3746%First of America Bank-Central
9720.3739%Bank One, Rockford
9730.3724%Bank One, Merrillville
9740.3708%Republic National Bank of Miami
9750.3704%The Bank of Hartford, Inc.
9760.3699%S&T Bank
9770.3691%Orange Bank
9790.3660%Wachovia Bank
9800.3657%Compass Bank
9810.3637%Whitney Bank
9820.3620%Mid-State Bank and Trust Company
9830.3617%First Midwest Bank/Illinois
9840.3615%The First National Bank of Central Illinois
9850.3613%Western Security Bank
9860.3607%Firstar Bank Madison
9870.3604%Northern Trust Bank/O'Hare
9880.3593%INB Banking Company
9890.3592%Southwest Bank, An M&I Bank
9900.3590%Charter National Bank - Houston
9910.3589%American Federal Bank, FSB
9920.3587%Bank of the West
9930.3578%First Federal Bank of Eau Claire, FSB
9940.3540%United Missouri Bank of St. Louis
9950.3532%Harmonia Savings Bank
9960.3531%The Bank of Baltimore
9970.3529%Carver Federal Savings Bank
9980.3529%Wells Fargo Bank South Central
9990.3520%First Bank (National Association)
10000.3516%Mercantile National Bank
10010.3510%U.S. Bank of Utah
10030.3485%Chemical Bank
10040.3478%AmerUs Bank
10050.3473%Annapolis Federal Savings Bank
10060.3472%The Cortland Savings and Banking Company
10080.3469%The First National Bank of Fort Smith
10090.3429%Bank One, Michigan
10100.3422%First Federal Savings Bank of New Smyrna
10110.3420%Northern Trust
10120.3413%The Canandaigua National Bank and Trust Company
10130.3388%Commerce Bank
10140.3384%CoreFirst Bank & Trust
10150.3380%Family Bank
10160.3354%The Lorain National Bank
10180.3343%First Virginia Bank - Hampton Roads
10190.3340%Bank One, Wilmette
10200.3332%Firstar Bank Illinois
10210.3325%New First City, Texas - Corpus Christi
10220.3322%Franklin First Savings Bank
10230.3317%Eastover Bank for Savings
10240.3300%Peoples National Bank of Central Pennsylvania
10250.3284%First Interstate Bank of California
10260.3272%Financial Trust Company
10270.3263%Wells Fargo Bank Michigan
10280.3250%Coastal Banc, S.S.B.
10290.3250%The Harleysville National Bank and Trust Company
10300.3238%First of America Bank-Upper Peninsula
10310.3234%Bank One, Lexington
10320.3209%Union Planters Bank
10330.3208%Mercantile Bank of Dubuque
10340.3206%Second National Bank of Saginaw
10350.3173%Barnett Bank of Tampa
10360.3169%Ameriserv Financial Bank
10370.3158%Sun Bank and Trust Company
10380.3150%Farmers Bank and Trust Company of Hanover
10390.3142%The Miners and Mechanics Savings and Trust Company
10400.3131%Busey Bank
10410.3122%Branch Banking and Trust Company of South Carolina
10420.3092%The First Savings Bank, FSB
10430.3090%Star Bank, National Association, Kentucky
10440.3072%Hills Bank and Trust Company
10450.3069%IBJ Whitehall Bank & Trust Company
10460.3057%NationsBank of Florida, N.A.
