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Bank of Mountain View, Performance and Condition Ratios

Percentage of unprofitable institutionsNANA
Percentage of insitutions with earnings gainsNANA
Performance Ratios (%, annualized)
Yield on earning assets6.1203%4,936
Cost of funding earning assets2.9605%2,024
Net interest margin3.1597%6,494
Noninterest income to average assets0.3527%5,908
Noninterest expense to average assets2.0160%7,411
Loan and lease loss provision to assets0.2617%4,312
Net operating income to assets0.6987%3,895
Return on assets (ROA)0.6987%3,732
Pretax return on assets0.7489%4,250
Return on Equity (ROE)4.3694%4,648
Retained earnings to average equity (ytd only)1.8985%4,048
Net charge-offs to loans0.4274%2,681
Credit loss provision to net charge-offs119.6217%4,495
Earnings coverage of net charge-offs (x)4.6194%3,918
Efficiency ratio61.2611%6,117
Assets per employee ($millions)6.0276%1,120
Cash dividends to net income (ytd only)*56.5507%2,819
Condition Ratios (%)
Loss allowance to loans1.3845%3,292
Loan loss allowance to noncurrent loans65.8382%4,722
Noncurrent assets plus other real estate owned to assets1.2004%3,844
Noncurrent loans to loans2.1028%2,628
Net loans and leases to total assets51.4998%6,894
Net loans and leases to deposits70.2201%6,248
Net loans and leases to core deposits89.5872%5,838
Total domestic deposits to total assets73.3406%6,765
Equity capital to assets16.6416%819
Core capital (leverage) ratio9.6537%3,822
Tier 1 risk-based capital ratio14.9869%3,053
Total risk-based capital ratio16.1946%2,986
Average total assets$193,355,6003,219
Average earning assets$163,620,6003,421
Average equity$30,919,8002,177
Average total loans$98,971,4003,977