10470.3049%The National Bank of South Carolina
10490.3036%New First City, Texas - El Paso
10500.3016%Boatmen's First National Bank of Kansas City
10510.3014%Bank One, Oklahoma
10520.3014%The Laredo National Bank
10530.3014%Bank of Louisville
10540.3011%The Twentieth Street Bank
10550.2998%USAA Federal Savings Bank
10560.2996%Mercantile Bank, FSB
10570.2992%Covest Banc
10580.2990%United Bank
10590.2985%First Union National Bank of Florida
10600.2969%M&I Bank South
10610.2962%The Norwich Savings Society
10620.2954%The York Bank and Trust Company
10630.2943%Artisans' Bank
10640.2939%LaSalle Bank
10650.2936%First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Port Angeles
10660.2918%Brenton Bank
10670.2915%First National Bank & Trust
10680.2912%National City Bank, Northwest
10690.2909%Bank of North America
10700.2903%First Independent Bank
10710.2878%PremierBank & Trust
10720.2876%Mark Twain Bank
10730.2875%National Bank of Commerce
10740.2870%Norwest Bank Minnesota North
10750.2870%Chase Manhattan Private Bank
10760.2867%First Federal Capital Bank
10770.2849%Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
10790.2838%Concord Savings Bank
10800.2835%Home Federal Bank
10810.2830%Amerifed Bank, FSB
10820.2826%Compass Bank
10830.2813%First Commercial Bank
10840.2813%The Rochester Community Savings Bank
10850.2808%First Niagara Bank
10860.2800%Homebanc, A Federal Savings Bank
10870.2787%First Bank, Federal Savings Bank
10880.2772%NationsBank of South Carolina
10890.2760%Zions First National Bank
10900.2749%Peoples First Community Bank
10930.2723%P N C Bank, Indiana, Inc.
10940.2719%The Frost National Bank
10950.2711%First Security Bank of Southern New Mexico
10960.2701%Northbay Savings Bank, FSB
10970.2689%Firstier Bank
10980.2679%First Union National Bank of Tennessee
10990.2678%United Carolina Bank
11000.2656%First Interstate Bank
11010.2654%Riverside National Bank of Florida
11020.2649%Boatmen's National Bank of Oklahoma
11030.2647%National City Bank of the Midwest
11040.2637%Barnett Bank
11050.2632%Mechanics Savings Bank
11060.2628%Bank of North Texas
11070.2618%INB National Bank, Northwest
11080.2600%Old Kent Bank
11090.2598%First Virginia Bank
11100.2595%Westernbank Puerto Rico
11110.2593%SunTrust Bank, Northwest, Florida
11120.2592%Bank of America, Federal Savings Bank
11130.2590%Superior Bank, FSB
11140.2586%First of America Bank-Quad Cities
11150.2583%Valley Bank
11160.2581%First Midwest Bank
11170.2578%Cenwest National Bank
11180.2576%Women's Federal Savings Bank
11190.2572%Wilber National Bank
11200.2568%The Troy Savings Bank
11210.2566%Community Trust Bank, Inc.
11220.2565%MB Financial Bank
11230.2563%Dedham Institution for Savings
11240.2562%M & I Bank
11250.2552%SunTrust Bank, East Central Florida
11260.2549%Astoria Federal Savings and Loan Association
11270.2549%Regency Savings Bank, A FSB
11280.2544%First Interstate Bank of Wyoming
11290.2541%Citibank Texas
11300.2535%National City Bank of Kentucky
11310.2525%Penn Federal Savings Bank
11320.2499%The Huntington National Bank of Kentucky
11330.2482%Central Bank
11340.2443%Parkway Bank and Trust Company
11350.2427%First Bank
11360.2426%Huntington National Bank West Virginia
11370.2424%RBC Bank (USA)
11380.2423%West Suburban Bank
11400.2419%Mechanics Bank
11410.2411%Standard Federal Bank for Savings
11420.2407%The Stillwater National Bank and Trust Company
11430.2405%First National Bank of Evergreen Park
11440.2393%International Savings and Loan Association LTD
11450.2354%Barnett Bank of Tallahassee
11460.2351%Barnett Bank of Lee County
11470.2340%Third National Bank and Trust Company of Scranton
11480.2338%Peninsula Bank
11490.2331%Boatmen's Bank of Southern Missouri
11500.2326%Peoples Savings Bank
11510.2325%Sky Bank
11520.2320%American Trust Bank
11530.2318%FloridaFirst Bank
11540.2317%The Fifth Third Bank
11550.2314%Dauphin Deposit Bank and Trust Company
11560.2304%SouthTrust Bank of Georgia
11570.2298%First of America Bank - Northern Michigan
11580.2288%Farmers Bank & Capital Trust Company
11590.2251%Home Savings of America, FSB-NY
11600.2236%The Park National Bank
11610.2230%Fifth Third Bank
11620.2228%Boatmen's First National Bank of Amarillo
11630.2223%Somerset Savings Bank, SLA
11640.2213%Suntrust Bank, Miami
11650.2210%Standard Bank and Trust Company
11660.2198%Deposit Guaranty National Bank
11670.2196%Cole Taylor Bank
11680.2193%State Bank of Long Island
11690.2193%Bank Name Not Available
11700.2188%The Citizens National Bank of Evansville
11710.2186%First Commonwealth Bank
11720.2180%Texas State Bank
11730.2177%Home Federal Bank, FSB
11740.2170%Vantus Bank
11750.2165%Bank of America Arizona
11760.2163%Hawaii National Bank
11770.2155%Valley National Bank
11780.2154%SunTrust Bank, North Florida
11790.2130%MetroWest Bank
11800.2129%SouthTrust Bank of Florida
11810.2105%M&I Northern Bank
11820.2104%SunTrust Bank, Southeast Georgia
11830.2102%Magna Bank of Central Illinois
11840.2088%Northern Trust Bank/Lake Forest
11850.2077%First Bank of Florida
11860.2077%Barnett Bank of Polk County
11870.2075%State Home Savings Bank, F.S.B.
11880.2059%Bank One, Utah
11890.2031%Union Planters Bank of Kentucky
11900.2023%First Financial Bank
11910.2015%Pawling Savings Bank
11920.2014%Decatur Federal Savings and Loan Association
11930.2009%Community First National Bank
11940.2008%The Security National Bank and Trust Co.
11950.2002%SunTrust Bank, Tampa Bay
11960.1999%United Bank
11970.1985%First Northern Savings Bank
11980.1984%Sterling Savings Bank
11990.1982%First Security Bank of Idaho
12000.1958%Central Carolina Bank and Trust Company
12010.1955%Imperial Capital Bank
12020.1949%Glens Falls National Bank and Trust Company
12030.1944%City Bank and Trust Company
12040.1941%Yakima Federal Savings and Loan Association
12050.1937%Barnett Bank of Volusia County
12060.1925%Indiana Federal Bank for Savings
12070.1921%First United Bank & Trust
12080.1912%Barnett Bank of Marion County
12090.1896%Liberty National Bank of Northern Kentucky
12100.1870%Third Federal Savings and Loan Association of Cleveland
12110.1865%Barnett Bank of Palm Beach County
12120.1864%Bucks County Bank and Trust Company
12130.1861%Community Bank
12140.1858%Wells Fargo Bank Texas
12150.1857%Firstar Bank Sheboygan
12160.1848%Shadow Lawn Savings Bank, SLA
12170.1842%Pacific Southwest Bank
12180.1835%The First National Bank of Farmington
12190.1816%Corestates Bank
12200.1798%New First City, Texas - Beaumont
12210.1787%Boatmen's National Bank of Cape Girardeau
12220.1784%Bank One, Illinois
12230.1781%AmSouth Bank of Florida
12240.1780%First State Bank of East Detroit
12250.1774%First American National Bank
12260.1769%Southern National Bank of North Carolina
12270.1763%Country Bank for Savings
12280.1747%Mechanics Bank
12290.1741%Local Oklahoma Bank
12300.1740%Mellon 1st Business Bank
12310.1732%U. S. Bank of Idaho
12320.1722%First Interstate Bank of Washington
12330.1719%Frontier Bank
12340.1702%Colorado National Bank - Exchange
12350.1699%The First National Bank of Gainesville
12360.1691%Peoples National Bank
12370.1690%Peoples Bank
12380.1687%Prime Bank
12390.1685%Citizens Federal Bank, F.S.B., a Federal Savings Bank
12400.1684%First Bank North
12410.1678%Eastern Heights Bank
12420.1660%PNC Bank, Northern Kentucky
12430.1632%Washington Trust Bank
12440.1631%Wachovia Bank of South Carolina
12450.1627%First Merchants Bank
12460.1622%Crestar Bank
12470.1592%The Fifth Third Bank of Columbus
12480.1586%Horizon Bank
12490.1574%First-Knox National Bank
12500.1570%Barnett Bank of Tampa
12510.1550%Jefferson National Bank
12520.1549%Eldorado Bank
12530.1548%SunTrust Bank, Alabama
12540.1534%Railroadmen's Federal Savings and Loan Association of Indianapolis
12550.1522%Old Second National Bank
12560.1520%Huntington Banks of Michigan
12570.1519%Norwest Bank Texas, North Central
12580.1515%Firstar Bank Iowa
12590.1509%The Farmers & Merchants State Bank
12600.1492%Great Lakes Bancorp, A FSB
12610.1486%Community Savings Bank
12620.1479%Ocean Bank
12630.1475%Norwest Bank Minnesota Central
12640.1470%Intercontinental Bank
12650.1465%Barnett Bank of Pinellas County
12660.1454%Chase Bank of Arizona
12670.1453%Wells Fargo Bank Northwest
12680.1450%Farmers & Mechanics Bank
12690.1437%FMB-First Michigan Bank
12700.1436%The Security National Bank of Sioux City, Iowa
12710.1426%Barnett Bank of South Florida
12720.1413%Barnett Bank of West Florida
12730.1413%The Bank of Mid-Jersey
12740.1412%Amalgamated Bank of Chicago
12750.1409%Citizens Financial Bank
12760.1399%First Virginia Bank-Southwest
12770.1390%First Western Bank, F.S.B.
12780.1389%Firstar Bank Fond Du Lac
12790.1386%Puget Sound Bank
12800.1374%Barnett Bank of Broward County
12810.1368%Parkvale Savings Bank
12820.1368%Northpark National Bank of Dallas
12830.1359%Amegy Bank
12840.1359%Colorado National Bank
12850.1345%U.S. Bank of Washington
12860.1345%Pioneer Federal Savings Bank
12870.1343%WestStar Bank
12880.1342%Boatmen's National Bank of Northwest Arkansas
12890.1325%Bank of America Oregon
12900.1323%The Citizens National Bank of Meridian
12910.1323%Commerce Bank of St. Joseph
12920.1320%Fifth Third Savings Bank of Northern Ohio
12930.1319%Richfield Bank & Trust Co.
12940.1319%Fidelity Homestead Savings Bank
12950.1310%First American Bank
12960.1308%Valley American Bank and Trust Company
12970.1290%Compass Bank for Savings
12980.1288%First Citizens Bank and Trust Company, Inc.
12990.1278%Westamerica Bank
13000.1276%Maryland Federal Bank
13010.1268%Arkansas Bank and Trust Company
13020.1253%Security Bank, S.S.B.
13030.1253%First of America Bank-West Michigan
13040.1251%Norwest Bank Minnesota South
13050.1244%First Interstate Bank of Idaho
13060.1238%First of America Bank-Indiana
13070.1205%Wells Fargo Bank North Dakota
13080.1202%Fullerton Community Bank, FSB
13090.1197%National Bank of Commerce Trust and Savings Association
13100.1196%First Interstate Bank of Nevada
13110.1192%American State Bank
13120.1191%Sun Bank/Naples
13130.1189%TCF National Bank
13140.1187%Barnett Bank of Central Florida
13150.1175%Centier Bank
13160.1172%The First National Bank of Long Island
13170.1158%First of America Bank-Southeast Michigan
13180.1155%California Thrift and Loan
13190.1155%Firstar Bank Kentucky
13200.1155%SunTrust Bank, Augusta
13210.1152%Bank Name Not Available
13220.1151%The Lincoln Savings Bank, FSB
13230.1141%First Bank Texas
13250.1110%Old National Bank
13260.1105%The Lexington State Bank
13270.1101%Independent Bank
13280.1100%Compass Bank-Dallas
13290.1097%Commercial Federal Bank, a Federal Savings Bank
13300.1097%Primerit Bank, Federal Savings Bank
13310.1097%Lake City Bank
13320.1091%The Savings Bank of Manchester
13330.1079%Union Planters Bank of Northwest Mississippi
13340.1076%First of America Bank-Illinois
13350.1043%First Victoria National Bank
13360.1030%NationsBank of Texas
13370.1024%Barnett Bank of Pasco County
13380.1011%Security Capital Bank
13390.1006%Tri City National Bank
13400.1002%Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of Elgin
13410.0999%Wells Fargo Bank (Colorado)
13420.0980%Boatmen's National Bank of Arkansas
13430.0979%The Boone County National Bank of Columbia
13440.0975%FCNB Bank
13450.0973%The First National Bank of Des Plaines
13460.0963%Bank One, Colorado
13470.0960%Broadway National Bank
13480.0949%Anderson Banking Company
13490.0943%The Drovers & Mechanics Bank
13500.0936%Georgia Federal Bank, FSB
13510.0906%The Huntington National Bank
13520.0906%Charter Federal Savings Bank
13530.0897%Integra Bank
13540.0893%First Federal Bank, FSB
13550.0889%NewBridge Bank
13560.0877%First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company
13570.0871%Harris Bank Joliet
13580.0868%Quincy Savings Bank
13590.0858%Colonial Savings, F.A.
13600.0857%Norwest Bank Minnesota South Central
13610.0853%La Grange Federal Savings and Loan Association
13620.0845%First American Bank SSB
13630.0831%Cullen Center Bank & Trust
13640.0827%Wells Fargo Bank Texas
13650.0824%Mercantile Bank
13660.0821%Unizan Bank
13670.0821%First Federal Savings Bank
13680.0812%AnchorBank, fsb
13690.0808%Asheville Savings Bank, S.S.B.
13700.0796%State First National Bank
13710.0796%Old Kent Bank - East
13720.0789%New South Federal Savings Bank
13730.0769%West One Bank, Oregon, S.B.
13740.0764%Germantown Savings Bank
13750.0761%Plymouth Savings Bank
13760.0758%Barnett Bank of the Suncoast
13770.0750%Mercantile Bank of St. Joseph
13780.0750%West One Bank, Oregon
13790.0747%First Interstate Bank of Utah
13800.0744%First of America Bank-Ann Arbor
13810.0741%First of America Bank - Mid Michigan
13820.0729%First Interstate Bank of Oregon
13830.0710%Trust Company Bank of North Georgia
13840.0700%The First National Bank of South Miami
13850.0697%National City Bank, Lexington
13860.0689%The City National Bank of Fort Smith
13870.0689%Territorial Savings Bank
13880.0688%Wells Fargo Bank Nebraska
13890.0687%Magna Bank, FSB
13900.0685%Sandy Spring Bank
13910.0683%National Bank of Southern California
13920.0673%Sky Bank-Mid AM Region
13930.0669%Barnett Bank of Martin County
13940.0655%The Chase Manhattan Bank of Maryland
13950.0645%Farmington Bank
13960.0643%First Midwest Bank
13970.0637%American Savings of Florida, F.S.B.
13980.0619%Commerce Bank
13990.0617%LaSalle Bank Northbrook
14000.0617%The Dime Svgs. Bank of Williamsburgh
14010.0613%The Hazleton National Bank
14020.0586%Union Bank and Trust Company
14030.0586%First National Bank Iowa
14040.0573%First of America-North Central Illinois
14050.0573%Barnett Bank of Naples
14060.0567%Summit Bank
14070.0559%First National Bank of Venice
14080.0549%Union Planters Bank of Southeast Missouri
14090.0544%Bank One, West Virginia
14100.0540%Harris Bank Barrington
14110.0518%Tucker Federal Bank
14120.0515%Boatmen's Bank of Mid-Missouri
14130.0515%First of America Bank - Springfield
14140.0513%Citizens National Bank of Leesburg
14150.0512%Barnett Bank of the Treasure Coast
14160.0508%World Savings and Loan Association, A Federal Savings and Loan Associati
14170.0494%Pacific First Bank, A FSB
14180.0487%Overton Bank and Trust
14190.0477%National Savings Bank of Albany
14200.0467%The Citizens National Bank
14210.0464%The Citizens and Peoples National Bank of Pensacola
14220.0461%Associated Bank
14230.0454%Olympus Bank A Federal Savings Bank
14240.0440%Pioneer Financial, A Cooperative Bank
14250.0437%New First City, Texas - Bryan
14260.0433%SouthTrust Bank of Huntsville
14270.0431%Pioneer Savings Bank
14280.0423%Wells Fargo Bank West
14290.0409%First Federal Bank of Colorado
14300.0407%Sunrise Federal Savings Bank
14310.0407%Salem Five Cents Savings Bank
14320.0397%McHenry State Bank
14330.0392%Barnett Bank of the Keys
14340.0384%Jackson County Federal Bank, A Federal Savings Bank
14350.0373%The Merchants National Bank of Terre Haute
14360.0362%Keystone Nazareth Bank & Trust Company
14370.0358%Peoples Bank & Trust Company
14380.0348%Carroll County Bank and Trust Company
14390.0343%Barnett Bank of Alachua County
14400.0342%Citizens Bank of Massachusetts
14410.0333%Kansas State Bank and Trust Company
14420.0303%Norwest Bank Minnesota West
14430.0288%SunTrust Bank, Savannah
14440.0287%Oak Brook Bank
14450.0286%Bank One, Colorado Springs
14460.0276%Superior Bank FSB
14470.0272%Central Bank & Trust Co.
14480.0271%Barnett Bank of Lake County
14490.0269%The Huntington National Bank of Lakeland
14500.0264%University Bank and Trust Company
14510.0262%Bank of America Texas
14520.0261%Harris Bank Hinsdale
14530.0245%Commerce Bank
14550.0235%Bank United
14560.0232%Old Kent Bank-Southwest
14570.0231%East West Bank
14580.0216%Eagle Bank
14590.0212%The Riggs National Bank of Virginia
14600.0211%Barnett Bank of Highlands County
14610.0208%Wells Fargo Bank South Dakota
14620.0205%Seacoast National Bank
14630.0202%Manufacturers Bank
14640.0199%MidFirst Bank
14650.0189%Hibernia National Bank in Texas
14660.0152%Republic Savings Bank, FSB
14670.0143%The Camden National Bank
14680.0143%Equity Bank for Savings, F.A.
14690.0136%EST National Bank
14700.0130%Old Kent Bank-Central
14710.0125%The Huntington National Bank of Indiana
14720.0116%First Financial Bank
14730.0115%Bank of Granite
14740.0111%Boatmen's Bank of Tennessee
14750.0107%Barnett Bank of the St. Johns
14760.0070%SouthTrust Bank of Mobile
14770.0063%U.S. Bank of California
14780.0053%First National Bank of Jefferson Parish
14790.0041%Farmers Bank of Maryland
14800.0041%U. S. Bank of Nevada
14810.0034%Barnett Bank of Southwest Georgia
14820.0032%Bank Western
14830.0029%Comerica Bank - Texas
14840.0028%Barnett Bank of Southwest Florida
14850.0013%The Owensboro National Bank
14860.0000%American Bank of Connecticut
14860.0000%Avondale Federal Savings Bank
14860.0000%Bank Name Not Available
14860.0000%Interaudi Bank
14860.0000%Bank of America New Mexico
14860.0000%Bankers Federal Savings FSB
14860.0000%BankUnited, FSB
14860.0000%Bayside Federal Savings Bank
14860.0000%Bell Federal Savings and Loan Association
14860.0000%Boiling Springs Savings Bank
14860.0000%Pacific National Bank
14860.0000%Cambridge Savings Bank
14860.0000%Capitol Federal Savings Bank
14860.0000%Central Jersey Savings Bank, SLA
14860.0000%Champion Federal Savings and Loan Association
14860.0000%Chase Federal Bank, a Federal Savings Bank
14860.0000%Citizens Business Bank
14860.0000%City National Bank of Florida
14860.0000%Commercial Bank of New York
14860.0000%First Bank & Trust
14860.0000%HomeStreet Bank
14860.0000%Cooperative Bank
14860.0000%Bank Name Not Available
14860.0000%Bank Name Not Available
14860.0000%Eastern Savings Bank, FSB
14860.0000%El Dorado Savings Bank, F.S.B.
14860.0000%Fidelity Federal Bank, a Federal Savings Bank
14860.0000%Fidelity Bank
14860.0000%BankFinancial, FSB
14860.0000%First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Westchester
14860.0000%First Fidelity Bank
14860.0000%First Fidelity Investment & Loan
14860.0000%First Heights Bank, a FSB
14860.0000%First National Bank Northwest Ohio
14860.0000%First Republic Thrift & Loan
14860.0000%First State Bank of Texas
14860.0000%Franklin Federal Savings Bank
14860.0000%Great Financial Bank, FSB
14860.0000%Hawthorne Savings, F.S.B.
14860.0000%Hemet Federal Savings and Loan Association
14860.0000%Highland Federal Bank, F.S.B.
14860.0000%Home Federal Savings and Loan Association
14860.0000%Home Savings Bank, F.S.B.
14860.0000%Homestead Federal Savings Association
14860.0000%Horizon Bank
14860.0000%Hoyne Savings Bank
14860.0000%Hudson Valley Bank
14860.0000%Michigan Bank, Federal Savings Bank
14860.0000%Inter-Boro Savings and Loan Association
14860.0000%International Savings Bank, F.S.B.
14860.0000%Investors Bank
14860.0000%Investors National Bank
14860.0000%Israel Discount Bank of New York
14860.0000%J.P. Morgan Delaware
14860.0000%Key Bank USA
14860.0000%Kislak National Bank
14860.0000%Klamath First Federal Savings and Loan Association
14860.0000%Lafayette American Bank
14860.0000%Liberty Bank for Savings
14860.0000%Local America Bank of Tulsa, A Federal Savings Bank
14860.0000%Luther Burbank Savings
14860.0000%Merrill Lynch Bank and Trust Company
14860.0000%Midland Bank
14860.0000%Mutual Savings and Loan Association
14860.0000%National Bank of Arizona
14860.0000%National City Bank of Minneapolis
14860.0000%New West Federal Savings and Loan Association
14860.0000%North American Savings Bank, F.S.B.
14860.0000%North Dallas Bank & Trust Co.
14860.0000%Northwestern Savings Bank
14860.0000%Oritani Bank
14860.0000%Piedmont Federal Savings Bank
14860.0000%Pioneer Savings Bank, FSB
14860.0000%Providence Savings and Loan Association, F.A.
14860.0000%Provident Savings Bank, F.S.B.
14860.0000%Pulse Savings Bank
14860.0000%New York Community Bank
14860.0000%River City Bank
14860.0000%Rosedale Federal Savings and Loan Association
14860.0000%Safra National Bank of New York
14860.0000%Security Bank of Kansas City
14860.0000%Peoples Bank of California
14860.0000%American General Bank, FSB
14860.0000%Standard Bank
14860.0000%The Chase Manhattan Bank of Connecticut
14860.0000%Bank Name Not Available
14860.0000%The East New York Savings Bank
14860.0000%The Federal Savings Bank
14860.0000%The First National Bank of Clearwater
14860.0000%The Mission Bank
14860.0000%The Old Phoenix National Bank of Medina
14860.0000%PlainsCapital Bank
14860.0000%The Torrington Savings Bank
14860.0000%Union Savings Bank
14860.0000%Mercantile Bank of Eastern Iowa
14860.0000%Topa Savings Bank, FSB
14860.0000%Trenton Savings Bank FSB
14860.0000%Arab American Bank
14860.0000%Ulster Savings Bank
14860.0000%Union County Savings Bank
14860.0000%United California Savings Bank
14860.0000%Valley Savings Bank
14860.0000%WaterStone Bank, SSB